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2008 Nat'l Conference for Media Reform: Watch Bill Moyers Speech from Minneapolis

Have you wondered why the media is allowed to bombard us with their agenda? Their Candidates? You may want to know who is addressing the agenda ladened propaganda representing themselves as legitimate news. After overrunning the newspapers and TV mass media, the corporate owned MSM are trying to take over the internet and set the agenda for news.
I hope you will listen to this speech... Bill Moyer makes far too many talking points to count them all. This is 30 minutes that is information packed from the beginning to the end. We are not alone in our struggle for the truth and rekindling of the patriot dream.
Dan Tucker


Dear Daniel,        
Legendary journalist Bill Moyers electrified an audience of more than 3,500 in Minneapolis this morning calling the media reform movement "the most significant citizens' movement to emerge in this new century."
  Watch Moyers' speech now:   
Moyers said that the work of activists like you has "challenged the stranglehold of mega-media corporations over our press" and fostered "alternative and independent sources of news and information that people can trust."
"You're not alone, and you know what we need to know," he told the audience. "So it's up to you to tell the truth about this country we love. ... It's up to you to remind us that democracy only works when ordinary people claim it as their own."
Moyers was speaking during the second day of the National Conference for Media Reform, an event that has gathered thousands of people dedicated to making our media system more democratic, diverse and accountable.
You can follow breaking events from the conference and watch speeches from such luminaries as Larry Lessig, Representative Keith Ellison and activist Adrienne Maree Brown by visiting www.freepress.net/conference/video. Stay tuned to the Web site for upcoming speeches by Dan Rather, Arianna Huffington and Van Jones.
The Web site also features full audio clips from the more than 60 panels and live blogging (sign up to post your own blog and comment on others).
Join the action online!
Josh Silver
Executive Director
Free Press
  P.S. Want to do more to help promote the conference? Become a Free Press Rapid Responder and spread the word about breaking news from the conference.      
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