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EU Dictators May Ram Through Lisbon Treaty Despite Irish Rejection


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EU Dictators May Ram Through Lisbon Treaty Despite Irish Rejection                  


Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, June 13, 2008

  EC EC President Jose Manuel Barroso urged
member states to continue ratifying the
treaty insisting it was "alive and we should
now try to find a solution".

Spearheaded by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the EU and its member states, in their relentless pursuit of a federal superstate, may break its own laws and ram through the Lisbon Treaty despite it being rejected by Irish voters today.

Under EU laws, if one of its member states rejects a treaty, the EU is mandated to scrap the bill. But the European Union’s contempt for direct democracy is likely to lead them to ignore the Irish referendum and pursue the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty anyway - underscoring the fact that the EU is nothing more than an illegitimate dictatorship of manufactured consent.

The Lisbon Treaty was merely a crude repackaging of the 2005 EU Constitution that was mothballed after being rejected by France and Holland in 2005, whose citizens were barred from voting this time around.

Since Ireland’s constitution mandates that any amendment must be put to a referendum, the country remained the only bulwark against the EU’s final stumbling block to creating a federal superstate and completely eliminating all remaining vestiges of sovereignty.

Today’s surprise rejection of the treaty has been met with total arrogance by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown whom, according to reports, called French President Nicolas Sarkozy, "to assure him that British ratification would continue."

"The British government is expected to continue ratifying the EU Treaty despite its rejection by Irish voters," reports the BBC.

In addition, EC President Jose Manuel Barroso urged member states to continue ratifying the treaty insisting it was "alive and we should now try to find a solution".

Brown’s obsession with sacrificing British sovereignty on the alter of globalism led to him breaking a Labour Party manifesto promise that there would also be a referendum in the UK. Unelected EU dictators are loathe to allow referendums because they know the majority of European citizens would reject further EU integration because they are painfully aware of the destruction it has already wrought on the economy and social cohesion.

The usual tactic of the EU is simply to keep repeating a referendum until they achieve the result they desire.

As the BBC reports, "The Irish voted No to the Nice Treaty in 2001 and were asked to vote again a year later. That time they said Yes. The Danish voted No to the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 - and voted Yes a year later. The French and Dutch rejected the constitution in 2005 and the leaders designed Lisbon instead."

But this time the EU is set to go a step further and simply ignore the decision of the Irish people while breaking their own laws - proving once and for all that the body is completely illegitimate, dangerous to democracy and a de-facto federal dictatorship.


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