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A message from Ramsey Clark: If we let Bush be the "decider," he'll decide on war

We will learn from the tragic mistakes of the past, criminal aggressions with tragic human consequences, or President Bush will attack Iran with potentially far more disastrous  human consequences.

Seymour Hersh, who told us of the Ma Lai Massacre some thirty years ago and scores of criminal acts since, reports in the July 7-14 Issue of the New Yorker, that President Bush has enacted a "major escalation of covert operations against Iran for which he "sought up to four hundred million dollars," designed to destabilize Iran's "religious leadership... focused on undermining Iran's nuclear ambitions and 'regime change.'"

This is conditioning for the missile attacks on Iran's nuclear site, some going back to the days of the Shah, which both Bush and Cheney passionately espouse.

There are four major reasons impelling Bush and Cheney to take this new military action in the waning months of their disastrous terms of office.

1. Oil. To keep control of Iraqi oil with Exxon, Chevron, and other major western oil companies, a major purpose of their invasion of Iraq, now forced on the Iraqi government they created.

2. Permanent U.S. Military Bases in Iraq. With Iran retaliating, the U.S. military presence and large diplomatic/economic mission in Baghdad will be assorted to protect U.S. interests in Iraq, its oil, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

3. The Presidential Election. The best chance Senator McCain has to win the November elections is a major escalation in the war on terrorism, the terrorist threat becoming the greatest concern of voters in the November elections. Striking against Iran's nuclear sites in September could accomplish this. McCain's grandfather and father, both full Admirals, the first and only father-son to attain that rank, guided McCain to the Naval Academy and military career, backing for Rear Admiral, before political ambition diverted his career track to the rank of Commander-in-Chief. Obama has no military experience.

4. Bush's legacy. Bush is faced with a failed Presidency. He needs for however short a time to appear as the president who prevented a member of the "axis of evil," from obtaining nuclear weapons, as he proclaimed before. His celebration of some agreement with North Korea is designed to avoid recognition of the fact that it acquired and possesses nuclear weapons on his watch - and that leaves Iran alone on the firing line.

The human disaster and effect on the United States may be beyond all we have experienced so far. The way to prevent nuclear arms proliferation is not by threatening and attacking selected nations, but providing leadership and responsibility to carry out the affirmative obligations on existing nuclear powers, according to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This would require the few nations that possess nuclear weapons to systematically and openly destroy them while the many nations that do not possess them to abstain from doing so, accompanied by vigorous international inspections and oversight to assure compliance.

For now, the only sure way to prevent President Bush from attacking Iran is impeachment. He believes he is the 'decider' and has told us his decision. For We, the People, impeachment is our highest for life and the Constitution.

To support the critical work of the impeachment movement, click this link and make a contribution right now.

Ramsey Clark
July 2, 2008

ps. Tens of thousands of people have sent letters demanding impeachment hearings. More than 10,000 have downloaded the flyer and distributed it to their friends and neighbors. This is great work. Let's spread the message of impeachment at July 4th Independence Day events taking place around the country.

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