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Identity Theft Protection The LifeLock Way

After having my credit card number of various credit cards being used to buy various goods over the internet by other parties who I have no idea who they are, and what is more are not authorized by me, I am strongly considering various identity theft prevention services offered by my bank or other well established companies. Of course I have heard of one that I am researching and there is a very good possibility you have too. It is called lifelock. Lifelock is an identity theft prevention service that helps to proactively protect you from identity thieves. Lifelock has been featured on well known television stations such as CNBC and CNN as well getting covered in such popular and famous newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and even has received widespread coverage by Rush Limbaugh. One of the benefits of the LifeLock service is that you protected by their $1,000,000 service guaranty. You should visit lifelock.com and see their helpful frequently asked questions section but by visiting the hyperlinks in this article you will be able to get and use the lifelock promotion code that will save you over 10% annually on LifeLock and much more. I am impressed, give a visit and have a look today and you can rest assured and happy that you will be protected from identify theieves.

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