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In Memoriam of (Lawman) Chuck Conces

For those of you that didn't know,
Chuck Conces Passed away, March 29th at 10:30am of a heart attack.
Below is a message that was sent by his friend William Price.

In Honor of (Lawman) Chuck Conces

Chuck Conces, like Aaron Russo, and so many other patriots that have passed through this valley of life, knew that our country is in a critical state of decline. Some of the proof of that is in all of you (thousands) that joined the Lawmen or used the material that Chuck developed for fighting our renegade officials in government agencies, such as the corrupt Internal Revenue “Service”.
Chuck Conces was a man of passion. I first met him at the Tridentine Latin Mass over 18 years ago now. As a fervent traditional Catholic, Charles Conces loved his neighbor through actions, not just words. Faith does not make us perfect, but if it is real, it will animate our lives. Chuck was very animated and generously helped those in need. Many of you knew Chuck strictly through the Lawmen organization. I believe it may be beneficial for you to know a little something personal about the man who so many of you developed an acquaintance with.  The man I had the privilege to know.
The Lawman loved to talk about the “Most Beautiful Thing this side of Heaven”. That would be the Tridentine Latin Mass. We would talk at length of the profound beauty in the liturgy of that Mass ceremony. Part of the magnetism was in its antiquity and solemnity. Christians as far back as the second century were worshiping in essentially the same manner. Chuck Conces loved this liturgy more than anything on this earth.  I tell you this so you may have just a peek into Chuck’s soul.
Music was one of Chuck’s passions. He loved sacred, jazz, and big band. Occasionally he could be found freely dancing his heart out (and what a pleasure it was to watch him and Mary, both accomplished dancers!). His zest for life and inner joy was best displayed in this venue.
Another aspect of the Lawman that not many had the chance to see was his very beautiful and gifted wife. Mary is exceptional in so many ways, but what I most admire are her tremendous attributes of charity, humility and loyalty. Mary was the kind of companion that Chuck needed in order to achieve the remarkable things he accomplished in the 12 years he was the Chairman of the Lawmen. My wife loves Mary and that was part of why we had gotten so close with them. 
I would liken Chuck to a thinking fighter. He would learn from taking the worst of an exchange and come out for the next round with a remedy that would diminish his opponent’s previous gain. People everywhere are using this fighter’s (Lawman) material to confront our common opponent in the Internal Revenue Service. Likewise, Conces taught how to stop this current nationwide epidemic of local ordinance scams. This particular skill yielded almost instant success, but was unfortunately relegated below the place it should have continued to hold.
His passing creates a void in many hearts. Despite butting heads and disagreements, I am amazed at the impact his death has had on me. I realize now how much I loved the man.
“Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon him.”
We’re really, really gonna miss you buddy.
Bill Price

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