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Sarah Palin Is No Messiah

Sorry to burst the bubble of hopelessly optimistic conservatives, but Sarah Palin is not the Messiah. If several dozen alleged "limited government" conservatives could take over both houses of Congress in 1994, and accomplish exactly JACK SQUAT, why on earth would you expect one person, running for a mainly symbolic office, to reign in the federal leviathan? (Try looking up all the things the 1994 "conservative" Republicans promised to do, and see if they did them.)

Yeah, she sometimes says stuff that sounds like she's for limited government (in between parroting the standard Bush administration war-mongering, and supporting the heinously destructive, immoral "war on drugs"), but so what? When are those of you who like "limited government" going to stop falling for Republican establishment bullpoop?

John McCain is both a war-mongering fascist and an economic socialist--the worst of both worlds. (The media bizarrely calls that being a "moderate.") And he was chosen by the Republican party, NOT the American people, and not even by the Republican voters. Did any of you conservatives notice that your party offered you a half dozen left-wing collectivists to "choose" from? They put up half dozen Nixon clones, and then asked you to "choose" which not-at-all-conservative identical twin you'd like.

And when LOTS of you said, "Actually, we like Ron Paul, because we actually want less government," the Republican party told you, in no uncertain terms, "Tough luck!" They maligned, marginalized, demonized, and censored Dr. Paul every chance they had. Anything resembling libertarianism, or even Constitutionalism, was constantly condemned as extremist, impractical and unreasonable, if not fringe lunacy.

But now, suddenly, out of nowhere, the Republican control freak club pulls Sarah Palin out of a hat, and says, "Look, conservatives, here's one you'll like!" Don't you know when you're being played? Do you really think that party that foisted upon you John McCain--that devout enemy of the First, Second, Ninth and Tenth Amendments (among others)--suddenly believes in the Constitution? Do you think selecting Palin actually means the successors to the Bush regime are going to voluntary give up some of their power?

Everything either face of the ONE ruling class does is a show, and nothing more. It is all designed to sell you a lie, and every time you vote Republican or Democratic, you prove what good salesmen the federal propagandists are--while also proving how gullible you are. And Sarah Palin, with her pretty face and almost sane rhetoric, is going to dupe you again. Do you really think Mr. Nationalist Socialist McCain, or his handlers, would choose as running mate anyone who would in any way undermine the totalitarian agenda of the Republican establishment? Even if she wanted to, do you really think there is the slightest chance that Palin will ever be given the chance to reduce the federal monster, or even slow down its growth? (If she actually believed in "limited government," would she be portraying John McCain as the Second Coming?)

You, the American people, gave the Republican party both houses of Congress, and then the White House. So what were all their "conservative" accomplishments? What "limited government" type stuff did they do with that power? Well, they drastically INCREASED federal spending, shredded the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments, and created the biggest federal bureaucracy in history-- which is really saying something. And you're going to vote for them AGAIN, aren't you?

Now, every time I point out what a bunch of crooks and liars one party consists of, lots of people accuse me of supporting the other party. The elitist communists that wear the label "Democrat" are no more for the "little guy" than Joseph Stalin was. They are neither better nor worse than the Republican tyrants, because they are the SAME THING. They say very slightly different things, and then do the SAME things, every time: take more of your money, control more of your life, and cause more problems so they have an excuse for giving themselves more power. And every time you vote for either one, you are sending this message, loud and clear, to the American tyrants: "Yes, I AM dumb enough to keep falling for the same old lies and tricks, so keep right on betraying and oppressing me, and I'll keep right on supporting you!"

If you vote Republican, you deserve to be lied to, silenced, tortured, robbed, terrorized, defrauded, spied on, and controlled. Of course, if you vote Democrat, you also deserve all of that. However, some of us are a little tired of being lied to, silenced, tortured, robbed, terrorized, defrauded, spied on, and controlled, just because YOU keep falling for the same old tyrant propaganda and lies. So stop it!

Larken Rose

September 10, 2008 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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