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Webinar TONITE, Thur 5 PM: Magnetic Fields & YOUR Health & Behavior?

This was sent to us by friends we respect and we can think of several reasons to attend this webinar, so we registered for it.  We've no idea whether it'll be science or pseudo-science.
Perhaps you'd like to learn with us. 
--bob & lou

The Measurement of Earth and Ionospheric Magnetic Fields and their Effects on Human Health and Behaviors
Join us on Thursday, December 4, 2008 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PST
Dear bob & lou,
Thank you for registering for:
The Measurement of Earth and Ionospheric Magnetic Fields and their Effects on Human Health and Behaviors
Thursday, December 4, 2008 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PST
1.  Click here to join:
This link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you.
2.  You will be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.
Or, you may select Use Telephone after joining the Webinar.
United States: 773-945-1011
Access Code: 470-382-651
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the Webinar
Webinar ID: 975-918-637
Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:
System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer
Read our Audio Checklist for tips on using your computer's microphone and speakers with GoToWebinar.
Add to your Outlook calendar

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Stocks online and the forex exchange

A friend and I were at lunch the other day and the conversation was directed towards the stock market upon my initiation of the talking point. I had mentioned to him that I was using Tradeking. My friend then turned the conversation to the subject of currency trading which he had dabbled in. I asked if he meant forex and he said that I was correct. I am not sure which site he was using in regards to forex trading but upon searching found a great and easy to use site that is also a community in regards to the forex exchange.  It is called eToro and you can check it out via the hyperlinks in this blog post.

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National Collective Consciousness Call
Educating the Public on:
9/11 Truth, North American Union,  CFR and Mainstream Media
 Blue Ribbon Awards: 
766 Callers Feb. 7th, 2008
8 hour conference call March 6, 2008 (9pm until 5am eastern)
Archives @

 Happy Thanksgiving
Call #80 will be on Thursday, December 4th, 2008
Archives can be found at:

 Memories of one year ago: 
Listen to our "Surprise Presentation that we gave Fred Smart"
on November 29th, 2007,  ("LIVE" on our Call/Show)
 (click link below)
Below: Fred Smart on Television Show in Chicago, IL.
(Note: when the google video player loads up, please side the
 volume bar to the right so that you can hear the audio. )
(Google has the audio bar turned down to the left)

 Watch this Film and 
 Learn about the "CFR"

Best wishes,
    Dede Farrell
  AUN/West Coast
     Portland, OR
   Fred Smart
     Evanston, IL
 Steve Harris
  AUN/East Coast
   Charlotte, NC

Sponsored by

The American Underground Network

The Freedom Fellowship

Sponsored by

The American Underground Network

The Freedom Fellowship

Steve Harris -
Fred Smart -
Dede Farrell -
Jim Condit -
Ray Mills -

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Happy Thanksgiving - the first Capitalist Holiday

Thanksgiving -- the first American victory of Capitalism over Communism!

My Turn
By Matthew A. Givens
Thanksgiving is here once again, and with it come visions of children's plays with Indians and Pilgrims, complete with little Pilgrim hats made of construction paper. The story told in these plays and learned by public school students at every grade level is a simple one.

The Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock late in 1620. The first winter was harsh, but the colonists worked hard and applied themselves industriously to their own survival. They had help from the local Indian tribes, who helped them learn how to survive. The result was a plentiful harvest in fall 1621, not to mention the first celebration of Thanksgiving.

It's a wonderful story. There's only one problem with it: It isn't true.

It contains elements of truth. For example, the first winter was harsh, and the local Indian tribes did help the colonists learn how to survive, what to plant and how to prepare the food. But the 1621 harvest was not bountiful. In fact, famine haunted the fledgling colony.

When the colonists first landed, they signed something called the Mayflower Compact. Most of us have heard this document praised as an early social contract helping different people to live together. What most of us never learned was that it was also an experiment in socialism.

The Mayflower Compact required that "all profits and benefits that are got by trade, working, fishing or any other means" were placed in the common stock of the colony. Further, it required that "all such persons as are of this colony are to have their meat, drink, apparel and all provisions out of this common stock." People were required to put into the common stock everything they could, and take out only what they needed.

William Bradford, governor of the colony at the time, wrote History of Plymouth Plantation. In it, he wrote that "young men that are most able and fit for labor and service" complained about being forced to "spend their time and strength to work for other men's wives and children." Since "the strong, or man of parts, had no more division of victuals and clothes than he that was weak," the strong men simply refused to work, and the amount of food produced was never adequate.

In fact, the colony went hungry for years as strong men refused to work hard, and theft of crops still in the ground ran rampant. Bradford wrote that the colony was riddled with "corruption and discontent." The crops were small because "much was stolen both by night and day, before it became scarce eatable."

The harvests of 1621 and 1622 were adequate enough so that "all had their hungry bellies filled," but that did not last. Deaths from malnutrition continued into the next year.

But in 1623, something changed. Bradford reported, "Instead of famine now God gave them plenty, and the face of things was changed to the rejoicing of the hearts of many, for which they blessed God." By 1624, the colony was producing so much food that it began exporting corn.

What caused this change?

After the poor harvest of 1622, the colony brainstormed for a way to raise more corn and obtain a better crop. The solution, like the Thanksgiving story told today, was simple. In 1623, Bradford "gave each household a parcel of land and told them they could keep what they produced, or trade it away as they saw fit."

The socialistic experiment that had failed them was abandoned and replaced with capitalism. That turned the colonists away from failure and forward into success and growth. And this move away from socialism, along with the resulting prosperity, is what we truly celebrate today. It is easy to see why I call Thanksgiving the first Libertarian holiday.

Thanksgiving, far from being the simple and uninspiring story of a group of people learning how to farm, is actually a celebration of what has made America itself great. It is the story of people working together by working for themselves first, and in so doing, improving the standard of living for everyone. These are the American ideas we hold dear.

As you sit down to your table laden with turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie, remember the true story of Thanksgiving, and what it means to all.Matthew A. Givens is a resident of Montgomery and former vice chairman of the Libertarian Party of Alabama.

"The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to prevailing superstition or taboo." -- H.L. Mencken, September 12, 1880 - January 29, 1956

The State  is always coercive.  It always lies to and steals from its subjects.  That is its function, by its nature.

There are solutions, other than a bloody revolution.

Are you familiar with the work of Andrew GALAMBOS?

Please dance around a bit at

--bob & lou

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Wow, you've saved lives...

Dear Juan,

For me, Thanksgiving has always been a time of reflection. Thinking about this past year, I’m struck by the tremendous difference we’ve made together on behalf of our wolves, polar bears and endangered wildlife.

With your help, Defenders of Wildlife…

Stopped planned wolf hunts in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

Thanks to you, our lawyers successfully argued in court to restore vital federal protections to wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies. And while in its waning days the Bush/Cheney Administration continues the push to eliminate these protections, your support helped us save hundreds of wolves that otherwise could have died in planned wolf hunts.

Secured important protections for polar bears threatened with extinction.

This year, the polar bear finally won protection under the Endangered Species Act after tens of thousands of Defenders activists like you called on federal officials to list this arctic ice king.

Thousands more Defenders supporters successfully urged their Senators to include and fund the Global Warming Wildlife Survival Act through comprehensive climate change legislation considered by the Senate. And many more have contributed to our important legal efforts to protect vital polar bear habitat, prevent polar bear trophy hunting and stop Governor Sarah Palin, Safari Club International and others from allowing these majestic animals to be killed.

Won vital new protections for some of the world’s most endangered whales.

Fighting opposition from Vice President Cheney’s office, we helped win new protections for endangered right whales threatened by ship strikes. And despite Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s strong opposition, Defenders successfully argued for much-needed protections for the Cook Inlet beluga.

Protected sea otters and other marine wildlife off the coasts of California.

Defenders of Wildlife’s California staff led a successful fight to pass new legislation that will improve oil spill clean-up and save wildlife. Defenders also led efforts to secure more than $250,000 each year in vital state funding for sea otter research and protection.

Worked to safeguard vital habitat for Florida panthers and help restore populations of this highly endangered big cat.

Working in partnership with leading conservation organizations and landowners in Eastern Collier County, Defenders of Wildlife announced a conceptual Florida Panther Protection Program they have jointly developed to better protect and manage the Florida panther in Southwest Florida and to assist recovery of this highly endangered species. The plan is currently going through public and expert reviews.

And that’s not all! Defenders supporters like you also lent your voices to the fight to protect Yellowstone’s bison from senseless slaughter, secure safeguards against the use and misuse of deadly poisons that have inadvertently killed millions of birds, restore funding for our National Wildlife Refuges, and much, much more.

For people like you and I who care about protecting our wildlife, the year ahead will bring new challenges and opportunities. But for the moment, please accept my sincere gratitude for all that you’ve helped Defenders of Wildlife accomplish.

Happy Holidays,

Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. We still have many challenges ahead. We’ll need your support to finally put an end to Sarah Palin’s aerial killing of wolves in Alaska, continue the fight to save polar bears and work to save other wildlife threatened by extinction.

Please consider making a wildlife gift adoption this Holiday Season. Your tax-deductible adoption will provide a meaningful gift to your favorite wildlife lovers and help support Defenders of Wildlife’s effective programs to save animals from the threat of extinction.

Make a wildlife adoption online or by calling (800) 385-9712 before December 2nd and enter promotion codeTHANKS15, and you’ll get 15% off any wildlife adoption as a sign of our gratitude for supporting our work to protect our wildlife.  

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Freedom Watch

FREEDOM WATCH is information pertaining to 
government abuse of power, trashing of
the Constitution, illegal immigration,
2nd Amendment, political correctness
run amok, etc.
It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.
To subscribe send an e-mail to:


Gun Rights in Jeopardy
-- All Eyes on Georgia Senate Race
Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Pl Suite 102
Springfield VA 22151
Monday, November 24, 2008

Your gun rights may be hanging in the balance, depending on the outcome of elections in Minnesota and Georgia.

 The Democrats currently control 58 seats in the Senate. If they get to 60 (the number needed to overcome a filibuster), it will be nearly impossible to stop the gun control agenda of incoming President Barack Obama.

 The Minnesota Senate race between radical anti-gunner Al Franken and pro-gun Sen. Norm Coleman is coming down to the provisional and absentee ballots. Sen. Coleman's lead of fewer than 200 votes is slipping away, while Franken and his legal team are busily trying to steal the election.

 With the growing possibility of Democrats getting to 59 Senate seats, all eyes are now focused on Georgia.

 Pro-gun Senator Saxby Chambliss is in a tight December 2nd run-off election.

 Saxby is "A" rated by Gun Owners of America. His opponent, Jim Martin, refused to respond to the Gun Owners of America candidate survey, but he has an anti-gun record from his days in the Georgia State House.

 No wonder that Sen. Charles Schumer, the anti-gun extremist from New York, is so excited about this race. Schumer, who heads the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is pouring tons of money into Martin's campaign.

 But the stakes are much higher than just getting another anti-gun Senator. If Democrats can get to the magic number of 60, the minority Senators will lose their ability to stop any gun control legislation that is anointed by the leadership. Therefore, a world of possibilities opens up for anti-gun Senators like Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Frank Lautenberg.

 President-elect Obama and the Senate leadership know what is at stake in Georgia. That's why they’re descending on the state by the thousands and pouring in millions of dollars.

 Pro-gunners need to do the same. If Saxby loses this seat, there will be dire ramifications for years to come. Without the ability to stop the anti-gun leadership, we could see:

 * The reauthorization of the Clinton gun ban;

* Legislation to close down gun shows;

* A ban on .50 caliber rifles;

* Massive expansions of the NICS background check system;

* More and more gun stores put out of business;

* Ratification of an anti-gun UN treaty;

* Lock-up-your-safety requirements like personalized handguns, and more. Gun owners, sportsmen and anyone concerned about the erosion of liberty in this country should engage in this battle in Georgia.

 If you live in or near Georgia and can volunteer to make calls, knock on doors, etc, please call or e-mail the Chambliss campaign right away. Go to for contact information.
Saxby also needs the financial resources to reach as many voters as possible in the final days before the election. Please go to to contribute to the Chambliss
This race is extremely close. Senator Saxby Chambliss has stood with gun owners in the U.S. Congress. It's time for us to stand with Saxby now. Please visit to help Sen. Chambliss win this election.

Tim Macy
Vice Chairman


You doubt that….your great country…is on the wane? I say only this—look around you.
--Saint Griseus


“A common language of resistance . . .”
Beyond the Internet and Talk Radio: A Call for Creating New Committees of Correspondence

Fed Pledges Top $7.4 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit

U.S. citizens: Welcome to the American prison
Barbara Simpson offers glimpse of what to expect under Obama's leadership

Absurd to the Insane: Muslim Immigration Into the USA
by Frosty Wooldridge

US officials flunk test of American history, economics, civics

Obama Selects Janet Reno's Anti-Gun Point Man As Next Attorney General

Major Runs on the Banks by February

Alex Jones & End The Fed Video Compilation

Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected

Dr. Ron Paul

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Ron Paul,.: The Austrians Were Right

Please Forward This Post Far and Wide

The Austrians Were Right by Ron Paul

Before the U.S. House of Representatives, November 20, 2008

Madame Speaker, many Americans are hoping the new administration will solve the economic problems we face. That's not likely to happen, because the economic advisors to the new President have no more understanding of how to get us out of this mess than previous administrations and Congresses understood how the crisis was brought about in the first place.

Except for a rare few, Members of Congress are unaware of Austrian Free Market economics. For the last 80 years, the legislative, judiciary and executive branches of our government have been totally influenced by Keynesian economics. If they had had any understanding of the Austrian economic explanation of the business cycle, they would have never permitted the dangerous bubbles that always lead to painful corrections.

Today, a major economic crisis is unfolding. New government programs are started daily, and future plans are being made for even more. All are based on the belief that we're in this mess because free- market capitalism and sound money failed. The obsession is with more spending, bailouts of bad investments, more debt, and further dollar debasement. Many are saying we need an international answer to our problems with the establishment of a world central bank and a single fiat reserve currency. These suggestions are merely more of the same policies that created our mess and are doomed to fail.

At least 90% of the cause for the financial crisis can be laid at the doorstep of the Federal Reserve. It is the manipulation of credit, the money supply, and interest rates that caused the various bubbles to form. Congress added fuel to the fire by various programs and institutions like the Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FDIC, and HUD mandates, which were all backed up by aggressive court rulings.

The Fed has now doled out close to $2 trillion in subsidized loans to troubled banks and other financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and Treasury constantly brag about the need for "transparency" and "oversight," but it's all just talk – they want none of it. They want secrecy while the privileged are rescued at the expense of the middle class.

It is unimaginable that Congress could be so derelict in its duty. It does nothing but condone the arrogance of the Fed in its refusal to tell us where the $2 trillion has gone. All Members of Congress and all Americans should be outraged that conditions could deteriorate to this degree. It's no wonder that a large and growing number of Americans are now demanding an end to the Fed.

The Federal Reserve created our problem, yet it manages to gain even more power in the socialization of the entire financial system. The whole bailout process this past year was characterized by no oversight, no limits, no concerns, no understanding, and no common sense.

Similar mistakes were made in the 1930s and ushered in the age of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the Great Society and the supply-siders who convinced conservatives that deficits didn't really matter after all, since they were anxious to finance a very expensive deficit- financed American empire.

All the programs since the Depression were meant to prevent recessions and depressions. Yet all that was done was to plant the seeds of the greatest financial bubble in all history. Because of this lack of understanding, the stage is now set for massive nationalization of the financial system and quite likely the means of production.

Although it is obvious that the Keynesians were all wrong and interventionism and central economic planning don't work, whom are we listening to for advice on getting us out of this mess? Unfortunately, it's the Keynesians, the socialists, and big- government proponents.

Who's being ignored? The Austrian free-market economists – the very ones who predicted not only the Great Depression, but the calamity we're dealing with today. If the crisis was predictable and is explainable, why did no one listen? It's because too many politicians believed that a free lunch was possible and a new economic paradigm had arrived. But we've heard that one before – like the philosopher's stone that could turn lead into gold. Prosperity without work is a dream of the ages.

Over and above this are those who understand that political power is controlled by those who control the money supply. Liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats came to believe, as they were taught in our universities, that deficits don't matter and that Federal Reserve accommodation by monetizing debt is legitimate and never harmful. The truth is otherwise. Central economic planning is always harmful. Inflating the money supply and purposely devaluing the dollar is always painful and dangerous.

The policies of big-government proponents are running out of steam. Their policies have failed and will continue to fail. Merely doing more of what caused the crisis can hardly provide a solution.

The good news is that Austrian economists are gaining more acceptance every day and have a greater chance of influencing our future than they've had for a long time.

The basic problem is that proponents of big government require a central bank in order to surreptitiously pay bills without direct taxation. Printing needed money delays the payment. Raising taxes would reveal the true cost of big government, and the people would revolt. But the piper will be paid, and that's what this crisis is all about.

There are limits. A country cannot forever depend on a central bank to keep the economy afloat and the currency functionable through constant acceleration of money supply growth. Eventually the laws of economics will overrule the politicians, the bureaucrats and the central bankers. The system will fail to respond unless the excess debt and mal-investment is liquidated. If it goes too far and the wild extravagance is not arrested, runaway inflation will result, and an entirely new currency will be required to restore growth and reasonable political stability.

The choice we face is ominous: We either accept world-wide authoritarian government holding together a flawed system, OR we restore the principles of the Constitution, limit government power, restore commodity money without a Federal Reserve system, reject world government, and promote the cause of peace by protecting liberty equally for all persons. Freedom is the answer. Ron Paul


Vivus Sparticus writes:


NOW IS THE TIME To Give Congress HELL Before You Yourselves Wind Up There!!

The Private Central Bank Owners of the Fed, their Trusted Mole & Crony, former Goldman Sachs President and now Treasury Fuhrer, Henry Paulson Jr. along with all of their Cohorts in CONgress cannot Hide the Fact that they are Burying America IN DEBT

It Is CONgress That Is Allowing the Administration and Secretary of the Treasury To RIP YOU OFF BLIND by GIVING YOUR MONEY To The Thieves That Stole It In The First Place, and Burying Your Grandchildren In DEBT Before They Have Even Earned Their Very First Paycheck!

GM even talks of using $1 Billion Dollars of Bailout Money To Build A Plant In Brazil to Give The People In Brazil Jobs, WITH YOUR MONEY, All While Massive Layoffs and a Shrinking Tax Base Are Happening Right Here In America!!!

Call Your Senators and U.S. House Representatives EVERY DAY And Tell Them: HELL NO! NO WAY, NO HOW To BAILOUTS, and that you will Hold Them Personally Liable, Even If It Means A Class Action Lawsuit Against Same and Have Them Removed From Office! Stop The Fraud! Stop The Plunder! Stop The Insanity!

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein

Restore The Republic!

End The Federal Reserve Scam!

Login to (you cannot login unless you are a registered user click here to register:

Locate your End the Fed Group at this link

I sincerely believe ... that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale. Thomas Jefferson Letter, May 28, 1816, to political philosopher and Senator John Taylor

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Albert Einstein

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." Edward Everett Hale.


Do Not Be Left In The DARK or Be The Last Person Wondering: "When did That Happen?" See What Else You Might Have Missed / Join CampaignForLiberty Yahoo Group at

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. Benjamin Franklin

Leviticus 19:36; Deuteronomy 25:15-16 I John 4:6

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, Get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

"vivus spartacus" All Rights Reserved

And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. Thomas Jefferson Letter to Samuel Kercheval, July 12, 1816

"Posterity - you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent it in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it!" - John Quincy Adams

It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt. John Philpot Curran (1750–1817)

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Quality and low-price eyeglass frames from Zenni Optical in time for Holidays


Christmas / holiday shopping has certainly already begun! Any visit to various stores will witness many people being seen buying gifts. What is more it is more than certain that online people are getting their loved ones gifts as well. For those who wear glasses and in regards to quality eyeglasses, but for cheap, you will want to check out wide selection of Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. They have a great selection of frames and have received coverage on at least one major network news provider. The popular online eyeglasses shop for sure! Yes, it is quite true you can get $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. Give them a visit. Happy holidays!

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Most Important Patriot Meeting in Years!

Donald writes:


There is a Patriot Meeting scheduled for December 6th 2008. The Location will be given below! Please attend! If you are tired of the talk and you are more interested in doing something and being supplied practical solutions that you can accomplish, than this meeting is for YOU !! Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions. My name is Donny, I can be reached at (352) 525-0574. The time for the meeting is 6:00pm - 8:30pm. The meeting will be held at 11764 SE HWY 301, BELLEVIEW, FLORIDA 34420. Listen I know everyone tries to tell you their meeting, and their group is the best. The beauty of this meeting we are having Saturday December 6th, is everyone will be coming to the meeting. This is unpresecedented, we are having all parties and all group show up. Don't let your party or group be the one that misses out. Below you will see the agenda for the meeting. Don't hesitate to call and ask me questions, give me suggestions, or to learn more about my intentions. I WANT TO SEE SOMETHING CHANGE FOR THE BETTER! Aren't you tired of all the talk? Please this is a call out to anyone who is a true Patriot of this country. Come to the Meeting! AGENDA
-Discuss the failure of everyone doing their own thing

-Find four areas in which we all can find common ground

-First a non-interventionist foreign policy

-Second the protection of privacy

-Third the abolition or auditing of the Federal Reserve by Congress

-Fourth the strict adherence to the Constitution

-Present the questionnaire to find the political commonalities of everyone

in attendance

-Understand everyone must agree upon one thing, common law /

Personal Liberty

-Candidates need to be run for local positions

-If they run as a (No Party Affiliation) than all the other parties can

endorse them as their particular candidate

-Have Law Enforcement Appreciation Day / this event will be an

opportunity to distribute literature and documentary about proper law enforcement practices

-Asking City/County To Pass A Referendum/Legislation Similar To

Kennesaw, Ga.

-Jury Nullification

30 Minute Video
Learn Procedure For Distributing Fliers @ Courthouse
Discuss the issue. (Most people are unfamiliar with concept)
Obtain commitment from people to distribute fliers for 1 hour every Monday
-Letters To Editor

Identify individuals that are willing to allow submission of LTE using their name. A volunteer will take responsibility for writing letters. I would ask you to find the individuals

-Distribute “Overview of America” to Christian and Public Schools

Compose sheet-describing contents of DVD. They can be purchased in quantities of 100 for .70 each

There is more to the agenda but it is too much to include in this e-mail me. Once agian, if you are in Florida and you want to see RIGHT change then this meeting is one you cannot afford to miss.

List of committed parties and groups
Constitutional Party
Reform Party
Term Limits for the united states congress party
Libertarian Party
Moderate Party
Green party
Ecology party
American Independance party
Progressive Libertarian party
Southern Party of florida
Florida Whig party
American Reform party
Real Food party of Florida
Florida fair elections
John birch society
Fully Informed jury Association
The Lawmen
Soverign People
Campaign for Liberty Clubs

Thank you,


all rights reserved UCC1-308 Donald-Michael : Barber

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Florida Proclamation of 1763

Greetings Folks:

Well, I guess y'all have a had time to catch a breath and smell the flowers, since reading my last work, Corporate US, though, some of may still be recovering from reading Bushitler last night, a forty page excerpt from a book that a Doctor sent to me a few days ago, if so, too bad, grow up and get over it, "now that you have put the glasses on, you cannot go back to sleep."  The battle is nigh at hand.

The following document is LAW, whether you like it or not.  And, for you who, after reading this, still think that allodial title to property exist under the CON CONstitution, you are idiots.  King George's orders are for the civil and military authorities to arrest sheople, who make such claims and throw them into the dungeons.

Article VI of the CON CON brought this law forward to present day; if you think not read the history behind why the State of Franklin was not allowed to participate in the CON CONvention, and why George Washington in 1789, sent troops into the State of Franklin arresting all of the State Officials and throwing them into dungeons.  The people of the State of Franklin held their land in allodial.  Oops!

Their lands were taken from them by force, and then returned to them four years later under fee simple contracts or agreements.  What a scam!  What a scam!  Are you tired of being played the FOOL?  Are you tired of paying taxes to the British Crown and the so-called Holly See?

ONLY Nation to Nation relations or contracts were allowed between the Aboriginal Nations and Great Britain or as of later date the United States, a British chartered religious corporation, and not the several states.  Did I miss something here?

You, CONstitutionalist, had better shake your heads and get the Public Fool Education out, before it is too late.  The following Proclamation applies to ALL of the Colonies, Plantations, States and Commonwealths.  And, you thought these were all states, sorry, you are WRONG AGAIN.

Lôôk at the closing of this Proclamation.  I say to HELL with the KING, what about the people.  Oh, I forgot, they are just useless eaters, pawns and cannon fodder, which are expendable.  Selah!

Angry, you bet that I am angry.  After reading this I am really angry.  It is high time to lock and load!

Weep for America, and its people!  May Yah have mercy on those who believe!

"You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and those are the ones you want to concentrate on."
- George W. Bush,
(supposedly joking) at a Gridiron Club dinner,
Washington, D.C., March 2001.
{I submit that he has played the whole world, to be the fool.}
"The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to
fill the world with fools."
~~ Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)

"America's third Revolution, an idea whose time has come!"


and there was no Peace,
for the sons of Gomer (Gog) and Magog have come to make war with the sons Jacob.

Sir David-Andrew.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
Go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of Heaven,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any trumpets blowing
Come the judgment day.
On the bloody morning after...
One Tin Soldier rides away."

Footnote #7

PROCLAMATION OF 1763, Charter of Florida

October 7, 1763

By the King, a Proclamation George R.

Whereas We have taken into Our Royal Consideration the extensive and valuable Acquisitions in America, secured to our Crown by the late Definitive Treaty of Peace concluded at Paris, the 10th Day of February last; and being desirous that all Our loving Subjects, as well of our Kingdom as of our Colonies in America, may avail themselves with all convenient Speed, of the great Benefits and Advantages which must accrue therefrom to their Commerce, Manufactures, and Navigation, We have thought fit, with the Advice of our Privy Council, to issue this our Royal Proclamation, hereby to publish and declare to all our loving Subjects, that we have, with the Advice of our Said Privy Council, granted our Letters Patent, under our Great Seal of Great Britain, to erect, within the Countries and Islands ceded and confirmed to Us by the said Treaty, Four distinct and separate Governments, styled and called by the names of Quebec, East Florida, West Florida and Grenada, and limited and bounded as follows, viz.

First - The Government of Quebec bounded on the Labrador Coast by the River St. John, and from thence by a Line drawn from the Head of that River through the Lake St. John, to the South end of the Lake Nipissim; from whence the said Line, crossing the River St. Lawrence, and the Lake Champlain, in 45. Degrees of North Latitude, passes along the High Lands which divide the Rivers that empty themselves into the said River St. Lawrence from those which fall into the Sea; and also along the North Coast of the Baye des Chaleurs, and the Coast of the Gulph of St. Lawrence to Cape Rosieres, and from thence crossing the Mouth of the River St. Lawrence by the West End of the Island of Anticosti, terminates at the aforesaid River of St. John.

Secondly - The Government of East Florida, bounded to the Westward by the Gulph of Mexico and the Apalachicola River; to the Northward by a Line drawn from that part of the said River where the Chatahouchee and Flint Rivers meet, to the source of St. Mary's River, and by the course of the said River to the Atlantic Ocean; and the Eastward and Southward by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulph of Florida, including all Islands within Six Leagues of the Sea Coast. Thirdly - The Government of West Florida, bounded to the Southward by the Gulph of Mexico, including all Islands within Six Leagues of the Coast, from the River Apalachicola to Lake Pontchartrain; to the Westward by the said Lake, the Lake Maurepas, and the River Mississippi; to the Northward by a Line drawn due East from that part of the River Mississippi which lies in 31 Degrees North Latitude, to the River Apalachicola or Chatahouchee; and the Eastward by the said River Fourthly - The Government of Grenada, comprehending the Island of that name, together with the Grenadines, and the Islands of Dominico, St. Vincent's and Tobago.

And to the end that the open and free Fishery of our Subjects may be extended to and carried on upon the Coast of Labrador, and the adjacent Islands, We have thought fit, with the advice of our said Privy Council to put all that Coast, from the River St. John's to Hudson's Streights, together with the Islands of Anticosti and Madelaine, and all other smaller Islands lying upon the said Coast, under the care and Inspection of our Governor of Newfoundland. We have also, with the advice of our Privy Council, thought fit to annex the Islands of St. John's and Cape Breton, or Isle Royale, with the lesser Islands adjacent thereto, to our Government of Nova Scotia. We have also, with the advice of our Privy Council aforesaid, annexed to our Province of Georgia all the Lands lying between the Rivers Alatamaha and St. Mary's.

And whereas it will greatly contribute to the speedy settling of our said new Governments, that our loving Subjects should be informed of our Paternal care, for the security of the Liberties and Properties of those who are and shall become Inhabitants thereof, We have thought fit to publish and declare, by this Our Proclamation, that We have, in the Letters Patent under our Great Seal of Great Britain, by which the said Governments are constituted, given express Power and Direction to our Governors of our Said Colonies respectively, that so soon as the state and circumstances of the said Colonies will admit thereof, they shall, with the Advice and Consent of the Members of our Council, summon and call General Assemblies within the said Governments respectively, in such Manner and Form as is used and directed in those Colonies and Provinces in America which are under our immediate Government;

And We have also given Power to the said Governors, with the consent of our Said Councils, and the Representatives of the People so to be summoned as aforesaid, to make, constitute, and ordain Laws, Statutes, and Ordinances for the Public Peace, Welfare, and good Government of our said Colonies, and of the People and Inhabitants thereof, as near as may be agreeable to the Laws of England, and under such Regulations and Restrictions as are used in other Colonies; and in the mean Time, and until such Assemblies can be called as aforesaid, all Persons Inhabiting in or resorting to our Said Colonies may confide in our Royal Protection for the Enjoyment of the Benefit of the Laws of our Realm of England; for which Purpose We have given Power under our Great Seal to the Governors of our said Colonies respectively to erect and constitute, with the Advice of our said Councils respectively, Courts of Judicature and public Justice within our Said Colonies for hearing and determining all Causes, as well Criminal as Civil, according to Law and Equity, and as near as may be agreeable to the Laws of England, with Liberty to all Persons who may think themselves aggrieved by the Sentences of such Courts, in all Civil Cases, to appeal, under the usual Limitations and Restrictions, to Us in our Privy Council.

We have also thought fit, with the advice of our Privy Council as aforesaid, to give unto the Governors and Councils of our said Three new Colonies, upon the Continent full Power and Authority to settle and agree with the Inhabitants of our said new Colonies or with any other Persons who shall resort thereto, for such Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, as are now or hereafter shall be in our Power to dispose of; and them to grant to any such Person or Persons upon such Terms, and under such moderate Quit-Rents, Services and Acknowledgments, as have been appointed and settled in our other Colonies, and under such other Conditions as shall appear to us to be necessary and expedient for the Advantage of the Grantees, and the Improvement and settlement of our said Colonies.

And Whereas, We are desirous, upon all occasions, to testify our Royal Sense and Approbation of the Conduct and bravery of the Officers and Soldiers of our Armies, and to reward the same, We do hereby command and impower our Governors of our said Three new Colonies, and all other our Governors of our several Provinces on the Continent of North America, to grant without Fee or Reward, to such reduced Officers as have served in North America during the late War, and to such Private Soldiers as have been or shall be disbanded in America, and are actually residing there, and shall personally apply for the same, the following Quantities of Lands, subject, at the Expiration of Ten Years, to the same Quit- Rents as other Lands are subject to in the Province within which they are granted, as also subject to the same Conditions of Cultivation and Improvement; viz.

To every Person having the Rank of a Field Officer -- 5,000 Acres.
To every Captain -- 5,000 Acres.
To every Subaltern or Staff Officer, -- 2,000 Acres.
To every Non-Commission Officer, -- 200 Acres.
To every Private Man -- 50 Acres.

We do likewise authorize and require the Governors and Commanders in Chief of all our said Colonies upon the Continent of North America to grant the like Quantities of Land, and upon the same conditions, to such reduced Officers of our Navy of like Rank as served on board our Ships of War in North America at the times of the Reduction of Louisbourg and Quebec in the late War, and who shall personally apply to our respective Governors for such Grants.

And whereas it is just and reasonable, and essential to our Interest, and the Security of ourColonies, that the several Nations or Tribes of Indians with whom We are connected, and who live under our Protection, should not be molested or disturbed in the Possession of such Parts of Our Dominions and Territories as, not having been ceded to or purchased by Us, are reserved to them, or any of them, as their Hunting Grounds.

We do therefore, with the Advice or our Privy Council, declare it to be our Royal Will and Pleasure, that no Governor or Commander in Chief in any of our Colonies of Quebec, East Florida, or West Florida, do presume, upon any Pretence whatever, to grant Warrants of Survey, or pass any Patents for Lands beyond the Bounds of their respective Governments, as described in their Commissions; as also that no Governor or Commander in Chief in any of our other Colonies or Plantations in America do presume for the present, and until our further Pleasure be known, to grant Warrants of Survey, or pass Patents for any Lands beyond the Heads or Sources of any of the Rivers which fall into the Atlantic Ocean from the West and North West, or upon any Lands whatever, which, not having been ceded to or purchased by Us as aforesaid, are reserved to the said Indians, or any of them.

And We do further declare it to be Our Royal Will and Pleasure, for the present as aforesaid, to reserve under our Sovereignty, Protection, and Dominion, for the use of the said Indians, all the Lands and Territories not included within the Limits of Our said Three new Governments, or within the Limits of the Territory granted to the Hudson's Bay Company, as also all the Lands and Territories lying to the Westward of the Sources of the Rivers which fall into the Sea from the West and North West as aforesaid.

And We do hereby strictly forbid, on Pain of our Displeasure, all our loving Subjects from making any Purchases or Settlements whatever, or taking Possession of any of the Lands above reserved, without our especial leave and Licence for that Purpose first obtained.

And, We do further strictly enjoin and require all Persons whatever who have either wilfully or inadvertently seated themselves upon any Lands within the Countries above described, or upon any other Lands which, not having been ceded to or purchased by Us, are still reserved to the said Indians as aforesaid, forthwith to remove themselves from such Settlements.

And whereas great Frauds and Abuses have been committed in purchasing Lands of the Indians, to the great Prejudice of our Interests, and to the great Dissatisfaction of the said Indians; In order, therefore, to prevent such Irregularities for the future, and to the end that the Indians may be convinced of our Justice and determined Resolution to remove all reasonable Cause of Discontent, We do, with the Advice of our Privy Council strictly enjoin and require, that no private Person do presume to make any purchase from the said Indians of any Lands reserved to the said Indians, within those parts of our Colonies where, We have thought proper to allow Settlement; but that, if at any Time any of the Said Indians should be inclined to dispose of the said Lands, the same shall be Purchased only for Us, in our Name, at some public Meeting or Assembly of the said Indians, to be held for that Purpose by the Governor or Commander in Chief of our Colony respectively within which they shall lie; and in case they shall lie within the limits of any Proprietary Government, they shall be purchased only for the Use and in the name of such Proprietaries, conformable to such Directions and Instructions as We or they shall think proper to give for that Purpose; And we do, by the Advice of our Privy Council, declare and enjoin, that the Trade with the said Indians shall be free and open to all our Subjects whatever, provided that every Person who may incline to Trade with the said Indians do take out a Licence for carrying on such Trade from the Governor or Commander in Chief of any of our Colonies respectively where such Person shall reside, and also give Security to observe such Regulations as We shall at any Time think fit, by ourselves or by our Commissaries to be appointed for this Purpose, to direct and appoint for the Benefit of the said Trade:

And we do hereby authorize, enjoin, and require the Governors and Commanders in Chief of all our Colonies respectively, as well those under Our immediate Government as those under the Government and Direction of Proprietaries, to grant such Licences without Fee or Reward, taking especial Care to insert therein a Condition, that such Licence shall be void, and the Security forfeited in case the Person to whom the same is granted shall refuse or neglect to observe such Regulation as We shall think proper to prescribe as aforesaid.

And we do further expressly enjoin and require all Officers whatever, as well Military as those Employed in the Management and Direction of Indian Affairs, within the Territories reserved as aforesaid for the use of the said Indians, to seize and apprehend all Persons whatever, who standing charged with Treason, Misprisions of Treason, Murders, or other Felonies or Misdemeanors, shall fly from Justice and take Refuge in the said Territory, and to send them under a proper guard to the Colony where the Crime was committed of which they stand accused, in order to take their Trial for the same.

Given at our Court at St. James's the 7th Day of October 1763, in the Third Year of our Reign.


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