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OMG / Response to OMG!

Hello Janet,

Absolutely... I will be happy to forward on your story! Great example of revolution by consumer choice in action.

Thanks and all the best!

- Jim

----- Original Message -----
From: j Z
To: Jim Jones
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 12:29 AM
Subject: RE: OMG !

Please pass this along to your list.  I want everyone to know how DEEPLY satisfying it was last week to call Time Warner cable and terminate all of our services!  We had the bundle package for cable/phone/internet and were paying around $140.00 a month with taxes included!  We have been Time Warner customers for over 10 years.  They always ask why you are terminating your service.  I hope they were recording my answer for "training purposes"!
I told them that their prices for all of their products had become far too expensive, especially for Road Runner High Speed, because it mostly delivered lower speeds more of the time - like LIGHT Road Runner.  I went on to say that the only programs worth watching on the 100 something channels that didn't insult my intelligence, beliefs or American way of life was a few of the Austin Community Access Television programs like Alex Jones and our other two or three patriot shows.  But now that I can watch these programs online at , and  I don't need to pay for cable anymore.  I told them I found other companies who require absolutely no contract for quality internet and cell phone service, and the monthly cost was much more competitive, as well as mobile. 
I went on to tell the Time Warner peon that I was not happy with the fact that Time WArner was participating with the government to infringe upon my 4th ammendment rights by installing equipment in my home that has the capability of listening in on conversations. I was also not happy about attempts to coerce me into purchasing services on contracts at an ever increasing monthly rate which, by the way, nearly doubled in the last two years and saw at least 300 percent increases over the last 10 years here in Austin for cable and internet alone. 
I hope they learned something.  It felt good to let go of Time Warner.  We will not miss tv as long as we have access to our info on the net.
I hope people are wising up and realize that one of their MAJOR powers comes as a consumer!  That power is greatest when people REFUSE to go along with their coersion, extorsion, and infringment on our rights.  None of these technologies are absolutely necessary to life, except the internet.  What did we do before we had those expensive cell phones?  We had ONE phone at home!  What did we do before television?  We had far more time together.  Some day soon we may not have the internet or any of these technologies without severly jeopardizing our liberty.  I'd like to think I am doing my part to not only cause the prices of these conveniences to go down, but to use my power as a consumer to demand that my rights be respected!  Join us in this quest, won't you?

To: ;
Subject: Re: OMG !
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 22:58:08 -0500

Hi Tom,
Was that a drama or a documentary that you were watching?
(see Tom's original email below)
The first episode of the new drama "The Beast" featured a crack head black guy dealing stolen military code cards who just happens to be a 911 conspiracy nut. The pipe huffing crackhead confronts the undercover FBI agent by asking him "are you a truther?... or a sheep?" ...pointing to a photo on the wall of the twin towers in flames on 911.
He goes on; "everybody knows that it was an inside job... there wasn't even any planes... it was all done with holograms...".
Terror TV is going totally fascist. The only things that I can watch now are old movies, drag racing, history channel, sci-fi and HGTV.
Most of what is on the psycho box today is truly toxic and I have seen it's psychologically addictive powers destroy the minds and thinking processes of some of my closest friends and relatives. TV is used today to terrorize it's addicts and control what they think and manipulate them to act in ways that they normally would not. Most TV addicts eventually quit reading books, listening to music, pursuing outside interests and hobbies and socializing with others.
TV becomes their only friend and escape... a drug. A drug that perpetuates depression.
I used to love TV and was addicted like most everyone else but I believe today that TV has become a tool of the social engineers and has become the drug that leads to depression and apathy.
The commercials are the worst... the subliminamals imbedded in the ""messages" from our sponsors" are loaded with psychologically damaging triggers such as self defeatism and self-esteem destruction, self loathing, fear and controlling manipulation. I know from personal experience how this "entertainment" system works... I am in the graphics arts/advertising business. There is a good reason why the TV business world refers to what they do as "programming" and why they refer to the commercials as "messages".
It is pretty obvious that today's TV broadcasting is designed to work with the psychoactive anti-depressant drugs that most of the world is on today. Mass mind control on a global scale.
Today, watching TV mostly insults my intelligence, isn't very entertaining anymore, and turns my stomach... besides life is to short... I keep myself real busy living and trying to pay the rent.
I watch very little TV now... and don't really miss it.
The new order is here. We can't let the ignorant few in denial destroy it for everyone.
God help us all.
----- Original Message -----
From: Tom, Deb & Kids
To: Jim Jones
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 8:22 PM
Subject: OMG !

There's a movie show on TV right now called "Criminal Minds" where the government in the show says that Libertarians are religious nuts living in heavily armed compounds aka Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc, their words not mine who are very anti govt, anti tax etc and from what I just heard behind me are probably the killers of a social worker who was checking on the welfare of a child in the cult compound.  This is fucking unreal, and the cattle watching this will more than likely buy this bullshit !

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