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The Matrix Report v 2.0 pt1

Matrix Report draft v 2.0 This report has been conducted in the spirit and honor of one of our most precious rights: Freedom of Speech. This work is totally not-for-profit. All material herein is to be treated and protected as Archived for Educational Purposes Use Under U.S.C. Title 17 Section 107. Therefore, those who would wish to censor this work, or silence us, must first eradicate the laws of free speech. Please bear in mind that I am not a professional writer, just doing my best to come forward with years of painstaking research. Check in for new updates and revisions to this ongoing work then re-download new updated drafts. We encourage everyone to download all the Matrix Report Files, rename and repost all our info on your own websites before this information is made to disappear by "Big Brother." Make all the copies you wish, seed it in P2P networks, bulletin boards, Usenet, email it, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, etc., spread this report anyway you can. Truth will eventually overcome. Behold, for I present to you:


By Dr.

Houdini, PhZ

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"





"It is only the TRUTH that can make a man FREE. It is only the TRUTH that can make a man LIVE. The truth has been branded OUTLAWED & ILLEGAL. It is DANGEROUS to have the truth in your possession. You can be found GUILTY and sentenced to DEATH. My words are the TRUTH and the truth causes OFFENSE. I DON'T CARE what men want to say about me BECAUSE WITHOUT THE TRUTH THERE IS NO CONSCIOUSNESS." Source, unknown. "In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

"The Truth is often hated and looked upon as evil by those who would argue for immorality. Those who contend for Truth will be despised, ridiculed, and hated. You see, Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth. We live in a time when the godly structures of the family, church, and nation have been reduced to rubble by ideologies that are contrary to the Word of God. One such belief that has risen to prominence in our culture over the past two decades is the acceptance of homosexuality as a tolerable lifestyle. The days may be coming in the United States where one who would hold to the biblical conviction that homosexuality is a sin may be prosecuted and criminalized. The foundation of our society is in dire need of repair. God is looking for men who know how to rebuild this nation's foundation and fight to protect it from anything that would try to destroy it." Taken from the "Is Truth Hate" website in reference to the ADL backed, encouraged and promoted Hate Crimes legislation."


This research report is being written in honor and spirit of truth. With the avalanche of misinformation, propaganda, hype and spin that exists out there today, it is easy to lose one's bearings and continue through life "lost at sea." I am not here to gloss over all the wonderful and great aspects of this country, any other, or the world, for tons of volumes exist in print today expounding upon all that is, was and will be great about America and other countries. I am here before you with a single mission of IDENTIFYING the core of the evils that ails this country and the world. For what good is it if we have all the potential in the world yet have a 50lb cancerous tumor eating away at us and promising to eventually bring us to a sad and unfortunate demise. I am here to proclaim that I, along with many other independent researchers have found the central nucleus of the cancer that has been slowly killing this world. I go forth in exposing all that is being concealed and hidden from your eyes in hopes that by identifying and knowing the nature of the beast, in knowing by WHO, what, where and how this world is being led astray to its wanton destruction we can know who the true enemies are so they can eventually be defeated. For you can have all the best hopes, wishes and efforts in the universe to make this world a better place, but if you cannot identify the core culprits who conspire against mankind then you are fighting the battle blindfolded. In order to more adequately cover the massive scope of the matters at hand, each and every chapter of this Matrix Report should be covered extensively as its own book, it's own report, in order to give each chapter it's full in depth coverage they individually deserve. But due to the nature of this report's purpose to basically provide an overall cohesive overview and structure of the matrix, this work must be done as just one report at this point in time. Each and every single paragraph herein has been painstakingly researched, verified and often reviewed dozens of times for validity for it to be included in this work. I wish I could source all the material herein, but due to the fact that almost every single sentence could have up to dozens of source links, it would be a monumental task and take me an additional couple years just in listing sources. This entire report, has taken 3 years just to reach draft version 1.0 stage and still, I am not yet satisfied with the overall comprehensiveness or the extent of clarity in describing key points, therefore, expect further, more thorough drafts in the future (any help and constructive input is also welcomed). Again, I cannot stress enough how I wish I had the luxury of providing literally dozens upon dozens of source proofs to every sentence that is written here, but this report would become another 1,000 pages longer in doing so and take me 2 or 3 years longer to complete, with that in mind look at the very few links and videos listed here and there as mere examples of points I am trying to elaborate on, and if you have any doubts or want more info please look into the matter at hand further on your own. All I can do at this point in time is wish and hope that everyone that reads this report will actually take it upon themselves to initiate their own fact finding mission and verify everything I say here.


Behold: for I come forth, speaking not for myself but for the authority vested in me, for the time has come for all to know the full extent of what was, what is and is yet to come... The information we are going to be revealing here is of such a nature that an over whelming majority of the masses will refuse to even consider the general message. Our message is so heart breaking, so devastating, so alarming, so profoundly disturbing that many people will not, CAN NOT, psychologically accept it, for the message goes against what you have been PROGRAMED to believe. The knowledge we present can and will shake the very foundation of your beliefs about the world you live in. From the days even before you were a child in school holding your right hand to your heart, the indoctrination began, pledging unwavering "allegiance to the flag" on a daily basis. Get in line, single file, obey those in authority. Oh the blemish free, wonderful fairy tale like, magnificent country we have been taught to blindly believe in. How blessed and benevolent art thou! Many people will try and find any little piece of info that has any little flaw in it so that they can use that little flaw to dismiss and discredit the entirety of the facts being presented here, thereby making an excuse to just walk away and pretend that their lives and the world around them are just hunk dory. Statistics prove that a full 30% of the population will NEVER accept any truth that challenges their predefined life programming, thus they are pre disposed to go to their graves in a perpetual state of denial no matter what solid evidence is ever revealed and presented to them. Obviously this report is not meant to try and reach those hopelessly lost minds. Therefore the time has come for YOU to choose. Will you continue to live in INGNORANCE, or will YOU break free and EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY? The true reality is that we live in a day in age where we can no longer believe just about anything that is fed to us by our elected officials, their spin doctors and the media. There is nothing they tell you that can be believed and taken at face value. EVERYTHING they tell you needs to be carefully checked, confirmed and verified. Politicians are there to continue the illusion that you have freedom of choice. The question one should be asking is how have they been getting away with decades of slanting the truth and outright deceit, and to who's advantage do they do this? We live in a time in age where capitalism has become the de-facto standard worldwide. The central point which all else revolves around. No matter where you go in modern society you will find that the wide majority of the population measures success by NET WORTH, what and how much stuff you have, how much you make. THE measuring tape of life has become your monetary status. You can find the most ruthless and cynical person on the planet, he may be worth billions, yet people will envy him, want to be like him, they will hang onto his every words for hopes of getting a glimpse, of the wealth secrets, they will study all his works and words, and so on. Yet that person could actually not only be morally corrupt and decadent to the bone, but he may also be as dumb as a doornail and it wouldn't matter a bit. If this wealthy person were actually stupid people would still view him as "smart", they would still bow in his presence and their eyes would become so clouded by the mere awe of his wealth, they would blinded to the fact that this wealthy person may possess a room temperature IQ, and instead see a "wise and clever man"... they would still bow in the presence of such sheer

massive powerful wealth... and want to emulate him despite the fact that he may be among the worst morally corrupt people on the planet. Our world and history has been full of real living examples of said people and such scenarios. This has been an adopted adapted REALITY, for generations on end, we have learned to hold in high esteem and blindly follow those who have accumulated the most. The most money, the most land, the most power, the most beauty the most fame and so on. This is truly so sad, for ultimate reality and importance should be based on quality and extent of love for their fellow man, high moral standards, ethics, compassion, goodness, heart, and so forth. Where did we go wrong? Why has mankind lost its way, its values, its compass? There are many factors... Statistics state that very few people even read anymore. For the masses would rather spend their free time engulfed in being entertained, preferring the deep hypnotic slumber of sitting in front of the bloob tube... engulfed in the latest "entertainment PROGRAM", sports, shows, games, drama, etc., the list of fun distractions to keep your mind busy and "boxed" is huge indeed. Music is also a central core hypnotic programming medium. Is it not interesting in that the media networks call their output over the airwaves, designed for our consumption: "programming", for that is EXACTLY what they have been doing to the population: programming them. Thus we can readily observe that "big media" is "big brothers" right hand man. The common accepted "truth" of every society is derived from the news and media outlets. "They" are the ones whom program you, who shape and mold everyone's perception of reality... they virtually set the norms of society, they set the stage, the rhythm, the ambiance, the common public vibe, the prevailing winds, flow of attitudes and ideas, what's cool, what's hot. In essence THEY decide what is and what is not, why and how, before you even had a clue if it ever was... Who owns you Americans? - Video This report herein is for those who seek the forbidden knowledge that has constantly been banned and hidden from plain view, far beyond the confined reaches of your allowed perception by those who wish to enslave you. We dedicate this report to all those who always wonder, who question everything and embrace our common quest in searching for TRUTH. Behold: we come forth to expose the facts, insight, understanding, knowledge and visions that have been revealed to us and will try our best to articulate them in a cohesive "big picture." Laying our findings bare for the world to see. The single most important issue that must be covered prior to understanding every aspect of The Matrix is: "WHAT IS TRUTH?" Is truth whatever and all the information you get off the evening news? Is truth everything they taught you your whole life in school? Is truth everything your parents told you throughout your life? Is truth whatever the corporate publishing giants who print your history books tells you? Is truth whatever and anything your government tells you? Can the truth change from day to day at some ones whim? How do you determine what is truth from bullshit? Do you even care what is truth?

In order to fully understand truth, one must understand the opposite of truth in order to help discern which one is which, for at times it is extremely difficult to determine what the truth is. The exact opposite of truth are LIES and deceit. Lies are selfish, they exist to deceive, trick, fool and hide from truth. Lies are often viewed as covering the things in "darkness", to cloak things from truth, for darkness CONCEALS many things, it covers up a multitude of blemishes, faults, schisms, evils, details that would reveal the true nature of things. Therefore the truth is often viewed as "the light", for it reveals all that was hidden from sight, cloaked in the darkness. Therefore like a flashlight, he how knows the truth is like he who carries a flashlight in the darkest night and can clearly see what is going on around him while others wonder around aimlessly in the dark. All the while, those who do not possess a flash light have all adjusted to life without the aid of "the light" (truth) and manage to exist without the aid of the "light". For them this is their "reality"... the world they live in under the circumstances they are immersed in. Therefore people standing in the exact same (dark) "room" (place, town, state, country, etc.) will perceive and see many things differently. What they see is conditional upon their abilities to "see in the dark". Even though they might all be in the same room their ability to "see" what is around them determines how they filter their view of reality. Many won't be able to see much and continue to live life oblivious to their true purpose and what is truly happening in their very midst, they are thus blinded from the lack of light, therefore rely upon and must be "told" by others what is around them... by sources such as TV, your news and entertainment media, for sheeple live with "eyes wide shut." Hence the famous prophetic verse: "they see but yet they are blind"... So, in life, for one to see the true reality, around them, one must find, pick up and carry a source of "light" (truth). The moment you view all things, go all places, no matter how immersed in darkness (lies, deceit, etc.) it may be, your lantern, your light will reveal all that is around you ever so clearly, while right beside you others stumble along in the darkness oblivious to what is really happening around them. You therefore posses the ability to discern what is true reality. The most important thing that one must do is to constantly seek out and obtain sources of light, truth. Learn all its ins and outs, learn all its powers, for once you are one with "light" (truth) and carry it where ever you go, you will never get lost in the middle of "the night" darkness. Easily seeing all the obstacles, pitfalls, and dangers, your view of reality will be much more advanced than those around you without "light". The light you learn of and acquire may be as strong as a small candle and light up your immediate surroundings, others may carry much larger stronger lights (truth), therefore being able to "see" much clearer and further into the distance... To conclude with this most important of analogies, I say to thee: Light reveals the path in darkness, light is eternal and unchanging, light overcomes darkness, lies and deceit (darkness) cannot withstand or hold up to the spotlight of truth. Light, truth is simple and full of common sense, darkness, lies and deceit is complex full of convoluted justifications, excuses, justifications, intricate explanations whom often employ the most skilled highly educated diploma wielding Sooth Sayers to convey. The key to reality is "light" plus cognitive perception, and the ability to observe things from different viewpoints. Goodness represents light. Evil represents darkness. God is the ultimate, brightest, purest form of light.

I therefore reveal to thee one of the riddles of the ages... for he who has an ear, let him hear, for he who has eyes let him see... I am not here to convince anyone of anything, for the truth I shall reveal in this Matrix Report is self evident. Take it or leave it. I will do my part and walk off into the sunrise, I care not for fame or fortune, you are ultimately responsible for what paths you select in life, I am only here to pass on a source of light, what you ultimately do with it is up to you. I have spoken, so it is, was, and shall always be. The sad fact is that the world you have been living in your entire life was mostly a lie. You have all been CONDITIONED since childhood to see things in premeditated ways. You have been a product of "the establishment", society, your immediate environment and surroundings. Many things that were taught to you for years as rock solid "history", is instead full of omitted info, disinformation, lies, and twisting of facts. Our history books have taken many subjects and turned them into "fairy tale" type stories and hype excluding important viewpoints and dark secrets. What you see in the daily news, doesn't even touch upon the tip of the iceberg. Your watchful and benevolent government is so badly compromised and corrupted that it boggles the mind. Etc., etc. No!!! Tell me it's not so! Democracy has been overcome by capitalism. Greed rules over capitalism to such an extent that it has become an incurable cancer in our society. Even many of our trusted religious institutions have been corrupted beyond belief. This absolutely cannot be true! Stop! I don't want to hear anymore! Oh boy, break out the tinfoil hats, here we go! Wake up Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore. You can cover your eyes and ears, and run away right now, returning to your Alice in Wonderland existence. But if you choose to read on, seriously contemplating the FACTS that we are about to present. The TRUTHS we are about to reveal. Then you will have to deal with the REALITY of "knowing" and having to try and continue your daily existence with what you KNOW eating at you day in and day out. Heck, I just want to wake up tomorrow and pretend that everything is fine and dandy also! I just want to continue to have fun and go on with life oblivious to everything. Dream the American dream... for the majority, it is just that: only a dream that you have been conditioned to chase for your entire life. We have all been like rabbits, the "American Dream" has been the carrot, 10 to 20% of us actually reach the carrot (then work to keep it). The rest all toil their entire lives in their futile pursuit of the carrots. Go to work, make "them" rich while barely being able to make ends meet, pay bills, more bills, more taxes, sky high medical or even no health care, blah, blah, blah. Many who have achieved the American dream, have become slaves to it. From the moment that they stop to rest, get sick, etc. that dream can come crashing down so fast it's not funny. Many that make the millionaires club in that dream will do just about anything to keep it. For most of those that have made it high up there in the American dream, will quietly keep their mouths shut about any unfair, unjust, corrupt and or dangerous practices by the company you work for. Heck, you might even be one of the key players in corrupt practices just to keep your American dream and stay on the gravy train. It is very painful to get thrown off the wagon since poverty and hardship is there waiting for all those who fall off. Those who are in any way connected with the government, turning a blind eye is "normal". The majority of all people feel this way: Just let me go home to my nice and cozy American dream, can't chance losing my pension, need that

paycheck, don't want to rock the boat or get in trouble, don't want to be ridiculed by my peers, on second thought, I don't even want to know the truth... We live in what is probably still the greatest country to have ever existed. Every day we are blessed with the marvels of modern technology. An incredible amount of personal freedom compared to other countries. So many options and things to do, you can never go everywhere, see everything and do it all. Surely this country has been blessed from the day it was formed. I am a true patriot in every sense of the word. We are all patriots. From the days of writing the Declaration of Independence, the adopting of our Constitution, this nation has been blessed with patriots that worked hard for our freedoms. In our time, Democracy has proven to be the superior form of government of this age. But our current ways of government have been under a direct frontal assault for many decades, maybe even centuries. Democracy has been steadily pushed to the back seat as our government caters to the wants of its corporate constituents, capitalism has become the RULER of our democracy. Corruption is at it's all time highest ever. Special agendas have over taken and plagued our nation almost everywhere you look in the entire past century. Massive multinational conglomerates and their agents are the ones pulling all the strings now, instrumental in shaping all laws and policies to their own benefit, at the expense of the greater good "of the people". One of the greatest flaws in our government is the "Lobbying" sector. It needs to be completely abolished like yesterday. For "lobbing" is nothing more than basically just a legalized, disguised, sanctioned form of BRIBERY. We have "separation of church and state", there should also be "separation of business and state". For this great nation was founded upon the grand ideal of: "for the people, by the people". NOT: "for the corporations, by the corporations". Yet today the voice of the people is like that of a lone voice in the wilderness, as Washington cranks out policy after policy for the sole benefits of those mega conglomerates that keep Washington and the politicians swimming in money. Most of our politicians have direct or indirect ties to those very same corporations who's agendas they are pushing. Many if not most politicians come from the private sector take public office (and vice versa) then transform themselves into "rain makers"... conflicts of interest be damned. That is just for starters. We will go on to root out all types of insane practices and the sins being perpetrated on the American people and the world. Exposing many incredible jaw dropping agendas, crimes and cover-ups. Am I lying to you? Am I just making this all up? I have better things to do other than waste my time sitting here and make up bullshit. I have received many visions, finally I have no choice but to chance losing everything in this mandate that I must complete, the mission I have been revealed, tried my best to avoid. The more I researched, trying to prove I was delirious the more the research lead me to greater and greater evidence. I provide the FACTS of my research for free. I am a ghost, I have nothing to gain, other than to hopefully, in my lifetime be able to see this great nation rid itself of the cancerous blood sucking tumors that have infiltrated it to its very CORE. Just about every sentence written in this report can be researched (and you should, MUST verify for yourself) on your own by just simply going to and doing your own searches on every topic, every point being made. Our dream is to one day be able to wake up and be able to proclaim: "I am proud of my country, I am proud to be a part of it", to one day be able to see a time when America truly leads this world into a new age of harmony NOT based upon the current greed of our multinational corporations

and the elite few that have been plundering other nations for all their resources. I yearn for a society that is NOT run by small secretive groups of elite rulers who could care less about fairness, human suffering, and poverty. This website has been developed to focus on the big picture that often never gets viewed in its entirety due to the fact that there is just a staggering amount of info, occurrences and distractions in so many sectors of society, very few people can connect the dots to see the big picture. Each section of The Matrix has literally hundreds and hundreds of news, facts, data and info supporting our arguments, revealing the TRUTH of each segment of The Matrix. We will attempt our best to consolidate dozens to hundreds of facts from all sources into one streamlined big picture for you right here. Just keep in mind that at the moment I do not have the time nor resources to endlessly provide hundreds if not thousands of links and references to each fact and truth revealed. As I constantly repeat: look up ANYTHING and everything I say for yourself. Once you understand how the ruling factions of this society truly works, you will be able to "foresee" the directions of current events, policies and so forth, almost as if you had ESP. For here we reveal to you the ruling elite's Rosetta Stone, their modus of operandi, revealing their play books. For even though the ruling elite operate in total secrecy, their actions and those of their intermediaries ultimately reveal their true direction. The ruling elite can only delegate through others, all people and their systems have flaws, they also make mistakes, when they do so, every incident reveals yet more clues about them and exposes more pieces of the puzzle. What we then witness is their masterful manipulation in covering up their messes, then like a magicians sleight of hand, they pull the wool over our eyes luring our tiny attention spans elsewhere. Though their ultimate aim may be to enslave mankind, they will eventually be overcome. For theirs is a house built of smoke and mirrors, yet backed by the power of all the gold on the planet. At this moment in time you may believe that you are "free", but in reality you serve many masters. You hear but yet do not comprehend, you see but yet are still blind. We have a moral obligation, not only to ourselves, our families and all others to stand up to and say "enough is enough!" Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. The time has come to free your mind and take your life and country back! The "powers that be" have been proceeding cautiously due to what has been emerging as a "truth movement." For only TRUTH can expose all and derail their best laid plans. Therefore you have been witnessing a massive concerted effort to discredit, ridicule, mock, scorn, rebuke, attack, and even imprison those of us who dare come forth to reveal the TRUTH to the world. One need look no further than the recent A&E FBI show which portrays 9/11 truthers as DOPE SMOKING TERRORISTs, for a perfect example of the lengths that "big brother" will go to alienate and distance the public from the TRUTH. As more and more biased "programs" such as that TV show are aired, the general public, subject to the constant barrage of misleading propaganda critical of the "truth movement" combined with the phenomena of group (follow the crowd) mentality, naturally turns away from the ridiculed (TRUTH) subject matter. Such are the forces we are up against.

This Matrix Report is just one attempt to provide a cohesive universal insight into "the matrix" of the ruling elite. There are literally dozens upon dozens of more highly researched more in depth sources and websites out there just waiting for you to enter, waiting for you with tons of evidence, facts and so forth, were they lift the cover of the smoke and mirrors, exposing to the world the lies, deceit and sins of those who wish to enslave us all. Unfortunately even though truth can be told, it must be REALIZED individually. Ignorance is bliss.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" ..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


The power structure Fox in the hen houses & Wolves in sheep's clothing "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS"
"All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident" - Shoemacher

There is one pervasive factor in life that must be addressed in order to better discuss the "big picture" or any aspect of The Matrix. This is the fact that every single person in the world lives in their own circle of peers which makes up their own world or environment. The worker class goyims, for instance generally tends to congregate with their own kind. Everyone has their own group of people they associate and mingle with. Despite whatever the circumstances of any other group, town, state or national "environments," your personal environment is your reality. The elite class are the movers and shakers. Behold: for "gods" still walk the earth. Some of these people are so powerful they roam the earth with entourages who cater to their every whim, their homes make even your average McMansion seem like guest houses, heads of industry and state quiver in their presence, their decisions affect markets, in some cases even life or death for others. The group that forms public opinion, that decides what is, was, or is going to be. This group makes up anywhere from 1-2% of the population yet owns and controls more than 95% of everything. These are the rulers of the kingdoms. This class is the one that owns all the worlds finance, owns your politicians, owns all the worlds media and shapes the thoughts and minds of the population with its media programming. Of course this same group pulls hundreds of

scientists and professionals out of its back pocket for the purpose of statistically and figuratively "prove" to the world that their elite cabals don't even exist and life is just hunky dory for everyone. Controlling this elite class is none other than several ruling blood line dynasties who make up what many have come to call the "illuminati", i.e. Zionists, Jesuits, Masons, and so forth.

The wealthy class are those fortunate enough to have reached or been included in the wealthy class, more than any other class are the ones who fiercely OPPOSE anything that rocks the boat of the current system that guarantees and protects their handlers and status in life, no matter how unfair or corrupt it may be. Facts fairness and truth have absolutely no bearing on their points of view, for the wealthy to acknowledge many of the obvious wrongs is also a step in the possibly helping in exposing the inequality's they impose on the rest of society thus participating in their own demise and potentially ending their cozy positions and ways of life. One misstep from anyone fortunate enough to live in the wealthy class can mean having everything taken away from them. Nope, you will rarely if EVER see anyone from this class sticking their necks out and challenging "the Matrix". Rare is the whistle blower that dares bite the hand that feeds him, the repercussions of doing so has been show to them many times over, the result is always the same: in the end the whistleblower will never again any position even close to what he had before. They go from life in the fast lane to life in the hard times lane as marked Lepers. The very wealthy who control Wall Street finance on one hand and media empires in the other wield complete control in the formulated perception of reality that is fed to the masses. They trot out their highly educated, diploma stacked pundits, experts, scientists, economists and so forth to reinforce absolutely ridiculous falsehoods such as "Trickle-Down Economics" for example. The batshit insane concept of Trickle-Down Economics is that in the fairy tale world the wealthy somehow sprinkle fairy dust (Money) over all the population thus spreading the wealth. What a crock of unadulterated BULLSHIT. In reality the entire capitalist system functions the completely opposite way: all money generated worldwide operates under the same dynamics, money gets SUCKED UP (as in the opposite of trickle down) LIKE INDUSTRIAL VACUM CLENERS by Wall Street business, government and the wealthy. Then there are the countless "checkpoints" in life, that exist to basically stop you in your tracks and require you to

open your wallet in front of a mini-vac... swish.... there goes your money... The end results: you live with tight budgets barely making ends meet, while the wealthy hire squads of accountants and financial professionals to manage all the money they fleece from you. The middle class, made up of "upwardly mobile" people, those who are on that treadmill in life forever running after the "carrot stick" dangled in front of them. It's all about the pursuit of the American Dream. They have worked hard for whatever they have, they KNOW what it is like to struggle. The majority of these people will NEVER risk what they have attained in life to help expose the evil in society. They will see what's wrong and never admit it. Minding their own business. They are like those three monkeys see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, for if they do, they KNOW they potentially jeopardize their whole life's efforts of obtaining the status they have in life. No, don't expect 90% of this group to acknowledge anything, let alone take up the baton in the fight against tyranny, rampant corruption or unjustness of any kind. This is the group the predominantly sticks its head in the sand, it doesn't want to know the truth for fear of losing what they have worked so hard to attain. On the other end of the spectrum, this group also makes up the bulk of the "cheerleaders" of the establishment and the status quo. They blindly support fascist policies of their republican party. Then you have the poor and worker class, the minorities, the rat racers, the people who have at one time or another have felt the full wrath of "the system". These are by far and wide the group that consists of those who KNOW what it is to be trampled upon. Who have witnessed firsthand the atrocities, who are constantly victimized by the system. This is the class, this is the group of seekers of equality and justice that consistently comes forward and puts their necks on the line for all. The people from this class are the ones who face the brunt force of injustices of the Matrix Elite, these also being the ones with "nothing to lose" financially, this group of people are the ones who make up the majority of dissidents, activists and protesters opposing the Matrix. This group of people also make up the majority of the democratic party's base, blindly supporting the socialist policies of their democratic party. Who Owns You (Narrated By George Carlin) - Video After spending many years studying unexplained occurrences within our society I have stumbled upon a cohesive pattern. Some of the most revealing and relevant that we can identify have taken place within our generations beginning from the "coming out party" of their JFK coup d'état to the mother of all false flag ops: 911. Including hundreds of other scandals along the way, each event viewed individually is just one piece of a massive puzzle. Thousands of man hours of meticulous research have been devoted to the individual topics by highly qualified individuals, but rarely have I seen anyone cover the big picture in a satisfactory form, the Matrix Report is our attempt do just that and get a grasp at this overwhelmingly massive Matrix that has permeated every single part of our societies. For all intents and purposes, I will try my best to paint the big picture from about the era just prior to JFK till today. Many more pertinent situations exist dating back even longer will also be touched upon, but in order to try and keep this report in today's currents, we will try to focus on the pieces of the puzzles, the facts of the 20th century.

Presidents and elected officials come and go. So how is it that mysteries of decades past are still continuously stonewalled, covered up and still be relevant till this day? There must exist some entity that exists beyond the "term limits" of elected officials that keeps everything greased and moving along as planned, continuing from generation to generation. The biggest, most blatant early clue to have surfaced over all these years arises out of the JFK assassination. An event so profound that it should have been followed by the biggest most extensive investigation ever. Instead what followed was one of the largest COVERUPS in American history (up till that time). Complete with tons of confiscated, "lost" and destroyed evidence. Rampant obvious lies, no real attempts to find any other "accomplices", magic bullets, bogus forensics, etc. Come on folks. More money, effort and time was spent trying to prosecute O.J. Simpson! We are talking about the PRESIDENT of the United States of America! The leader of the "free world". The cover up of the JFK assassination is mind boggling. To this day even the forensic EVIDENCE is blatantly ignored and disputed. Laws of physics are suddenly reversed, or even suspended for that special occasion then explained off by highly educated sold out "experts". Forensics don't lie, even when done in today's reality TV forensics shows! There is one common denominator with many of the so called "conspiracy" cases: Secrecy, cover-ups, disinformation, miss-information, "lost" or no evidence, witnesses dying or having unfortunate "accidents" etc. Then there are the biggest clues for any criminal investigator: Show me who is hiding all the evidence, blatantly lying, fighting all attempts to get to the bottom of the case along with the stonewalling and tampering, then I will show you the real criminals, and those who are complicit. This is not rocket science this is police investigation 101. Who stood the most to lose if JFK had remained alive? Who was it that concealed hundreds, if not thousands pieces of evidence? And even "lost" or destroyed most of it? Did Oswald have such power that he was able to orchestrate a massive cover up within our intelligence community? NOT. Did the Mafia wield so much power as to orchestrate the massive infiltration and intelligence cover-up? NOT. Did the communist government agents wield the power to infiltrate our intelligence community and cover-up its tracks? NOT. No matter what sources you look at, whether it's the "official" reports or "conspiracy theory", the one aspect that is undeniable remains the same: OUR secret intelligence community was in charge of everything from "investigating" the assassination to eliminating/hiding massive amounts of evidence, silencing people, disseminating lies, and so on. Why would they do that? What was the motive: JFK had recently SWORN to disband the CIA and the Federal Reserve Bank. Two of the most powerful groups on the entire planet. Two of the most secretive organizations on the entire planet. No one "outside" of those groups really knows what goes on inside their closed doors. Not congress, the senate, or even the President of the United States. The ones that leave these secret organizations rarely ever talk. What we as a general public "know" is what they want us to know and think. The dissenters and whistle blowers are quickly dealt with. They have "accidents", "commit suicide", character assignations, discredited and so forth.


Insane! People within our own government killed its own leader? Yes. The CIA was the engineer and executioner of the entire BlackOps operation, their world renowned specialty is in assassinations, and coups, duh! The whole essence of the CIA is DECEPTION! "covert operations", assassinations, divide and concur, infiltration, false propaganda, information manipulation, mind control. The point I'm trying to make: elements within our own government were so sinister that they would forcibly murder, overthrowing one of its own leaders in broad daylight and right before the eyes of thousands of witnesses no less, cover it all up, then continue as if nothing happened. If this premise is true, and the sorry facts state so, then what we have here is one of the most DANGEROUS entities on the planet. The day that President Kennedy proclaimed to the world that he was "going to disband the CIA and the Federal Reserve to pieces" he issued his own death warrant. He (JFK) was not playing by "their" rules, as other presidents had for decades. The key is in the FACT that Kennedy was going to expose them and put an end to their reign. "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings" (JFK April 27, 1961) Then 10 days prior to his assassination he said: "The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, & before I leave office I must inform the citizens of his plight"... we never got to hear or see any of the actual evidence he was going to present to the world of those secret organizations and of their sinister plans. The one major clue uncovered was a project that was submitted for Kennedy's approval around that time was Operation Northwoods. Basically the CIA and top PentaCON brass wanted to stage FAKE attacks on U.S. soil (killing our own citizens) then blaming Cuba, so that we would have an excuse to attack Cuba. Kennedy obviously wanted nothing to do with this plan. He eventually was heavily pressured to go with the failed Bay of Pigs invasion scheme by the powers that be. The interesting thing about Operation Northwoods is in that right after Kennedy's assassination, the CIA went forward with a Northwoods type scheme to get America involved in the Vietnam war, same Northwoods Scheme, different target: Vietnam, via the Gulf of Tonkin attack, as we all know today, was an inside job, a classic false flag op engineered by CIA spooks. Kennedy was out to expose the insane CIA schemes which involved "false flag" attacks and killing our own people, and he was in a unique position to tie the CIA with the monetary rulers in the Federal Reserve. He was hell bent on bringing both those institutions down. Oh how convenient: a lone patsy shoots him in the back of the head, but were the bullet goes in it makes a huge entry hole and leaves a small exit wound on the front of his head! While pulling him backwards. Doh! Then goes through several people changing course all the time and ends up like new when it was done! LOL This is the type bullshit we have been fed for years. The fact that the amazingly STUPID general public let them get away with this bullshit is what has EMBOLDENED those secret organizations to do whatever they wanted! The 1960s was the CIA's official coming out party century! They took out JFK, his brother Bobby, M.L.King, Malcolm X and many others. A walk in the park it turned out to be for the CIA. The gullible public believing ANYTHING they were told, even if what they said defied every law of logic and physics! The CIA also perfected the art of bullshitting the public in the 60s. They have also become masters of propaganda and information manipulation.

The big question now is: WHY did JFK want to break up those 2 secret organizations? Very little info can be found in the mainstream sources today about his motives and what he knew from first hand encounters with the secret societies. Just bits and pieces of items have survived the onslaught of massive evidence destruction. Very little is known of the innermost workings of those highly secret organizations. We will get into the specifics as we go along connecting the dots and joining the pieces of this massive puzzle in the other chapters of the Matrix Report. For starters, the CIA (one of the world's most powerful secrecy organization) is just an arm of our military industrial complex. A trillion dollar segment of our society that would crumble and wither away if it is sitting idle and not being USED to invade and occupy, ummm, I mean "benevolently help Democratasize" poor defenseless nations... As in, if it is not actively involved in some "war" a conflict or another, the multi-billion dollar conglomerates that survive off of selling them their weapons of death and destruction would all go bankrupt if there were no conflicts to engage in. Peace is anti-military industrial complex. The military industrial complex's buttons are being pushed by un-know powerful forces, the ruling elite, individuals & organizations in highly powerful positions. The world Zionist Jew banksters. There is much more to the CIA than meets the eye. This secret organization remains in place with its key people, polices and agendas long after public elected officials come and go. The CIA and other ultra secret agencies such as the NSA, Mi5/6 and Mossad are like the world's most exclusive secret ivy league frat club. The unholy trinity of deceit and conquest. Only groomed members handpicked from elite circles of society run it, and the membership is for life. Until death do they part. The KEY to understanding many conspiracies as a whole, is in the realization that in almost every event of "conspiracies" those behind the scenes are none other than the CIA/NSA/Mi6/Mossad, etc. All operating under the masterful cover and untouchable alibi of: "CAN'T TOUCH US... IT'S A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURTIY." Absolutely no person, organization, committee, nation on the planet has the authority nor power to pierce that shield. Period. What more perfect vehicle cover to run your secret criminal agenda? Though all these agencies operate out of their home countries they are all operated by the same secretive Zionist inner circle. They manipulate everything without your slightest clue. Flooding the mass media with disinformation, carefully orchestrating any fiasco into convoluted hogwash that the general public eventually just gives up on and forgets about. Soon thereafter to join the countless pages loonytoon conspiracy archives. Branding all who even mention them as tinfoil hat mental patients. Ridiculed and dismissed. No one has successfully taken them on. No one can investigate them. No one can accuse them of wrong doing. Yet an extraordinary trail of blood and evidence from their crimes have been left all around the globe. They are, for all intents and purposes: above the law, accountable to NO ONE, never responsible for anything. Those secret agencies are all run by the most powerful "mafia" in the world. Yale and other ivy league alumni, powerful ruling families, leaders of industry, high powered politicians, respected gentlemen throughout the world, all members of the world's most powerful "cosa

nostra". Ultimately traced back to core ultra secret societies: 1. The Zionists/Masons 2. The Vatican Order 3. Royalty Collectively they have both been subject of tons of writings. know as the "illuminati", Zionists, Black Pope, Jesuits, etc. It is extremely hard to connect all the dots since their movements are done in the strictest of secrecy. Their operations ultimately implemented in the mainstream through their main Mafia front organizations such as the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, events such as Bohemian Groove, along with other lesser important think tanks. The one organization that seems to be at the forefront of promoting and organizing the "New World Order" is the CFR. The CFR members have dominated all foreign and financial policies of all the presidencies in both the Republican and Democratic parties ever since its inception in 1921. It is relatively easy to spot the "made men" Mafioso career politicians simply by reviewing their membership status to the elite of the elite organizations, think tanks, secret societies, philanthropies (slush funds) and counting the sheer number of board of directorships they each wield. Collectively the Zionist-Masonic elite decide polices and worldwide situations. You must completely understand that they are the ones that FOUNDED the CIA, Mi6, and the Mossad. You must truly understand this one simple fact! The ramifications of this truth is earth shaking. The "Illuminati" are the founders and administrators of the most clandestine secret intelligence agencies on the planet! They decide wars. They decide what is true and not. They write the history books. They decide what you get to see as "news". This "mafia" has no party affiliation, democrats or republican, it does not matter, they are all part of the same mafia, just 2 different "crime families" under the same umbrella all loyal to the same God Father: the Zionist-Masonic rulers. The Republican and Democratic parties was put in play long ago as a means to keep the citizens DIVIDED and fighting amongst themselves for decades on end and to also provide the illusion of "choice". The main power wielding central core of this secret "mafia" society are the central banks, the Federal Reserve Board, IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, and corresponding central banks of individual countries, all run under the same underlying principle of "fiat" money by small group of ruling elite Zionists. Every country on this planet is run by money. Control the money, and you by default have direct and indirect control of countries. The interesting thing about the Federal Reserve, is that it is NOT a federal organization. It was never established by the United States government. It was established by the elite of the elite of the money world. Who of course had no problems orchestrating their ivy league alumni and or puppets running our government at the time to accept and embrace the Federal Reserve with open arms. In doing so we went from a debt free nation to one that is on a never ending path of always having to BORROW money from the banks, then PAY INTEREST to them. That is why we always hear about the "national debt". Who did you think we pay that debt off to? Ourselves? NOT! Our government is in hock up to its neck to the international banking cartel who are in reality none other than OUR ZIONIST JEW BANKER OVERLORDS. You can thank them for re-introduction of taxes and the creation of the IRS also.

Important note: before I continue any further, as you can see, I am increasingly referring to "Zionist Jew" this and that. I have NEVER in my life been racist or hated anyone, when I initially began my research into the matter of "The Matrix" I had no clue who was at its core pulling the strings. It was only after the first year of research that I was dumbfounded to find that the Talmudic Zionist Jews kept popping up repeatedly in all my deep research projects. To my total disbelief, shock and amazement, for throughout my whole life I viewed them as "my people." Have you ever wondered how it is possible the United States of America, the world's most powerful country can OWE money to another separate entity within its own system? Who is making the profits from all those BILLIONS of dollars of interest we pay each and every year? In every major civilization since the beginning of time, the smart rulers had control of their money, then came in the banksters. Somehow, some way, we gave up control of our own national financial freedom to a separate entity! Then pay interest on money we must borrow from them!!!! That is what the "national debt" is all about. Just like when you borrow money from the bank to buy your new home, the deed is also in their name, they are co-owners until that money has been repaid. And they have power over you as such, and at any given time, once one of their demands are not met, they can exercise their powers and call in the markers. I may be over simplifying this. But the premise does not change. The central banks CONTROL our money supply and that of the other nations that had been bamboozled to followed the same path. Our currency is just pretty toilet paper. Not backed by a drop of gold, zilch, nada Zippo. Run by the most powerful, "legitimate mafia" on the planet. Those running the international bank cartels are the GODFATHERS. The CIA/NSA/Mossad/Mi6 and all other intelligence agencies are the "enforcers" branch of that mafia. The perfect union of secrecy. Ultimately the Zionist Jews and Masonic mafias run both the banking cartels and the intelligence agency cartels. The bottom line, the common thread that weaves this puzzle together, is the fact that this "secret" society manipulates events and history. They do not go by any name like Hells Angels, Gambino Family, etc. It's an unspoken alliance. Where the core of clandestine operations are within the CIA/Mossad/Mi6/Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, CFR, Bilderberg, etc. polices are hacked out behind the closed doors of the most elite powerful rulers on the planet. The Zionists control a majority of financial and media enterprises, the Masons control a majority of political infrastructure around the globe. The Zionists control the Masons and now even the Vatican. They have one common denominator: the bible. Old Testament Zionists and New Testament Vatican, these are the two brothers in arms ruling this world today. The Old Testament is nothing other than the Hebrew Scriptures of long ago. Christianity was born out of the Jewish faith. Even to this day the Christians still respect and follow the lead of their "elder brother" the Jewish nation. Despite the fact that the Jews view Jesus as a bastard child and spit on the face of Christianity. I need to stop right here for a moment to point something out. As you have noticed, the terms Zionist and Jew are increasingly entering the topics of discussion. This report was NEVER intended to be some sort of "anti-Jew" or anti-Zionist work... When I first began researching the

"illuminati" elite, I had no clue who or what the top ruling elite were. It just so turned out that almost every single lead, every single top gun in every single area are the same ethnic people owning or controlling the majority of the key areas in life. The deeper I researched the more supporting evidence clearly revealing the big picture began to emerge through the well laid smoke and mirrors of the mighty web the elites weave. Therefore know this: I am neither racist nor harbor any hate to any religious or ethnic peoples. I come forth with one simple objective, and that is to no holds barred, take no prisoners, blow wide open the secret empire of the ruling illuminati elite... whomever they may be. With that said and done, let's go forth with Operation Truthstorm. In the secret world of the elite rulers, for some reason, EVERYTHING just HAS to have some symbolic meaning, yes, EVERYTHING. "Secret" symbols or logos, who's true meaning is only known to the insiders are routinely prominently displayed everywhere as if nothing (hiding in plain sight). Since you, the outsiders have no real clue, nor substantial proof, all the symbols and logos that are publically displayed are of use only to those who are "in" on the game. Readily identifying key trusted allies for which to conduct affairs with...

These secret societies have existed for eons, their missions and purpose have been passed down from generation to generation. They have been consolidating their wealth & powers over time in order to accomplish their ultimate goals, one need look no further than the bible to find out what their goals are... the ultimate fulfillment of biblical prophecy. For starters, they believe that the temple of Solomon must be rebuilt. Golly gee whiz, so that location is in Muslim countries eh? Well then, all Muslim countries are evil, they must all be destroyed and the land seized so they can build their temple... And what will they do once they have their holy temple back? So it is written: for he who has an ear let him hear, for he who has an eye, let him see. They will then prop up one of their own Zionists Jews from generations of inbreeding lineage as the WORLD LEADER to rule the mankind. I am not the one who makes this stuff up! This is REAL. That is their ultimate goal. The Zionist Jews believe that has commanded them the "Chosen people" to rule mankind, their "promised lands," it is their "holy destiny" or BIRTHRIGHT. Pick up any bible, it says so in the old testament. How do you rationalize with that? You can't, for their kind it has been thousands of years journey into the land of Canaan, them vs. the world, and they are not going to turn back around. No way, so close, so close to achieving their dreams... what they have going on today is none other than a bona fide worldwide juggernaut.


Thus we have clearly witnessed throughout the ages, clearly documented in many history books, as the Jews have always managed to work their way around every nation they have inhabited, little by little, taking more and more control. They were kicked out of Spain and many countries, not for being benevolent citizens, contributing for the good of their host nation, no, no, these people have never deviated from their inbred pathological quest to conquer and get control of usury markets and everything their hearts so desire. (Sorry, but this is just plain TRUTH, label me as an anti-Semite if you wish, it still won't change the TRUTH). They have yet to revise those pages in the history books, but I'm sure they will one day get their PhDs and world renown "researchers" to work on those chapters and edit them accordingly... One glaring crucial omitted factoid that many people do not know, especially those "Christians" who blindly yet ardently support the Zionist cause and agenda, are the Zionists who rule Palestine and run the worlds finance cartel and the worlds media cartel are NOT JEWS yet they prance around propping themselves as "the chosen ones." They are none other than IMPOSTERS, Edomites, Khazars, Ashkenazis posing as true blood Jews to obtain YOUR SUPPORT in their attempt to establish their one world government and become masters over the entire planet... "as was promised to them"... by none other than: GOD... Viewed individually, all questionable activity throughout this country and the world seems to not be connected. Events often seem to be independent of one another. For each sector of society is seemingly "independent" from the others, or so we would think. But there exists a cohesive Matrix. Closely tying all major events and sectors of society by the groups of exclusive ivy league rulers who run each sector of the Matrix. The CIA, NSA, FDA, FCC, Banking Matrix, Military Industrial Matrix, Government Matrix, Media Matrix, Medical Industrial Matrix, Justice/Police/Prison Matrix, Wealth Matrix, Education Matrix, etc., are all interconnected to the core and have hidden agendas, fiascos, cover-ups, scandals, conspiracies. They have everything in common. Each just a separate part of the main puzzle, together they all make up "The Matrix". Connect the dots. In comes the media cartel. TV, radio, print. All held and controlled by an extremely small Ivy league Zionist Jews group, just another branch of the Matrix, the brainwashing, programming mass hypnosis arm of the Matrix. All chiming in and feeding the world what they want you to hear, what they want you to believe, how they want you think. The mass media is not just directly complicit, it is an integral part of the Matrix. Ok, so the local reporters (the talking heads) often have no clue, they don't/can't question their orders (given to them as scripts on a teleprompter) coming from the top brass on what to report, how to report it, and what NOT to report. What's hot, what's not, what's in what's out. They must follow their scripts like everyone else in the matrix. The moment anyone deviates from their allotted mission they are immediately dealt with, pink slip baby, go join the working class *gasp!* if you are not going to follow the rules, no matter where in the matrix organizations they may reside. Those who rock the boat soon find their "stripes" ripped off, then "peeling potato's", keep it up or go too far and even worse things happen to them. They even rub out their own when they fail to keep their marching orders, so many cases, lets pick a current example: Elliot Spitzer, one of their own darling high potential Zionist Jew comrades. Getting busted with prostitutes and falling

from grace was a 100% setup. You see Elliot turned on his Bankster masters with an inflammatory article he wrote for the Washington Post on Feb, 14th 2008, three weeks later, homeboy was being indicted. They conduct surveillance on all their members and on everyone they target to influence, they build dossiers with pictures and video. They hold these in safe places, for when the moment comes they can use the goods to persuade their targets to change their directions or as in Elliot's case, his dossier was dropped off at the local law enforcement bureau for prosecution. When they do things like this, it also serves as a warning to all the others, that if you mess with your Zionist masters, you WILL be punished. But don't cry for Elliot, he is doing just fine now controlling the billion dollar real-estate family business. You never know, once he is finished paying the price for speaking ill of his masters, they might just set him loose again to run for public office. Yet another current example of throwing one of their own to the wolves for betraying their agenda is Chas Freeman (Jew) who was recently was FORCED to surrender his appointment as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council. What did he do? His mortal sin was telling the TRUTH. Basically he was too outspoken about Israeli control. He committed the sin of speaking publically of the unforgivable truth... Israel lobby control over American politics and polices. He basically trashed his own with the blatant truth. Of course he is thus viewed as a "wild canon" by the Zionist status quo. Thus he was quickly marked for elimination from public office. According to Chas "I have concluded that the barrage of libelous distortions of my record would not cease upon my entry into office... The effort to smear me and to destroy my credibility would instead continue..." Yes the Zionists forced him out using their tried and true character assassination strategy leveled at their target. It is the nature of those in control to use any means necessary to maintain control, it sometimes means high riding insiders being thrown to the wolves but there's a grave risk that more and more will be coming out, unveiling, disclosing, revealing ever more modus operandi and secrets of the elite by those who have been thrown to the wolves. Then public perception begins to shift and new awareness's emerge... Following this come large polarizations well laid plans begin to unravel, dominos begin to fall, back to the drawing board they go. This is one of the reasons why the One World Government clique are often all over the place often with seemingly illogical opposing strategies being played out and has been a major factor in taking them so long to bring about their nirvana... i.e., due to the myriad of exposed and failed strategies. All this secret "ruling elite" matter might seem so farfetched, so science fiction. so completely inconceivable, and just plain ludicrous to some. This might be viewed as the mother of all conspiracy theories. But we are truly living in the real life matrix. Where the version of reality that is portrayed for public consumption is far from the true reality. The American dream is just that, a dream fabricated by the Matrix for hundreds of millions in the rat race. A carefully crafted dream, you must keep up with the Jones's, must have that nice car and home, must finance it and work your life away to hopefully pay it all off. Must keep a good FICO score by all means! Look into my eyes... "Debt is good for you"... buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume. Credit cards are as American as apple pie, must have pretty plastic cards. Today's citizens must work harder and longer, at least half your entire day is devoted to earning the money just to pay

the bills. Just to make ends meet. You think you are "free" when in reality you have many masters. You are all slaves in so many ways and don't even realize it. This is their true genius. The moment your alarm clock rings, it is telling you to wake up and fulfill your obligations to the one master most closely handling you. Your corporate masters who control your life in return for a paycheck. Yes another major factor that is ruining our great nations is: Corporate America. and all its stockholders are only taking our entire nation down the path of eventual doom with its blind pursuit of more riches at any cost. Of which you are just a pawn enslaved to the system. Your indoctrination into the "system" begins with your public education as a child, by the time you (if) graduate, you are ready to join the working class with the other Goyim as a worker bee in the service of your masters. When will it stop? How long can they continue to have to produce unending higher and higher ROIs (return of investment) for their insatiable stockholders? (remember they, the 2% own 95% of everything) Eventually, all the resources of this planet will dry up in the un-wavering pursuit of ever higher profits. All the while, industries will continue to merge to make "paper profits" from the "efficiencies" of the ever increasing mergers. Regrettably, if not stopped, this merger trend will eventually put just a few key monstrous monolithic corporations in control of everything. All you have to do is look around to see that this is already the case in many industries, massive billion dollar mega mergers continue to happen on a regular basis. America is being sold out in bulk wholesale, prostituting itself for the almighty profits, return on shareholder investments. In this batshit insane quest we have even been giving TAX BREAKS to our corporations to actually lay off U.S. employees and ship off their productions, offices, everything to other countries like China and India! DOH!!! One day we will wake up only to realize we no longer make anything. The words "made in America" meaningless. Who is to blame? Look no further than our financial Zionist "Overlords" who not only push industry in those directions, but also twist the arms of our government to push it as a great idea. China is now poised to surpass the U.S. in GNP! Who is responsible for that? Doh! the U.S.! Wait until the day comes when we finally have a massive confrontation with that COMMUNIST country, our best pal trading buddy, dictatorship China. What will we do? Ask them politely to manufacture all the things we need to fight them because we no longer make them here? Doh! Our beloved nation is on a speeding freight train headed for a major wreck and we got rid of the breaks to maximize profits! Meanwhile all the financial institutions, pundits, advisors, industry have been holding the gluttonous party of a lifetime. They have sold America out then toast to their fortunes at their altar called the stock exchanges. Where the almighty profits, above and beyond all reason and logic is king, where nothing is sacred other than to whip up the market into frenzied orgy of buying and selling, where ROI. Is the holy grail, screw the loyal employees, screw the economy, screw the environment, screw the country, and so forth. This nation was created under the premise of "for the people, by the people" but through the artfully manipulation of the Zionist-Masonic cartels it has long ago become a nation ruled by special interests, were the greedy pursuit of unending profits is paramount. We invade innocent lands, if their rulers refuse to obey our demands to "bring our form of "democracy" to them" (i.e.: our capitalism). What does Democracy really mean anyway? It means for them to open

their doors and allow all our multinational corporations to come in unhindered and do their thing, often just taking over many industries and resources point blank in exchange for trinkets and peanuts. Those nations who refuse are eventually labeled "enemies" then overthrown by CIA provocateurs who establish, organize and fund "local terrorists" (that often never existed in those countries prior to the CIA stepping in). Once the country is destroyed, a puppet leader is put in charge who lets our corporations come in any way to harvest all their natural resources, leaving them destitute. We flood their streets with our products, taking away or ruining any and all their profitable enterprises. Then we turn around and wonder why they hate us so around the world. I have tried to portray the "big picture". What I have found to be the fundamental keys to what ails our world. Are we truly "free"? What is freedom anyway? We know it's definitely not Communism, Socialism, Dictatorship, Fascism, etc. Even our own country was not originally set up as a Democracy. It was a Republic, I don't know what happened to our Republic, but it became a Democracy. Which so far, is the closest thing we have to a free society. There are unseen forces of Zion/Mason hiding in the midst of our once great "Democracy" that are actively working to destroy (whether knowingly or not) our great societies. Open your eyes and ears. See what is really happening around you. Don't be fooled any longer by those highly educated leaders, "experts" and talking heads on your TV screen feeding you their dose of what THEY want you to believe and how they want you to think. There is just one tool you will need to use to see through the smoke and mirrors, it is called: common sense & simple logic. Use your powers of rationalization. Go forth and connect the dots. Study all the pieces of the puzzles and put the pieces together. No matter what. The purpose of this report is to expose the corruption and crimes of the leading elite who run The Matrix. Our goal is to blow wide open every aspect of The Matrix. So that hopefully some day, this nation can get back to its original roots and begin to earnestly build a truly great society that can become the beacon of light for the rest of the world to follow. I only hope and pray that it's not too late. And if it is too late, at least you will understand the entire scope of WHY, WHO, WHERE and HOW it all happened while you are being flushed down the abyss.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that... I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."- Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

It is extremely difficult to exactly document and trace every secretive organization and the relationships they have with one another, their subsidiaries and their overall total influence on events because, first of all they operate in secrecy. The higher up the food chain your search leads you, the less information is available, the more facts become twisted with fiction and disinformation. The ties become more muddled in the secrecy. With so many seemingly different entities all suspect to the "illuminati" crown of leaders of leaders, it has been a bewildering research to say the least. The scope of their reach is international. They dwell and operate in all nations and have been around long before any of us were born. Thankfully, mankind has this problem with keeping their mouths shut. Some people eventually see the errors of what they are involved in, those very few brave ones come forward to tell the world what they know, thus revealing important keys to the ruling elite puzzle. How much power does Israel have over us? - Video I believe we have beyond any shadow of a doubt figured out the puzzle and "the capstone" of the pyramid. The absolute top of the ruling empires. Some researchers identify the ultimate rulers as

single entities that constitute the Illuminati (who really is the Illuminati anyway?). Some claim that they are the Jesuits in connection with the Black Pope and the Vatican, the Freemasons, a few brave souls dare claim it's the Zionists, some tell you it's the Royal Crown or even aliens from out of space (I won't even bother going down that avenue), some would tell you that they are individual families such as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Shiffs as well as many others. All of these leads are in fact true (umm, except for the little green men, sorry but that one is completely unsubstantiated). Each researcher takes you on a journey explaining how "that group" is the one pulling all the strings leading to complete global domination. You must also factor in the secret agencies themselves (CIA, Mi6, Mossad, etc). For it is them who flood the information highway with all sorts of bogus and ridiculous conspiracy theories in order to create chaos and mire the entire realm being studied in stupefying useless info. Thus making it relatively easy to ridicule and denounce any serious pursuers of truth. I urge you to research and follow the family trees of all the 19th century major elite rulers (hint, especially the Zionists and the several other leaders of industry at those times)... One thing is absolutely undeniable. Throughout the centuries there have existed different entities hell bent on getting themselves, their groups, people, race, society, nation to the top of the ruling elite. Overwhelming evidence shows that the ultimate goal has always been the same: absolute power, total domination. This common goal never changes, for you must understand there is a realm beyond what we can see with our eyes that has existed for eons. At the very core of this riddle is the religious matrix. Therefore to ignore this most central factor is to fly way off course in identifying what is truly happening around the world. The ultimate reality is the age old struggle of good vs. evil: God vs. Satan. This battle has been constantly played out on the personal, family, society, regional, national and world stages throughout all of history. Several centuries ago the Vatican (Catholic church) ruled most of the world. At one point England was the center of the universe. Royal families and emperors came and went. There was even a time when the known world was ruled by Viking empire, the Mongol empire, and so forth. Today the "center of the universe" has been located in the United States Inc, the real emperors of the current universe have studied history well and have learned to rule by proxy, thus making it extremely difficult for anyone to identify, let alone try and de-throne them. So what, do you think? God and Satan stopped their battles after the bible was written? And we have since then been living in some sort of twilight zone? What have they been up to since that last famous book was written? I am here to give you the Rosetta stone. All of known history has been a biblical battle right before everyone's eyes, yet very few people even realize that it's happening all around them. The people and nations, the "players" always change but the story is always the same: the elite, rulers running the show, trying their best to control all others (while the meek and humble honest citizens eat shit, suffer and die) and preying on the poor, evil rulers fighting amongst themselves for more, more, more in an insatiable lust for power and control. Conquer or be conquered. Divide or be divided. The empire that is on top of the pyramid at this point in time might be the good ole U.S. of A. Inc, but let it be known that it is ruled in proxy by outsiders...


Jesus once said "you are ALL of your father the devil"... wow... harsh and shocking words. This sentence bugged me for years. He has repeatedly indicated that this world is run by the devil. This is not only true, it is easily explained. Quite simply this has been accomplished by infiltrating the minds and thoughts of leaders. Just as Satan tempted Jesus on the mount and offered him everything he could see, so it has been with ALL of the filthy rich and world leaders, weather they realized it or not, they all at one point or another faced a similar situation where they were faced with and made a conscience decision to proceed on that path of temptation, their lust for wealth, power, fame having by default determined their affiliation. From that point forward, their actions where indirectly being coordinated and controlled by a greater common force. They CHANNEL the wishes of "their father" the devil in quest to achieve their dreams, their actions, whether they willing know of it or not are thus elementally those "of their father." Hence the reappearing reasoning amongst researchers coming up with the conclusion that there exists some ultra secret group coordinating the elites of the world towards world domination. The devil constantly tries to oppress man, he wants to make mankind suffer and his ultimate goal is total enslavement of mankind. Behold: for is it no wonder that this is also the exact same modus operandi of the New World Order elite, for they fulfill the desires of the one they worship... The assumption that there has always existed some sort of ultra powerful secret cabal that has existed for thousands of years might be a far off fantasy. Though this is true in many ways (the Jewish people have been pursuing their "promised lands" for centuries). But for, let's say a physical entity such as CFR, Bildeburgers, Illuminati or whomever to coordinate worldwide domination in all areas such as medicine, military, media, finance, etc throughout all of history is highly unlikely due to the fact that they just appeared on the world stage within our lifetime. But then again they sure do work very hard to accomplish just that! I hereby proclaim that the entity orchestrating all the separate sections of the Matrix is the devil himself. The devotees closest to his essence, are the ones who have become his perfect subjects such as occult Zionists, skull & bones, Masons and others who practice occult worship to him (whether or not they actually realize it, it is actually HIM the devil who they are worshiping). These people become ideal vessels for his spirit to thrive in, ideal channelers for his will to be carried out here on earth in real physical form. Not all the elite leaders from around the world are sinister evil psychotic people who sit in a dungeon when away from the public spotlight, looking for ways to plunge the planet into complete darkness. Some if not most, actually believe that they are righteous in their own minds. Therefore it is very important to understand that most people have no clue what spirits they are hosts to and are channeling in their daily lives. One common denominator among the ruling elite is that they have COMMON GOALS ( for instance, one of their common goals is "Globalization" aka: New World Order). Goals are often referred to as "the end results". That is where the saying "THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS" comes from. This saying is the KEY and right on target when trying to understand the logic and rational behind the ruling elite mentality. Most if not all their strategic decisions are based on achieving

their ultimate goals. Even knowing that their actions, policies and so forth, cause so much pain and suffering on the sheeple, this changes nothing in their hearts and minds, because "they know" the ends justify the means. What more higher justification than to believe that your mission in life is to fulfill the biblical prophesies of the ages and establish a world government, as has been promised to your people in the holy scriptures by none other than GOD! Behold: for now you can understand how the elite can easily blow off the masses and justify countless atrocities, all in the name of believing to do the will of their god... As much as I hate to believe that there is in fact one family that stands out as the one most powerful the world over, I have no choice but to admit that yes, one family does exist in several generations that has wielded immeasurable, enormous, absolute wealth and power. That family is none other than the Rothschilds. No research into the "illuminati" and ruling elite is complete, no matter what direction you investigate from, without all roads leading to or passing by the House of Rothschild. I really don't want to rehash the same ole, same ole research others have found definitive proof of, over and over again. So let me just sum up a couple key observations. First of all, it seems that the Rothschilds are THE "godfather" ultimate power family of the ruling elite. In 1815 they took over the central Bank of England. Since then, have amassed insane fortunes, no one has been able to quantify. That family literally owns most (or at least a significant portion) if not all the central banks in the world. Meyer Rothschild sent his 5 sons to different countries, with the power of unity each one succeeded in getting control of the financial world in each of their respective countries and beyond. The Rothschilds sent their representatives here to America, and after several tries, (along with several other elite families here in America, such as Morgan, Warburg, Schiff and Rockefellers) finally established a Rothschild controlled central bank herein called the Federal Reserve. The Rothschilds also took control of the Vatican's central bank in the 1800s. Just as every sovereignty that allowed these private bankers to control their capital found out, the side effect of controlling their finance world, they also became by default become the "masters" of the masters. If the Pope wants to go out and buy a gallon of milk, he must first check to see if he is allowed to by his master who controls his pocket book. Get it? So if the master in charge feels like it he can say "no, forget it, you are punished because you didn't do the homework assignment I gave you." Thus the true master behind the master can pull the strings in whatever direction he so wishes. And as many nations have found out, the moment you even think of trying to break that subservient debtor relationship with your ruling financial masters, financial ruin awaits your entire nation right around the corner, and if the breakup is severe enough, the master will make sure that nation WILL get invaded by another nation for one reason or another... that's how the shake down works on the world level. For each country, one by one becomes enslaved by DEBT just as individuals who are in hock up to their necks to a loan shark. While on the topic of loan sharks, I remember the time when it used to be ILLEGAL to charge obscene "loan shark" interest rates of 20% or more. Leave it to the ever creative and ingenious banksters to weasel their way around, legitimize loan sharking rates and put the black market

loan sharks OUT OF BUSINESS! Today no one so much as bats an eye lid at "normal" 29% credit card interest rates. Now that is unadulterated bad ass gangsterism, that's why we refer to them as the "banksters." Hollywood gangsters can't touch the bad assness of the financial world's cold calculating gangsters, the all powerful banksters. For these gangsters don't need getaway cars when they rob a bank, THEY OWN THEM and just (figuratively) slap you upside your face and boldly take the money out of your pocket! You even allow them to hold all your money and LEND IT BACK TO YOU AT INTEREST! You bow in deep respect as you regularly write them checks. Now THAT is bad ass banksterism. With that very rudimentary summary of the Rothschild and banking empire laid out. You must also understand that the ruling elite operate out of THREE main power centers on earth. Each of these function as their own sovereignty within a host nation. In Europe that sovereign nation is the City of London, often billed as "the wealthiest square mile on the planet." I won't even try to explain the convoluted details, but City of London is a private corporation and its own sovereignty within the country of England. The undisputed ruling entity in the City of London is none other than the House of Rothschild, who each year since 1820 have personally appointed the Lord Mayer of the city. The City of London is actually the central headquarters of the world elite, so please note the fact that it's not in America as some people believe. Get this, even the Queen of England has no jurisdiction there, she BOWS in the presence of the bankster ruling elite. But even though the City of London is its own sovereignty, England's entire military and infrastructure are at its service. Go figure just HOW they manage to make all kinds of deals like that. This next one is even harder to swallow: Washington DC, the District of Columbia is another private corporation, its own sovereignty. (let's see if I can get this right, don't feel like digging through tons of paper at the moment) Incorporated as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, whereas the country of America is called the United States of America. Whatever the case may be, the point is that when you dig deep enough and research this topic you will find that yes Washington DC is not only its own sovereignty, it took control of the rest of the country while it was at it. In the very same nature the way the City of London operates, so it is with the District of Columbia. The key here is THE LAW. If you don't have an advanced Ph.D. in Civil Law, Uniform Commercial Code and Admiralty Law, you would never understand diddly. To sum it up though, the LAWYERS are the snakes that created this beast that has taken over the original being that used to exist. Everything is hidden under legalese. Is it no wonder that the one most important prerequisite to obtaining public office is a LAW DEGREE? The devil is in the details, literally. Oh, and what entity took full control in designing and building the District of Columbia? The Freemasons. The Masonic order, who's highest level members practices the occult Jewish Kabalah. So Washington DC was a product of the Masons who are ultimately controlled by the Zionists. The third sovereignty is the State of the Vatican City. In this case there exists tons of information about this sovereign state, and it is all out in the open. What is not well known is that the Vatican lost ruling control after the Rothschild coup of taking control of their banking. Crypto Zionist Jews labored for years on end infiltrating the diocese. They also keep the Vatican under control with extortion and blackmail. Today the Vatican wields ZERO real world power, for over the

centuries they have foolishly discarded any type of divinity they might have had through colossal corruption and decay. The Zionists use the Vatican as an extended base when needed, otherwise the Zionists are happy just keeping the Vatican on ice, powerless in retribution for all the atrocities that the Vatican imposed on the Jews, way back when. There you have it, these are the "unholy trinity", the three power centers of the world elite. (I'm not sure, I have yet to check this lead, but I believe that if there is also an Asian power center in the making or made also) It is from these power centers that they run their new world order show. After studying the research of truth scholars in this area, the research often lead to not one, but THREE ultimate ruling factions: The Zionists/Mason vs. Vatican/Jesuit vs. Royalty. After several years of digging, I have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that today, only one is the true master and all others are subservient. 1. Zionists & their No.1 subsidiary, the Masonic Order: Who's motto is "Order Out of Chaos" (stop and truly digest the depth and breadth of that motto). First I would like to point out that all Jews are NOT Zionists. As a matter of fact many traditional Jews have deep seated hatred for the Zionist faction. There exists a massive Jewish movement against the Zionist cartel. Zionists are a cabal of wealthy elite powerful people and Jewish linage who believe that they are the "chosen nation" of God to rule the earth and have been working throughout centuries to accomplish their "God given mandate". The Zionists are the single entity responsible for getting the United Nations to approve the setup the illegal Zionist state of Israel. The Zionist faction has held massive power for eons due to it's amazing talents in the field of manipulating MONEY. At the head of virtually EVERY single major bank and or financial institution is a Zionist Jew owning, controlling and or running the show. Go ahead call me silly names and scream: "antiSemite"! Heap tons of curses on me and ridicule me because there exists NO BETTER RETALITATION. No one can refute the TRUTH. Do your own homework, use Google and Wikipedia, search the names of the people who founded and or running all the major finance organizations yourself. De Beers who have monopoly controlled the diamond markets like an iron fist= Jews. Federal Reserve chairmen? all= Jews. IMF= Jews, World Bank= Jews, Bank of International Settlements= Jews, etc., etc., etc. While you are at it, Google and Wikipedia the names of many key members running our country, intelligence and military... you will be surprised! The list is just mind boggling and undeniable. From the days of the Rothschilds, the Zionist Jews have developed an undisputed iron fist control of the worlds monetary system and all media. Lastly but not least, I would like to add the fact that: Any so called researcher that fails to acknowledge that the Zionist faction is THE (or at least central complicit) single most ruling entity of elite secretive powers is either a SHILL, a bogus plant (with the mission of spreading misinformation and laying false leads) or really has no clue what he is talking about, go back to the drawing board, dig deeper and re-analyze everything. You must never forget that the Zionists have multi-billion dollar information disinformation apparatus at work 24/7, complete with departments staffed with bury brigades and shills, who claim to be "truthers" who's main purpose is to lead people down the wrong path of information, away from the complicity of the Zionists.

The most inner core secret of the "illuminati" (or whatever you wish to call the "ruling elite" entities, the Zionists, top level Masons, Skull & Bones level fraternities, Bohemian Grove, related secret societies, etc., etc.), is the integral, all pervasive common denominator of practicing the occult arts, from the Kabalah all the way to direct Luciferian worship. You cannot just blow off the importance of this integral aspect inner secret workings of these people, for this reveals their true nature. For in their becoming "one" with their master by worshiping him and offering up sacrifices and all sorts of other rituals they become perfect channelers of those spirits they worship. They become perfect vessels for the evil spirits to dwell among them and act their wishes through them. Though I am only devoting just one paragraph to this most important topic, I will leave it at that, for there are literally dozens of books, videos and websites that delve into this most important aspect much better than I can try to cover here. Suffice to summarize that these people worship their god LUCIFER in one form or another, and his spirit dwells with them and guides their actions, thereby enabling an incredible unity with the will of the evil one's plans and wishes, we therefore witness the worldwide cohesive results of said union in action throughout the world as we look around and witness the sheer devastation and destruction trail they leave where ever they "conduct business", we see it in the form of pollution, famine, moral decay, corruption, war and destruction of the planet and so forth. Never, ever forget these words, for it is written: "know thy enemy", for we are either part of the problem or part of the solution... 2. The Vatican: On the other hand of the ruling spectrum we have the Vatican who are we summarize here in the Matrix Report as the Vatican (Roman Catholic Church), Jesuits and the Black Pope. Yet somehow Freemasonry kind of also falls under this category for many Masons claim to belong to one Christian denomination or other. Most Masons are lead to think that Freemasonry is aligned with the Church. The top 2 levels of Masonry are just a satanic occult Kabalah practicing division of the Zionist illuminati, but all the lower levels of Freemasonry have no clue, who the highest degree Masonic leaders are, that is why they refer to the leadership as "the Hidden Masters." The Catholic Church (Just like the Zionist Jews) has believed that God had chosen them to concur and rule the world. They tried to do just that for centuries, going forth to all corners of the earth "spreading the gospel", either peacefully or mostly by force they went forth in conquering in the name of God. One need look no further than your standard history books for proof. For the purpose of simplifying things in this web site, we will refer to this collective group of Catholics and Jesuits as "the Vatican." There is a vast network of secret organizations directly or indirectly connected to this faction. Others also purport to be from this faction but yet are actually more occult in nature and worship a different God. 3. The Old School Bloodlines: We can never discount nor ignore the "old school bloodlines", these are the royalty who have for centuries ruled the earth. Yes it is so, these have held empires as far as the eyes can see, they ruled for eons. But in today's 20th century, all has changed. Many researchers claim that the Royal Throne blood lines are still ruling... but I have serious reservations about this, but then again they may have a point. But not in today's reality. You No sane ruler would ever relinquish complete control of his wealth and finances to ANY other entity not fully under their control. PERIOD. For in doing so, you no longer have the resources to even rule. For he who has control of the RESOURCES, as in finances can rule the world. Not only that. The entire media industry is completely controlled NOT by the royal bloods, but by the

Zionist media barons. The royal house of England's wealth is firmly in the hands of the Zionist hands and they basically can do nothing without Zionist approval. What power does the British Royal Crown wield anyway? NONE. They have long ago been regulated to the status of mere WINDOW DRESSING. For they are only allowed to come out in public for photo ops... where leaders meet them and bow, take pictures and then scurry away to discuss REAL business in private WITHOUT anyone from ANY "royal crown" present. The same thing happened to many countries that had Kings and Emperors. Look at Japan for a perfect example, after WWII the "king" was "castrated" as in he was left with absolutely ZERO power and control, the "royal" family is only in place for nothing more than ceremonial theater. This is so for EVERY single so called "royal family" or "royal crown." Remember this whenever you see all the fanfare of world leaders meeting with famous actresses such as Queen Elizabeth... What we are witnessing in today's current era is an unprecedented, all out, world level coup d'état and control by the highly organized meglowealthy, media and financial Zionist Barons who have played the roles of servants for eons until the day would come when they would rise up and be able to become their master's master... one country at a time. In each carefully planned financial collapse the Zionists engineer, they CONSOLIDATE ever more wealth and power. This happened in the Great Depression, as in many smaller events crashes since. Today's engineered worldwide economic 9/11 you are witnessing is the greatest most amazing majestic granddaddy of them all, literally dwarfing the "Great Depression" in its sheer worldwide magnitude and gangsta "all the countries pumping the banksters with literally trillions of dollars" bad ass balls to the wall con. No, they did not "roll up on you" with guns blazing stealing your money... they sat back and cried "FIRE!!!!!!" and everyone just handed them truck loads of money.... Pure unadulterated genius gangsta robbery. I am not going to completely discount and dismiss this "Crown" piece of the puzzle. For some highly respected researchers have indeed traced the Royal Crown of England bloodline to... none other than Jewish origins. If this is so and they actively know so, then that would make the Royalty of England the biggest most secretive CRYPTO JEWS on earth. If this is true, my findings still stand as true, and doesn't change a thing, for we have identified the Zionist Jews as rulers from the "top of the pyramid." This also makes a lot of sense due to the fact that all the headquarters of all original true pure power players such as the House of Rothschild's are still in Europe and especially the Zionist sovereign City of London. This most disturbing fact also makes so much sense when you understand that it is the Zionists who's headquarters are in Europe and who now have their own country in Israel are the ones who have been engineering the colossal downfall of America, for when that happens, they will all be on the other side of the ocean ushering in a new age... while we will be left here in the smoking ruins, bickering amongst republican and democrats blaming each other... The Jesuits and many old school bloodlines still control many government and educational institutions. Some say the Jesuits have become powerful through the Catholic church itself. Some believe it is the Jesuits that are the secret rulers. I researched this path ad nauseam, but they can't be the ultimate elite ruling power of today for only the Zionist own and/or control ALL of finance and media, lock stock and barrel, along with many of today's most powerful corporations. The height of the Vatican/Jesuit power was hundreds of years ago, so much so was

their rule that they almost concurred the planet. Corruption and sin within the entire Vatican and Catholic church system became so entrenched and pervasive that it rotted the entire once formidable entity to its core. Allowing for its eventual decay and fall from power, thus enabling the Zionists to flourish, infiltrate and wrestle ultimate ruling control from these factions. The moment the Vatican so much so, that today the Zionists hold the Pope's balls in a vice grip. This massive world leadership power shift has all taken place within the last 200 years. The Zionists who had infiltrated the Vatican the Roman Catholic church after being forced to become crypto Jews, little by little got all the dirt on their Catholic oppressors, up until the point where they accumulated so much evil dirt on them that the Zionists were able to blackmail and extort their ways to power over the Vatican along with the fact that the Zionists simultaneously became their financial masters. Behold: For the "Illuminati" as many researchers refer to the ultimate ruling entity, is actually made up of a combination of "the cream of the crop" of ALL those separate entities! Therefore, even if you were to actually defeat the Zionist Beast, and completely destroy it, there would still remain the evil counterparts within the Vatican, Royal Crown, Jesuits and of course the Masons, that would come in to fill the ruling gap so fast that you would again be ruled by an oppressive entity as if the first beast were not slain to begin with. Think about it, for it was not that far in our history when the Catholic Church, then the Crown of England almost ruled the world. Today it is the Zionists who rule with an iron rod. The Zionist and the Jesuit/Masons. Members are groomed at places such as the Yale Skull & Bones "fraternity" (just to name one for the sake of keeping this simple). The problem with many researcher's data is that they try to single out or point to the wrong group as the head of the "illuminati", thus leaving the other group out of the mix. You must re-analyze all your data. I'm not here to do all your homework, I am here to expose the ultimate truth. Let there be no confusion: our current modern world is dominated by the Zionist Jew illuminati ruling elite, the entire illuminati network also encompasses the Masons and Vatican who serve the Zionists. How can we explain the nature of the two separate entities that have been vying for ultimate ruler ship? Pick up any bible, does not matter which one. No matter what bible you pick up, it will contain TWO major chapters: The Old Testament (the Hebrew scriptures) and The New Testament (representing Christianity). Behold, you now know the key why these two separate entities we are referring to as the Zionists and the Vatican are so intertwined. They share the "holy scriptures" as their main common denominator that has kept them bonded for centuries. The origin of the Zionist "manifesto" is derived from the Hebrew scriptures everyone refers to as the Old Testament and their Talmud. The origin of the Jesuit "manifesto" is derived from the New Testament, but they also hold dear and still study the Hebrew "manifesto" of the Old Testament, "their older brethren" so to speak. The one issue that the Jesuit/Mason/Vatican entity does NOT realize is that the Zionists do NOT accept the New Testament and they still claim that Jesus was just a BASTARD. All the while the Christians falsely believe that the Zionists are their comrades or elder brothers who they can trust, for they come from the still cherished Old Testament, when in reality the Zionists have just been strategically using the

Christian world for hundreds of years to get what they want like a den of vipers, wolves in sheep's clothing. Now look at the world around you for a moment. If you check to see who ultimately owns what and who ultimately controls this and that. You will consistently end up with those two factions! This is absolutely undeniable FACT. For instance, the realm of finance, investment and banking is overwhelmingly controlled by the Zionists, it is their undisputed realm. The mass media is also overwhelmingly controlled by them, this is irrefutable fact. On the other hand the vast majority of industrial nations institutions (government, education, etc) are controlled by the Masonic & Jesuit factions along with a mass majority of the multinational corporations. This is undeniable fact. Still, you must also realize that the one who rules over all other rulers today are the Zionists Jews, for it is written in the golden rule: "he who owns all the gold makes all the rules". The Zionists work with the Jesuit factions, and even allow the Jesuit factions to THINK they are running things, and allow many of them to run their organizations, but don't be fooled, the current masters are the Zionists. How powerful are the Zionists in our government? They ARE the movers and shakers here. Period. Even Joe Biden in the 2008 presidential election said "I am a Zionist, you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist", for Zionism is "an international political movement", therefore you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. This is why we witness non Jewish shills working among their midst, little do they know that they will always no matter what, still be inferior goyims, no matter what their political stature. "In 1962, Look Magazine invited founder of the Jewish state of Israel David Ben-Gurion to describe his vision of how the world will look like 25 years into the future. He predicted that World Government would already be in place by 1987, with the Supreme Court for Mankind (the higher ecclesiastic body) would be established in Jerusalem, along with a shrine there commemorating the Jewish role in bringing together of mankind. He was mistaken by only a few years. The world is not fully subdued yet, but it already knows its new master" How is it possible that a small group of elite can seamlessly control entire, nations, markets and corporations? Easy, money and power is the carrot. Some are directly or indirectly lured to pursue pre-defined agendas with financial incentives of some sort, lower interest rates, stock dealings, the number of financial instruments and possible scenarios are almost limitless, so I won't try to make believe I am some type of market guru and explain exactly how you can get country A to do your bidding on agenda X for example. But this is one of the main documented ways they go about it. But one of their major strategies of "owning" people, organizations and countries is through graciously offering a friendly helping hand called DEBT (trap). Get them indebted to their eyeballs and then later grab them by the balls! Therefore the super elite do not have to have direct control all corporations, governments and so forth. For the moment that anyone refuses to accept any given "suggested advice" or course of action, the financial strings can be pulled, maneuvered or called in such a way that they can even financially destroy any entity if they so chose. Bringing them to their knees and to the realization that they have no choice but to proceed with whatever agenda being posed before them. Debt as a form of blackmail and extortion.


Why do you think that America has been the number one allies of Israel? We single handedly are responsible for helping them establish the nation of Israel in 1948. Over the decades we gave away untold billions upon billions of dollars to help them build their Zionist nation of Israel. America alone has been most instrumental in helping them become the most advanced and highest military power in the middle east. To this day we have never stopped sending them money and arms, our (disclosed and claimed) annual "tithe" is currently a minimum of 3 billion dollars a year! Back to the common denominator issue. Christians and Jews believe that the current site of the Dome of the Rock is where the biblical ruins of the Temple of Solomon lays. What is a key pivotal ultimate goal of the Jews? None other than to rebuild their Temple of Solomon (where they are "destined" to rule mankind from). But wait a second! It is also a central belief of Christianity that prior to the second coming of Christ, that the Temple of Solomon MUST be rebuilt prior to his coming! Behold... for we have revealed to you the key of keys to understanding the core nucleus of past, current and future world events and conflicts. You must understand deep in your heart and mind how these secret organizations and people have been and are working endlessly to fulfill what they believe to be their God given mission in life to settle the Land of Canaan and rebuild the temple... once those goals are met, they believe they have god's full blessing, authority and commandment to rule THE WORLD... Behold, for the endgame is integral on securing this crucial piece of real-estate:


Enter the great dilemma: Hey, but wait a second there. The location of the ancient ruins of the Temple of Solomon is in Muslim territory. The Muslims built one of their most sacred Shrines on the very same site! The Jews can't just waltz in there and take it back. The militarized Muslim countries would rise up so fast in a colossal revolt that it would lead to untold bloodshed and possible catastrophic outcomes. There has to be a way to steal the land of the dome of the rock... Now take a ride back in time, say the last 6 decades and review all the events in the middle east along with the Zionist/Masons/Jesuits and Americas involvement. With this new outlook and frame of mind, all the turmoil, feuds, wars, our foreign policy choices takes on new meaning. The Mossad and the CIA have been very busy in those Muslim countries for decades sowing dissent and ORANIZING TERRORIST NETWORKS to hasten the downfall of those regimes. This is irrefutable: FACT. It is well documented and even the CIA has confessed to some of its roles in this. No one other than the CIA/Mossad knows the true extent of its works in setting up, organizing and funding those terrorist networks. Did you know that Osama Bin Laden was also a paid CIA operative at one point in the middle east? CNN, FOX, ABC will never tell you this! Interesting! FYI: The Muslims loved America at one point, up until we betrayed them and started overthrowing their leaders and plundering their lands. FYI: The CIA is in a tri-joint venture with the Mi6 and Mossad who invented, funded and runs "al-CIAda"!!! The day that YOU truly realize this little piece of TRUTH along with the profound depth of this statement, your heart will sink, you will want to cry and shed tears for your country. Fast forward to that sinister day of reckoning: 9/11. The infamous day of the largest collection of coincidences all occurring on the same day of massively ludicrous government incompetence in the entire history of the United States and mankind. Somehow we are to believe that a group of Al-CIAda "terrorists" came from a far away land working out of CAVES in mountains with box cutters in hand, delivered the biggest strategic blow in the history of the United States. All the while the most advanced military and intelligence community on the planet not only did not have a clue, (despite the many documented warnings it received) but were so dim-witted that day that they just sat back and watched it all happen while scratching their heads? Never once scrambling a single fighter jet to intercept just one of 4 "hijacked" planes as per protocol as has been done successfully dozens of times in the past. Oh wait, it gets better: Even though they had no clue about this attack, the pentagon was busy holding about 7 training exercises that very same day simulating terrorist attacks with jet planes! DOH! In the very same vicinity! DOH! By pure coincidence, golly gee whiz, FEMA arrived prepared for duty the day earlier! (I could go on and on, in order not to stray too far from the main subject I will stop here and continue this 9/11 piece with a separate article). After all is said and done, behold: The nation and the world stares in awe. Just dozens of minutes after the attack, it is mysteriously confirmed: The evil Muslims did it! Al-CIAda TERRORISTS! Behold: the boogiemen cometh! 20 minutes after the "attack": Here are their pictures, biographies of each hijacker, etc. Let's get them! Americans were quickly stirred into a frenzied rage, demanding revenge, Americans wanted to see blood spilled everywhere, and were ready for

ANY story that was told to them. How convenient. The off the shelf Operation Northwoods/Reichstag Fire playbook BlackOps mastermind false flag strategy strikes again. The world fell for it hook, line and sinker with the help of the Zionist media all singing the same tune playing up the ridiculous 911 hoax propaganda over and over again forever burning it into everyone's minds, hearts and soul. The rest is now history, so we bombed Afghanistan back into the stone age, (propped up a puppet regime and finished that oil pipeline the Afghanis said we would never have then got them to resume massive heroin production the Taliban had put a virtual end to) the president uses the peoples rage to justify invading Iraq also, even though Sadam had absolutely nothing to do with 911 or Osama or Al-CIAda. He had no weapons of mass destruction. He had already long ago gotten rid of all the WMD's that AMERICA sold him!!! That brings us up to this current time, now our dear loving president in his "quest to protect us" from those evil boogiemen is feverishly plotting to level Iran, Syria and eventually even Pakistan, because these are the new "terrorist manufacturing machine". One by one they plot on taking out all the "evil" Muslim countries... count on it. The added bait for invading the Muslim world aside from weakening their power so that one day they relinquish The Mount, are the spoils of war, i.e. our lust for black gold: OIL. Therefore the bombing of all Muslim countries back into the stone age is an integral strategy of not only eventually getting the Temple Mount and all surrounding lands for Zionist Israel, but to also reap the vast reservoirs of Oil for our energy cartel as the reward for the western nations "pulling the triggers". The puppet government we propped up in Iraq has already signed over the majority of rights in its oil production to western energy corporations. This is what Bush meant when he said "mission accomplished", soon afterwards Exxon, Mobil and all others would post unheard of ridiculous multibillion dollar profits year after year. So the ultimate goal for the Zionists is to retake possession of the Temple Mount then rebuilding their Temple of Solomon at that site. This goal also coincides with the goals of Vatican. It is also interesting that the Freemasons are the ones looking forward to doing the actual building of the Temple. Plans have been on many drawing boards for years, just waiting for the time when the Temple can be taken back, they are just waiting and ready to start construction. Once the new Solomon's Temple is complete the Zionists with the help of occultist Jesuit/Masonic branch has hidden plans to prop up one of their own in the Temple and crown him as supreme leader of all mankind. Possibly a crypto Jew Pope? As farfetched as all this may sound. This is the actual results of years of digging by many credible researchers.. We do not wish to keep rehashing the same very well done research, so we suggest to those interested that you visit some of the links we provide for more in depth documentation, or just use and then begin your own research into any topic we speak of. For instance it has been very convincingly shown that the Zionist were not only the key instigators of World Wars I and II, they also stood the most to gain. For instance I will point out just one item out of many. The holocaust, ok, I won't deny it happened. It DID happen. But with some glaring erroneous exaggerated figures, and topped

off with the fact that thousands upon thousands if not "millions upon millions" (utilizing Zionist mathematic principles) of CHRISTIANS were ALSO slaughtered and thrown into the concentration camps, yet we rarely if ever hear about that! How many Christians and other non Jews died? Better yet, how many of those people were counted as Jews?! Yes the holocaust happened alright, the main issue that needs to be confronted once and for all is the ACTUAL unadulterated NUMBER OF JEWS THAT DIED there. Like I have been saying: Google search ANYTHING I say. Actual Red Cross records tell a totally different story! Then there are census figures that completely contradict the controversial figure of "6 million Jews" in all of Germany. Right now I would of been attacked by and sued by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) just for stating that! Is it any wonder why some very credible sources claim that the ADL is nothing more than just a department within Mossad. In some places holocaust denial is a punishable crime, the vile, sinister, evil, blasphemous perpetrators are routinely imprisoned for telling the truth! LOL What a scam. Recently the Zionists swarmed all over the Vatican and DEMANDED the Pope to BOW to his masters, and apologize to the world for truthful "anti-Semitic" remarks by one of his people. The Pope faithfully stuck his thumb way up his ass and proclaimed to the world that "Holocaust denial is a CRIME AGAINST GOD." Folks, I don't make this stuff up. While on the other hand Israelis have the right to ridicule all of Christianity without so much as a whimper from the spineless clergy. How did the Zionist Jews prosper from the "holocaust"? So many ways I can't count. For starters 6 million was a massively inflated number, according to official census data there weren't even 6 million Jews in all of Europe at that time! so how in the world can they look at us in the eye a make this shit up? And have everyone acknowledge it all as fact? Truth be told: their power, control and influence in all mass media proves how they shape public and official opinion and perception of history. Billions of dollars in reparations to the few connected Jews. Perhaps the most advantageous benefit of the holocaust was in the Jews making the "event" an "untouchable" unspeakable crime for anyone to say ANYTHING negative about the Jews. Out of this came evil "anti-Semites" & the "holocaust deniers", many of the Jewish labels they flash stamp opponents with as soon as an adversary gets close. The Jews carefully molded and nurtured an IMAGE of a "poor helpless persecuted people" that NO ONE has the right to question or deny them in any way shape or form. So much so, that today it is almost TABOO to stand up to any Jewish person! no matter what the issue at hand may be!!!! You lose, you ANTI-SEMITE!!! Now cease and desist or we will sue you, ridicule you, destroy and slander your name! This offensive counter tactic is pure genius if you really think about it. For no matter how TRUE the TRUTH anyone has to deliver, if the truth is negative to Jews, their agendas or anything to that has to do with them, it is then labeled as anti-Semitic, therefore your truth is null and void! LOL! Doh!!! Why don't I feel any pity for this particular group of people? I smell a wolf in poor persecuted sheep's clothing. (note to Zionist scum: Behold you know I speak the truth, yet you cannot bring me down for I am the ghost known as Houdini, fear my sword of truth for it shreds your well thought out plans to bits biatch!).

Ok, there you go, my summary of a large segment of the Jewish movement in a nutshell. Still you have to understand that many Jews hate the Zionists. You must definitely research this on your own to understand it further. You must understand that the neo-nazi Zionists have no problems sacrificing untold numbers of their own people, innocent non-Zionist Jews in order to achieve their goals of world domination. When Christ appeared on the scene the Jews denied him then murdered him. They paid the price years down the road. Once the Catholic church, the Vatican became the most powerful entity on the planet all the Jews were forced to "convert or die". Many Jews became catholic only outwardly (called crypto Jews), many forced to take on non-Jewish names, secretly holding onto their original Jew faiths and beliefs. THIS is the core of how the Zionists succeeded in infiltrating many of the Masonic orders and Christianity to this very day... Today the Masons may believe that they still hold the superior hand but in reality the Zionists have been in control and steer agendas as they wish. Yes they deal with the still very powerful Jesuit entities by skillfully allowing them to believe that they are still in control. They also control them directly by financial bullying, for they had taken over their finances long, long ago. Gone are the days of the almighty powerful Vatican. The smoking gun evidence that the ruling elders in the Masonic world are ruled by the Zionists is in the writings of one of the Mason's most revered high priests: Albert Pike and his famous "Morals and Dogma" book. In the 32° level 'the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret', you will see the infusion of Jewish doctrines and rites. The practice of the Kabala is one of the 'secrets' integral to the practice of high level Masonry. Pike speaks at length of many Jewish traditions and teachings and their relationship to Masonry. Lower levels in the Freemason organization chart might be clueless, as often is the case. For all infamous secret organizations and agencies have a secret agency within the secret agency. Let it be perfectly understood and clear to all: the Masonic order is and has been a Zionist Jew instrument organization for the longest period of time unknown. Centuries ago the Vatican was so corrupted that many new Christian movements and churches sprouted out everywhere. Today all that is left of the Vatican / Catholic church is a hollowed out carcass of spiritually decaying matter where hundreds of priests swim in the lust of having sex with little boys the elders either accept it or turn a blind eye, where in every single case out of hundreds that came forward they covered up the sins. They have long forgotten their roots, the sanctity and teachings of Jesus was discarded centuries ago, for the Catholics only pray to and worship Mary, "Hail Mary MOTHER of God..." (Jesus specifically stated "no one goes to the father only through me" and God forbids us to worship anyone other than him) They bow to and worship idols, statues, images of the virgin Mary and "saints", hence their severe decline. How could anyone be so foolish to actually bow down in prayer to a statue of Mary, yet at the same time deny that they are worshiping her? Doh! Some statues of Mary the church leaders bow to actually has her wearing a crown! And what's with that upside down cross on the pope's throne all about? Yet outwardly and materialistically, many of the worlds powers are still attached to the roots of this defunct Catholic church. Even though the church is irrelevant and powerless in today's world, it is still viewed by many as the major "Christian" church. Many have no clue that the Vatican/Catholism was spiritually BANKRUPT centuries ago. No matter what, the many

institutions established under the guidance or blessing of the Vatican remained and continued forward in history. Many of which also degraded over time. The worst have turned to the occultist practices, such as some of the secret societies that claim to be of the Roman Catholic heritage, like the Masons for example. Many pray to the "light of Lucifer." Doh! Hence, it is not so difficult to see how the distorted goals of world domination have come to be. All the nations intelligence agencies are staffed with a large majority of agents from the secret Zionist/Mason/Jesuit societies in key positions. Those are the ones that have the ultimate power within the intelligence agencies such as the CIA, Mossad, Mi5 etc., they in fact consist of a secret agencies within the agencies. Of course the president of the United States installs whoever he wants to head the CIA for instance, but that person is in reality nothing more than a glorified public relations officer. The true movers and shakers within the agency are never scrutinized nor seen by the light of day. Keep in mind the fact that all intelligence agencies have basically been founded and operated by the secret societies membership, that's who really runs them. The CIA's budget alone is larger than that of many industrial nations. To get an idea of the size and reach of the CIA, compare it to IBM. The CIA receives an "official" budget, what is it? something like 30 billion dollars a year? Only a small fraction of what it takes to run that monstrosity. That is why the CIA have become the world's foremost illegal drug suppliers. They bring in untold billions upon billions of dollars yearly of undocumented drug money to fuel all their clandestine operations. Remember "Iran/Contra"? Those were the early days of the CIA first getting into drug dealing. The CIA would soon realize that they could reap the billions of dollars in un-disclosed income by taking over the entire drug trade. The war against the Medallion cartel was in reality a rival gang war by the CIA for control of the biggest drug operation in the world. As we all know, the Medallion cartel lost, and the CIA has since been the ruling drug czar. Of course every now and then they feed the competition, little guys, not from their drug running network to the DEA wolves, as to keep the appearance that the bogus "war on drugs" is working. Every now and then the CIA crashes a plane full of dope, then off they go into massive cover-up mode. After WWII ended America immediately imported all of the top German scientists and German secret intelligence agents under Operation Paperclip. This is very well documented fact. But common sense would dictate that there would be no way on earth we could TRUST our sworn enemies that were involved in the deepest part of the belly of the beast to just "presto, tag, I'm on your side now", and immediately be given high level security clearances to all sorts of top secret matters we can only imagine from the outside. Thousands of sworn "to the death" enemies of America were, in what outwardly seems like a totally insane act, were given cart blanch entry into our country and employment deep within all levels of our government! Background check? Hello, these guys vowed to infiltrated and destroy our country, hello? The overall impact of their SUBVERSIVE acts throughout our nation since the time they were given citizenship, employment and housing will probably never be totally comprehended nor totally understood. But THE POINT that I want you to fully understand is the fact that there HAD to of existed some sort of trust connection deep within both over our governments for there to even be a glimmer of the idea of just TRUSTING and bringing thousands of our "supposedly lethal enemies without so much as concern.

But, ah, yes there were lots of communications and friends working with the Nazis throughout the war. IBM and a few other big companies were busy supplying Hitler with the materials he needed to wage war AGAINST US!!!! Zionist Jew Banks were busy financing Hitler while he was supposedly "annihilating" their Jew brethren!! (These are but only two examples out of a multitude) Now I don't know about you, but that whole war seems weird and reeks of special interest manipulation on all fronts. And don't forget that war was pivotal and central to obtaining the sanctified orders for the Zionists to invade and take over Palestine. This is where the clues begin to flow in. I will cut to the chase and just state the facts as they are. Deep within the intelligence communities of many countries is exists powerful agents, card carrying Zionist and Masonic blood brothers, who transcend national boundaries, they are all "familia." The REAL Cosa Nostra. This is how and why our CIA recruited all the German intelligence agents as if nothing happened. Likewise, even the CIA and Mossad and Mi6 have massive joint working relations. Who do they ultimately hold true allegiance to? Obviously not to Amerika, for their ultimate loyalty is to none other than their Luciferian cabals. Behold: for I hereby proclaim that the ashkeNAZI invasion of America never ended. They quietly integrated throughout our nation, quietly practicing the art of subversion, took up roots from sea to shining sea. Today they German Zionist illuminati rules this country. There is one branch of the illuminati that we find particularly interesting. The German Bavarian Illuminati, for many paths end up there. In 1832 a member of the above mentioned chapter, General William H. Russell established the infamous Skull & Bones "fraternity" at Yale University. Of all the high level leaders that came out of those dark halls of that "fraternity", the one we find most intriguing is the Bush family. Prescott Bush and both his sons presidents GW Bush and G. Bush are all known members of Skull & Bones. One enterprising researcher tracked Prescott Bush's linage to his dad who immigrated from none other than: Germany. Ok. interesting you say? (By the way, there are no records that show who were Jewish or not when they migrated to America for many German Jews took on German names and covered up the fact that they were Jewish, so we are forced to take their word as to their lineage). Oh no, it gets better. It has been recently revealed the ole Prescott, through Union Bank had many ties to money laundering with ashkeNAZI Germany in WWII. As if that were not enough, Prescott Bush's group asked Butler to lead 500,000 veterans in a take-over of Washington and the White House! This coup d'état failed none the less, and good ole Prescott gets away without even a slap on the wrist! Hello!!! An failed attempted coup on our nation! Fast forward to the time of JFK's assassination GW Bush had a company called Zapata and what would you know? At that very time the CIA was conducting a top secret operation code named "Zapata". Hmmm, interesting. Some sources place GW Bush at Delay Square the day JFK was killed. To top it off there is a confirmed memo publish by FBI director Hover reporting to none other than George Bush regarding the JFK assassination. To this day George denies he was ever in the CIA. Yet years later out of the blue he is, out of thin air, crowned the Director of the CIA! DOH! Interestingly enough years later GW Bush becomes the vice president, and guess what happens? President Reagan becomes a victim of an assignation attempt. Who did it? none other than the son of a close friend of Vice President Bush! Wow. The guy was diagnosed as mentally ill.

Possible CIA MK Ultra mind control? He has been found to have all the symptoms of having been brain fucked. The Reagan assassination attempt failed so GW Bush had to wait a few years later to become the President of the U.S. the old fashion way. Even more interesting is the fact that he was very active in promoting something called The New World Order... (This is well documented and there are plenty of videos on YouTube of him talking about this). Hey, who are those people working in his administration? Rumsfeld & Cheney the same guys who would later go on to become pivotal accomplices in Bush Jr's administration. Interesting. Oh, it gets better. Years later his son GW Bush becomes president via some very strange massive irregularities at many polling locations. Bam! A successful coup d'état baby! He stole that election with the help of his dads connections in the CIA and his brother (along with his mob) delivering Florida, then his buddies in the republican controlled justice dept made it official. He then went straight forward with is grandpa's and his dad's dreams of a new world order, gutting out Amerika like no other president in the history of this nation ever has. He engineered 911 with the help of his dads CIA spook network and proceeded to invade basically defenseless countries, he went on to steal the election yet again in 2004 with the help of his Diebold buddies in Ohio. Here we are now standing with several false flag ops waiting in the background, also watching our nation being plundered by the world banksters guided under Bush as they rape TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars from the government piggy bank, gorging themselves as our nation is spinning completely out of financial control headed straight to the abyss. At the moment this draft was being written, we were waiting for Bush to bomb Iran into the stone age. Not a day goes by that we hope and pray that this lunatic of a president will just have some sort of brain seizure and completely forget and stop attacking every country Israel and the Oil companies feel like. It is a long road to January 2009, Obama seems to be compiling a traditional good ole boys, business as usual team that will in all likely hood just pick up right where the Bush crime syndicate left off. The Bush Administration should go down in history as the single most self destructive blatantly private agenda driven presidency ever. This administration at times seems hell bent on completely destroying the United States of America. What has become blazingly clear is the fact that the Elite Rulers are going all out, making their desperate moves for the grand prizes, fuck America, screw the citizens, sacrifice the environment, Israel is to eventually emerge as the new world leader at some point or another. The Elite rulers could care less how many people die along the way, actually they hope millions and even billions of people die! They actually WANT billions of people to die. This will solve what they view as the problem of far too many people on this planet. "The ethnic cleansing of Palestine is as much America's crusade as Israel's. On 16 August, the Bush administration announced an unprecedented $30 Billion military "aid package" (while he vetoes healthcare for poor children here in his own country! Doh!) for Israel, the world's fourth biggest military power, an air power greater than Britain, a nuclear power greater than France. No other country on earth enjoys such immunity, allowing it to act without sanction, as Israel.

No other country has such record of lawlessness: not one of the world's tyrannies comes close. International treaties, such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, ratified by Iran, are ignored by Israel. There is nothing like it in UN history." The breaches of U.N. resolutions by Israel is bar none. Israel has managed to rack up more breaches of security breaches than any other country on the planet! Even to the point of U.N. general assembly stating that Israeli breaches of Geneva Convention constitute 'war crimes'. Hello folks! Wake up time! The Zionist Jews have been going all out in their efforts to consolidate their world power. You have the Zionist/Vatican rulers cleverly hacking out strategies for taking over the entire middle east... (Zionists can have the land, the western corporations take the oil) they dream of one day expanding to become the massive apartheid nation of Israel. For they will never be satisfied with that little piece of land that was unlawfully GIVEN to them back in 1948. No, not enough, they want Gaza, they want all of Palestine, Lebanon, they want the Temple Mount, and all the land as far as the eyes can see and beyond as theirs. For in their minds and hearts they believe their god promised them all this and they are to rule over this world for it is written in their most holy scriptures.. The Muslim nations are just thorns on their sides. Low life form creatures, they must all die and surrender their lands to the Zionists. Revelations: Chapter2 v9: "I know your works, tribulations and poverty (but you are rich). And I know the blasphemy of those which SAY they ARE ISRAEL but they are NOT, they are the synagogue of Satan". Behold: the bible warned us of the Zionists long ago.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" - J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director 1956 "By way of DECEPTION, thou shalt do war." - Zionist Mossad's official motto

I will waste no time in first and foremost stating several intensely important facts about the secret agencies of this country and the world. First of all: the CIA, Mossad, Mi6 are a "trinity" who's inner core work as, and are literally ONE agency. All of these agencies have "a secret agency within the agency" they work together on many, many projects, yet you would never know it. Secondly: our CIA was founded, organized and put together by elite ZIONISTS. Thirdly: When Nazi Germany was "defeated" ALL OF THEIR ashkeNAZI SPIES where transferred to work here in Amerika's CIA!!! This is not a figment of my imagination, these are facts. We have had Nazi spies working in our CIA since the war ended (Google it if you dare doubt it). With that said and done, lets never forget that the Nazis and Russians were mortal enemies who vowed "to destroy America from within"....... I am at odds on this topic. How can we humanly possibly convey the extreme seriousness, the insanely dangerousness, outright evilness of the secret agencies such as, and especially the CIA and Mossad? Words cannot describe this abomination of an organization. They exist purely as entities who's ONLY mission is to destroy peoples and nations. Assassination, coups, mind rape and torture are just a couple of their highly developed specialties. These are the world's foremost masters of deceit. The CIA IS THE AGENCY THAT KILLED ONE OF OUR OWN PRESIDENTS! Think about that, let it digest in your mind and heart. JFK signed his own death warrant when he proclaimed to the world that he was going to disband the CIA and

"scatter the CIA to the four winds.". The CIA has no soul, it has no heart, it is a cold calculating murderous organization. Just a tool of the Zionist/Mason ruling elite who run it at the core inner level. Of all the worldwide intelligence agencies, the single most silent, mysterious and probably the most sinisterly dangerous of them all, is hands down, the Israeli Mossad. Tons of information and leaks have been exposed about our CIA, the Mossad on the other hand seems like an enigma. Not much documentation on the Mossad exists, but there are three areas of specialty were they shine like the brightest stars: 1) Assassinations and hits, these guys take the cake in sheer numbers, tenacity, and cold hearted calculated murderous mayhem. 2) By far, these spooks are THE masters of deceit and infiltration of all intelligence agencies, as they have penetrated and reside within every corner their strategic interests lay. There are more Mossad agents posing as "militant extremist terrorists" than anyone would ever believe.... They operate under all sorts of creative official cover stories. 3) Then there are the card carrying Mossad agents who hold high public office in many foreign countries. Here within our government they are not only pulling a salary from Uncle Sam, they are also silently pulling out all our intelligence (who were the most notorious spies to have ever been caught in our country the past several decades? Jews!) while also steadfastly, ever so deviously steering policy decisions according to Zionist Israel's interests' direction.
"Mossad" means "by way of deception" in Hebrew

The Zionist state of Israel who looks America in the eyes and lies to us claiming they are our allies, when in reality they have been operating the LARGEST spy network against us for decades right here in our back yard. They have been caught red handed so many times, I won't even bother trying to catalog their long rap sheet. For sake of providing you the reader with a glimpse of their operations I must come up with a couple examples. A quick search in google and I found: "US arrests 200 young Israelis in spying investigation." Here is a more recent one: "Israeli Diplomat, Spy Suspect Met." Here is an even more recent one: "AIPAC espionage case becomes US trouble." What? You didn't get the memo? Your friendly neighborhood 800lb lobbyist gorilla in the room is also a functioning spy agency. Oh here is an even better one with lots of links and sources: "The Israeli Spy Ring." Ummm.... For the past, what? Decade we

haven't heard not even a peep of spying from old foes such as Russia or China... It turns out that only the Israeli Jews are the NUMBER ONE people spying on us... go figure... need me to spell it all out for you? I hope by the end of this report you will figure it out, if not, just go back to grazing in the fields and watching Dancing With the Stars and pay me no mind. I recently ran across an extremely informative article documenting the massive Israeli spying operations on America. I find it so revealing and the information so crucial that instead of providing a mere link, I included it here in this report in the Addendum section. To get a mere GLIMPS into the extent of Israeli spying network being conducted against our nation just go to chapter in the addendum section titled: "ISRAELI SPYING IN THE UNITED STATES" on page 467.

The 1960s was the CIA's "coming out party" they went rampant changing the entire landscape of the United States though assassination. JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X, all assassinated by the CIA (in some cases the hand of the CIA is not so easily evident). The Assassinations were just part of an entire strategic house cleaning campaign. As with all CIA assassination jobs, there was the preparation, recruiting and grooming of ideal target individuals into the CIA just to prepare them for their DISPOSABLE special "secret agent" roles they would have no actual clue about. One day each of them would be called for a "standard or special drill" or "exercise", unbeknownst to them that they would actually be playing the very real part of the official "patsy". Then there is the actual execution, with several key players each doing their assigned roles. The clean up, were disposable agents get wacked, less mouths to worry about spilling the beans. Actually some BlackOps have entire squads wiped out, where eventually no one who participated in the original assignment remains alive. Then comes the fun part, the PsyOp portion where the CIA utilizes its massive news and information network to brain fuck the entire world. "stare into your TV screen, you will believe what we want you to believe, you will then go along your merry way". Under the guise of "national security", they clean up the messes and cover-up whole fiascos, officially relegating the entire events into the annuls of folklore. Nothing to see here, we got the bad guy, story over and done with, have a nice day. All who dare challenge the official story are immediately mocked and labeled tin-foil hat nut job. Those who get to close or know too much have "accidents".

Folks, the truth of the matter is that the CIA (and its two other counterparts on the other side of the ocean) is absolutely the most dangerous entity on the planet. They have spent decades researching mind control, how to get people to do their bidding, how to manipulate thought and perception, both on the individual level and on massive large scale population. The extent and findings of their research will never be fully known to us in the general public. The extent of their use of mind control on humans will probably never be known also. The horror stories abound. Countless of writings can be found of the many disturbing claims of the CIA's mind control programs. Their ultimate goal has been to brainwash the perfect assassins and the creation of easily controlled puppets. They know how to mind rape people, and turn adversaries into vegetables. Only God knows how many people being housed in mental facilities were victims of their mind control experimental programs. One historian says, of the war on terror, "the CIA didn't just bring back the old psychological techniques - THEY PERFECTED THEM." Lone gunmen, plane crashes, coup d'états, assassinations, establishing regional dissent and terrorist squads are their specialties. CIA invented them, taught them, and perfected them. All the nations secret agencies have one common denominator. These are the ONLY entities on the planet that are truly above the law. They can do ANYTHING they want and get away with it, no matter how illegal, immoral, satanic, it may be. Then when confronted on any given despicable act or event, they pull out the secret code words: "It's a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY" standard "the issue is classified Top Secret", can't touch this! Doh! Not even the president, CONgress or the supreme court can look into or question their activities! They are so dangerously above the law that it is ridiculous. When the "illuminati" organized, founded and ran the CIA, Mossad and Mi6, they knew they had invented the perfect extension to their secret society, the perfect cover. They have been embedded so deep in our governments now that getting rid of this tumor called CIA is unthinkable if even possible at all There are several things one MUST understand about the CIA. First of all, the CIA is the intelligence arm of the military. The CIA and the PentaCON are part of the same organization. How can an evil entity that is so intertwined in our national defense system be rooted out, reformed and abolished? The CIA is like a cancer deeply imbedded in the brain of American government and military. There are no easy answers. For you must consider a dilemma, even if this corrupt and complicit government were to one day ever acknowledge the evilness of the CIA. The dismantling of this entity would pose very difficult endeavor. Some new type of intelligence agency would have to be established first, one that would be accountable to some sort of non biased control group who would also have to be accountable to the government and the citizens of this country. Then the actions of the new agency must be limited to just intelligence gathering for the sake of national defense. And in no way shape or form must they ever conduct the insane clandestine missions of deceit, murder, overthrowing of innocent governments, and the other multitude of unethical activities. The fact that the CIA in reality answerers to no one, completely shrouded in secrecy is also the same fact that has enabled this agency to remain completely corrupted and controlled by sinister secret cabal.


Terrorism in the form we have come to know it as today never existed prior to the CIA. Terrorism was created by the CIA! as a tool to overthrow governments. This is an absolute completely irrefutable FACT. It has been well researched, documented, and proven. Open and shut case. Can you possibly understand the implications of that statement? The CIA/Mossad was the one to begin all the terrorist activities in the middle east! They are solely responsible for establishing of regional terrorist squads, training them in the ways of terrorism and funding them with millions upon millions of your tax dollars along with the untold millions they make with their drug running BlackOps. Osama Bin Laden is a known "ex" CIA agent! It is also documented that the CIA visited him just months prior to 911 when Bin Laden was in a hospital. So when we hear news of this or that "terrorist" attack, you must ask yourself and wonder, ok, how much did the CIA have to do with it... You can never take any report, news story, press release or history at face value. All the information circulated for general public consumption is tainted to portray whatever inside hidden agenda the ruling elite wants to portray and have you believe. This fact must be fully understood. The masterminds behind Al-Qaida is = AlCIAda!

Terrorism aka: Al-CIAda-ism/Mossadism has been ingeniously founded, funded, fomented, organized, implemented, instigated, fueled, provoked, stimulated, encouraged, incited by your loving and caring CIA and their Mossad brethren. FALSEFLAG operations are routinely carried out all over the world. BLOWBACK from those operations are actually sometimes factored in. As in their engineered "terrorist attacks", they KNOW that blowback will certainly happen as they, the CIA/Mossad masquerading as terrorists, kill thousands of innocent people, and their grief stricken kin and loved ones rise up against the perceived perpetrators. Thus "presto" now they have real live people who are out for revenge that they can label "terrorists." There you have it, they are able to create "terrorists" where none existed before. Operation successful, now on to the next chaos formation scheme... The truth and peace movement will NEVER get anywhere, ever, until the one day this agency of deceit is fully exposed then abolished. Many well wishing people are out there working tirelessly to expose the world's biggest fraud: the CIA/Mossad engineered attacks on the World Trade Center on 911. I hate having to be pessimistic. First of all you must understand that it was a CIA/Pentagon Black Ops Covert Operation, for no one else had the control of many key factors, knowledge, access and resources to have possibly perpetrated that insidious betrayal of America and then followed it up with the carefully orchestrated the massive cover up the ensued within our government. Second of all is the fact that they will NEVER confess to this and will continue

to counter any efforts for any type of real investigation into the matter. So much so, that the whole 911 has already been buried just they did the JFK assassination. We all know, 44 years have now passed and people are STILL wasting their time trying to get to the bottom of it of the JFK assassination. Mark my words, so it is: exactly to the letter, same will always be for the 911 CIA Black Ops operation, you will NEVER, ever get the truth from them. You will forever have to accept the hard work and research of hundreds who have devoted their time to uncovering the crime of 911, and know in your own heart and mind that YOU KNOW the truth. Oh, they would NEVER do something like that? Gullibility is no excuse. Search info on flight 455 in 1976 murdering all 73 people on board, "bombed by terrorists" was the official story for some time, until the TRUTH came out: CIA ORCHESTRATED THE ENTIRE EVENT! It was finally exposed that the lead CIA operative behind this false flag op was Luis Posada Carriles. How did America get involved in the Vietnam war? The false flag Gulf of Tonkin attack! Completely staged by OUR GOVERNMENT to frame the Vietnamese! Hello! Is anyone listening? Our OWN GOVERNMENT murdered hundred of its own soldiers on that ship then blamed the Vietnamese! This type of black ops operation is called a "false flag" operation and is normal tactics and has been done so often it's not funny. In their minds "the ends justify the means." You owe it to yourself to look up these and many more atrocities of the CIA and our military. Once you accept the fact that the CIA is behind many, many unsolved crimes. All you need to do is figure out their "rule book" or "covert ops manual". Almost all covert operations are run "by the book". For instance on 911, military "drills" were being held that very same day using hijacked airplanes scenarios in that very same vicinity, at the very same time of the "attacks". Doh! Did you know that "drills" were also being conducted on 7/7/07 in London train and bus bombings by local law enforcement? You will never guess: the "drills" were being held that same day about terrorist bombings, oh, it gets better, the drills were being held at the same EXACT locations and time were the bombings occurred! Doh! What does this tell us, besides the fact that, hello! they were the ones that did it! The "drills" were only "the cover" for the covert operations. What it also tells us is the fact that the England secret agencies are conducting covert operations with the CIA "rule book", or their "covert ops manual ", and are operating exactly like the CIA, hence, these two agencies work side by side and are in fact working together toward a common goal. The CIA, MI6 and the Mossad are the most powerful intelligence agencies today. They work hand in hand, it is extremely important that you realize that these 3 agencies work as one. Blood brothers, an unholy trinity. Together they serve their ultimate masters: the ruling Zionist and Vatican factions. Who's ultimate goals are one world order. These are not boy scouts who go out of their ways to help the unfortunate and sow peace. Show me just one news article of just one good deed, ever. These are cold, heartless entities of death, deceit and destruction. Another very important factor one must never forget is that the CIA, same as all other secret agencies around the globe, is just like the Mafia: once you are a member, you are a member for life. All too often I read so many articles that say this or that ____ person "was" a member of the CIA from ____ to ____ time, that's such bull. Every person that was ever in the CIA continues to

be a "sleeper" waiting for a magic phone call and that person is back in the game. Once a CIA "asset" always a CIA asset. This is common knowledge folks. Then there is the fact that still many more agents are listed as "retired", "quit", etc. when in fact they are now working undercover. So when you see any news items, story or whatever and see anyone's name with a history of any secrecy agency service, be aware of these facts. The real masters of these secret agencies are none other than the Zionist ruling elite. Who ultimately decide how to utilize their secret army we know as the intelligence agencies. One of their favorite pastimes are orchestrating coup d'états. Any government, no matter how harmless to our national defense, that opposes the corporate financial interests of the ruling elite are deemed enemies of state. CIA is then sent out to establish organize local dissenters, then forming terrorist squads. For a amazing look into the extent of how they use these agencies to do their dirty work, here is a mind blowing example: The one most ludicrous example of this abuse was the 1954 CIA engineered coup of democratic country Guatemala. The bottom line and defining reason why the U.S. was behind this coup was none other than BANANAS! Because the United Fruit Company's (Chiquita Bananas) owned land was reclaimed by the Guatemala government. Under their reform act 1952 they proceeded to reclaim their lands for their impoverished peasants. United Fruit had owned the majority of all of Guatemala's agricultural lands. On the behalf of United Fruits they immediately proceeded to lobby the U.S. government, who then retaliated on Guatemala, imposing cuts in economic aids and cuts in trade, with devastating effects on Guatemala. They made false claims that Guatemala had communist ties (communism was the "common enemy" at that time) To make a long story short, the U.S. finally sent in the CIA who mounted operation PBSUCCESS that was pre planned a coup d'état and installed their own selected leaders who proved to not only be inept but also corrupt. This coup faced ferocious condemnation by the international press at the time. The coup was the definitive blow to Guatemala's young democracy. Over the next four decades were filled with violence counter-insurgency with well over 140,000 deaths. All over BANANAS! This entire fiasco is well documented, look into it for yourself. This is an example of your hard earned tax dollars at work in America's modern form of colonialism, were we attack and overthrow governments that won't allow our mega corporations to come in and take over. This is the heart of our government's policy of "exporting democracy" everywhere, really means you open your doors and sell out to the multinational conglomerates for peanuts or you will die! All of South America has been the CIA's playground. Not a nation there has been untouched and blemished by the CIA. Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Ecuador all, each and every one of these nations have been manipulated to some major extent by our foreign policy and the CIA. I guarantee you right here that each and every political uprising that has ever occurred south of the U.S. Inc the CIA was THE major catalyst. So much so that the CIA is so well embedded in these countries that they are like second homes for the CIA. South America is the CIA's research center, where they practice their craft with impunity. Their contribution to the governments of the south? Bloodshed, insurgency and counter insurgency. The CIA has the minds and hearts of those poor Hispanics so messed up they divided almost every county in two and have them killing themselves, all with CIA training no less.

The CIA's first coup ever was the 1953 coup in Iran, (Iran tried to nationalize their oil industry just taking back their rights to their own oil from American corporations, so the CIA was sent in to stop them) then followed by the Guatemalan coup, from that point forward they used the tactics they learned and practiced and developed the template for the dozens of other coup d'état's around the world, were they have sown murder, violence and chaos everywhere they have gone. Are you among the many Americans that STILL wonder why we have consistently becoming the most hated country in the world? "We went all over the world and we did what we wanted. God, we had fun." - Al Ulmer, chief of the CIA's Far East division in the 1950s. The towel heads "Hating us for our freedom" is a blatant bullshit lie and the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You don't see it on mainstream media, but we screwed with a lot of countries to suit our interests and agendas, often leaving devastating effects in our wake. Is there any part of the globe we have yet not "invaded" and forced our "benevolent" Capitalistic Democracy in the form of engineered Corporate acquisitions and takeovers or invasions to bring our brand of "freedom"? Oh, yes there are a couple hold outs: such as North Korea and Cuba. Both part of the EVIL COMUNIST empires, yet hold on, CHINA is the biggest worst communist empire out there, world leaders in the field of horrendous human rights violations! Dwarfing and making Cuba look like a boy scout yet our leaders view China as our #1 trusted trading partner! What's up with that? This is U.S. foreign policy hypocrisy at its transparent best. You do your own homework on this! See how true these FACTS are! EVERY single invasion, coup attempt, etc all have ONE common denominator: Every single instance where the U.S. sent in the CIA to every country to infiltrate, fund, organize terror in every country was due to the fact that at some point the crippled POOR country being invaded had something we (usually a huge conglomerate) wanted but was DENIED... some countries decided to just RECLAIM a portion its' own national interests, such as oil rights, agriculture, banking. In doing so, they denied the western multinational corporations their drunken orgies of plundering and pillaging the resources of that country. Our reply: "invade and destroy the evil commy bastards"! Then install a puppet government that would obediently follow our orders and allow the corporate pillaging to continue. Cuba threw out the capitalist bastards and the U.S. Inc. has never forgiven them for doing so... plain and simple. On the other hand China being a world class evil communist country readily got in bed with U.S. Inc and have had a massive capitalist trade orgy relationship ever since, therefore the U.S. Inc. has no issues with that evil communist regime. The pure unadulterated reality is that "democracy" is just a bullshit excuse used to hide the fact that all the military and economic pressures applied are in fact overt punishment for the target country's failure to accept CAPITALISM. In all actuality they could give a damn if the trading partner is democratic or communist.


The key to who is an enemy and who is a friend of Americas is very simple: If you allow our multinational corporations to do business in your country and do as they please, then your country is our friend. If you do not let our corporations in and do as they please, you are our enemy! Therefore we must label your country as an EVIL empire, setup trade sanctions and export violence and murder to your country in return! So you can see very clearly that China is deeply in bed with our entire corporate world so they are our "friends" no matter the FACT that China is the world's worst evil communist empire. On the other hand North Korea and Cuba refuse to do business with our corporations and let in the Banking cartels, so even though they pose absolutely no threat to us at all, we still hold that age old grudge against them, until the day they say "ok, you can come in, establish your banks, take our lands, and bring in your capitalism here. Venezuela is just another example of the Guatemalan story. Chavez was the hero of the people taking back land and companies and giving them TO THE PEOPLE they rightfully belonged to. What happens next? Even though he was democratically elected, it does not mean a thing for the U.S. Inc. Chavez is portrayed as an evil tyrant that must be stopped by all means! The Zionist multinational media cartel has been working overtime in spreading anti-Chavez propaganda in his own land and the world over. The Pentagon is corrupted to it's very core and is completely complicit and 1,000,000% working hand and hand with the CIA. Recently the CIA released what they call their "Family Jewels", 700 pages of once top secret documents. Their claim "ok, folks, we are coming clean, we confess to this, this and that, now we are a new and improved reformed organization, promise, cross my heart, hope to die." In actuality, the releasing of the so called Family Jewels is nothing more than a crock of shit. They only released stuff that was ALREADY WIDELY KNOWN and already leaked! Doh! Skeletons in a closet? The CIA has so many skeletons that they need a closet the size of a football stadium to house them in! America was once a proud nation, the envy of the entire world. but after WWII some things started to happen. We took in all the evil ashkeNAZI spies who had all vowed until death to destroy us, (re: Operation Paperclip) flew them into our country and gave them employment in our newly created organization called the CIA. Doh! America then started to become involved in all corners of the globe "spreading democracy" /cough/. We created the CIA and sent this abomination of an entity to do the bidding of the elite rulers and corporate interests. One of the very first targets of destruction of the CIA was Iran. Below is a partial list of the "wonderful" benevolent works for "peace and prosperity" that the CIA were instrumental in: Iran, Operation Ajax CIA Coup D'état 1953: They did a real bang up job of infiltrating a once close allies and peaceful country and destroying all good will, The CIA destabilized the entire country in its mission to set up a puppet regime that would do Washington's corporate special interest's bidding. That was just the start of the New World Order that was to be orchestrated from the US.

Guatemala, Operations PBfortune & PBsucess CIA Coup D'état 1954: The CIA went into Guatemala and destroyed their democratically elected government in their quest to regain the BANNANA industry monopoly back for United Fruit, the Chiquita Banana Co. Thousands died for those bananas, what a shame. Cuba, Operations Mongoose, Northwoods & Zapata aka Bay of Pigs: The US desperately tried to regain lost billions in revenues when Castro came into power and decided to reclaim the lands and industry for his impoverished nation. Castro kicked out all the foreign central banks, oil companies and so forth, hence, America (special interests) became pissed off. To this day our current leaders still "hate" Cuba only because Cuba will not open its doors to the central banks & commerce, allowing us to control and own all their lands and industries. China is 10 times worse communist dictatorship yet they are one of America's best "pals", so that bullshit story of "Cuba is an evil communist country" just doesn't have the same effect once you truly understand the REAL reason we classify them as "evil" nation. Democratic Republic of Congo, CIA Coup D'état 1960: CIA sponsored coup during the Congo Crisis Iraq, CIA Coup D'état 1963: The CIA initiated all the bloodshed, complicit in the murders of Iraq's educated elite, hundreds of doctors, teachers, technicians, lawyers and other professionals. As always the main beneficiaries of the massive bloodshed were American and U.K. oil and other interests, including Mobil, Bechtel and British Petroleum who were all conducting business in Iraq. Chile, Project FUBELT - CIA Coup D'état 1973: "The Chilean coup of 1973 was a watershed event in the history of Chile and the Cold War. Historians and partisans alike have wrangled over its implications ever since." (note for more info see Wikipedia: covert us regime change actions) fill in the rest below........ Afghanistan, 1973-74; Afghanistan, 1978-1980s; Iran, 1980; Nicaragua, Iran - Contra Affair 1981-1990; Iraq, early 1990s; Guatemala, 1993; Zimbabwe, 2000s; Serbia 2000; Afghanistan 2002; Libya 2003; Iraq 2003; Equatorial Guinea 2004; Palestinian Authority 2006-; Somalia 2006-2007; Iran 2007 Venezuela 2002, 2007 Operations Cleanse Venezuela & Operation Pliers: The current coup that is now underway is Operation Cleanse Venezuela and Operation Pliers. Our caring and wonderful CIA has been working around the clock to destabilize the entire Venezuelan nation, fermenting dissent, opposition to a democratically elected leader while also plotting his assassination Overcast (1945-46): OSS rescuing Nazi military scientists for US use Crowcass: 1945-48): locating thousands of Nazis for later use Paperclip (1946-1954): continuation and expansion of Overcast Mockingbird (1947-2002): CIA control of mass media

Bloodstone (1948-50): infiltrating fascists into the USSR Gladio (1949-90): terrorist actions to discredit the left; assassination, etc. MK-Ultra (1953-1963): CIA experiments with LSD, etc on non-volunteers Cointelpro (1956-71): FBI destabilization of CP, AIM, SDS, civil rights, etc. Celeste (1960-61): CIA assassination of UN secretary-general Dag Hammarskjold Mongoose (1961-63): assassinating Castro Merrimac (1967-68): CIA surveillance of DC Resistance (1967-68): CIA spying on US student movements Chaos (1968-1974): CIA domestic espionage on students, activists, etc Garden Plot (1968-2002): DoD plans for mass repression/concentration camps Grillflame (1971-1991): CIA "ESP troopers" i.e. over-horizon radar Echelon (1972-2002): NSA electronic surveillance of all communication Condor (1975-1977): Security arrangement in S. America to kill leftists Cyclone (1979-2002): funding violent Islamic fundamentalist groups Promis (1981-2002): CIA, etc surveillance of financial transactions JCET (1991-2002): "foreign internal defense" training programs Roots (1993-1999): CIA sows fascistic propaganda in Yugoslavia Storm (1995): ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Krajina Carnivore (1999-2002): FBI surveillance of www posts, listservs, etc Magic Lantern (2001-2002): FBI surveillance of PC keystrokes. Tips (2002-): DOJ civilian informants and denunciations Just looking at this partial list of extracurricular activities demonstrates how our wonderful most beloved "intelligence agency" is in fact up to its neck in the spread of wanton violence, murder and mayhem. So much for calling them "intelligence agencies", maybe a more proper term would be something like, umm, "infiltration, death and destruction agency." Behold: For we as a nation, as integral national policy, in one hand sow seeds of turmoil, division, despair, hate and death around the world, on the other, we collectively wonder why all the nations of the world... golly gee whiz "hate us so."

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"The MOSCHIACH will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem. HE WILL ESTABLISH A GOVERNMENT IN ISRAEL THAT WILL BE THE CENTER OF ALL THE WORLD GOVERNMENT" - non biased

Note: It is critically important that everyone understand that the quote above IS the bona fide genuine de facto ultimate central goal and purpose of life for the Zionists. They are all taught this since childhood and all believe in the bottom of their hearts that their mission in life is to establish the Jewish world government and rule all of mankind as was prophesized in the Old Testament and "promised" to them by none other than.... GOD.... centuries ago. Now try to rationalize with THAT! The "New World Order" is NOT some "loony conspiracy theory" as the establishment works so hard to portray it as to the mass public. The new world order is REAL and totally backed up with 100% proof and FACTs. Their main supporters talk about the "new world order" by name, in plain sight on an almost daily basis! (as you will see in a list provided below). Yet they turn around and claim that it is all a "loony conspiracy theory"!!! The ones that don't use the actual words "new world order" refer to their programs as "GLOBALIZATION." Same thing, different name. These are the globalists and the multi-national conglomerates they operate through. What

I find truly amazing is how they publically speak of "new world orders" by name, then turn around and deny any such thing exists! All the elite leaders the world over, publicly DENY that there exists an agenda to unite the worlds governments. End of story, or so we are told... I along with many people who still have un-impaired, still functional frontal lobes of my brain, where logic and rationalization occur, plainly see through the laughable excuses the New World Order (NWO, aka: Globalist) elite provide the public. Collectively their attitude is: "There is no NWO agenda, it is all a figment of those feeble minded tin-foil hat wearing brigades imagination... now go back to sleep sheeple... sleep... sleep...." So the Trilateral Commission is not real eh? Council on Foreign Relation's Independent Task Force on North America, is not real, eh? The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (formerly the North American Union mob), is not real, eh? NAFTA is certainly not real. That the World Federalist Association that exists solely to promote and build a one world government is definitely just a figment of my wild imagination, as is the entire World Federalist Movement. All of Europe never united and created European Union, and they surely are not evangelizing all over the world for others to do the same. The similar African Union is not being created. These are all figments of the tin-foil hat wearing brigade's minds eh? The hundreds of easily found research reports (Google it) conducted by elite institutions expounding upon the virtues and advantages of forming a North American Union and New World Order, is just a dream in my itty bitty brain. The thousands of research studies, articles, books worldwide, focusing on "Globalization", well, these have been planted by fruit cake conspiracy nuts... yeah.. yeah... Should I go on with this list or do we get a clear picture here? Yes, the push for a common "new world order" is indeed real and has been happening for decades. NEWS FLASH: The One World Government is ALREADY HERE! The "new world order" One World Government has been established long ago and is alive, well, and has been fully functioning and expanding for decades. Hence it is NOT some form of hypothetical government that will be formed in the future. It is HERE NOW silently operating within almost every nation on earth. Where do you think the billions upon billions of dollars "disappear" (like the 2 trillion dollars that Rumsfeld reported golly gee whiz, "lost" the day before 9/11) when they turn up missing or "unaccounted for" ? To run their "Shadow Government." The One World Government began its massive expansion in the 20th century riding on the coat tails of the industrial revolution. The OWG (One World Government) has no single sovereign nation which it calls home (yet, except for the fact that Israel is being prepared for said post). Its rulers roam the planet in silent conquest, constantly expanding its sphere of influence and converting independent regimes. Each world war was instrumental in opening the doors and blowing down walls for massive undercover OWG expansion. As have been ever single regional conflict and wars.


How is it even possible that there can exist a secret world government in everyone's very midst? Easy for they are hiding in plain sight. You are just too BLIND to notice them or see it. Though they don't specifically have a "New World Order" nation (yet), that is the central world governing body. There IS a One World Government, all its rulers, leaders, management, administration, executives, infrastructure exists WITHIN the existing countries of the world... The first World War began Phase One: breaking down the existing powers and setting up new ones. Taking over the central banking of many entire nations and implanting operatives in key leadership positions worldwide. Phase Two came in the 1940s and lasted into the mid 50s with World War II. In its aftermath we witnessed the single greatest OWG expansion to date. With the establishment of literally hundreds of major OWG projects, countries, organizations such as United Nations, forming of Israel, etc., the list is bewildering (I will try to revisit this section and document the entire list under the scope and angle of OWG works). By the 1960s the One World Government was FIRMLY entrenched in all the major industrial nations of the world. This is evident in how easily the eliminated the Kennedys in broad daylight without so much as a peep from anyone. Behold: For the One World Government IS real and is here TODAY, yesterday and for decades... silently running in the background. Its rulers, leaders, and executives are easy to find, they are all members of world renown "think tanks" and other exclusive members only institutions such as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, The Bildeburgers, Knights Templar, Wall Street, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Jesuits and so on... all of which make up the ruling body of the invisible One World Government. All which are loosely referred to by many a researcher as the "illuminati." With that finally said and done, you must realize the "One World Order" and the "Globalization" agendas are not only the same, but nothing more than an orchestrated, united effort to streamline, organize, unite, crystallize, transform into a national structure, a world recognized and accepted body, the official sovereignty of a One World Government... "The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power - political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical. What the Trilateral Commission intends is to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation states involved. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future." - U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater 1964 Let there be no confusion: the entire "globalization" initiative is spearheaded by the illuminati Zionist Jews. But there is not just one single group behind the new world order movement, jockeying for complete ruler ship. There are TWO distinct factions working in concerted efforts to accomplish a one world government. The Zionists are the main leading force behind a one world government, of course, when it is too late you will all find out that the center of all world government will be Jerusalem. The Zionist right hand men are the Freemasons whom the

Zionists control from the top 33º, their ace in the hole are the Judeo-Christian Zionists, for they have been convinced by the Jews that "it must all come to pass as it is written in the old testament." In essence the Jews have stolen the "birthright" of the Christians who follow their ever wish. As for the Vatican, it has been totally paralyzed for centuries by its wanton gluttony, corruption and sexual deviancy, worshipping false gods such as the virgin Mary, thus have lost all real power long ago, yet they still play their make believe role of world leaders while wearing their costumes, impressing only the feeble minded. We attempt to explain the ruling factions in the chapter called "The Ultimate Cosa Nostra". This chapter seeks to crystallize the fact that indeed, yes, there does exist a concerted world wide effort to create some sort of new world order under many different guises, today's main buzzword is all about "globalization." Not only that, when you research the hundreds upon hundreds of reliable sources, including tons of "mainstream" sources, you will be confronted with a web so massive, so overwhelming, so vast that it covers all corners of the globe. The objectives for reaching the ultimate goal number in the thousands, again, sadly this section deserves its own book.

I cannot even begin chipping off the tip of the iceberg. But do understand that among the many objectives of the "NWO" will be the disturbing thought that they are also planning to at some point conduct a massive "culling" of the world population. Actually some parts of this program have been taking place for decades, just look at the continent of Africa. But what is coming in the near future will be even more extreme and widespread than that. Prepare, for the days will come when they begin to depopulate an entire two thirds of the world population. Take a look at the above diagram for a clear picture why they are planning on wiping out billions of people as just another step, just another component of their world domination plans.

There is also mounting evidence that some of the new viruses being circulated are none other than manmade new world order elite population reduction schemes brought live. HIV is so suspect, but there are also dozens upon dozens of other odd happenings in the world of vaccines, immunizations and viruses. The Avian "bird flu" for instance. On one hand genetic engineering setups such as Monsanto stand to make untold billions by introducing a genetically engineered PATENTED "bird flu proof" chicken. On the other hand are the Pharma conglomerates who peddle all sorts of poisons called "medicine." Operating under the cover of "trust us, most benevolent, loving, caring providers of medicine, looking out for your best interests" the mega Pharma conglomerates conjure up all sorts of vaccines to "help" mankind. Problem is, that over the decades tons of reputable research and hard fact news has continuously proven many vaccines to be more hazardous than they are helpful. Take the recent impossible 'accidental' contamination of flu vaccine with LIVE Avian Flu virus for example. Just this ONE example coupled with the fact that our most loving benevolent, would never harm us government has constantly been warning us of the "watch out for the bio-weapons of mass destruction terrorist boogeyman attack." Oh, and FEMA is busy preparing, buying up millions of plastic caskets to bury millions of innocent victims. Why do I get this deep gut feeling that we are all in deep doo doo? The U.N. Deception & Role in the NWO: - Video Examples of documented "Blow Back" from old CIA Missions - Video North American Union & Vchip Truth - Video At some point, somewhere into the more advanced phases of the new world order will come forth with their Eugenics program. Infamous ashkeNAZI Hitler was the first mass practitioner of eugenics. The Zionist Jewish race believes that their lineage is holy and pure descendants of god placed on earth to rule it in his name, thus in secret they firmly believe in and support full fledged eugenic control of the inferior goyim population. Far from what many people believe, the research in the field of eugenics has silently been progressing in the shadows. Birth control and sterilization of minorities has been documented worldwide, even here in the states. The topic of New World Order (NWO) is heavily covered by hundreds of books, videos and websites on the net. The evidence is overwhelming, one need look no further than the European Union to see how far they are progressing. For years people cried "new world order conspiracy" and balked about a European Union. But look at it today, lol, we have an official European Union with 27 countries in it, common standards, common currency, massive surveillance measures and so forth, interesting how no one ever comes out and declares the "tin hat conspiracy nuts" as being right on that one all along! The Europeans are way ahead of us in doing their part of establishing a global one world order. We have some catching up to do! Let me see, hmmm, here is the "to do list", oh next on the agenda for the western hemisphere: destabilize the economy and crash the dollar creating such great turmoil and chaos that everyone will cry and BEG for common regional currency and stability! Brilliant! Our bankster masters will step in to save the day with their new proposals involving a similar system that is in place in Europe... sit back and wait for it to happen, just watch.

Well folks, the new world order does NOT stop at the formation of the European Union, there are works in progress of forming several of these regional unions, right now the Americas is the hot and heavy target, while the sheeple are asleep at the wheel the NAFTA super highway is being made right before your very eyes. The financial overlords are busy engineering a massive financial collapse, destroying the financial system in order to make way and introduce a common regional and eventually a world currency. The regional consolidation will not happen overnight, as you can see the NAFTA portion was initiated over a decade ago. Many portions of the globalization agenda are eased in and integrated over many years time into the current system so as to not raise major red flags with the sheeple. The modus operandi is very simple: take away "this" or add "that", the sheeple bicker, but eventually come to accept "it", and "it" becomes "normal", once accepted as the norm, go back to the beginning and start all over again, repeat over and over again until their world has changed so much they can only sit back and wonder "how did things get to be this way?" Today we are in the middle of one of the boldest power plays ever. We are witnessing the strategic implosion of the entire world economic structure in order to bring about the "solution" that has been authored and on hold for decades: a common world currency and one world financial control. While years ago truthers were ridiculed for stating this... Today this is easily visible, for at this very moment many G20 nations, even Russia and China have recently came forth proposing a new world currency. Once the Zionists achieve this most crucial of goals, it will soon thereafter open the door to one world government. For once a central power such as the United Nations (or whatever governing body they setup) becomes the central governing body that "controls" or "oversees" the one world economic system, all the sheer POWER of said position will be bequeathed to it, leaving all member nations at its mercy. Next it will also then setup and build its one world military to protect us enforce the wishes of the one world government. This strategic goal is so important and crucial to the New World Order Zionist establishment that we must completely understand the true nature of the world economic chaos. The following is a recent article by Charles Scaliger that appeared on that helps shed light on the point I am trying to highlight: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has been working tirelessly for months to promote world financial and economic governance under the pretext of fighting the ongoing global recession, called for a "global New Deal" in a speech before the U.S. Congress yesterday and in remarks at the White House on Tuesday. "As far as the common interests that we're pursuing — look, there is the possibility in the next few months of a global new deal," Brown said to reporters in the Oval Office, with President Barack Obama at his side. Brown added: "And there is the possibility of all the different countries of the world coming together to agree to expansion in the economy.... And there is the possibility of the international institutions for the first time being reformed in such a way that they can do the job that people want them to do, and deal with some of the problems that exist in the poorest countries of the world."

In his speech to Congress, Brown, after expressing hope that "every continent [will play] their part in a global new deal," laid out a brief and extremely vague three-point proposal for bringing it about: First, so that the whole of the worldwide banking system serves our prosperity rather than risks it, let us agree rules and standards for accountability, transparency, and reward that will mean an end to the excesses and will apply to every bank, everywhere, and all the time. Second, America and a few countries cannot be expected to bear the burden of the fiscal and interest rate stimulus alone. We must share it globally. So let us work together for the worldwide reduction of interest rates and a scale of stimulus round the world equal to the depth of the recession and the dimensions of the recovery we must make. Third, let us together renew our international economic cooperation, helping the emerging markets rebuild their banks. And let us work together for a low carbon recovery worldwide. And I am confident that this President, this Congress and the peoples of the world can come together in Copenhagen this December to reach a historic agreement on climate change. What Brown is suggesting is nothing less than internationalization of the same policies that have created and exacerbated the economic meltdown — artificially low interest rates and other so-called stimuli, heavier controls on banking and all other financial activities, and burdensome regulations on industry, especially in the name of environmental protection. While such a program would be an unmitigated disaster economically, a still greater danger is that it would greatly strengthen the existing framework for international economic and financial government, as embodied by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the World Bank Group, and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Although details have been deliberately sketchy, Brown's "global New Deal" would likely include a true global central bank with the authority to issue an international currency; this was something that conferees at the Bretton Woods Conference tried but were unable to set up in 1944. Also integral to international financial reforms would be a global regulatory body or bodies, analogous to the WTO on trade, that would have supranational authority to regulate banks and (presumably) to gather information on financial activity. In the long run, this would amount to an end, worldwide, to financial privacy. It would also give the globalists the ability to manipulate the money supply worldwide, rather than on a coordinated basis among cooperative central banks as is now the case. Finally, it bears mentioning that the ability to manipulate the money supply is the ability to produce limitless amounts of money by means other than direct taxation. The

magic of central banking allows governments like our own to fund expensive and unpopular programs like wars of occupation without regard for the sentiments of the voting public, because the money can be raised not by direct taxation but via the printing press. One of the major limitations on the ability of the UN and other international governing bodies to increase their power is the absence (so far) of any independent means of raising revenue — that is, a system of global taxation. Despite decades of proposals, the UN-centered international system remains dependent on contributions from member states for its continued operations. Give the UN a central bank akin to the Federal Reserve, however, and it will be able to fund military forces, global police, and countless other conceits of the one-world set, by printing money. Thusly empowered, there would be very few obstacles to prevent the UN from growing into a true global government. This is the real agenda beneath the syrupy rhetoric for a "global New Deal." Just as the American New Deal produced a socialist revolution within the United States, a global New Deal may well push the world past the point of no return on the path to socialist world government. Clues are all around the world, the architects and contractors of Globalization i.e., the New World Order, often don't even bother hiding their goals and speak plainly about their agendas (see proof below) right out in the open with a brazen attitude, secure in knowing that no one will dare stop them. You know what? I think they are right. No one is ever going to stop them, this whole globalization thing will run it's prophetic course... How the "New World Order" is billed as a tinfoil hat conspiracy loony toon stuff all the while some of the world's most powerful and influential leaders all speak and mention it regularly in their own meetings is an amazing feat of masterful media manipulation PsyOp. For all you people that are under the impression that the NWO is a figment of our raging mad imagination, read what all the world's leaders have to say of the NWO: (note, the list of quotes ends in 1998, soon after that the NWO agenda roared into high gear under the Cheney/Bush regime, were recorded references to the NWO agenda has since risen off the charts)

by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D. Arranged and Edited by John Loeffler (note, year 2000 entry is a matrix report addition) In the mainline media, those who adhere to the position that there is some kind of "conspiracy" pushing us towards a world government are virulently ridiculed. The standard attack maintains that the so-called "New World Order" is the product of turn-ofthe-century, right-wing, bigoted, anti-Semitic racists acting in the tradition of the longdebunked Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, now promulgated by some Militias and other right-wing hate groups.

The historical record does not support that position to any large degree but it has become the mantra of the socialist left and their cronies, the media. The term "New World Order" has been used thousands of times in this century by proponents in high places of federalized world government. Some of those involved in this collaboration to achieve world order have been Jewish. The preponderance are not, so it most definitely is not a Jewish agenda. For years, leaders in education, industry, the media, banking, etc., have promoted those with the same Weltanschauung (world view) as theirs. Of course, someone might say that just because individuals promote their friends doesn't constitute a conspiracy. That's true in the usual sense. However, it does represent an "open conspiracy," as described by noted Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells in The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution (1928). In 1913, prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act President Wilson's The New Freedom was published, in which he revealed: "Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U. S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." On November 21, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote a letter to Col. Edward Mandell House, President Woodrow Wilson's close advisor: "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson " That there is such a thing as a cabal of power brokers who control government behind the scenes has been detailed several times in this century by credible sources. Professor Carroll Quigley was Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown University. President Clinton has publicly paid homage to the influence Professor Quigley had on his life. In Quigley's magnum opus Tragedy and Hope (1966), he states: "There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international ... network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies... but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain

unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known." Even talk show host Rush Limbaugh, an outspoken critic of anyone claiming a push for global government, said on his February 7, 1995 program: "You see, if you amount to anything in Washington these days, it is because you have been plucked or handpicked from an Ivy League school -- Harvard, Yale, Kennedy School of Government -- you've shown an aptitude to be a good Ivy League type, and so you're plucked so-to-speak, and you are assigned success. You are assigned a certain role in government somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the puckers and the hand pickers can put you." On May 4, 1993, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) president Leslie Gelb said on The Charlie Rose Show that: "... you [Charlie Rose] had me on [before] to talk about the New World Order! I talk about it all the time. It's one world now. The Council [CFR] can find, nurture, and begin to put people in the kinds of jobs this country needs. And that's going to be one of the major enterprises of the Council under me." Previous CFR chairman, John J. McCloy (1953-70), actually said they have been doing this since the 1940s (and before). The thrust towards global government can be well-documented but at the end of the twentieth century it does not look like a traditional conspiracy in the usual sense of a secret cabal of evil men meeting clandestinely behind closed doors. Rather, it is a "networking" of like-minded individuals in high places to achieve a common goal, as described in Marilyn Ferguson's 1980 insider classic, The Aquarian Conspiracy. Perhaps the best way to relate this would be a brief history of the New World Order, not in our words but in the words of those who have been striving to make it real. 1912 -- Colonel Edward M. House, a close advisor of President Woodrow Wilson, publishes Phillip Dru: Administrator in which he promotes "socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx." 1913 -- The Federal Reserve (neither federal nor a reserve) is created. It was planned at a secret meeting in 1910 on Jekyll Island, Georgia by a group of bankers and politicians, including Col. House. This transferred the power to create money from the American government to a private group of bankers. It is probably the largest generator of debt in the world. May 30, 1919 -- Prominent British and American personalities establish the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England and the Institute of International Affairs in the U.S. at a meeting arranged by Col. House attended by various Fabian socialists, including

noted economist John Maynard Keynes. Two years later, Col. House reorganizes the Institute of International Affairs into the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). December 15, 1922 -- The CFR endorses World Government in its magazine Foreign Affairs. Author Philip Kerr, states: "Obviously there is going to be no peace or prosperity for mankind as long as [the earth] remains divided into 50 or 60 independent states until some kind of international system is created... The real problem today is that of the world government." 1928 -- The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution by H.G. Wells is published. A former Fabian Socialist, Wells writes: "The political world of the ... Open Conspiracy must weaken, efface, incorporate and supersede existing governments... The Open Conspiracy is the natural inheritor of socialist and communist enthusiasms; it may be in control of Moscow before it is in control of New York... The character of the Open Conspiracy will now be plainly displayed... It will be a world religion." 1931 -- Students at the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow are taught: "One day we shall start to spread the most theatrical peace movement the world has ever seen. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent ... will fall into the trap offered by the possibility of making new friends. Our day will come in 30 years or so... The bourgeoisie must be lulled into a false sense of security." 1931 -- In a speech to the Institute for the Study of International Affairs at Copenhagen) historian Arnold Toyee said: "We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. All the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands...." 1932 -- New books are published urging World Order: Toward Soviet America by William Z. Foster. Head of the Communist Party USA, Foster indicates that a National Department of Education would be one of the means used to develop a new socialist society in the U.S. The New World Order by F.S. Marvin, describing the League of Nations as the first attempt at a New World Order. Marvin says, "nationality must rank below the claims of mankind as a whole." Dare the School Build a New Social Order? is published. Educator author George Counts asserts that:

"... the teachers should deliberately reach for power and then make the most of their conquest" in order to "influence the social attitudes, ideals and behavior of the coming generation... The growth of science and technology has carried us into a new age where ignorance must be replaced by knowledge, competition by cooperation, trust in Providence by careful planning and private capitalism by some form of social economy." 1933 -- The first Humanist Manifesto is published. Co-author John Dewey, the noted philosopher and educator, calls for a synthesizing of all religions and "a socialized and cooperative economic order." Co-signer C.F. Potter said in 1930: "Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday schools, meeting for an hour once a week, teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?" 1933 -- The Shape of Things to Come by H.G. Wells is published. Wells predicts a second world war around 1940, originating from a German-Polish dispute. After 1945 there would be an increasing lack of public safety in "criminally infected" areas. The plan for the "Modern World-State" would succeed on its third attempt (about 1980), and come out of something that occurred in Basra, Iraq. The book also states, "Although world government had been plainly coming for some years, although it had been endlessly feared and murmured against, it found no opposition prepared anywhere." 1934 -- The Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey is published. Bailey is an occultist, whose works are channeled from a spirit guide, the Tibetan Master [demon spirit] Djwahl Kuhl. Bailey uses the phrase "points of light" in connection with a "New Group of World Servers" and claims that 1934 marks the beginning of "the organizing of the men and women... group work of a new order... [with] progress defined by service... the world of the Brotherhood... the Forces of Light... [and] out of the spoliation of all existing culture and civilization, the new world order must be built." The book is published by the Lucis Trust, incorporated originally in New York as the Lucifer Publishing Company. Lucis Trust is a United Nations NGO and has been a major player at the recent U.N. summits. Later Assistant Secretary General of the U.N. Robert Mueller would credit the creation of his World Core Curriculum for education to the underlying teachings of Djwahl Kuhl via Alice Bailey's writings on the subject. 1932 -- Plan for Peace by American Birth Control League founder Margaret Sanger (1921) is published. She calls for coercive sterilization, mandatory segregation, and rehabilitative concentration camps for all "dysgenic stocks" including Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians and Catholics. October 28, 1939 -- In an address by John Foster Dulles, later U.S. Secretary of State, he

proposes that America lead the transition to a new order of less independent, semisovereign states bound together by a league or federal union. 1939 -- New World Order by H. G. Wells proposes a collectivist one-world state"' or "new world order" comprised of "socialist democracies." He advocates "universal conscription for service" and declares that "nationalist individualism... is the world's disease." He continues: "The manifest necessity for some collective world control to eliminate warfare and the less generally admitted necessity for a collective control of the economic and biological life of mankind, are aspects of one and the same process." He proposes that this be accomplished through "universal law" and propaganda (or education)." 1940 -- The New World Order is published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and contains a select list of references on regional and world federation, together with some special plans for world order after the war. December 12, 1940 -- In The Congressional Record an article entitled A New World Order John G. Alexander calls for a world federation. 1942 -- The leftist Institute of Pacific Relations publishes Post War Worlds by P.E. Corbett: "World government is the ultimate aim... It must be recognized that the law of nations takes precedence over national law... The process will have to be assisted by the deletion of the nationalistic material employed in educational textbooks and its replacement by material explaining the benefits of wiser association." June 28, 1945 -- President Truman endorses world government in a speech: "It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for us to get along in a republic of the United States." October 24, 1945 -- The United Nations Charter becomes effective. Also on October 24, Senator Glen Taylor (D-Idaho) introduces Senate Resolution 183 calling upon the U.S. Senate to go on record as favoring creation of a world republic including an international police force. 1946 -- Alger Hiss is elected President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Hiss holds this office until 1949. Early in 1950, he is convicted of perjury and sentenced to prison after a sensational trial and Congressional hearing in which Whittaker Chambers, a former senior editor of Time, testifies that Hiss was a member of his Communist Party cell. 1946 -- The Teacher and World Government by former editor of the NEA Journal

(National Education Association) Joy Elmer Morgan is published. He says: "In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher... can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation... At the very heart of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession." 1947 -- The American Education Fellowship, formerly the Progressive Education Association, organized by John Dewey, calls for the: "... establishment of a genuine world order, an order in which national sovereignty is subordinate to world authority... " October, 1947 -- NEA Associate Secretary William Carr writes in the NEA Journal that teachers should: "... teach about the various proposals that have been made for the strengthening of the United Nations and the establishment of a world citizenship and world government." 1948 -- Walden II by behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner proposes "a perfect society or new and more perfect order" in which children are reared by the State, rather than by their parents and are trained from birth to demonstrate only desirable behavior and characteristics. Skinner's ideas would be widely implemented by educators in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s as Values Clarification and Outcome Based Education. July, 1948 -- Britain's Sir Harold Butler, in the CFR's Foreign Affairs, sees "a New World Order" taking shape: "How far can the life of nations, which for centuries have thought of themselves as distinct and unique, be merged with the life of other nations? How far are they prepared to sacrifice a part of their sovereignty without which there can be no effective economic or political union?... Out of the prevailing confusion a new world is taking shape... which may point the way toward the new order... That will be the beginning of a real United Nations, no longer crippled by a split personality, but held together by a common faith." 1948 -- UNESCO president and Fabian Socialist, Sir Julian Huxley, calls for a radical eugenic policy in UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy. He states: "Thus, even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy of controlled human breeding will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake that much that is now unthinkable may at least become thinkable." 1948 -- The preliminary draft of a World Constitution is published by U.S. educators

advocating regional federation on the way toward world federation or government with England incorporated into a European federation. The Constitution provides for a "World Council" along with a "Chamber of Guardians" to enforce world law. Also included is a "Preamble" calling upon nations to surrender their arms to the world government, and includes the right of this "Federal Republic of the World" to seize private property for federal use. February 9, 1950 -- The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee introduces Senate Concurrent Resolution 66 which begins: "Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true world government constitution." The resolution was first introduced in the Senate on September 13, 1949 by Senator Glen Taylor (D-Idaho). Senator Alexander Wiley (R-Wisconsin) called it "a consummation devoutly to be wished for" and said, "I understand your proposition is either change the United Nations, or change or create, by a separate convention, a world order." Senator Taylor later stated: "We would have to sacrifice considerable sovereignty to the world organization to enable them to levy taxes in their own right to support themselves." 1950 -- In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, international financier James P Warburg said: "we shall have a world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest." April 12, 1952 -- John Foster Dulles, later to become Secretary of State, says in a speech to the American Bar Association in Louisville, Kentucky, that "treaty laws can override the Constitution." He says treaties can take power away from Congress and give them to the President. They can take powers from the States and give them to the Federal Government or to some international body and they can cut across the rights given to the people by their constitutional Bill of Rights. A Senate amendment, proposed by GOP Senator John Bricker, would have provided that no treaty could supersede the Constitution, but it fails to pass by one vote. 1954 -- Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands establishes the Bilderbergers, international politicians and bankers who meet secretly on an annual basis. 1954 -- H. Rowan Gaither, Jr., President - Ford Foundation said to Norman Dodd of the Congressional Reese Commission: "... all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience with directives... from

the White House... . The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so as to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union." 1954 -- Senator William Jenner said: "Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people... outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded and is sure that it is the winning side.... All the strange developments in the foreign policy agreements may be traced to this group who are going to make us over to suit their pleasure.... This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government, and its own propaganda apparatus." 1958 -- World Peace through World Law is published, where authors Grenville Clark and Louis Sohn advocate using the U.N. as a governing body for the world, world disarmament, a world police force and legislature. 1959 -- The Council on Foreign Relations calls for a New International Order Study Number 7, issued on November 25, advocated: "... new international order [which] must be responsive to world aspirations for peace, for social and economic change... an international order... including states labeling themselves as 'socialist' [communist]." 1959 -- The World Constitution and Parliament Association is founded which later develops a Diagram of World Government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. 1959 -- The Mid-Century Challenge to U.S. Foreign Policy is published, sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers' Fund. It explains that the U.S.: "... cannot escape, and indeed should welcome... the task which history has imposed on us. This is the task of helping to shape a new world order in all its dimensions -- spiritual, economic, political, social." September 9, 1960 -- President Eisenhower signs Senate Joint Resolution 170, promoting the concept of a federal Atlantic Union. Pollster and Atlantic Union Committee treasurer, Elmo Roper, later delivers an address titled, The Goal Is Government of All the World, in which he states: "For it becomes clear that the first step toward World Government cannot be completed until we have advanced on the four fronts: the economic, the military, the political and the

social." 1961 -- The U.S. State Department issues a plan to disarm all nations and arm the United Nations. State Department Document Number 7277 is entitled Freedom From War: The U.S. Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. It details a three-stage plan to disarm all nations and arm the U.N. with the final stage in which "no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force." March 1, 1962 -- Sen. Clark speaking on the floor of the Senate about PL 87-297 which calls for the disbanding of all armed forces and the prohibition of their re-establishment in any form whatsoever. "... This program is the fixed, determined and approved policy of the government of the United States." 1962 -- New Calls for World Federalism. In a study titled, A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations, CFR member Lincoln Bloomfield states: "... if the communist dynamic was greatly abated, the West might lose whatever incentive it has for world government." The Future of Federalism by author Nelson Rockefeller is published. The one-time Governor of New York, claims that current events compellingly demand a "new world order," as the old order is crumbling, and there is "a new and free order struggling to be born." Rockefeller says there is: "a fever of nationalism... [but] the nation-state is becoming less and less competent to perform its international political tasks....These are some of the reasons pressing us to lead vigorously toward the true building of a new world order... [with] voluntary service... and our dedicated faith in the brotherhood of all mankind.... Sooner perhaps than we may realize... there will evolve the bases for a federal structure of the free world." 1963 -- J. William Fulbright, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee speaks at a symposium sponsored by the Fund for the Republic, a left-wing project of the Ford Foundation: "The case for government by elites is irrefutable... government by the people is possible but highly improbable." 1964 -- Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Handbook II is published. Author Benjamin Bloom states: "... a large part of what we call 'good teaching' is the teacher's ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students' fixed beliefs." His Outcome-Based Education (OBE) method of teaching would first be tried as Mastery Learning in Chicago schools. After five years, Chicago students' test scores had plummeted causing outrage among parents. OBE would leave a trail of wreckage

wherever it would be tried and under whatever name it would be used. At the same time, it would become crucial to globalists for overhauling the education system to promote attitude changes among school students. 1964 -- Visions of Order by Richard Weaver is published. He describes: "progressive educators as a 'revolutionary cabal' engaged in 'a systematic attempt to undermine society's traditions and beliefs.'" 1967 -- Richard Nixon calls for New World Order. In Asia after Vietnam, in the October issue of Foreign Affairs, Nixon writes of nations' dispositions to evolve regional approaches to development needs and to the evolution of a "new world order." 1968 -- Joy Elmer Morgan, former editor of the NEA Journal publishes The American Citizens Handbook in which he says: "the coming of the United Nations and the urgent necessity that it evolve into a more comprehensive form of world government places upon the citizens of the United States an increased obligation to make the most of their citizenship which now widens into active world citizenship." July 26, 1968 -- Nelson Rockefeller pledges support of the New World Order. In an Associated Press report, Rockefeller pledges that, "as President, he would work toward international creation of a new world order." 1970 -- Education and the mass media promote world order. In Thinking About A New World Order for the Decade 1990, author Ian Baldwin, Jr. asserts that: "... the World Law Fund has begun a worldwide research and educational program that will introduce a new, emerging discipline -- world order -- into educational curricula throughout the world... and to concentrate some of its energies on bringing basic world order concepts into the mass media again on a worldwide level." 1972 -- President Nixon visits China. In his toast to Chinese Premier Chou En-lai, former CFR member and now President, Richard Nixon, expresses "the hope that each of us has to build a new world order." May 18, 1972 -- In speaking of the coming of world government, Roy M. Ash, director of the Office of Management and Budget, declares that: "within two decades the institutional framework for a world economic community will be in place... [and] aspects of individual sovereignty will be given over to a supranational authority." 1973 -- The Trilateral Commission is established. Banker David Rockefeller organizes

this new private body and chooses Zbigniew Brzezinski, later National Security Advisor to President Carter, as the Commission's first director and invites Jimmy Carter to become a founding member. 1973 -- Humanist Manifesto II is published: "The next century can be and should be the humanistic century... we stand at the dawn of a new age... a secular society on a planetary scale.... As non-theists we begin with humans not God, nature not deity... we deplore the division of humankind on nationalistic grounds.... Thus we look to the development of a system of world law and a world order based upon transnational federal government.... The true revolution is occurring." April, 1974 -- Former U. S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Trilateralist and CFR member Richard Gardner's article The Hard Road to World Order is published in the CFR's Foreign Affairs where he states that: "the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down... but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault." 1974 -- The World Conference of Religion for Peace, held in Louvain, Belgium is held. Douglas Roche presents a report entitled We Can Achieve a New World Order. The U.N. calls for wealth redistribution: In a report entitled New International Economic Order, the U.N. General Assembly outlines a plan to redistribute the wealth from the rich to the poor nations. 1975 -- A study titled, A New World Order, is published by the Center of International Studies, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Studies, Princeton University. 1975 -- In Congress, 32 Senators and 92 Representatives sign A Declaration of Interdependence, written by historian Henry Steele Commager. The Declaration states that: "we must join with others to bring forth a new world order... Narrow notions of national sovereignty must not be permitted to curtail that obligation." Congresswoman Marjorie Holt refuses to sign the Declaration saying: "It calls for the surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations. It declares that our economy should be regulated by international authorities. It proposes that we enter a 'new world order' that would redistribute the wealth created by the American people."

1975 -- Retired Navy Admiral Chester Ward, former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy and former CFR member, writes in a critique that the goal of the CFR is the "submergence of U. S. sovereignty and national independence into an all powerful oneworld government... " 1975 -- Kissinger on the Couch is published. Authors Phyllis Schlafly and former CFR member Chester Ward state: "Once the ruling members of the CFR have decided that the U.S. government should espouse a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of the CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy and to confound, discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition... " 1976 -- RIO: Reshaping the International Order is published by the globalist Club of Rome, calling for a new international order, including an economic redistribution of wealth. 1977 -- The Third Try at World Order is published. Author Harlan Cleveland of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies calls for: "changing Americans' attitudes and institutions" for "complete disarmament (except for international soldiers)" and "for individual entitlement to food, health and education." 1977 -- Imperial Brain Trust by Laurence Shoup and William Minter is published. The book takes a critical look at the Council on Foreign Relations with chapters such as: Shaping a New World Order: The Council's Blueprint for Global Hegemony, 1939-1944 and Toward the 1980's: The Council's Plans for a New World Order. 1977 -- The Trilateral Connection appears in the July edition of Atlantic Monthly. Written by Jeremiah Novak, it says: "For the third time in this century, a group of American schools, businessmen, and government officials is planning to fashion a New World Order... " 1977 -- Leading educator Mortimer Adler publishes Philosopher at Large in which he says: "... if local civil government is necessary for local civil peace, then world civil government is necessary for world peace." 1979 -- Barry Goldwater, retiring Republican Senator from Arizona, publishes his autobiography With No Apologies. He writes: "In my view The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power -- political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. All this is to be done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. What the Trilateralists truly intend is the creation of a

worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved. They believe the abundant materialism they propose to create will overwhelm existing differences. As managers and creators of the system they will rule the future." 1984 -- The Power to Lead is published. Author James McGregor Burns admits: "The framers of the U.S. constitution have simply been too shrewd for us. The have outwitted us. They designed separate institutions that cannot be unified by mechanical linkages, frail bridges, tinkering. If we are to 'turn the Founders upside down' -- we must directly confront the constitutional structure they erected." 1985 -- Norman Cousins, the honorary chairman of Planetary Citizens for the World We Chose, is quoted in Human Events: "World government is coming, in fact, it is inevitable. No arguments for or against it can change that fact." Cousins was also president of the World Federalist Association, an affiliate of the World Association for World Federation (WAWF), headquartered in Amsterdam. WAWF is a leading force for world federal government and is accredited by the U.N. as a NonGovernmental Organization. 1987 -- The Secret Constitution and the Need for Constitutional Change is sponsored in part by the Rockefeller Foundation. Some thoughts of author Arthur S. Miller are: "... a pervasive system of thought control exists in the United States... the citizenry is indoctrinated by employment of the mass media and the system of public education... people are told what to think about... the old order is crumbling... Nationalism should be seen as a dangerous social disease... A new vision is required to plan and manage the future, a global vision that will transcend national boundaries and eliminate the poison of nationalistic solutions... a new Constitution is necessary." 1988 -- Former Under-secretary of State and CFR member George Ball in a January 24 interview in the New York Times says: "The Cold War should no longer be the kind of obsessive concern that it is. Neither side is going to attack the other deliberately... If we could internationalize by using the U.N. in conjunction with the Soviet Union, because we now no longer have to fear, in most cases, a Soviet veto, then we could begin to transform the shape of the world and might get the U.N. back to doing something useful... Sooner or later we are going to have to face restructuring our institutions so that they are not confined merely to the nation-states. Start first on a regional and ultimately you could move to a world basis." December 7, 1988 -- In an address to the U.N., Mikhail Gorbachev calls for mutual consensus: "World progress is only possible through a search for universal human consensus as we

move forward to a new world order." May 12, 1989 -- President Bush invites the Soviets to join World Order. Speaking to the graduating class at Texas A&M University, Mr. Bush states that the United States is ready to welcome the Soviet Union "back into the world order." 1989 -- Carl Bernstein's (Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame) book Loyalties: A Son's Memoir is published. His father and mother had been members of the Communist party. Bernstein's father tells his son about the book: "You're going to prove [Sen. Joseph] McCarthy was right, because all he was saying is that the system was loaded with Communists. And he was right... I'm worried about the kind of book you're going to write and about cleaning up McCarthy. The problem is that everybody said he was a liar; you're saying he was right... I agree that the Party was a force in the country." 1990 -- The World Federalist Association faults the American press. Writing in their Summer/Fall newsletter, Deputy Director Eric Cox describes world events over the past year or two and declares: "It's sad but true that the slow-witted American press has not grasped the significance of most of these developments. But most federalists know what is happening... And they are not frightened by the old bug-a-boo of sovereignty." September 11, 1990 -- President Bush calls the Gulf War an opportunity for the New World Order. In an address to Congress entitled Toward a New World Order, Mr. Bush says: "The crisis in the Persian Gulf offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times... a new world order can emerge in which the nations of the world, east and west, north and south, can prosper and live in harmony.... Today the new world is struggling to be born." September 25, 1990 -- In an address to the U.N., Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze describes Iraq's invasion of Kuwait as "an act of terrorism [that] has been perpetrated against the emerging New World Order." On December 31, Gorbachev declares that the New World Order would be ushered in by the Gulf Crisis. October 1, 1990 -- In a U.N. address, President Bush speaks of the: "... collective strength of the world community expressed by the U.N. ... an historic movement towards a new world order... a new partnership of nations... a time when humankind came into its own... to bring about a revolution of the spirit and the mind and begin a journey into a... new age."

1991 -- Author Linda McRae-Campbell publishes How to Start a Revolution at Your School in the publication In Context. She promotes the use of "change agents" as "selfacknowledged revolutionaries" and "co-conspirators." 1991 -- President Bush praises the New World Order in a State of Union Message: "What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea -- a new world order... to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind... based on shared principles and the rule of law.... The illumination of a thousand points of light.... The winds of change are with us now." February 6, 1991 -- President Bush tells the Economic Club of New York: "My vision of a new world order foresees a United Nations with a revitalized peacekeeping function." June, 1991 -- The Council on Foreign Relations co-sponsors an assembly Rethinking America's Security: Beyond Cold War to New World Order which is attended by 65 prestigious members of government, labor, academia, the media, military, and the professions from nine countries. Later, several of the conference participants joined some 100 other world leaders for another closed door meeting of the Bilderberg Society in Baden, Germany. The Bilderbergers also exert considerable clout in determining the foreign policies of their respective governments. While at that meeting, David Rockefeller said in a speech: "We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." July, 1991 -- The Southeastern World Affairs Institute discusses the New World Order. In a program, topics include, Legal Structures for a New World Order and The United Nations: From its Conception to a New World Order. Participants include a former director of the U.N.'s General Legal Division, and a former Secretary General of International Planned Parenthood. Late July, 1991 -- On a Cable News Network program, CFR member and former CIA director Stansfield Turner (Rhodes scholar), when asked about Iraq, responded: "We have a much bigger objective. We've got to look at the long run here. This is an example -- the situation between the United Nations and Iraq -- where the United Nations is deliberately intruding into the sovereignty of a sovereign nation... Now this is a

marvelous precedent (to be used in) all countries of the world... " October 29, 1991 -- David Funderburk, former U. S. Ambassador to Romania, tells a North Carolina audience: "George Bush has been surrounding himself with people who believe in one-world government. They believe that the Soviet system and the American system are converging." The vehicle to bring this about, said Funderburk, is the United Nations, "the majority of whose 166 member states are socialist, atheist, and anti-American." Funderburk served as ambassador in Bucharest from 1981 to 1985, when he resigned in frustration over U.S. support of the oppressive regime of the late Rumanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. October 30, 1991: -- President Gorbachev at the Middle East Peace Talks in Madrid states: "We are beginning to see practical support. And this is a very significant sign of the movement towards a new era, a new age... We see both in our country and elsewhere... ghosts of the old thinking... When we rid ourselves of their presence, we will be better able to move toward a new world order... relying on the relevant mechanisms of the United Nations." Elsewhere, in Alexandria, Virginia, Elena Lenskaya, Counselor to the Minister of Education of Russia, delivers the keynote address for a program titled, Education for a New World Order. 1992 -- The Twilight of Sovereignty by CFR member (and former Citicorp Chairman) Walter Wriston is published, in which he claims: "A truly global economy will require ... compromises of national sovereignty... There is no escaping the system." 1992 -- The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) Earth Summit takes place in Rio de Janeiro this year, headed by Conference SecretaryGeneral Maurice Strong. The main products of this summit are the Biodiversity Treaty and Agenda 21, which the U.S. hesitates to sign because of opposition at home due to the threat to sovereignty and economics. The summit says the first world's wealth must be transferred to the third world. July 20, 1992 -- Time magazine publishes The Birth of the Global Nation by Strobe Talbott, Rhodes Scholar, roommate of Bill Clinton at Oxford University, CFR Director, and Trilateralist, in which he writes: "All countries are basically social arrangements... No matter how permanent or even

sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary... Perhaps national sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all... But it has taken the events in our own wondrous and terrible century to clinch the case for world government." As an editor of Time, Talbot defended Clinton during his presidential campaign. He was appointed by President Clinton as the number two person at the State Department behind Secretary of State Warren Christopher, former Trilateralist and former CFR ViceChairman and Director. Talbot was confirmed by about two-thirds of the U.S. Senate despite his statement about the unimportance of national sovereignty. September 29, 1992 -- At a town hall meeting in Los Angeles, Trilateralist and former CFR president Winston Lord delivers a speech titled Changing Our Ways: America and the New World, in which he remarks: "To a certain extent, we are going to have to yield some of our sovereignty, which will be controversial at home... [Under] the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)... some Americans are going to be hurt as low-wage jobs are taken away." Lord became an Assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton administration. 1992 -- President Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N said: "It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance." Winter, 1992-93 -- The CFR's Foreign Affairs publishes Empowering the United Nations by U.N. Secretary General Boutros-Boutros Ghali, who asserts: "It is undeniable that the centuries-old doctrine of absolute and exclusive sovereignty no longer stands... Underlying the rights of the individual and the rights of peoples is a dimension of universal sovereignty that resides in all humanity... It is a sense that increasingly finds expression in the gradual expansion of international law... In this setting the significance of the United Nations should be evident and accepted." 1993 -- Strobe Talbott receives the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award for his 1992 Time article, The Birth of the Global Nation and in appreciation for what he has done "for the cause of global governance." President Clinton writes a letter of congratulation which states: "Norman Cousins worked for world peace and world government.... Strobe Talbott's lifetime achievements as a voice for global harmony have earned him this recognition... He will be a worthy recipient of the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award. Best wishes... for future success." Not only does President Clinton use the specific term, "world government," but he also

expressly wishes the WFA "future success" in pursuing world federal government. Talbott proudly accepts the award, but says the WFA should have given it to the other nominee, Mikhail Gorbachev. July 18, 1993 -- CFR member and Trilateralist Henry Kissinger writes in the Los Angeles Times concerning NAFTA: "What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system... a first step toward a new world order." August 23, 1993 -- Christopher Hitchens, Socialist friend of Bill Clinton when he was at Oxford University, says in a C-SPAN interview: "... it is, of course the case that there is a ruling class in this country, and that it has allies internationally." October 30, 1993 -- Washington Post ombudsman Richard Harwood does an op-ed piece about the role of the CFR's media members: "Their membership is an acknowledgment of their ascension into the American ruling class [where] they do not merely analyze and interpret foreign policy for the United States; they help make it." January/February, 1994 -- The CFR's Foreign Affairs prints an opening article by CFR Senior Fellow Michael Clough in which he writes that the "Wise Men" (e.g. Paul Nitze, Dean Acheson, George Kennan, and John J. McCloy) have: "assiduously guarded it [American foreign policy] for the past 50 years... They ascended to power during World War II... This was as it should be. National security and the national interest, they argued must transcend the special interests and passions of the people who make up America... How was this small band of Atlantic-minded internationalists able to triumph ... Eastern internationalists were able to shape and staff the burgeoning foreign policy institutions... As long as the Cold War endured and nuclear Armageddon seemed only a missile away, the public was willing to tolerate such an undemocratic foreign policy making system." 1994 -- In the Human Development Report, published by the UN Development Program, there was a section called "Global Governance For the 21st Century". The administrator for this program was appointed by Bill Clinton. His name is James Gustave Speth. The opening sentence of the report said: "Mankind's problems can no longer be solved by national government. What is needed is a World Government. This can best be achieved by strengthening the United Nations system."

1995 -- The State of the World Forum took place in the fall of this year, sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation located at the Presidio in San Francisco. Foundation President Jim Garrison chairs the meeting of who's-whos from around the world including Margaret Thatcher, Maurice Strong, George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev and others. Conversation centers around the oneness of mankind and the coming global government. However, the term "global governance" is now used in place of "new world order" since the latter has become a political liability, being a lightning rod for opponents of global government. 1996 -- The United Nations 420-page report Our Global Neighborhood is published. It outlines a plan for "global governance," calling for an international Conference on Global Governance in 1998 for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification by the year 2000. 2000 - Project for a New American Century takes center stage as its creators take key positions in the Cheney/Bush administration. With Operation 9/11 they usher in the era of fear and terrorism, putting the entire globalization agenda into high gear. Warp speed ahead. The next eight years would bring forth unprecedented Bush & Co crime syndicate wholesale devastation of America as all of us have known it. 2008 - Worldwide economic collapse is finally acknowledged. We now witness the Problem Reaction Solution paradigm come into play, as always, to "save the day", watch as the powers that be maneuver to setup a NEW FINANCIAL WORLD ORDER. Here is NWO icon Kissinger's own words on the engineered collapse: "The Chance for a New World Order." So what is this New World Order run by the Zionist Jewish elite and their Masonic right hand apparatus look like? Well that is hard to say, but we do have a glimpse on how the Zionists currently rule by taking a closer look at their current invasions and occupations, such as the land of Palestine apartheid Israel. The they refer to the goyim gentiles as sub-human filth, and will most likely be treated as they currently treat the "vile" "despicable" Palestinians. So genocide, martial law, wanton abuse and violence against the sub-human species will be tolerated and maybe even encouraged, most probably integrated as policy. Resources will be rationed to all goyims. Gentiles will have the right to be silent and only speak when told to. The words of the gentiles must convey deep respect and honor for their most benevolent, loving, generous caretakers, the most supreme race, the living gods on earth, the most holy Jews. Your privileges of breathing and eating will be secured by diligently working for the state. Anyone who dares carry out blasphemy and commit the sin of anti-Semitism will be immediately executed by the one who caught him in the act of such vile profanity. There will be no slavery... for everyone will be grateful "servants" who will compete for the privilege to serve the most holy ones. There will be no need for physical money, for by that time you will all be BioChipped, cataloged and inventoried just like all other resources. With the implanted chip you will be able to enter your local distribution center called Wal-Mart and get your months worth of

rations. Those who are obedient faithful servants can eventually work their way up to middle management and help oversee their own kind, to accomplish this you must demonstrate your devotion to the most holy ones by regularly turning on and informing on your friends and family. All religions will be banned for it will be pure unadulterated unforgivable blasphemy to worship any other god other than the Jewish god. It will be a wonderful time in age where disputes among peoples and nations will be no more. For the most benevolent and wise rulers will oversee all matters of national defense and local law enforcement. To help maintain the safety of the masses, wonderful regional security measures will be implemented such as security check point toll roads, where the goyims must show their papers of good standing and pay the toll, then be able to proceed to the next town border crossing check point and so on. With the wonderful focus on family, will come mandatory curfew hours, where everyone would be required to be in their quarters to share quality time with your family, anyone caught wondering around after hours is most definitely a deviant terrorist and will be dealt with accordingly, and executed, thus making our streets so much safer. There ancient system of laws and lawyers will be substituted for a much more wonderful and superior system run by our most benevolent wise masters who, due to their divine nature are more adequately prepared to be most fair judges, solving disputes and charges in a fraction of the time. Anyone found to have committed any act against a most wonderful superior Jewish being will be executed for such a grievous offence, without the need for a court hearing due to the fact that it is a sin to even frown into the eyes of your master race. Oh how wonderful this world will soon become! All the goyims will be guaranteed happiness due to the advanced Pharma solution happy pills that will be issued to everyone along with the regular vaccinations for diabolical "XYZ pathogens" that are out to kill us. Gosh, life is gona be so good under our most benevolent, warm, caring and wonderful saviors.... Enough of the glorious glimpse of your magnificent promising future, now go back to sleep my sheeple, sleep.... sleep... sleep.....

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"The most important weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."

The manipulation of public opinion has become the PsyOp art for the ruling elite and our governments. Some of the best social scientists, psychologists, and marketing men in the world have mastered the art to a science. So much so that they can kill someone in broad daylight (JFK) in front of thousands of witnesses, then not only get away with it, but have media and the masses join in the chorus in ridiculing anyone that comes forward to even question the situation. Now THAT is what I call magic! Hail to the master manipulators of man! Those who convince the masses to not only ignore their common sense perception and logic of reality but also masterfully get the minions to completely collectively to ignore the FACTS, common sense, their own conscience and the laws of physics are the true master sorcerers of the modern world. One major factor that is statistically proven and well known to the Spin Masters is the fact that at least a full one third of any given segment will believe ANYTHING you tell them anyway. You see, it goes like this: The national average IQ level is 100. Given that simple fact, it does not take a mathematical genius to figure out that at least one third must be "intelligence impaired" to say it nicely, while another one third can be considered "gifted". That leaves us with a full two thirds of any given population that are within the realm of easy manipulation. It is that "pesky" one third of intellectually "gifted" that always pose the biggest headaches to the ruling elite. For their

analytical powers of reasoning and independent thinking are hard to circumvent. Oh, but there is a way to everything. Appeal to the vainness' of their superior intellect with great shows of intellectual scientific facts, studies, statistics, etc., by those who they look up to, consider their peers and superiors. Oh, how many of those high IQs get caught up in the whirlwind of smoke and mirrors. Many then chime in and re-enforce the issue, event, etc. at some point, fiction magically becomes accepted as fact through the masterful manipulation of statistics. One of the factors that makes it so easy for the Government and rulers to be able to lead the herds of cattle is the fact that since childhood we are constantly conditioned to follow orders, do as you are told, NEVER question authority, those who prove to have dutifully allowed themselves to be easily controlled are rewarded with silly things like a letter "A" and receive "honors" (oh how nice it is to be put on that pedestal and looked up to in admiration by your peers). Those who fail to follow as they are told are punished. The system of rewards in the indoctrination process just gets more elaborate as you get older. When you really do good, never getting out of line and perfectly following the agenda of those in leadership, the rewards get interesting, wow, now you can get a cool certificate or even a MEDAL! Golly gee whiz, you are really cooking now. You are becoming the perfect object . You hang that perfectly worthless piece of paper on your walls and treasure those pieces of tin with fake gold plating, boy are you proud. Wow, now that's what the meaning of life is all about! Congratulations, you are now ready to join your fellow cattle in society. Now you are ready to toil day in and day out to make ends meet with the rest of your peers, applying the lessons you have been conditioned since childhood in your everyday life, blindly follow and obey. The moment you "get out of line" you are quickly punished. We have to dock your days pay, when you do something utterly dumb like question or confront whatever system you are toiling under, the punishment is a "pink slip." The true meaning of life has been obscured to ALL since childhood. The meaning of life has been replaced by: "The American Dream." You must go to whatever lengths to accomplish no matter what. Your peers judge you by what you have and do not have. If you are poor, you are a nobody. If you make it to the middle levels of materialism, you can sit proudly in that new car and home you are indebted with up to your nose, the banksters are your economic masters. Boy you have surely made it though! Then you not only have to keep it and sustain it, now you must toil even harder not to lose it and to continue to go further higher up the feeding chain. Millions of minions trod along this path only to realize that one little miss-step, one little mishap and it can all disappear. Back to "Go" do not collect 200, start all over again! The meaning of life has been replaced by the American Dream, that has become to many "the mission in life." But then what is the true meaning of life? For the sake of continuity of this chapter's topic we must continue to focus on the main issues at hand. For those who are interested, we will try to cover the TRUE meaning of life elsewhere in this report.

So there you stand, a bare empty shell, conditioned since childhood, a mere minion among minions who the ruling elite lead to graze as sheep/cattle in whatever direction they so choose. You see but yet you are blind, you hear but yet you are deft. You must break free from their bonds and emancipate yourself from mental slavery. In order to do so, you must earnestly confront all the fairy tales you have been conditioned in your entire life. You must learn to see through the smoke and mirrors of your ruling masters. But who can question their wisdom? Who dares stand up to the powers of the beast? Unfortunately, at this moment we neither have the resources nor space to get into details here in this report. Our mission is to provide the "big picture" and show how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together like a glove. We connect the dots. You must continue forth and keep on connecting the dots. With that said and done, the world has been masterfully manipulated for ages by THE MEDIA. Text books, magazines, news papers, TV, etc. are their tools. Those who control the media are COMPLETELY allied with the ruling elite and your governments, for all intents and purposes, they are "one". A train of thought is first fabricated by the original source, then the other units of the media chain all chime in and instill the message, a wave of re-enforcing like messages come at you from all corners and sources. Surely if EVERYONE is saying the same thing, then it "must" be true! Behold: Here lays the basic framework on how their system works. Take for example: Diamonds. They are synonymous with "love is forever". How did that come to be? A diamond has become the defacto symbol of love worldwide via a careful strategic public relations and marketing campaign spanning over decades, nurturing the target image they wanted to achieve. The diamond marketing scheme is what legends are made out of, pure genius. For they have taken a relatively worthless rock and added value and the appearance of illusion rarity for what in reality is a common item whose quantity is purposely controlled. Here we have a perfect example that can be readily examined in depth on how corporate America and governments have mastered the art of making you believe whatever they want you to. Now go buy that diamond for your loved one, you know you have no choice in the matter... it's the only way to "prove" to her that you love her. LOL, pure genius. The media and business barons are not the only ones who have mastered the art of manipulating public opinion, as a matter of fact, the true pioneers of public opinion manipulation has always been the ruling regimes throughout the ages. Over the centuries the ruling establishments have perfected the art of leading the masses. Modern public relations, psychological, and social engineering management and manipulation is down to an advanced science. Volumes can be written documenting how governments lead and miss-lead its constituents, but I don't have the luxury of time and space to cover this important extensively, for now I will give you just one clear example, then you can go forth and see how many more you can spot out there on your own: America gets attacked by the "boogeymen", subsequently massive FEAR is instilled in the hearts and minds of the public, "anyone who is not with us, is against us" was the war cry of our fearless savior papa Bush. The days following the "attacks" on our soil were full of massive shows of patriotism. Everyone was proudly waving and flying flags, crying out for the blood of

the evil doers. What do you know, our most dear, loving, most wonderful protective government would soon after the attacks come forth with the largest issuance of policies, laws and acts in our history to "PROTECT US" from the boogeymen... Psychological Naming Convention: When you sit back and actually READ and STUDY the actual NAMES of oppressive Acts, signed into law, the names are designed for us, the citizens. What I'm trying to say is that many of these laws actually strip us of our rights are NAMED COMPLETELY OPPOSITE OF THEIR PURPOSE. The proper title of the "U.S.A. Patriot Act" should have been something like "U.S.A. Citizens Rights Reduction Act". But hell no, that would make it so obvious what the actual real CONTENT of the Act is that it would never fly! There you have it, the KEY to their naming convention formula, the decipher key for naming the TITLES of policies, Acts, legislation and Laws of our government the opposite of what it truly represents. Take the term "Homeland Security," the term was adopted from Adolf Hitler's institution of his "State Security" police... the "SS." How about the "Fairness Doctrine" for example, is anything BUT fair, and designed to oppress free speech, the list goes on and on. Our government leaders know full well that when any new law or legislation is discussed in sound bites on the nightly news, the water cooler, or wherever, that THE TITLE is what people will REMEMBER more than other factor. THUS WE WITNESS: "the Patriot Act? Oh yeah, I'm all for it for I am a true patriot of my wonderful bad ass country!" Doh... This is what I call a masterpiece manipulation of public opinion in action.

What we have today is a sort of "invasion of the body snatchers" syndrome, where we see the multitudes of people walking the streets like domesticated zombies, void of independent thought, almost everyone has been broken in, converted and all having become docile parts of the system that has been in the process of taking over the planet. Some feel it in their bones that the "system" is wrong but no one can their finger on it. No one has a clue for the media manipulators have you well surrounded with completely encircled avalanche of information, entertainment, trivia, law, career, sports, movies, shows, and so forth to keep you busy and distracted up till the end of days.

You think that all people out there standing up for the little guy are for real? Let me tell you, one of the elite media manipulators best kept strategies is the use of DOUBLE AGENTS. Many of you refer to them as "plants" or "shills." Beware of those who claim to be with your kind, for they are in reality just mere spies and strategic PUBLIC DIALOGUE MANIPULATORS. Their sole mission is to gain the trust and respect of the truthers movement thus try to LEAD and CONTROL THE DIRECTION OF PUBLIC DIALOG of the TRUTHER movement. Thus leading the discussions into irrelevant areas, pre-desired outcomes, introducing false positives into the mix, entertaining whacky theories, moving the people "off the scent", muddying up the issues with non truths, and so forth. Look at Politically Incorrect establishment shill Bill Maher for instance. This decadent immorality promoting liberal Zionist shill (oh you didn't know he was Jewish too?) has massive influence on millions of his viewers he uses his TV show as a catalyst where he masterfully STEERS public opinion in the direction his Zionist masters direct him too, for the best damage control of obvious matters that have made it into the public sphere, all in a funny "just one of the guys" non threatening manner. He is given the green light to attack those the that are not "made men" within the elite Cosa Nostra. He expertly highlights some issues and defuses others. Such as when he flat out slammed and ridiculed audience members for mentioning the 911 inside job. There are many like him on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and books all over the world plying their craft. The point that you must understand with establishment shills is that they expertly play the part of "anti-establishment" and become sort of the unofficial "last word." They make endless jokes out of the thousands upon thousands of serious issues, corruption, and so forth. After people laugh it off, they go right back to grazing in the fields, satisfied that at least someone out there, even though it is usually a COMEDIAN, understood their plight and point of view. Then you have the more "hard core" deep undercover shills such as the famous Jewish "truther" Noam Chomsky. I read many of his works and am amazed how often he does in fact "tell the true story" of many things.... BUT.... You must look deeper. Where does he ultimately lead the BLAME to? Eh? The biggest of the red flags that reveals this man is an obvious shill is his total denial of the fact that 911 was an inside job. The most important "acid test" is the fact that he fails to acknowledge that his Jew brethren are the ruling masters and instead leads all his readers astray with false leads. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" ..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"Ordo Ab Chao" (Order Out of Chaos) - Official Masonic illuminati motto Since the fall of the Soviet Union, America was for the first time in decades, without a "common enemy". The trillion dollar military industrial complex would most certainly face a major depression along with bankruptcies if there are no more enemies to wage war on. Peace is just so anti-military. If true peace were ever made worldwide, the military industrial complex would become extinct *gasp*. Oh, the chaos, trillions upon trillions of dollars in revenues lost, millions upon millions of people unemployed. Actually, the overnight elimination of such a massive industry could cause major worldwide financial turmoil, think about it. Ok, so since the fall of the Soviet Union, things were pretty "boring" in the boogeyman scene. Along comes 9/11 and the entire world changed OVERNIGHT. Ok, as we all know by now, the events prior to, during and after 911 have been under massive critique by everyone except those that have vested interests in that charade and the 33%er crowed that blindly believe anything they are fed by their masters. Without the 911 attacks orchestrated by al-CIAda, nothing would

have changed, 911 false flag op, like the Reichstag Fire and the Tonkin incident, changed everything. For the first time in history a nation is at war with a word: "terrorism". This word is hiding everywhere! In our back yards, on the "internets" (a Bushism), in your place of work, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, your next door neighbor! Etc. Since that fateful day on Sept 11, 2001 our dear loving leaders have been bending over backwards along with their massive propaganda machine in trying to convince us and the world that we must give up all our rights and liberties so that our most loving government can catch a couple dozen evil "boogeymen" who "hate us for our freedoms"... the kicker? By monitoring every single one of us 300 million+ citizens. Doh! The first problem I have had with this whole scenario started on the day of 911, and obvious "setup" followed by a massive coordinated cover-up, then the huge effort to shove the whole investigation under the rug followed by the fact that anyone who asks ANY reasonable questions is immediately ridiculed and attacked so viciously that one cannot help but to stop right there in their tracks and re-assess the whole bullshit story we are being hastily fed and instructed to forget and just follow along. Perhaps one of the most perplexing insane idiocies (if we were to believe the premise that boogeymen want to come to our country and kill us all) is the fact that ABSOLUTELY VERY LITTLE ZERO EFFORT WAS MADE TO PROTECT OUR BOARDERS. So let me get this straight: you tell me that the boogeymen want to come to our country to kill us all, kill our children, rape our wives and drink our blood, but you REFUSE to lock the front door and windows to our national "home"? And you are going to "go fight them over there so you won't have to fight them here"? But, Ummm, how about our open doors, windows THE BOARDERS? "Nah, don't worry about that" Doh!... fast forward... hey... NOW we are expecting "something big, bigger and badder than 911", oh boy, see, we have been telling you, it's going to happen here! give up more of your liberties, lets shred that "goddamned piece of paper we call the constitution" it's just antique junk, just TRUST us, we know what is right for you. To make sure that everything is ok here at home we will setup a Gazillion eavesdropping and spy programs to monitor all YOUR 300 million citizens' activities to help catch the 1 boogeyman... The mantra: "the terrorists are out to get us!" they hate our freedoms! Bin Laden is the devil reincarnated. I find it interesting that Bin Laden was a paid CIA operative not too long before 911, I find it interesting he was on terrorist "must get list", yet CIA spooks met up with him shortly prior to 911 when he was in that hospital and they never bothered placing him under arrest. I also find it interesting that he did NOT originally accept the "praise" for the attacks of 911, instead of readily admitting he gave "satanic America an good blow" said something to the effect of "hey, cool, nice job who ever did that, they rock!" (my translation). America then went into Afghanistan, bombed them back into the stone age, setup our puppet government, laid down that crucial oil pipeline, got the opium fields back online to full production capacity, then turned our sights on the evil Sadam guy who was hiding all kinds of weapons of mass destruction and was building nukes to invade our country with... Oh, and according to our dear leaders in Washington and the PentaCON War Machine, "Sadam loved terrorists, he was training them and all," you didn't know? According to the Bush Crime

Syndicate propaganda machine, Iraq was an infested terrorist breeding ground! When in reality, anyone who bothers to check a silly thing known as the facts will readily tell you that there was not one single terrorist in Iraq, due to the fact that Sadam would cut their heads off, and often did just that to anyone who got out of line. The bullshit coming from the Washington propaganda machine just keeps coming out. I can smell Washington from here! But hey, why are we not targeting or even TRYING to get Bin Laden? The true shocker: Osama Bin Laden is DEAD. He has been dead for a few years now! Oh, you didn't get the memo? Of course not, the CIA is still busy cranking out bogus cheesy videos with some fake Bin Laden actor (or just using still images to an audio feed) to keep the fear factor high in the gullible goyim sheeple minds. A dead Bin Laden would be catastrophic for the fear charade of the century. Don't worry, they have Bin Laden's body on ice, and will someday when the timing is right, thaw it out and say "hey we got him". Ok so we bombed Iraq into the stone age real good, then declared "mission accomplished" only to turn around and find out that the Iraqis were not going to allow us to easily setup a puppet regime and take over all their oil rights without a fight. We killed anywhere from just 500 innocent civilians to more than 1 million Iraqis, depending on who you ask, that's the problem, the more people we killed, the more pissed off family members who lost loved ones had to "fight back" to defend themselves with stones, we call those people terrorists also. Actually, anyone that does not agree with us and opposes us in any way is a terrorist. Talking about terrorists, hey! "there go some more terrorists over there!" Now the neo-cons have Washington chanting "kill Iran, kill Iran, kill, Iran"... oh boy... here we go again. The Zionist Jewish neo-con mob are instigating yet another fight "bomb those evil Iranians!" Guess what, "they have weapons of mass destruction!" and they want to kill us all! Hmmmm, that sounds familiar. Will we end up doing their dirty work yet again? You would think that they Israel should at least get their hands a little dirty also in their mad quest to conquer and rule the middle east. Oh well. Wait, hold the presses! Apartheid Israel is at this moment making its move, they are currently in an all out bloody invasion of the Gaza strip, about time they did some of their own dirty work in this world conquest agenda.


Ok, enough playing around. Now to the real meat of this chapter: 911, the war against Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran (Syria, Pakistan and others to follow in the future), terrorists and the daddy of them all, Bin Laden... has all been a massive bullshit lie conjured up in the dungeons of the Zionist & Washington elites ivy tower country clubs. EVERYTHING IS LIES: Iraq had no WMD's, Iraq never had "terrorist" in their land PRIOR to our invasion, 911 was NOT by Bin Laden, it was a CIA/PentaCON BlackOps false flag mission, etc. Did I mention that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD? He bit the dust years ago. Yet he rises from the dead to do VIDEO SHOOTS IN HIS HIGH TECH CAVE MOVIE STUDIOS! LOL (I have to admit, even though most of the time I'm extremely mad at the crazy things this administration does, some of this shit is downright funny when you think about it, hey, they have this dead guy doing high tech videos from a cave! lol, and the stupid moronic citizens of this country eat it all up! now I'm mad again) Let's see, Bin Laden's cave has a huge Blue screen setup with state of the art video editing studio in his tricked out cave in the mountains, I wonder how the dead Bin Laden gets electricity to his cave! Let alone pack everything up and move from cave to cave on a daily basis without being seen lugging tons of high tech equipment around! LOL Real Bin Laden (left); fake CIA Bin Ladens from recent videos

I showed the above pictures to a bunch of ELLEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS and asked them if those two pictures were of the same person, they unanimously agreed that the picture on the right was "fake", a real poor "puppet." They can't fool a bunch of common school kids, yet you have all witnessed all the highly educated, wealthy national reporters give this crap "Al-CIAda" productions "legitimacy." Every single reporter chimes in and blindly reinforces the charade, these are the pathetic guardians to the public trust who the sheeple believe, these are the ones who give the illusions and grand lies life and staying power. I've seen all those fake "Bin Laden" videos that ALLWAYS COME OUT WHEN BUSH NEEDS THEM THE MOST to help get NEW LAWS PASSED or whenever he needs more money and so forth. This stuff is beyond RIDICULOUS! Who really believes all this bullshit? The Al-CIAda propaganda video teams slap together all those ridiculous videos that are SO OBVIOUSLY NOT BIN LADEN, then the whole country BELIEVES THIS SHIT? I really am lost for words here. I don't know if I should just give up and surrender, because from what I see,

our country hopelessly DOOMED with all its people as dumbnified ZOMBIES who's majority believes that those CHEAP FAKE crap videos are real? Oh, and when al-CIAda finishes their video productions they DON'T deliver them to any of the news stations, they instead ship ALL their videos off to a CIA special unit? DOH! Oh come on! my gullibility index has been smashed beyond repair! So when you see me displaying no faith or hope in my fellow cattle Americans waking up from their deep slumber you can understand why. Real Osama (left); FAKE Osama (right) from old bogus CIA produced videos

Any elementary school kid can tell you that the guys in the videos are NOT the real Bin Laden. The more I think about this, is the more I realize our nation has no hope, we are truly DOOMED. America is THAT freaking gullible that we are all screwed. CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, etc., every single news outlet aired all the videos and America was that easily duped. NOT ONE SINGLE NEWS ANCHOR CAME OUT AND SAID "WHY ARE WE AIRING THIS FAKE BULLSHIT AS GOSPEL?" Public Enemy #1: Behold: The Dead Boogeyman:

So we the "truthers" are the tinfoil hat wearing nut jobs eh? I have much better things to do. I don't sit around making this shit up! THIS IS REALITY! WAKE UP! I would love nothing more that to go back into my cocoon and forget everything I know and go back to our fantasy island life. Too late, I have this real bad problem, I just can't stand bad horror movies like the bogus rip offs the CIA puts out using Bin Laden doubles in front of a Hollywood blue screen or still images with "Osama's" voice in the background. And I have this real bad habit of allowing LOGIC, common sense, rational, physics and reason to dominate in my thoughts.

You MUST UNDERSTAND the IMPLICATIONS of the FACT that our government is producing ITS OWN BOGUS OSAMA VIDEOS TO PUSH IT'S AGENDA!!! Furthermore: You must totally understand the FACT that if our government is faking these videos, this is only THE TIP OF THE ICEBURG!!! therefore you must ask yourself: WHAT ELSE HAVE THEY BEEN FAKING? WHAT OTHER LIES HAVE THEY BEEN LEADING US TO BELIEVE? WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS? The questions just keep piling up. Masters of illusions, the core of which is the art of distraction. Getting the audience into a hypnotic trance focusing their attention where you want them to while you perform your masterful sleight of hand right in front of their faces. The year 2000 brought in the new millennium with rumors of "Y2K" disaster that was going to end our world. While we were all gripped in FEAR and focusing on the Y2K bugs, the presidency of the United States of America was stolen by the illusionists, the coup d'état was then followed by the largest unprecedented consolidation of power ever achieved in the history of the US, along with the single most aggressive rape of our constitution, bill of rights and all our freedoms we have ever witnessed all without anyone blinking. "look into my eyes... the terrorist boogeymen are out to get you..." Terrorism, terrorist, death, Bin Laden, WMDs, terror, Nuclear bomb, terrorists... be afraid, be very afraid! Boo! Gee whiz, did you know that America now has over ONE MILLION people listed and classified as "terrorists" in their Terrorist Watch List...? Gee, I had no clue our country was overflowing jammed full of so many evil sinister terrorists! Warning to all you "terrorists" out there: soon your day will come when you are all rounded up and sent to concentration camps you bunch of evil TERRORISTS!.... The Terrorist Watch List was up 32% since 2007 as more and more peaceful protesters and activists are dutifully added to the list among the ranks of other evil sinister terrorists that are found on a daily basis such as the guy caught SPEEDING, that teacher that spoke the truth about the system and was later arrested, that grandma that was standing in front of a government building protesting, etc., etc... So here we are, the establishment has been working in overdrive for 7 years instilling FEAR of the boogeymen terrorists in all our hearts and minds. Soon the day will come when "al-CIAda" strikes again in our country to make sure once and for all that we are all gripped in total FEAR, corralled into our holding pens shall we relinquish what little rights we have left? This new millennium ushered in the era of the "terrorist", the new common enemy, "Islamo-fascism" and "totalitarian Islamic empire" are the new fear buzz words. Our invasions in the middle east has been PIVITOL in transforming a rag tag couple hundred "terrorists" into thousands and thousands of REAL pissed off "terrorists", they have made sure of that, for we have been in the middle east stirring up those hornets nests for decades. Americans have been trained well in how to suspend belief, the mind numbness of countless hours absorbing mindless TV programming, drinking heavily Fluoridated water, the mercury in

vaccine shots, the conditioning since childhood of being told what to do, or whatever it is that has caused the citizens of this once great nation to become docile zombies accepting the most ridiculous fairy tales as gospel. I can't say what or how the elite rulers pulled it off, I just see it all around me here and now, stop and listen to the chants rebounding off the walls: By Isabelle Duerme- AHN News Writer, Washington, D.C. - In a recent address held at the Heritage Foundation, U.S. President George W. Bush insisted that people need to take the words of the terrorists seriously, and not listen to the demands and the protests of blog writers. The president urged that the words spoken by terrorists must be taken seriously, as there can be no room for leniency in a time of terrorist activity. Quoted from the live broadcast, Mr. Bush continued to say that the nation must spend more time listening to the messages and threats of Osama bin Laden, and "less time responding to the demands of bloggers and Code Pink protesters." Mr. Bush said that the terrorists aim to establish a totalitarian Islamic empire, and that they move along the belief of refusing compromise or dialogue with "infidels" , with Bush saying that the U.S. has been included in that list. Likening the threats of bin Laden to the warnings sent out by historic figures such as Lenin and Hitler, Mr. Bush said that unlike how the public responded to the mentioned leaders, "the people must listen to bin Laden."!!!! "Some in Congress are behaving as if America is not at war," MSNBC quoted the president. "In a time of war, it is vital for the president to have a full national security team in place." Mr. Bush also called for Congress to turn more of their time towards funding plans for the war in Iraq, and less time planning for other causes such as children's health care - something for which he accused Congress of overspending. Again stating that "we will fight [the terrorists] overseas so we do not have to fight them here at home," President Bush said that the only way to defeat terrorism is to "advance freedom as the alternative to radicalism." The above article grabbed my attention because it so eloquently points out several key factors, first of all, again Bush is telling the cattle not to pay any mind to the FACTS and truthers such as, BUT TO INSTEAD LISTEN TO BIN LADEN!!! Hopefully some of you are in the "awake" 30% club that realizes the "Bin Laden Tapes" are nothing more than just a bunch of CIA production bullshit videos. Therefore Bin Laden NEVER made ANY of those tapes, therefore those tapes are OFFICIAL PROPAGANDA RELEASES FROM OUR OWN GOVERNMENT to continue the charade and foster FEAR in the hearts and minds of the cattle, so that they can proceed with their real new world order agenda. The DEAD Osama Bin Laden MUST be "kept alive by the state" using old video clips, Hollywood FX, whatever means necessary, otherwise they lose their number one boogeyman. So next time you hear of any tape

"from Bin Laden" you can bet the farm that those talking points are coming directly from the powers that be within our own government, never forget this. For the people who are producing these FAKE videos are the SAME ones that brought us 9/11... who also brought us the bullshit lie war in Iraq... who are now banging the war drums on Iran... who are perpetrating the fraud of the millennium in their quest to bring on Armageddon, passing on their holy new world order agenda. Missing Links - Video So the powers that be want you all to take the (dead) "Bin Laden's" words seriously, but have you not ever wondered why we have not once in over the last 5+ years heard a word from our government about their efforts or plans to capture Bin Laden? They OFFICIALLY stopped searching for him over 5+ years ago, and instead speak of "getting al-CIAda." He is dead as a doornail in someone's freezer waiting to be thawed out when the time is right. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated not because people "hated or feared" her, that was the just another cover story. The real reason she was assassinated was because she did not know how to keep her mouth shut and go along with the program. She started appearing on national TV networks explaining that Bin Laden was IN FACT DEAD (along with details and names). Mind you this was a highly respected women who people looked up to and was very credible. Thus her campaign of exposing the fact that "west's" main boogeyman was dead could potentially ruin all their well laid plans. Benazir Bhutto paid the ultimate price for stating that the US imperial policy of propping up tin horn dictators causes world terrorism. She dared to say so. Condemning what she called "A False Choice for Pakistan", the late Benazir Bhutto laid "terrorism" at the White House doorstep, blaming US policies for causing, fueling and inspiring what US regimes call "terrorism". She was targeted for assassination and promptly taken out by your friendly neighborhood Mossad/CIA agents. FYI: BIN LADEN IS DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD AS A DOORNAIL. You must get that FACT through your thick skulls! THE WORLD HAS NOT SEEN ONE SINGLE UNDOCTORED VIDEO OF A LIVE WALKING AND TALKING BIN LADEN SINCE 2002. EACH AND EVERY SINGLE AUDIO/VIDEO TAPE CIRCULATED PUPORTEDLY FROM BIN LADEN HAS BEEN A CIA PRODUCTION USING HIS VOICE FROM STOCK FOOTAGE. THAT IS WHY YOU NEVER, NEVER, NEVER SEE HIM IN A VIDEO, THEY CAN NOT FAKE A VIDEO WITHOUT IT LOOKING PATHETICALLY STUPID AS THEY HAVE TRIED. THEY NEED, NEED, NEED TO KEEP THE MYTH OF THE MASTER BOOGEYMAN ALIVE TO INSTIL FEAR IN YOUR SHEEPLE LIVES!!! I'm sorry for the cap locks, but I just heard a new audio tape (with a picture of the boogeyman in the background) being played on national TV from the DEAD Bin Laden and the idiot news anchor then comes out and says "there you have it, this proves once and for all the Bin Laden is still alive".... AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! Freaking sold out brain dead morons, all of them! General Leonid Ivashov, who was Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces when the Twin Towers tragedy happened on 911, insists that there is no such thing as international terrorism and that the "September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up. What we are seeing is a

manipulation by the big powers; this terrorism would not exist without them." Globalization creates conditions for the emergence of this terror. It seeks to design new world geo-strategic map; appropriate the resources of the planet; erase cultural identities; and subjugate States before a global oligarchy. Thus, terrorism, according to Gen. Ivashov, is an instrument "a means to install a unipolar world with a sole world headquarters, a pretext to erase national borders and to establish the rule of a new world elite. It is precisely this elite that constitutes the key element of world terrorism, its ideologists and its 'godfather'." of world politics, " Lets continue to study and dissect the boogeymen the Zionists and our government places in the mainstream as it tries to sell us the concept of the horrible evil killers that seek to invade our country who intend on taking over our country to "establish a totalitarian Islamofascist empire". I don't have to make this stuff up, It all comes out of Washington. These are the premises they are using to clamp down on our liberties, destroying our freedom, constitution, bill of rights and so forth, setting up a massive Orwellian surveillance network and police state "to protect us" within our country, while they go "fight them over there", destroying their lands and culture. Leaving them all desolate with basically NOTHING left but pain and suffering. Then our fearless leaders say "How dare they retaliate against our INVASION & occupation forces with crude IEDs? Evil terrorists! " "Look at those evil terrorists, al-CIAda has even converting Americans! They weave a powerful spell on unsuspecting people". The case is being made before your very eyes to plant the seed that evil "terrorists" are everywhere around us. This effort grew with the introduction of Adam Perlman, aka "Danny the Jew", the "American al-CIAda" guy who is in reality none other than a low level CIA/Mossad shill operative PLAYING THE ROLE of some idiotic American that somehow just showed up at Bin Laden's cave, "Danny the Jew" then supposedly gained the Muslim world's un-ending trust to become one of their top representatives. He has gained such high stature in Bin Laden's criminal al-CIAda terrorist network that Bin Laden refuses to do current live video tapings, instead allowing this AMERICAN JEW to REPRESENT ALL OF ISLAM and pass on his messages... yeah right, and I am selling the Brooklyn bridge, do you want to buy it? Oh, you did not know that Adam is JEWISH? Yes, there be pure Jewish blood running through his veins, probably the first Jew to supposedly convert to Islam in the history of mankind? "Danny the Jew" = al-CIAda's new official representative: LOL!


The fairy tale gets better folks, you see, more and more people and instances are arising out of the woodworks that are continually painting a picture of "homegrown American terrorism" on the scene. therefore laying the seeds for the future imprisonment of all "American terrorists", such as peaceful ACTIVISTS, protesters, government dissenters and all who dare question and oppose the rulers in Washington. They are implementing draconian measures all around rural agricultural America to fight, get this, "Bioterrorism", I kid you not. Even the masterfully engineered financial 9/11 economic collapse by our bankster rulers is being tied to the al-CIAda boogeyman! The link listed written by crypto Jew Marc A. Thiessen is a perfect example of PentaCON/Whitehouse propaganda, oh, wait a minute, the guy who wrote that bullshit piece's JOB was as speech writer and author, formulating FAIRY TALES for both of the above mentioned government agencies. As you can see, he (and all others like him who "leave office") are still out in the wild weaving their tales despite not having an "official" position within the government, thus you can readily observe that even though this person claims to be an "independent" author he is still hammering out propaganda for his masters. People, those who can see through the hype, who can see through the smoke and mirrors, what are we to say and do? The Zionist & Masonic neo-cons have been consolidating power on the "fear ticket". The sheeple of the United States of Amnesia quickly forget any doubts they have and go right back to grazing in the fields while the wolves in sheep's clothing are running the entire farm. They run our government, the military and our police force, screw the poor while lavishing insane benefits upon the rich. I truly find it hard to believe we will win this battle, but yet we cannot lose faith, with the amazing unchallenged power they wield they are getting so arrogant and bold that they are increasingly not even bothering to hide their actions. Through their deeds, the democrats have also revealed the fact that they are 100% in league with the agenda of the Zionist republican neo-cons, it is increasingly obvious that both parties serve the same masters. It is becoming "in your face" blatantly obvious that the nations so called "independent" news media is just a puppet propaganda arm of our government and the Zionists spewing out pre-canned bullshit. It is becoming increasingly accepted that all the politicians are just whores who pimp themselves out to the highest bidders, taking money from all sorts of people and corporations as legalized bribery then turn around and give the rest of us lip service. The scary part is that once you fully understand the premise of the FAIRY TALE they will have you believe, that the (dead) Bin Laden they stopped looking for years ago, operating out of a dark cave in the mountains of some god forsaken place thousands of miles away will yet AGAIN outsmart and outmaneuver the world's preeminent most sophisticated intelligence and unsurpassed defense apparatus the planet has ever known to exist... yet: CAN YOU AND DO YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE RAMIFICATIONS OF: 1) al-CIAda is a super secret CIA/Mossad BlackOps false flag operation,


2) the universal echoing cry from all areas of our government is the same: "al-CIAda is soon going to strike bigger and badder than ever here at home." 3) watch out for the game has been set... our government BlackOps false flag division will soon be conducting more "DRILLS" that will become LIVE in a neighborhood near you and blow the fuck out of entire towns if not cities in order to open the door and implement the NEXT PHASE of their new world order plans. BTW, don't be surprised if they come up with a new and improved boogeyman to replace their "stiff", the dead as a doornail Bin Laden... Oh, the CHAOS this will unleash. Soon everyone in this country will be shitting in their pants, sucking on their thumbs while crying for protection from THE BOOGEYMAN!!! Get ready to say good bye to the world as you have come to know it. Lest you NEVER forget, the apartheid terrorist state of Israel has over 200 nuclear missiles... their intelligence agency which proudly operates under the motto: "By way of deception, thou shalt do war." These people breath, eat, sleep, live and die, operating in complete undercover, complete infiltration, complete false flag masters working all sides of their engineered conflicts... many of those towel head "terrorists" out there are nothing more than deep cover MOSSAD agents instigating and stirring up hornets nests giving the Zionists justifications, reasons, excuses to implement their agendas... with that sad truth exposed, said and done... Behold: for I must ask thee this: Who is to say that Zionist ISRAEL won't be the one to detonate a REAL nuclear or biological weapon here on our American soil in order to blame it on, ummm, Iran? Syria? Pakistan? Etc. I can see the headlines now. Sinister evil Muslim posing for photos with nuke! (Lee Harvey Oswald style) Here is the proof! Look, they left maps, notes, pictures and addresses of all their buddies too! ATTACK!!!! I try to walk the earth as the son of man instructed me to: "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" for I am not of this world, yet I must dwell here like the rest of you. I quietly sit back and monitor what's going on at all times, I have witnessed our government doing the ludicrous and downright batshit insane for too long. I have finally come forth to share the bird's eye view I have from the perch on my side of the fence, hopefully shedding more light into this madness we all face.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


CIA/MOSSAD "OPERATION 911 REICHSTAG-FIRE" (RE: BlackOps NORTHWOODS) The day an entire country was mentally raped
"In the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great mass of people will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one." - Adolph Hitler "The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the U.S." - Pierre Henri Brunel, French Intelligence "September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up. What we are seeing is a manipulation by the big powers; this terrorism would not exist without them." - General Leonid Ivashov, Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces

9/11, that dreadful day of infamy, that America lost what little innocence it had left, the Day of what "the establishment" would have you believe was a day of Monumental Batshit

Insane Bungling Stupidity and Incompetence of the ENTIRE U.S. Intelligence, pentagon and all of Washington should be listed as Ripley's Believe it or Not biggest day of mind numbing mass coincidences! Topped off with the fact that 9/11 was also the very same day that the laws of physics and logic stood still, temporarily halted in suspended animation. Why is it so important to fully understand 911? Because it was the one single determining EVENT THAT CHANGED THE ENTIRE COURSE OF HISTORY!. So why is it so taboo to even look into this day? To question the "official story"? If 911 had never happened, there would be no wars in the middle east. 911 WAS THE STARTING POINT TO EVERYTHING. The invasions, the wars, trillions wasted, the avalanche of Orwellian policies and acts. That is why it is so important to go back and study the beginning point. Out from 9/11 hysteria, rage and chaos came the hair brained idea of invasion and occupation of the middle east, the rampant trampling of our constitutional freedoms, massive crack downs all over society, hundreds of laws and policies have since been issued that have drastically changed our lives forever. Thousands of lives lost, billions upon billions of dollars wasted. 911 put the plans of the ruling elite into motion. It was the BEGINING of EVERYTHING. I do NOT and cannot believe our world's foremost advanced and sophisticated trillion dollar air defenses & intelligence network were defeated by Osama-Bin-Forgotten and his 19 lackeys with box cutters! Hijacked airliners, flew all over the eastern U.S. for hours without any meaningful response nor pursuit!? While Dick Cheney and the PentaCon just happened to be conducting similar "war games" that fateful morning, in the same area with the same scenarios! CBC Documentary: The Fifth State - Video What makes this the infamous day of 9/11/01 so crucial is the fact that all the EVIDENSE, so many factors point none other than strait to the halls of government complicity. The one entity that we have so trusted our whole lives and gasp at the very thought of them even slightly being involved. Refusing to even consider in the deepest most recesses of our minds and hearts to entertain the idea, that our benevolent care takers, our own dear government we live within and believed in our whole lives just might by the freaking sinister culprits? NO WAY! PISS OFF! This concept, to many, is just plain UNTHINKABLE. You might as well claim that you were raised by the devil himself to accept this scenario. It takes one of strong mind and heart to eventually come to the realization that everything around you was not, has never been and is not what you thought it was. You must search deep within your heart when objectively confronting the evidence that is posed in front of you. Open your eyes and the true reality will unfold, as you realize that there is absolutely no other plausible alternative other than the fact that 9/11 was an inside job staged to further the geopolitical ambitions of an elite Zionist cabal seeking to use US military power to advance its own imperialistic agenda.


No matter how many ways we studied the Official accounts of 911 vs. the myriad alternative news sources who defied the establishment and published all the news they OMITTED and tried to cover up, we consistently came up with only two possible answerers: 1. Our government LET it happen on purpose. Or: 2. A small elite group in our government MADE it happen on purpose. See the Cheney Administration Commit Treason - Video

What is indisputable is that from the 2000 presidential election through the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath, what New York Times columnist Paul Krugman termed a "revolutionary power" took control of the U.S. government. On the new millennium, millions were busy looking to the sky waiting for "the days of the apocalypse" to arrive, it wasn't the Y2K bug that was to bring about worldwide chaos, havoc and destruction or some evil monsters coming out from the grounds. The new millennium DID in fact introduce "THE GRAND DECIEVER OF MANKIND" of the world with the entrance of the dictatorship of BUSH. In 2000 This luciferian stole his throne with his successful coup of the presidency of the world's most powerful nation... yet no one ever noticed. The corrupt highest court of the land handed him the crown, one of their own wept tears from the betrayal to the people they once swore to protect. Y2K, the year 2000AD did... as in: DID bring us the "antichrist", the man who would lead the world into the wars of Armageddon (biblically located in the middle east) to hasten the destruction mankind... Behold: on January of 2000, on the dawn of the new millennium a sinister dark horse leader rose to power, he rules with an iron fist, waging wars on many lands. The works of this man are now legendary, he single handedly destroyed our country, gave immense power to "the cabal", ushered in the carefully engineered grand worldwide economic collapse. Today we stand, bearing witness to Bush's colossal clusterfuck of America, the showdown of Christian world vs. Muslim world, with the

Zionist Jew provocateurs in the middle instigating it all... look around you, wake up and smell the coffee. This is reality staring you in the face.

Now for a common sense look at all the "COINCIENCES" of that fateful day of infamy we all refer to as 911: 1. Bush admits on national TV that he saw the video of the 1st plane hit tower 1 BEFORE he entered the elementary classroom. But ABSOLUTELY ZERO NEWS FOOTAGE OF THE 1st PLANE IMPACT was shown on TV that day, the only footage available and seen on national news on 9/11/01 was of the SECOND plane impact! (that occurred while Bush was seated in with the elementary school kids in their classroom) The fact that he saw a video of the first plane hit that same day is absolutely MINDBOGGLING... but hey, they did see a live feed of the first plane hitting the towers, the whole thing was being filmed live from the rooftop by the celebrating Mossad team, sorry but you will never get to see that special editor's cut.
Bush, December 4, 2001: I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident." But I was whisked off there -- I didn't have much time to think about it, and I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting over here walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower. America's under attack." (CNN) January 2002: well, first of all, when we walked into the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building. There was a TV set on. And you know, I thought it was pilot error and I was amazed that anybody could make such a terrible mistake. And something was wrong with the plane, or - anyway, I'm sitting there, listening to the briefing, and Andy Card came and said, 'America is under attack.' And in the meantime, this teacher was going on about the curriculum, and I was thinking about what it meant for America to be under attack. It was an amazing thought. But I made up my mind that if America was under attack, we'd get them. (The White
House - quote has been removed. Serendipity)


2. Watch the TV alibi recordings and notice the guilty look on Bush's face as he sat in that elementary classroom after he was approached by his secret service, Bush was obviously so nervous in anticipation and focusing on playing his innocent role that he was even holding the children's book upside down... his thoughts and mind was obviously not in that classroom. Bush caught red handed in one of dozens of outright lies: - Video 3. Bush's younger brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, signed Executive order 01-261 on 9/7/01 (4 days prior to 9/11) paving the way to be able to declare martial law in his state. What a coincidence, Jeb not only declares martial law on the morning of 9/11, his ESP Florida was the first state to declare a "state of emergency: and did so before New York or the Federal Washington City leaders did (immediately after the impact of the second plane at WTC). So let's get something strait here: immediately after hearing of plane 2 strike George Bush is eerily calmly seated with the elementary school children and stays there like nothing is wrong. While on the other hand his brother Jeb Bush is the first state in the entire United States to declare a state of emergency over 1,000 miles away from the attacks! LOL Hmmmm... something smells fishy here. 4. NORAD has always been run by the professionals at the Pentagon. But several months prior to 911 Cheney decided he wanted to run NORAD, and took over its operations during any state of emergency. Interesting... 5. President Bush's brother Marvin Bush was a head of the security firm at the World Trade Center and a couple of the airports where the planes were hijacked. His last day on the job? Sept 12, 2001. Ummm, ok. 6. Some major "renovation" projects were being done in the World Trade Center Towers for weeks prior to 911. "Contractors" were doing some sort of work inside the walkways inside the walls; power to the entire building also had to be turned off several times during these "renovations". 7. Dozens of warnings of possible "terrorist" attacks were sent out by French, German, Israel and other intelligence agencies. But we are supposed to believe that NO ONE in the U.S. ever got the "memos"? 8. The CIA and NSA had been monitoring phone calls from the alleged "mastermind" and supposed (patsy) hijackers for years. They should have KNOWN about plans of the supposed hijacked airplanes. They even knew the date, they should have KNOWN EVERYTHING! 9. It has been widely reported that hundreds of Israel's never showed up to work on 911. Some government leaders were told not to fly on planes that day. Many top level people changed their plans. 10. Millions upon millions of dollars of "put options" were taken out on United and American Airlines days prior to 911 (note: it is impossible to buy and sell securities anonymously, so why

don't we still not know who was making those transactions?) To this day the Security Exchange Commission flat out refuses to reveal who made those trades. 11. The U.S. air defense successfully intercepted EVERY single occasion of lost planes, off course planes, hijackings, etc. Never once in U.S. history had a plane ever gone for more than a few minutes without our air defense having their jets in the sky ready to intercept. But on Sept. 11, 2001 for the first and ONLY time in U.S. history we are to believe that our ENTIRE military and intelligence system had no clue what was going on? The most advanced intelligence community on the PLANET didn't know what was going on? Bullshit! WTF? 12. Doh! Oh, our ENTIRE national defense was holding not one but 7 "drills" of, oh wait! Freaking HIJACKED PLANES into major buildings on the same freaking time and day in the same freaking area!!!! Hey, hold on a minute! Isn't that EXACTLY what the "terrorists" ACTUALLY DID? And on the VERY SAME FREAKING DAY THAT THE PENTAGON WAS CONDUCTING THEIR "DRILLS" !!!! Hello people, if you cannot see right through this one obvious farce, then you are truly hopeless. Bottom line is: the Pentagon was at the scene of the crime doing exactly what they blame some "phantom menace" of carrying out. 13. On 911 not 1 but 4 planes flew around for hundreds of miles and for several hours COMPLETLY at will. NOT ONE SINGLE FIGHTER JET WAS SENT TO STOP ANY OF THE HIJACKED PLANES! They let not just one but FOUR "hijacked" planes fly around FREELY for HOURS! Not one single attempt was made to INTERCEPT! This has to be one of the biggest LAME BULLSHIT STORIES that I have ever heard. 14. Then we have damming evidence, "the smoking gun A" the sworn testimony to the 911 Commission of then Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta stating that Cheney sitting (conveniently) in his bunker commanding NORAD and Cheney telling one of his minions "THE STAND DOWN ORDERS STILL STAND!" He purposely let the planes go their merry ways!!!!!!!!!! The man came into the room several more times to ask Cheney, he would say something like "the plane is 50 miles out", next time he would coming in and say "the plane is 30 miles out, finally, "the plane is 10 miles out, do the orders still stand?" Cheney snaps back "YES! have you heard otherwise?" 10 minutes later the Pentagon is hit by a plane. Doh! Oh, it gets better: Months later Cheney would LIE to the Commission and claim he was not even at the bunker prior to the plane hitting the Pentagon! 15. CENTCOM Sergeant Lauro Chavez while inside secret bunker: "then we see the other plane come in and hit it and at that point everybody is standing up. The air force had commanders in contact with NORAD. The plane, or whatever, hit the Pentagon and then we were like 'why aren't they scrambling jets?' We were asking, there were eight or nine people... Colonels and Lieutenants asking the Lieutenant Colonel in charge on the air force 'why isn't NORAD scrambling jets?' and he said 'we received an order to stand down'. And that just perplexed everybody." 16. The Pentagon, the most highly fortified building on the planet with the worlds' most technologically advanced anti-air artillery defense systems and jet fighters ready to defend it, yet

we are to believe that a plane that was flying around for more than an ENTIRE HOUR (while they were intently watching on radar) just bypassed all their defense systems and hit the Pentagon while the Pentagon had absolutely NO FREAKIN CLUE?! Doh! If no one sees this as proof positive, the most damning evidence of complicity, then we as a nation are doomed. 17. Over the years we have seen hundreds of photos of airliner crashes, all having one common denominator: ALL crash wreckage in the history of aviation always have: seats, luggage, bodies, large sections of planes. But for the first time in history we have 2 planes that "crashed" (the Pentagon plane and the Pennsylvania plane) and they blew up to smithereens! Every single one of the planes that day totally VAPORIZED!!!, unidentifiable, no seats, no luggage, no nothing. Interesting thing is that the "plane" that hit the Pentagon left an engine, and one tire but they where way too small to have come from a massive airliner, well what do you know! they SHRANK in size from the original standard sizes! The Pennsylvania plane that landed in a field crashed and left NOTHING, no debris bigger than the size of a golf ball!!!!! DOH! No human remains, no seats, no luggage, no airplane parts, nothing. Well golly gee whiz! 18. Building No. 7 of the World Trade center was never even hit by a plane, it had just a couple SMALL fires. Yet they tell us that it just collapsed also, all on its' own, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY a steel frame building collapsed this way, neatly into its' own footprint EXACTLY like a demolition experts would do it. No steel frame building in history has EVER collapsed due to fire before or after 911, period. 19. Two airplanes cannot crash into two buildings... and knock down THREE buildings.. what about building 7? It was never touched by those planes! DOH! 20. More than 1hr prior to the collapse of building 7, the police and firemen were telling everyone to move away from the building because: "it is going to collapse soon!" Wow! they had ESP!!!? 21. Both CNN and BCC news coverage were reporting LIVE ON AIR, about the collapse of building 7 in "past tense" 30 MINUTES BEFORE IT COLLAPSED! Doh! 22. You have Larry Silverstien giving recorded video confession stating that they "pulled building 7" (pulled is an industry term for demolish). Ummm, ok even with videos of this guy CONFESSING of demolishing building 7 widely available, nothing to see here folks, go back to your pathetic couch potato lives. 23. Months prior to 911 Silverstien took our extremely rare insurance policy on all World Trade Center buildings to specifically cover..... terrorist attacks... 24. Hundreds of people made statements of hearing EXPLOSIONS all over the World Trade Center buildings PRIOR TO (and during) the COLLAPSE, the lower floors, lobby, basement, etc! Many of these reports were seen on live TV, but never again to be heard of, most of those video footage have mysteriously disappeared. Even the firemen testify of many, many explosions.

25. Satellite readings showed temperatures underground of MOLTEN STEEL for WEEKS after 911 (YouTube video title: "9/11 Nano-termite composite Demolition Evidence" is a must see molten steel smoking gun). Even at building 7, where there was NO jet fuel or no airplane crashed, there was MOLTEN STEEL for days after it neatly imploded into its own footprint. Did I mention that underground many firefighters witnessed and reported seeing MOLTEN STEEL flowing like rivers of lava? Science 101 news flash: jet fuel can NEVER melt steel this way even under ideal laboratory conditions! Folks, it does not take an Einstein to figure this stuff out and see the underlying reality here! 26. Even all the official establishment paid "experts" agree: jet fuel can NOT "melt" steel. They only claim it "weakened" the steal. Still no credible official explanation for the "molten lava flows"... as a matter of fact... they all DENY any excessive heat weeks after the event existed, not to mention the satellite images weeks after 911 that clearly showed huge pools of 2000+ degrees of massively hot "something" underground... WEEKS after the "terrorist" attack. 27. Pictures of ground zero show many, many steel beams with very neat diagonal explosive charge cuts in them. Appearing exactly as the beams from an explosive demolished building! If this is not a smoking gun, then I have no clue what a smoking gun is.

28. All steel (hello this is usual, standard protocol, called and treated as evidence from a crime scene) was ordered to IMMEDIATELY be removed and shipped off to (get this:) China! Sorry, but golly gee whiz, now no one can do forensic analysis on the steel evidence. Oh well, we already know the boogeymen who did this so why bother with silly investigations. 29. The Pentagon has the world's BEST video surveillance system on the planet. Every inch of the Pentagon IS covered by highly quality state of the art video footage. Yet no attempt has

been made by the Pentagon to make public the footage of at least a dozen of their own surveillance camera footage of the "plane" that hit the Pentagon. I don't know about you, but if I were getting accused of complicity in such an evil act as 911 and I had in my possession actual high quality videos showing a massive jumbo jet flying into my building, common sense says show everyone the proof! That would put ALL the accusations to rest. 30. The PentaCon CONFISCATED ALL SURVAILANCE VIDEOS from EVERYONE (mostly business's security cameras) in the vicinity and never returned them back to their owners. (you know, because of "national security") Several years later they release ONE crappy grainy footage of a few frames taken from a gas station far away, where you can only see a smoke trail and an explosion. Doh! 31. How convenient that the "plane" that hit the Pentagon hit the one area that was under renovation?, with very few people in it! The kicker is that the plane had to make an amazing aerial stunt and do a wild U turn to hit that spot! 32. Photos of the Pentagon immediately after the crash show INTACT windows were the two 6 freaking ton engines should have smashed into the building! Videos of the two planes that hit Towers 1 and 2 both clearly show the wings making huge holes in the building upon impact. But not the Pentagon "plane"! 33. The last inner wall penetrated by the soft aluminum nose of the "plane" made a perfect round hole through 3 feet of concrete! WOW! This is after going through tons of concrete outer walls! 34. They claim they had "no clue" what happened, yet the very same day of the "attacks" the FBI conducted the fastest investigation in the history of mankind! Within minutes of the attack, later that day they came out with a list of each and every "evil culprit", dossiers, pictures, life histories and all! Neatly tied it all up to some Al-CIAda terrorist group who's' headquarters were in primitive mountain caves on the other side of the globe! 35. Everyone has seemed to have forgotten all about the Anthrax attacks that literally caused a suspension of the bogus 911 "investigation". It was hyped by the administration as "evil terrorists sending weapons grade anthrax", and who did the evil "terrorists" (al-CIA-da) ship the lethal poison to? The media and leaders in the senate, only the senators who opposed the Patriot Act! Doh! Fear gripped the sheeple by the balls!!! "Quick sign the Patriot Act into existence! Bomb the evil towel head bastards"! Off we went to bomb the middle east back into the stone age. The make believe 9/11 cOMMISSION "investigation" was thus soon mothballed. But of course, they knew it was one of their false flag fear mongering ops, so there was no need to waste time investigating THEMSELVES. They eventually came up with a convenient patsy, to blame, a "lone gunman" who conveniently, supposedly committed "suicide" . Before supposedly killing himself in July, 2008, he supposedly leaves a note claiming he "did it to drum up business for his vaccine"!!!? Doh! These blackops people in the CIA can't even make up believable stories? Wow, so how was he going to profit from his vaccine while sitting in jail? Just another hair brained explanation by

your beloved government who looks straight into your eyes and lies its ass off. To this day, a real investigation into the anthrax scheme has yet to be conducted all the while, the prevailing acknowledgement among reputable insiders is that the anthrax operation came from our own government stash and originated in said entity. 36. The republicans spent over 50 million dollars investigating Bill Clinton's sex life in their efforts to try and destroy him. 500 million dollars were spent on investigating the Space shuttle Columbia accident that only killed a dozen or so people. Yet those same leaders still in power at the time of the attacks BALKED at spending a measly 3 million to investigate the BIGGEST ATTACK IN AMERICA HISTORY!??? They finally spent a measly 9 million on what was to become a world class sham of an investigation, the same amount that was spent on the fiasco O.J. Simpson trial where only two people died. They even went as far as to pull out one of the most notoriously secretive scandalous Zionist Henry Kissinger to head the bogus "investigations!". After a great deal of public objection they had to ditch Kissinger then just appointed a bunch of good ole career cronies (all of whom had absolutely no investigative experience) to head what eventually turned out to be the gazillion page "911 cOMMISSION Bullshit Report." Who was eventually appointed to lead the "investigation"? None other than one of the Bush administration's insiders who was instrumental in working out the details for attacking Iraq! The 911 Bullshit report is like having a Mafia crime family to conduct their own investigation into THEIR OWN WRONG DOING! Doh! "Hey, guess what? We found nothing wrong here! Case closed, everyone go on minding your own business now!" 37. Fast forward to England 7/7/07, The day of the train and bus bombings. Guess what? They were holding "drills", exercises of "terrorist" bombings in trains and buses that day also!!! No, it gets much better! The "drills" were being held at the very SAME EXACT 3 LOCATIONS OF THE ACTUAL 3 BOMBINGS! At the very same times that the "terrorist bombings" occurred!!! Double: Doh! /sigh/ ok, go back to sleep sheeple, nothing to see here... sleep... sleep... sleep.... But be very afraid because the terrorist boogeymen are out to get you! 38. Oh, what a coincidence! FEMA's entire emergency management network had just happened to come into NYC on 9/10/01 the day right before our nation's biggest national emergency! Why were they there? None other than to hold "drills" of course! 39. Talking about drills, what an amazing other pure coincidence that we just happened to have a major battle fleet on its way to the Persian Gulf to do what? Hold more "drills" there of course! Golly gee whiz, they happened to be right there where we needed them to attack the those evil bastards that attacked us just when we needed them to be there! 40. In all criminal investigations, law enforcement officials ALWAYS follow the money trail to get the "top dogs", the financiers of the criminal operations. As for 911, after lots of pussy footing the issue of who the financiers were. It was finally proclaimed that "it did not matter"! Why? Because the trail led directly to CIA and Pakistan ISI intelligence agencies! (who the CIA works with) Doh! The ISI terrorist money man General Ahmad was hanging out with the top

brass at the CIA, the PentaCON and the White house before, during and after the days of the 911 attacks! 41. Then the day after 911, ALL air traffic was closed, except for ONE plane that was given high level clearance to leave: the Bin Laden family plane! All the while they were telling the world that "Bin Laden did it" Huh? 42. JFK assassination had the indestructible "magic bullet", the sheeple ate that up hook line and sinker, so what is their new work of art without a: MAGIC PASSPORT! How does the story go? A plane hits the north tower, explodes into a massive fireball, where the plane and everything in it gets completely pulverized, (including the black boxes designed to survive plane crashes) disintegrated into itty bitty bits, breaks the laws of science and supposedly melts STEEL yet one of the would be "hijackers" passports (made out of PAPER) lands on the ground in pristine condition! LOL 43. NONE of the names of any of the so called "hijackers" appear in any lists of any airline passenger flight manifests! The passenger manifests can be viewed online. Not one single Arabic sounding name is to be found on any of the passenger manifests! Doh! None of the "hijackers" appear in ANY airline security video footage either, going through metal detectors or boarding any planes either! Ummm.... How on earth did all these Arabs get on all those planes? To this date not one of the so called "hijackers" has ever been proven by any means, video surveillance, documentation or whatever to have actually been on ANY of the flights. All we have is the ALLEGED claims of the Bush & Company crime syndicate propaganda ministry's word for it. 44. A bunch of the "hijackers" are alive and well walking around today! LOL! Absolutely NO ATTEMPT has been made to explain that one! The official story still stands: "it was those official 19 hijackers." Absolutely no changes in names or details have been updated to this date to account for the live hijacker "terrorists". Doh! 45. Oh, why won't they release the black box data? Doh! We are still waiting. Golly gee... maybe because it is all a bunch of bull shit lies they don't want us to listen to? 46. It seems that everyone has forgotten that the Twin Towers WERE meticulously SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to withstand direct MULTIPLE impacts by large jet planes, per tower (hello!) by planes roughly the same size as the ones that hit it... that carry jet fuel tanks! Yet still remain standing. They were designed to withstand EXACTLY this type of impact of each building being hit by not one, but multiple planes and stay standing... 47. The dancing Israelis on that roof. Four Israelis were arrested after they were found dancing and celebrating on a rooftop as they were filming both of the plane impacts on the twin towers. It turns out that they were Mossad agents and after being held for some time were just released and the entire episode was swept under the rug. Well these guys later appeared on TV in their country proudly explaining that they were on that rooftop "to document" the plane crashes. What is even more bizarre is the fact that they were there filming from the impact of the first plane!

Wow, how nice of Bin Laden, sending them a memo to the Israeli Mossad so they could be in place to record the events for posterity... 48. I was there on 9/11.. (you can thank 911 for my KNOWING that our government was involved in this murderous event up to its neck, therefore getting me involved in this research project). No one on the planet can EVER deny all the other explosions that occurred. Today the propaganda spin doctors have officially transformed all those explosions that occurred throughout the buildings into figments of our imagination: Folks, the fact that more 8+ years have now gone by and all of America is so fucking brain dead STUPID, they have absolutely no powers of analytical thinking or reasoning, frankly I am disgusted. It doesn't take a freaking rocket scientist to figure out that SOMETHING is seriously major off mark here. Do we need to resurrect Einstein from his grave to spell it out for us? The official bullshit has piled so high, the stench so blaring, yet the media remains oblivious and complicit, millions of Americans can't smell the stench either. For they all go along their merry ways like sheep being spoon fed cow dung. Yummy give me more! Even former Italian prime minister Francesco Cossiga has touched on the issue suggesting that the events of 9/11 were none other than a CIA-Mossad inside job. "All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe... now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned by the CIA and the Mossad in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part.. in Iraq [and] Afghanistan," the Italian ex-premier was quoted by Corriere della Sera as saying. The government propaganda ministry machine with its news media bedfellows in its back pocket has since taken the stance of ridiculing anyone that comes out questioning valid points such as those mentioned above. Instead of serious dialog and inquiry into these issues we witness ever more pathetic efforts to cover everything up. You would think that our loving caring government would do anything for its people, they are in elected positions to "serve the people" right? Not anymore it seems. Weeping widows & activists seeking just the truth and further investigations, instead get regularly labeled as wacky leftist tinfoil hat mental cases. At an ever increasing rate many activists and seekers of truth are being arrested and jailed for their efforts to even get the government to listen. I don't know, it all stinks to high hell, the stench of all the bullshit is so blatantly obvious. The official stance to this day is: "shut the hell up and move along, nothing to see here folks"..... Show up with a camera or camcorder to record anything any you now get arrested! Please, please, please wake up folks.... Something is soooo very wrong here.....


THE AFTERMATH OF 911: For if there were no 911 attack we would NOT be "at war", thousands of our loved ones who gave their lives in their quest to "protect us" would have never lost their lives. We would have over 100,000 fewer ex-military disabled veterans. Over ONE MILLION people would have still been alive today in Iraq and Afghanistan. (no one really knows how many dead and wounded they have). We wouldn't be in the insane "war" in the middle east. The CIA/Mossad sponsored Terrorist population would still number in just a few hundred at most, not the hundreds of thousands of brand new America hating REAL possible terrorists we must face due to our prolonged invasion on their soil. We sure taught those Iraqis a lesson, we sure taught the whole Muslim world a lesson! Our invasions and subsequent occupation has not put an ounce of fear in their hearts. All we did is to UNITE them in a common cause: to fight off the tyranny of the western world. So much so that each and every one of them is willing to freely give up and sacrifice their lives to do so. Our soldiers on the other hand just want to do their time and come back home. Who do you think is more dedicated? Who will persevere to the end, no matter who is right or wrong? Granted today, NOW after blowing their lands back into the stone age, we truly face an enemy that is pissed off and wants us all dead. They wear no uniforms, some of them walk among us, smile at us and say "hello" when we pass them by. We are now in deep shit. Hey Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore. So what are we doing to "fix" this? Are we closing down our boarders to stop the onslaught of potential enemies coming into our country? No way! That makes just too much logic! Leave the freaking "doors and windows" wide open to our home, America, so the enemy can just walk right in! Then instead lets rev up the war machine and attack IRAN and other Muslim nations too! That will show em! Doh! Lets piss off the whole freaking Muslim world! Diplomacy? What is that for? Trying to make amends? Healing? Care? Empathy? That's for wimps! Let's spend another 800 billion dollars on more bombs and kill them all off! That will teach them to mess with us, right? Before 911 there were only several dozen terrorists to no more than a couple hundred worldwide. Now we have possibly over one million real American hating terrorists! Doh! Golly

gee whiz, that idea of bombing Afghanistan and Iraq back into the stone age is working wonders! Hey lets go bomb Iran and Syria back into the stone age also! That will really piss off the rest of the Muslim world and teach them all a lesson! Doh! At this point I realize one major point: they DON'T teach COMON SENSE at any ivy league universities! The rulers and leaders of our world live in their own cocoon, of alternate reality devoid of truly caring for their fellow man, where they mold and shape the public opinion of the goyim cattle they lead astray at will. No one dares question the bosses, the leaders, for when the day you do so, you are FIRED! Oh, I'm sorry, it's not called "fired" anymore, it's now called "laid off", or in its most polite form: forced "resignation". The repercussions of the punishment soon follows, you are left in dire straits, mounting debt, hunger and poverty then knocks on your door. After the lesson, you will never again go against the authority. No matter what, the ruling elite could give a rats ass about "common sense", fairness, equality, compassion, love for thy fellow man, etc. For the ruling elite, it is NOT about money anymore, they swim in it from childhood, it is about POWER, the ultimate DRUG. To have goyim sheeple serve you, bow to your every whim, WORESHIPPING you and your cause, after money, nothing else comes close. Power is THE ULTIMATE TRIP. You can't get closer to being GOD than wielding ultimate POWER. So, why did America REALLY invade Afghanistan, Iraq, soon Iran then other middle eastern countries? Several reasons: First and foremost, the Zionists Jews and Christians want and feel it is their DESTINEY to get back the Temple Mount from the hands of the Muslims then rebuild Solomon's Temple, for without it, according to scripture, the messiah will never come. The materialistic stimulus was quite simple: get the black gold: OIL, for the world's number one most powerful industry on the planet. Oil production has peaked and has been on a downward spiral for some years now. This is a known FACT. And those hard headed Muslims are not playing by OUR rules! They must all DIE!!! "All their oil rightfully belongs to us!"... Die infidels die! How dare they deny our western corporations their oil? Doh! Seven years have already passed, we have hundreds of thousands of people who realize that the official story of 911 just does not add up. No matter what is said, what proof is presented, the establishment continues to ignore repeated attempts for a REAL investigation. But then, a REAL investigation will NEVER happen. Just as in the JFK assassination 44 years ago, so will it be with 911. The public will waste their time asking for the truth and they will waste countless years in never ending DEBATES on this subject. They will NEVER allow the truth to be revealed. They CAN NOT EVER allow the real truth to be revealed. If the truth ever got out, they know there would be no where on the planet any of them could hide, their gig would be over. So NO, you will NEVER get the truth out from them. Just as in the JFK assassination, the entire project was pulled off by CIA Black Ops for a very tight nit group of elite leaders who had come to the conclusion that "the ends justify the means." For the way they look at the world: to sacrifice several thousand lives to attain the elusive goal of accomplishing their world wide conquest in the guise of "protecting us"... is perfectly reasonable in their minds.

Twin Towers Demolished?: - Video If after reading all the facts listed on this page and you can still say "oh no, our loving government would NEVER harm its own people"... you are then a hopeless case. Take your number, stamp it on your forehead and step in line with the rest of the other sheeple. You are then truly one who deserves what you have coming to you. Go forth and graze with the other mindless sheeple, your day of reckoning will soon come.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


Operation Truth Storm
"the Matrix is everywhere. It's all around us... It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth... Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, kept inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer [media] generated dreamworld built to keep us under control..." - Morpheus, Matrix movie


There are two reasons why I have wrapped my research findings under the title "Matrix Report". First of all is the fact that the word matrix perfectly describes the intricate inter-connected web of people, institutions, governments, corporations, etc., that form what many have loosely termed as the "illuminati." When viewed as a whole, all these seemingly independent entities form a solid cohesive interconnected network, and the big picture begins to emerge. When you connect the seemingly separate sectors in relation to one another as in a diagram, the resulting chart is that of a matrix (see picture below). Then there was the Hollywood movie "the matrix." What I view as an incredible stunningly relevant part of the movie is the premise that the world you live in is really a illusory world of mass deception, devoid of true reality, you therefore live in an alternate reality world created by the rulers of that world to control mankind. Many people "feel" that many things are not right, but they just accept things for what they are and go along their merry ways. Then there are the "Neos" out there that question everything and search for truth, upon realizing the true reality, they become outcasts, tin-foil hat people, with the ones who find out too much and try to spread true reality soon finding themselves marked for elimination. The "Neos" go forth to expose the matrix and battle its evil rulers. In the movie at the epicenter is Zion... as is in our real world

saga. WOW, the similarities between this movie and our current world rule is profound. If you understand what I'm talking about, you will readily see the truly deep, incredible correlation between that movie and real live struggles we face today. America the beautiful. We are taught ad nauseam that the first settlers that came over did so with the intention of escaping overwhelming corrupt, fascist, imperialist oppressive countries. In search of religious freedom and freedom from oppressive regimes. They came for the promise of a better more equal future for themselves and their children. But what they don't tell you is that along with those first settlers like the Pilgrims, came all sorts of criminals, the aristocrats, conquerors, fortune seekers, empire builders, and of course let us never forget the banksters, etc. The history we learn in school is pathetically aligned with the "fairytale" like stories of the Pilgrims and overlooks the dirty secrets of the founding of this nation. Such as: the fact that this nation was basically established on the foundation of pure GENOCIDE. The systematic raping, pillaging and extermination of the entire Indian race. The genocide that went on in the early days of America makes the holocaust in Europe look like a boy scout operation in comparison. Those first "good" settlers who's motives were to start clean without all the constraints and embedded layers of the aristocratic society is what all the history books focus their pages on. Our history has been so polished and romanticized over time that very few people truly understand the bloody truth. First of all let me explain the fact that you actually live in the United States of America INC. The U.S. Incorporated, as we know it today was founded with a corporate charter from England as the Virginia Company, who made up the 13 colonies. The agreement also included the stipulation that the corporation pay England a percentage (we refer to it as a tax) of what they make in their profit seeking endeavors here in the new world. You absolutely MUST look up this topic on the internet on your own to see the amazing hidden truth behind the establishment of this country. Anyways, the Virginia Company was growing so well that at some point the elite running the Virginia Company (corporation) decided the best way to cut out the middleman and maximize their profits was to break from England and RENAME their corporation. It was easy to convince the locals, to back them up on this plan, hence the now famous Boston Tea Party. Consequently, the now world famous U.S. Inc. Oh come on, stop fighting the programming and see the proof for yourself, just go to your local city or town and look for the deeds and charters: EVERY single state, city and town is INCORPORATED. We all live in a massive corporation with thousands of smaller subsidiary corporations on the local levels. Behold: For I just come forward to open your eyes. The European elite that were in those days the rulers of the earth sent their armies to the Americas to conquer and bring back the loot. Those countries input had a direct impact on the results of the Americas we see today. In reality those few bands of people that came for religious freedom had very little impact on the course that history would take. The pilgrims came AFTER the Virginia Company (corporation) and had to get permission from them to settle in their lands. I kid you not.

Most of the "founding fathers" of the U.S. were from European society socialites. They came here with pre-educated understanding of wealth and power under their arms. They all came with and took on more slaves. They came with the same mentality that they were impregnated with throughout their lives in their European countries. Yet these settlers did have one thing in common, many wanted something different than the stagnant oppressive governments they all left behind. Little would they all on day come to never know is the fact that this great nation they were starting would one day become the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, yet begin to take on the same imperial fascist ways of the oppressive regimes that they all fled. And one day become despised throughout the world by countries on every corner of the earth. The Boston tea party is interesting. It is identified as the single moment when the Americans turned and rose up against the host countries. Interesting because the main point for the uprising was "taxation without representation". Hmmmm, modern day Americans are now paying more taxes than anyone ever did in history! Sales tax, city tax, school tax, property tax, state tax, wages tax, estate tax, etc. and if you fail to pay your taxes or are caught trying to avoid paying said taxes? You get thrown in jail! Déjà  vu! As we witness the Wall Street banksters scam our country bleeding it dry, gutting out our entire monetary system, our country and all its states of the union are for evermore desperately looking for and creating new ways to tax us all to death. When they can't find new ways to tax us, in their dim witted intelligence instead of making government smaller, they just raise all the existing taxes. Unlike the early days of America where our forefathers held the now famous Tea Party rebellion that liberated us from tyrannical overwhelming taxation. Today we basically not only face the same situation... but it is ten times WORSE. We are all being taxed into oppressive submission, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. The moment anyone even TRYS to have a Boston Tea Party... our benevolent loving country will SMASH them and obliterate the patriots, ummm, I mean TERRORISTS! Try and organize a Tea Party and see how fast you all get imprisoned for being evil sinister terrorists... FEMA, Home Land Security, State Police, SWAT, National Guard, FBI, the Military are all being trained and prepared for any evil patriotic uprising. Refer to the addendum section on page 480 for the MIAC Strategic Report, this is just Missouri's version, each and every state of the union, the FBI, FEMA, Home Land Security, etc., all have their own classified reports on how they will deal with all you bunch of patriots evil sinister TERRORISTS... The national "holy scriptures" that are referred to as our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have been losing their meaning, influence and importance over the years. The founding words of the very foundation of America have been covertly and overtly attacked and dwindled in importance day by day. Take for example "freedom of speech". Almost all Americans will say yes we do have freedom of speech. Tell that to the thousands of dead people that died "mysteriously", by accident, prematurely or "took their own promising lives right after attempting to expose some sort of government/military function. Tell that to the thousands of people still alive today that have witnessed or been involved to some degree in any of the events/issues that they have been sworn to secrecy in, "or else". Tell that to the untold thousands of people silenced by the FCC and the FDA or whatever the industry "watch dog" institution may be for that specific industry or sector in question. How many millions of gag orders have

been levied? Oh, I could go on and on. Tell that to the people that try and organize a peaceful protest, only be greeted by riot squads with bats, tazers and mace or if they are lucky, they get their protest moved several miles away to a desolate area where no one will witness it except for the crickets. Think about it. How many more were ordered to cease and desist "or else". It is and has been very common throughout the years for the government (through the hundreds of different agencies) to DEMAND people to keep quiet about so many things they don't want known that the library of congress would have a hard time cataloging them all. Those who spoke out were and are routinely dealt with. Oh yes, there is "freedom of speech" as long as you "don't go there". Bottom line REALITY: our so called famous "freedom of speech" is only a well crafted bogus illusion. You know we live in very troubled times when the people's only source of truth comes from comedians: - Video

The Power Matrix operates in total secrecy. Yet we are faced with the impact of their collective decisions and policies that have dramatic effect on our lives on a daily basis. Many researchers have tried to reveal the Power Matrix but have all fallen short. Their works systematically debunked ridiculed by first the government then by the media then by academia then finally dismissed by the public, regulated to the "crack pot section" of the bargain bin basement in obscure bookstore shelves. What/where/how/who is the Matrix? That info I will reveal shortly. I chose the word matrix for its uncanny resemblance to the movie theme and then some. Today we live in a world that is NOT what we perceive it to be. It is NOT what we are taught from the day we go to our first school until we graduate from college. I'm going to "unplug" you from the matrix and you will see the reality of the world we live in. The matrix is the federal government/powerful elite of society... by the time you finish reading all of what I have to share, my only hope is that the broad clear picture that I'm trying to paint becomes vividly crystal clear in your eyes. As stated and expounded upon in other chapters of this Matrix Report, never allow yourself to be fooled, the Matrix is ultimately being controlled by the Zionist Jew elite of this world. The Vatican, the Royal Crown and the Freemasons have been infiltrated and/or subjugated long ago by the Zionists and today just do their bidding... Simplified Chart of The Matrix:


1. ZION = The core of the Matrix: Zionist/Masonic Elite 2. FIN= Financial Industrial Matrix 3. GOV= Government Industrial Matrix 4. MAS= Mass Media Industrial Matrix 5. EDU= Education Industrial Matrix 6. MED= Medical Industrial Matrix 7. MIL= Military Industrial Matrix 8. REL= Religion Matrix 9. LAW= Justice & Enforcement Industrial Matrix 10. EN2= Energy & Environment Industrial Matrix 11. POV= Wealth & Poverty Matrix 12. AGR= Agricultural Industrial Matrix 13. PRI= Prison Industrial Matrix The above chart is our attempt to illustrate the structure of Matrix we are trying to expose as one cohesive networked entity. As you can see with our attempt to explain "the Matrix" the chart identifies some of the major individual sectors that make up the completed Matrix puzzle. Yet each Matrix sector is a complete Matrix puzzle in its own rite (a puzzle within a puzzle). Every sector of each Matrix is connected to the others, making up the full Matrix. This is the dynamics involved when trying to analyze and understand the massive overall Matrix. In other words the "Matrix" is a massive puzzle with lots of pieces that when put together will reveal the "Matrix", but each of the pieces of the puzzle are in fact their own puzzles that must be put together by connecting the dots within that sector. (We will discuss each sector of the Matrix outlined above in individual detail in the following chapters) Take the Military Industrial Matrix for example.

You can spend months or even years on end researching and becoming an expert and discovering all the hidden pieces of the "puzzle" that makes up just that sector. Pieces of the puzzle such as people, organizations, events, etc. Since all the facts and information are actively covered up and hidden from the public, we know the ruling elite work in total secrecy, each major information find is, in essence "a piece of the puzzle," and part of connecting the dots. Behold: For I have hereby reveled the grand structure of the illuminati Matrix. There is was no more formidable corporation then the government of the United States of America Inc. This country that was established under the ideals "of the people, by the people, for the people" has been turned around in our very face and shoved down our throats for what it truly is today: really an undercover fascist state "of the corporations, by the corporations for the corporations". There are just so many layers of government, agencies, organizations, entities that it is relatively easy to obscure things, twist things, mold things into whatever they desire. So let me get this straight: there exists this whole conspiracy by key government insiders and power elite to rule us as they so choose and we have no clue? LOL. The real question is who/what/when/where/how is the Power Matrix. Since this Power Matrix (the unseen group of peoples controlling key other peoples, organizations, government agencies are the ones "pulling all the strings") has permeated society to such an extent that goyim sheeple have no clue who they are or what they are doing, all we can do is observe what has happened in history and what is currently happening today to understand where they are headed and what they are doing. It's out there the general public is fed up with all sorts of bull shit they have been witnessing, yet they don't know how to put one and one together. You have separate groups like umm, let's take the "tree huggers", they are out there fighting against "the powers that be" to save their trees, yet they have no clue that their fight, their knowledge of wrong doing they have discovered is but just a small piece of the puzzle of the overall Matrix. Connect the dots people. They key is to understand that: yes! In fact there does exists an exclusive group in society that has the power to change the course of history. Yet remain a "figment of peoples crazy delusional thinking" therefore they DON'T EXIST as a cohesive coordinated entity. Or so they would have the sheeple believe. Money and fame have nothing on the pursuit and wielding of power. Power, absolute power of gods is the highest greed and "high" anyone can ever achieve. And those that control the peoples have in effect "the power of gods". Some have claimed that the Freemasons are the bad guys, the Illuminati, the Rockefellers, the Bildeburgers, etc Basically every avenue you pursue brings you to basically the same type of secretive group: secretive religious in tone, often occult in nature groups in power in plain sight yet ridiculous to even accuse them. Our findings have conclusively pointed to the current world leading faction to be none other than the Zionist Jew cartel. They as stated over and over again in this report, over the centuries they have come from being the "persecuted" to infiltrating and pulling the strings behind the curtains. The Vatican and entire Roman Catholic Church prostituted themselves to their financial rulers the Zionist Banksters long ago. The Masonic order was infiltrated and run at the most highest levels by Zionist Kabala practicing occult worshiping Jews. Wake up and smell the coffee sheeple.

Hundreds of works have been published about the hundreds of topics and events in history that have been a result of the Power Matrix yet very few, up until today has ever put 2 and 2 together. I am in broad strokes, outlining the Power Matrix and while I'm at it I will also proceed to identify many of the corrupt works and frauds that I have been researching. Mind you that the scope of this report limits me from even getting close to being an "encyclopedic" detailed work with tons of references to each and every fact revealed here. But with that said, I beg of each and every single person to happen on this report to take it upon yourself to any and every claim made here, wade through the tons of material out there, there is lots of junk published on every topic, but sift through the planted junk stories designed to throw all who seek truth off course, keep searching, you will eventually find the gems that reveal the truth. I hereby provide you with the framework, and pertinent details for you to proceed verifying the facts for yourself. Elsewhere in this report I will try to provide actual outside links to important information sites to help you get looking in the right directions. As to not waste any time, the main agencies that the subversive side of the Power Matrix hides behind here in the U.S. Inc. are the: NSA, CIA (right hand of our military industrial complex) and the FEDERAL RESEARVE BOARD. The three are among the most secretive and dangerous agencies on the planet. Who outside their walls, if anyone, really knows what is going on in there? NO ONE! The Federal Reserve and all Central Banks are where the Zionist Banksters rule and make policy from, the secret intelligence agencies are their strong arm enforcers carrying out their dirty deeds in their quest for global domination Most people only know what the powers that be WANT US TO KNOW. This is why it has been so hard for anyone to blow the lid off so many events, scandals, corruption and mysteries in history (these are just the clues they leave behind). Not only are we going to blow the lid off their game, we the truther community is going to expose them for what they are. I only can hope that once we open Pandora's Truth box that researchers and the peoples will do whatever they deem necessary and right with this knowledge. Our government has been taken over many, many decades ago by private interest groups and corporations, we are no longer living under the statement: "of the people, by the people, for the people". Tax breaks for the rich and corporations, laws and policies enacted solely for the benefit of large corporations and the rich are just some of the symptoms and clues that clearly demonstrate who really runs this country. I believe that our government is so messed up that we have to at some point as a people for the people take a good long hard look at our Declaration of Independence and read it, digest it and at some point try and figure out HOW we the people, of the people, for the people will get OUR government back! Even if I were right on only 20% of what I say, then America is in serious trouble. Declaration of Independence: "WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness--That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on

such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness." I hereby solicit the help of all those who understand that what I speak is the truth, I seek no financial riches or fame, I just want to live in the America that was promised to us by our founding fathers. If you choose to participate in this endeavor to put this information out to the general public please understand that if you are caught you will most likely be ridiculed, persecuted or even prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (under the guise of something like hostile dissident, "national security" or "enemy combatant" "mentally unstable" or some other trumped up charge) or in the worst case scenario you just might turn up floating down a river after suffering an unfortunate /cough/ "accident" or found to have "committed suicide" with a shotgun to the back of your head... only then have your case quietly shoved under the carpet with the thousands of other skeletons... Beware, for these criminals have no qualms in taking out PRESIDENTS, and important leaders, cover up their tracks and go have lunch like child's play. If there ever was a real reason and purpose for your talents to be put to use in this merry go round we call life, here it is. Your mission if you choose to accept, is to disseminate this information everywhere on the net, lime wire it, torrent it, share it and spread it on all media and society and to not get caught! Let the chips fall where they may.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance." James Madison, U.S. President "Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people whom it properly belongs." - Thomas Jefferson

I find it difficult to understand why everyone TRUSTS Wall street. Wall street says "____ and ____ is good for the economy" and the world ceases to utilize common sense, logic, critical thinking and blindly go along with everything they say, every single time. This singular group of

money hungry vultures possess not one iota of priority over and above their love of the almighty dollar, the almighty return on investment. Their loyalty is to none other than to their mega wealthy elite brethren. Wall street is the capitol of the "finance religion" were they simply worship money. Again, as other sectors of the Matrix complex, tons of books, movies and so forth have over the time exposed all sorts of lurid fraud and corruption of Wall street. So I won't bother rehashing the same old news. But I do recommend that you look into the story of Deep Capture for an amazing independent investigative journalistic insight into the corrupt world of finance. One must try and shed the age old conditioning and indoctrination that we have been immersed in since the day we were born. Wall Street could give a shit about your well being, about the decrepit conditions of our public schools, about the disasters they leave in their wakes where ever they go around the world. For Wall Street is founded by, run by greed-obsessed amoral predators. Regulatory agencies my ass. There is NO true regulation of any of our financial markets. Throughout all of history the stories NEVER cease to come forth of the countless Wall Street schemes, the countless people swindled, the countless breaches, the countless criminal acts getting away with by just paying fines, the list goes on and on. But it will never matter because Wall Street runs our country from the sidelines, Washington is completely in its back pocket. Wall Street dictates national policy, it dictates all our foreign police, open and shut case. The Federal Reserve, Bank of International Settlements, IMF, World Bank, Central Banks of major nations are THE central instruments of world domination and control. These entities literally hold entire nations financial well being in the palm of their hands. They are masters of enslaving all of mankind under the guise of "benevolent providers of capital" aka: DEBT enslavement. Repeat after me: DEBT ENSLAVEMENT...




Every single thing that is wrong throughout this entire planet can be directly traced back to debt enslavement, take the time to sit back and digest those words. I love to watch as Suze Orman (of course she is a Zionist Jew, plying her craft, what did you expect?) does her TV show. She along with many others is part of the multimedia network that propagates, nourishes the Dutiful Good Creditor myth. The queen of spreading the gospel of maintaining good credit above and beyond at all costs. The purpose of life in Suze's show world production is to reinforce the being a virtuous, obedient and faithful good DEBT citizen in our

DEBT DRIVEN SOCIETY. You see, not so long ago we were a savings and production based society, not anymore, we have been seamlessly transformed right before your very eyes into a debt and buy stuff based society were in the middle of national emergencies even the president gets in front of the camera and tries to convince his brain dead constituents to just "go shopping." Again I must reiterate and highlight the dire importance of what was just stated: Our country went from a PRODUCTION BASED ECONOMY (once upon a time, America was THE world's preeminent manufacture) and gradually shed almost all its manufacturing capacity selling them or shipping them overseas, thus shifted into a DEBT BASED ECONOMY. Every TV channel, every media outlet, every financial institution and expert out there, are ALL preaching and supporting DEBT society dogma. As we witness trillions upon trillions of dollars systematically fleeced from the public and being given to financial institutions to "bailout", "stimulate" and "save" the "system." If this were not a hopelessly DEBT driven society, this entire scenario would have never arisen... Any DEBT based economic system is so seriously fundamentally FLAWED that it is doomed to failure due to the fact that a DEBT based society is an unsustainable economic system. This is elementary my dear Watson. The core, the essence of debt enslavement bankdom, is that the Wall Street money masters always PRESENT THEMSELVES AS "ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCY" thus they weasel their way into the people's and organizations hearts and minds as supposed "benevolent".... Supposedly gracious "helpers".... enabling "partners" of their VICTIMS. "Well gosh, these people really care about me and want what's best for me, my friend won't even lend me money." Surely anyone willing to just hand over piles of money for just your soul signature has to be among your best of friends... how else do you think they became the most TRUSTED, most central, most powerful institution in every town, city, state and nation? By the way, have you ever noticed the most prominent and the tallest building in every town and city is 9 out of 10 times a bank? They built them with YOUR money, yet you don't posses not even a penny in its equity. They begin their trap as "benevolent" providers of money by LENDING it to you, they then lend to organizations, towns, cities and finally nations... Money that was NEVER theirs to begin with! All debtors are equal, having accepted the same conditions, the same terms; "you must pay it back, and then some." Doesn't matter who you are, they enslave everyone and everything from the personal level on up to entire nations. The pure ingenuity of their charade is that they HAVE FOOLED THE ENTIRE PLANET into thinking that they, Wall Street and the banksters, are actually on your side, as part of your TRUSTED team. While in fact they are THE source of ALL ills that plague our world no matter what corner you may look into. So thorough is their brainwashing of the population, that even today as we are facing dire economic collapse, you witness the preposterous act of giving the culprit corrupt banks ALL the bailout, "stimulus" money instead of where it is most needed, the poor souls who were ripped off by the banksters... Your so called elected officials in congress

are so thoroughly owned by the special interests that one need look no further for proof of this than the fact that they didn't even bother to READ the multibillion bailout plan that they overwhelmingly approved.... Congress just rubber stamped the so called "stimulus package" flushing our nation's wealth straight to the banksters sight unseen, no questions asked. That is what I call loyal servants alright... they have yet again demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly who they are loyal to. I watched in disbelief as a now famous piece was aired on TV with a correspondent Rick Santelli reporting the Wall Street trading floor screaming into the TV camera, crying out loud bloody murder (while being cheered on by the trading floor crowd) about Obama bailing out and subsidizing [gasp!] "the losers" who were victimized in the housing scheme, while it is perfectly ok and RIGHTFUL for them to bailout and subsidize the FILTHY RICH Wall Street crowd and the banks who perpetrated the scam and instigated the entire fiasco. If a nation had a collective mind, ours would be diagnosed: legally insane. The heart breaking part is the fact that the mass public swallows this type of twisted bullshit hook line and sinker without sitting down and rationalizing the mind boggling disparities and dynamics involved in such blatantly selfish, self centered unadulterated greed. I wake up every day in complete and utter disbelief as I witness trillions upon trillions being shipped off to the greedy amoral predators who created this economic chaos to begin with. They have the whole world believing that they must empty their pockets and give everything to the banks to save the planet! The fact of the matter is based on the simple fundamental truth that the Wall Street Money Masters rule our country, and the world by proxy. The Zionist financial elite built Wall Street from the ground up as their strategic ruling power base. Behold: Wall Street and all the goliath conglomerates on the planet are all handicapped. Their world is ruled by cold hard mathematical calculations, just like cold heartless machines. They don't have a clue about what "caring" or "fairness" is, "empathy" is not in their vocabulary. They CAN'T and will NEVER feel your pain no matter how bad it may be... for those entities DO NOT POSSESS A SOUL... No one ever seems to put 1 plus 1 together. Doesn't anyone of the 95% of the population consisting of the poor and working class realize it is always the RICH who are always telling us that the system of inequality that they ALL portray as perfectly NORMAL and fine as long as THEY keep all the benefits going their way. The moment that you try and rectify the monstrous wealth chasm by just slightly ever so tiny trying to nudge a just a couple percentage points to the "poor" and working class in any attempt to even out the playing field, they all come out of the woodworks crying bloody murder, "SOCIALISM!!!!" But it is perfectly ok that 95% of everything in the planet is owned by just 2% of them. Try and take say just 5% of that 95% away from them they will attempt to tear your eyeballs out of their sockets, they would all fill the airwaves howl in unison with cries of Armageddon.

You fools think your car and home (or anything that was purchased with bankster money) belongs to you? Hey what are all these "strings attached" to these piles of papers I just signed away on? Look at the deeds, the fine print. EVERYTHING belongs to the banks! All the cards in the decks are stacked on the side of the bank. Until the day arrives that you make that final payment, it is legally property of the BANKS, you my friend are just a "glorified rent-to-own sucker for paying for 3 houses in the quest for 1 home owner" (it's called interest, over the period of 30 years, hello, you WILL end up paying for roughly 3 times the value of that home) instead of one, IF you ever make it to that final payment. Americans are an interesting bunch, banksters wet dream, for most of them spend THEIR ENTIRE LIVES paying mortgages since they constantly bounce around from one location to another, buying new homes and going right back to starting point A all over again. Lets buy one house and pay for three again! Yaayyyy! Behold, for in the same way the banksters fool the world into believing that their financed homes are "yours", is the same concept as to how the elite perpetrate their fraud and have mankind believe that they are "free.".... United States Constitution, Article 1 states: "The congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures; No state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts." Another completely stupefying mind boggling fact is that we have been WARNED countless times by the most trusted and prominent people of our land about the sinister banksters, yet the brain dead moron masses willingly allow the stripping of their birthright, their fortunes, their power, and become complicit enablers of their own enslavement. Behold for you were WARNED so many times such as this most direct words of caution: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until the people wake up homeless on the continent their father conquered." - Thomas Jefferson former U.S. President. Ummm, it does not get any more blunt and direct than those words. So what part of "don't let the banksters screw you," did you not understand? No need to sweat it now, for they are in COMPLETE control now anyways and we are in shit deep up to our eyeballs right now. Hey I have an idea, why don't you pickup that piece of plastic, charge up to the max then pay the what? 29.9% interest? That will surely help stimulate the "economy", ummm, I mean the bankster's retirement funds! I have deep resentment of ex president Woodrow Wilson, for this TRAITOR sold out our country, lock stock and barrel to the Zionists. He was an ardent supporter of the Balfour Declaration and the Zionist state of Israel. The one pivotal turning point in U.S. history were we lost all our fortune and America began its stupifying decent into the abyss was all accomplished under this traitor's watch. Under the backdrop and pressure of Zionist engineered World War I, the Zionists masterfully, ever so silently waltzed right in and took over the reins of power in America.

President Andrew Jackson was the only president to ever eliminate the national debt, he was one of the few presidents who truly understood the dangers of outside financial forces trying to take over the money supply of our country. He eradicated the private central bank, only for them to regroup decades later in 1913 to establish FEDzilla, aka, the Federal Reserve under the auspices of Wilson. That was not the only act that was initiated, they went to town with Wilson in their back pocket. Prior to Wilson's term, American NEVER had income taxes and got along just FINE. Not good enough, Wilson oversaw the establishment of the diabolical Internal Revenue Service who exists to plunder the citizens of this country of their hard labor, and if you fail to give your allotted share, they will come over, take your home, everything you own and imprison you for good measure. So with Wilson's treasonous enabling of the FED who print money out of thin air, then turns around and LENDS it to us at INTEREST, subsequently they also sold Wilson on the sinister IRS to come in and collect the monies to pay the interest fees from the working citizens of the country as "federal income tax", of which 40% goes pay that interest. The worst part of this is the fact that the "Federal Reserve" is just as "Federal" a part of our government as the "Federal Express" (FedEx) is!!! The Federal Reserve is one of the biggest SWINDLES ever to operate under the auspices of our government. Whom ever comes forth to challenge it are quickly dealt with, even presidents fear it, JFK who swore to disband it "to the four corners of the earth" was only just couple months later end pushing up daisies. The FED's secrecy is cloaked on an even higher level than even the CIA who must report to Congress! The FED's books are not open to the public, congress or even the President. Congress has yet to audit it, and never will. Under Wilson's "loving care" we also witnessed the birth and emergence of what many today call "Big Brother", The Sedition Act of 1918 under the pretext of "dissent, in time of war, was a significant threat to moral". The passing of this act forbade Americans to use "disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the US government, flag or armed forces. Thus he opened the door, the way and means of our current surveillance society. Then there was the one way voyage mission of the famous Lusitania purposely sent directly into German U boat territory. Well, it went down in history as the catalyst or more adequately stated: excuse to get America into the war. Oh no, it doesn't end there. Wilson was so deep in the Zionist elite's pocket that he was also an ardent supporter of Eugenics. So much so, that in 1907 he helped make Indiana the first of more than thirty states to adopt legislation aimed at compulsory sterilization of certain individuals. These are just a few of his big accomplishments, I care not what "great" things this man may be credited with, he was a traitor, this is what the conscience stricken Wilson had to say in his own words after he sold us out and was done giving the monetary rights to our country away: "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly RUINED MY COUNTRY. A great industrial nation is [now] controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of

the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men who, even if their action be honest and intended for the public interest, are necessarily concentrated upon the great undertakings in which their own money is involved and who necessarily, by very reason of the own limitations, chill and destroy genuine economic freedom." We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments of the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion of a small group of dominant men."

"The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been setup above the forms of democracy." "We have restricted credit, we have restricted opportunity, we have controlled development, and we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world." "Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." - Woodrow Wilson, Traitor in Chief

Our nation was officially CONQUERED lock stock and barrel in 1913... we have since those days been completely owned, completely controlled and completely ruled by the secretive Zionist Jew cabal.
Remember the Wilson Doctrine of 1918 - 14 Points? In his famous address to Congress, using the occasion of the Great War to propose "his" blueprint to "remake the world." Many decades later we are still under the grip of Wilson's ideas. Yet another noted agenda Woodrow Wilson was working hard to push for his Zionist masters was the establishment of the League of Nations, the failed globalist predecessor of the United Nations. Let there be no confusion as to the Woodrow administration being THE key turning point in American history opening the

doors and rolling out the red carpet for complete takeover by the Zionist elite. The banksters captured and enslaved our people and country with their ungodly system of usury and DEBT as certainly as if they had marched in with a uniformed army. You owe it to yourself to understand the full impact of the ECONOMIC RAPE OF AMERICA. During the great depression, Congressman Louis T. McFadden (who served twelve years as Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency) asked for congressional investigations of criminal conspiracy to establish the privately owned 'Federal Reserve System'. He requested impeachment of Federal officers who had violated oaths of office both in establishing and directing the Federal Reserve. McFadden, quoted from his own words In describing the FEDzilla: "Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board, a Government Board, has cheated the Government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. The depredations and the iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States; has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the misadministration of that law by which the Federal Reserve Board, and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it". "Every effort has been made by the Federal Reserve Board to conceal its power but the truth is the Federal Reserve Board has USURPED THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IT CONTROLS EVERYTING HERE AND IT CONTROLS ALL OUR FOREIGN RELATIONS. IT MAKES AND BREAKS GOVERNMENTS AT WILL." "Faithless government officers who have violated their oaths should be impeached and brought to trial." - McFadden As has happened to anyone who went too far in attacking the FED, McFadden was subjected to 2 attempts on his life, a failed shooting and an apparent poisoning that made him violently ill after attending a political banquet in Washington.

Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. revealed the Bankers Manifesto of 1892 to the U.S. Congress somewhere between 1907 and 1917. [note: to put it into context, the manifesto was in effect prior to the engineered financial crash of 1907 and the creation of the subsequent Federal Reserve] "We (the bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will

therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. Organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them. At the coming Omaha convention to be held July 4, 1892, our men must attend and direct its movement or else there will be set on foot such antagonism to our designs as may require force to overcome. This at the present time would be premature. We are not yet ready for such a crisis. Capital must protect itself in every possible manner through combination (conspiracy) and legislation. The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. History repeats itself in regular cycles. This truth is well known among our principal men who are engaged in forming an imperialism of the world. While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a state of political antagonism. The question of tariff reform must be urged through the organization known as the Democratic Party, and the question of protection with the reciprocity must be forced to view through the Republican Party. By thus dividing voters, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us, except as teachers to the common herd. Thus, by discrete actions, we can secure all that has been so generously planned and successfully accomplished." The FED was illegally established, shoved down our throats, on December 23rd of 1913 while everyone was on vacation. The all out cries in opposition from furious leaders couldn't stop it. Even after the corrupt powerful banksters with the help of the FED engineered the 1929 collapse, no one could stop it. Nothing any respected leader could say or do has ever been able to stop it. Even after the intense efforts of McFadden pleading congress to do something, in the end, the FED prevailed as always. For good measure, soon after that, they stripped the U.S. off the gold standard to further render it powerless.

The people at the heart of the "globalization" scheme are none other than the world Jew banksters. Who have throughout history been funding BOTH SIDES to every war, every conflict, for generations on end. Point blank, the single most powerful group of people who unanimously control almost all the worlds premier banks are the Zionist Jews. Go ahead and cry anti-Semite!!!!!!! Call me a "self hating Jew", The TRUTH is the truth, like it or not, hide your head in the mud, it does NOT change this staggering TRUE fundamental fact. Look up the names of all the key people running all the world's central banks, the most prominent investment houses, precious metals and gemstone (who do you think owns the diamond monopoly?) syndicates for yourself! In order to properly understand a mind-boggling repeating theme within the Jewish people we must look back in time, way back: The staggering fact is undeniable, the Jews are the ONLY people throughout history to always manage to get EXPELLED out of every nation! They were EXPELLED from the land of Egypt, Rome, France, Spain, England, Portugal, Germany, Europe and Arab countries. Gee... there seems to be more than meets the eye here... The singular common denominator, the great sin of the Jews seems to always be monopolizing USURY, money, investments, finance. For some remarkable reason throughout all of history this ethnic group of people always swarm like flies to money. They are so closely connected, so closely conspiring, so closely tight knitted, so devious that they always seem to gradually, methodically work their ways into the host countries' major financial back bone and like a killer virus slowing overtake it by forming money cartels. On The Jews and Their Lies, 1543 by Martin Luther (1483-1546) Written over 450 years ago, yet as relevant and truthful today as it was when it was written by the world famous Marin Luther way back then. Was he also an "evil slanderous anti-Semite" or just another person simply documenting the rampant lies and modus operandi of the Jews? Sorry, this is NOT anti-Semitism... it's called the bare naked TRUTH. In each case where the Jews were expelled out of each country it was only after the Jewish control of the financial markets became so overwhelming, so suffocating, so destructive to the country that the kings really had no other realistic option on how to deal with the "Jewish Problem" other than to kick them all out and reclaim all the ill-gotten wealth. You see, when the Jews take over an industry such as the usury industry that seems to run deep in their veins and blood vessels, permeating their entire being, they are so secretive and exclusively confined to themselves that they literally form Jewish cabals, cartels, monopolies, thus locking everyone else (the goyims) out, the real kicker is the synergy factor of this action. Using OPM (other people's money) they ensnare the goyim under DEBT, as the interest compounds, their wealth amasses and grows exponentially, the results are none other than spectacular phenomenal financial growth within their private cabal. They make key sweetheart deals exclusively with their own kind. Since the money gets "sucked in" but never really leaves the "Jew Realm" and just accumulates, they further expand their scope, they then finance their own Zionist people in other fields of endeavor. When they "retire" filthy rich, they all become "philanthropists" establish front organizations, further funneling their

personal massive fortunes to their own kind and support Zionist agendas. That's exactly how the Jew domination works in a nutshell. Their advanced synergetic unity based relationship is not a fluke, for it is instilled deep in the hearts and minds of all Jews. Their greatest strength is their exclusive racial cohesion... I attended a major Zionist conference recently... they constantly referred to it as: "Kol Israel Arevim Ze la ze." In essence what this means is "the people of Israel are responsible for one another." Now THAT is how THEY roll. On the other hand they want, nourish and encourage all of the rest of the world to remain divided, bickering, competing and fighting amongst one another... while they remain the ONLY group in existence that are truly unified. Carefully reviewing history one can see that modern Jewish control of all world finance truly began in the 1700s with the "Court Jew". The master "craft" of insider finance and economics was passed on by generation to generation within the Jewish community until giants emerged to dominate the entire financial landscape. Some are like "gods" among men, these are literally king makers and breakers. Such as the one of the key elite ruling families, the Rothschilds, who's power was so pervasive that Mayer Amschel Rothschild proudly boasted "permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes it's laws", now that's what I call bona fide "GANGSTA!" These people who wield wealth in the TRILLIONS of dollars are NOT listed on Forbes richest people magazine... you will NEVER see their names listed in ANY such list, for these TRILLIONAIRES run massive networks of businesses and organizations that cleverly conceal the true nature of their wealth, no government body dares even try to take a peek at their real wealth. You have to really sit back and admire the sheer audacity and magnificence of the Jewish ingenuity. After they get iron fist control of markets and secured their wealth they all form "philanthropic" organizations. Hundreds of billions of dollars are then strategically funneled into their "golly gee caring, warm, loving and fuzzy" "philanthropic" organizations, yet what have any of these organizations done to truly help the world? NOTHING. For they are mostly all just slush fund Front Groups. Those organizations are there to fulfill the sole purpose of supporting and advancing The Jewish "GOD GIVEN" mandate of ruling the entire world. Oh sure, every now and then one of the large philanthropic organizations will come out with a well publicized freebee for the goyim pheasants, in order to keep up the charade that they are really doing good for all mankind. Behold here is the clue of clues to identifying the elite of the elite: just identify the founders of the largest most wealthy Trusts and Foundations and you will be right on track. Talking about front groups, another important note I must include in this section are the pathetic excuse if not outright fraud of what portrays themselves as "regulatory agencies" in America. In almost every single case the "regulatory" agency is nothing more than a rubber stamp organization of the establishment members that claim to "regulate" the industry. When in reality almost all the time it is industry insiders who RUN the "regulatory" agencies! Doh! In actuality what the agencies REAL mission is to weed out the playing field and keep outsiders out by fining them to death and making it nearly impossible for unsanctioned outsiders to function within that industry.

Take the SEC for instance. With all the rampant greed and corruption in the past decade you would think they would have been busy 24/7 handing out indictments. Nope. The past decade they seemed to have been closed for renovations or just out on vacation or something. Even as Jim Cramer was recently publically humiliated by John Stewart for his videotaped statements describing how unadulterated Wall Street fraud was by the status quo and how the SEC just turns a blind eye. For all intents and purposes according to the inaction of the SEC there were virtually no wrong doings in existence in the entire financial sector for a decade, they let Madoff run the world's largest ponzi scheme, for it was virtually impossible that IF they were doing their job they would NOT have notice that this guy NEVER MADE ONE SINGLE TRADE yet was operating a prestigious well known fund... Nope, nothing out of normal here, Madoff and the entire industry had the past decade of unprecedented complete wanton financial orgy while... hold on... the SEC did prosecute one high profile evil sinister financial fraudster out there in that usury decadent decade: Martha Stewart! (lol) They busted Martha Stewart in what resembled more of a SETUP sting operation conjured up by DEA style drug enforcement agents than anything else... The criminal Martha Stewart was indicted and imprisoned for something along the value of what? $45,000.00.... chump change in her world and in Wall Street world (meanwhile the real criminals are fleecing you for decades on end in the tune of billions upon billions of dollars). What you don't know is WHY they picked her and then blew it out of proportion in the news. First was HYPE FACTOR to make it look that they are on top of things "regulating" the markets. The REAL reason they toppled Martha Stewart was to gain control of her fantastically growing Omnimedia empire. The ONLY stipulation in her indictment, arrest and imprisonment was that she relinquish the top executive controlling post and NEVER have it back. Golly gee, I wonder who they set up as CEO running things at Omnimedia.... None other than Zionist Jew Charles Koppelman. This my dear friends is how the Zionist ruling elite roll. The Zionist SEC is just another mighty weapon they wield to control participation in THEIR markets. Their game, their ballpark. A very, very interesting figure to appear on the national scene has been Peter Schiff (currently operating Euro Pacific Capital), great grandson of legendary Jacob Schiff, of the great Zionist master banking families who rule the monetary world, The House of Schiff. (Master shill alert!) Most fascinating is that he has latched onto the coattails of constitutional libertarian, true blue patriot Ron Paul's bandwagon. What we have here is a truly amazing awe inspiring glimpse of the fascinating unadulterated ingenuity of the Zionist ruling elite, as they work ALL sides of the fences. Here they pose one of their own pure breed, family heirs posing as one of "the truthers." Peter Schiff has recently been coming off as a gifted PROPHET with his uncanny, "magical" calling of the entire financial world events as no one else has, and completely obliterating the current financial establishment with his "prophetic" words of truth. Behold: For as we witness the Zionists play all sides of the fences, in the deliberate destruction of the "old economic world order", we are also witnessing the setting up of and building of credibility and strategic beginning of the NEW ECONOMIC WORLD ORDER apparatus, plays and players...

Let it also be perfectly understood: Many if not most of the prominent "philanthropic" organizations throughout the world are nothing more than shrewd calculating SLUSHFUNDS established to subsidize and work in concert with their N.W.O. agendas. Prominent leaders of industry "retire" and work behind the scenes by joining the exclusive ultra secretive "philanthropy clubs", establishing FRONT ORANIZATIONS to disperse their fortunes and help fund the globalist agendas by means of protected and overlooked entities often called "Foundations." These are none other than sophisticated secret SLUSH-FUNDS. The list below has not been checked for accuracy, but is none the less hastily included here from the publication "Basic Statistics for Untied States Imperialism" for its attempt to display a mere tiny glimpse of a tiny fraction of the scope of infiltration by entities operating today under false pretenses and concertedly working together on silently pushing hidden agendas. Prominent Front Organizations used to advance US imperialist interests: Adolph Coors Foundation: rightist propaganda slush-fund AFL-CIO: CIA controlled labor organization African American Institute: CIA front group American Council for International Commission of Jurists: CIA front American Enterprise Foundation: rightist think-tank American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees: CIA front American Foreign Policy Council: rightist think-tank American Friends of the Middle East: CIA front group American Newspaper Guild: CIA front group American Society of African Culture: CIA front group Brookings Institution: rightist think-tank CANF: anti-Castro lobbyist Cato Institute: rightist think-tank Carnegie Endowment: rightist think-tank Center for Security Policy: rightist think-tank Center for Strategic and International Studies: rightist think-tank Competitive Enterprise Institute: rightist think-tank Council on Foreign Relations: NWO think-tank Ethics and Public Policy Center: rightist think-tank Ford Foundation: CIA front group Freedom Forum: rightist think-tank Fund for International Social and Economic Education: CIA front group Heritage Foundation: rightist think-tank Hoover Institution: rightist think-tank Hudson Institute: rightist think-tank Institute for International Economics: rightist think-tank Institute for International Labor Research: CIA front group International Development Foundation: CIA front group International Institute for Strategic Studies: rightist think-tank John M. Olin Foundation: rightist propaganda slush-fund Koch Family Foundations: rightist propaganda slush-fund

Liberty Lobby: neo-fascist agitprop Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation: rightist propaganda slush-fund Manhattan Institute: rightist think-tank National Education Association: CIA front group National Endowment for Democracy: CIA front group National Student Association: CIA front group Progress and Freedom Foundation: rightist think-tank Progressive Policy Institute: rightist think-tank RAND Corporation: rightist think-tank Reason Foundation: rightist think-tank Rockefeller Foundation: slush-fund Scaife Family Foundations: rightist propaganda slush-fund Smith Richardson Foundation: rightist propaganda slush-fund Soros Foundation: CIA front group USAID: official humanitarian front used to control food politics USIA: primary disseminator of official "white propaganda" Voice of America: CIA-controlled radio (Note: if someone could please help me build a more accurate list, please email me your list) Likewise, our Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor public. It was founded and controlled by PRIVATE interests from day one. Hey let's take a look to see who are the main men running the FED: Alan Greenspan was the Chairman of the Fed for decades, oh, by the way, he is JEWISH. Who stepped in to take is place, Bernanke, oh, did I mention that he is also JEWISH? The current board of directors of the FED consists of ALL Jewish appointees! Yes you have heard it right, the entire Federal Reserve is run entirely by a Jewish cabal, look for yourself here. The FED's top brass: Bernanke, Kohn, Warsh, Kroszner and Mishkin are all Jews, what a coincidence eh? In many cases they no longer even bother appointing non Jews anymore to keep up the appearance of neutrality. The "non Jews" you do see as head of the financial firms have proven their undying loyalty to their masters. The Jews also run the IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, Bank of England, etc., etc., etc. (actually, There are now only 5 nations in the world left without a Zionist controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya). Yes, the day Rothschild proclaimed that he didn't care who was the president as long as he was the man in charge of its monetary system, was the day that he was so powerful that he could confidently publically admit his strategy yet expect absolutely NO retribution or fallout. Now that's pure unadulterated bad ass power. One of our ex-presidents, James Garfield basically admits the same thing when he admitted: "whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." Well folks these are just the public figures appointed to positions that the rest of the world sees, the FED has been under direct Jewish rule since day one of its establishment in the 1913 Monetary Coup D d'état of America was perpetrated. Later on that same year the IRS was established FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of paying the Federal Reserve all the interest it would milk our country for in the decades to come.

Federal Reserve, banking and the economy: - Video

Another one of the great sins of our time has been the replacing of common sense with financial formulas. "Cost-Benefit Analysis" and "Return on Investment" is what often determines 95% of directions leaders of industry and state take other than rational logic. Sure it makes lots of short term financial sense to close down all our manufacturing and ship all of it off to China, India and Mexico, but in the long term this is just SUICIDE. You must understand: that policies and acts established for the good of and strategic financial well being of private for profit group, enterprise or corporation all too often turns out to be poison and long term suicidal for the people, local economy, state, nation, or world. The fundamental largest blatant flaw of capitalism is that it all its participants (mainly large corporations) does NOT compute social & public economic impact of ANYTHING they do. That is irrelevant in the eyes of every corporation whom all exist for the selfish self-centered purpose of concentrating wealth, i.e., the all mighty "stockholder return." For the corporation has just one legal parameter it must adhere to above and beyond all else: return on shareholder equity. Profits, profits, profits. That's ALL that matters, all else is disposable and just pettiness in the corporate world eyes. Under those parameters everything and anything goes, loot, plunder, ravage, legally swindle, take over, monopolize, become number one at all costs. May well being of "the locals", the environment, ethics and what is morally right be damned. Go ahead, struggle with the truth, yet again, you know perfectly well that I am, yet again, right. My last attempt to try and articulate this very important point is: look all around the world. Every modern civilization has come to experience the impact of rampant capitalism. Third world nations, up and coming nations are routinely economically "sodomized" by the finance industry and large conglomerates and banks who (the story is always the same) come proclaiming to benevolently "HELP" the locals, with the assistance of local media and sold out politicians, they convince the locals that by selling this or that natural resource, land, rights, organization (or whatever is in their target) to the large conglomerate will be an immense "great benefit" for the locals. In the end, the story never changes... the large conglomerate rapes and pillages the resources, leaving the peoples and nation destitute on the verge of starvation, financially robbing them of their natural wealth and shipping off the profits to other countries wealthy stockholders. Say it ain't so Joe! Need look no further than all over Africa for irrefutable proof of the devastation they leave in their wake. The poor peasants in all of South America have no clue how badly they are being pillaged and plundered by the western world. It is truly so sad to witness in our modern day in age all the injustices that the people of South America are routinely subjected to by our quest for ever more profits, the siege of the capitalism beast. What better example of western world raping, ravaging and mercilessly taking advantage of poor nations than Bolivia's 2000 Cochabamba Water Revolt. What happened in a nutshell is that the wonderful, loving, caring most benevolent /cough/ World Bank told Bolivia to allow a private

consortium to come in and manage some water projects. They ended up taking control of ALL water in the country, even, get this, RAIN WATER (!!!) and town wells that were already there and they did not build. I kid you not, rain water that fell from the sky was designated PROPERTY of the maniacal, diabolical consortium lead by Bechtel Corporation subsidiary with the blessing and decree from the World Bank to plunder and pillage the poor nation. Well that was not all, they then began charging those poor defenseless people prices for WATER that NO ONE could afford (up to 27% of their monthly wages!). Violent revolts were instrumental in finally kicking the company out of the country. Of course, as is always the case of the ruling elite vs. the meek: protesters were jailed, civil liberties were restricted, houses raided, phones wiretapped then the government accused drug traffickers of inspiring and financing the acts of subversion, foreign investors denied responsibility, suggesting that the causes of the protests were not even related to the water rates. Take a good hard look at any country African nation, left in total economic ruin and famine for a Scrooge McDuck awakening of the true nature of the BEAST that ravages entire nations. Once they were done with Africa, their sights were turned to South America and other poor gullible countries around the globe in their insatiable search for victims, umm, "trading partners" to "liberate" by spreading "Democracy." LOL. Argentina is an amazing case study. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) currently run by Zionist Jew Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Austerity Program required that a full 33% of government revenue be diverted to IMF banks. This contributed immensely to the destruction of their currency and crippling the nation's once thriving economy. Find the documentary "Argentina's Economic Collapse" to see a chilling account of how a nation is brought down to its knees by the banks and corporations. A case study on how an entire nation became slaves to the world banksters: Argentina's Economic Collapse - Video The IMF austerity programs rape and pillage nation after nation, stripping them of wealth and resources. Many people have no clue, but when the IMF lends a nation money, in the terms and conditions ("conditionalities"), the receiving country basically hands over cart blanch, key rights to the IMF, in which the IMF can and often does exercise policy making for that sovereign country! For example; Ghana was forced by the IMF to accept deliveries of chickens from outside countries that literally put local growers out of business. In a phenomena known as "dumping" by developed countries, Ghana farmers were losing hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars, when the Ghanaian government tried to protect its domestic business interests, but the IMF stepped in and exercised its overruling power slapping them down. Thus we see a clear example of the IMF power of overriding national rule of law. The "benevolent loving caring" IMF has been instrumental in destroying many nations, from all over Africa to South America. For "programs more often than not lead to an INCREASE in poverty in recipient countries." Doh! "While it was created under the guise to 'help stabilize the global economy', critics claim over 100 countries (almost all their membership) have experienced a banking collapse" many as a direct result of the IMF input and or demands. This is your Zionist monetary masters at work in their element plundering the poor, sucking all their wealth and

fortunes out and leaving helpless countries destitute. All in the guise of "we are here to help you".... "here is lots and lots of money! Take it, just sign here on the dotted line"....... What makes the above video so scary is that the U.S. is on a eerily similar economic path of Argentina. Our recent economic collapse and 8.5 TRILLION (and counting as this is being written) in "bail out" funds (and still pilling up debt) have no connection to common sense or even logic. These funds are being handed out only to mega monolithic insider BANKs and financial institutions THAT HAVE CAUSED THE MELTDOWN TO BEGIN WITH! The very enemies of state that have been working endlessly to bring about the major fall of every nation they embed themselves in order to achieve their dreams of total world domination are in the process of financially gutting out our country. One of the IMF's right hand partner in crime is the World Bank, currently run Zionist Jew Robert B. Zoellick. Again we see that this bank was established to /cough/ "provide financial and technical assistance to developing countries for development programs" /cough/ In reality this entity is nothing more than a catalyst for the escalating global social disparity aiming at financial enslavement of the world, on parity with third world nations they already have under dire poverty through the control of global monetary policies. Today we are witnessing the ingenious sinister power of the Zionist elite as they are maneuvering about in creating a global financial meltdown as never before witnessed. They are contracting the markets and once again (as they did in the great depression of 1929) consolidating their power, as the "little guys" and competition fold.

The economic collapse of 2008 is nothing other than their engineered 911 Economic Demolition Collapse! The connection to 9/11 and the current economic collapse is completely intriguing. For the seeds of the current economic collapse actually began around the time of the bringing down of the "World Trade Center" as in symbolically announcing to the world that the days of America as the "Center of World Trade" would soon thereafter also collapse... Coincidence? The financial orgy that was to bring about our current financial collapse began in earnest in 2001. Fannie and Freddy Macs both began the suicidal policies of unwarranted extra risk they had never done. In 2002 Bush aggressively pushed for a goal of 5.5 million mortgage loans to poor minorities who could not afford homes to begin with. Those ARM (adjustable rate mortgages) were nothing more than time bombs set to all explode in unison several years down the road. The FED was a central conspirator in the housing bubble, as in 2003 we witnessed the FED (for no sane reason) push the interest rates to their lowest level ever. Thus drastically fueling the wild housing frenzy like adding jet fuel to a fire. Junk CDOs were then PURPOSELY

being bundled and pawned off to unsuspecting investors in the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Even the FBI warned of massive subprime fraud as early as 2004. These are just a couple massive indications that reveal the fact that the entire collapse was TOTALLY PREMEDITATED. Before long we will all witness how the central banks of the world will soon DEMAND that the United States dollar CEASE be used as the reserve currency of the world. Watch as they will soon push for a new world reserve currency and control... this is what's next on their agenda. The western hemisphere will undergo extreme pressure to STABILIZE the economic chaos thus be forced to issue a new regional or even world currency similar to the European Union currency. We are yet again witnessing the age old Problem - Reaction - Solution Paradigm in operation. Just as their motto proclaims "order out of chaos", they engineer the chaos... then they come forth as saviors with the magical "solution", thus is their modus operandi. Exactly like the banksters of the era CRASHED the financial markets (creating chaos) in 1907 in order to several years later, under the calculated massive desperate cries for help and reform, they them stepped in to "SAVE" the day (bringing order) by completely taking over our monetary system. Where in 1907 they crashed the markets to then in 1913 establish the Federal Reserve, so it will be again, an exact repeat of history. Behold for in the next coming years with the cries of help echoing from all corners, our bankster "saviors" will yet again erect, yet another more sprawling, more powerful central monetary structure to rule over us all. Oh what wonderful most benevolent banksters... Fannie May and Freddy Mac where the "twin towers", Bear Sterns was "Building 7" that mysteriously collapsed, Washington Mutual was the "Pentagon", and Lehman Brothers was the plane that magically disintegrated into vapor in a Pennsylvania field. Behold: how they magically absorb once powerful financial institutions for a tiny fraction of what it was worth. Bear Sterns, Washington Mutual, Lehman Bros, are just a few of the big guys, hundreds and hundreds of smaller banks are being knocked off and sucked up each week. The list will grow much, much larger as the elite Zionist players consolidate and absorb everything in their path just as in that old movie "The Blob." The mind blowing aspect of this preplanned, engineered and perpetrated colossal economic collapse is the dumbnifying way that these Zionist gangsters pimped out and looted our entire financial system and suckered America out of 8.5 trillion bucks (and counting) while all the experts, reporters, pundits, Washingtonites all rushed to give them this money as if in some bewildering crazy drunken stupor. Only now after the fact, are some people waking up and saying "what the hell did we just do?" Yet they victims have no clue, for they are being lead astray by the very people that sank the economy. The crooks who engineered the entire collapse are the ones in charge of "fixing" it!!! The time will eventually come when everyone that is not "in on it" will be left leveraged to the hilt, holding lots of vaporware worthless PAPER while the Zionist and insiders come out smelling like roses OWNING EVERYTHING OUTRIGHT. They will at some point be the prominent holders of the majority of REAL ASSESTS while on

the other hand their subsidiaries and/or affiliates are busy pushing worthless vaporware investments. The main premise of the "bailout" and "stimulus" packages is all under the convenient guise of they are all "TO BIG TO FAIL." Yet another crock of shit bogus in your face blatant bull. For decades our government has relaxed just about every single law and regulations keeping corporations from becoming monolithic sprawling multinational monstrosity monopolies... that can become too powerful... too big to fail. Today our nation if FULL of such conglomerates that have all become "to big to fail" and yet the underlying rules remain the same, the merger mania has no end in sight as the gigantic monsters continue eating up the now failing weaker corporations. Welcome to the new corporate welfare state. For every time a giant corporation that is "too big to fail" begins to waiver, Uncle Sam will take your hard earned money that was allocated for public good and public programs and redirect them to the greedy corrupt failed corporations. We have been living in the age of corporatism yet the masses have been consistently clueless. We will all wake up someday to only realize that our whole country has been stripped to the level of third world nation, only when it's too late. Can you sit there and tell me that these are all "mishaps" "coincidence" "mistakes" "miscalculations" and so forth, regularly made as if by policy decision by our elected officials and CEOs whom all graduated from the best of the very best Ivy league schools of the world. Yet they regularly make glaring errors even a simple minded peasant would never consider. No, these are not "mistakes" or whatever they call their current atrocity. For these people are the cream of the crop, the top 5% of worldwide brain trust are in fact shrewd calculators and strategists. In their worlds there is no such thing as a "mistake." America is FLAT BROKE in debt up the wazu, nothing is "made in the U.S.A." anymore (except for crappy cars), we are technically BANKRUPT and what do we do? We borrow TRILLIONS... to... GIVE IT ALL AWAY TO THE THIEF BANKSTERS!!! Yaaaayyyy!!! Proof positive that the Zionist Jew owned media world is working hand in hand with the Zionist Wall Street Banksters is in the universal condemnation by ALL the media of the government handing out any stimulus bailout funds to any entity other than financial institutions. No one in the media world complains about the TRILLIONS that have been dumped into the financial institution black hole, yet they howl with cries of bloody murder at the mention of REAL companies that PRODUCE REAL PRODUCTS (car companies, Amtrak, etc.) getting a dime. WTF? Folks, I have bad news for you: we are like, so screwed. The banksters are LOOTING AMERICA, they are the ones who created this mess and the complicit Washingtonites are bending over backwards to throw billions and trillions of dollars at them to accelerate the gutting of our nation in what can only be described as committing economic suicide. All the Washingtonite republican leaders all cry out in unison "WE NEED MORE TAX CUTS TO STIMULATE our wealthy comrades THE ECONOMY!!!" What batshit insane preposterous claim! All the tax cuts in the world will NEVER help the poor and especially the UNEMPLOYED victims of this economic collapse! Duh!!! The millions of unemployed

people will NEVER see ONE SINGLE PENNY of those tax cuts. The house is on fire and the filthy rich only care about themselves, for these are the ONLY people that tax cuts benefit. Again we witness the appointed sold out leaders pushing policies and acts that will ONLY benefit the wealthy elites. The painfully scary and heartbreaking part of all this bull donkey is that all the brain dead masses believe all the hyperbole. Many of them yell in unison "more tax cuts!, more tax cuts!, more tax cuts!" /sigh/ Yes, those tax cuts are going to be a great stimulus package... for the banksters hoarding trillions of dollars and buying up the smaller banks and businesses for a fraction of what they are worth! When they are good and ready they will finally open their DEBT windows and take those billions upon billions that easily flowed into their war chests and further enslave mankind by LENDING it to you with high interest rates, fees, charges, conditions and one sided stipulations. Oh isn't this a wonderful free world system! As I have been trying to articulate over and over again; this world is no longer a free trade zone, the world has long ago undergone a massive transformation into an enslaved DEBT driven society. Thomas Jefferson warned us long ago: "We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt." How truly unfortunate that we as a people ceased to pay attention to history. The banksters are actually DOING NOTHING and will NEVER do NOTHING, to stop the collapse, but of course not, it makes perfect sense since it is their engineered economic collapse work of art in action in the first place. They are sitting back in their million dollar board rooms sipping tea watching the chaos unfold, while they count the TRILLIONS that the Washingtonite minions are sending them on top of the billions upon billions they have already fleeced the world over. The sad fact is that it was the housing/mortgage bubble that they inflated to gargantuan proportions that any kindergartener could tell you would eventually burst. Now they are taking the billions and purchasing real assets, and businesses for when the day comes of total collapse, they will be the only ones left OWNING everything... Yet all the trillions that have been pumped into the world financial institutions have all been in vain. For if our leaders REALLY wanted to "fix" the problem, a very simple and amazing solution would have worked wonders: they could have saved trillions of dollars and just PAID OFF every single outstanding mortgage in all of America in full. The economy would be BOOMING right now with all our citizens having paid off their largest debt and having tons of spending money to splurge. But that option in the eyes of your most benevolent loving caring banker community is viewed as pure ludicrous blasphemous sin. The worst part of this engineered collapse is the fact that most of those "trillions of dollars in loses" are in fact nothing more than GAMBLING DEBTs. Financial institutions made billions of dollars of "bets" essentially on nothing more than HOT AIR. Today's economic collapse is basically the collecting on those billion dollar "bets." Hence, nothing has really been "lost" yet having to honor those bets on CDOs and Credit Default Swaps is what is REALLY causing the collapse... People are raving mad about AIG getting multi-billion dollar bailout funds then holding huge parties. This conglomerate has become the poster child for the gluttonous IN YOUR FACE

attitude as it has audaciously been taking millions of dollars of those bailout funds and giving out million dollar bonuses to their failure engineering executives without a care or fear of penalty. THIS is the true "get away with murder" state of our free for all decadent business climate. That's not even the real story, the real story is the fact that ALL the bailout funds AIG gets, well, it turns around and hands the funds right to the Wall Street banks!!! I kid you not! Now even THAT'S not even the whole story, for who do you think are AIG's major stockholders? Hmm, let's see: Goldman, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, UBS, JPMorgan, Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsch Bank, Barclays, and it goes on. I kid you not! Very few people have recognized the true nature of the Bankster Beasts that roam the world, for their institutions are nothing more than BLACK HOLES that suck up peoples' and nation's wealth. Their powerful vortex is too much for anyone people, organization and even nations to pull out of due to the fact that they do not understand the true inner fundamental principle forces of how it operates and where it gains and multiplies it's POWER... Who dares confront and slay THE BEASTS? Who will dare take down FEDzilla? When everything is said and done and the dust settles, and America admits it is BANKRUPT, (the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis declared just that back in August of 2006) you will see how powerful the bankster community will come out of all this... they will be INVINCIBLE GODS. For the economic collapse scheme is being played out in EVERY nation around the world in one massive coordinated attack. And every country is digging deep to hand over their wealth to the Zionist banksters..... Pure genius.... Let me see if I got this right: The Zionist illuminati banksters engineered this economic collapse and looting of America, they purposely targeted and subprimed the heck out the minorities out there, credit default swapped the shit out of investors and hoodwinked the institutions with crap CDOs, took out massive bets on Credit Default Swaps and standing on the sidelines are the even more convoluted derivatives bubble waiting to blow. Folks who do not understand all the fuss that has been going on, just sit back and watch as the Zionist Bankster elite do their thing and further tighten the noose around the necks of their prey. In the end be prepared for these Banksters to magically come up with a "wonderful benevolent" solution to the economic woes.... Sit back and watch... the first "big wonderful solutions" will be floated in the coming G20 meetings this March in London and in the G20 Meeting to be held April. These G20 meetings will be the official launch pad for not only the new world reserve currency proposal. But as the setup for their next phase of total world monetary control. Let it be known: the Zionist Jews OWN this country (and many others) lock stock and barrel, guess what? You my dear friend are but a powerless spectator. No sooner than I wrote the words above, than a few weeks later I read this FOX News headline: "U.N. Climate Change Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions to Form New World Economy." Breitbart also covers the breaking news with its "UN panel touts new global currency reserve system." Those who obtained version 1.0 of this report will readily attest to the fact that these words predicting exactly what is now happening were declared in the earlier draft of the Matrix Report that was chiseled out last year. I don't make this stuff up. Yet I am not a prophet, (I hope

not!) I just know what their ultimate goals are and have identified a slew of their Modus Operandi, thus "foretelling the future" is becoming very easy... Why Wont The Bail Out Work? MUST SEE! - Video You still think everything is not a rigged game? Check out this revealing passage that Silber highlights from Whitney's article: In truth, Geithner did us all a big favor on Tuesday by exposing himself as a stooge of the banking industry. Now everyone can see that the banks are working the deal from the inside. Geithner has assembled a phalanx of Wall Street flim-flam men to fill out the roster at Treasury. His chief-of-staff is lobbyist from Goldman Sachs. The new deputy secretary of state is a former CEO of Citigroup. Another CFO from Citigroup is now assistant to the president, and deputy national security adviser for International Economic Affairs. And one of his deputies also came from Citigroup. One new member of the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board comes from UBS, which is currently being investigated for helping rich clients evade taxes. The Obama White House is a beehive of big money guys and Wall Street speculators. To which Silber adds this appropriate and devastating gloss: So who are you going to believe? The ignorant and/or lying voices of the system that's killing you (at this late date, you can place primary emphasis on the "lying" part of that description), or your own lying eyes? Silber then harks back to a prophetic piece he wrote last fall, when the "credit crunch" was still being described as an "economic downturn": Those people who have followed the foreign policy catastrophes of recent years are repeatedly struck by this phenomenon: all the "experts" who are supposedly so knowledgeable in this area -- that is, all the "experts" who led us into the catastrophes and who were grievously, bloodily, murderously wrong about every significant matter -remain entrenched in the foreign policy establishment. Moreover, they are precisely the people to whom everyone turns for the "solution" to the disasters that engulf us, both now and the disasters likely to come. This is what it means to have a ruling class. As I have said, the ruling class rules. The ruling class exercises a lethal monopoly on the terms of public debate, just as it exercises a lethal monopoly on the uses of state power. What you have seen over the last six months and more, and what you will see in the coming months and years, is the same phenomenon in the realm of economic policy. All of the solons who led us into this abyss of mounting debt, worthless securities,

failing financial institutions, economic contraction and collapse, rising taxation, and all the rest, will now instruct us as to how we should "solve" the crisis that THEY have created. The crisis may be ameliorated to a degree, and the worst of the consequences may be postponed for a while. But whatever "solutions" are implemented, whatever reorganization and reregulation is imposed, it will all be done in accordance with the ruling class's desires and goals. It will all be to protect their own wealth and power to whatever extent is possible, and to expand their wealth and power still more, if that remains at all feasible."

The bankster Zionist crime families rule the world. The king of the bankster families is none other than the Rothschilds have OWNED England's central bank, thus controlled them lock stock and barrel since 1815 (in other words they have had mad power over nations for over 200 years). Ever since those days up until the present 21st century, the banksters RULE by controlling all the worlds countries' central banks, then offer their host countries DEBT as a viable monetary fiat system. The "conquered" countries have to pay back the private central banks with INTEREST in return for printing money for them. That is the fundamental concept of their fiat currency scam, DEBT, the secret ingredient in their world enslavement quest. Go ahead, continue to suck up all the advice fed to you by the mainstream 97% Jew owned media cartel... Yes go back to your cocoon and turn the channel to Suzy Orman's (Jew) financial debt advice, then swallow up everything that "Mad Money" Jim Cramer (Jew) tells you to invest in... These are just two out of hundreds of high profile famous Jews that are on the air prophesying for their Zionist Jew master's agendas, keeping the goyim chasing dreams and shadows... together the Zionist Jew media cartel all craft a wonderful mass illusion. The World Wilderness Congress was established in the 1980s under the benevolent guise of "helping to save the planet." The important piece of which was the concept of creating a "World Conservation Bank" and the proposal of taking collateral for national loans in the form of the debtor's national lands and parks. What happens when the countries cannot repay their loans? Their lands can then be confiscated and sold to one of their subsidiary or partners at colossal profits. As you can see with this one small example, DEBT is THE instrumental ingredient to ENSLAVE even entire nations. The banksters will never be satisfied until they own the deeds to everything on this planet. Hundreds of billions upon billions, to mounting trillions of dollars are being systematically handed over to the financial institutions "to restore the CREDIT markets"... Washingtonite leaders believe this is the central part to repairing all the ills we are now facing, pumping money into banks to spur CREDIT. What this demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the FACT that the entire monetary system is a purely DEBT driven system. Pure insanity. There exists NO real wealth, there can be NO real wealth for ANYONE other than the banksters in this type of system. The loan sharks rule the land.


News flash, while the rest of the world is in the middle of massive economic collapse, there are many insider Zionists that are doing extremely well. The House of Rothschild banks have all claimed to have made "comfortable" profits (why am I not surprised?) while the rest of the financial industry is tanking... and how about the Zionist crown jewel? Their "holy nation" of apartheid Israel... Golly gee whiz... while the rest of the world is on flames, burning down and being sucked into the abyss, it seems as if Israel is the only country PROFITING and prospering on the entire planet:

Hey, I don't make this stuff up, I am just exposing the FACTS.... The TRUTH that is right in front of everyone's eyes, but yet you are too blind to see... The Zionist Jew chokehold on world finance is absolute, as they rule with an iron rod. I don't know how the WORLD will break or if they can break out of the debt chokehold, other than to purposely cease and desist, just stop doing business with the banksters. A large majority of debtors would have to break from their enslavement in order for it to have a significant impact and give the beast a mortal blow. The only option that I can think of is for all the masses to do the "unthinkable." There is only one thing that makes the banksters shake with fear and pee in their pants... Yes we would all have to perform a TABOO procedure, that the financial industry views as a nightmare sin of sins, so much that they have spent years in brainwashing the masses of this greatest of SINS. According to the financial world if you do it you will become a leper, your friends, family, business associates will lose all respect for you, society will frown upon you and spit at you, you will become scum, less than a worm and maybe even go to hell... this is how they portray the retribution of: Behold: for the only way I can see to kill the "Debt Beast" is for everyone to go into BANKRUPTCY. Yes, the "B" word. Cut those financial chains that bind you and blow off those blood sucking bankster leeches for good, then never go back begging for credit (debt) again. If enough people file for bankruptcy then it will gravely weaken or even slay the beast that enslaves us through our finances.... Think about it.....

You have no reason to fear bankruptcy, the stigma and negative connotations associated with this liberating practice has been fostered and carefully cultivated over the centuries as a unforgivable SIN by none other than the bankster blood sucker parasites who wish to keep you enslaved forever. Once the bankruptcy process is over, the banksters no longer OWN you. You will actually have SECURED FREEDOM FROM THEIR BONDS, destroyed the chains that have you financially imprisoned, now free to do whatever you want. Once emancipated from yet another form of enslavement. I would suggest that you NEVER get another credit card, or finance a car again though. You can drive a used car and save up for 2-3 years and buy a brand new one if you would like. Home ownership? NEVER go to the blood sucking leech banksters! Two options here: save for 10-15 years and buy a home cash, it is yours, the second option is to find an "owner financed" home, where at least the person who gets the interest payments is another honest citizen and not a blood sucking parasite. As for credit cards, you really don't need them, for real. Just use your ATM Visa/MasterCard debit card if you must. What is paramount here is that you understand how you are being enslaved by the banksters for whom you go to work day in and day out to give them most of your paychecks! Whether you realize it or not, you are their whore who goes out and pulls "tricks" then brings the money to the pimp master bankster. Of course, as any smart pimp, they have enforcers, theirs is called the IRS who always have their greedy hands in your pocket, they just take their cut before you even see a dime. Unless you are among the 2%er club, top of the top, wealthy of the nation, who then pay whatever they want, if you want, as per their well paid creative account's calculations.

I will finish up this section with more disturbing food for thought: The SATAN CLAUSE There is an old saying "the devil is in the details." This in never more evident and pertinent then in the key instrument used in the world of finance and business, the integral part of Uniform Commercial Code Law, any written agreement and contract: the "terms and conditions", the king of "the details" and the "small print." The main ingredient to watch out for within any agreement are the terms and CONDTIONS the "CLAUSES." It's all about the clauses that set up parameters one must navigate around and understand, the clauses bear the pitfalls and traps. More often than not, any one particular clause may seem benign and harmless until you

fall into its web. "I will lend you this money on _______ conditions." It's always about the CONDITIONS (when the IMF enslaves nations it refers to them as "Conditionalities"). Satan presented the very first clause in history to Adam and Eve... look what was the historical result from agreeing to that clause! Every sinister, self-centered, one sided, pit trap, takeover clause in existence can be considered a "Satan Clause." One must always bear in mind the age old warning, "if it sounds too good to be true, then it is." You have all unknowingly been trained into the acceptance of ridiculous clauses since childhood. The very first terms and conditions you were suckered into was the "SANTA's CLAUSE." Where you were lead to believe in a FALSE BEING that literally replaced the most holy son of God, Jesus Christ... who proclaimed "none will go to heaven except THROUGH ME." Then there was the all important commandment: "Thou shall have no other idols of gods above me." Did you wish and pray to Santa or Jesus for "toys"? Eh? Children innocently, inadvertently, unknowingly "worship" a false being named Santa... thus automatically by default, regulating Jesus to the status SECONDARY in importance and relevancy, this has been the genius of this SATAN CLAUSE. Yet again, as always, the devil is in the terms and conditions, in the details, in the clauses. Behold: for "Santa Claus" is none other than the "Satan Clause." (Is it any wonder why his official costume is red?) According to the fine print of this CLAUSE, you have all been guilty of IDOL WORSHIP, of placing someone else above and over your true Lord. Oh, then you celebrate his death with the Easter Bunny! Doh! Oh what a colossally blind society we have become. This message has been brought to you by your loving, caring, most benevolent Zionist media masters who continue to promote and encourage your pagan practices and wish to enslave you.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"He who owns all the gold, makes all the rules." It has been a continuous cycle throughout history: All societies eventually become separated into the "haves and have not's." All throughout every ancient European country's history, and world history as a whole has seen the notorious the ruling class oppressing and bleeding the working class dry. This has never changed. Even today, though we don't refer to our leaders as the "aristocrats", they are still that same very faction. Today is no different than any other time in history other than that we are highly advanced technologically. As the gap widens, the middle class begins to shrink. The "middleclass" is the current rank of the working class. The laborer class, who work your farms, factories, stores, etc., for the most part, can technically described as the poor. What I'm trying to explain is the science and history of "class", and they do have it down to a science in remote circles of society. Class struggle, separation and control has been

around for ages and has been practiced right here in modern society without our slightest clue, you just don't recognize it. I find it completely amazing how everyone of the wealthy that has a soap box, especially well paid millionaire "reporters" on national TV who we trust to tell us the "truth" have come out of the woodworks decrying Obama's "tax the rich" (who actually have money and coincidently own 98% of everything) plans. All of a sudden the rich are crying bloody murder and talking of, swarms of locusts, plagues, debauchery, famine, the apocalypse and the end of civilization. While Bush Jr. was in office, the past 8 years the rich soaked in unprecedented favoritism while the working class ate shit, suffered the biggest decline in decades and paid more than their fair share in taxes. Bush was all about "tax cuts for the rich" and the corporations administration, and doing away with all oversight to the entire financial sector. Gee look where we ended up. Don't fall for the canned "republican vs. democrats" bullshit. It has nothing to do with that for they are all members of the same ruling Cosa Nostra. The point I am trying to highlight is that EVERYTHING in this world is focused and setup of, by, and for the WEALTHY. This is an exclusive club, once you make it and are "in" you must step up to the plate with your fellow wealthy comrades to protect your rights to become ever more wealthy at all expenses. It has been so since the dark ages, the middle ages, every age, and today is no different. The aristocrats are still alive and well, breathing and walking the earth, it's that you have not noticed that those costumes they used to wear have been replaced by Armani suits. You must filter EVERYTHING you hear and discount their cries of foul. For the poor in this nation (not to even mention the even more catastrophic world level poor) have no choice but to try and etch out a miserable feeble meek life with what little is allowed them by the wealthy who hold EVERY SINGLE policy making decision posts in life and ALWAYS stack the deck of cards on their side. Who in turn lavish all sorts of benefits for themselves and simultaneously BALK, CRINGE, GASP, shed tears of pain when they see funds that could go into THEIR pockets "thrown in the garbage" by subsidizing the POOR, the unfortunate, the meek, the helpless with "sinister, evil and wasteful programs" such as providing better, more adequate schools and educational system for the poor, the sin of WASTING money on the homeless, the hungry. The sin of creating affordable housing. Subsidizing the poor, meek, over taxed, over worked, under paid working class in ANY WAY just can NOT be tolerated in any way shape or form!!! This type of "socialism" cannot be tolerated in the slightest iota. In the eyes of ALL the wealthy, the unfortunate and poor should all burn in hell instead of creating a truly FAIR and equal playing field. Fuck the poor, fuck the homeless, fuck the disadvantaged, fuck the uneducated children, fuck the unfortunate sick, they don't deserve "socialized" medical care, let them die... all they give a fuck about is their investments, their stocks and bonds, their yachts, their mansions, their children born into lives of social and economic privilege, with extraordinary support system a lot of them become prodigies, most even have servants and high profile mentors, they make it into the best ivy league schools while your children trudge along in a 3rd world level educational system, whose lives are offered up as mere pawns on the front lines of whatever invasion and bogus war we are conducting in order to further expand and secure even more resources and wealth that belong to some other poor sap country and people... such is the true unblemished way of the wealthy... Deny any single word in this massive sentence and you fool no one other than yourself.


Most regimes tax their constituents to the max. But isn't it ironic that the wealthy and the corporations are ALWAYS the ones who get cut all the breaks? While the working class and the poor wield the crushing weight and burden of "the system." The elites and the wealthy are always the ones that overwhelmingly fill the positions within government, where they pull the strings and enact legislation designed for their own benefit. "To hell with those inferior pathetic uneducated, deficient subservient sheeple" is a common unspoken attitude un-written policy of the wealthy elite, as they continuously line their pockets with our cash, blood, sweat and tears. Dire poverty is all over this country, Europe and the world. The wealthy rulers could stop poverty in a nano second if they so wished. Instead they perpetrate the concerted fraud with the help of their paid and owned experts, pundits, scholars, media that has us all believing the myth that poverty is out of the control of their hands. All the while they continue their practices of raping the lands of the poor nations and giving them doggy biscuits in return. They tax us to death and cut themselves all the deals, I could go on with this list for pages on end, but I won't, for I think you understand what I mean. The rich and powerful TAKE and take, and take and are entitled to what they lay their eyes upon, and the rest, well, you can have the crumbs... and you shall be grateful... for you are "free" as the wind and have the same opportunities of achieving the elusive "American dream" as those who own you in this wonderful land of OZ... I'm just here to proclaim that they have been deceiving us for centuries. Their main tool in enslaving mankind and maneuvering mankind to do their bidding is OPPRESSION. They oppress your wages, readily available financial options and means. They oppress you through all sorts of creative means such as legislation, laws, rules and so forth. They oppress you by setting up barriers and massive hurdles to access sectors your are to be shunned from. They oppress you and your kind by purposely making high level education economically out of your reach. They oppress you by appointing and backing political leaders who are one with their same agenda. They continue to oppress you with unfair financial constraints and burdens, such as inequitable taxation. They oppress you by making the act of receiving adequate medical out of your league and obtainable only through high financial burden... Ok, again, I could go on and

on. Do you get the picture? You and everyone here has been unknowingly living under the MYTH of a "free and open society", when in reality, many forms of OPPRESSION (enslavement) are being applied and exercised at every turn and corner without your slightest clue, or ability to identify it as such. Behold: for you live in America "land of the free." What is it that has been proven so well? "Repeat anything over and over again long enough, and people will come to accept it as true." Perhaps in the collection of the biggest illusions ever pulled off in the history of mankind is the convincing of the world that slavery was abolished. Slavery is not only alive and well, it has grown to epidemic proportions. Pervasive all over this country and in every corner of the world. How is it possible that the masters of this world could have pulled that off without you or anyone even noticing? Slavery is all around you. There are at least a minimum of 50 million certified slaves in America alone. Are you one of them? The amazing part of the grand illusion was in convincing the slaves that they are NOT slaves! How do you get your slaves to cheerfully work your lands while in captivity and stop complaining and demanding freedom was among the dilemmas posed of the slave owners. The ingenious solution was to set them "free"! What did Lincoln say to the slaves? "Stare into my eyes, you are getting sleepy, when you wake up, you will be "free" and happy people." Ok you are free to go now. Off they go into the wilderness. But oh, now they realize that they must put a roof over their own heads, hey, now I have to buy my own clothing and food, pay my own medical bills, etc. Off they then go looking for work. Guess what? The very same masters that used slaves are NOW HIRING! Welcome back my child! Here are your tools, now go out and work my lands, and companies, you better do as I say or you will be FIRED. Here is your quota, do as you are told, never complain, be late, or question our policies, for the day you fail to follow our rules you will be fired. Back out to the cold hard cruel world penniless you will go if you do not get with the program, do you understand? Oh, how much will we pay you for your hard work? We have a new system, it's called MINIMUM WAGE! Minimum wage= slave wage. For the smarty pants among you sheeple we will make you slave masters of your own sheeple and give you titles like "manager" and give you extra money for your efforts in supervising your own kind. The day you cross us you will be ruined and pushed under the bus, back out into the wilderness. So do you understand? Ok, for those of you that still don't get it, I will spell it out for you: In the days that we used the term slaves, the business owner had to pay for the slaves, they had to pay for their housing, they had to pay all the expenses, their food, clothes, housing, transportation, medicine, doctors, etc. For simplicity's sake let's say the average expense of keeping one slave is $1,000 per month. Simple, set him "free". Give him $7 an hour for his work, this will still roughly amount to $1,000 per month, JUST ENOUGH to cover his own housing and food, maybe a few cheap clothing also! Now the SLAVE thinks he is "free", comes to work for you every day, never complains and he is no longer your HEADACHE. You can rent out the old slave quarters as an added bonus! The moment any of your freed slaves act up in any way, you can now easily get rid of them and new ones are eagerly waiting for the "opportunity" to serve you! Now they want to become one of your "team members"! Productivity is going through the roof now. Beatings were never good on the moral of the slaves anyway. Now that they are "free", they come to work with

a smile on their face. If they don't come back to work for you, or any of the other business owners, they will be destitute! Pure genius! Oh, yes, come back they all did. Maybe not to their original masters, they all found new masters that give them a check at the end of the week. Only to find out that little check will only grant them the most impoverished lifestyle on the planet not very different then what they had before. They toil the lands, factories, kitchens as before, then take their minimum wage paychecks that ONLY covers the most basic necessities. Even after pulling in 40 hours a week, many still have problems just scraping together enough money for FOOD. (hence the government thus having to subsidize the slave population and come up with the food stamp program) Meanwhile the old "slave masters" changed their titles to "employer." Now you are on your own, you wanted "freedom" now you have it! Now YOU pay for the housing we used to provide for you on your own! Now YOU pay for your own meals! Now you worry about the clothing on your back! Now you deal with your own medical problems and so forth! Here is your minimum wage paycheck, good luck. Welcome to your new FREEDOM! Behold: not only are they still your masters... you have not only had the wool pulled over your eyes, you ate up the illusion that you were freed. So I ask of those poor, tired, hungry, low educated souls that toil day in and day out just barely scraping by: "are you truly free?" I say to thee: Emancipate yourself from the bonds of mental slavery. According to the US Census Bureau, 35.9 million people live below the poverty line in America. At any given point in time there are anywhere from 1 to 2 million homeless people in America. This is just counting the people BELOW the poverty line, there are easily another 10 to 30 million that are not very far ABOVE the poverty line. According to Dept of Health, an estimated 27 million people age 12 to 64 lived in families that received government assistance last year. While you have 35.9 million (more than 10% of our population) people living in certified poverty in these wonderful United States of America, there are about just 1000 people who own almost half of everything in America! That is mind boggling and yet nonchalantly widely accepted knowledge. That's not even mentioning hard core global slavery. Where people and children are still literally bought and sold on market at rates never seen all the history of mankind. Africa? Those poor people are among the most unfortunate souls on the planet having been born in a destitute land that is undergoing severe planed eugenic genocide. My heart goes out to these victims, but in reality there is basically nothing we can do for them since it is the power elites that have them suffering to death through there imposed genocide policies. It's all part of their global population reduction strategy program. (Remember, I encourage everyone to every single fact I point out in this report) What? Premeditated genocide of millions upon millions of people? No way! Those Africans are doing that to themselves! Sorry Charley. The REAL culprits behind the ecological starvation and slaughter of the black nations has been brought to you and sponsored by none other than the global ruling masters. For instance: what do you think? That the IMF and World Banks were really founded to actually HELP poor developing counties? LOL! Oh come on, stop being so gullible sheeple! The real purpose of those central banks is to straddle and ENSLAVE poor and up and coming nations with

massive DEBT! They then waltz in to appoint leaders, dictate policies and divide the spoils of financial war. Just like any unscrupulous loan shark, the victims who borrow from them only feel the pain when it comes time to make their payments they cannot afford... they are then OWNED by the money men, for: DEBT is THE NUMBER ONE INSTRUMENT USED TO ENSLAVE MAN, INSTITUTIONS AND NATIONS. This is how the Zionist Jew banksters have operated their money debt scam throughout all of history. Everywhere they go they literally enslave the masses with easy credit. Then the goyim sheeple toil endlessly in a web of debt in interest repayment for their entire lives, for as you repay, they offer you even more credit. You ARE their slaves whether you choose to accept it or not. Now BOW to your financial slave masters you pathetic bunch of goyim sheeple!

The Illusion of Ownership
How many of you have paid off your car or home and think you own it free and clear? Well, you don't. Merriam-Webster defines ownership as the state, relation, or fact of being an owner. It also defines an owner as to have power or mastery over. It defines property as the exclusive right to possess, enjoy, and dispose of a thing. Wikipedia states that ownership is the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property, which may be an object, land/real estate, or some other kind of property (like government-granted monopolies collectively referred to as intellectual property). It is embodied in an ownership right also referred to as title. The second definition by Wikipedia is a bit more precise. If "ownership is the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property", why is it that you don't own your car or house even though you paid it off? There are actually a few reasons.



If you have a legal obligation to pay tax on something you "own", you do not own it, because you do not have exclusive rights and control over the property. If the government has the right to tax your "property", you don't own it. At the very least, you are only co-owner, because your ownership is contingent upon your tax payments to your co-owner the state. If you have to ask permission to do something to your property, you don't own it. If the government requires you to purchase permits and get approval to make certain changes to "your" so-called property, you don't own it. Remember, "ownership - should- give you exclusive rights and control over your property". If your property can and will be taken away by force if necessary by non-payment of taxes, you do not own your property. 154

Why do we bother buying a house when we only end up paying less rent after it's "paid" for? The best way to really define a house or car ownership is to say co-ownership, because you have the right to modify most things without asking permission. You do have some rights that would be acquired from true ownership:


In some states, you have the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property from thieves and intruders in your car or home. In Florida, they refer to this as the "Castle Doctrine". You can also sell your house or car, which removes the burden of state co-ownership.

The key point to take away from this is that you cannot voluntarily remove yourself and your property from the "system". This may not seem like a big deal, but this is a prerequisite to true ownership and freedom. It certainly would be nice to have the right to just be a farmer and live off "your" land if you chose to, but that will never happen. Well, you could move to Texas and try to acquire an Allodial title. What a beautiful concept: "Allodial title is a concept in some systems of property law. It describes a situation where real property (land, buildings and fixtures) is owned free and clear of any encumbrances, including liens, mortgages and tax obligations. Allodial title is inalienable, in that it cannot be taken by any operation of law for any reason whatsoever."

Chose to accept it or not, you live in the real live Matrix (like the movie) where almost everything is a well crafted illusion. I don't make this stuff up, everything I reveal here in this report are all hidden but readily researched FACTS. For instance did you know that when you buy a car and make payments you actually buy TWO cars! The one you get to ride that the bank owns until you finish making the payments and the other car, the invisible one made up of INTEREST payments, so instead of paying $20,000 for that car, when everything is all paid off you shelled out about $40,000 in the end. Duh! The American Dream in reality, it is actually the Zionist fabrication and their dream come true. You finance a home of let's say $200,000 and 30 years later, (go ahead do the math on your own home!) the grand total you would have coughed up will be roughly three times that amount! Doh! So you will end up paying $600.000 for that $200,000 home! Yeeee ha. The banksters pocket up to two thirds of the money for doing absolutely nothing! Bankers are the only people on the planet that ever had the balls and ingenuity to operate a business on the fundamental basis of "yes you can buy this but you must pay me double or triple what it's worth." It's purely mind boggling when you think about it... Oh, and if you have any un anticipated financial troubles along the way? Foreclosure baby! The bankster takes back THEIR home, you are put on the street and STILL OWE THEM EVERY DIME THEY LENT YOU, then they put it back on the market and start the whole entire debt trap all over again on another gullible victim in search of the illusive American Dream. I command you to bow to your all powerful bankster masters you poor pathetic goyim sheeple!

Behold: For after skullfucking you in every which way and form, they demand you go out and plow their fields, pick their cotton, make their foods, clean their homes, work their factories like good obedient goyim sheeple you should be, and don't you dare complain for they are watching and monitoring what you say and do with CCTV, for as you are in that deep slumber, they are busy tapping your phones and monitoring your internet activities, opening your mail, snooping around in search for free thinkers and possible dissenters... aka: "terrorists." You have just one right: be afraid... be very afraid...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"



"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." Dwight D. Eisenhower, President 1961 "You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror" - Despot George W. Bush, Sept. 6, 2006

The pentagon routinely spends multi-billions of dollars on full scale propaganda campaigns to mold your mind, to shape your perception. They operate without so much as a whimper from the long defunct "checks and balances" dept. Now they just write their own scripts and just hand them over to the "news" stations where they repeat what they have been told like nice obedient servants that they are. This is the current status of our unchallenged Military Industrial Complex where Rumsfeld getting up in front of the cameras declaring in your face that "last year the PentaCON LOST 2 TRILLON DOLLARS." /sigh/ "Golly gee whiz, we don't have a clue where all the money went." Now everyone run along, nothing to see here. Barely anyone notices, no one cares, the resounding response from the goyim sheeple public is a unanimous: "hey I wonder who is winning on in American Idol."


One thing that is really bothering me lately, making me lose many a night's sleep is the fact that I am witnessing "the case for war with IRAQ" all over again! The pentagon spin machine is putting out the EXACT same bullshit case for war with IRAN (almost word for word) as it did when they conned us into attacking Iraq! What is troubling me night and day is the FACT that everyone with an IQ of over 70 knows and admits that the whole Iraq war thing was A) initiated with pure bullshit lies and B) we all agree that it was a big mistake C) now it's almost impossible to find a way for anyone in politics to get us out due to the fact that the bastards in charge compounded the quagmire. Despite all the FACTS that are now history about the war with Iraq, and despite the FACT that we are still embroiled in that mess, the pentagon spin machine along with mass media are doing their best to ram a new war down our throats... AGAIN!... no shame in their game... they even dare use the EXACT same lame bullshit justification they got the gullible people to believe them in the first place with Iraq. Is America really this stupid? Are we really that far disconnected with reality as to allow the same exact bullshit con job to be perpetrated on us yet again? I have a mandate. Let it be known, in any future society that overcomes this current decrepit system. When and if any leader votes for any war or any assault on any other country, let it be THEIR CHILDREN (every single one of them, uproot them and draft each and every one of them) be the FIRST IN LINE on the ground in the FRONT LINES of the assault. You voted for war? OK, your children will fight and represent your decision not in some protected bunker hundreds of miles from the bombings, no, they shall be the ones carrying the flags in the midst of the bombs and attacks! THEN, and only then would you witness for the first time in history, caution and real consideration of the battles we wage around the world. I am totally disgusted and fed up with the reports of the RARE instances of famous and world leader's children who are enlisted yet receive all the fame and glory while sitting pretty far, far, far from harm's way. Fuck you, fuck your children all you fucking spineless fucktards. I'm tired of you sending the goyim sheeple's children to die by the thousands while you and your 00.1% enlisted offspring get all the glory. The entire premise for America attacking Iraq was "weapons of mass destruction"... "if we allow them to develop nuclear power we are doomed"... "EVERYON RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!" What? They are going to strap a nuclear missile on the back of a CAMEL and attack us? Today we have every neo-con extremist, the pentagon, Washington, the entire military industrial complex, in unison with the Zionists, all chanting: "we must attack IRAN because they are going to develop weapons of mass destruction!" DEJAVU!!! "if we allow Iran to develop nuclear technology they will bomb us tomorrow! Come on America!!! Is this nation so brain dead that it is completely paralyzed from exercising rational common sense? The democrats in congress unanimously got elected in 2006 on the premise that they would put an end to these insane wars, have instead since day one, been funding every penny the Bush war machine has been demanding, the democrats have helped pass ALL the spy and surveillance acts against US citizens without a slightest fuss.


In short, we are screwed, the "conservative" republican party got hijacked by extremist NWO neo-cons long ago and are just now emboldened to the point where they now "in your face" their agendas on you. The spineless democratic party with no balls finally revealed to the world that it was actually on the same team as the republicans all along. It was all an illusion, you've been hoodwinked, you have no one to turn to, we are screwed. Get ready to serve when they institute the DRAFT soon... cause according to the graffiti writing on the wall, we is going to war yet again to get the rest of the middle east. Israel is getting very impatient... must fulfill the master's wishes... Yes, you read it right: our military industrial complex being referred to as "the ministry of peace", LOL. We have all been brain washed since childhood into believing that our military exists only for "peace". Our warm, caring, loving protector of democracy, freedom and the American way. So when we see of and hear of countless numbers of invasions we make on other countries that our most loving U.S.A. does on our behalf, the mass murder in its quest for "peace" and to "promote democracy", we can all sleep soundly at night, knowing we are safe and sound in our most peaceful, liberty, freedom and loving country with 737 military bases all around the globe to "protect us." Like it or not, our country single handedly has more military bases around the world than probably all other countries combined! News Flash: America's military runs the multi-headed beast known as Global Military Empire, period. Oh why does all the world hate us so? Oh how our loving leaders in Washington care so much about us they go out of their ways to invade any and every country that does not agree with our "democratic" (spelled: capitalistic) principles. Is there not a corner of this planet that we have not invaded, yet to "liberate", depose of its "evil rulers" and export our "democracy" (spelled: c.a.p.i.t.a.l.i.s.m)? If there are any rogue nations out there still defying our export of our "democracy" (capitalism), please call the PentaCON at once and drop a dime. For they will see to it that they dispatch the CIA to that country to build a local terrorist network that will overthrow that pacifist hippy peace loving government. They will freely distribute guns, ammo and rockets at will to add "stability" to the once conflict free region. The CIA will teach those evil bastard countries that refuse to not allow our banks, cars, soda, Exxon, and all our other merchandise into their countries! How dare they refuse to sell their mineral rights and farm lands to our corporations! We will force our "peace" and "democracy" (capitalism) down their throats!... in the name of peace, of course. America has gone from the shining beacon of light to the entire world, to the bastard nation seen by all the world as corrupt and evil. We have become the single most hated country in the world. Gone are the days with masses of immigrants scrambling head over heels to get into our country for "freedom". Today there is just one group left still trying to get in, and those are the Mexicans that have it so bad in Mexico, that a job "under the table" paying what is equivalent to third world slave labor is actually an upgrade from what is available in Mexico. Where did America go wrong? When did it all change from the land of freedom to the land of fear?


First of all you must acknowledge and truly understand that our "Democracy" has been overtaken by Capitalism many, many decades ago. America went from a Democratic centered society to a Capitalistic centered society. Take a look at what we still refer to as our democracy: where routinely our elected leaders completely ignore all the polls of the vast majorities' wishes and still goes on to do whatever they want anyway. Our so called "democracy" was been owned a long time ago by special interests. For decades, our government has been run "by the corporations for the corporations", face it, "we the people" are just an afterthought the politicians must put up with and fictitiously pamper to, giving out little "trinkets" here and there to keep us happy. For they must still work to keep up that illusion of freedom. Understand this: Many generations ago Zionist Jew cabal became the masters of world finance, aka: masters and founders of world capitalism... capitalism is none other than the life blood of Zionism. What very few people know is the fact that COMMUNISM was conceived, founded, nurtured, promoted and spread by none other than your friendly neighborhood world conquest and world rule seeking ZIONIST JEWS. Is it not a "coincidence" that both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were both of Jewish decent? Even Lenin was of Jewish decent and The Soviet Union was the Zionist communist epicenter at one point in time (but Germany has always remained the Zionist's central headquarters). That is just the beginning, I have neither the time nor space to cover this topic adequately, so if you doubt for even one second the true historical purveyors behind communism were the Zionist Jew cabal, then you owe it to yourself to fire up your Google search engine and start researching on your own. Oh, all those "American" text books published by those Zionist mega media baron publishing houses have all been sanitized of true history long ago... Remember this: mainstream press equals: mass dissemination of propaganda, thus to find the truth and get to the bottom of ANYTHING you must leave the mainstream and head off to obscure little known paths, for the powers that be have been waging war on the truth for eons and have tried their best to eliminate all works that reveal the truth and or oppose them and their narrative in any way... they have done so in many ways, one of which some call "revisionism." Again I find it my duty to have to inform you of some ugly facts. Look at key people's names within our national security apparatus we call the military. Surely the Zionist Jews haven't taken over our military right? LOL. Bin there done that. Most of the key players and decision makers are..... drum roll..... Talmudic Zionist Jews! Duh! Not only that, most of whom actually hold dual citizenship! What we have in many instances is Zionist Jews in our military and government making decisions for our country who still hold citizenship in their own country!!!! For instance, Michael Chertoff? Israeli citizens running OUR Homeland Security! Doh! No other country has this bizarre setup with America other than Israel, go figure, connect the dots sheeple!!! Paul A. Schneider, this Zionist Jew is the Deputy of Secretary of US Homeland Security, Fred L. Schwien, this Jew is the Secretary of Operations of US Homeland Security, Jay M. Cohen is the Jewish Secretary for Technology of US Homeland Security. This is JUST the Dept. of Homeland Security people!!!! WAKE UP!!! Our country has slowly and steadily been overtaken and ruled by proxy by another sovereign nations people!!!

Perhaps one of the most famous Zionist Jews to have infiltrated out United States Inc in the past century was Henry Kissinger, the weight he held in our past administrations and military is legendary. I mention Kissinger to highlight the point that the Zionist Jews have be heavily embedded and involved in our so called democracy for many decades. Come on now, do some searching yourself, you will be amazed to see who is Jewish and all the important key positions these Jews are holding. There are untold numbers of Israeli Jewish citizens who have been running OUR country... running OUR military... deciding what, when, where and how on all sorts of matters of national security, yet they still bow to their masters in their home country of Israel. Is it any wonder why some of the most notorious spies in history to have been caught were Jews in our government working for apartheid Israel? See short outdated incomplete list here. To get a mere GLIMPS into the extent of Israeli spying network being conducted against our nation just go to chapter in the addendum section titled: "ISRAELI SPYING IN THE UNITED STATES" on page 467. Shouldn't it be like illegal for citizens of other countries to hold key positions in our government and military? Hello... Conflict of interests? Only the Zionist Jews have the distinction of holding dual citizenship... go figure. Gee whiz, oh well let me take a nap right over here... sleep... sleep... sleep... Why we fight: - Video Finally, what is fundamentally wrong at the core of the military industrial complex anyway? Could it be that this series of entities are the ones whose entire being closely resembles the "beast" who's spiritual makeup of a cold hard satanic killer more than anything else? We are lead to believe that our military is here as "our benevolent protectors of our freedoms." This may have an ounce of truth, but what I'm trying to point out is the fact that this rigid monolithic apparatus only operates in a far away reality vortex devoid of many positive traits of common humanity. They breed cold hard killers, the chain of command is absolute and unchanging authoritarian, no flexibility, no room for logic, rationality or common sense. This is a alternate reality world that co-exists along side ours where only the objective, the goals, the mission at hand matters. Where only BLIND execution of orders is supreme. Where the ends justify the means. Where the overall benefit of mankind or God, be damned, and is rarely if ever taken into account. I really don't want to come across as anti-American, for I still love my country. This is why I am here before you documenting all that ails it, in hopes that some day we can somehow perform a miracle and save this country from the fascist extremist hell bent agents who have been working endlessly to destroy it. The simple fact that I am trying to point out here in this section is that our military, though it is supposed to serve the purpose of DEFENDING OUR COUNTRY from attack, is instead been converted into some strange crazy multi-headed monster with tentacles all over the planet on a quest of invasion and occupation. And central to allowing these defense

agencies to become easily manipulated monsters is the absolute "just follow orders" protocols that breeds and hides all the nasty evil that lay beyond your perception. I will have to revisit this section in hopes of better articulating what I am trying to convey. In the mean time, I will just post an interesting story of "The Death Dealers took my life!" in hopes that you may get just a itty bitty tiny glimpse of the multitude of things that are so wrong with this inhuman MONSTROUSITY we call our military: By Mark Benjamin and Michael de Yoanna Feb. 9, 2009 | The day before Halloween 2008, Army Pvt. Adam Lieberman swallowed handfuls of prescription pain pills and psychotropic drugs. Then he picked up a can of black paint and smeared onto the wall of his room in the Fort Carson barracks what he thought would be his last words to the world. "I FACED THE ENEMY AND LIVED!" Lieberman painted on the wall in big, black letters. "IT WAS THE DEATH DEALERS THAT TOOK MY LIFE!" Soldiers called Lieberman's unit, the 1st Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment, the Death Dealers. Adam suffered serious mental health problems after a year of combat in Iraq. The Army, however, blamed his problems on a personality disorder, anxiety disorder or alcohol abuse -- anything but the war. Instead of receiving treatment from the Army for his war-related problems, Adam faced something more akin to harassment. He was punished and demoted for his bad behavior, but not treated effectively for its cause. The Army's fervent tough-guy atmosphere discouraged Adam from seeking help. Eventually he saw no other way out. Now, in what was to be his last message, he pointed the finger at the Army for his death. It would be a voice from beyond the grave, he thought, screaming in uppercase letters. The last words, "THAT TOOK MY LIFE!" tilted down the wall in a slur, as the concoction of drugs seeped into Adam's brain. Late last month the Army released figures showing the highest suicide rate among soldiers in three decades. The Army says 128 soldiers committed suicide in 2008 with another 15 still under investigation. "Why do the numbers keep going up?" Army Secretary Pete Geren said at a Pentagon news conference Jan. 29. "We can't tell you." The Army announced a $50 million study to figure it out. It is not just the suicides spiraling out of control. Salon assembled a sample of 25 cases of suicide, prescription drug overdoses or murder involving Fort Carson soldiers over the past four years, by no means a comprehensive list. In-depth study of 10 of those cases revealed a pattern of preventable deaths. In most cases, the deaths seemed avoidable if the Army had better handled garden-variety combat stress reactions. Interviews, Army documents and medical records suggest that Adam might not have

attempted suicide if he had received a proper diagnosis and treatment. His suicide attempt seems avoidable. But the Army's mistreatment extended well into its aftermath. At the last minute on Oct. 30, Lieberman stumbled out of his room and dialed 911. He lived. Five days later Adam's mother, Heidi Lieberman, sat opposite the desk of Lieberman's battalion commander, Lt. Col. Lance Kohler, at Fort Carson. Nobody from the Army had bothered to call her in Rochester, N.Y., to tell her about Adam's suicide attempt. There was no requirement to alert parents of an attempt, the Army said, only a successful suicide. Heidi had watched her son's mental health deteriorate precipitously after he returned from Iraq in late 2006. He had suffered from a laundry list of symptoms typical of post-traumatic stress disorder, including insomnia, depression, panic attacks and flashes of violent anger. Two days after he swallowed the pills, Adam called his mother himself from the hospital. Still slurring his words from the effect of the meds, Heidi could barely understand her son. When Heidi asked him where he was, Adam had to ask someone. Sitting across from the lieutenant colonel's desk, Heidi wanted to know why the Army had not moved her son into a unit supposedly dedicated to healthcare where he might get better treatment. "Well, he has legals," Kohler told her. Legal trouble. She knew Adam was struggling. Mostly Adam had been silencing his demons with 30 beers a day plus some Jameson. He'd puke in a bucket and start over. Mental health professionals call it selfmedicating when a soldier comes back from war and turns to booze when he can't get help, another typical reaction. Just as predictable is the bad behavior that comes with it. To Heidi, Kohler's response showed that the Army considered Adam a discipline problem, but didn't seem particularly concerned about why. "What legals?" Heidi asked. Adam had broken into a candy machine, so petty larceny. He had also gone AWOL for a short time to say goodbye to an Army buddy in Texas headed off to a second tour in Iraq. The Army denied Adam's request for leave. He went anyway. "And defacing government property," Kohler added to the list. "When did he do this?"


"Within the last couple of days," Kohler responded, staring. Heidi thought. No. Couldn't be. "What did he deface?" Kohler stared. "The wall in his bedroom." Heidi met his stare, exasperated. "You mean his suicide note?" Kohler just looked at her. The next day Heidi called Adam's company commander, Capt. Phelps. "You know," Heidi fired at Phelps, "I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that my son is being charged with defacing government property and you people are more concerned about your wall than my son," she stammered. Then she threatened, half jokingly, "I will paint that wall and make this stupidity go away." A pause, and then Phelps snapped, "We'll contact supply and have them bring you the matching paint." And so, the Army allowed a mother to paint over her son's suicide note. Heidi's handicapped sister helped. "I was kind of surprised that they took me up on that," she said late last year sitting at her dining room table in her home in Rochester, N.Y. Heidi's sister took photos of her, paint roller in hand, erasing what was supposed to be her son's last message. "He agreed that if I painted that wall that charge would go away," she recalled about her talk with Adam's captain. "It didn't." Just before Christmas, MPs fingerprinted and booked Adam for defacing government property. There you have it, a picture perfect example of how our benevolent military entity functions, right down to the core. There are so many points and observations that can be made just out of this short story. How cruel, insensitive and inhumane our military is. But I will point out yet another less obvious factor that slips the ordinary citizens mind: Once you join any branch of military "YOU BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA" are the exact words that came out of the mouth of the commander the day I was sworn in for military service. I have never forgotten those spine shilling words. THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He went on to say "you will be issued a number and you are to memorize your number" blah, blah, blah. You are OWNED, you have ceased to exist as an individual. You are just another inventory item, a strategic

commodity. The next several years ahead are then devoted to "cleansing the mind" and reprogramming. YES SIR!!! Behold: for you have just been enlisted ENSLAVED to become an obedient servant for your military. Like the hundreds of millions that were brainwashed and enslaved before you. Don't worry, they day will come when we set you lose back into society as a mere shadow of your once proud old self, stripped of all innocence, sense of self, dreams and what is good in life. You will then go forth and integrate with your people, yet never again to be a normal free spirited human being...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"People have to realize that the Jews in the U.S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big companies. And there is a force that we have to take into consideration." - Richard Nixon, U.S. President

The mass media is like every other separate branch of the Matrix connect the dots puzzle the Matrix Report exposes, this branch has been covered throughout the ages by many researchers and independent experts, but unfortunately most works out there exposing the mass media cabal as a separate messed up segment and does not connect it to the whole Matrix elite structure. I cannot hope to do an exhaustive expose on this subject. Instead I will go straight to the issues that are KEY revealing "the media matrix" and how they have been controlling the masses, for anything and everything they are behind of can be and is portrayed the way they want you to believe it... First of all, I need to address the fact that almost all merchandise that is produced by the media barons and presented in well laid out formats and presented to the public as "News" is nothing more than one dimensional encapsulated bits, pieces and sound bites. We live in a 3D world, yet everything that is presented for our mental consumption is always on a singular one dimensional

format. At best sometimes we will received a 2D "programming." Our real world is multifaceted, multidirectional, multiple view points, multiple dynamics and factors, yet all they give us is one dimensional feeds. More often than not, it is the one dimensional "sanctioned official story" feed that goes national on all media. I won't even try to cover beyond the 3rd dimension, just trying to keep things simple. With this concept in mind, you can then begin to dismantle and begin to understand how our media industrial matrix works. For its tentacles cover every aspect of life. Throughout all of history every emperor, society, nation and empire has recognized the pivotal importance of controlling the media in order to control the citizens. Communist societies are infamous for their strategic control of media and brutal enforcement. So called "free" societies control their media "behind the scenes". Through unseen and never published owner's agendas and "editorial policies". You also have government propaganda arm agents embedded in important positions in just about every mass media outlet. One known major effort in infiltrating the media by the CIA was Operation Mockingbird. This was a very successful covert operation of infiltrating the media, so you can see, this is not just a figment of my imagination. The one single Major Factor No.1 that allows the media (and government) to control the vast majority of the public's opinion and shape how they perceive the world around them is facilitated by the fact that there has always existed a major portion of the population that is so poorly educated and just plain dumb, (education level of the average American ranks around 36th place worldwide) that they are easily lead like a herd of sheep. This segment makes up the majority of the masses. These are the people you will never find reading a book, let alone visiting thought provoking web sites with lengthy articles that resemble a doctoral thesis. Oh, yes, a portion of this mass do go on the web, but their areas of interest are limited to sections of the net that require very little "brain stress" and mental activity such as MySpace, Face Book, porno, YouTube, etc. I cannot stress enough how the mass media knows that the majority of the public is just plain STUPID. For example: the marketing and advertising community has it down to a science, manipulating public opinion has been documented very well in that industries' text books. The videos below will give you a glimpse of the collective mental aptitude of the masses. There are hundreds of such videos on the net. I post just a couple here to drive my point across. Our government also knows full well that the majority of its citizens are just plain STUPID. Virtually every politician takes advantage of the gullibility of their constituents, especially when it comes time for re-election. The KEY to understanding how special interests have taken over American policy is in understanding that the mass majority of "sheeple" really have NO CLUE about important issues! The very, very sad fact is that these are the types of people that come out and vote! These sheeple not only have absolutely NO CLUE and are easily miss-guided by not only the mass media, but by our very own government propaganda machine. So there you have it. The core key on why/how it is possible for mass media and propaganda machines ability to relatively easily mold public opinion and scam our public to believe even the most outrageous of stories circulated.

Major Factor No. 2. Is the herd mentality of peer level thinking. Put at its most simplest form: No one likes being the "idiot" in the group. Therefore whatever the prevailing opinion of the group becomes the adapted norm. This social psychology of "group think" is another issue that has been proven and very well documented by many researchers. Major Factor No. 3. Short attention spans and very quick loss of memory. Another highly researched scientific fact taken advantage by our government propaganda apparatus (and media). This is why they use "talking points" and "sound bites". The strategy is in keeping the message simple using catchy phrases and repeating the message over and over again, then having the same messages "echoed" (repeated) by different sources. Major Factor No. 4. Conditioning. We have all as members of society, been conditioned in so many ways throughout our lives, I don't know where to begin. Conditioning is everywhere. Starting when we are children, they see the world around us and imitate what they see, we all adapt to our environment, this is a basic elemental function of life. The beginning of official conditioning starts off in the school system. "never question authority figures, do as you are told", they teach you their fairy tale versions of history, this is where the first images of the American dream are planted you are to pursue for the rest of your lives, etc." Conditioning is where the substance of the pseudo reality is emblazoned in our minds. Once we leave high school we are ready to join the other sheeple in society, ready to assume your small role as a "liberated slave". Preprogrammed and ready to serve your new masters. Conditioned to not question your authority figures, the media, nor masters in government. So what if you graduated with a 6th grade reading and math levels, perfect, they succeeded! You are now ready to face the world just the way they want their sheeple to enter society: with an IQ of a chicken. Everything is running according to plan. Oh, lest you never forget: all those textbooks you have had in all the schools over the ages? The History textbooks provided all of us with our fundamental cohesive image and understanding of the world around us. The History textbooks have always taught one side of the story... the side "they" (your ruling masters) want you to think happened. Textbooks are produced by your benevolent, unbiased /cough/ information custodians... the MEDIA corporations' publishing arms... Major Factor No. 5. The entertainment factor is an often overlooked aspect of media control and shaping of mass public thought. Millions upon millions of Americans of all ages sit in front of the TV set for hours on end, many times achieving a type of HYPNOTIC state, completely engrossed in the media being broadcasting. Interesting that in the media the term they use all the time is: "programming"! "the following program was brought to you by..". The vast majority of "programs" are all entertainment. We are the most entertained people on the planet. Why are we fed so much entertainment programming? Eventually people find their favorite niches, the feeble minded people are consumed by their hobby/sport/shows were they devote hundreds of hours on end in silly trivial pursuit. Take for example Baseball. For many fans it engrosses huge sections of their lives. The fans sit and talk for hours about dumb stats and the players and so forth. Then you have the "fan factor" in which the young waist valuable time, money and mental energies on worshiping their idols. The core concept and main goal of the over abundance of entertainment is to keep the masses entertained and their minds off of the

real important issues in life. To keep the masses distracted and their eyes off of the prize. Those very issues that are dealt with daily, what is going on in the halls of all the government offices, monetary issues, policy issues, etc are purposely made appear boring and rarely covered, and when the few issues that are mentioned on the bloob tube come up, it is only in a 30 second sound bite by a talking head on a news channel. Then they quickly divert your attention to the main segment of the "news" of the day "Paris Hilton or Britney" for example, whom they will proceed to spend the next 20 minutes covering. Doh! We have literally hundreds of channels to surf on our TV sets, the majority of them cater to specific interests, I would say maybe something like 90% of the programs being shown at any given time are all one form or another of entertainment, much of it is so idiotic I can barely watch TV anymore without feeling mentally insulted. It is sad when most of the citizens have absolutely no clue about what is going on within their government and world yet can tell you everything on the planet about their favorite TV show, stars, trivia, sports, etc., to the point of making you nauseous. Role of media in the overall scheme of things. Mass media and the dissemination of information and news has throughout history always been controlled by only handful of elite within the establishment, this has been so since the early days of radio and TV. In our times the media has all been predominantly owned and or controlled since day one by none other than the Zionist Jews. Today's media cartel consists of: The 7 EMPIRES of Information dissemination:

THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF ALL OUR MEDIA OUTLETS WERE ALL JEWS: MGM: Jews Marcus Loew & Louis B. Mayer; founder father of ABC: Jew Leonard Goldenson; founder of CBS: Jew William Paley; NBC & RCA: Jew founder David Sarnoff; Paramount Studios: Jew founders Adolph Zukor & Frohman's; Warner Bros: Jew founders Warner brother

family; Universal Studios: founder Jew Carl Laemmle; Miramax Films: Jew founders Harvey & Bob Weinstein; Fox Film & 20th Century Fox: founder Jew William Fox; The list goes on and on... Keystone Studios, DreamWorks, etc. and were the Jews don't outright own and or operate the media company, they have key people in key places deciding what media is to be fed to you. Yet we have not even touched upon the tip of the iceberg. these are just but a few media companies owned and run by the Zionist Jew elite. Before I continue, I must ask: do you, can you truly understand what this means? Do you comprehend the ramifications of what I am disclosing here? One group of people, seems by design, to have founded and operated EVERY major source of news and entertainment output since the inception of mass media. This is not conspiracy theory here folks. This is REALITY staring at you in the face. Oh but that was a long time ago they started those media companies, now they are on the stock market and free enterprises you say? Not! Today, modern day, right now, this minute, the entire media world is owned and or controlled lock stock and barrel by guess who? The Jew elite! TODAY'S ZIONIST MEDIA BARONS ARE: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jew), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jew), Bertelsmann a private conglomerate run and owned by Reinhard Mohn and Hartmut Ostrowski (Jews), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jew), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Viacom's, chief (Jew) is Summer Redstone (aka Murray Rothstien), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), NY Times owned by Arthur Sulzberger Jr. (Jew), Vivendi Universal chief (yet another Jew) Jean-Bernard Levy, MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish), New World Entertainment owned by Ronald Perlman (Jew) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). ESPN's CEO is Steven Bornstein (you guessed it, Jew), Seagram's MCA, Universal Pictures + lots more) president and CEO is Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Jew), Fox Group president and CEO Peter Chernin (Jew), DreamWorks Jews are Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg, and David Geffen, U.S. News & World Report owned by Mortimer Zuckerman (Jew), Newhouse Brothers (Jewish of course) control a massive media empire, Time Warner (who also owns CNN and AOL) Jeffery Bewkes (Jewish) his predecessor was Gerald Levin (guess what? Jew).... CBS William S. Paley (Jew), Leslie Moonves (Jew), ABC Bloomberg and Bodenheimer (Jews), ABC News David Westin (Jew), CNN Reese Schonfeld (co-founder) (Jew), FOX Gail Berman and Rupert Murdoch (Jews), MBS Ronnessen (Jew), Daily News Maxwell (Hoch) (Jew), BBC Michael Ian Grade and Mark Thompson (Jews), Sirius Satellite Radio Scott Greenstein (Jew), ITV Murdoch, Grade (Jew), Paramount Pictures Bradley Alan Grey (Jew), 20th Century Fox Sherry Lansing (Jew), News Corporation Peter Chernin (Jew), Columbia Pictures Kaufman (Jew), Clear Channel Lowry Mays and Andrew Levin (Jews), Warner Co Martin S. Davis (Jew), Walt Disney Television Micheal D. Eisner (Jew), Touchstone Television Micheal D. Eisner (Jew), Buena Vista Television Michael D. Eisner (Jew), MTV Murray Rothstein (Jew), Nickelodeon Murray Rothstein (Jew), Universal Pictures Stacey Snider (Jew), Universal Studios Ron Meyer (Jew). Even the Walt Disney media empire eventually came to be controlled by the Jews, this became official back in 1984 when they propped up Michael Eisner (Jew) as its head. Even BET Black Entertainment Television is not an independent "black" operation, it is run by the Jews from Vivendi! The latest additions to this mega Zionist media cartel has been media darling Google

founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Jews) was hyped out of the stratosphere by its media brethren (Google interestingly enough is becoming THE undisputed information collection king), Martha Stewart's billion dollar Omnimedia Corp now being run by Charles Koppelman (Jew) after the coup that sent her (she is a goyim) into the slammer under the guise of a few grand "insider" stock trade setup to unseat her from her role as CEO, while Jew insiders regularly get away with millions upon millions of such trades without even the blink from the SEC. These media barons are the MINISTERS OF TRUTH.... They rule the corridors of media with an absolute iron fist as they influence and indirectly control the world with their WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION. THIS IS NOT CONSPIRACY THEORY... This is not hyperbole... THESE ARE UNDISPUTABLE FACTS that our entire media industry is being run by a Zionist Jew cartel. The amazing aspect of this list is that it only reveals THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG... I didn't even attempt to cover hundreds of "smaller" media outlets, not to mention the other fortune 500 - billion dollar Zionist controlled corporations that make up main street that are not part of the media industry... Bottom line is that the media world is completely controlled, TOTALLY DOMINATED, lock stock and barrel, no competition, not a peep, by a monopolistic ethnic group of JEWISH ZIONISTS. This issue cannot even be seriously opened for debate. The facts are self evident and overwhelming, Case closed. These are the people who decide (and have been deciding for decades) what you watch on TV, what you read in the newspapers and magazines. Period. These are the people who plant, form, foster public opinion to the masses. These are the people who publish your text books and history books. These are the people who tell you what they pass off as "truth" from their viewpoint. These are the people who create buzz and can instantly make anyone or anything popular literally overnight. These are the people who can also unanimously portray anyone or anything in such a negative light then the masses would despise the target. These are the people who sway elections, make it or break it for politicians with their biased reporting. These are the people fostering and nurturing decadence and airing morally degrading programming. These are the people that decide who to portray as the "evil" side and whom is the "good guy." These are the people who endlessly promote every Zionist Jew agenda by giving them exciting spins. These are the people who raise their fellow Jews on a media pedestal, giving them instant fame, for all the world to idolize and respect. These are the people who shape everyone's perception of REALITY. These are the true POWER players, these are THE KING MAKERS and breakers. Now you KNOW not only who is behind the "left vs. right" charade (yes the same people are pitting one against another to divide a nation), who is completely dominating what you see, hear and think, but also who is really behind the subversion of our moral values, who is really behind secretly pushing the gay agendas, decadence and immorality. For these Zionist Jew media barons must create wanton moral chaos for their own to rise as superior to all the afflicted in the

midst of the decadence and blindness of the masses to one day take full control (yes, even more so than what they posses today) over our lives. The above list of Zionist controlled media companies is no where even close to being comprehensive, for I left out many, many more Jewish owned and controlled media organizations, not to mention the hundreds of well know subsidiaries of the corporations listed. It is not the scope nor intent to catalog the amazing depth of Jewish owned/controlled media, only to summarize this FACT with its implications and deeper meanings. Now you must re-analyze the mass media's direct and indirect CONTROL over many aspects of society. Their input on the decadent moral decay of our country. Now you must re-analyze the biased news coverage of all sorts of subjects. Now you must re-analyze what fails to make it to the newsroom as news and what does. Now you must re-analyze EVERYTHING that comes out of the Zionist Industrial Media Matrix and how it intertwines with and relates to the goals and agendas of the other Zionist Matrix Departments. So from now on, when you see the mass media "laying it heavy" on any particular subject, you must always ask yourself this very important question: "WHAT DO THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE AND THINK TODAY." Wake up goyim cattle! "Should people expect impartiality and objectiveness from the Media Barons who all seem to have the same religious-racial-ethnic background, for some odd reason, and who monopolize the media, despite their small their small number in the population (2.5%)?" You now have no choice but to sit back and reflect, for almost everything that you have seen, read or heard your entire life was contrived, produced and distributed by Zionist Jew media baron cabal. You cannot in any right frame of mind just walk away from this earth shaking revelation of the colossal monopoly knowing perfectly well that this group has always had deep seated world ambitions and have been methodically throughout the ages working to accomplish their agendas. These Jewish people are the ones controlling all the major media, so is it any wonder how or why the Zionist mainstrem media was the one who convinced the world that the holocaust killed the mythical "6 million Jews", despite rock solid evidence from official census data, the Red Cross any many more reputable sources indicating that figure to be astronomically inflated by several substantial millions... yet up to this very day, their highly exaggerated figures remain unchallenged and accepted as gospel throughout the world... now that is what I call the real POWER of media hype. Most media influence comes at us via subliminal delivery. Hollywood for instance, seems, at least on the surface to be totally detached from influence and association of the financial Zionist elites who wish to obtain total world domination. But this view is held only to the vast majority of the consuming masses who have no clue. I yet again could go on and write about just covering the point I'm covering in just this paragraph alone, but we will have to suffice in making just two key points here to prove a point. First of all, everyone in Hollywood KNOWS that "the Jews run Hollywood", I won't even try to source this due to the easily researched wealth of evidence out there proving this to be true. Secondly, once your "eyes are opened" and you are no longer blind and can "see", everything in this world comes into clear view. I will provide just one CUTE, warm and cuddly and outwardly "harmless" movie for you to MUST SEE... Behold, for you MUST watch THE BEE MOVIE, yes the children's cartoon movie. Pay very close attention for the POWERFUL subliminal brainwashing that is prevalent throughout the entire movie. It is

just jaw dropping. The people of this world PAY to sit down for 2 hours, achieve a hypnotic slumber and be BRAINWASHED! They then leave the theaters saying "wow what a great movie!" Now that you understand that all major media are run by the same secretive group of card carrying illuminati Zionist club members. I will proceed to smash myths such as this doozy that has been pulled over your eyes: Liberal media vs. Conservative media. One of the most mind boggling myths fed to the general public is the myth of "right wing media" and left wing "liberal media". It is all a bunch of bull shit because BOTH SIDES OF THE MEDIA IS CONTROLLED BY THE SAME FREAKIN PEOPLE!!! Conservative vs. Liberal is just another strategy of keeping the masses DIVIDED. The media is constantly feeding the public fuel to the fire to keep them fighting amongst themselves! For then the masses will never have the time nor clue to rise up and rebel against their TRUE enemies, their elite masters. Divide and conquer is as old a military strategy as one can think of. Actually the originator of divide and conquer was none other than the devil himself. Then there is the "join the bandwagon syndrome" in where people following their herd mentality, naturally choose a side and jump on that bandwagon. These people daily add to the collective dogma and reinforce the arguments initiated by the coordinating media manipulators, often on their own free will. Thus we witness the powerfully entrenched root system that this right vs. left deception has developed. America will NEVER be able to unite and solve all of its problems until the day arrives when they finally WAKE UP to the bogus left vs. right/republican vs. democrat system that is the CENTRAL KEY FOR DIVIDING AND RUINING OUR NATION!!! Folks, what we have had on our land is the "synagogue of Satan" (Zionist Jews) in total monopolistic control of all we see and hear in the media, corrupting the entire moral fabric of this country, constantly leading the goyim sheeple astray while pushing the agendas of their handlers in the banking, military and political arenas. Are you getting a perfectly clear picture here? For good measure, I keep repeating myself in hopes that this profound knowledge may sink in so that you may fully comprehend this dilemma. Think about it: the Zionist OWN/OPERATE practically 98% of ALL MEDIA and OWN/OPERATE practically ALL WORLD MONETARY SYSTEMS... This translates to absolute POWER. So there you have it, those are the major players in the realm of the media industrial complex. More often than not, complicit with the government propaganda machine. Long ago, unbiased media was supposed to exist to keep an eye on our government, in some hypothetical "checks and balances" system, asking critical questions, making sure that the government was doing its job. Supposedly an integral part of fairness in society. Sadly, this is no longer the case anymore. Today's media barons hangout in the same ivy league social clubs as the government officials they are supposed to be keeping tabs on. They actually get many of their SCRIPTS and Talking Points directly from our government. Never questioning any issue no matter how bizarre. So there you have it: the government and or their financial masters says the world is flat, the media chimes in and repeats it over and over again as fact, the message echoed by all their

different media outlets in every corner of society. The gullible public often concludes, 'if they are all saying the same thing "it must be true"! Doh! Once the media barons unite to promote the designated pick of the Zionist elite for any office, the masses fall for the avalanche of group think propaganda. It is not an entirely unreasonable concept for the media to be able to pull off and engineer a ludicrous "Palin/Joe the Plumber 2012" ticket win if that was their objective... One practice I find especially disturbing is when the media pull out their "panel of experts" on any given issue. High ranking scientists, leaders, professionals, etc. These "panel of experts" are chosen from a pre-defined pool of pundits that ARE ALREADY ON THEIR SIDE, they know what are their predefined viewpoints. So of course they will chime in and just endorse and reinforce whatever issue or agenda is at hand! Many of those panels of experts complicit directly or indirectly having deep seated interests or connections within the area being discussed. So they bring on their biased experts to "prove their talking points", and the general brain dead public eats it up. "I heard about it on CNN, so I know it's true." /sigh/ Our benevolent government spends billions on propaganda. No cost is spared in their efforts to brainwash the public. To portray often ridiculous policies in a positive spin. They basically buy the news. The list of high level people, experts, pundits, scientists, etc., in the governments back pocket is astronomical. It is common knowledge in the news circles that if you but heads with Washington you get your press credentials revoked and you no longer get invited to anything. For reporters it does not pay to take a stance against any government sponsored issue. Ask any scientist for instance how long he will stay employed if he were to come out and debunk any one of thousands of different agendas and issues that are steadfastly being promoted by the establishment. The media sources of information, more often than not it comes straight out of the government or any number of their federally funded public relations contacts. They rarely even edit or scrutinize any news release and just publish/air whatever they were given as gospel.

The practice of OMISSION must be one of the most dangerous practices in the dissemination of information and news. This practice is so widespread, so prevalent within our government system that it is mind boggling. Even in the many cases of blatant omission and avoidance of key

issues and facts arise, our media lays down like a good puppy dog and remains silent. Passing on the act of omission, eventually the general public only gets bits and pieces of the entire story that has been carefully orchestrated to portray any given message. "We are taught, actually conditioned, from elementary school to believe in the myth of a free and unbiased media, that our press is free from government meddling. This is an insidious lie about the very nature of the news institutions of this country. One that allows the government to LIE to us while denying the very fact of the lie itself". History is said to be written by the winners, true. What they fail to also mention is that history is written by those who control the presses! The Media barons. Volumes have been written about the revisionism of history. Zionist revisionist history has been rampant over this past century and well spread over all corners of the globe. So much so, that in some cases (such as the holocaust for example) it is almost impossible to sift through the massive piles of bull shit and hype to find the truth. The "truth" in reporting in today's world is relative. Actually truth in modern news reporting is not even a requirement any longer! Fox News successfully sued for the right to LIE and won! In one of Project Censored top 25 censored stories for 2005 they inform how "The Media Can Legally Lie." This is the sad state of our modern mass media information dissemination system. Censorship is alive and well in new Fascist States of America Inc. Censorship has been increasing dramatically in almost every sector of society. The number of people being arrested just for holding up a simple sign that reads "Impeach Bush" for example, now number in the hundreds, if not thousands. All across the country peaceful protesters are being arrested on absolutely no justifiable grounds at all. Bogus trumped up charges everywhere. The spineless media will never speak up about the abuses. By practicing their policies of omission of important news, they are in effect censoring the news also. Zionist Jews funded, founded, own and control Google the world's premier information conglomerate, why do you think every single one of the media barons hyped Google stock out of the stratosphere? Well your friendly neighborhood Google is becoming a major backbone of Big Brother. Government propaganda network has become so entrenched within our mass media that it is completely ridiculous. Take Fox "News" for example, for all intents and purposes, it should be viewed as just a media arm of the Zionist neo-cons and a government propaganda machine! They have Bill O'Reilly with his news parody comedy show, what is it called? "The Spin Zone", where they even have a section called "Talking Points", where they use the actual daily Whitehouse issued propaganda "talking points" given to all news venues! LOL. You would think that Fox would at least try to disguise the fact they are just a propaganda arm of the Zionist neocons and the government, but it seems that their surveys indicates their gullible viewing sheeple audience can't tell the difference. The strategic ploy practiced in every one of the Zionist media empires, The FOX media barons push both sides of the isle: On one Fox channel you will see rabid right wing "religulous" neocons foaming at the mouth spewing hate and yet on any other Fox channel you will see them

pushing the boundaries of jaw dropping moral decadence homosexual liberating and complete idiotic moronic "liberal" programming! Come on people! Wake up! You know I am right. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the self evidence of what I am revealing here. The Zionist media conglomerates purposely control all media so that they may manipulate ALL information in whatever direction they so desire in order to advance their long term Zionist Jew agendas. People seem to forget that the music industry is just another arm of the media conglomerates. For the Zionist elite, this is just another avenue for them to infiltrate our minds and hearts and fill it with refuse and more "programming." They manufacture mega stars like candy. It is widely known and accepted fact that the musicians who are the major creative force, yet receive just a tiny portion of the revenue generated from the sale of their works. It is common for the industry to take, what? Like 90%+ of all revenue, leaving the artists with just a tiny percentage. This is plainly documented and well known throughout the industry and is never debated. Just another example of how big greedy corporations take advantage of everyone and use them for their own benefits. This is a perfect case in point were there is tons of research and information of industry abuse, but exists as if in a vacuum, only within that particular industry realm, yet not only is it readily accepted as "so true," everyone falls short and fails to connects the dots to reveal this industry as yet another piece of the grand matrix scheme. But that is not even the main point I want to elaborate upon. Just as TV programming, movies and shows often serve a hidden purpose of shaping human perception of things. Music is a key fundamental hypnotic trance inducing vehicle for deep inner programming and has been used as such since time untold. Many people with iPods and mp3 players stuck to their heads 24/7 will be offended to learn that they have been manipulated to such a degree that it is mind boggling. Many people go out and purchase their own brainwashing media. The music industry promotes and avidly seeks out insane occult acts, then promotes them to the ends of the earth. This industry is riddled with satanic occult worship, morally depraved content, etc., whether outright or subliminal, you just cannot deny this once you truly understand how the forces are working. Hopefully I will be able to give the music industry a more in-depth coverage it deserves in future updates of this report. For it is so pivotal in capturing the hearts, minds and souls of our youth and leading them astray at such early ages. For now I will summarize the fact that the entire music industry servers several purposes, one of which is to keep the masses for ever entertained and distracted from the real reality of the world around them. Another is to promote and spread occult concepts and misleading the masses. Then there is the deep subliminal aspect of music to convey attitudes, messages and states of mind, a perfect medium for propagating content. Suffice to say for now, that the music industry is an important arm of the overall Media Matrix empire in helping them to shape the air of overall environment and public opinion. CIA's Operation Mockingbird was setup for the subversion of the free press by the CIA. S.P.H.E.R.E. = Stimulated Psychological Human's Emotional Response Effect. This is what I call the science of triggering desired responses from pre-meditated stimuli. Peoples strongest reactions come not from logic, but from the most basic emotion recesses of our brain. What

motivates us most into action: Fear, love, hate, envy, greed, empathy, excitement, sadness, happiness, etc. These are the trigger points or buttons they love to push. They also have it down to a science. No coverage of mass media and government dissemination of information can be complete without looking into the vast practice of censorship. Censorship in the "free world" is often much more subtle and carefully conducted in order to maintain the illusion of freedom of speech. I recently came across a website called Project Censored, and their list of "Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008", sure enough, these people did a pretty good job of summarizing some of the top CENSORED stories NOT being reported by mainstream news outlets such as CNN, FOX, ABC, etc. As a matter of fact, every single "news" station today is nothing more than glorified CHEERLEADERS of the establishment. Gone are the days and concept that our news agencies are supposed to be the checks and balances of power. Not any more, today all our news agencies are mere LAP DOGS and WHORES of the power elite. They have all collectively SOLD US OUT... we tune into CNN, FOX, ABC and all others just to get a bright eyed bushy tailed sanitized Alice in Wonderland version of "news" from prostitutes we call reporters who dare not question nor stray from the SCRIPTS they are demanded to "report" for fear of losing their rich cozy lifestyles and status in society. Once the news casters finish reporting what they masquerade as "news" all the while constantly omitting tons of serious real news, they go home to their beautiful homes in the nice safe suburbs to their trophy wives and nice cars then play make believe, pretending the world is fine and dandy. The mass media is also used as the "Zionist Corridors of Power Gatekeeper tool." Huh? We witnessed this tool in action very vividly in the 2008 election, where the one true candidate that was not a paid for back pocket part of the Zionist establishment, the one person who could put this country back on track to sanity and back to its founding roots, the only sane candidate, was Ron Paul. But we witnessed the media GATEKEEPERS ridicule him, bash him, tear him apart like no other person ever, and while Ron Paul obviously had a huge following and support, the gatekeepers would not cover almost anything he was doing, thus leaving him locked out of any serious contention. The media gatekeepers closed the gate on Ron Paul, so the mass public at large had no clue who this amazing man was. Think about it. Instead the media darling was Obama... hmmm, even some Republicans are singing their praise for this man... makes you wonder, once the football is handed to him from Bush & Co amazingly "successful" run at destroying this nation, just how much further into the abyss Obama is going to drive us into the end zone... with the media and the sheeple cheering him on. So there you have it. the Zionist Jews RULE the media world with an iron fist as they do other vital areas of commerce and government. What are you or congress going to do about it? NOTHING. The "play" will have to work its way out as foretold in the book of Revelations. The Synagogue of Satan (Zionist Jews) will eventually perish, but only after they inflict much bloodshed worldwide in their "GOD given" quest of establishing themselves as THE global rulers of mankind.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


AKA: The Invisible Oligarchy
"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis "When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty." - President Thomas Jefferson "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined." -- Patrick Henry, Virginia's Ratification convention, 1788 "The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. The state can be, and has often been . . . the main source of mischief and disaster." - Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973)

The masses have known for ages that there have been a lot of things wrong with our government, it's just that they really don't understand the depth, breath, and nature of how bad or where it all originates. It has become common and accepted for the majority of the population to associate our government with BIG BROTHER, yet they leave it at that, then turn around and say "hey American Idol is on, let's go watch the latest episode", back they all go to their sheeple lives, back to their hypnotic slumber. Yes, sleep my dear ones, sleep... sleep... sleep... Big brother is on the conscience of a large majority, it's just they have no clue how big, deep and REAL this entity really is. You witnessed the unprecedented, overwhelming rejection of "big brother" in the 2008 elections as the masses overwhelmingly went for the "HOPE" and "CHANGE" candidate. Crowds never before seen in election rallies' gathered for the "change" candidate. Yes, people have a vague idea about big brother, and they are sick and tired of "him". The problem is that they don't have a clue WHO or what big brother really IS. The real nature and identity of big brother is none other than the Zionist/Masonic ruling elite system in operation, whose collective actions, protocol and policies implemented throughout our government, reveal its characteristics enabling the conceptualization of what the people have come to loosely identify as BIG BROTHER. Oligarchy (Greek, Oligarkhia) is a form of government where power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society distinguished by royalty, wealth, family, military influence or occult spiritual hegemony. Such states are often controlled by politically powerful families whose children are heavily conditioned and mentored to be heirs of the power of the oligarchy. This type of power by its very nature may not be exercised openly; the oligarchs preferring to

remain "the power behind the throne", exerting control through economic means. Oligarchies have been tyrannical throughout history, being completely reliant on public servitude to exist. Although Aristotle pioneered the use of the term as a synonym for rule by the rich, for which the exact term is plutocracy, oligarchy is not always a rule by wealth, as oligarchs can simply be a privileged group. Some city-states from Ancient Greece were oligarchies. [source:] One of the factors instrumental at the very core of allowing and making it possible for the few wealthy 2% to rule over the other 98% (and also own 95% of everything) is due to the fact that the masses are generally STUPID and the ones who aren't could care less. For instance: One third, that is roughly 103 million (idiots) out of 305 million Americans CAN'T even name the simple three branches of government: Judicial, legislative and executive. Let alone begin to formulate an idea of how it works and how they are really being ruled. Most won't even bother to drop the remote and get off the couch to stand up for their rights that are being eroded on a daily basis. As I have been repeating over and over again throughout this Report, almost everyone is absolutely clueless to the fact that they are ENSLAVED sheeple. The bonds used in your enslavement are many. Yet most of you walk the earth without literal chains clamped around your limbs, as per the most advanced form of enslavement requirement of the Prison Industrial Matrix. You have all been enslaved deep within your hearts and minds. You have all been corralled into a box, confined to given parameters and framework of thinking from the programming that began since your childhood. You have all been victims of mass conditioning and indoctrination, group think. You are all skillfully maneuvered as a herd of sheep by your ruling masters. With that said and done, I come forth to identify, reveal, expose the various forms of slavery your are under. In this chapter of the Matrix Report we focus on your ruling masters that consists of your "government" ruling body, aka: United States of America Inc., its appointed representatives and it's so called "elected" leaders. If you have ever noticed, one of the defacto key perquisites of anyone pursuing a career in "public service" (lol, actually more akin to "master service"), is obtaining a LAW DEGREE. Why is that so? There is a saying that goes "the devil is in the details." You see, our nation is a corporation that was organized, established, managed and governed by LAWS. Your so called rights and lack of thereof are all detailed in ridiculously complex legal speak. Did you know that every single president from George Washington (Freemason) onward was a member of at least one of these secret organizations: Freemason, CFR, Bohemian Grove and Skull & Bones... hmmm, nothing to see here, run along now children, go play in the sand. Another interesting tid bit is the little known fact that George Washington and his Continental Army was bankrolled in a large part by Zionist Jew named Hayim Solomon... This can only make one wonder how long ago was the Zionist Jew influence in American affairs and policies... The U.S. Inc was founded and is operated under Roman Civil Law, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Admiralty/Maritime Law. The UCC more often than not, trumps and supersedes

Civil Law, that's why you hear of never-ending stories of citizens getting shafted by government and non government institutions of all kinds including corporations and organizations. Is it any wonder when the "little guy" is faced with any legal assault by a big corporation who sends out their ATTACK DOG LAWYERS, the little guy RARELY ever, ever wins. That my friend is a crystallized exemplar of Uniform Commercial Code totally having drastically supersedes Common Law (besides the obvious fact that the little guy rarely has the vast financial resources of a big corporation backing him up). This subject can be covered with yet another book, let me just summarize the fact, yet another one of the many forms of enslaving the "free" public has been the LAW. In a nut shell, our country's constitution has been thrown out the window, the REPUBLIC ("to which it stands") was shoved aside, trampled on and replaced by DEMOCRACY. The whole founding premise of "we the people, of the people, by the people" was intended for THE PEOPLE to be SOVEREIGN, but through masterful manipulation of the LAWs "we the people" LOST our sovereign rights, flipped upside down and have since been ruled "by the nation for the nation of the corporate entities of America". The disturbing trend that keeps alarmingly escalating are the trampling of the provisions of the Constitution, the only true limits on the powers of the government, are now routinely and largely ignored or reinterpreted to suit the interests of the government or the special interests of their masters, as the federal goliath perpetually increases in its own unrestrained powers. Our sovereign rights have long ago been stolen, we have since been allocated just mere spectator status regulated to participation in the land of largely make believe elections. This report is all about exposing the truth, destroying myths and fairy tales. Thus, in order to truly comprehend the deep core being of this entity we call our country one must understand its true origins and the true context of its being. A interesting fact is that the original founding fathers (the history gatekeepers would prefer you not know) of the United States were REALLY the Virginia Company. Wikipedia states: The Virginia Company refers collectively to a pair of JOINT STOCK companies (i.e., corporations) chartered by King James I in 1606 with the purposes of establishing settlements on the east coast of North America. The two companies, called the "Virginia Company of London" (or the London Company) and the "Virginia Company of Plymouth" (or Plymouth Company) operated with identical charters but with differing territories. Those historical 13 colonies you heard so much about... well, FACT: they were ALL OWNED AND OPERATED by the Virginia Company (corporation). . Sometime after they had reached 13 colonies and were rapidly expanding, the leaders made a strategic decision to cut out the greedy "middle man" (England) and run the Virginia Company as their own independent spin off or monopoly. Thus grew the derivative requirement for giving their CORPORATION a name change. The pivotal point you must truly understand is the fact that the Virginia Corporation NEVER ceased its operations, nowhere in history was there ever any recorded dissolution of the Virginia Corporation... for it only broke from England and changed its name. Behold the TRUE origin and nature of: "The United States of America." INC. Sure they "separated" from England and all that, but the players and the game remained unchanged. Oh,

those Pilgrims the history books focus and glamorize as "the first settlers", well they came here 14 years AFTER the Virginia Company was formed. The Virginia Corporation already owned all the land and the Pilgrims had to get permission to become legal tenants of the Virginia Company landlords. History is finally becoming stunningly interesting!!! As absurd as that my sound to some, all the historical records don't lie. What other better supporting data then the current modern day records as proof positive: Walk into the records hall of ANY state, city, town in America, search for the founding charters and you will be amazed to find out that every single state, city, town is in fact a CORPORATION. This is normal ordinary fact, just go to your local City Hall or record office and check to see if your local town, city is indeed a corporation. They are all SUBSIDIARIES of the parent Corporation: The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc. Did you know that Washington DC is its own sovereign state? This sovereign state literally runs the sovereign nation... Actually each state of the Union is also a legal corporation as are all the towns and cities in this country. Oh the complexities of this world we live in, and the mighty web they weave. There exists only two other sovereign states besides Washington DC operating within a host country: the City of London and the Vatican City. This brings up a plethora of implications, issues, dynamics, factors, conflicts and so forth. I cannot delve deeper into in these matters with this report draft due to space constraints. Others are much more qualified and have done intensive research into this matter, you owe it to yourself to look into this matter further. As I constantly urge, please research and at least Google every single thing I reveal here in this report for more detailed info, you must search hard and wide, but comb deep enough and you will find hidden truths. One very interesting work you must get your hands on is a rare book called "Pandora's Box" by Alex Christopher, this is a must read, though I cannot vouch for 100% validity of the content, but I believe that Mr. Christopher's in depth research speaks for itself. For another perspective about our national corporation please refer to Addendum section for: THE UNITED STATES Inc., a reprint of a real eye opening article expounding upon this topic. If you would also like another very amazing glimpse of the state of our union check out: International Law Admiralty / Maritime Process Are You Lost At Sea. U.S. Code Collection Title 28 > Part V17 > Chapter 176 > Subchapter A > § 3002. Definitions:


We must also address some of the key illusions that the ruling elite pull off on the unsuspecting well meaning goyim sheeple citizens. Our founding fathers created America as a REPUBLIC. This whole democracy thing took on a life of its own later on down the road. Our founding fathers set up a: REPUBLIC.... NOT a DEMOCRACY!!! They all unanimously loathed the entire concept of "democracy." Somehow, some way, our entire founding principles became corrupted and the direction was strategically maneuvered into the focus and direction of a DEMOCRACY. Again, I will reiterate: OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED AS A "REPUBLIC" NOT A "DEMOCRAY." As in: " the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty for all." Our Republic has since been morphed into a democratic "us vs. them", left wing vs. right wing rivalry, essentially creating a NATION DIVIDED. How does the quote go? United we stand, divided we fall? Republican vs. Democrat, bottom line, after all is said and done, they both server the same elite masters! Democrats and Republicans are just like two mafia crime families that server the same masters, their "god fathers", the Zionist/Mason elite. Republicans and Democrats are just two sides of the SAME COIN. Team Democrats MISSION is to focus on and control the liberal left wing masses and push the ruling elite's strategic liberal policies such as gun control, lowering the tolerance barrier of immorality, cater to and appease the worker class and the POOR. They enact SOCIALIST laws and policies to help develop the ruling elites master plans that reside squarely on the leftwing part of the spectrum. The democratic party's largest financial contributors are none other than the Zionists Team Republicans MISSION is to focus on and control the right wing, bible carrying masses (this is nothing but a cover), and of course, the filthy rich (and corporations) who are

their number 1 base along with being the shameless sluts of corporate America. They implement the rightwing spectrum of FASCIST laws and policies of the ruling elite's master plans. The hard core extremist neo-cons of the republican party consisting of mostly Zionists are the undisputed leaders. This party "of the, by, and for the wealthy fascists" is where you will find most of the elite's direct support and backing. Also note how the democrats easily fold (most notable in the Bush administration where democrats rubberstamped and approved everything) and do the bidding of their republican comrades, rarely the other way around. Interesting note: When asked if fascism could ever come to America, Huey Long (the Depression era governor of Louisiana) replied, "Sure, only here they'll call it anti-fascism." As long as the politicians can keep the right and left at each other's throats no one will be able to tell that they are all the same corrupt people. The dynamics of the "us versus them" mentality, struggle and opposing ideologies that naturally comes to play within "the conflicting two parties diversion" is both legendary and pure genius. It naturally snowballs as independent people come out of the woodwork to join the forces "of their side" of the "war" and fight the other side tooth and nail. The ruling elite have been masterfully using and playing BOTH parties for decades on end to achieve unheard of advances no one could dream of otherwise. No guns, no bombs, no military invasion has been necessary to infiltrate and inflict the damage that the two party division has accomplished. What is NOT readily understood and observable to the masses is the fact that through this most amazing dynamics of opposing forces constantly battling it out on the public arena, resides the fact that our entire structured establishment is ever so subtly, ever so fluidly creeping and forming itself into a "hello, guess who just walked into the room!"... none other than the OLIGARCHY that we presently have in place ruling over this nation today. How The Elite Control Politics - Video Right now at this very moment it is the democrats TURN at the helm to advance the leftwing aspects of the Zionist world conquest plans. Please take note that they will NOT eradicate any of the hundreds of preposterous/oppressive laws and policies setup by the previous republican administration, for they are purposely left in place as building blocks for the next administration and so forth. Until the day arrives when we will all wake up, sit around and wonder how the hell did our once powerful "FREE" nation end up in ruins. The most important thing that you and everyone on this planet can ever come to understand about this two party system is: In the end it doesn't even matter what side you are on because BOTH parties are actually ONE... they serve the same elite rulers. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it! This is the reality of the world we live in! Between both of those political parties they have 95% of the masses covered, constantly squabbling and fighting amongst each other. Pure genius. The essence of the entire Republican vs. Democratic system is designed to keep our "United" States DIVIDED!



Fighting and bickering amongst ourselves, until you and the rest of the sheeple truly digest this FACT and understand this FACT, this nation will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER break its bonds thus continue its long decent into the abyss as it prostitutes itself like the grand scarlet whore that it is. America will NEVER be able to UNITE and solve all of its problems until the day arrives when they finally WAKE UP to the bogus left vs. right - republican vs. democrat system that is the CENTRAL KEY FOR DIVIDING AND RUINING OUR NATION!!! Before I go further in trying to cover this byzantine part of the Matrix, I must remind you to try and shake off the brain washing you have been programmed into believing your whole lives that your government leaders are some sort of sanctified loving benevolent caretakers of the public's best interests. You know deep in your heart that the most sleazebag corrupt people on earth are the politicians, (and lawyers, and most politicians are both) yet you trust them, you believe their lies, over and over again. Now if that is not a baffling mystery I don't know what is. I quickly put together another compilation of several researcher's data and added it to the addendum section called "Criminals Who Run Our Government", just for those that are still wearing their rose colored glasses. In that section (no way gets close to being extensive) you will get a crystallized idea of the literally hundreds upon hundreds of criminals, scandals, pedophiles, check bouncing, thieves, etc. the corrupt slimeball custodians we TRUST to run this nation. The sheer number of crimes and scandals is bewildering, the number of people actually CAUGHT are just the tip of the iceberg, for far more never get caught and or are "bailed out" and swept under the rug by their cronies before we even know about it. Just look at the, what? Half dozen or so TAX CHEATS Obama picked for office, of course not one of them gets prosecuted, not even a slap on the wrist. The bigger picture here is, can you possibly imagine the actual number of tax cheats, corruption and crimes that never ever get reported or see the light of day on both sides of the isle.


Mind you, yes there are a very few "good guys" (the complicit media loves to portray as fruitytuti nut jobs) such as Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, and couple of others, that despite all the odds, and heavy media bias, managed to somehow get elected and remain seated for so long while they attacked the status quo establishment. These well meaning true patriots more often than not are the brunt of all the status quo jokes and media attacks. These are the lone renegades in the system, who are often ridiculed and shunned, for they dwell and work among a den of vipers. They are completely out numbered and out gunned, often blacklisted. One mistake like in Cynthia's case, and they seize the moment to boot them out of office. Have you ever wondered why the Fascia symbol (the official logo of fascist regimes) is displayed prominently in many places in our government? Most notably in the dead center stage of Congress Hall... It was even on the back of the U.S. dime! There are two giant Fascia symbols on the wall behind the president when he gives his state of the union address. So if the fascia symbol is THE logo or symbol that stands for fascist government and regimes, don't you want to know WHY this symbol has been used in, and prominently displayed in our so called "democracy" for decades on end?

The cold hard truth is the fact that "they" know that they can proudly display their mottos, symbols and logos all around society without even a whimper from the sleeping sheeple masses. As time progresses they become more emboldened and daring with "in your face" attitudes and policies, you know what? No one cares, they all go back to sleep, sleep, sleepy.... FYI: Some people just don't know what fascist means, for those who need a refresher: fascism is simply the rule of government by, of and for the corporations. Period. So the fairy tale day dream that our country was founded and run "for the people, by the people, of the people" is just, like Penn & Teller would put it: bull shit. No shame to their game, evidence they proudly display their true colors:


Never has it been so obvious that our elected leaders don't give a dam "the people" (YouTube title: fuch you george w bush you fucking fucktard fucker!) -Video

George W. Bush - America's Greatest Fuck-up... - Video Amazing how we now allow the elected bastards to get away with high crimes

That is not even the biggest part of the scam. In all actuality our "Republic" has really was cleverly morphed into an illusion... of smoke and mirrors called "Democracy." The day that you wake up and truly realize that our country has been run by the large corporations and special interests while we are being are lead to believe that our country is a free nation being run for the people, by the people, the day you realize this, is the day you begin to realize just how badly we have all been conned.

Go ahead, follow any campaign trail for any government office, listen to all the bogus "debates" and so forth, it does not matter what election it is, for what office, it's all the same bull shit. In the end some bought and paid for greedy bastard that could care less about you and the people gets placed in office, he then spends quality time being wined and dined by the lobbyists, attending Ivy league "fraternity" club meetings, and so forth. In the end, that person went around

shaking hands all over the place promising you the kitchen sink to get elected will first and foremost cow tow and kneel down to the establishment apparatus, do as he is told by his handlers and get in line at the feeding troths, all the while looking how best to climb that corporate, political ladder, and lining his personal golden parachute. Politics as usual, more political jokes for the late night comics, tons of new stories for the "truthers". In the end we all know and jokingly admit that lawyers and politicians are the scum of the earth... yet we just accept it as that and go on our merry ways. We put on our blinders and cover our ears, pretending that ours is the best political system in the world, nope, our shit does not stink. "Oh how ours is the "best" country in the world". Keep repeating that over and over again, you just might make a believer of yourself. America the Oligarchy - You are free to do what they tell you... - Video

Politicians promise you everything under the sun come election time, once the moment comes when either side wins, they developer amnesia and forget about all the dumb promises they made to get elected. This insanity has been going on for centuries! It has been said that the definition of someone that is crazy is "someone who does the same thing over and over again, always expecting a different outcome". By that definition, all Americans are bona fide loony tunes! Hello America, this is your wakeup call! How many more times will you keep falling for the same old scam? It does NOT matter what political party you belong to. In the end the secret elite always end up running the show as they see fit. The mega corporations will continue to have more influence then multitudes of millions of voters best interests, this is plain ordinary FACT. This Matrix Report is not about dumb conspiracy "theories", I have spent the past several years losing many a night's sleep carefully putting this report together to expose the FACTS. Our government lies to us with impunity : - Video

We have been mislead to believe that our country is a "democracy", when in fact the heart of what rules, shapes and drives this country first and foremost, far beyond anything else is: CAPITALISM, CAPITALISM, and CAPITALISM. Democracy took a back seat to capitalism many decades ago and no one ever realized it. The old line "of the people for the people" has become a mere joke. Our leaders in government view its constituents as the pathetic panhandling vagabonds and the corporations as the true masters it serves. This is the very definition of fascism. If something drastic is not done soon to change our run away government, our country will face sure self destruction. All our "good ole boys" politicians face virtually zero oversight, no accountability, no responsibility, no penalties for being in bed with corporations. The overwhelming number of politicians that get "caught" in any wrong doing are the ones that broke out of step from their handlers and masters, thus are fed to the lions so to speak and prosecuted for whatever deviant thing that particular

politician is up to his neck in. The most grievous offenders are silenced by having unfortunate "accidents". Just about every politician in Washington has a dossier being held over their heads by their Zionist controllers, who blackmail and extort their way all around Washington, those dossiers are one of the keys to how they consistently twist the leaders arms into doing their bidding. The kicker is that they use our own intelligence agencies to build up the secret dossiers and spy on the elected official's activities to document any illegal activities they can use for blackmail later on. Yet on the other hand you have witnessed countless examples of politicians getting away with the most ludicrous offenses that would land a mere mortal in prison, in a heartbeat, not the politician in good standing with his ruling masters, not only do they avoid prosecution, the media and the propaganda machine work on overdrive to gloss over, if not just bury the entire incident. This whole "political contributions" (legalized bribery) thing has to stop immediately. Term limits on CONgress must be imposed, like yesterday. All "Special privileges" must be stopped. A myriad of laws with actual sentences that are actually enforced must be setup to keep ALL our politicians in line. The activities of this group of serpents running our government must be constantly monitored using all sorts of surveillance tactics used on the other "terrorists" by a special "untouchables" squad of independent investigators. Secrecy at all levels must be abolished. Our government MUST be run transparently and must be made to have to answer to its people when the majority demands it. The drunken orgy in Washington MUST come to an end. The only way to save our nation is get all the politicians parading around as prostitutes, kicked out of office, corralled and dropped off on a deserted island in the middle of the pacific. Every single one of them until there is not ONE single career crook left in office, then and only then can you begin staffing our entire nation with fresh blood. It is truly like a bad joke being played on the innocent gullible public. You see pundits on TV always bickering, left wing and the right wing always battling it out, liberals vs. conservatives. It's all the same old tried and true military strategy: divide and concur. Hence to see how the elite use this, they divided the field into Democrats vs. Republicans and concur by cleverly making everyone having no choice but to choose sides, they enslave us with a view point and embedded hope that, "MY political party", "MY CONgressman", "MY senator" is a good guy, he will look out for our best interests, etc. Behold: You have all been played like a cheap violin over and over and over again and continue to fall for the same old crap. The truther movement for example has been squarely labeled as "leftist" liberal side.... Presto, by such a simple act as labeling an enemy as "leftist" (or right wing) the other side easily points them out to their own people, followers who take this as their "queue" to completely dismiss and/or attack the "opponent". Exercising BLIND LOYALTY to their political parties, each side acts as if the other side is "the enemy", exactly as they do in team sports as in the Red Socks vs. the Yankees: It does NOT matter who is right or wrong! People will cheer for "THEIR" side, their "team" despite all LOGIC and reason!!!!!! "that's MY team, we are the good guys, they are the bad guys", thus reason and logic is of no use there.


Those who make it as candidates for president are culled from the pool of career politicians who over the years have proven their loyalty and earned the complete trust of the ruling elite. The ruling elite would rather have the neo-cons running their show since this group of republicans more closely follows their agenda to the T. Whenever there is Democratic control of any office, the ruling elite must work harder with more covert maneuvering to advance their agendas due to the fact that if the Democrats must at least seem to be on the side the working people and of liberal left wing causes. Of course these two mafia families fight tooth and nail for control. Who does NOT want to be king of the hill? Yet both are equally as dangerous and ultimately bow to the same masters. Didn't you see it. After the 2006 elections the Democrats swept up. The public outcry against the horrors of the Bush administration united them as never before. The elected democrats got elected on the false promise that they would prosecute the criminal Bush regime. I will never forget the day I was closely watching when Pelosi & Co. went behind closed doors to meet up with Bush & Co. Oh boy, that was it everyone thought we would finally witness the impeachment of the criminal Bush administration, boy are they in for it! Nope. Pelosi walks out of the meeting with a smile on her face, Democrats & Republicans where all buddy, buddy and smiling. The first thing she said "impeachment is off the table"... what?!!!!! My jaw dropped, I was dumbfounded! Then it dawned on me, come on, what did I really expect, they serve the same masters, Bush loyally served them well, so who was I kidding in expecting the democrats to press charges on the most insanely criminal administration in history? I care not how inflammatory this may sound, but basically what happened in that meeting was that Pelosi prostituted herself to the neo-cons in that room, after all was said and done she exited the room with a smile on her face saying "impeachment is off the table" end of story, thus sold out the citizens of this country while she was at it. The Bush crime syndicate runs free to this day, where not even the Obamanator will dare prosecute the criminals, this is smoking gun proof they all work for the same masters and are just two sides of the same coin. Just two crime families in the governing mafia we call the democrats and the republicans. To illustrate the scope and breath of worldwide illuminati control one need look no further than Europe, who are way more advanced and ahead of us in the New World Order curriculum. Bush's European counterpart who was also "coincidentally" leading his country for almost the entire same time period as Bush, was the charismatic Tony Blair. Who, at every single turn, "coincidentally" implemented the same variety of Acts, laws and policies in his country that the Bush crime syndicate shoved down our throats... Even the peaceful protesters are routinely rounded up, silenced, closely watched and of course, jailed in England just as they are here. It is almost as if both countries' modus operandi notes were completely shared with one another. What we have here are identical twin police state THUGACRACY in position and in the making, both propping up, supporting and helping one another achieve the same results and goals, for both are in the same quest, the global world domination bandwagon. They work side by side as one in furthering the common "agenda" of their Zionist Mafioso Cosa Nostra GODFATHERS.

America as a "free country" it flaunts itself as, often has "do-gooders" that are not allies or a product of "the establishment" or owned by private agendas enter the political arena. These are the very rare few do-gooders that came out from society who have managed to earn or win a place within the system. These people try their best to honestly work and fight for our rights, but they are way outnumbered in politics by the "dark side". For they enter "the den of vipers", and must stand down to the status quo. These independent do-gooder politicians are at times basically thorns in the sides of the ruling elite and "the establishment". Over the years many who entered the system as originally concerned "do-gooders" eventually become corrupted by the establishment and learn to just assume their spot at the feeding troths. Of course the ruling elite would prefer to have their neo-con brethren running their show instead of having to work the harder job by their sleight of hand and having to change teams all the time. When viewed as a flow chart, as is common in any corporation or organization, you quickly realize that, the same ascension principles exist in Washington as any other organization. Everyone must "climb the corporate ladder." Seniority plays a major role. Those who rock the boat and do not go along with the agendas are quickly reprimanded, blacklisted, with the worst offenders placed on the fast track to the exit door, only to see their successful career in Washington on a certain decline. Only those that kiss up and become experts in brown nosing and obeying their masters' wishes eventually make it up the career ladder in Washington. Therefore, it is easy to realize that, of course only "career suicidal" individuals will come forth as whistle blowers and expose the mechanisms of fraud, corruption, bribery, oh, did I mention, bribery is called "political contributions" in Washington's alternate dimension reality where they register the officially sanctioned BRIBERS, in a dignified and organized fashion call them LOBBYISTS. Only in politics is BRIBERY PERFECTLY LEGAL. We are living in an era of mass delusion and denial on the part of leaders in both major political parties, were stating the obvious can be a radical act. Mass delusion and denial has permeated this society to it's very core. There are no more real heroes, all we have left are the goyim sheeple who just want to do their job, get paid, go home to their nice cozy homes and new cars, big screen TV, iPod, iPhone, WII and just let their brains melt. Most of who just DON'T even want to know the truth anymore! True hero figures have been strategically replaced by mass media fakes such as rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, those who get paid unimaginable millions for just a few days "work" to keep the sheeple entertained and distracted. Americans from sea to shining sea worship these fake idols, want to emulate them, dress like them, wish they could be like them, all the while, their minds are consumed with these pathetic feeble thoughts and pursuits while the REAL prize, is being taken right from under your noses, little do they all know that they have forfeited their birthrights. The day will come when America wakes up to REALITY only to find out that the coup already happened right in front of their faces decades ago, yet they never realized it... Impeachment is a tool established by our founding fathers so that we the people could rid our country of corrupt leaders, confront people who would try to lead our great nation astray. Impeachment is a vital tool for the defense of our most basic liberties. What I find so frightening that it makes me sick to my stomach is the fact that the current administration has basically shredded the constitution, they do whatever the hell they feel like, even when a landslide

majority of Americans might be against it, totally running against the founding principles of a nation "for the people by the people". Yet there is no outcry, just business as usual. This administration has been getting away with the most mind boggling acts, neglecting our own people, focusing on spending billions upon billions trotting all over the globe to promote "democracy" (CAPITALIST INTERESTS of the corporations) not to mention the many outright federal crimes and treason against the US. For all intents and purposes, the Bush administration has somehow managed to not only dodge all attempts of investigation, they seem completely untouchable. The laws of this great nation do not apply to the Cheney & Bush Administration. They are ABOVE THE LAW. In essence what we have here is like a serial killer who some daring prosecutors would like to interview, but the law enforcement can't even conduct an investigation due to the fact that THEY (the serial killers) are the police and have control over revealing all the evidence that can put them in jail! DOH! Of course they are going to claim "executive privilege"!!!! and deny any wrong doing until their last dying breath!!! "Hey boys, bring in that industrial strength shredder and hit delete on the emails while you are at it." "now yaw pesky nosey bodies go outside and play, leave us superior beings alone to do what is right for you, now scram along". A must see PBS documentary "Cheney's Law" (click on watch the full program). What you do not understand is that "made men" within the political Cosa Nostra status quo system DON'T go to jail. No matter what crimes they are "accused" of. These are the true untouchables. For as long as they are pushing and pulling the strings as their handlers require them to perform, they can shoot their friends in the face and demand AN APOLOGY from the victim and no one would so much as raise an eyebrow. Anyone else on the planet would go directly to jail. Their buddies who didn't rat them out and covered their asses, no problemo, "here is your presidential pardon, now let's go party." Then there is the "Oh what was that? You accuse us of _______ and ______?" (doesn't matter what it is because) "Sorry but I can't help you, it's all a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY so go fly a kite! Now scram, you're getting on my nerve." In their world REALITY IS WHATEVER THEY SAY IT IS. For they have the best scam setup on the planet, no matter what happens, they OWN the cops, prosecutors and judges! THEY ALL WORK FOR THEM!!!! After the disturbing offense is committed, it is someone, an official, who comes out backed by the most masterful and powerful propaganda network on the planet and tells you what REALITY is. Such as: "_______________________" (fill in the blank with any of thousands upon thousands of ridiculous excuses, cover-ups, lies and so forth that have been fed to us about any of thousands upon thousands of corruption and crimes they have committed over the decades). Followed by: "Nothing to see here children, no go back to playing with your tinker toys." Those who persist for REAL answers get the: "Oh my gosh, here they are again, the bunch of tin-foil hat wearing Looney Toon conspiracy fruitcakes..." Those who keep it up hear something like: "Someone call security! terrorists have invaded the building!!!!" And off to jail YOU go instead of the real criminals....


Our ailing country has been run by the biggest group of sick perverted criminals ever to walk in America. (Note: see addendum at end of this report called Criminals Who Run Our Government). "Uncle Sam" has become more and more like the child molesting uncle you would NEVER trust your children alone with. It has come to the point where whenever "Uncle Sam" says ANYTHING, you must take it with a grain of salt and never believe a word he tells you, until you have thoroughly scrutinized it, then followed it up with your own investigation to see if what they say is true. Our Uncle Sam is America, and all its myriad of leaders who represent it. The key to breaking the stranglehold of insanity within the establishment is somehow getting congress to make an amendment to the constitution on limiting the use as a shield the phrases of "CLASSIFIED - TOP SECRET". For our leaders today pull out the "classified top secret and 'national defense' cards" out of their ass on a regular basis to HIDE EVERYTHING they are doing. Our government has ALREADY been taken over by a coup! PHASE ONE steal the "election" in 2000-1, PHASE TWO was Iraq & Afghanistan... PHASE THREE is the rest of the middle east and possibly at some point, if the sheeple wake up and get out of hand: martial law here in our own country. It's just that they haven't sent out the memo to the world yet! Soon they will pull out their ultimate con job. After the next "national emergency" false flag operation is conducted (brought to you by your friendly loving caring CIA/Mossad dynamic duo) Iran? Pakistan? Syria? will be invaded, war will break out all over the middle east, America will eventually go under martial law to "protect you"... Then it will be too late for you to do or say anything. America will wake up AFTER it is under TOTAL control of the police state. The definition of what Top Secret & Classified really means is: "fuck off; I'm not going to show you how we have been screwing you and the world". King George and his "new improved" Fascist States of Amerika: - Video

Seven years after Cheney/Bush & Co Crime Syndicate rose to power after the flawless coup of the new millennium still referred to by the mainstream as "the elections of 2000" with America's

first official modern electoral coup. They lied when they took their oaths of office "to serve and defend the constitution", instead bush today rants "the constitution is just a piece of paper!" My friends, what this man has been up to is called TREASON. Some Americans seem to FINALLY be waking up from their deep sleep, yet all they can still do is TALK and continue their pathetic lives as if nothing really wrong is going on. I have deep seated despise for the bitch that took over the position of Speaker of the House, she SOLD HER SOUL TO SATAN then gets on national TV smiling telling America "impeachment is off the table" no matter how many insanely certifiable treasonous acts come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The criminals MUST be brought to justice, otherwise the bar will have inadvertently been raised as to how much more they will all be allowed to get away with in the future. Forget impeachment, Charge all the criminal sons of bitches with RICO RACKETEERING ACT! Send every pea brain treasonous idiot that staunchly supported, aided and abetted them all to prison for life! America needs grand juries and indictments. The time has come for us to conduct our own Nuremberg trials. Those two criminals (along with all their co-conspirators) that are holding the highest offices of our land deserve only the very best: Hang them as was done in the old days, at the very least give them all life sentences in jail for crimes against the constitution, treason, crimes against the people of the United States of America, war crimes of Iraq and finally crimes against humanity. I want to see heads on silver platters! Only problem with that scenario is the fact that the Bush & Co Crime Syndicate is ABOVE THE LAW, these are "made men" who are only doing the bidding of their Zionist Jew masters, and no one has the balls to prosecute those treasonous imposters of freedom hiding out in the White house. Therefore, the next administration will still be free to proceed with their plans of lunacy of invading Iran or whatever Muslim nation Israel has its heart set on destroying. The shit will then REALLY start to fly, bringing untold chaos to all, putting humpty dumpty (America) back together from the repercussions is going to be astronomically extremely difficult, especially trying to do so while we are all under MARTIAL LAW! In a country were the ONLY THING that will whip the mass media news into a frenzy of non-stop 24/7 "hyper news reporting" are events that involve the likes of Britney Spears, (remember the OJ Simpson trial?) Ana Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton and the other brats... /sigh/ I have a terrible sinking feeling that we are all doomed to accept whatever fate befalls us. In these trying times, the only source that the goyim sheeple public can get a CLUE to what is really going on is not CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, or any mainstream Zionist owned and operated news source for that matter. Most of the masses get their doses of TRUE REPORTING from COMEDIANS, comedy shows and CARTOONS! Think about it, only comedians like George Carlin, Lewis Black, Chris Rock, Comedy Central's John Stewart, SNL, etc., are often the ONLY sources of the REAL NEWS! Am I wrong or isn't John Stewart's Daily Show THE PREMIER source of REAL NEWS in America? When reading news papers and magazines, just skip over to the political cartoons for the unbiased truth. What is sad is that you know that, as much as you hate to admit to it, I yet again have another valid argument there... for I just speak the truth. Oh, by the way... John Stewart, he is also.... Jewish, his real surname is Leibowitz...


Behold: For they are everywhere! In all key positions, all the top posts, the wealthiest, the most famous in every sector! We have been invaded, taken over, it's just that you don't even have a clue... Government propaganda divisions, Hollywood and Madison Avenue marketing wizards all have mass communications down to a science. They can make the target audience BELIEVE ANYTHING. Do you think that our government and those running it don't have access to the great manipulating minds and techniques of Hollywood and Madison Ave.? The true masters of illusion, some of the world's best and brightest copy writers, editors, directors do NOT even work for Hollywood or Madison Ave, they weave their craft within the Ivy towers of government halls, these are the masters of PsyOps. They hammer out the master piece propaganda epics for the ruling elite. The politicians then FOLLOW THEIR SCRIPTS they have been handed.. exactly as Hollywood Oscar winning actors, as in any video shoot, they do the same as all mass media outlets, they rehearse their scripts for hours and say whatever the TELEPROMPTERS tells them to say! Our elections are our governments "Oscar Awards". Where the 'Best Actor Winner" gets to play the ROLE of President of the United States for the next four years. The supporting actor role goes to the vice president and so forth until all positions for the entire cast of the next 4 year "movie shoot" production are filled. It's all a dog and pony show during the elections, where all of America KNOWS they are being lied to and promised a bunch of bull shit that will NEVER be done, yet Americans blindly believe the same bull every four years. Just like we believed in Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, we have been conditioned to believe in fairy tales since childhood, this is preparation for when we become adults. Don't worry America, when the next Santa Clause wins the election in 2008 he will bring you all nice gifts and peace on earth. LOL! " better be good, you better not pout cause Satan's Clause is coming to town"!

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE & THE TAX RACKET I couldn't figure out what chapter to place the IRS under for it is technically not a true government institution. For there are no laws in existence giving this entity its power. But since

it makes believe it is and is run as if it were a legal part of our government I therefore cover this entity here. The IRS is nothing other than a criminal extortion racket set up to pay back the other criminal entity known as the Federal Reserve, the money that the our government borrows from them, with interest, of course. There is absolutely no law ever created or ratified that justifies the existence of the IRS, and this is very well documented and proven on the internet. One day someone said let's start collecting taxes and the rest was history. To put it in the most simplest form, In other words the IRS are the hired "muscle" of the Federal Reserve Mafia that goes out and collects your extortion payments. What I find truly interesting is the fact that this nation was established under a direct catalyst of, and in opposition to "taxation without representation". The Boston Tea Party was the event in that moment in time when America said enough is enough. Our once great nation banned taxation all the way up until the year 1913, the very same year that sinister banksters created the Federal Reserve Bank and took control of all the financial destiny of the entire country. Upon the creation of the Fed, the IRS was established right on its heels. Today our nation is one of the most taxed nations on the planet. Go figure. The National Taxpayer's Union says taxes have gone up 175,000% in the last 83 years. There are taxes on EVERYTHING in this country, taxes on payroll, personal property, pensions, severance, social security, corporation, stock transfer, tobacco, tonnage, transportation, utilities, accumulated earnings, alcoholic beverages, amusements, apparel, capital gains, consumption, corporate income, dividends, employment, estate, excise, franchise, fuel, furnishings, gas, sales, gift, gross receipts, health care, holding company, income, inheritance, land, license, life insurance, luxuries, motor oil, vehicle, occupation, operator's license, school tax, sales tax at every local level, the list goes on, and on, and on. Yes, continue to believe the myth that you are free from bondage sheeple! As billionaire Warren Buffet recently pointed out: he makes $46 million a year and is only taxed a 17.7 percent rate on his federal taxes. By contrast, those who work for him, and make a measly $46 thousand a year pay an average of 32.9 percent in taxes. He went on to offer $1 million to anyone in the room who could show that one of the nation's wealthiest individuals pays a higher tax rate than their subordinates like his secretary. This is just scratching the surface. For many politicians often don't even bother paying taxes and get away with it with absolutely no penalty. This common practice was recently brought to the limelight by Obama's cabinet picks. Geithner put the icing on the cake because this tax cheat was picked to head up the Dept. of Treasury! LOL. In the midst of all the turmoil of confirmation hearings two other Obama tax cheats had to withdraw due to the discovery that "golly gee whiz, I forgot to pay that gazillion bucks I owed on my taxes." Again, the Zionist of the pack Timothy Geithner got away with it, for he had powerful aristocrat "friends" pulling for him and his nomination went through. If it was you or me that owed the IRS what they did, we would be part of the "establishment": the prison industrial matrix! Not them, not so much as even a slap on the wrist. Off they go on their merry ways business as usual, nothing to see here folks, mind your own business and scram. Now let

this be a lesson to you, since YOU will have to pick up the slack of those non-taxed elites and pay your fair share... or else. And yes, YOU WILL PAY. So we have the "working class" who are actually extorted out of 32.9 percent of each dollar they make, so that leaves .67 cents out of each dollar. Oh, wait, the state also takes their cut, lets lay only 5%, that leaves us with .62 of every dollar we earn. So in essence the government, like a mafia protection racket, takes approximately one third CUT of whatever you make, but instead of breaking your fingers or legs it sends you off to jail if you refuse to pay your extortion fees. Oh, no, it does not end there, this is just the beginning! Now with that .62 cents per dollar you have left, EVERYTHING you PURCHASE also gets taxed! Yep, cough up that sales tax! If you own your home then you are one of the privileged that get to pay thousands upon thousands of EXTRA TAXES such as home owners tax, school tax, property tax, city tax, law enforcement tax, fire dept tax, community development tax, transit tax, etc., etc. Oh... and if you can't pay those taxes? You are served lien papers and the enforcement mafia come in and takes your property and/or you are even imprisoned! Meanwhile many goliath billion dollar corporations get off scot free without having to pay any taxes, as a matter of fact, according to the US Gov. Accountability Office, in July 2008, many corporations reported NO tax liabilities. In fact, from 1998-2005, a staggering 72% of foreign controlled domestic corporations, and 55% of US controlled corporations reported ZERO tax liability for at least one of those years! Doh! Open your eyes sheeple for you are in reality just slaves within the system. Your freedoms are all an illusion. But oh yes, you have rights, yes, you have rights to remain silent, do as you are told and pay up buddy. So... we as a nation have come full circle. We demanded and got our independence from tyrannical oppressive highly taxation driven government called England and today we ARE again living under the exact same circumstances, yet this time around, come April 15th of every year all the sheeple line up to pay up like nice docile servants, then head back to their allotted slot in life. Back to the rat life treadmill. I am often so disgusted at what I witness happening in this nation of ours that at times I wish this were all a bad dream. 30% of our population lives in dire poverty levels, our public school system is rated along with the worst in the world, right behind third world countries no less, over 47 million sheeple have absolutely no medical care, for example: recently Bush vetoed and said NO to a $30 billion package to provide healthcare to our poor children here in our country, and within the same time period it was disclosed that Bush signed a $30 billion aid package to Israel! DOH! This is business as usual. For over half a century, the US has been spending and giving away HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of Dollars EACH AND EVERY YEAR to other countries all the while completely DENYING its own citizens of basic needs. I have seen our ghettos, I have witnessed dire poverty all over our country, I have been in hundreds of public hospitals and schools. It is a readily accepted fact that the chasm between the rich and poor keeps growing. Yet no one cares, business as usual. Tax breaks for the aristocrat rich, more taxes and burdens for the working class. I can go on and on.

For many reading this, I am not saying anything new. This is common knowledge, and everyone seems to just sit back and accept this as a way of life. What everyone does not know is that in fact all this is a product of our Zionist masters. The U.S. Inc. is just another TOOL in their hands. The Zionists are not concerned about the U.S., their vision and goal is GLOBAL DOMINATION. If they stopped bleeding us dry here in this country who would pay for the 173 military bases around the globe to protect their interests? Who would pay for all the globalization and expansion? The Zionists own this country lock stock and barrel. Period. You will just accept what little funds they keep in this country to keep the motors going and be happy with it. For all the rest of the moneys will, as has always been, continued to be siphoned away, business as usual, so go back under your rock and leave the Zionists alone sheeple. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Male Prostitute and White House Correspondent Extraordinaire - Video

But WHY must we continue to give away hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year to other countries and watch our own nation go deeper into darkness and despair? At one point in time, America was viewed world wide as "the best", the best schools, the best transportation, the best medical, the best of this the best of that, the list was amazing. Today we are no longer viewed or even qualify to be "the best" at almost anything. No longer do those elected bastards in Washington give a damn about this country. We have been sold out to the highest bidders. All our manufacturing has been shipped overseas to countries such as one of America's arch enemies like COMMUNIST CHINA! Under the Bush Administration alone America exported (lost) 4,401.000 manufacturing jobs (that's just the manufacturing sector) to other countries, is it any wonder why we are now being faced with catastrophic economic collapse? Doh! Our leaders, in their ever increasing stupifying brain deadness even encourage shipping as many jobs as possible out of this country! You actually GET TAX BREAKS FOR DOING SO AS AN INCENTIVE!!! Today we are witnessing the engineered major financial meltdown of America, that has also taken a global toll, one that is poised to make the engineered Great Depression seem like a boy scout operation. Trillions of dollars are quietly maneuvering around. Fortunes will be made and lost. The ruling elite are consolidating more wealth and power, buying up dirt cheap corporations. The middle class will become almost extinct. The "elected" officials running our government could care less about you, the working class, you have all been sold out long ago to the highest bidder . The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can begin to see true REALITY. Hundreds of thousands upon thousands of jobs constantly "OUTSOURCED". No it is not some miscalculation or mix-up on the part of our elected leaders, the organized and premeditated export of the BACKBONE of AMERICA jobs has been nothing more than another key factor in the PREMEDITATED ENGINEERED COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMY brought to

you by your benevolent, caring, warm and fuzzy bankster elites who methodically pushed for these policies and actions that lead up to this masterful collapse. The stage was officially set on October of 2002, at George Washington University where he gave his "Increasing Minority Ownership" speech. Thus officially began the extraordinary scam to put 5.5 million poor (burger flippers, even illegal aliens!) minorities into homes with mortgages that were set to self destruct in a few years. That scam was quickly followed by the colossal CDO con on unsuspecting investors. What we are witnessing yet again is the off the shelf official strategy or modus operandi of the ruling elite: The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm (The Hegelian Dialectic) in action. 1) The government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others. 2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights, property, wealth, etc. 3) The government (of government & their complicit institutions) offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis. Through this Rosetta Stone we can get a good idea on what the TRUE intentions of the engineered collapse are. (We already know the major goals of the Zionist elite is the establishment of their "GOD given commandment" to create THEIR one world government and rule over the entire world with iron fists. Every year they get closer and closer to making this a reality). Behold, as the Zionist elite masterfully manipulate the world financial markets and world leaders leading up to the "SOLUTION" for the world economic collapse... a NEW WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER. Yes call me a tin foil hat fruit cake if you must, but when you go to sleep at night, you will know deep in your heart, I have been right. Right about just about everything, EVERYTHING I have discussed here in the Matrix Report is based on one common denominator, the FACTS and TRUTH. Recently there was an unprecedented somewhat ground shaking move by the Obama camp, they released secret memos from the Bush & Co. Crime Syndicate administration. No matter how much I try, I can't hope to articulate this whole fiasco as well as Glenn Greenwald has. I will just cherry pick: "One of the central facts that we, collectively, have not yet come to terms with is how extremist and radical we the people running the country for the last eight years" That condition, by itself, made it virtually inevitable that the resulting damage would be severe and fundamental, even irreversible in some sense. It's just not possible to have a rotting, bloated, deeply corrupt and completely insular political ruling class - operating behind impenetrable walls of secrecy - and avoid the devastation that is now becoming so manifest. It's just a matter of basic cause and effect." "Yet those who have spent the last several years pointing out how unprecedentedly extremist and radical was our political leadership (and how meek and complicit were our other key institutions)

were invariably dismissed as shrill hysterics. As countless examples... scoffing at the notion that there was anything radical or unusual taking place in the U.S..." "It is somewhat surreal to witness - now that George Bush is out of office - the avalanche of establishment media reports suddenly acknowledging [finally!] today, rather explicitly, how radical and lawless his presidency was, as though we only learned of that this week with the release of these memos. "Over the last eight years, we had a system in place where we pretended that our 'laws' were the things enacted out in the open by our congress and that were set forth by the Constitution. The reality, though, was that our government secretly vested itself with the power to ignore those public laws, to declare them invalid, and instead, create a whole regime of secret laws that vested tyrannical, monarchical power in the president. Nobody knew what those secret laws were because even congress, despite a few lame and meek requests, was denied access to them" Topped off with Scott Horton's remarks: "We may not have realized it at the time, but in the period from late 2001 until January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship. The constitutional rights we learned about in high school civics were suspended. That was thanks to secret memos crafted deep inside the Justice Department that effectively trashed the Constitution. What we know now is the least of it." All this and more is finally hemorrhaging as secrets of the last administration are being leaked left and right. Even the CIA has recently "fessed up" and admitted to destroying 92 interrogation video tapes. I'm sure even more sinister secrets will continue to see the light of day as the Bush minions shed their fears and the death grip of the Bush dark ages loses its potency. The fact of the matter is that now AFTER THE FACT, people are somehow mysteriously more willing to drop their insane biased blindness and accept what was so plainly evident to some of us. One thing that keeps nagging at me is the overwhelming feeling that it seems that the Republicans "took a dive" for the 2008 elections. Look who they had posing as potential "presidential material": drag queen Giuliani, senile grandpa McCain, half interested Hollywood actor, a dimwit airhead Palin for vice president pick. Then they all ran seriously flawed half witted hate filled propaganda campaigns. Admit it, the republicans wanted to lose! You see, they were playing "hot potato" and Obama with his democratic party were the chosen ones to be left holding the hot potato (the economy teetering on collapse). The republicans systematically, literally destroyed the economy, gutted out the financial system, embedded us in several "no win" clusterfuck wars, etc. Now that they have their "patsy" Obama, in place to take the blame for the economic collapse. They are all looking to setup the democrats to blame for the sure oncoming implosion and self destruction of our country! As of this moment Obama has been in office for just 55 days and the republicans and the media are already overwhelmingly blaming him for sinking our country into the abyss.


More importantly you must NEVER forget that no matter how seemingly unfathomable it may sound, EVERYTHING has been carefully engineered. Bush's elections, 911, Anthrax, the wars, the economy, constant chipping away of our constitutional rights, Obama's coronation, the "bailout" scam transferring all the wealth to the banks, it is all mind boggling when you truly understand it is but just a small cabal orchestrating all these events like a fine concert. Now it is Obama and his Zionist administration's turn at the wheel, everyone has received their scripts and are all taking their cues from their handlers ready to put out their award winning performances. I don't make this stuff up, look, the republicans are fighting any real recovery efforts with tooth and nail, pushing for proven failed tactics of ever "more tax cuts!" as if they would magically heal the whole country (not to mention the what? 40 to 50 million folks with no jobs for tax cuts to help out! Doh). Some of them are even declaring they will not accept stimulus funds, and so forth, the shenanigans are mounting daily. It's all about sabotaging the recovery and taking back the senate and the house in 2010. But does it even matter? They are both being lead by the same central Zionist illuminati force. So in the end it is all a game of catch throwing the ball back and forth. Lets also not forget, the republicans had their 8 years of unhindered, cart blanch FASCIST building orgy, now it's the democrats turn to break out their SOCIALIST building orgies, as we witness these two allegedly "opposing" forces bring about a concerted mind numbing strategic transformation of our once great nation... Gee, look how cute Obama looks with his Jew beanie cap on:

Pictured above, Obama bows to his Zionist Jew masters.../jab/ For those of you with high hopes of the new "savior" that was recently appointed, the Obaminator, to TRULY change our government and fix all that ails "the system", boy do I have bridge to sell you! BTW: 80% of Jews voted for Obama. FYI: another clue he is sold out: he refuses to prosecute the criminal war R.I.C.O. crime gang of Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld/Rice & Co.

And if they do mount some sort of "Truth Commission", beware, it will be no different than the Warren Commission and the 911 Commission. It will be set up and run by status quo cronies to once and for all sanctify, legitimize the sins of the Bush & Co. Crime Syndicate. Period, for the Democrats serve the same masters the Republicans serve, thus there will be ZERO prosecutions of any republican criminal behavior of the past administration. Send ALL those traitors to prison, then, and only then will I stand down and start to develop HOPE that you have campaigned of. Prove to us you are truly a reformer and send ALL those criminals to prison beginning with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. I want to see a special display at the Smithsonian Institute with each and every one of their HEADS on silver platters and the inscription something like: "This is what we do to treasonous basterds who abuse the PUBLIC TRUST, our most sacred high offices of the land, and dare sell out our country to private agendas." Until then, I will blaze ahead with my "Weapons of Mass Truthstruction", and I will be taking no prisoners, for I will cut all liars and evil ones down with my sword of TRUTH. At this moment, just days before the coronation of Obama, we are witnessing the most massively over hyped media promotion of an agenda in history. Estimates run in the $175 million just for the coronation extravaganza. Every single newspaper, TV station, networks are abuzz with excitement. All the Zionist owned media are operating in overdrive praising and propping up the Obaminator to no ends... Home boy has been putting together what the media are hailing as a "DREAM TEAM" consisting of the status quo, who's who of Washington insiders and the largest collection of Zionist Jews to ever be assembled under any administration. The red flag, and warning sign that we have all been duped yet again, is the appointment of many hard core Zionists (and Crypto Jews) for key posts throughout his administration, beginning with one of the most frightening hard core Zionists Jew to walk the corridors of Washington: Rahm Emanuel. This guy is (yet another out of many dozens in office) passionate Israeli citizen who loves Israel so much he left the US several years ago to join the Israeli Defense Forces Army, then came back here to continue his infiltration of our political system. How foolish our nation that allows devoted hard core citizens of OTHER countries to hold key prominent important high offices of OUR nation is beyond me. This is the most self destructive mind boggling policy any of the world's nations have ever implemented. It's all good, soon it won't matter. For if my calculations are correct, Obama will sell this nation's sovereignty out and have us join some sort of regional or global North American Union scheme "to save our country" from total economic collapse. You all will cheer him on too. So be it then, for destiny is calling... Never forget the Masonic illuminati motto: "order out of chaos" for this motto is the battle cry of not only the Freemasonry sector, but of all the Zionist driven new world order apparatus. Right after Bush Jr. stole his office, a strategic "NATIONAL EMERGENCY" (9/11) was there to welcome him, to help clear the way and give him cart blanch dictatorial powers to do whatever he so choose. Don't you at least find it intriguing that Obama's entrance as president is

also surrounded by a strategic "NATIONAL EMERGENCY"? While also handing him unfathomed powers of a "war presidency"? Not only is he continuing 2 loser wars for years on down the road, but this time around we have the icing on the cake of a total ECONOMIC COLLAPSE! Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag when speaking to contributors in Seattle and made the (at that time) STRANGE PREDICTION that Obama would be "tested" in his first six months of his administration.... Golly gee whiz folks, nothing to see here! Nothing is preplanned... who would of ever known that our economy was going to self destruct? Just like who would of ever known we were going to be "attacked" by boogeymen on 9/11? Everything that is happening is all a COINCIDENCE.... Nothing more.... Now go back to sleep.... Sleep.... Sleep..... What more proof do you need than to blatantly witness the Obama "democrats" administration pick up right where Bush & Company left off and continue as if nothing happened. Investigating the criminal Bush & Co. administration "is not in the best interests of this country." Ummm, ok. That's like telling us that investigating the Gotti mafia family was not in the best interests of upholding the law. The ONLY thing that is different today is the TERMINOLIGY along with a more popular in decades, charismatic Obama puppet leading the way. One of the first things Obama has done when taking office was to INCREASE the armed forces in the middle east! Wasn't his number 1 promise to stop all those bullshit wars? Didn't you get the memo? Oh no, the "Global War on Terror" does not exist anymore... the new official term is: "OVERSEAS CONTIGENCY OPERATIONS." I kid you not. Presto, the wars are now officially "over" without even pulling out one single soldier and instead ADDING more soldiers!!!... now THAT is the "change" you were all duped into believing in. Folks, it's only going to get more interesting as the puppet masters ratchet up the smoke and mirror illusions, mind games and play with terminology. Guess what, Obama has not rescinded a drop of what Bush & Co. put into gear. All of Bush's executive orders, all his favors to the large conglomerates, everything you can possibly imagine stands unhindered, as a stepping stone for the next president. Don't believe the hype that Obama will rescind anything. For in fact in less than 100 days in office he has STRENGTHENED the Bush policies and acts if he touched them. The latest one being the Obama administration embracing the Bush & Co warrantless wiretapping and secrecy. Yes you heard me right. The Obama administration formally adopted the Bush policies on warrantless wiretapping and secrecy. The case has been officially thrown out of court by Obama. Nothing more to see here folks, let the party continue is what they are telling us. Psssst: Now it's the turn of the democrats to craft the socialist portion of the new world order agenda... now that the republicans did a fantastic bang up job running this country into the ground and implementing the fascist agenda portion so well, they performed a perfect 10 point pass maneuver, setting up the stage and handing the democrats the baton for their turn at the helm to implement the next phases of your total enslavement... the stage has been set, everyone has their scripts in hand... we should hand out Oscar awards to all the key players..... Washington has at times rightfully been referred to as the "Occupied Territory of Israel." Will Obama change that? Let's see, ummm... the Zionist Jews who he has so far appointed to run his

this country, (the list is growing every day so it is not complete) include the usual who's who CFR, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission, Zionist Jew agents such as his very first pick for office: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (Jew), his Deputies Then came more Zionist Jew Mafioso's: Richard Hass (Jew), Richard Holbrooke (Jew), Dennis Ross (Jew), Senior Advisor to the President David Axelrod (Jew) (was also chief strategist for Obama's 2008 campaign), Head of Budget Peter Orszag (Jew), bankster Timothy Geithner (crypto Jew) posing as Treasury Secretary, Special State Dept. Envoy Henry Kissinger (king Jew), Presidential Advisor Alan Greenspan (Jew), Chairman of the Economic Recovery Committee Paul Volcker (Jew), Dept. of State James Steinberg (Jew), FDA Margret Hamburg (Jew), Treasury Advisor for the Auto Sector Steven Rattner (Jew), Economic Advisors to the President Larry Summers (Jew) - Robert Rubin (Jew) - Alan Blinder(Jew), Director of Economic Policy Jason Furman (Jew), Chairman of FTC Jon Leibowitz, Advisor to Obama Karen Kornbluh (Jew), Executive Associate Director of the Office of Management and Budget Jeffrey Liebman (Jew), Chairman of the FED Ben Shalom Bernake (Jew), Economic Advisor to Obama Joseph Stiglitz (Jew), David Romer (Jew) Collaborates with his wife Christina Romer (Jew), who is Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, White House Advisor Pete Rouse (Jew), Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs Phil Schiliro (Jew), Vice President Biden's Chief of Staff Ronald Klain (Jew), Vice President's Chief Economic Policy Advisor is Jared Bernstein (Jew), Deputy Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen (Jew), Deputy Chief of Staff Pete Rouse (Jew), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top brass, her two Deputy Secretary of State are Jim Steinberg (Jew) and Jacob Lew (Jew). And just when you think you have heard it all, they install notorious AIG's chief bankrupt brain trust: Martin Feldstein (Jew) to Obama's Task Force on Tax Reform! I kid you not! The people who put together and write Obama's speeches SCRIPTS telling him what to say are his Zionist Jew handlers, of which his main writer is Jon Farreau (Jew). And these are just a few of the new Zionist Jew appointees running our beloved country... There you have it folks... this is the "change" that Obama promised you! Our nation is officially run by proxy by the state of Israel. Washington has become the Zionist Jew Banskster's Paradise!

These are just a few Zionist Jews Obama appointed, not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of Zionists already embedded in key positions throughout our entire system. The long list of

Zionist Jew agents holding undying allegiance to Israel embedded in America's politics and the military is as endless as it is disturbing. Remember the fact that all key posts in Washington are all filled by Zionist Jews and their goyim agents when you witness our nation being looted by Wall Street banksters, with policies and laws favorable to the wealthy, corporations and of course Israeli agendas. Oh, did you notice that "Obama's" stimulus bill handed out a whopping $1 billion to Jewish social service providers who are already oozing in Jewish wealth? That's more than what he provided for clean energy research! I see where his priorities are. Obama choose Federal Reserve banksters for his economic staff, kept Bush's people in the PentaCON, appointed a bunch of the Washington status quo to his cabinet and selected earth raping Monsanto supporters for his dept of agriculture posts, so forgive me if I am just a tad bit completely pessimistic, bordering on utterly cynical and totally not believing that the "change" he is going to usher in will be one we can all rejoice in, for in order for that to happen, he must betray his masters... Oh there will be some change alright, he will be allowed to give the public a few bones here and there to appease them, while conducting his patented charismatic highly praised executive showmanship, then with everyone cheering him on... "it" (the Zionist surprise) will come... The infiltration of our political system by entities outside our national system is so prevalent, so thorough, so pervasive, coming from all directions, yet it is often hard to notice who, what when and where of it all. Again I will opt to just reprint an article to further help elaborate my point that our country (let alone Obama) is an occupied territory run by other entities by proxy: "Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Obama Administration" By Michael Collins Piper American Free Press 2-21-9 "Six former Rhodes Scholars (educated at Oxford University in Britain) and four others associated with the London School of Economics are serving in key posts in the Obama administration. That's not good." Our greatest founding father and first president, George Washington, probably wouldn't be ready to celebrate his birthday on Feb. 22 if he were alive today. Having led the 13 colonies to independence from the British Empire in 1783, following the course of a difficult eight-year struggle by those freedom-loving American colonists who followed him, Washington (who lived from 1732 to 1799) would most assuredly be appalled to see that the liberties achieved from the American Revolution are now being flagrantly defied by a number of figures who populate the upper ranks of the administration of Barack Obama. Six former Rhodes Scholars (educated at Oxford University in Britain) and four others associated with the London School of Economics are serving in key posts in the Obama administration. That's not good.

Susan Rice - ambassador to the UN; Michael McFaul - head of the Russian desk at the National Security Council; Elena Kagan - solicitor general of the United States; AnneMarie Slaughter - State Department policy planning staff; Neal S.Wolin - deputy counsel to the president for economic policy; Ezekial Emanuel - senior counselor at the White House Office of Management and Budget on health care policy; Lawrence Summers - head of the National Economic Council; Peter Orszag - director of the Office of Management and Budget; Peter Rouse - senior advisor to the president; Mona Sutphen - deputy chief of the White House staff. The truth about the Rhodes Scholarships is not known to the average American who is constantly told by the mass media that Rhodes Scholars (such as former President Bill Clinton) are among "the best and the brightest." The Rhodes Scholarships-awarded to Americans and students from other former British colonies-are funded by a trust set up by 19th Century British imperial figure Cecil Rhodes, whose intent was to indoctrinate these scholars with the theme that the American colonies should be reunited with the British Empire and that they should work through "public service" to achieve that goal. But Rhodes wasn't just some rich madcap dreamer. His ventures were underwritten by the international Rothschild dynasty operating from the financial district in London known as "The City"-the banking center of the Rothschild controlled British empire that also includes the London School of Economics. So now a clique of internationalists trained in the idea of extinguishing American independence are ensconced in the Obama administration. And another Rhodes Scholar, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, is widely touted as the great Grand Old Party candidate to "take back the White House" in 2012. Jindal doesn't offer "change." He-like the other globalists in the Obama administration-is part of the problem. All of this is not a "conspiracy theory." Rather, these facts are well known to those familiar with what the Rhodes scholarships are really about. That's not even the half of it. Take a close hard look at all the people that Obama is filling all the positions of his administration with and you will realize that there exists a common denominator. Practically EVERYONE he appointed has direct ties to Wall Street. So much so, that this is the first time in history that a sitting administration is COMPLETELY ruled by Wall Street insiders. Even the post for the head of the CIA went to Wall Street lobbyist Leon Panetta (crypto Jew). Now the correct question to ask here is what does the CIA and Wall Street have in common... everything.... Welcome to Obama's Zionist "Wall Street Administration."


When you witness not just the media, but also infamous Zionists such as world renown criminal Kissinger (just to name one out of the bunch) who are all blowing their trumpets of PRAISE for the Obaminator.... I can't help or shake this gut wrenching feeling that we are being setup for the "big one", just like a good con man smooth talks his prey and sets them up for the big score, so it feels like the ruling masters are prepping to go for the juggernaut, will they succeed in riding Obama over the goal line? We are witnessing the concerted praise is coming from all spheres of the media world... The end of the world because even FOX news the rabid foaming at the mouth radical neo-con network were out singing Obama love songs on coronation day!!!! One story that made my jaw drop was: "Chicago Jews say Obama is actually the 'first Jewish president'" Watch out! "The stage has been set", "the actors are getting ready to play their roles"... this is going to get very interesting indeed... You wanted "change", oh boy, you better buckle your seatbelts for this is going to be a thrill ride!

I in no way wish to diminish the hope and significance of the Obama presidency, There is a part of me that TRULY hopes that Obama could somehow be for real, a true icon for the sake of God and the citizens of this country. A true reformer and equalizer. A true defender of injustices perpetrated by the corporate and wealthy aristocrats. I wish he is as true as he sounds in his speeches (that his Zionist Jew writer prepares) and turns out to be even better than JFK and proceeds his unfinished task of dismantling the CIA and Fed for starters, but just not get WHACKED, like JFK before he reforms the nation. But, ummm.... I don't think so, just not happening. I would really like to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but knowing who he surrounded himself with in his Zionist inner circle and how the Washingtonites roll. /sigh/ Even if he were for real, homeboy walks among a den of vipers ready to strike with lethal poison at a moment's notice. The moment he gets too far out of line the ruling elite will have him whacked in a heartbeat. Behold: Get ready to join the masses cheering Obama on as we say goodbye to even more of your rights and freedoms, for you are about to witness your Zionist ruling masters ride their house negro into history while evermore consolidating their powers and further thrusting this nation into absolute oppression, enslavement, servitude and ruin as he continues the de facto practice of pimping out America's birthright (sovereignty) to the globalists. Ummm, all for "your benefit," of course! Note: for when the true rulers are done with him they will eliminate him and turn him into a martyr...

We must somehow bring back a "nation for the people by the people". Completely eradicate lobbyists, corporate and special interest meddling in Washington. Place term limits on ALL elected officials. Instead of making war, spend those funds HERE on good works for OUR citizens, such as health care for all, invest in our educational system for real. Stop sending billions to countries who don't really need it. Abolish the FED and the CIA. Fix all that is wrong in our home and stop meddling in other countries affairs. Stop trying to export what you refer to as "our form of democracy" when in reality, the only REAL export is not democracy at all, but instead is the ZIONIST FORM OF CAPITALISM shoved down unwilling recipients throats. The ultimate reality is that America could care less if another country kills its own people and are communists (just one example out of dozens: China) the bottom line is: America could care less if the other country is not a democracy, the REAL bottom line is that for a country to be accepted as an allied, of America is simple, all they need to do is OPEN THEIR COMMERCE to western trade and investment, presto! They are then our best friends! Let them establish their banks, sell you their products, own your lands, your mineral rights, oil, etc., and America could care less if that country kills it's newborns and drinks their blood as long as you are one of their trade partners like China. "Spread of democracy" is just a batshit feeble disguise. Behold: For America is the harlot, the whore who prostitutes herself out to the highest bidder, she fornicates with the Kings of the Earth, her pimp masters are none other than the Zionists and the globalist elites who keep the corrupt gluttonous Washingtonite wenches on short leashes.
(NOTE: Your homework assignment: put together a list of all the Jews that have had held high office positions throughout our entire government, military, central banks, media, and mega corporations in just the past 50 years... see if you start to get the REAL picture of the scope of infiltration..... whoever comes up with the most comprehensive list along with titles and dates for each entry, please forward to me, for I will include it in the next update of this report).

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


I'm so disgusted with the state of rampant voter fraud here in America that I am having a real hard time even trying to gather my thoughts together and muster the will power to even try and articulate this "known evil but no one really cares" subject. Let me just sum this up real quickly and just get it out of the way. Voter fraud here in America is so pervasive, so entrenched, so part of the system that it is regularly just shrugged off. Yet the electoral process is supposedly one of the most important fundamental features of any so called great democracy. It is through supposedly being "elected" by the constituents that our so called "elected leaders" take office and get a hold of POWER. So you would think that this process we call elections would be one of the most sacred, protected and secure processes in our so called "democracy". In actuality, it is the opposite. It is almost like: "anything goes," each election is a contest of who can rig the vote better than the other guy. This is the accepted norm. Stealing America: Vote by Vote - Video Just how pervasive is voter fraud? There are so many ways to steal an election it is not even funny, a quick look at Wikipedia's list: Electoral manipulation, gerrymandering, manipulation of demography, disenfranchisement, intimidation, vote buying, misinformation, misleading or confusing ballot papers, ballot stuffing, misreporting of votes, misuse of proxy votes, destruction or invalidation of ballots, election fraud in legislature, and the new kid on the block, jerry rigged machines. In the old days, exit polls were amazingly accurate, but now that stealing an election is as easy as having one of your hackers conveniently working at any given polling location EASILY being able to changing the numbers within a couple minutes. For the first time in history, the day they started using the electric machines, was the same moment the exit polls "were no longer accurate", way off... actually not so, the exit polls never changed, in all actuality it is the machine counts that are way off. But our ruling masters have convinced us all

that the problem is with the exit polling. Yeah, right. But convince everyone it's all the fault of the exit polls they did, now exit polls are scorned at. Votergate - Video In my lifetime I witnessed the most amazing election theft ever, that was in 2000 when George Bush stole the presidency of the United States of America Inc. There were several areas of attack that were highly coordinated. His brother Jeb Bush was the Governor of Florida, he pulled lots of strings and laid the groundwork for the smoke and mirrors theft. At the heart of the heist was the paper company that provided the special paper for the cards used in the punch machines. For the first time ever the company that provided the special paper changed the paper to an inferior paper that created something called "chads". Quality control specialists within the company pointed out the problem, they were silenced and told to just use that paper and shut up or else they would be fired (there is a video floating around YouTube with their testimony). Low and behold, we came to witness the resulting big Florida "hanging chad" fiasco. What you didn't also know was the company that provided the new paper they used was a subsidiary of none other than Diebold... who, after the massive fiasco made out like bandits selling millions of dollars worth of their easily rigged electronic machines. The setup didn't stop there, Katherine Harris who was a republican staff ended up being the person to stop the recount and call the vote.... For... ummm, her buddy! This went all the way to the republican supreme court that agreed that their republican candidate "won". The rest is history. I am purposely over simplifying this, as there are tons of evidence that I refuse to even delve into at this point. Bottom line was that Bush & Co. crime syndicate literally stole the election, ushering in the first president of the new millennium. The world was readying itself for the coming of and fearing the devastation of the anti-Christ, and the Y2k bug, but had no clue it would come in the form of a "BUSH." (Who would incidentally soon after, go destroy the biblical land of Babylon The Great, aka: today's Iraq, just as prophesized in the bible end times!) Fast forward to 2004, this time around the stage had been set, Diebold was in like slim. They had their easily rigged machines all over the country. The president of Diebold at one point even boasted in a memo to Bush how he was "committed to helping DELIVER OHIO's electoral votes to the president next year"... what would you know! While everyone was busy paying attention and conducting extensive surveillance of the Florida vote, it was OHIO that "won" Bush his second term! This time around the republicans were bold in their theft of the presidency, they had republican majority in all the houses of the government, raging war everywhere, the terrorist boogeyman instilling fear in people's hearts and minds. They threw out the kitchen sink with bogus voter registrations, the purged the hilt out of democratic voter lists, they suppressed countless thousands of democratic voters, absentee ballots, a host of inaccuracies all over the place, and of course, those amazing voting machines did their job of handing bush his 2nd term all the while he was losing. And still actually did lose, but yet "won." Voter turnout was astronomical as voters showed up en mass to vote AGAINST Bush. All the exit polls in every single state called it for Kerry, but for the first time in history

ALL exit polls were completely off, gee whiz, I wonder why. Again, I am just scratching the surface of the 2004 election theft. The powers that be would have you all believe that our country is divided 50-50 among democrats and republicans. This could be nothing more further than the truth. The best accurate numbers point to more of a 65% democrats vs. 35% republican registered voters. But... go ahead and search for reliable statistics, should be a simple thing to find out, right? Nope. The list of total registered voters separated by party does not exist. For the day that the actual true number of people who are affiliated to each party comes out will be a day of reckoning. People would instantly realize that the whole thing was nothing more than a sham. But does that even matter when they are all part of the same Mafia? The democrats can be more accurately summed up and viewed as the Genovese crime syndicate and the Republicans as the Gambino crime syndicate. The president becomes the new "godfather" to both crime families and even he gets his marching orders from the secretive ruling royalty they all serve. That's all I have to say about the sorry state of our so called democracy's appalling voting system. America the "great bastion of democracy." In sad reality it's all just a farce, smoke and mirrors. I believe that the staggering mess we call our voting system should get a complete simple old fashioned ballot box checks and balances paper trail makeover. Then again, I wish the tooth fairy were real also. It will never happen with the status quo firmly entrenched in the feeding troths. Our system will stay this way due to the simple fact that the ruling elite WANT our voting system full of disorder, confusion, disarray and chaos. For it is under those ideal circumstances they can APPOINT whomever they so choose, then feed the American public any fairy-tale story they have dreamt up for the occasion. The obedient lap dog media all chime in like well trained parrots and repeating the story over and over again until no one questions anymore, and those who do, finally forget or just give up. Now go back to sleep sheeple... sleep... sleep...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people that you may not be partakers of her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues." Revelations

America is the ONLY country in the industrialized world which does not provide universal health care. Another important fact is that our country has over 47 MILLION people without healthcare. Yet another important fact is that we pay more for their drugs and medical care than ANY place on the planet. That is just for starters. There is a perfectly logical reason for these facts, it lays squarely on the basis that our medical industrial complex is THE world's most corrupt, selfish, self-centered, compassionless, fraudulent, profit driven medical apparatus in the world. Is that clear enough? We live in the most technologically advanced society ever on the planet earth. Our country stands at the forefront of many medical advancements. Yet our society is plagued by millions upon millions of ill people who are in dire need of medical help and cannot find it. In some form or another, a major portion of our citizens have some sort of ailment. And of course our benevolent medical establishment is there to provide us with literally thousands of different drugs for each one of those ailments. It will cost you though. Empty your bank account and they can fix you right up. "Take this or that drug for the rest of your life and you should be fine." (not

to mention the fact that every drug in existence creates side effects that require more drugs in a never ending cycle). The entire medical industrial matrix is similar to the military industrial matrix in that if peace were achieved, then they would all become bankrupt. Likewise, it is NOT in the best interests of the medical matrix to actually cure anyone of anything, instead they focus all research and development into PRODUCTS (hello, all entities in medical field are big business) designed to just keep people alive, creating the perfect loyal dependant CUSTOMERS for rest of their lives. Behold: for in just one paragraph I have revealed to you and exposed the essence of the medical companies Holy Grail... their secret sauce, modus operandi. Documentary: Big Bucks Big Pharma - Video Oh, you are going to die if you don't get this or that operation? No money, no insurance? "Sorry, can't help you, but can you please sign this paper giving us the rights to harvest your organs when you die?" You see, we exist to make a profit and we must answer to our shareholders, there are many of filthy rich wealthy people out there that can afford life saving procedures; I'm sorry but all we need are the spare parts that you can provide from your sad and unfortunate demise... Over 780,000 Americans are killed each year by conventional medicine and FDA-approved prescription drugs, costing our nation $282 billion in economic losses. Go ahead, call me cynical, I'm just getting started. Is there not one single area of our society that is NOT being manipulated by mega conglomerates that directly and indirectly control the entire industry? Evidently: NOT! The entire medical industry is such a sham that I truly get saddened to my very core. I have witnessed firsthand on literally hundreds of occasions the cold hard realities of this industry. Yet I must state that I have met some of the warmest, caring doctors and nurses who are also another part of this industry. The evil exists not at the personal level of care. For those who chose to pursue a career in medical care profession more often than not do so because they care about people. I therefore accuse not one doctor or nurse (of course there will be some bad apples) that are in practice, saving people's lives. All doctors were all trained like parrots to repeat what they were taught by the complicit medical establishment schools. Polly want a cracker? The problem, as with almost all other industries lay in the boardrooms and stockholders' best interests of the massive medical establishments, all profit seeking organizations. They ultimately answer to one master: the shareholders. What do the shareholders always want? Returns on investments! MONEY! MONEY!, MO MONEY! Who are the majority of shareholders worldwide? Financial institutions, investment funds, big corporations, immensely wealthy individuals, and so forth, and who are the chief controllers of said financial industries? Doh! The Zionists! Hello, I don't make this stuff up, I just tell it like it is. The medical industry collectively has a massively powerful lobbying group that pushes not only congressional policy but also formulates public opinion. The stranglehold of the medical establishment is an amazing study into the magic of it basically formulating its own

oversight. (Please bear with me, I am in no way a medical expert, yet will try to articulate the realities). The one governing body that overlooks the entire medical field is what? The FDA. That stands for: Food and Drug Administration. Why do I bother spelling it out? Ah, why are 2 completely different sectors of industries grouped into one overseeing agency would be a much better question! What does food have to do with drugs? Is there something that they know that we don't? The reason for the existence of the Food and Drug administration is because your food is FULL of chemicals and drugs! Walk into your kitchen, open the cabinets, pick up any random item in a box and read the ingredients. Almost everything we devour in our lifetime has been treated with some sort of weird named additives. Even a simple apple from the fruit section will have traces of pesticides still on it. And those ingredients on all that junk food we eat, only God knows what how they ultimately affect us. Folks, we are being poisoned ever so slightly here and there. The connection between the foods we eat and the disorders we develop throughout life are ABSOLUTELY connected. Evidently some people figured this out long ago prior to the founding of the FDA. Yet the same institution that supposedly exists to "protect the consumer" is for all intents and purposes being run by the medical establishment itself. This is an un-disputed FACT. So what do we have here? A perplexing situation where the agency that is supposedly there to "protect" us, is in the very midst of literally thousands of conflict of interest scenarios. They approve certain "ingredients" in our foods that in turn have certain side effects, certain side effects require certain drugs to rectify. Sounds more like a scam to me. All the while many "organic" remedies and cures are being systematically assaulted and OUTLAWED by the FDA and other agencies. The FDA BANNED over the counter sales in the US of any product claiming to have therapeutic value, health benefits, or making any medical claims, unless it is a DRUG! Let me repeat: nothing on this planet can cure you unless it is a DRUG!!!! Sanctioned and approved by the industry rubber stamp lap dog, the FDA! There you have it folks, the wolves that are watching over the hen house have long ago BANNED natural remedies and cures that have worked for ages! We therefore have virtually no official funding and therefore research, at all into healing with natural sources. If this is not proof positive that the FDA is just a sinister entity whose sole purpose is to DRUG mankind, instrumental in creating and maintaining the perfect servant class in society: the sheeple. I don't know what else to say. If you possess one once of doubt in what I am disclosing, then just go right back to sleep, yes, sleep, sleep, sleep, everything is going to be A ok, trust your masters... Recently our most loving caring and benevolent FDA has reversed its own declared facts that Melamine is a toxic poison, that "absolutely no amount should be in our foods." That was yesterday, today the FDA is now allowing Melamine even in BABY FOOD. Nothing to see here folks, now run along. The numbers of people and situations that have been forcefully buried over the decades that the FDA has been "protecting" us from is astronomical. The hundreds or thousands of cases, proof, are just so many that it is completely out of scope (at the moment of writing this draft) of this website. Get off your lazy ass and look stuff up on the net! Look into the FDA deeply enough

and you will come to only one conclusion. One undeniable truth. The reality that the FDA WAS FOUNDED TO PROTECT THE DRUG INDUSTRY! The proverbial Fox watching over the hen house. They pretend to exist for the wellbeing of the consumer, but this is the biggest crock of bull shit farce ever, for the FDA is nothing other than a front and cover to lend credibility to PHARMACROOKS who RUN the medical industrial complex. Our modern elite rulers have advanced well beyond the capabilities of the past tyrannies of Attila the Hun, Stalin's, the Pharos, rulers, kings who all lacked the ability to harness the power of DRUGS to overpower their constituents and servants thus greatly facilitating the difficult task of the unruly mobs all under control. For instance, it is common knowledge that the first evil ruler to utilize drugs on people was Nazi Germany's Hitler use of FLUORIDE in drinking water in the concentration camps to "sterilize humans and help control the masses into calm submission". What is it that they discovered about this poison? "Repeated does of infinitesimal amount of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him." Alex Jones: Question Your Reality - Video Fluoride is also one of the basic ingredients in both PROZAC (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and SARIN GAS (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUoride). Fluoride is a poisonous chemical, and today has been BANNED from being used in the water supply throughout almost all of Europe, yet here in Amerika, its "ok", "don't worry about it, stop being paranoid, now go on and mind your own business." The problem all tyrannical regimes have always had was that mad citizens often became tired of being enslaved, therefore rebellions would eventually become common place throughout history and often lead to the downfall of nations. Our new improved modernized New World Order elite have been ingeniously, quietly immunizing and medicating their citizens in the doctor's offices and through their drinking water, reducing the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty, turning them into docile humble followers and servants. BaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaaa... Sheeple. Yes, sleep, sleep, sleep... oh, look over there! Its Paris Hilton! Watch dancing with the stars! Here is another credit card, go shopping! Yaaayyyy! Sodium Fluoride, a hazardous waste by product from the manufacture of aluminum, is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anesthetics, psychiatric drugs, and military nerve gas. Many independent studies have been done by researchers, but as you can probably guess, they were all silenced in one way or another. What they have found of Fluoride, the "golden child" of the dental professionals around the world, is that Fluoride apparently has the ability to cause DNA damage and even "cell death" in human cells (Dr. C.D. Anuradha). Independent scientific evidence repeatedly showing up over the past 50 years reveals that fluoride shortens our life span, promotes cancer and various mental disturbances, accelerates osteoporosis and broken hips in old folks, and makes us stupid, docile, and subservient, all in one package. "Fluoridation... it is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated and it has been perpetrated on more people than any other fraud has." - Professor Albert Schatz, Ph.D. (Microbiology), Discoverer of the streptomycin and Nobel Prize Winner. "Fluoridation is

the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century." - Robert Carlton, PhD, former EPA scientist, 1992 Quotes from Einstein's nephew, Dr. E.H. Bronner: "Fluoridation of our community water systems can well become their most subtle weapon for our sure physical and mental deterioration" - "As a research chemist of established standing, I built within the past 22 years, 3 American chemical plants and licensed 6 of 53 patents. Based on my years of practical experience in the health-food and chemical field, let me warn: fluoridation of drinking water is criminal insanity, sure national suicide. Don't do it"- "That any so-called "doctors" would persuade a civilized nation to add voluntarily a deadly poison to its drinking water systems is unbelievable. It is the height of criminal insanity... treason" Are you starting to get an idea WHY our country's population has collectively become SO STUPID? WAKE UP AMERIKA! YOUR BENEVOLENT LOVING CARING UNCLE SAM IS DRUGING AND SLOWLY KILLING YOU! Documentary: Vaccination The Hidden Truth - Video Volumes of books exist in print that delve into the myriad of questionable acts of the medical industrial complex, so much so that this website can never hope to cover all the bases. All we can hope to do is hope to open your eyes to the fact that the entire medical industry is just another sinister tentacle of the Matrix and is purely composed of morally devoid FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS who's first and foremost and ONLY priority is: the stockholders, as in MAKE MORE MONEY at your expense. Taking a more detailed look into this industry reveals the same corruption, maneuvering and practices of all the other major industries. What makes the "sins" of the medical industrial matrix so much more painful is the fact that this industry fleeces the poor, weak, sick and elderly alike. Actually there are many clues that when revealed and viewed in a certain frame of light would point to a startling conclusion that the medical establishment is out to create perfect SHEEPLE. Still skeptical? /sigh/ How about Aspartame? The shocking truth of Aspartame is that it was once on a list of Pentagon possible biochemical WEAPONS! Today it is perfectly ok to use it as sweetener for your coffee and all sorts of yummy low fat products designed specifically for all you goyim sheeple consumption. "Don't worry, it's good for you just like Fluoride is good for you... trust us, we know what's best for you." From The Ecologist, By Pat Thomas, Sept, 2005: (you have to read this incredible eye opening report to believe it). Conditions mimicked by Aspartame toxicity: Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Multiple chemical sensitivity, Chronic fatigue syndrome, ADD, Panic disorder depression and other psychological disorders, Lupus diabetes and diabetic complications, Birth defects, Lymphoma, Lyme disease and Hypothyroidism. So go ahead and drink gallons upon gallons of your favorite ZERO Calories drinks. Your most wonderful benevolent mega conglomerates Coca Cola and Pepsi manufactures put tons of Aspartame in their soft drinks to help you lose weight! Gee how nice of them! After a prolonged

diet of this stuff, you will look nice and thin while making regular visits to your doctors for a assortment of weird conditions that will spring up on you down the road. Enjoy!!! That's why we have the FDA "Food and Drug Administration. First they approve you to consume the toxic foods and drinks then you are transferred to the drug industrial complex where they will take good care of you... oh you have no health care? Or been denied this and that procedure again? Sorry but the obscenely expensive treatments won't be available to you, have a nice day now. Vaccinate your children or go to jail (just the beginning) - Video Mother jailed, put on trial for curing her son of Melanoma. Loving parents are now increasingly pressured to give their children potentially dangerous vaccines or the option of going to jail. Unless you are among those that are among the fortunate upper "leading class" or can afford to put your children in expensive private schools and synagogues, your offspring is destined to be "neutered in the brain", prepared for life in the sheeple lane by the medical establishment. The "establishment" is out to zombify your young - Video Mercury In Vaccines Causes Brain Cell Damage - Video shoot em up - the truth about vaccines - Video I believe that at some point the US will offer some type of "socialized healthcare" as they call it in their success campaign of convincing the population that universal no strings attached healthcare is "bad." Oh gosh! We can't have that! But with certain stipulations, as in maybe you must get RFID chipped in order to participate in the program! The perfect setup for the NWO crowd to put into effect their long awaited human chip program. Even NWO shill Michael Moore put together a convincing award winning documentary that has been getting the population ready to accept the new health care program to be revealed in 2009. I must state that the "establishment" often uses "shills" to steer potentially chaotic situations into the route that is in line with their NWO plans. So mind you, that their "shills" will always be in the midst of the real truthers and chanting along side with them. In Fahrenheit 9/11 they jumped into the midst of the 911 "tin-foil brigade", in Bowling for Columbine Moore took his best shot at demonizing legal gun ownership that was guaranteed us by our founding fathers, but must be outlawed for the NWO police state to one day be able to clamp down and move around freely without opposition, and now Sicko, he does a pretty good job of revealing to the sheeple (as has been so obvious to many of us truthers for decades) the diabolical state of the US medical care industry, thus preparing the multitudes for the next phase of new world order plans. Sicko Trailer: - Video Throughout this Matrix Report we reveal how each and every sector of society and commerce is tightly woven and spun by the ruling elites. The one factor that makes this Medical Industrial Matrix so sinister is the fact that THEY KNOW the secret of health is in what you eat and put

inside your bodies. Have you not EVER wondered WHY the Jewish people refuse to even enter our super markets and eat the same garbage that we are marketed and consume on a daily basis? Behold! Herein is one of the biggest clues! The garbage that you, the Goyim call "food" is laced with toxic poisons! Oh what a mighty web they weave. Some of the stuff you consume is even blatantly referred to and classified "junk food" yet everyone obliviously munches down. The poisons in your bodies accumulate throughout the years, until finally your bodies begin to give up and start breaking down. At which point your slavery is then transferred to and hosted by the medical establishment department. Yes, once your body has been subjugated by the poisons and toxins you ate throughout your life, you then spend the rest of your Goyim lives as willing slaves and Ginny pigs to the medical matrix! Go ahead, hate the truth biatches! In your desperate attempt to prolong your pathetic sheeple goyim lives you will submit to all sorts of medical tests, policies and regiments. You will, till your last dying days willingly conform, submit to, and eagerly anticipate your subjugation in your selfish quest to prolong life. Your later days in life will be to serve your medical masters who dispense all sorts of obscenely expensive drugs, all of which bring forth all sorts of more side effects, further breaking down your system and intellectual abilities, most drugs having the side effect of creating new problems! Doh! Oh what a sad crime, for in the later days of life when one should be at one's peak of wisdom, minds as sharp as whips, from all the experience in life, the goyim sheeple instead lose all cognitive abilities, becoming perfected ultra dependant docile servant sheeple. Never again to formulate sustained cohesive rational thoughts about this chaotic world, let alone commit thoughts to memory, to utilize their once bright minds and energies to confront their captors, nor share their testimony about those who conspire to enslave the mankind.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let's tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." - Thomas Jefferson, President United States

As the case was made in the previous chapter on the Medical Industrial Matrix, so the horror stories continues in this chapter. Our food supply has been subject to none stop contamination, manipulation and deliberate application of toxic chemicals. Often explained to the sheeple masses as "benevolent breakthroughs for the sake of humanity", LOL. Just as in other markets, the agriculture industry has also been subject to consolidation and takeover by large industrial corporations. Presidents, CEOs, board members serving on one another's boards, intricately intertwined are their agendas. In this insane system we currently have, it is perfectly ok for the past presidents, owners and CEOs of corporations to run the FCC, USDA and FDA and other "regulatory" agencies. A perfect example is ho we have witnessed past and present CEOs of the evil genetically engineered Monsanto monster serve as the head of the FDA! Doh! Conflicts of interests? No way! It's called business as usual. Dwell on that fact for just a moment, only in the land of Washingtonites is it perfectly ok for the CEOs of corporations with vested interests in their field to regulate their own industries! In this case out of hundreds I single out as perfect example we witness Obama hire Mr. Monsanto, Michael Taylor to head his new Food Safety Working Group.

People, I can only conclude that we are all hopelessly DOOMED. Everywhere I look, I see them positioning the foxes to guard the hen houses. In this case, give it a few more years and everything that will be sold to us and presented as food and drink will be some sort of genetically modified stuff with tons of artificial stuff that slowly impairs your mental abilities, slowly initiates a host of illnesses and slowly kills you. As if that were not already the case... These commonly accepted practices throughout our government and society have become customary, as corrupt politicians and their partners in crime are able to basically report on the legitimacy of their own conduct. This can be likened to figures such as Al Capone being appointed to head the FBI. Most of the foods we purchase at the local mega supermarket are literally saturated with all sorts of chemicals, yet on the other hand an alarming trend exists by the medical establishment along with the nutritional establishment to literally OUTLAW NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS. When I first heard about this, my first reaction was complete disbelief, yet the more I looked into the matter, the more heartbreaking I experienced. Is there not one single area in life that is not subject to full all out attack by sinister forces? Obviously not. Again, I must point out the fact that this Matrix Report is a summary of many different segments that make up the entire "matrix" so I urge all who read this report to realize that every single paragraph and sentence can and SHOULD be looked into further, (Google everything I say) for in many instances I do not have the time nor space in this current edition to get into elaborate details, such is the case with this issue at hand. Suffice to say that it seems that our rulers are hell bent on literally slowly poisoning us all, robbing us of vital nutrients so that we are weakened in mind, body and spirit. Soon many key supplements that our "loving caring" pharmaceutical conglomerates want outlawed will no longer be available, because they have wonderful expensive highly toxic artificial substitutes they will make them billion$ in pushing down your throats. The key word here is Codex Alimentarius. The FDA is the major player forcing the Pharma poisons on the gullible sheeple and shamelessly giving green lights on all sorts of sick demented drugs poisons. Green lights to all sorts of insane chemical additives in your food. Not to mention the fact that they are increasingly not even using natural vitamins. Believe it or not, even vitamins are now ARTIFICIALLY made in laboratories! Synthesized garbage is what many of you are taking in your multivitamins, don't even mention what is really in your food. Nothing is sacred anymore. Yet I am barely just scratching the tip of the iceberg here. Did you know that there is also another entity on the world level that is jockeying into position to control what you can or cannot consume? Get ready to welcome and have to obey your masters of Codex Alimentarius... The more you dig and research this industry the more alarming data seems to appear all over the place. Take for example the ongoing assault on all natural crops, you would think that was the entire scope, NOPE. That is just the beginning. The genetic engineering assault also encompasses privatizing and patenting livestock is well underway, cattle, sheep, pigs you name it, they are busy genetically engineering "superior" strains then patenting them. God forbid if you break any of the mounting list of bizarre conditions that are being made-up and enforced on an

almost daily basis, for the penalties mean up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in draconian fines to the little farmers. Bottom-line is: soon the day will come when no farmer will be permitted to plant crops or raise livestock that are not genetically sanctioned and "APPROVED" of by your loving caring most benevolent government that will never do anything that is against the people's best interest... /sarcasm/ Your benevolent caring government is also busy implementing NAIS (National Animal Identification System) to track every single animal and livestock in the nation. In other words, soon the day is advancing where no one will be able to grow crops or livestock without government approval and surveillance. You think my imagination has gone wild? Just because the farming industry news rarely ever makes the mass media headlines does not mean events are not quietly happening all over the place without your slightest clue. While you and everyone else is asleep at the wheel watching "who wants to be a millionaire" Homeland Security and USDA are busy planning attacks against natural livestock and then some. Please do go to that link just provided and follow the many more links that website provides to get an alarming glimpse of what the future holds in store for us. The "Bird-Flu" scare? Oh you haven't heard the last of this yet. As with all the Problem - Reaction - Solution paradigms, get ready for all the worlds chickens to be mandatorily replaced by none other than genetically modified chickens who are immune to the bird-flu. Golly gee whiz, how nice and caring of them. Soon the day will come when you will be an outlaw if you have your own natural chickens. /sigh/ Oh, the market for chickens? Of course it will be dominated by one or two giant monolithic patent holding corporations, the little pesky farmers can all go find real jobs. All those annoying little farmers shall all be liquidated. Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops. Here is a bleak true story of what is happening at this very moment around the world. How an evil entity cheerfully portraying itself to be the next best thing to sainthood is actually ravaging the planet. I was stunned, completely floored to find out that the boogeyman... (aka al-CIAda according to our most humble loving caring ruling Washingtonites who would never lie to us)... is hiding around the corners of your local farms!!! Sinisterly, ever so deviantly awaiting for their opportunity to blow up your local farms!!! The boogeymen BIOTERRORISTS are out to get you!!! Run for your lives! Seriously though, I can barely contain my composure in finding out about the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 along with the most draconian set of laws that accompany it. I am rarely surprised by anything but this Act has me completely in despair. Where is the HOPE in our future? For everywhere I look we are being caged in and surrounded, flanked on all sides by evil government entities getting ready to pull the trigger on us all. I could not read the whole Bioterrorism Act, for the mind fuck was too much to bear. The Fact Sheet cuts to the chase and sums it all up: Anyone can have their property stormed and seized without notice. "Bioterrorism" claim has now moved control over normal food even more tightly

into the hands of government and corporate agencies, giving them national reach, crushing regulations for farmers, immense policing power over food, and the use of any "emergency" to be able to seize and destroy anything they choose. Even your personal food hording will be subject to search and seizure once a national emergency is called. In essence the entire agricultural industry is entering a Gestapo era never before seen in this nation. The groundwork, plans, the web has all been laid out. The days will come where only officially sanctioned farmers can operate and only officially sanctioned "food" can be consumed. Sold by officially sanctioned sources. Forget about "evil" vitamins and supplements.. they are now BAD for you! One of the most alarming organizations that flat out rightfully puts fear into many people's hearts is called MONSANTO. This corporation has been developing patented genetically engineered plants. They have basically cornered the market with their terminator seeds, known as such because they have been designed to grow the host plant for one season and never produce more working seeds, therefore enslaving the farmers with no choice but to perpetually buy the terminator seeds, fertilizer and weed killer each and every year. There are a host of problems and inherent risks that go along with genetically engineering our food supply. Dr. Mercola from his website has obviously researched these issues and is an expert in his field, here is some of what he has to say: "There is a reason why I believe Monsanto to be one of the most evil companies on the planet, and this is in large part due to its activities relating to controlling food production through controlling the seeds to produce it. For nearly all of its history the United States Patent and Trademark Office refused to grant patents on seeds, viewing them as life-forms with too many variables to be patented. But in 1980 the U.S. Supreme Court allowed for seed patents in a five-to-four decision, laying the groundwork for a handful of corporations to begin taking control of the world's food supply. Since the 1980s, Monsanto has become the world leader in genetic modification of seeds and has won at least 674 biotechnology patents, more than any other company. This is not surprising, considering they invest over $2 million a day on research and development! But Monsanto is not only patenting their own GMO seeds. They have also succeeded in slapping patents on a huge number of crop seeds, patenting life forms for the first time -again without a vote of the people or Congress. By doing this, Monsanto becomes sole owner of the very seeds necessary to support the world's food supply ... an incredibly powerful position that no for-profit company should ever hold. How do they defend this blatant attempt to control the food supply? They write on
222 "Patent protection allows companies to see a return on their investment which enables further investment in R-and-D and product development. This profit-investment cycle drives product innovation that is responsive to farmer needs." Farmers' needs? Farmers who buy Monsanto's GM seeds are required to sign an agreement promising not to save the seeds or sell them to other farmers. The result? Farmers must buy new seeds every year, and they must buy them from Monsanto. Meanwhile, these same farmers who Monsanto is claiming to help are being aggressively targeted and pursued for outrageous patent infringements on these same seeds. The "Seed Police" Monsanto employs an arsenal of private investigators and agents who secretly videotape farmers, snatch crop samples from their land and even fly helicopters overhead to spy -- all to catch farmers saving or sharing seeds. As of 2005 Monsanto had 75 employees and a $10-million budget solely to investigate and prosecute farmers for patent infringement. And until recently, Monsanto has even been known to sue farmers for GM crops growing on their land that got there via cross-contamination. In other words, a neighboring farm's GM seeds blew over onto their land, and Monsanto slaps them with a lawsuit. I realize this seems incredible, but it is true. Have You Heard of Terminator Seeds? Creating and promoting GM crops is, in my opinion, a major threat to public health. Patenting those same seeds takes it to an even higher level of evil. But there is another reason why I don't believe for one second that Monsanto has the virtuous intentions they claim: terminator seeds. Monsanto is considering using what's known as terminator technology on a wide-scale basis. These are seeds that have been genetically modified to "self-destruct." In other words, the seeds (and the forthcoming crops) are sterile, which means farmers must buy them again each year. This solves their problem of needing "seed police," but they are obviously looking the other way when it comes to the implications that terminator seeds could have on the world's food supply: the traits from genetically engineered crops can get passed on to other crops, and often do. Once the terminator seeds are released into a region, the trait of seed sterility could be passed to other non-genetically-engineered crops, making most or all of the seeds in the region sterile.

Not only would this mean that every farm in the world could come to rely on Monsanto for their seed supply, but if the GM traits spread it could destroy agriculture as we now know it. Monsanto's Many Attempts to Destroy All Seeds but Their Own: Some say that if farmers don't want problems from Monsanto, they simply shouldn't buy Monsanto's GMO seeds. But it isn't quite that simple. Monsanto contaminates the fields, trespasses onto the land taking seeds, seedling samples, and then sues, saying they own the crop. Meanwhile, Monsanto is taking many other steps to keep farmers and everyone else from having any access at all to buying, collecting, and saving of normal seeds: 1. They've bought up the seed companies across the Midwest. 2. They've written Monsanto seed laws and gotten legislators to put them through, that make cleaning, collecting and storing of seeds so onerous in terms of fees and paperwork that having normal seed becomes almost impossible. 3. Monsanto is pushing laws that ensure farmers and citizens can't block the planting of GMO crops even if they can contaminate other crops. 4. There are Monsanto regulations buried in the FDA rules that make a farmer's seed cleaning equipment illegal because it's now considered a "source of seed contamination." Monsanto has sued more than 1,500 farmers whose fields had simply been contaminated by GM crops." That's just the beginning, for they have been real busy working overtime putting as many small time farmers out of business as they can keep up with. They are literally changing the entire agricultural landscape as NEVER seen in the history of mankind. The entire realm of agriculture will soon to become completely dominated by one entity just as in some demented sci-fi horror movie. I urge you to do more research and read the work of others in this field have done a great job cataloging and discussing the sins of Monsanto. I will just copy and paste a couple random articles I quickly found here: "The World According to Monsanto" Expose Disappears from the internet! By Barbara Peterson The excellent French documentary titled "The World According to Monsanto - A documentary that Americans won't ever see," is evidently living up to its name. When I

first became aware of this movie, I immediately watched it, then placed it on my websites. Today I checked the link, and found that the video is gone. In fact, when I typed the title "The World According to Monsanto" into the Google search engine, I couldn't find the full video anywhere. This is a call for action. If you find this video anywhere on the Internet, please let me know. If you haven't seen it, you need to. If you have seen it, you know what a powerful video it is for exposing the corruption of Monsanto and the U.S. government. If Google Video has removed this documentary in acquiescence to the U.S. government or Monsanto, then that is testimony to the power and corruption behind the massive corporate movement to wage war on the environment and all living things in the pursuit of profit and power, the people be damned. Siv O'Neal states:

The gospel according to Monsanto is that their patented GM seeds and their bovine growth hormone (BGH) will increase worldwide production of agricultural, dairy and meat products and Bt cotton to the extent that worldwide hunger and poverty will be eradicated.

The actual truth is rather the opposite. GMOs are creating serious damage all over the world and artificial BGH injection in cows cause numerous health problems, and even death.

Monsanto is not held back by any considerations of ethics and it hides the reality of its sordid machinations behind a wall of secrecy. Everything Monsanto does is exclusively with the intent of increasing its own profit - everything else be damned. (2008)

This is an information war, and it is highly possible that either Google Video is doing its part to help the corporate giant pull the wool over the public's eyes so it can poison the planet with impunity, or has been threatened. Fight back! Spread the word and try to find a source for this extremely important expose' about collusion between the U.S. government and Monsanto. It is too important to put off. Our planet is in imminent peril because of the

machinations of this evil corporation.

If left to its own devices it (Monsanto) will most certainly destroy the livelihood of millions of farmers - a process begun a decade ago in India and certainly in many other countries as well. The planet's ecosystems will be seriously threatened by unnatural ways of changing agricultural patterns. The dangers of GMO cultivation to the environment come in many forms:


Switching from age-old biodiverse crops that can tolerate low-level amounts of water to industrial monocultures of crops such as GM soya, cotton, sugarcane, etc. that require large amounts of irrigation.


Inundating cultivated lands with toxic herbicides, in particular the dangerous Monsanto product Roundup, to which the GMO seeds have been made biomechanically resistant. Any other growth should succumb to Roundup, were it not for the fact that weeds to a very large extent become Roundup resistant.


Putting an end to biological farming and poisoning non GM cultures through pollenization from GM crops and accidental exposure to Roundup herbicide.


Deforestation to make more land available for the culture of the GM seeds Monsanto sells at high prices to poor farmers. (O'Neal, 2008)

This issue is too important to put off. Please, try to find the video. People need to have this information. "The World According to Monsanto" is one of the most important videos I have ever seen. Help expose Monsanto! I saw a News Hour piece on Maharashtra, India, about farmers committing suicide. Monsanto, a US agricultural giant, hired Bollywood actors for ads telling illiterate farmers they could get rich (by their standards) from big yields with Monsanto's Bt (genetically engineered) cotton seeds. The expensive seeds needed expensive fertilizer and pesticides (Monsanto, again) and irrigation. There is no irrigation there. Crops failed. Farmers had

larger debt than they'd ever experienced And farmers couldn't collect seeds from their own fields to try again (true since time immemorial). Monsanto "patents" their DNA-altered seeds as "intellectual property." They have a $10 million budget and a staff of 75 devoted solely to prosecuting farmers. Since the late 1990s (about when industrial agriculture took hold in India),166,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide and 8 million have left the land. A snap shot of our food: Oils: Sheep died in India after feeding on Bt cotton fields. We feed our children Bt cotton, as cottonseed oil in peanut butter and cookies. Grains: 49% of US corn acreage was planted in Bt corn in 2007. A French study proved Monsanto's GMO corn causes kidney and liver toxicity. Soft drinks and candy have highly concentrated Bt corn, in the form of high fructose Bt corn syrup. The US food system depends most on two crops, soy (90% GMO, 90% of traits owned by Monsanto) and corn, the largest crop (60% GMO, nearly 100% Monsanto traits). "[E]ssentially our entire food supply is genetically modified, to the benefit of one company." The Grocery Manufacturers of America in 2000 estimated that 70 percent of US food contains GM traits. Meat: Steroids bulk up athletes. Monsanto steroids bulk up animals - more weight, more profit. We feed our children steroids in meats. Is this why our children are fattening, like Hansel and Gretel? Poultry: Bill's USDA weakened chicken waste and contamination standards and attempted to allow sewage sludge as fertilize crops. I will say more about disease from industrialized poultry farms waste, at the end of this letter. Milk: Over 30 scientific publications have shown increased levels of IGF-1 in milk with rBGH increases risks of breast cancer by up to seven-fold, also increasing colon and prostate cancers risks. Canada, 29 European nations, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa ban U.S. RBGH dairy products. Bill's USFDA put no restrictions, no warning labels (not allowing labels at all). By and far, Monsanto is not the only sinister being in this industry. The farm industry's goliath is the privately owned infamous Cargill monster who rake in over $110 billion a year. Followed closely by the Zionist private $98 billion behemoth goes by the name of Koch Industries, they are into exploiting everything, you name it, fertilizers, chemicals, energy, forest products, fibers, and so on. Koch loves ecology so much that stripping the forests of its trees isn't good enough,

their biggest preference is to dump toxic waste in the likes of 91 metric tons into your backyard. They've only been caught red handed in just 315 acts of pollution. "So what" - "Monsanto is not an evil corporation, they are doing good things for us" is the reply by many of the blind masses. The problem resides squarely on the fact that our benevolent most caring government is hell bent on creating a "food police", criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener, along with trashing the 10th amendment. Behold, for a bill sitting in committee called HR 875 is looking to lay the foundation to completely change that landscape of farming as we know it. The Monsantos of the world will rule the food production realm with fists of iron. I found this info at Campaign For Liberty website, in reference to HR 875: "I have no doubt that this legislation was heavily influenced by lobbyists from huge food producers. This legislation is so broad based that technically someone with a little backyard garden could get fined and have their property seized. It will effect anyone who produces food even if they do not sell but only consume it. It will literally put all independent farmers and food producers out of business due to the huge amounts of money it will take to conform to factory farming methods. If people choose to farm without industry standards such as chemical pesticides and fertilizers they will be subject to a variety of harassment from this completely new agency that has never before existed. That's right, a whole new government agency is being created just to police food, for our own protection of course. DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, READ THIS LEGISLATION FOR YOURSELF. The more people who read this legislation the more insight we are going to get and be able to share. Post your observations and insights below. Urge your members to read this legislation and to oppose the passage of this legislation. Pay special attention to
• •

Section 3 which is the definitions portion of the bill-read in it's entirety. section 103, 206 and 207- read in it's entirety.

Red flags I found and I am sure there are more........... Legally binds state agriculture depts. to enforcing federal guidelines effectively taking away the states power to do anything other than being food police for the federal dept.
• • • •

Effectively criminalizes organic farming but doesn't actually use the word organic. Effects anyone growing food even if they are not selling it but consuming it. Effects anyone producing meat of any kind including wild game. Legislation is so broad based that every aspect of growing or producing food can be made illegal. There are no specifics which is bizarre considering how long the legislation is.





Section 103 is almost entirely about the administrative aspect of the legislation. It will allow the appointing of officials from the factory farming corporations and lobbyists and classify them as experts and allow them to determine and interpret the legislation. Who do you think they are going to side with? Section 206 defines what will be considered a food production facility and what will be enforced up all food production facilities. The wording is so broad based that a backyard gardener could be fined and more. Section 207 requires that the state's agriculture dept act as the food police and enforce the federal requirements. This takes away the states power and is in violation of the 10th amendment. There are many more but by the time I got this far in the legislation I was so alarmed that I wanted to bring someone's attention to it. (to the one person who reads my blog)

Didn't Stalin nationalize farming methods that enabled his administration to gain control over the food supply? Didn't Stalin use the food to control the people? Last word...... Legislate religion and enforce gag orders on ministers on what can and can't be said in the pulpit, instituting regulations forcing people to rely solely on the government, control the money and the food. What is that called? It is on the tip of my tongue.........."

The entire farming industry has been under attack for decades. Our loving government has interfered with regulations and manipulation on mind boggling level at times. Little family farmers have been slowly "weeded out" and regulated out of the business. Of course, as usual, most rulings and polices are made to benefit the large corporate agro businesses. Today for example we are witnessing the totally ridiculous and batshit INSANE concept called BioFuel. In a nutshell: there are literally billions of people in the world DYING OF STARVATION, yet the mad men running our country are having farmers grow crops to turn into fuel. There are so

many fundamentally wrong dynamics to this insane concept. Oh by the way, once you get the entire system hook on and geared up for this BioFuel thing, what happens when natural disasters or other ecological event completely ruins your crops? Duh! These biofuels are already pushing the prices of everything in the food chain up, up and up. Chickens need corn, cows, etc, everything goes up in price due to the fact that our brain dead elected officials sold their souls to the highest bidders then proceeded to sell us all out. Go ahead rape our lands, when we no longer have anything left, go finish your suicide mission of cutting down the entire rain forests! There are still billions and billions of bucks to be made there! Industry just keeps poisoning our lands, skies, lakes, oceans and rivers to no end in sight. This will not end until we have a collective catastrophic retribution from mother earth. For our elected leaders have proven over and over again that they don't really give a damn about our natural resources we call earth as they continue to rubber stamp the greedy corporate rape and pillage mother earth until she lays barren, only then will they look around and say "oh shit." I barely touched upon the iceberg that makes up this section of the Matrix empire. I find this writing about this segment heart wrenching and will try to revisit it in the future to try and better articulate and cover this area better. Please do follow the few links I have provided and research these facts for yourself. You will have no choice but to realize that YES there exists a grand scheme that is methodically clamping down ever so surely. Cherish your freedoms and what is soon to be the good ole days while you still have them. If you understand half of what we are trying to convey here, then you can evidently see that our world is being taken over and transformed is so many ways that it really resembles a fictional horror movie. Wake up Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore... You better soon begin to make serious plans on how to deal with daily life in the oncoming new world order. I suggest that you begin studying in places like: True Food Network,, Organic Consumers Association for info on unadulterated food, it would not hurt to check into survivalist websites, stock up on at least one year's supply of food, you know, so you won't get caught with your thumb up your ass when and if the shit ever hits the fan. Hey, if nothing happens you can use the food before it goes bad in a couple years anyway when the prices are way higher anyway, it's a nothing to lose proposition. I would buy a new case of whatever to replace any old case I will consume... My motto: be ready, be prepared for anything. When the next "Katrina" or "unforeseen" national disaster happens. While everyone is running around rioting and begging for food, I will be quietly sitting at my window documenting the carnage. Last but not least. What? You thought I would finish this chapter without smashing the Zionist Jew's world conquest in the name of their GOD agenda? I don't like getting into "maybe" and "ifs" and conjecture, for I like to stay on the trail of cold hard facts as I have been doing for this entire report. But, but... for just this one case, I have to share a gut wrenching thought: Kosher. Someone please come forward and prove to me that the Jews who are eating their own special organic "Kosher" food NOT treated with all the chemicals and toxins they are POISNING the rest of the world with! Yes! I went there! Sue my cyber shadow for self-hating Jew antiSemitism biatch! What is to say that these people, hell bent on world conquest and domination

who have a strangle hold on our governments, finance and media are not also lacing our food supplies with chemicals to slowly destroy us while they "for religious reasons" /cough/ eat from their own clean unadulterated food supply? You want to know what? I don't know about you, but I will be shopping at my local Kosher store from now on! Shalom baby! Now where did I leave my beanie cap? Go ahead, hate the TRUTH biatches!

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


ENVIROMENT IN CHAOS The Systematic Destruction of Our Environment
"Governments need armies to protect them from their enslaved and oppressed subjects." - Tolstoy

The first time I was ever interviewed on the public stage was well over a decade ago. Not a clue was lingering in the public conscience about the dreaded "global warming" issue back then. But what was my response at that time? "Take care of the environment and it will take care of you." I advocated straying away from gas guzzlers and instead focus on neutral, clean energy. What is truly interesting is seeing my words and actions back then within the backdrop of what is happening today. It seemed as if I was some sort of crazy nut case in preaching the virtues of NATURE. Today we have Green Peace and a host of other programs, most of which are shill programs, but then, what is genuine anymore anyways? Let me just summarize the fact that WAY BEFORE it was politically correct, we were out there as champions for the ENVIROMENT... so called "tree huggers." Way before "global warming" even appeared on the radar. The concept and principles are very simple: One must exist in harmony with all of creation. In the bible it was said: "go forth and have dominion of all the exists" this was in Genesis. Mankind was to be the true benevolent custodians of everything on this planet. Instead we have built a world of capitalism where money and debt rules above all else... Has it ever not occurred to anyone that centuries ago many locations around the world at one time or another had vast forests. It has been scientifically proven many areas we modern 20th

century man know as vast barren lands used to be lush forests. What happened to them? Very simple: man kept cutting down the trees for firewood, housing, and everything on the planet, without so much as any consideration about the future. They just kept cutting down more and more trees to satisfy their insatiable demand until one day someone woke up and realized, "golly gee whiz, there are no more trees for hundreds of miles." At which point those ancient societies had no choice but to abandon their dwellings and search for new lands to inhabit. What we see today are miles of treeless barren lands in many places were just busy metropolises. It has been written "he who chooses to ignore the lessons of the past is bound to repeat them." This time around, our civilization is so massively technologically advanced that it is totally within our means to turn the entire planet into a vast wasteland... The entire Global Warming issue has recently become one of the most hottest debated topics worldwide. On one side you have a majority of the world scientists claiming that the world is warming out of control. On the other side of the debate you have scientists funded directly or indirectly by the energy corporation cartels and the government who state: "everything is fine and dandy, don't pay any attention to those other dim wits". We are not going to sit here and pretend to be experts in this field and deal with the tons of reports. As is the whole purpose of the Matrix Report, we are going to get right to the nitty gritty. Though I tend to lean toward the argument that global warming is in fact happening, no matter who, what, when where, or why the cause. But then there are some very convincing rebuttals out there. Bottom line is: It does not matter if global warming is or is not happening! The global warming hysteria is ultimately just another vehicle of your ruling masters to enslave mankind and is being used as a catalyst for implementing an entire host of hidden agendas and insane restrictions, clamp down on the sheeple and just a front for wealth and power redistribution... [stop] Now do you really understand what was just said?... With the that said and done. No matter how you look at it, all the worlds ice covered regions ARE IN FACT MELTING! This is an absolutely irrefutable FACT. I care not who is responsible or if it is a natural process. While the government is busy trying to make you believe that everything is fine, just go on your merry way, shop till you drop!. Every major northern country is currently busy staking out claims in the melting arctic! While you are under a deep slumber, they are busy dividing the pieces of the new pie. The U.S., Canada, Russia, Norway and other European countries are currently investing BILLIONS of dollars to survey the arctic and in preparation to begin new operations to exploit the vast untapped natural resource there. The main point here is that all these countries know the obvious fact that the ice is melting so fast that they will, within just a few more years time be able to actually stand on dry land and get to work on exploiting it! Serious negotiations are currently underway at this very moment, as our government is busy telling us that there is no such thing as global warming, they are simultaneously trying to figure out how to divide the arctic with the other northern countries that want a piece of the pie. The race to secure subsurface rights to the Arctic seabed heated up when Russia sent two small submarines to plant a tiny flag under the North Pole.. Folks, this is not made up. Think about it,

even though those areas are currently under massive ice sheets, they are all in the process of drawing up plans and preparing to begin major operations (roads and all) in the ARCTIC within just a few years time!

This brings us to the core of this whole global warming agenda. The people behind it are none other than the multinational energy corporations. Much in the same way that the big cigarette companies denied that smoking was bad for you decades ago then fought tooth and nail for years, funding medical "experts" and all sorts of entities to "prove" smoking was ok. So has the energy sector been following that exact same tactic to the letter! And again, the government who is easily swayed by the most powerful lobbyist groups on the planet, who's industry is the world's single most largest powerful industry worldwide, who just happen to have hundreds of key allies and ex executives running the government. The monolithic trillion dollar energy corporations are the ones behind the cover up because their industry (and products) ARE the number one CAUSE of global warming. But why have they chosen to ignore (or buy then lock away in a bank vault) every single fossil fuel free inventions and discoveries of the past decades that could have avoided the sure catastrophe that our world will now face? There are several reasons. One is pure greed. Just a handful of corporations control the entire energy sector. Among themselves they have a pure monopoly on the worlds energy. The big oil companies are singlehandedly guilty of massive choreographed practice of stifling, interrupting, buying, violently opposing and doing everything in their powers to stop any and every marvelous invention or discovery that poses a threat to their cash cow fossil fuel monopoly. Again, we don't come here to just make vague claims. This is not only proven irrefutable FACT, it is their basic "M.O". We will cover this in more detail later. But why would these people purposely continue to shove down our throats an antiquated fossil energy that they KNOW is DESTROYING our planet? Ah, now we are asking the right questions. Again, the trail leads right back to the Zionist and Jesuit societies that are working behind the scenes and control all the major corporations! An integral part of subduing the

world's population is dependent upon: First of all keeping everyone on the planet enslaved to the gas pump, you cannot go anywhere without saying filler up. Everyone on the planet is DEPENDANT on the oil companies, being "dependant" on them is the same as saying "who's your daddy?" The oil companies are your daddy. Be keeping the global economy hooked on oil this should help accelerate the decline of mankind, indirectly helping reducing the unwieldy large 6 billion+ population to a more manageable size. Once the ice caps truly start melting at an alarming rate and coastal cities are inundated, they will have THE MOST PERFECT absolutely ideal scenario to truly begin to implement their massive takeover, global coup d'état, in the history of mankind. Countries will declare national emergencies on the scale never seen before, declaring martial law due to the incredible upheavals of biblical proportions. New Orleans was just a giant real world martial law "practice drill." CIA black ops team blew up those levies on purpose! (Operation Noah's Flood) Our wonderful loving government would have us believe they had "no clue" what was going on down there for several days, meanwhile everyone on the planet was watching the horrible news in real time 24/7 and our government had no clue? Pure bull. The government intelligence WAS watching intensively, as a research and real world drill, taking very serious notes. Only after holding out as long as they possible could, having studied how the citizens reacted left to defend themselves on their own under the suffering a REAL world massive natural disaster under REAL circumstances, did they finally go in. When they finally came in, they did so as a real live "drill" that could never possibly have been created by a computer model. Don't you find it a bit perplexing that instead of the national guard they sent in the Military? Now they have real live data on what type of reactions to expect from the citizens, they have worked out real live responses, they have worked out strategic coordination's between agencies and so forth. Most importantly was having a real world practice of FEMA's new role as NATIONAL POLICE FORCE. Did you ever notice or find out that once the military finally arrived in Louisiana one of the very first items on their "to do list" was: DISS-ARM ALL THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS! Yep. Riots and looters all over the place and the police went home to home taking away the only protection law abiding home owners had! DOH! "There you go, we have done our best to 'help' you, have a nice day, good luck defending yourself from the crazy looters." (it's actually part of their final plan, to remove all guns from the citizens so they will not be able to revolt from the coming police state takeover) Our government has been preparing for "national emergencies" like you would never believe. FEMA has already been reorganized to assume the role of main law enforcement agency in the US. They have concentration camps in almost every state, facilities, plans, millions of plastic coffins waiting for victims are in plain sight storage facilities, practice drills, executive orders paving the way, allocation of powers, the complete list and the accelerated pace of how they are preparing is just frightening. The next scheduled national emergency: CIA/Mossad false flag terrorist attack(s) on major cities. Finally they will pull out their new and improved "national emergency along with martial law, then kiss your freedom goodbye plan"... hello New World Order.


The raping of the earth has gone unimpeded for decades on end. The energy cartel are not the only evil doers. The "deforestation industry" has been running in high gear for over a century. I believe it was in elementary class when we learned that trees were good. They help get rid of carbon dioxide and are a critical part of the ecosystem, to the survival of all species here on earth. The greed of the logging industry is unforgivable. Why can't they just plant a tree or two for every tree they take down? Problem solved. This is just too simple, it makes just too much sense. The forestry industry is run by the same type of soulless sleazebags that dump the hundreds of toxins from industries into the atmosphere and waters! Greed, simply put, human greed has been at the forefront of destroying our ONLY planet. Actually to all you do-gooder environmentalists out there, I hear you, I know you all have the best of intentions for the environment. Organizations such as Green Peace are doing their best to stop the mad gang rape of our planet, but they have NO CLUE who the real villain central figures are! They fight in one sector of the Matrix and yet they don't even know that "the Matrix" exists! They target individual companies yet have no clue it is the Zionist/Masonic elites calling the shots. Their failure to identify the true evil masters, in effect, renders the activist's attacks for justice akin to attacking the great wall of China with an tooth pick. There is a little secret I must share with you all: THE ENVIROMENT IS ALREADY SCREWED (but yes, please keep up the good fight up until the end), as in, there is no turning back the clock, as in global warming is a freight train doing 500mph with no breaks, NOTHING you do now will have any real impact on the course of severe turmoil we are headed in. I also believe that NO ONE will dare take on the capitalist illuminati masters running the Matrixes, so the alarming trends of rampant harvesting and destruction will only accelerate. Therefore, I say to thee: heed my words and PREPAIR for the worst while your fellow man is busy being entertained by Paris Hilton, Britney, sports, mass media, while merrily going on his way to the disaster. Many of you who truly understand will try to warn your loved ones and friends only to be ridiculed, you silly space cadet! Your path will be a lonely one of preparing for the upcoming "perfect storm." Emergency supplies, check, food, check, move to safer areas, check, dump worthless paper money buy gold and silver, check... Behold: you have been forewarned of what is to come what you do now is up to you.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, gas, or any other of the common fuels." - Nikola Tesla "Free energy does not mean perpetual motion. Extracting power from the vast sea of energy that surrounds us is no more perpetual motion than a photovoltaic cell. It does not violate the second law of thermodynamics. It is a conversion of energy from one form into another form that is usable - not the creation of energy out of nothing." - Sterling D. Allan

It seems as if there exists no sector of society that is not under the rule of the elitist special agendas. It is no secret that the one of the single LARGEST most POWERFUL industry's on the PLANET is the oil/energy industry. Look what corporations on always on the top of the Fortune 100 lists and see for yourself if you doubt that fact for even one moment. Interesting note in that at one point in time not very long ago, the entire oil and energy industry was predominantly controlled by one person: John D. Rockefeller, who along with his family has been involved up to their necks in almost every elitist agenda existing in our society... What you, and millions of others around the world do not know is the fact that from the days of Nicholas Tesla, major oil companies have for years been QUIETLY BUYING UP all sorts of PATENTS, control of products and inventions that can give us virtually FREE energy. Over the past decades virtually ZERO dollars have been spent on serious research by the large multinational energy corporations. They spend hundreds of million dollars into developing more fossil fuel sources and into developing other "constant revenue producing energy alternatives" (such as bio fuels and hydrogen) that will continue to provide them with constant non-stop inflow of sales revenue and keep you enslaved to "the pump". "Free" energy such as solar and

electric battery power is simply a disastrous long term financial route for all the monolithic energy companies. The topic of how the world is under a massive spell of fossil fuel energy dependency is so huge I cannot possibly hope to cover the vastness of this very real conspiracy. For the purpose of demonstrating the absolute fact that our energy sector in cahoots with other large corporations (such as the automotive industry) are in fact seriously obstructing the development and spread of cheap, clean alternatives. For the sake of keeping this topic simple, I will focus on just ONE example: the electric car: Fisker Electric Car

Before I do so, I just want to point out yet again that this is not just "another hair brained conspiracy theory". ALL the info that follows are undisputed FACTS. And it is a fact that once and if new, cheap, free technology makes it into the mainstream, the entire multi-trillion dollar oil/energy industry and the hundreds of other dependant businesses that survive along with those markets would VANISH OVERNIGHT. Powerful millionaires & billionaires would be bankrupted. The destruction of the monolithic antiquated fossil fuel industry could trigger a massive financial catastrophe that would have devastating repercussions throughout the world. Thus, any and all cheap alternatives that eliminate and or break up the "energy status quo" have been deliberately sabotaged, taken over, eliminated, phased out, attacked, mocked and finally, some of those innovative inventors have even met with strange and abrupt endings to their lives... Imagine for just one moment, if the electric car industry took off and everyone owned an electric car. Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Shell, Texaco, etc would lose over 60 billion dollars of revenue each and every WEEK. Thousands of gasoline stations would have to be closed down, losses in the billions. The automotive companies would also lose billions in some departments. Hundreds of thousands combustible engines, car parts and the parts industry would be virtually obsolete, not only that, the engine manufactures would also have virtually no products to make. Resulting in billions upon billions of dollars lost. The brake maintenance billion dollar industry would vanish due to the fact that electric vehicles have advanced braking systems. Entire businesses and industries gone overnight. Millions of people unemployed. Raving mad stock holders, fortunes lost. Get the picture? On the other hand. It would also open up tons of new opportunities. Entirely new industries would flourish. Millions of new jobs created. New parts companies, etc. The general public would save thousands of dollars for each and every vehicle they own by not having to spend

money on gas. That money would make it into the economy in the form of extra spending money on other goods and services. The planet would be rid of billions on top of billions of cubic meters of pollutants. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and the "pains" of a major economic revenue shift. But, as is to be expected. Those who stand to lose the most will fight the hardest to keep the old ways, and their established sources of revenue instead of embracing the new technology and even becoming leaders in those fields, thereby not losing much in the process besides seeing billions of dollars of their hard made investments on old infrastructure disappear. They know this, so they will try and milk the oil cow until its dry. Then and only then will you see real advances in the realms of alternative energies. To what extent does the Oil Industrial Complex go to keep us HOOKED on gas and oil? We are now going to take a more in-depth look at what has been going on with the electric car fiasco. Were the main power source are simple batteries that you could just plug into a wall outlet and bypass the gasoline stations and the oil corporations, FOR EVER. Tesla Motors Electric Car

Did you even know that there have been quality, fully functional electric cars available? 99 people out of a 100 have no clue. There never were any real attempts to advertise and sell them. The ones we did see advertised were designed so ugly and stupid looking most of us would not be caught dead driving one. It's almost as if it were a secret they even existed. Mind you, even though the automobile industry might seem independent of the oil industry. They are related, like brothers in arms, since one needs the other and vice versa. They are completely dependent upon one another in their current form of existence. So in order as to not step on their "brother's" toes and harm their affiliates, no real attempt was made to market the cars. If you look at the data, it's clear that an electric car is the cleanest and most efficient kind of car in existence. The data is undeniable. It seems that electric cars have been designed by people who thought we shouldn't be driving at all, but if we must, we should suffer every minute of it. Electric cars have had terrible range and embarrassing styling. For those that say that "electric cars have been tried and failed": That is exactly what the "establishment" wants you to think. Of

course electric cars will never catch on if you make them so limited, featureless, ugly, expensive, and with such limited driving range no one would want them! DUH! Documentary - Who Killed The Electric Car:

100 years ago there were MORE electric cars on the roads than gasoline cars! Check out the timeline at: So what happened? The oil companies pushed hard for the use of gas instead of batteries, and the rest is history. In 1976 congress passed the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research and Development Act over protests from automakers and President Fords veto. In 1995 California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopts the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate, requiring that automakers make a small percentage (2% by 1998, 5% by 2001 and 10% by 2003) of ZEVs available to the public. In 1996 General Motors makes the battery powered EV1 electric car available for consumer lease ONLY at $400 - 500 a month. In 2000 GM decides to stop making its EV1 cars and shifts production to gasoline powered cars like the gas guzzling Hummer. ( little wonder that electric vehicles are abandoned as soon as good ole oil men Bush & Cheney get in office?) In 2001 GM begins laying off its EV1 sales team, starting with its most successful sales men! In 2002 GM, Chrysler and some auto dealerships sue CARB to repeal the ZEV mandate. Later that year the U.S. dept of Justice steps in and sides with the automakers. 2003 Bush signs the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative providing billions of dollars, for hydrogen research and development, completely ignoring the cheaper, cleaner and available 'now" electric car!.. Do you understand what was going on here? They completely crushed the long available, reliable, working electric cars that used up ZERO fuel of any kind and spent billions to develop one that will use a form of fuel you will have to buy to fill up your tank. Do you understand? It could not be more clear than this. Also in 2003 the California Air Resources Board folds its hands and gives up, no longer requiring automakers to make electric cars. Then GM announces it will not renew EV1 leases and dispatches tow trucks to impound the vehicles from happy customers that still wanted them, and proceeded to CRUSH each and every perfectly good EV1 vehicle they ever made. Mind you that no car company has ever done this before or since. The car companies have always been more than happy to sell their lease vehicles. Not in this case, they DESTROYED every electric car, shelved the entire project, then focused on making gas guzzling Hummers!!!! They also somehow bamboozled their way into getting Hummer owners massive tax deductions, much greater than the tax deductions for owning a non polluting electric car!!!

The entire time since the CARB mandate was issued, the automotive and oil industry lobbyists fought tooth and nail against the development of battery powered Electric cars. They virtually never even tried to market the cars. The people that leased them found out about the cars by word of mouth. In 1993 the Western States Petroleum Association hired a PR firm to drum up public opposition to the EVs! The oil industry spent millions upon millions fighting the electric car movement. Mobil Oil even took out ads in Time Magazine, USA Today and Newsweek to argue against electric cars and the ZEV mandate. Here is the kicker: Ovonic Battery Company developed a proprietary NiMH battery. What turned out at the time to be the best batteries for an electric car. Making it possible to drive a lot further between recharging. General Motors had bought up a 60% share in Ovonic. In 2001 it sold its 60% share to Texaco, yes! The oil conglomerate! What is Texaco doing with batteries? Absolutely nothing. They have just been sitting on the technology and trying their best to hide its revolutionary potential. Toyota Rav4 R.I.P.

They then turned around and issued cease and desist orders then SUED each and every car maker! They sued Matsushita Battery, Panasonic EV Energy, and Toyota for patent infringement, those cases were settled in 2004 and the settlement terms were kept confidential, with no party admitting liability. In 2004 Toyota stopped production of its electric car the RAV4 EV. I wonder why? (points at the lawsuit). Hmmmm, 2004 was also the year GM destroyed all its EV1 line of vehicles. Chrysler, Ford, Honda and Nissan also all jumped ship and stopped their EV productions. Interesting. Texaco has taken a superior product done a good job of moth balling it and making the Ovonic NiMH battery very scarce, today they have only ONE customer, GM (source). This sort of strategy is not new. The automotive industry bought out all the Trolleys way back when they were everywhere and was the main source of transportation in urban areas. Why? So people would have to buy cars!!!! This is well documented and known fact, a.k.a. modous of operandi. This is now history.

By the way: in 2005 alone Exxon posted the largest profit ever of any company of $36 billion dollars. This is just one year, and just one oil company. They along with the other multi-billion dollar energy corporations will allow us to have clean, pollution free, fossil fuel free electric vehicles to the masses over their dead bodies. There is a documentary with many of the facts I discussed above. The central mystery of the new movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?" is why General Motors created a dynamic battery powered auto that drivers loved, only to crush it to smithereens. The auto industry once prodded to pursue - only to sabotage covertly - a cleaner future. The Hydrogen Illusion Myth: First of all. Who are the key players behind the hydrogen car scheme? The Oil industry. The one and only reason they want us all to go to hydrogen is because they are in the perfect position to reap massive profits off of it. The infrastructure required for the delivery hydrogen to the consumer is not much different that gas. And all they have to do is revamp all their gasoline stations with new hydrogen pumps, then presto! The drunken party continues! The most important factor is that they intend to keep us all HOOKED like drug addicts to their gas stations. The plan to shift us from the gas drug to the hydrogen drug. It will be more expensive. Harder to make, and most hydrogen today is made by using fossil fuels. The oil companies are also behind the Ethanol and Bio Fuels JOKE. Actually, it is very far from being a joke. More akin to wildly delirious fantasy. Ramblings from those in an insane asylum! Only a bunch of brain dead idiots from Washington can actually back that foolhardy idea in the first place, then actually follow through and force unimaginable inflation upon us. Ok, in their twisted reality, they expect us to plant and produce an impossible to maintain in the long term, MILLIONS OF MILES OF CORN or whatever plant to power all the cars? Meanwhile our food prices and everything along the food chain are starting to skyrocket due to the fact that there will be less corn. The prices of eggs, chickens, beef, etc., etc are all being affected. Many farmers have stopped growing food items, to plant more profitable Bio Fuels harvests. And what happens when there WILL be major droughts? Floods? Freezes? Where entire harvests are lost? DUH! Someone please take away the crack cocaine from those Washington law makers!


So we see that Bio-fuels is in reality a ridiculous solution coming from the same folks that are desperately trying to have us develop hydrogen as a "viable" gas alternative. What is the common denominator? The gasoline station. The oil companies have a delivery infrastructure based on the gasoline station. Bypass the gasoline station, no matter what other liquid based fuel they have, and you bypass the oil companies. Plain and simple. Political leaders who are forever under pressure from the oil/energy industry and their lobbyists, proudly tout the virtues of hydrogen, in doing so they give the general public the ILLUSION that they value innovation and conservation while promoting the interests of their lobbies. It seems that just last week, Our dear president Bush single handedly discovered global warming! After years of denying that global warming even existed, and after being battered over the head with overwhelming evidence. President Bush announced a $1.2 billion hydrogen fuel initiative. Washington COMPLETELY ignores the obviously superior electric car sector, with small operations consisting of ordinary people and companies actually building working electric cars... today! I'm sorry, that's a misstatement, Bush did not just "ignore" the successfully operating electric vehicles in circulation, he and his administration was INSTRUMENTAL in killing them. In his infinite wisdom Pres Bush has officially declared that our government is going to fund the hydrogen gasoline station into existence. Sorry folks, no free rides for any of you with cheap battery powered cars! That solution is just way too simple and makes way too much common sense! And we surely don't want to see our beloved OIL companies lose trillions in revenues due to mass adoption of electric vehicles! Read all about the Whitehouse plans for your hydrogen powered future here. Meanwhile electric cars are currently out there now, today with virtually no publicity. One place to start your own research web sites called, chuck full of all sorts of interesting fossil fuel alternative info and and EAA PHEV. There are kits available to convert any car to electric. And there is one very interesting company called Tesla

Motors that makes an electric car that goes from 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds! (faster than Porsche, Corvette and others!) This car goes for over 200 miles per charge But how did Tesla manage to build a viable electric vehicle without the Ovonic/Texaco batteries? It's a good thing technology never stands still. They are using Li-ion batteries! Thereby bypassing the Texaco roadblock. Fisker Automotive is coming out with a car they claim gets 100mpg. Another small unknown company that makes electric vehicles is Phoenix Motorcars, they have been around since 2001. Have you heard of a company called AC Propulsion? They are yet another creative electric car company, Tom Hanks drives one of their tricked out Scion conversions. Have you heard of the Venturi Fetish production electric car that can smoke any Ferrari with 3.9 seconds 0-60 and travel 250 miles on a single charge? How about the Spyder and COM-V3 made by Universal Electric Vehicle Corp? Ok, did I make a point here yet? Washington burns 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS away in some ridiculous hydrogen bullshit scheme while electric vehicles are the OBVIOUS no brainier route to go on. Many people, organizations and companies have PROVEN BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT as not only highly superior, but actually DOABLE, as in they are making it happen YESTERDAY and TODAY! Imagine if the big automotive giants are ALLOWED to mass produce these electric cars! They could easily ramp up production into the millions of cars for each model and the prices of electric cars would sky dive down to extremely affordable levels overnight. BUT... BUT... mind you, that key word you passed by a couple seconds ago: IF they were "ALLOWED" to make those EV cars in mass production... Sorry but your Zionist masters have other plans Bubba. Out of the 16 EV (electric vehicle) companies (yes there are 16 small companies making electric cars, yet Detroit somehow lost the plans to their working electric cars and forgot make them?) I am watching, I'm keeping an eye on Tesla Motors. This new revolutionary company has NO ties with the established automakers or the oil industry. The proverbial David vs. Goliath. I can only hope that GM, Ford, Exxon, Chevron, Texaco or some other illuminati company does not buy them out just to phase it out, never to be seen or heard of again just like they did with the EV1 and others. Maybe this time some other oil conglomerate will buy the patents for Li-ion batteries and sue Tesla, issuing a Cease and Desist order? I am also hoping there will be no industrial sabotage or something of the sort. But don't be surprised if "something happens" to them and they end up having to close their doors... Update: I have yet to release this report and sure enough Tesla is up to its neck in troubles... how did I know this? I can only react in utter dismay at how small little companies out of nowhere with a tiny fraction of budget and resources that the big automakers have, can somehow produce highly efficient, superior cars and the GIANT CAR CORPORATIONS WITH BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN RESOURCES HAVE NO CLUE!! ? How can hobbyists convert regular cars to electric and get up to 300 miles per charge yet the giant automakers cant? Plain and simple: THEY DON'T WANT TO ! (and/or are being heavily forced not to) Meanwhile guys like Jonathan Goodwin can easily convert a full sized Hummer into a hybrid and get 60 MILES PER GALLON! You can even buy kits to convert hybrids into full electric vehicles at places like: The potential in electric cars is phenomenal to say the least, just look at ways to extend the capabilities, like adding solar roofs. Another interesting product is the Hymotion hybrid car Battery Range Extender Module. These are just a couple examples in the realm of electric & hybrid cars, do a search on the net and find more similar advances being

made, all the while the major auto makers are STILL pushing 30-50 year old technology and fuel standards, wondering why they are losing sales and market shares. Bottom line is: Today the major shift in Detroit seems to be "hybrid" cars that run on gas and electric, still emits carbon dioxide, still not solving our oil dependency problems, just postpones them, with the run of the mill current hybrids getting ridiculously low average MPG compared to what we see private small time operators getting in their garage operations. The automakers and the oil men came to some sort of agreement behind closed doors. The oil companies are somewhat happy because they can still have us all visit the gasoline station and pay your dues, the automakers get to put in their combustible fossil fuel engines into the cars, and their car parts divisions are happy, they can continue as they were. Throughout history we can see that the car industry and the oil industry (gas) sustain one another. So what has been bad for one, has been bad for the other. The auto industry could make a clean break from big oil and produce electric cars, but the repercussions and backlash from big oil seems to have ALL the major car makers scared to do so. No one, no car company, no politician, no one dares take on the big oil conglomerates. If they say you will be driving a hybrid as an option today, then that is the way it is, if they say the fuel of tomorrow is hydrogen, then you must just shut up, bow your head and accept it. Reason and logic have nothing to do with it. You must come to grips with the reality of the fact that the oil industry has been steering our nation in the directions it so chooses, many times seemingly at will. The question is: what are YOU going to do about it? You have read this far, you now know more about this situation than the average person. What are you going to do about it? If you choose to keep quiet and not share this information with anyone and just ignore it, so be it. You won't be alone in line waiting to pay up the nose for that next fill up at the gas/hydrogen station. I for one will try my best to champion the virtues of the humble battery powered electric car and try my best to get my hands on one of those electric conversion kits, just so I can "stick it to the man" and drive right by every gas station I see for the rest of my life. Please email this to everyone you know, pass it on, download it and re-publish it, whatever, just don't sit there and pretend that everything is hunky doory. Do you honestly believe that the big oil corporations only exist to look out for YOUR best interests? Singing Christmas carols, like angels, forever making sure you are ok? DOH! Wake up and smell the OIL. They could ALL care less about YOU and your well being. The only thing the care about is that you pull up to their gasoline pump (soon to by hydrogen station) and fill-err up! Wake up America! DEMAND fully electric vehicles from the automakers. Eventually if enough people find out about the fact that these vehicles can be made today, and ARE being made today by little mom and pop shops, the establishment will have no choice but to eventually listen. The only problem with this scenario is that it is a David vs. Goliath battle to make happen. We all know the media remains silent because they are just another sector of the Matrix. Electric vehicles WOULD SOLVE THE ENTIRE WORLD ENERGY CRISIS OVERNIGHT AND SERIOUSLY BANKRUPT MANY OIL CORPORATIONS! Therefore they want nothing to do with it.

There is no need for those with the financial means to wait for anyone. If you are one of the fortunate ones that can afford an electric vehicle or have a full conversion done on your own vehicle, then you can be among the privileged first group to SET YOURSELF FREE from the bonds of slavery of the gas pump, cut the chains and shackles of oppression that the oil corporations have imposed on you. You would literally be FREE to go where ever you want whenever you want without having to say "filler up" and PAY the "fossil fuel travel tariffs" (gas) at the local gasoline station. Imagine a world without gasoline stations... imagine yourself FREE to ignore irrelevant issues such as the price of gas, since it would have no effect on your mode of transportation... It is up to YOU to make YOUR move, don't wait for Washington, the energy cartels or anyone to tell you when it's ok for you to have your FREEDOM to travel for FREE. Take it yourself, vote with your wallet NOW, buy ELECTRIC and stick it to those who wish to oppress us all. The more people with the means to go electric early, and do so, will not just create further demand and fund the technology, but will help push the whole ELECTRIC VEHICLE industry into the spot light where the mainstream media cannot continue to bypass and ignore it forever as it has been for years. Today we sit and watch as the big three automakers are severely hurting, begging congress for money and receiving multi-billions of fund only to come back several months later saying we need more or we will still go bankrupt. Decades of ignoring the market, decades of making grossly inferior products, decades of designing ugly vehicles, decades of big gas guzzlers, decades of being out of touch dinosaurs. They had their chance in the 1970s to get their act together when faced by the superior Japanese vehicles. Instead they chose to continue their arrogant ways. Earlier this decade they produced working electric vehicles, and basically kept it one of the best kept secrets from the public. As of this writing it is only a mystery what was going on in the boardrooms of the big three automakers that all had reliable working electric vehicles up until 2004, only to then mysteriously turn around and crushed them all, got rid of all the evidence and now today are making believe they have no clue and are researching how to make electric vehicles. The big push has been to make hybrids instead of making the superior all electric vehicles, this makes no sense (unless you are a trillion dollar oil conglomerate). They tell us maybe by the year 2012 we can have electric vehicles that will go up to 50 miles per charge, so they will need an engine also. Bullshit stories such as that are rampant. You know what... I am glad that the big three auto makers are on their death bed, I hope that they all go bankrupt, they deserve nothing more than that for their constant betrayal and disregard for the best interests of the American people. For we don't need their kind in this country, hopefully truly innovative independent companies will fill in the void and come out with truly great electric vehicles that free us from the enslavement to the gasoline pump and big oil. At this very moment their does exist a fledging truly innovative automobile company right here in America called Tesla Motors that truly deserves all those billions Washington is flushing down the bottomless pit of obsolete dinosaurs called the Detroit Three. Tesla Motors is one of America's shining examples of what can be.... I just hope that Washington will do what is right and actually put a few of those billions to REAL use and deliver a truck load of stimulus funds to Tesla instead of GM and Chrysler.

P. S. Anyone who can stand up and try to deny even 1% of the facts listed here must A) need serious psychological help B) must be completely hopelessly brainwashed (and brain dead) C) are being paid off by (or part of) the oil/energy or Zionist sectors to discredit these truths.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike over those who think differently." - Nietzsche "The erroneous assumption is to the effort that the aim of public education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence... Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim of public education is not to spread enlightment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else." H.L. Mencken, journalist

Today America is the most powerful nation on the planet. Yet it's public educational system is rated right there somewhere around 26th place worldwide, (right behind that of Russia no less) just above third world countries' education levels! Have you not ever wondered how this came to be? How is that even possible? Why is it so easy for our benevolent government to constantly send out countless BILLIONS of dollars to other countries each and every year, yet always give our educational system only lip service? The Washingtonites more often then not treat our school system like a bunch of leper beggars, and just give the absolute minimum to keep it just barely going. This folks is nothing more than an unspoken Zionist policy being enforced. Keep the masses stupid. Point Blank: Again, the ultimate truth of the matter goes all the way up to the Zionist, Masonic & Jesuit rulers of society. The masses of this country MUST be kept illiterate to the lowest degree in order to facilitate the management of this once great country. God forbid that this country would have a massive well informed intelligent society! If that were the case, they know that the end of their hidden agendas would come crumbling down. They prey upon and

count on the masses of dumb Americans that go along with just about anything they do. For stupid people are much easier to handle and led astray then pesky smart inquisitive ones. The public school systems are nothing more than indoctrination camps were the young are institutionalized and pre conditioned for later release into society, to fulfill their part in society as "sheeple". Think about it. One of the basic brain washing techniques is taking advantage of insufficient sleep, they make the children wake up and be in school at incredibly early hours. This is where you are trained to abided by rigid schedules, taught to obey orders and your masters, obey whistles and bells. This is where you are implanted with the fairy tale version of history and are taught what are "accepted norms", how our society works. While your children are busy being indoctrinated into patriotic group think above critical thinking, the children of the Zionist elite are undergoing advanced sheeple management classes, advanced math and financial classes, advanced economics, advanced social sciences, all the while you children are rarely taught the intricacies of and the connections of the real world financial systems, for these people this is all began in grade school. The most sacred teaching above of all is the most sacred and central study of the Talmud [read 'cleansed?' online version of Talmud here]. Did you know that it is forbidden of goyim sheeple such as yourself to be caught reading the Talmud? Yes, under Talmud it is a grave sin for you and all gentiles to read it... under penalty of DEATH!.... so read the Talmud at your own risk! Yikes! I'm so scared! Lol. Behold for we now live in the age of the power of instant access to the hidden secrets age! You can also download the Talmud text here:, and here: Complete Soncino English Translation of the Babylonian Talmud, and a whole bunch over here: Talmud PDF search results. You will learn fascinating tidbits like why the gentile goyim people are the scum of the earth to be treated like cattle by the more highly advanced Jew race. And wonderful facts like it is perfectly ok for Jews to kill any offending goyim for the smallest of offenses. Such are the ways the Zionist educate their own. Advanced students of the Talmud "graduate" and go on to higher level studies known as the illuminati black magic Kabbalah. Here are some joyful excepts (please note that only some CLEANSED versions of the Talmud are directed to the goyim sheeple to 'quote check' thus of course you won't find the hard core teachings in the CLEANSED censored sheeple versions) from the Talmud: "A Jew may rob a goy - that is, he my cheat him in a bill, if unlikely to be perceived by him." "How to interpret the word 'robbery.' A goy is forbidden to steal, rob or take women slaves, etc., from a goy or Jew. But the Jew is NOT forbidden to do all this to a goy." "All vows, oaths, promises, engagements, and swearing, which, beginning this very day of reconciliation, we intend to vow, promise, swear, and bind ourselves to fulfill, we repent of beforehand; let them be illegalized, acquitted, annihilated, abolished, valueless, unimportant. Our vows shall be no vows, and our oaths no oaths at all."

If you really want to get a quick concise glimpse into the teachings of the "sacred" Talmud for what it really is... you MUST check out: Truth about the Talmud: Racist, Rabbinic Hate Literature by foremost scholar of Judaism in the English-speaking world, (a fellow Jew just telling the unadulterated truth), Michael Hoffman. This Jewish author has often been attacked by the Zionists for his highly researched, unbiased and accurate works. With that said and done, you should also checkout his book "Judaism Discovered: A Desideratum." Find out more at his website: Ever since you were a little kid with an easily molded sponge of a mind you were conditioned and taught that evil and corruption come from just a very few sinister looking types and that our politicians are our loving benevolent custodians of government who wake up in the morning just exploding with the utmost concern and care for your well being. So that later in life to even dare entertain the thought of your government (and for that matter, religious leaders) being totally corrupt becomes incomprehensible. They implant the illusion that our social system is not only sound and normal but that the there are "just a very few" scattered deviant, corrupt and criminal types out there. They prepare you for entering pre defined segments of society with all their extracurricular activities such as drama, sports, wood shop and so forth. So when you see your kids being trained to stand in line and march down the halls in single file, so cute and well behaved, remember it was me who revealed to you that your kids are being trained to become accustomed to the concept of MARCHING for the military industrial matrix. Have you even noticed the ongoing assault on parental rights? Today it is all too common and accepted practice for the state to walk into a families' living room and take away their children for a whole array of different excuses, some going as far as imprisoning parents. We have been witnessing the rise of "basic human rights" for children, all the while constantly eroding and destroying parental rights to raise their children as they choose. To the uninitiated, the "blind" masses who have no clue about the goals and wishes of the worlds ruling elite, never connect the dots. On one hand you see the elite leaders "championing for the family values", while on the other hand they enact legislation that hampers and tears families apart, ever so slightly, just a little here and there. You must understand it is NOT in the best interests of the ruling masters for there to be peace, love and harmony within the common family. The onslaught of the family comes from every single direction you can imagine, with their favorite mode of infiltration is creeping in the front door of your educational institutions were they teach your children whatever they please behind your back while you are busy trudging along 9 to 5 day after day out there making money to give to your banker slave masters. So how far into the stratosphere are they convoluting your parental rights? According to the Parental Rights website the CRC (U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child) will dictate: 1- The best interest of the child principle would give the government the ability to OVERIDE every decision made by every parent of a government worker disagreed with the parent's decision.

2- A child's "right to be heard" would allow him (or her) to seek government review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed! 3- Child would acquire a LEGALLY ENFORCABLE right to leisure. 4- Allowing parents to opt their children out of sex education has been held to be out of compliance with the CRC. 5- Children would have the right to reproductive health information and services, including abortion, WITHOUT parental knowledge or consent. The government would decide what is in the best of interest of a children in every case, and the CRC would be considered superior to state laws. Parents could be treated like criminals for making every-day decisions about their children's lives... This is where your ruling elite masters are taking your parental rights to. Behold; For you must understand, that in their eyes YOUR CHILDREN BELONG TO YOUR RULING MASTERS. Savor this statement, digest it well. Another very sad fact about our society is the massive educational system inequality. From the beginning of the establishing of our school system there has always been schools for the "haves and have not's". Wealth is the overall single factor in determining the quality of one's education. Of course we have the people that will deny this simple fact. Their rational is: Well there are many good public schools out there, there are also many grants and student loans available. Though this statement is true. It by and large does NOT apply to the majority or entire public at large. When you study the statistics you will see that only a small percentile of the public has access to such "luxuries". The young of the elite in society who grow up in lives of social and economic privilege have their entire education planned in advance. Groomed from birth for success. They automatically go to the best ivy league schools around the world then later in life join exclusive secret "fraternities" such as "Skull & Bones" (just to name one). They are ones groomed for top leadership posts. Granted, this does not come automatically, they still must prove their loyalty and devotion to their handlers and "the cause" of that particular segment of the Matrix. Meanwhile "the great college hoax" of equality is perpetrated on the rest of the working class commoners. The "establishment" has seared into everyone's minds that the playing field is "equal", that is the biggest crock of shit lie. Reality is nothing close to that statement. The children of the rich go to college with ALL their finances completely taken care of and graduate without one single cent in debt. Meanwhile the working class commoners must mortgage their homes! Take out obscene loans, work part time to help cover the expenses, by the time the poor kids graduate they are all up to the necks embroiled in DEBT enslavement. It is common to graduate with $60,000 to $100,000 in debt. Then they get a job, finance a car and add those payments to the mix, soon they fall in love and plunge head first into the American Dream of the white picket fence and add several more hundreds of thousands more to their debt load. Before they know it, without their slightest clue, they melded right in, assumed their rightful place in society as just another perpetual debtor. Effectively enslaved yet believing they are free.

The intelligent ones from the "pheasants" of society who attend the public school system and climb their ways up the educational chain distinguishing themselves with their higher IQs. These superior intellectual ones are often singled out somewhere along their route and converted into believers and true followers of "the system" in whatever segment they are ultimately gifted at. They are then immersed in the "think" of their industry segment. This conditioning begins in the universities. Special "head hunters" whose job it is to identify those gifted ones, often keep tabs on them, waiting for graduation day where they are chosen to join whatever segment has best use for this new talent pool. After joining the elite business, government, organizations, etc., they are carefully monitored by top brass. Those who prove loyal to "the cause", mission, establishment, etc., are promoted and groomed for higher level positions. Only after demonstrating absolute loyalty and trust, to their masters, will they, little by little be given key positions were their work is to perpetuate and advance whatever "system" that they are placed in. In corporations, they call it climbing "the corporate ladder". In government they start out at lower echelons and after years of brown nosing and demonstrating absolute loyalty, they begin to rise with the blessings of the insiders and old timers, they are shown the ropes of the system, until they ultimately become fully fledged in the Matrix, becoming "made men." These are easy to find for they are the ones that hold all positions of power and are the ones you will find listed on the membership roles of all secret organizations such as CFR, Bildeburgers, Trilateral Commission, CIA, Mossad, Central Banks, etc. The interesting segment is the religious chain. Advancement works in principle as the schooling system described above. But here is where fanatical religious, emotional and spiritual emphasis takes key roles. The Jesuits have the largest network of educational systems around the world. Follow the educational trail of the elite in society and it will reveal untold core beliefs of the individual and his alliances. Remember: the world is ultimately controlled by the Zionist and Jesuit Factions. Some who graduate from religious universities go into the public sector and some go into the religious sector, the key is that most of the important indoctrination happens within the educational system, be it within the classrooms and or the exclusive fraternities. Potential future leaders whatever height they might reach, are more often than not identified early on by "sponsors" and receive special guidance and training. They forge alliances with their peers and mentors, alliances that often last a lifetime. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" ..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"Nothing can destroy a government more quickly," the court noted, "than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its own existence." - Supreme Court "If, as it appears, the experiment that was called 'America' is at an end... then perhaps a fitting epitaph would be... here lies America the greatest nation that might have been had it not been for the Edomite bankers who first stole their money, used their stolen money to buy their politicians and press and lastly deprived them of their constitutional freedom by the most evil device yet created: The Federal Reserve Banking System." - G.D. McDaniel

The onslaught on America's collective moral standards has been legendary throughout the 20th century. The moral decay of our once great nation has been spearheaded by our wonderful Zionist media conglomerates. While on the other hand. The great industries that once made America the world's foremost economic power and provided working people a decent standard of living have ALL been shipped overseas, along with the technologies and know-how that made them such powerhouses. Then there is the often overlooked dynamics of the colossal selling out of our major companies to foreign investors. In other words, what we have not literally shipped overseas we are selling to foreigners anyway. Behold: For I hereby proclaim to thee... the monetary crisis this nation is experiencing are purposely engineered, our nation is systematically being gutted out. Prepare, for the days of woe are at your doorstep, here cometh the decent into the abyss.

The day Bush and Cheney took office, they SWORE on the bible, the same oath of office as every elected leader of these United States that came before them. The solemn oath of office of the land states: "I swear to serve and protect the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America..." well; several years have since transpired only to witness Bush and Cheney hacking away at the very pillars of foundations our great nation was established upon. Even referring to the constitution "as just a god dam piece of paper." Those two criminals holding the highest offices in our land have trashed the constitution in the most devastating assault EVER in the history of the United States. So much so that there is no other solution, Bush and Cheney MUST be tried for TREASON. For this special occasion America must bring back the gallows for this one occasion then keep the gallows open just for our public servants who betray the public trust. They, along with all their co-conspirators deserve nothing less than to face a grand jury, be indicted and hung for treason. Only then will those who seek to continue to lead our once great country astray will realize that WE THE PEOPLE will no longer allow our country to be led astray and taken over by agents working for special interests. The decline in America's wealth and world power status is directly tied to the moving of major industries off shore to other countries such as China. Removing untold billions of dollars of revenue that used to be generated HERE in the United States. Now China is on the verge of overtaking the U.S. not only in gross national product, but also as the world's leading industrial power. Not only are major corporations moving ALL manufacturing out of the U.S. Bush's policies actually REWARD companies for moving their operations out of the U.S. with tax incentives!!!! America has been on a suicidal path to self destruction for decades. No one has done more than us to export all our jobs and manufacturing overseas, in the process, propping up communist China as the new worlds number one producer while our county is steadily sliding into an abyss. This is no conspiracy theory folks! I just call out the FACTS and state things the way they are, revealing TRUE REALITY. Americans, a bunch of mindless idiots: - Video

America has become the king of waging bogus wars, spending hundreds of billions of dollars, while alienating so many countries, making untold life term enemies of the U.S.. Have they not learned a single lesson from Vietnam and other blusterous region attacks we have made all over the globe over the past half dozen decades? Seems like we are always attacking some poor ole country because they won't let U.S. multinational corporations run their BANKS, OIL, LANDS, etc. The moment any country rejects our CAPITALISTIC endeavors, they are toast! In reality America could care less if any country be communist, socialist, or democratic! All we care about is that whatever country it is, import our products, let us buy and run their lands, let us install our banks, let us run their businesses, etc., Hey, it is only "fair", their mineral rights BELONG TO US! We could care less if they be a communist country like China, as long as they do multibillion dollar deals in our favor. When they allow our takeovers, no problem, they are now our trading buddies. Hey stupid, it's NOT about exporting "democracy" it's all about exporting our CAPITALISIM and shoving it down everyone's throats. Cuba is a sinister evil country were Castro drinks the blood of children because he kicked out our banks, took OUR land away from us, giving it back to the local dumb starving peasants and won't even allow us to sell a Coca Cola there! Of course, should any county resist our gracious efforts to control your vast resources and sell you all our products, we have another industry that is always looking for an itch to scratch. Our CIA and mighty military industrial complex might just have to go pay your country a visit to straighten things out. You know, /wink/ in the name of "democracy" and stability. Heck, all the military contractors the entire multibillion dollar industry that exists solely by selling arms would cease to exist and go bankrupt if there were no conflicts for any long term amount of time! Simply put: the chaos & conflict defense industry can make NO PROFITS when peace exists! So go ahead, make our day! Hand over the deeds or we'll blow you and your momma to smithereens! In all actuality you must understand that there exists a reason to the madness. If you truly comprehend how deeply the Zionist/Masonic illuminati is embedded in our country and if you have done your homework, you would realize that the world headquarters of the Zionist/illuminati has always been in Europe (of course Israel is now the center of the universe). Sit back, digest this most important fact and you will realize just how much fun they must be having plundering our once great nation. The elite masters pimp out our country and do all their dirty deeds and heavy lifting by using our prostitute government as its agent, running their operations from our shores. Meanwhile the real puppet masters keep their hands clean, hiding in their control rooms overseas. Behold sheeple for I hereto expose one of the mysteries of the two headed beast. We sit back in pure bewilderment as we witness our country giving away billions upon billions of dollars in foreign aid to already well off countries for no real reason while the problems here at home just continue to build up. So what, that our country has one of the worst educational systems in the world? So what, the poor children in this country are being denied health insurance, like Bush just vetoed, heck, we need those billions of dollars to send to apartheid

Israel and other well off countries. So what, our infrastructure is crumbling all around us, let's spend another $400 billion a year attacking other countries, it's more fun.

Giving carte blanch freedom for insurance companies to fleece the American people while all the while taking their monies. No need to look further than what happened with Katrina and the hundreds of thousands of people who had insurance coverage yet were all denied claims. Yet, didn't Washington pump, what, a staggering 130 Billion dollars(!!) in disaster funds for Katrina? Who got all this money? Definitely NOT the people who needed it most, not the poor helpless victims! they only got a small fraction of 1% of those funds. Where did the money go, as is always the case when money gets pumped into any situation. It went directly into the pockets of the ruling elite's good ole boys network as just another cash infusion for their own. In this case the evidence is overwhelming, for you need look no further than the entire 9th Ward (where all the poor lived). You tell me that you claim to have spent over 130 billion dollars yet virtually absolutely nothing was accomplished to restore virtually nothing? Meanwhile the insurance companies that were crying bloody murder while denying EVERYONE claims, made out like bandits with historical profits that year and the next. Folks, this is not conspiracy theory, this is pure plain ordinary FACTS, this is how our system is rigged. The cards are always stacked in favor of the ruling elite's business interests while the poor and working class get empty promises, lip service and eventually the benefit of picking up the tab. The Revolution Begins - Ron Paul - Video

It is neither my intent nor purpose to dwell on rumors or hearsay. But at this point I can only wonder about some reports I read online where they claim that Washington, FEMA and the Pentagon knew the hurricane was headed straight for New Orleans with a high probability of a major catastrophe. It seems they purposely sat back and watched, analyzing how the citizens reacted left alone under a major massive widespread emergency. As the world stood in awe wondering when our government would finally get off their rear ends and get into action. I just cannot fathom what took them so long to respond! They try and have us believe that even though every single news media was giving 24/7 coverage of the disaster, they had NO CLUE how bad it was? No clue what was going on until 4 days later? No, something was up. From my

observation of this government over the years, I choose to believe that they took this opportunity to study the results of its citizens under a major national emergency. More of which they believe will happen in the future, under their own false flag ops or not. One interesting thing is how the government eventually responded: they brought in the MILITARY... (under Posse Comitatus Act, our military is not supposed to be used in U.S. soil), then they proceeded to go house to house then strip all the legal law abiding citizens of their guns! Wow, ok, so we have a city in chaos with hundreds of gangs and criminals going nuts and the legal, law abiding home owners have their only protection taken from them? DOH! The entire "truther" movement has been labeled as a liberal left wing mental brigade as part of the official orchestrated truther propaganda rebuttal policy. Ok, lump us all under the same label, but actually I'm a lifelong republican, a diehard CONSERVATIVE! I believe in God and know he plays a key part in not only our lives but worldwide. I believe that homosexuality is most definitely a sin. We firmly believe that the ruling elite have been purposely inundating our society with sick media in their efforts to mold our world into a more easily managed hedonistic society, constantly eroding our moral values. America is ground zero in the war of spreading hedonism. The goal is none other than to continually erode the hearts, minds and souls of the masses through mass entertainment, free sex and the unrelenting promotion of gayism. Many of us are in fact true conservatives, yet in their efforts to divide and conquer, they MUST label us with whatever derogatory term to instill fear and doubt in people's minds and keep them all divided and fighting amongst each other rather than UNITING and thus achieving critical mass and common purpose of combating the real culprits. As if the above scenarios were not enough, an increasingly alarming practice of our government is that of actively promoting Bio fuels such as Ethanol. This whole ethanol issue is one of the most dangerous and downright stupid ideas ever. First of all, the farm lands that once used to exist to grow FOOD are now being converted to grow food that is just processed and converted to fuel and or fuel additives. Thereby making prices of many food items unfairly rise, shortages happen, then prices go skyrocketing, not to mention that they are foolishly messing around with our FOOD supplies. DOH! And the domino effect is being felt in other sectors of society. This is absolute lunacy! What is this country trying to do? America is slowing destroying itself with absurd policies such as this. These are just a few examples. There are so many an encyclopedia can be written on how our elected leaders policies and decisions are actually leading this once great nation to complete and utter DESTRUCTION. Naomi Wolf Warns America: - Video

The systematic orchestrated denial of global warming (or maybe it's a double sided strategy?) along with continuing business as usual will eventually lead this nation head first into unforeseen dire circumstances we have yet to encounter. All we hear from our benevolent loving government is "everyone not need worry, continue as you are, and ignore all the tinfoil hat

environmental, economic and government conspiracy "alarmists". What I find not only insanely alarming but downright extremely depressing is the fact that the majority of Americans continue to live blindly ignorant of the wholesale, in your face destruction of our nation. Look at this clip below from a TV show, the elite bastards that are taking over this country know that they can do and say anything they want even to the point of clearly telling it to the nation on TV, in the news, on the internet and they know that NO ONE will do a thing to stop the madness. Everything they are doing is being hidden in plain view! I will end this chapter with a complete reprint of an article that landed in my inbox. I do so for the simple fact that the author, whom I've never heard of prior to this piece so eloquently articulates so many important truths that it is best to just keep his words intact as they were written: "Prepare to fight to the finish, or your kind will vanish." By Michael O'Meara In the last year, one crisis has followed another. First there was a housing mortgage crisis, then a liquidity crisis that led to a banking crisis, then a dollar crisis, then a credit crisis, then a geopolitical crisis, then an energy crisis, then a crisis of consumer confidence, and finally a political crisis at the highest level of the state, involving a crisis of meaning that brought a negro to power—a negro symbolizing everything against which the American once defined himself, and thus symbolizing a transvaluation of the very basis of the American's original being. The burning question today is: are these cascading crises "conjunctural" (i.e., due to a combination of circumstances) or are they "structural" (inherent to the system's nature)? If the latter, then the "American System," which has governed the world since 1945 and which has programmed the end of European man, faces a potentially systemic rupture whose implications are catastrophic. If only conjunctural, the news is still good, for it cannot but highlight the system's anti-white nature, of which most white Americans are still clueless. A crisis, it needs stressing, is always a turning point, "a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or worse, is determined." Though most commentators tend to emphasize the economic origins of the crisis, almost all of them recognize its system-disrupting potential. Hence the current obsession with the Great Depression of 1933 and, in more radical quarters, the Soviet crisis of 1985 that brought Gorbachev to power. But whatever its exact nature—and time alone will tell—the crisis is likely to put increased demands on the welfare and security of the white middle class and thus advance the cause of the ethno state favored by white nationalists. Lacking an organizational structure and a popular following in the real world, the white nationalist project is, in fact, predicated on just such a crisis. As we enter the new year, the one clear thing is that the crisis is going to get worse. Since the mortgage meltdown of December 2006, the crisis has mainly affected Wall Street, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, and several government-sponsored enterprises (like Fannie May and Freddie Mac). The new year is likely to take the crisis to Main Street, in the form of retail bankruptcies and unemployment. Auto and related industries will also be hit

hard. At the same time, many local and some state governments (like California or Michigan) may collapse because of insolvency. It's "the worst economic crisis in 70 years" most agree, but no one quite knows exactly what it forebodes. Indeed, the pervasive uncertainty surrounding the crisis, threatening as it does the capitalist system, the prevailing model of globalization, and America's standing in the world order, lends it a certain apocalyptic quality. 1. The Crisis Americans like to think that their country is "number one," though they know almost nothing about "the rest of the world." Compared to the black and brown nations that comprise the Third World, America may indeed be a paradise (even if most white Americans are lonely, isolated, and lacking any sense of who they are as a people). But compared to Western and Central Europe, or to Japan, Hong Kong, and certain of the other Asian Tigers, it shapes up badly. The great industries that once made America the world's foremost economic power and provided working people a decent standard of living have been shipped overseas, along with the technologies and know-how that made them such powerhouses. Trade imbalances have correspondingly grown, just as the US has shifted from being a creditor nation to a debtor nation. At the same time, the national infrastructure has been neglected, household debt has become as unmanageable as the national debt, and American-pioneered technologies are being applied more often abroad than at home. In 2005, James Fallows, one of the few to predict the current crisis, wrote that: "A year in a private college now costs $83,000, a day in a hospital $1,350, a year in a nursing home $150,000. . . . Eighty percent of the public [has been] priced out of a chance for future opportunity"—that is, they have been priced out of participating in what our ideologues call the "American Dream." Other mainstream observers are claiming that the US "no longer controls its economic fundamentals" and that "compared with the rest of the world, it's on the way down." Even Thomas Friedman, the oily globalist cheerleader at the New York Times, has, after a recent trip to the Far East, begun to complain that America is becoming "decrepit"—somewhat in the way the Stalinist achievements of the old Soviet Union were becoming decrepit in the 1980s. Friedman nevertheless continues to celebrate the openness and creativity of the American people, though he fails to note that unrestricted Third-World immigration has changed not simply the population's composition, but its character, and that discriminatory practices against white males, based on disproportional taxation, affirmative action in education, hiring, and contracting, and anti-free speech laws and denial of due process, are hardly sign of America's alleged openness and creativity. The dominant mantra, which endeavors to portray the above as signs of progress, remains, accordingly, to "consume," not "produce." It seems hardly coincidental that America's principal export is now the junk culture fabricated in Hollywood, a "culture" which celebrates behaviors and values historically-considered pathological.

De-industrialization and "financialization" (i.e., the hegemony of financial economics over equity and industrial economics), which were to make the United States the leading edge of the new postmodern global market, are obviously implicated in the current crisis, but few establishment commentators have cared to explore these implications. At the most basic level, it might be noted that the new interdependence of a world market based on financial exchanges means that problems in one sector inevitably become problems in another, that disturbances in one country are likely to set off corresponding disturbances in other countries, and that local crises have the potential of becoming system-wide crises. Added to the inherent instability of this compromising dependence on exterior forces is the "Ponzi" dynamics of the U.S. financial sector, which is based on speculative confidence, not wealth creation. Just to pay the interest on its limitless credit card debt, the country in the last decade has been obliged to borrow two to three billion dollars a day from foreigners, mainly Chinese and Japanese, who are acquiring in the process ownership of large swaths of the economy, while American speculators accumulated vast (and, as it turns out, largely meaningless) ciphers of wealth in the virtual world of cyber space. America's human capital is also in decline. Literacy rates are among the lowest in the industrial world, its once prestigious graduate schools of science and engineering are now filled mainly with foreigners, and its public schools are less and less concerned with mastering the rudiments of reading and writing than with dispensing contraceptives to fourteen-year-olds and preventing the use of hand guns on its premises. Geopolitically, the situation is even worse, as other countries begin lecturing the formerly selfrighteous schoolmarm on how to conduct her bungled affairs and as regions traditionally subservient to the US (like Latin America) defiantly assert their autonomy. But most consequential, the dollar is losing its status as the world's reserved currency— which means no more credit cards and no more free rides. Relatedly, both American and foreign academics, some with very distinguished credentials, have begun predicting "an economic and moral collapse [which] will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the United States." There have also been warnings from several former high-ranking Bush officials of a "secret coup," as the higher reaches of the state fall increasing under military control. What began in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the Army became a colonial administrator, is apparently "coming home." In violation of the Constitution, the Army is now planning to deploy 20,000 troops within the US to respond to any possible "civil unrest." Though the military's "mission creep" began under Bush, Obama has already appointed three high-ranking officers to his Cabinet, promised not to cut the Pentagon's astronomical budget, and plans to augment US ground troops by another 100,000.


The Pentagon has also, according to a recent US Army War College publication, prepared its own "transition" in case the crisis provokes social struggles that will need to be quelled at home. What's most significant here is the expectation, among numerous establishment authorities, that the crisis could lead to violent class struggle, military dictatorship, or even social revolution. The American System that must be held responsible for this situation has, against all traditional precept, made "the rapacious business-dominated state the embodiment of every cherished human value." Unlike the 19th and early 20th-century European nation-state, the American System is not, and never has been, a national-state system committed to the defense and wellbeing of the nation; instead, its principal function has always been to defend those liberal democratic practices that facilitate market transactions. Uncommitted, thus, to the embryonic white nation that made up the American people before 1965, governmental elites have been free to pursue policies that foster their specific institutional interests or those of the dominant economic interests, while policies favoring the interests of the country's white majority have only rarely been adopted and then usually only under threat of electoral retaliation. More scandalously still, this system, in true liberal form, has "privatized profit and socialized loss," so that now middle-class tax payers will be expected to pick up the tab for the reckless policies of billionaire CEOs. The distant lineage of this American System can be traced back to the liberal modern principles born in 1789. More immediately, its foundations were laid by the architects who designed the National Security State and its phony Cold War. When, in the course of the 1970s, this postwar system went into crisis, its social democratic components, which favored a social security net and regulation of important industries and utilities, were jettisoned by the free-market fundamentalism of the neo-liberal Reagan Administration and then given a new armature with the "globalist revolution" carried out by the Clinton Administration. As globalists proceeded to remove those national barriers preventing the free movement of capital, goods, and labor (which meant, among other things, eliminating borders and "oldfashioned" obstacles representative of any lingering sense of national interest and national identity), they sought a complete deregulation of financial practices, based on the capitalist fiction that markets are self-correcting. At the same time, the globalization of American capital severed whatever remaining ties it may have had to the American nation and its culture. The folly and stupidity of this system, whose ramifications are now going to be paid for with a good deal of popular misery, assumed fantastic—and, as it turns out, unbearable—proportions under the present outbound Bush Administration. Thus it was that the neo-liberal, globalist tenets that ideologically undergird the American System and reduce every question to a matter of individual economic interest gave way under Bush's neocon cabal to the boundless vanity identified with its Judeo-Evangelical "faith-based community"—which held that anything the American state does is right, that the US always triumphs in the end, and, contrary to traditional Christian stricture, that the US is identified with God's purpose in the world. As a result, Washington for the last eight years has been unable to distinguish between fact and fantasy.

A four-hundred-billion-dollar-a-year war, with no strategic goal, except perhaps to support Israeli interests, was launched simply on the basis of a neocon hallucination (non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction). Then, as the government entered this theater of illusion, its vast military machine bogged down before a few lightly armed insurgents (who were eventually bought off with great dollar sums during the so-called "surge"); lies and deception then became the basis of US policy; incompetents and schemers willing to kowtow to the reigning illusions were put in control of policy-making; billions and billions of US loans and aid somehow went missing; those who questioned the Administration's aims and practices were deemed unAmerican, as historic liberties were compromised or destroyed; and, all the while, aliens, at the top and at the bottom of the American polity, were allowed the full run of things—from dictating foreign policy to allowing Mexicans to challenge American sovereignty on American streets. When George W. was asked recently who should be held accountable for the present economic crisis, he answered that no one person or group was actually responsible. "The whole system," he explained, "became inebriated." To the degree that the crisis is indeed systemic, he, better than most commentators, has designated the real culprit. But what he didn't mention is that the system wasn't just temporarily inebriated: It was plastered from the start. And like the mind-numbing incoherence of any serious drunk, the destabilizing, de-structuring, and disordering power of the American System of the last sixty years—despite the wealth and prosperity it created for some—is about to provoke the most massive civilizational hangover in history. 2. The Man of Destiny There has been no better example of the bankruptcy of the American System, based as it is on liberal ideological abstractions and certain well-meaning but illusory tenets, than the presidency of George W. Bush. That this third-rate individual, lacking an understanding of the most basic things, including English syntax, was put at the helm of the most powerful state in history testifies better than anything else to the system's unfathomable corruption. Though different from his predecessor, "a self-indulgent bubba with the morals of an alley cat," he too was another example of the system's want of character. Bush's mediocrity, his lack of vision, his small stature as a man—have all consequently taken a terrible toll on both the nation and the state. His presidency, as even many Republican commentators acknowledge, bears responsibility for squandering the vast power and legitimacy that was bequeathed to the United States in the wake of the Soviet collapse. Obama's programmed election was specifically designed to restore something of the power lost by Bush's neocon administration. In the highest reaches of the American establishment (and this is evident less in written documents than in the innuendoes and asides of its representatives), it became apparent in the last two or three years that a restoration of American power and prestige in the world would require a make-over of unprecedented proportions. Hillary, who was previously the leading establishment candidate, was thus abandoned, for she was simply too closely associated with the establishment to create the impression of a major turnaround in American politics.

Hence, the entrance of the black knight, who was provided the money, the advisers, and the media frenzy to made his candidacy not only a shoo-in, but a god-send. Obama has not disappointed his handlers, for he was an ideal candidate: he was inexperienced, undistinguished, and possessed the seemingly "populist" credentials to appeal to an electorate fed up with the neocon mania of the Bush Administration; he naturally took to the tiresome rhetoric of stirring but vacuous campaign promises; and, above all, he knew how to appeal to MTV-educated white youth and feminist-influenced white women who saw his campaign as some sort of rehash of the Great Awakening (with "racism" replacing the older Calvinist notion of sin), which had entranced earlier generations of Americans. He was also, of course, guaranteed the vote of the hundred million non-whites who now occupy our lands. The prominent British historian, Niall Ferguson (who has been dubbed "the Leni Riefenstahl of Bush's new imperial order"), could thus trumpet, once the formality of the vote was over, that "American world leadership is [now] back in business." Obama may, however, turn out to be the last president of the United States. For those who care to look, scandal and fraud seem to lurk everywhere behind his media-constructed image. His past has thus been carefully erased from the public record; he may not even be a native-born American and thus not constitutionally eligible to be president. But this coverup won't last forever. The strident anti-white racism of his wife and many of his close negro associates, as well as his numerous dubious connections to the corrupt Daly machine of Chicago and the scandal-ridden governor of Illinois (Blagojevich) will also eventually surface. Finally, given the nature of the economy, he probably won't even be able to deliver the goods to the black masses, who see him as some sort of cargo-cult Messiah, and this will undoubtedly become a source of further unrest. But most of all, Obama is thick with the Jews, whose wealth and power controls the Democratic party (even more than the neocon-led Republican party) and whose interests, as already evident, will be foremost among his Administration's concerns. The gap between the governing elites and a white middle class wary of further social experimentation may thus widen and become more unbridgeable, as blacks, Jews, and raceless whites join the crusade to "change" America. Obama's failure, though, will not come through an exposure of the smoke and mirrors surrounding his fabricated persona. There is a deeper, structural problem that confronts this first post-American US government.. As William Lind points out, "the heart of our inability to reform is the crisis of the state itself. Reform endangers the money and power of the New Class, which controls the state and feeds off it." Though there will be a qualitative expansion of the state under the new regime, as money is thrown at the crisis and new projects are undertaken to root out the "racism" of white Americans, the anti-national impetus of the American System, which wars on the forces of history, culture, and nature, is almost certainly to remain untouched, just as the parasitic economic system, so crucial to the elites who support him, will go unreformed. If the crisis is conjunctural and short-lived, this, of course, may not matter; but if it is structural, it will mean the collapse of order and authority, and ultimately of the state's legitimacy. Against this backdrop of impending "change" and uncertainty, the controlled media (to the obvious delight of the immodest African) has endeavored to portray Obama as a man of destiny,

another FDR or Lincoln, who will lead us through the valley of shadows to the Promised Land. This may, perhaps, occur, for anything today is possible. But I tend to agree with Philippe Grasset at that our postmodern global age, which destabilizes and disorders everything that has meaning for us, is being shaped not by our putative leaders, but by the accelerating force of events, whose "maistrian" effects simply sweep up and carry along all who try to control them. The man of destiny may turn out, then, to be the man manipulated by destiny. Given that he represents the refutation of America's European being, it would be ever so fitting if he should preside over the demise of the failed experiment known as "the United States," opening thus the way to the founding of another, more organic expression of European America. 3. The Knife As we enter the new year, white Americans once again face a despotic threat to their way of life, as they did in 1776. They have fallen under a regime that cannot control the dysgenic economic forces it has unleashed; a regime ruled by incompetents, thieves, and cosmopolitans; one that never considers the interests of those it rules; that is contemptuous of the history, culture, and tradition of the majority; that refuses to uphold laws and defend the border; that is influenced by foreign lobbies; that relentlessly attacks Christianity; that establishes "hate" laws and restrains free speech to muzzle whites opposing its anti-national policies. This regime is not, however, some modern variant of old George III's venal monarchy, but the American System founded on the same liberal modern principles that inspired the Communist system. Native to both systems is the primacy of "reason," understood mainly in quantitative economic terms. Liberal reason consequently believes in nothing, for belief (which stems from religion, culture, tradition, and tribe) is the opposite of reason. Such economically-anchored systems of "consummate meaninglessness" may therefore function smoothly as long as they deliver the goods, but once things begin to break down and become dysfunctional, they lose all legitimacy. A half dozen years ago, "Yggdrasill," one of the pioneers of American white-nationalist thought, argued that the United States would likely go the way of the former Soviet Union if its system of financial rewards and punishments should ever cease to benefit the white majority. For though US elites have not the slightest interest in the welfare and security of the white majority, the majority was willing to be bought off as longs as the elites provided the material benefits to ensure its allegiance. Today, we are entering an era when that ability to deliver the goods may be rapidly diminishing. For this reason, I believe catastrophe alone will cause white Americans to abandon their allegiance to the existing system and to see the elites controlling it as their real enemies. Such a transfer of loyalties away from the state is thus likely to entail less a racial awakening than an understanding how to live in a hostile reality, once the virtual realities that are at the heart of the American System have collapsed. Nevertheless, at that point when whites abandon the status quo, the possibility of an emerging white national movement will quicken.

Our role as nationalists ought thus to be subversive and revolutionary, not conservative. For there is nothing worth conserving in the existing anti-white system. Instead, we need to forge a spirit that opposes it at its root, that defines America as a nativist variant of European civilization, and that prepares a new Declaration of Independence. "But our numbers are too small!" it will be argued. But this is always the case. For "history is made not by majorities who vote but by minorities who fight." The great Belgium revolutionary, Jean Thiriat, once pointed out that a man skilled with a butcher knife can reduce a five ton whale to steak slices. The knife is the revolutionary sect and the whale the completely flabby society preoccupied with economic matters and devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. Such a society is extremely vulnerable to the action of a determined and organized political minority, especially in times of crisis. Where, today, are such minorities to be found? Every generation of Europeans has produced men ready for the heroic life. When the opportunity arises, they will appear. The important thing to remember, as we enter this year of crisis, is that the future belongs to us— if we will it!
Michael O'Meara, Ph.D., studied social theory at L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and modern European history at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe (Bloomington, Ind.: 1stBooks, 2004).

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy" James Madison 4th President of U.S.A. "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." - Thomas Jefferson, September 23, 1800. Inscribed in the Jefferson Memorial. "The right to revolt has sources deep in our history." - Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

The one aspect of government that has been instrumental in helping America become the great nation and reach the heights of world leadership in history is our judicial system. The LAST LINE OF DEFENSE that is holding this country from diving completely head first into a fascist tyranny is none other than our judicial system. (hey, they have to at least playing make believe to keep up the illusion of "freedom, justice and the American way"). All other sectors of government have been infiltrated and subjugated by special interests, private agendas and corporate dominance and the Zionist "illuminati" many decades ago and most are no longer even bothering to hide it anymore. The judicial system are the last survivors of the special interest takeover of America onslaught only because the law is white and black. The judicial system is largely a special agenda free system... and yet we are alarmingly witnessing it's infiltration and corruption on an almost daily basis, they are muddling the law, diluting it and enacting new more oppressive laws while circumventing the old on a daily basis. Eventually the day will arrive where even the last bastion of a "free" nation, the law, is completely perverted.

The Whitehouse comes in first place in destroying the sanctity of the judicial system. One need only look at the antics of Bush & Co. patsy ex-attorney general Gonzales to get a glimpse of what is happening to our judicial system. The entire Whitehouse has been corrupting the judicial system and they all have get out of jail free cards to top it off. Who knows how many Justices of the peace are now in the pockets of special interests. It's only a matter of time when every appointed judge is bought and paid for, leaving only the ghost of impartiality and justice to protect America. Napolitano: A Nation of Sheep - Video While the judicial department is undergoing massive conditioning, infiltration and restructuring, the enforcement department we refer to as our police have long ago been penetrated and possessed. The days of the friendly neighborhood police officer were finished long ago. Today the masses, instead of encountering a Andy Griffith are met with heartless, coldhearted drill sergeant types who's first order of business when you fail to do as you are told is to make you wish you had for a long time. Today it is unanimous: everyone FEARS the police. Everyone's hearts stop the moment they see those lights of a patrol car signaling you to pull over. What you might not know is the fact that this has all been the planned results that the ruling masters were seeking. It all begins in the selection phase of recruitment. Only certain types of characters are highly sought after. Oh yes they hire minorities and so forth, but only due to the equal opportunity laws. By and large they have been putting together a coldhearted frigid force. What I find very revealing is the fact that most people that score very high in testing and those with high IQs are systematically eliminated from prospective officers list. They absolutely don't want smart independent thinking minds on their squads! The main qualifications for becoming a good police officer today is to be able to coldheartedly follow the orders of their commanders... exactly as our military operates. The Cheney-Bush & Co Crime Syndicate administration will go down in history as the single most enabling administration that allowed a century's worth of erosion destruction to occur in just 8 years of Cheney & Bush sitting on their throne systematically tearing apart any bit of reason, logic, ethics, rights, freedom, honor, that was left in our once great nation. The Zionist ruling elite played those two criminal puppets to the hilt in the quest to destroy this country. The ground work has now been laid, our nation now stands at the edge of a great abyss... will the next "leaders" dare continue to sacrifice our entire nation in an insane attempt to achieve the twisted goals of their masters? The sad answer is yes, not only will they pick up the baton and continue the mission of hurling our once great nation into the abyss, they will attack from a totally different democrat's perspective. Chaos, riots, anarchy, martial law are right around the corner.. just like "they" (Zionist illuminati) planed it. Will the Judicial dept, our last line of defense against total complete fascist tyranny fold under the immense pressures and hand over the keys of our country without a fight? Or have they already done so? Are we just living in a complete a world like the movie the Matrix in which the world around you is the pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth? Gonzales was a strategic plant. Strategically chosen for his absolute LOYALTY to this handlers. He was

just a puppet that was way over his head, he was easily manipulated, a nice puppy dog, always eager to please his masters. Lots of damage was done to our judicial system under his watch. There is an old fairy tale that is taught to all the masses even to this very day: "justice is blind". (yeah right) If you look at one of those statues of lady justice you will notice that she has a blindfold covering her eyes and is holding a set of scales. I will summarize our entire judicial system in one simple statement: That blindfold is there so that the justice dept can have plausible deniability! Those scales of justice that she holds out in front of her are for the litigants to put their MONEY on... those who possess the MOST money, power, influence and fame TILT the scales of justice to their favor. PERIOD. The rich, influential, powerful and famous people get away with outrageous offenses, slaps on the wrists, while the poor go straight to jail, do not pass go, nor collect $200. There are two systems within the system: The powerful, influential, rich and famous are "innocent until proven guilty", while the poor, minorities and unfortunate are treated completely opposite: they are treated as "guilty until proven innocent", this group is the one that more often than not ends up in jail. Another unlawful TOOL at the police state's disposal is the draconian asset forfeiture statute. If the government even suspects you used your home or car in any crime, they can just come in and take it and sell it at auction! They don't even have to prove your guilt. The call this practice "civil asset forfeiture", but in reality it is just legalized THEFT. If violates the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 14th Amendments. It also encourages law enforcement to put profits before justice. This tool is just another in their bag of tricks to keep the masses in check and under constant fear of the establishment, for the moment you make that one stupid move, BAM! Say good bye to all your shit. So who among you will even DARE fall out of step? Eh? The "system" is designed to keep the poor people, the working class, suppressed and the wealthy too scared to get out of line and risk losing everything. Just another tool to help keep the sheeple under constant pressure. It is no accident that the majority of people in this country's prison system are all MINIORITIES. Blacks and Hispanics make up like three fourths of the population of inmates. One small misstep and they fall into the trap, sucked into the prison industrial complex only to come out a labeled man with a criminal record. Thus BRANDED for life. Once they have a criminal record they are also refused the right to vote along with a whole host of disadvantages. (Neo-cons love this side effect due to the fact that millions of once imprisoned democratic minority voters will NEVER be able to vote against them). Once incarcerated one's options in life suddenly become drastically limited for they have been "marked" by the system . Only very few who put a super human effort eventually pull themselves out of the "poor criminal minority pit" and achieve true success in life. Oh the establishment would have you believe that this world is "fair". When the fortunate ones live in a world of difference social circles, with safe cozy upscale neighborhoods, upscale peers of like kind, superior education at private elite schools, daddy sends them off to college, all paid for, no problem, they throw in a new car and paid housing, college dorms. While the minorities of this nation are huddled together in decrepit 3rd world nation level public school system that is falling apart, who's closest peers (friends) are all also of uneducated families, financially unfortunate therefore bound to the dire circumstances they toil under the weight of the

environment, year after year, generation after generation. For those who manage to avoid all the myriad of pitfalls posed in life to the unfortunate poor minorities in this nation, who avoid getting locked up in the "can" and actually graduate from school in one piece. Then they are faced with yet another seemingly impossible daunting task: how to get into college, even a cheap one. No daddy to pay for college, let alone a car for transportation and how the heck will they pay for their housing, food, and all the necessities for the next 4 years? No... this world is NOT fair and balanced. For the poor the task of trying to get out of their unfortunate circumstances is as monumental as climbing Mt. Everest with 150lb back packs and no oxygen tank, for the rich it is like a wonderful paid vacation on the Swiss Alps, gracefully skiing downhill and taking a lift to the summit, then having hot chocolate at the campfire, while the poor are busy trying to figure out how to work and school at the same time, how to keep warm and continue to pay for their basic necessities, let alone focus on getting passing grades. Don't even try to patronize me with the bullshit stories of grants and this and that, the overwhelming fact is what I have written above is 100% true and the tables are completely stacked against the poor and unfortunate, it has been for eons, will always be. Our judicial system reflects this reality we face in this society, but since the "fortunate ones" that grew up with the silver spoons in their mouths make up the majority of the "establishment", they really have NO CLUE on how the rest of the poor people live. They are the first ones uttering idiotic statements such as "everything is fair, the poor are poor because they don't try hard enough and are lazy", etc. They have no clue, the rich lived that wonderful sheltered life, now they are the ones making policies and laws. The poor, the unfortunate, the minority goyim sheeple are a mental puzzle in their minds they will never figure out, for to them they are like subhuman species from another planet. The police are there to protect them from those poor savages. The judicial system is there to put away all those undesirables, keeping up the faux security so they can feel good about themselves when they drive home in their Mercedes to their wonderful lives in their wonderful homes with their "normal" families and wonderful - powerful rich friends. Look at the mess in the White house, there is a mountain of evidence of all sorts of wrong doing leading straight to the White house from every administration to ever serve, especially the Cheney/Bush Admin, not even the CONgress can (or dare) mount a successful investigation. It is as if there were a massacre with a trail of blood leading directly to the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, then when the police try to find the culprits they are told to go take a hike. They pull out their "can't touch me" "Executive Privilege" Card and the "don't even try" "National Security Card" relieving themselves of any prosecution for their crimes. The bottom line is the fact that the Cheney/Bush Crime Syndicate has changed the allowable standards of entire upper levels of corrupt operations for ever. They no longer want to, nor need to answer to no one, not the people that elected them, not the people they are supposed to serve, not the congress, not the senate, no one. They broke down the hurdles of checks and balances, all the future administrations will continue the trend set by the Bush administration no matter what the party affiliation, for in the end they ALL prostitute themselves to the same masters.

The Whitehouse has become like a secret gluttonous frat club were they do as they please and all the members have get out of jail free cards. Ok, so they occasionally feed one of their own (those who get out of line) to prosecution to appease the justice starved crowds. The insider key players that get caught by failing to cover their tracks and not being careful enough are the ones that are pulled out with their safety nets, no matter what the charges. Look at Scooter Libby as just one example out of hundreds upon hundreds: A presidential pardon for: covering up for the president! Doh! From crib to grave you will be watched - Video

A POLICE STATE? Perhaps one of the most startling finds we have recently made was in finding out that ALL our nation's State Troopers have been completely organized, affiliated and controlled by the MASONIC ORDER! Can you possibly understand the magnitude of the implications here?!!! This has been going on right under our very noses for decades! Police state? "The SYSTEM" has already been in place for DECADES! Just waiting for the right time to launch the next phase! Behold: We present to you PROOF POSITIVE our State Police is completely under the MASONIC ORDER control. Behold:



The above patches are genuine. Observe that EVERY single State Police patch has the MASONIC emblem clearly shown in each state patch! You can run, but you won't be able to hide! Do I have your attention yet? The Militarization of Our Police - Video

Today we see an ever increasing mantra coming from the mass media, more and more with greater alarm the peaceful activists are being DEMONIZED. Even TV reporter Glenn Beck referred to the "truther's" as ANARCHISTS, also implying that their actions and speech are to be viewed as TERROIST. The writing is on the wall: all those who peacefully oppose the powers that be are being set up, the day will soon come when all peaceful dissenters will be framed and jailed as TERRORISTS. In what seems to be a suspicious, ironic, if not totally weird and phony ploy, Beck has moved to FOX News broadcasting and has recently been playing the role of a nutty truther, asking for likeminded truthers photos... why do I smell a rat? Oh yes let me send him my photo so my name can be added to the terrorist watch list and my face placed on the facial recognition database! What I find truly alarming is the fact that the rabid FOX News and the ESTABLISHMENT has allowed this man to go on mainstream TV professing and smoking the flames of anarchy... the level of conspiracy theory fear mongering that he has been given carte blanch approval to conduct on air is truly frightening. I have sat back and watched this phenomenon for several weeks and have finally put my finger on what they are trying to achieve by letting him loose to rant and rave. The sought after result they are hoping for is to instill and foment fear in the hearts of the population, and setup the stage for people to join his batty logic to then some day in the near future cause some sort of anarchic uprising "by the lunatic fringe"

that will be squashed and provide the impetus to pave the way to introduce more checks, balances and restrictions on the populace. News stories of peaceful activists being arrested for absolutely no grounds whatsoever are increasing in numbers nationwide. State Police putting harmless activists' names on terror lists not only here in America, but also Canada and other countries. The law enforcement apparatus are also spying on those "terrorist" devoted to such dangerous wide ranging causes such as promoting human rights and establishing bike lanes! Ridiculous stories abound around our nation such as "woman arrested for reading the constitution", "arrested for slogan on T-shirt", "arrested for standing on the wrong place", "hundreds of people being arrested for taking pictures", "arrested for looking at or filming a police officer", the stories go on and on. Don't tase me bro! All activists arrested have ALL been peaceful law abiding citizens just wanting answers. The writing is on the wall, it is very clear: little by little all activists that are not aligned with the "official fairy tales" will increasingly be viewed as hostile threats to the security of our police state. All perpetrators will eventually be considered as hostile enemy combatants and dealt with accordingly. Interesting how we are continually witnessing the same police forces that are arresting peaceful protesters on one day, then the next day they are protecting extremist groups!: What is wrong with this picture?


With the introduction of the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the "improved" Insurrection Act, Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, dozens of Executive Orders, House Resolutions, Hate Speech Crime laws, Thought Crimes Act, Fairness Doctrine, Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2, renewed enforcement of the Sedition Act., etc., our world as we had come to know it has officially ENDED. We are now ALREADY officially living in a police state they have yet to begin full all out enforcement of the new "laws". All the new laws for a 100% police state ARE IN PLACE RIGHT NOW in the testing stages of being enforced. In the good ole U.S. of A, we are all suspects now. Police State III: Total Enslavement - Video

The "capstone" to the whole barrage of liberty reducing laws is currently in the channels: US House Resolution 1955 (the Thought Crime Prevention Bill) entitled "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" for instance. The vote has passed with a landslide in the House of Representatives 404 to 6 (virtually no opposition from anyone!), wait and see: seems like the Senate will also pass it into law without a whimper... to best summarize what this new law would mean, I think Ward Churchill sums it up best: "HR 1955, as I understand it, provides a basis for subjective interpretation of dissident speech that allows those in power to criminally penalize anything they consider to be particularly effective in terms of galvanizing an opposition that might conceivably in some sense disrupt or destabilize the status quo, so it's to keep everything in that nice sanitized arena that I was just talking about where you're actually a collateral functionary of the state by participating". In other words: your freedom of speech is not only worthless, this Bill criminalizes any act of, or promotion of, anything the Government interprets to be "radical" or "extremist." Official Future Designated Free Speech Zone:


The ruling elite have been rapidly consolidating an infrastructure of repression to "suppress rebellion" against their authority. Or more conveniently put, to suppress "rebellion against the authority of the United States". And so, as the PentaCON Inc. increases its imperialistic violence around the world, the chickens have indeed come home to roost here in America in the form of a national security doctrine obsessed with domestic "insurgency" and the need to preemptively neutralize it. Its' code name: "Garden Plot". (re: The War At Home) Read the local news from around the country for example a Washington Post headline reads "Md Police Put Activists' Names On TERROR LISTs" I don't make this stuff up folks. I just provide you the cold hard to swallow FACTS. The Politically correct Scheme... Another sinister, ever so innocuous way that the establishment is limiting freedom of speech and no one has a slightest clue that it is even happening, is done under a guise called Political Correctness. It has become increasingly acceptable to silence and or redirect peoples speech with because "it is not politically correct" to discuss ____ and ____ issue, or it is not politically correct to say_____ and ______ about this and that. For when you control the language you control the argument. We now have sanctioned acceptable and non acceptable speech. Political Correctness has been nothing more than a benign predecessor to prepare the peoples into later accepting upcoming harsher limits on free speech. Those who cross the "politically correct line" are usually confronted and chastised, often publically. Political correctness is the predecessor of Hate Speech, paving the way for the "NORMALIZATION" of limits to what can be publically said and the people becoming accustomed to being limited and curb their speech in order to adhere to "politically correctness"... This has magically been morphing over time to be associated with and continually becoming nothing more that hate speech it very self. Political Correctness is nothing other than sugar coated censorship. Think about it, for the days are coming fast forward where you are being limited on all sides what you can or cannot say. The walls are closing in... your Zionist masters are skillfully stripping away your rights, liberties, little by little, ever so slowly the water warms, it is now almost boiling and all the cattle sit in the boiling water caldron, sweating, wandering why it is so hot.... We are being methodically over the decades, bombarded with an avalanche of measures, policies, laws, acts and so on, all under the guise of "protecting us" from the boogeymen, "making things better" and "for you benefit." Ever so gradually we are all becoming used to living in an open air, non confined prison cell that we call "the land of the free," where we are even allowed to wander around for miles on end and have all the decadent fun we want, so long as we play by the rules and not break any of their hundreds of thousands of laws, not counting the hundreds of new ones being introduced on a daily basis. How to better keep track of all the inmates, slaves, servants, ummm, I mean citizens? Along comes something called "REAL ID." Nothing more than an Orwellian way to keep track of the national human inventory. A lot has been written about Real ID so I won't bother re-hashing old

news. Instead, here is a clip from that discusses several matters I want to point out. "It's not hard to see why. Many Americans hate REAL ID, and 22 states have refused to comply with the program. DC Downsizers alone have bombarded Congress with 112,227 message demanding that REAL ID be repealed. So . . . Should we be happy that Napolitano wants to review the REAL ID program? Not very. At best, we believe the outcome will be to . . . * Repackage the program, perhaps under a new name * Divide the program into parts, so it can be implemented in stages, such as with the TWIC program * Concoct ways to bribe and coerce state governments to submit to the revised program It's hard to envision that REAL ID will really disappear, until or unless we compel Congress to repeal the authorizing legislation. In fact, we believe that REAL ID, in one form or another, is part of a grand scheme to empower the federal government to track everyone and everything at all times! This grand scheme includes . . . * The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) * A new system being devised to track food products * The NSA system of universal warrantless spying on Americans * And the new federal program to create universal electronic health records We believe that all of these programs will eventually be combined to give the Feds "total information awareness." Are we being hysterical? Many would claim that we are, and they could point to aspects of current government plans that fall far short of being able to "track everyone and everything at all times." But such criticisms miss a crucial point. The evidence is overwhelming that government programs . . . * Tend to grow larger * Nearly always come to include features the politicians promised they would never have We predict that, should some version of REAL ID come into existence, it will eventually be combined with all the other tracking and surveillance systems described above. Most importantly . . . We predict that your REAL ID will be combined with universal electronic medical records to control the kind of health care you receive. We see the writing on the wall, and it says that the federal government is going to turn the entire United States health system into a giant HMO, with all of your medical procedures

controlled by far off bureaucrats. This control will be enforced through something resembling REAL ID, tied to your electronic health records." What we chose to ignore - Video

To facilitate them in clamping down on our society our loving and caring most benevolent politicians in Washington have been busy hammering out surveillance laws after surveillance laws all "for your protection" (oh, but of course!). Doh! Even the very definition of privacy is being re-written. Even your family doctor can (and increasingly do) turn people in for investigation and prosecution under a myriad of laws. Even what your children tell their teachers in school can help you land in very big trouble. Even your co-workers are often encouraged to report anyone for a myriad of reasons. Millions of cameras everywhere, soon there will be nowhere to hide. Welcome to the new improved land of the free, liberty, justice and the American way! Someone please take the crack pipes away from our elected leaders!!!! Still not convinced? Unless you have been living in a cave the last several years, you would know that it is no secret that our police, FBI and intelligence agencies have been spending millions on developing FACIAL RECOGNITION PROGRAMS. Oh yeah, we are all told these are to be able to "catch the bad guys". Behold: beware, for the cameras are watching EVERYONE... including YOU. No one is exempt from surveillance, the moment you decide to "step out of line" and participate in something they have deemed "illegal" such as a PEACE

MARCH, or voice any dissenting opinion, that's it, you will also be a marked man... see the video below for a glimpse into reality. This is What A Police State Looks Like - Video There was a program initiated by the FBI in from 1956 through 1971 called COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert and often illegal projects conducted by the FBI aimed at investigating and disrupting dissident political organizations within the United States. The FBI has used covert operations since its inception, however, the motivation at the time of establishing COINTELPRO was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order." At the same time COINTELPRO was established, the CIA also ran their own surveillance project called Operation CHAOS, a domestic espionage project. Along with several other CIA projects they spied on domestic anti-war activists, and political dissidents. The fact of the matter is that COINTELPRO (or Operation CHAOS) was never really disbanded. Sure they SAY it ended in 1971, but what really happened was that it went further into deep cover in the intelligence infrastructure. The work of COINTELPRO was discreetly transferred to the NSA where they have cart blanch access to anything and everything they want under the guise of "national security." The NSA has long since been busy monitoring EVERY phone call and internet transmissions for years now, so much so that they have long ago connected directly to the root internet hubs at AT&T and setup billions of dollars worth of snoopware infrastructure at strategic communications junctures to accomplish their mission. Today have been witnessing the reemergence of the FBI's involvement in the COINTELPRO field with the hiring of thousands of new cyber investigators to "help battle the cyber terrorists threat" of course. Rest assured that today we, the citizens of this country are being diligently spied upon, by the most sophisticated surveillance apparatus to have ever existed, on a scale that mind boggling, yet it is done so clandestined that no one has the slightest clue it is happening. It's all good, for the sake of "protecting us from the boogeymen "terrorists" eh? Yeah, sure. That is what you are told over and over again. In all actuality the DRAG NET is far and wide. Anyone that does not fall in line with the New World Order agenda is subject to strict scrutiny, surveillance and eventually prosecution in their quest to silence and dismantle their works. The examples are piling up so fast it is hard to keep up. Even the animal rights and ecological activists are being targeted as TERRORISTS! Where will the insanity end? Go ahead doubt what is currently happening right before your very eyes why don't you? Yes, stick your head into the sand and ignore the FACT that concentration camps are in fact waiting to soon be populated. Beginning with the ONE MILLION "TERRORISTS" ON THE OFFICIAL "TERRORIST" WATCH LIST. Did you know that the FBI labels the environmental and animal rights movements the NUMBER ONE domestic "terrorist" threat? So you my dear picketing peaceful activist friends are in deep shit. Now sing with me: "Bad boys, bad boys, What you gona do when they come for you, bad boys, bad boys?"

And.... You're probably a terrorist if...(hint, click on that link). Welcome back to the COINTELPRO program baby, it is alive and well, stronger, smarter, better organized, more hidden, better disguised than ever before. Back in 1967 to 1971 the FBI kept a list of over 100,000 people to be rounded up as subversive, dubbed the "ADEX" list. This list contained many labor leaders, scholars, and public figures of the time. All activists, including animal rights, environmentalism, socialism, labor organizing, As it was then, so it is even more so today: ANYONE that may upset or challenge the status quo, ANYTHING you say or do against the 'establishment' they don't like, any type of dissent, then you are in deep shit, off to jail you will go, classified as and treated as a TERRORIST and added to the list of evil sinister terrorists who are out to destroy our country at that. Oh, by the way, since Habeas Corpus was declared null and void years ago by the many of the Presidential Executive orders, signed Acts, you can be hauled off to jail, no lawyer, no voice, no trial, etc... and held indefinitely. Oh what a mighty web they weave. Do you STILL believe this is a "free country"? Only communist countries have political prisoners, right? NOT! FYI: America has imprisoned hundreds of political activists. Do a Google search for "political prisoners in the United States" and see for yourself. American Indian movement activists, Puerto Rican independistas are just a couple of many others from all areas sit in American prisons for standing up and speaking out, some with insane sentences such as 73 years hard time. Yes you have rights, you have the right to shut the hell up, blindly believe everything they tell you and do as you are told. Period. Read all those executive orders and Acts that have been signed into law! The writing is plainly on the wall. All you activists will soon be viewed and treated as hostile dissidents, enemy sympathizers, enemy combatants, for whoever disagrees with the rulers of this nation are then labeled evil anti-American traitors, you terrorists! All the anti-war, antifascism, anti-tyranny, 911 truth, etc. activists will soon see the day when they are all hauled off to jail. CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS and all major news media will make sure you are all demonized also!!!. America is in deep shit quicksand folks. Check out the Confessions of an American Thought Criminal, eloquently written, poetically true. Yet another scary aspect is that along with the dissolution of Habeas Corpus we are witnessing the ongoing attempt to abolish the "Exclusionary Rule" also known as unfair search and seizure, one of our constitutional rights that is guaranteed by the 4th amendment. In other words, our most caring loving ruling masters would like to do away with the pesky problem of having to get a warrant to enter your premises on the basis that "today's police officers are so much better trained and equipped they would never do anything wrong or dishonest," /cough/ I kid you not. The day they abolish this last thread of protection will be the day any cop can just walk right into your home, look around as he feels happy until HE FINDS something to imprison you for. Meanwhile the groundwork has been laid by the Cheney & Co Crime Syndicate who had been quietly preparing for the "big lock down", "in January when the Army Corps of Engineers awarded HALIBURTON subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root a $385 million contract to construct DETENTION CENTERS (aka: concentration camps) somewhere in the US, to deal with 'an

emergency influx of "immigrants" into the US, or to support the rapid development of new programs,' KBR said" [Market Watch, Jan. 26, 2006] Later, the New York Times reported that "KBR would build the centers for Homeland Security Dept for an unexpected influx of 'immigrants' (lol, yeah, right), to house people in the event of a natural disaster or for 'new programs' that require additional detention space". Hint.. guess what type of next "unforeseen" disaster will magically befall us? Oh, and I bet yah that we will be conducting "drills" in the very same area where ever the next "attack" or "disaster" happens... These are just a couple out of dozens of other hard fact news stories by mainstream media informing about our government's activities in preparing a nationwide concentration camp network... folks... we don't make this stuff up... this is REALITY. This is actually nothing new. It is common knowledge that the our Japanese citizens were all rounded up and held in concentration camps right here in the good ole U.S. of A back in WWII and in 1984 "Rex-84 Alpha Explan" under the guise of "continuity of government" was implemented. Since then there have been many master military contingency plans in existence along with military exercises to round up large numbers of people in the U.S. in times of crisis. It does not matter that a new president was elected, it does not matter that now the democrats are supposedly "in charge." You must understand that the power players behind the curtain remain in place no matter who "wins" in any election! The concentration camp system that was being setup throughout the Bush & Co. administration is going ahead full steam even in the Obama administration. Before anyone was able to get over the hangover of all the celebrating of Obama's coronation, just 2 days later congress pulls out H.R.645 seeking to authorize and legalize FEMA camps. You have all been hood winked yet again. Obama is just going to pick up the oppression baton and ram it down your throats. The Center for Research on Globalization is a great source of info on many of these topics. Here they cover "Legislation to Establish Internment Camps on US Military Bases." Before the satanic war criminal Bush left office, he signed presidential directive: "Biometrics for Identification and Screening to Enhance National Security Act." With this bill, our most loving, benevolent government now has the authority waiting in the wings to implant biometric chips into all you "terrorists" who go about spreading the TRUTH, holding public protests and resisting the system... The masses can't smell the stench for they have gotten used to it over the decades, by the time they realize it, America has already been sinking in the quick sand, too late to do anything about it. Warning to all: he who has eyes and can see and he who has an ear and hears what others can't... you know what is coming, get your affairs in order, plan ahead, prepare for the upcoming storm...


We supposedly live in the land of "freedom", where the statue of Liberty proudly stands at the harbor of NYC declaring to the world "America the land of the Free". Well, kind of, you see, throughout America (Canada and England too) it has become increasingly mandatory to silence ANYONE who does not agree with your agenda. Local and federal governments now routinely setup "free speech zones" miles away from were any government gathering is taking place. I don't know about you, but to me it looks like, smells like, tastes like a form of CENSORSHIP. "Say whatever you want to say as long as you say it at the top of that mountain over there where no one can hear you". "Oh but we have a free speech internet" you say? LOL.. that is not going to last long. The plans are already being hammered out to impede "dangerous subversive speech" on the internets. The powers that be will install "BLOCKADES" at the ISP level for starters, where they will filter ("for your protection," of course) "evil" websites and information. They will soon limit your bandwidth by imposing usage caps to help steer online usage. Also in their planned bag of tricks will be shutting down internet traffic (shutting down non cooperative rogue ISPs, websites, etc.) as initiated by hard core illuminatist Jay Rockefeller with their Cybersecurity Act of 2009. Surely professionals who labor day in and day out looking for cures for mankind in the realm of medicine can speak their minds? LOL: NOT! Actually it is the opposite, this area of society has been under draconian Orwellian lock down for over half a century. You must never forget that all those friendly neighborhood doctors have been indoctrinated, trained and brainwashed by THE PHARMACORP SYSTEM. You can be the world's foremost expert in any given medical field and have discovered a NATURAL remedy to cure or treat a disease, but the law and the system will never allow you to, not only NEVER tell anyone, it is also a CRIME to state that any natural substance or supplement can be considered as medicine! According to the FDA "only man made drugs can cure people"! Is this not CENSORSHIP in its most primal form? This is just the tip of the iceberg in the medical field where logic, reason and public service increasingly take back seat to all mighty profits and fleecing the public as they stopped looking for cures ever since Polio was cured and they figured out that once everyone was cured, they had no more CUSTOMERS! Never again has a cure been found for ANYTHING ever since then. All research goes into finding "TREATMENTS." And the "medicine" they conjure up are more lethal then some of the illnesses they are supposed to treat, often creating a host of new side effect illnesses.

All major media companies, news papers, magazines, TV, all of them practice some form of censorship. For absolutely NO story gets circulated without approval from top brass, none, ever. Those who control the media - what the public hears and sees, carefully choose what they WANT the public to see and hear. Omitting anything they choose to and focusing on what they want people to believe in. Guess what, I'll say it yet again. Censorship is alive and well in America. Coming soon will be i-9/11 and i-Patriot Act and the Hate Speech Acts to help silence all you free thinkers and loud mouths on the internet... you have every right in the world.... TO BE AFRAID... VERY AFRAID. Another area that censorship is rearing its ugly head is by the ADL (the infamous Jewish Anti Defamation League) lobby's HATE CRIMES bills being presented to congress (proposed by faithful Zionist puppet Sheila Jackson-Lee [now working under Hillary] who is also instrumental in pushing citizen disarmament weapons bans). These Hate Crimes laws will be catastrophic to freedom of speech as we know it. They are none other than direct frontal assault on our freedom of speech AND a censorship law all rolled up into one convenient weapon. Canada already has hate crimes laws in effect and hundreds of people have been imprisoned on daily basis. People are thus selectively being SILENCED through these hate crimes laws. A perfect recent example of this has occurred in Canada where the ADL's sister organization the JDL (Jewish Defense League) is the 800 lb gorilla in the room. The JDL was instrumental in having well known and outspoken anti-war MP George Galloway added to Canada's terrorist list and banned from entering Canada and there is nothing even he can do about it. This my friends, is but a single example, like a single drop in the bucket. The United States, Canada and England are THE central players in shaping and "formulating world reality" completely united in their labeling normal citizens as terrorists policy, adopting hate crimes laws, clamping down on civilian rights and ushering in a benign form of police state, "for your protection" of course. Don Feder articulates these issues in a recent article "Hate Crimes Laws - Fighting Bias with Fascism." Another well written and informative article is "Closing The Boarders to Free Speech" by Harmony Grant. Following their long established modus operandi formula, your Zionist oppressors, instigators are yet again taking a single, as in one single lone case, and blowing it out of proportion and using it to legislate and oppress the rest of the 300 million people in the entire country. Who is David Ray Ritcheson anyway? He was a Mexican-American high school student that was brutally attacked and sodomized in 2006. The Zionists, the ADL, and their minions jumped on this case bandwagon as a perfect justification to push their draconian Hate Crimes legislation through congress. The David Ray Ritcheson Hate Crimes Prevention Act, HR 262 bill will erect a Federal Hate Crimes Command Center, yet will NOT be run by the government. The bill says that a private civil liberties organization (ADL) will direct it. Who else would it be other than the world's premier "civil liberties" group promoting hate laws... the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). The ADL will set up a 24/7 hour command in D.C., complete with a hate crimes hotline and database. This will be an effective way for the ADL to expand its espionage

operations and spy on Americans who have "politically incorrect" views (just one example). The ADL already has the authority to instruct the Justice Department, FBI and local law enforcement on its hate crimes agenda. People, if you don't wake up soon we will all be shit out of luck and effectively all SILENCED, for all those who dare come forth and speak against your Zionist JEWISH rulers will be immediately imprisoned for anti-Semitic HATE CRIMES.... In some parts of the world people are already routinely imprisoned for the "hate crime" of questioning, challenging the data and myths of the holocaust... these people are swiftly prosecuted and imprisoned for holocaust denial... This is stone cold FACT. Can you begin to imagine the draconian censorship that the Zionists will setup as a barrier so that no one will EVER be able to accuse them of wrongdoing, crimes, corruption, nothing, for the moment you dare open your mouths to expose the evil ones you will be swiftly prosecuted. Are you afraid yet? Over 15 million native American Indians were victims of organized genocide in the early years of America's history, today, yet today they are all kept in large open air concentration camps, ummm, I mean "reservations" /cough/. On the other hand you have hugely debated Holocaust casualty figures where the most realistic numbers of Jewish victims (even according to the Red Cross records) in the hundreds of thousands. Here is where the sheer POWER and INFLUENCE of the Zionist ruling elite is readily observable... these people have done the seemingly impossible: making disagreeing with someone else's story and committing the act of making a public statement "DENYING something" a SEVERE CRIMINAL OFFENSE punishable with extensive prison sentences surpassing the severity of convictions of some hard core criminal acts by real criminals! Behold, for there are many countries who are so completely dominated and controlled by their Zionist masters that you WILL be jailed for uttering the unforgivable remark: Holocaust denial is explicitly or implicitly illegal in 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland. Slovakia made Holocaust denial a crime in late 2001 but repealed the legislation in May 2005. Spain decriminalized Holocaust denial in October 2007.[99] Italy rejected a draft Holocaust denial law proposing a prison sentence of up to four years in 2007, the Netherlands rejected a draft law proposing a maximum sentence of one year in 2006 and before this the United Kingdom twice rejected a Holocaust denial law. Denmark and Sweden also have rejected Holocaust denial legislation... Think you are off the hook? Holocaust denial and antiSemitic legislation is making its way around to your neck of the woods also, for it comes disguised under different terms and legislation, such as "HATE CRIMES" bills currently being pushed around congress... Oh, you're not afraid yet, eh? Packed into those Hate Crimes bills, in the fine print are more fun morality destroying measures, advancing the long held practice of the Zionists to spread decadence and immorality to all corners of the globe in order to destroy Christianity and all other religions thus leaving only the Zionist Jews on the high moral grounds to rule and pass judgment on everyone else. Did you know that the Hate Crimes bills will also commit to "re-educating"

children in public schools from kindergarten to graduation against homophobic values and the Bible's "hate speech" and "intolerance." The ADL has been busy pushing hate crimes laws all over the place for decades. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is essentially a hate crimes bill for the workplace. An employer who refuses to hire a person who is a known homosexual or fires someone for that reason can be fined or imprisoned for committing a hate crime. ENDA would also require that church organizations such as schools, adoption agencies and camps hire homosexuals or lose their tax-exempt status because they are not complying with hate crimes legislation... Oh what a might web they weave... How To Kill The Hate Bills - by Rev. Ted Pike - Video Just how far has the ADL's effectiveness been? The most honorable and benevolent ADL has been helping the FBI and local law enforcement craft all sorts of works... The entire truth movement is falsely being tied and connected to the militant militia movement by the FBI and state enforcement agencies... This is VERY SERIOUS. For they are now setting up the propaganda story line... read one of their official in house memos "MIAC STRATEGIC REPORT - THE MODERN MILITIA MOVEMNET" that I have photocopied in the Addendum section on page 477 of this report. That's it, it's official: everyone that is a truther, activist, protester, practices freedom of speech against the establishment is OFFICIALLY a dangerous terrorist. All of you WILL eventually be treated and rounded up, prosecuted and imprisoned as such. You have just one right.... Be afraid.... Be very afraid.... Oh, did I mention that MIAC people and many states similar enforcement departments get TRAINING and pertinent information from none other than: the ADL! (Yes the Jewish Anti Defamation League). It has already been proven and documented that the MIAC report was prepared with the help of your friendly neighborhood ADL. Not only that, the MIAC report goes on to connect many truthers, peaceful activists and organizations as being involved in gun wielding ready to shoot MILITANT MILITIA!!! This is just the beginning, now we are witnessing a "coincidental" /cough/ (MKultra?) alarming increase in bizarre shootings. Of which the drum beat of two major themes keep emerging: 1) the need for gun control. 2) Connecting the murdering whackos to the "conspiracy nuts." In the latter case one amazing example recently came to light and reported in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette: Richard Poplawski had a shootout and killed three Pittsburgh police officers. According to Heidi Beirich (Zionist Jew bitch), director of Southern Poverty Law Center and an "expert" on political extremists. She called Poplawski's act of having a shootout with police "a classic example of what happens when you start buying all this conspiracy stuff."!!!!! "For some time now there has been a pretty good connection between being suckered into this conspiracy world and propagating violence."!!!!! Said Heidi Beirich. It is sad to hear that some whacko killed three fine public servants, but what makes this story even more twisted and frightening is the fact that events such as these are actively being used as a case to disarm the remaining 99.9% of the law abiding gun owning citizens and crazier yet

is the fact that they are totally creating a fictional connection between militant whackos and the truth movement. Behold for I come forth to speak to he who has an ear: Beware, For the powers that be are actively trying to foment ANARCHY - rebellions - and even riots within the populace... For this is the perfect starting point, justification and platform for them to use their signed bills, acts and executive orders as leverage to launch their NEXT PHASES of your enslavement, and expand their ever more encroaching police state powers and oppression... "all for your protection" of course... This has already happened many times before in history, one place in particular where many identical situations and events occurred eerily mirroring what is happening here today was Germany back in the 1930s...... notice has been served...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!" - Samuel Adams (American revolutionary)

The old saying "justice is blind" used to refer to the concept that "everyone was treated equal". This is just another case of blatantly false myth portrayal of our justice system that has been perpetuated for centuries. Justice is absolutely NOT blind. The rich, powerful and famous get the "innocent till proven guilty treatment" while the poor, minorities get the "guilty till proven innocent treatment". It is all so obvious that there is definitely a two standard system. 1) For the rich, famous and well connected. 2) For the rest of the masses. The prison system in the US has been highly commercialized. The privatized prisons system is RUN BY FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS. These corporations, answerable to shareholders, must constantly expand their business (more jails & prisoners) and make it more profitable (more customers = more inmates). For that to happen, there must be more crime, more and lengthier convictions, and more prisoners. Yeah, lots more prisoners! The prison industrial complex consists of the corporations that make a living out of building the

prisons, maintaining the prisons, supplying the prisons and those who run the prisons, etc. All said and done, the prison industrial matrix is a multibillion dollar high growth industry. These corporations contribute massive amounts of money to "tough on crime" politicians , and they lobby Congress and state legislators to for more laws and stricter enforcement of those laws, endlessly working toward eventually sending the most amount of people in the country to prison. Despite overwhelming evidence that our entire prison matrix is a failure and must be reworked and re-thought from the ground up, nothing is ever done to truly change the system into a true "rehabilitation" of inmates system. The US is the world's worst prison state. Dept of Justice reports more than seven million people in the US were serving sentences by 2004. That's TEN TIMES MORE THAN ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND MORE THAN THOSE JAILED IN ALL THE OTHER NATIONS COMBINED (according to the International Centre for Prison Studies). Today we have become "a nation of jailers" whose "prison system has grown into a leviathan unmatched in human history." Here is a perfect example of our judicial system at work filling up our prisons: A black man who robbed a Shreveport Capital One bank of $100 because he was out of a job and hungry has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, meanwhile, months after being charged, Madoff sits at home in his mansion after stealing $50 billion. Now that is justice! There you have it, a picture perfect example of our system working the way it was designed to. I came across a great article by Vicky Pelaez at that sums up exactly what I want to convey about the prison industrial complex so well that I will just quote her work in its entirety: The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery? Human rights organizations, as well as political and social ones, are condemning what they are calling a new form of inhumane exploitation in the United States, where they say a prison population of up to 2 million - mostly Black and Hispanic - are working for various industries for a pittance. For the tycoons who have invested in the prison industry, it has been like finding a pot of gold. They don't have to worry about strikes or paying unemployment insurance, vacations or comp time. All of their workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent because of family problems; moreover, if they don't like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they are locked up in isolation cells. There are approximately 2 million inmates in state, federal and private prisons throughout the country. According to California Prison Focus, "no other society in human history has imprisoned so many of its own citizens." The figures show that the United States has locked up more people than any other country: a half million more than China, which has a population five times greater than the U.S. Statistics reveal that the United States holds 25% of the world's prison population, but only 5% of the world's people. From less than 300,000 inmates in 1972, the jail population grew to 2 million by the year 2000. In 1990 it was one million. Ten years ago

there were only five private prisons in the country, with a population of 2,000 inmates; now, there are 100, with 62,000 inmates. It is expected that by the coming decade, the number will hit 360,000, according to reports. What has happened over the last 10 years? Why are there so many prisoners? "The private contracting of prisoners for work fosters incentives to lock people up. Prisons depend on this income. Corporate stockholders who make money off prisoners' work lobby for longer sentences, in order to expand their workforce. The system feeds itself," says a study by the Progressive Labor Party, which accuses the prison industry of being "an imitation of Nazi Germany with respect to forced slave labor and concentration camps." The prison industry complex is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and its investors are on Wall Street. "This multimillion-dollar industry has its own trade exhibitions, conventions, websites, and mail-order/Internet catalogs. It also has direct advertising campaigns, architecture companies, construction companies, investment houses on Wall Street, plumbing supply companies, food supply companies, armed security, and padded cells in a large variety of colors." According to the Left Business Observer, the federal prison industry produces 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents, bags, and canteens. Along with war supplies, prison workers supply 98% of the entire market for equipment assembly services; 93% of paints and paintbrushes; 92% of stove assembly; 46% of body armor; 36% of home appliances; 30% of headphones/microphones/speakers; and 21% of office furniture. Airplane parts, medical supplies, and much more: prisoners are even raising seeing-eye dogs for blind people. CRIME GOES DOWN, JAIL POPULATION GOES UP According to reports by human rights organizations, these are the factors that increase the profit potential for those who invest in the prison industry complex: Jailing persons convicted of non-violent crimes, and long prison sentences for possession of microscopic quantities of illegal drugs. Federal law stipulates five years' imprisonment without possibility of parole for possession of 5 grams of crack or 3.5 ounces of heroin, and 10 years for possession of less than 2 ounces of rock-cocaine or crack. A sentence of 5 years for cocaine powder requires possession of 500 grams - 100 times more than the quantity of rock cocaine for the same sentence. Most of those who use cocaine powder are white, middle-class or rich people, while mostly Blacks and Latinos use rock cocaine. In Texas, a person may be sentenced for up to two years' imprisonment for possessing 4 ounces of marijuana. Here in New York, the 1973 Nelson Rockefeller anti-drug law provides for a mandatory prison sentence of 15 years to life for possession of 4 ounces of any illegal drug. The passage in 13 states of the "three strikes" laws (life in prison after being convicted of three felonies), made it necessary to build 20 new federal prisons. One of the most disturbing cases

resulting from this measure was that of a prisoner who for stealing a car and two bicycles received three 25-year sentences. Longer sentences. The passage of laws that require minimum sentencing, without regard for circumstances. A large expansion of work by prisoners creating profits that motivate the incarceration of more people for longer periods of time. More punishment of prisoners, so as to lengthen their sentences. HISTORY OF PRISON LABOR IN THE UNITED STATES Prison labor has its roots in slavery. After the 1861-1865 Civil War, a system of "hiring out prisoners" was introduced in order to continue the slavery tradition. Freed slaves were charged with not carrying out their sharecropping commitments (cultivating someone else's land in exchange for part of the harvest) or petty thievery - which were almost never proven - and were then "hired out" for cotton picking, working in mines and building railroads. From 1870 until 1910 in the state of Georgia, 88% of hired-out convicts were Black. In Alabama, 93% of "hiredout" miners were Black. In Mississippi, a huge prison farm similar to the old slave plantations replaced the system of hiring out convicts. The notorious Parchman plantation existed until 1972. During the post-Civil War period, Jim Crow racial segregation laws were imposed on every state, with legal segregation in schools, housing, marriages and many other aspects of daily life. "Today, a new set of markedly racist laws is imposing slave labor and sweatshops on the criminal justice system, now known as the prison industry complex," comments the Left Business Observer. Who is investing? At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations that mount their operations inside state prisons. The list of such companies contains the cream of U.S. corporate society: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom's, Revlon, Macy's, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, and many more. All of these businesses are excited about the economic boom generation by prison labor. Just between 1980 and 1994, profits went up from $392 million to $1.31 billion. Inmates in state penitentiaries generally receive the minimum wage for their work, but not all; in Colorado, they get about $2 per hour, well under the minimum. And in privately-run prisons, they receive as little as 17 cents per hour for a maximum of six hours a day, the equivalent of $20 per month. The highest-paying private prison is CCA in Tennessee, where prisoners receive 50 cents per hour for what they call "highly skilled positions." At those rates, it is no surprise that inmates find the pay in federal prisons to be very generous. There, they can earn $1.25 an hour and work eight hours a day, and sometimes overtime. They can send home $200-$300 per month.

Thanks to prison labor, the United States is once again an attractive location for investment in work that was designed for Third World labor markets. A company that operated a maquiladora (assembly plant in Mexico near the border) closed down its operations there and relocated to San Quentin State Prison in California. In Texas, a factory fired its 150 workers and contracted the services of prisoner-workers from the private Lockhart Texas prison, where circuit boards are assembled for companies like IBM and Compaq. [Former] Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix recently urged Nike to cut its production in Indonesia and bring it to his state, telling the shoe manufacturer that "there won't be any transportation costs; we're offering you competitive prison labor (here)." PRIVATE PRISONS The prison privatization boom began in the 1980s, under the governments of Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr., but reached its height in 1990 under William Clinton, when Wall Street stocks were selling like hotcakes. Clinton's program for cutting the federal workforce resulted in the Justice Departments contracting of private prison corporations for the incarceration of undocumented workers and high-security inmates. Private prisons are the biggest business in the prison industry complex. About 18 corporations guard 10,000 prisoners in 27 states. The two largest are Correctional Corporation of America (CCA) and Wackenhut, which together control 75%. Private prisons receive a guaranteed amount of money for each prisoner, independent of what it costs to maintain each one. According to Russell Boraas, a private prison administrator in Virginia, "the secret to low operating costs is having a minimal number of guards for the maximum number of prisoners." The CCA has an ultra-modern prison in Lawrenceville, Virginia, where five guards on dayshift and two at night watch over 750 prisoners. In these prisons, inmates may get their sentences reduced for "good behavior," but for any infraction, they get 30 days added - which means more profits for CCA. According to a study of New Mexico prisons, it was found that CCA inmates lost "good behavior time" at a rate eight times higher than those in state prisons. IMPORTING AND EXPORTING INMATES Profits are so good that now there is a new business: importing inmates with long sentences, meaning the worst criminals. When a federal judge ruled that overcrowding in Texas prisons was cruel and unusual punishment, the CCA signed contracts with sheriffs in poor counties to build and run new jails and share the profits. According to a December 1998 Atlantic Monthly magazine article, this program was backed by investors from Merrill-Lynch, Shearson-Lehman, American Express and Allstate, and the operation was scattered all over rural Texas. That state's governor, Ann Richards, followed the example of Mario Cuomo in New York and built so many state prisons that the market became flooded, cutting into private prison profits. After a law signed by Clinton in 1996 - ending court supervision and decisions - caused overcrowding and violent, unsafe conditions in federal prisons, private prison corporations in Texas began to contact other states whose prisons were overcrowded, offering "rent-a-cell"

services in the CCA prisons located in small towns in Texas. The commission for a rent-a-cell salesman is $2.50 to $5.50 per day per bed. The county gets $1.50 for each prisoner. STATISTICS Ninety-seven percent of 125,000 federal inmates have been convicted of non-violent crimes. It is believed that more than half of the 623,000 inmates in municipal or county jails are innocent of the crimes they are accused of. Of these, the majority are awaiting trial. Two-thirds of the one million state prisoners have committed non-violent offenses. Sixteen percent of the country's 2 million prisoners suffer from mental illness.

No discussion on the prison industrial matrix can be complete without covering the drug war hoax. After thirty-five years and $500 Billion, drugs are as cheap and plentiful as ever. One has to wonder, why, if we have been waging this all consuming "war" on drugs for years on end, just WHY and how the fuck do we actually have more and cheaper and better drugs on the streets than freaking EVER! I will sum it up for you in the simplest fashion that I know how: The "war on drugs" is no different than the "war on terror", they are both absolute FRAUDS of epic proportions. The Drug War vs. American Civilization Is it any wonder that it was none other than America's premier new world order innovators, the Rockefeller ruling elite, who concocted and pushed the Rockefeller Drug Laws that tied the hands of the judges by requiring LENGTHY PRISON TERMS even for first-time offenders. Essentially, the law allowed prosecutors to decide who went to jail and for how long. The system, which has been imitated throughout the country, filled the jails to bursting, while doing nothing to curb the drug trade. But our prison trade is a booming industry! Is it any wonder that Each and every president as far as I can remember has been the host of some type of "war" or another? Must keep the Death Industrial Complex in motion. Well, Nixon ushered in America's "war on drugs", Reagan took it to new heights. Basically, essentially speaking, America has literally been waging a real WAR in our country yet people don't have a clue. Thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of "war criminals" are chalked up each and every year since Nixon began this "war"... therefore our nation has been on this bogus WAR for more than three decades and counting... and it only gets worse.


Drugging of America. The bogus "drug war" has been nothing more than a well orchestrated facade for imprisoning "inferior" black and Latino population who represent the overwhelming majority of those held in state prison for drug offenses. The poor minorities not only have no clue, and very decrepit education, but are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the drug war onslaught. Millions of them have succumbed and become victims in one way or another to this most despicable faux war. Again, as in other sections of the Matrix Report, I don't want to waste time delving into and repeating the same information exposed by others who have done much more extensive research and documentation. As I keep reiterating over and over again throughout this Matrix Report, I encourage anyone that wants to follow this rabbit down the hole just need to use Google (Zionist founded and controlled search engine) and search any and every claim and word we say here, you will find tons of supporting truth. I'm here to expose what many people don't know... in this particular case it is: the CIA is THE BIGGEST MOST POWERFULL DRUG DEALER IN THE WORLD. Remember the "Iran Contra" scandal? Oliver North and the CIA got caught red handed running drugs and weapons (Oliver North spearheaded the CIA 'Cocaine Importing Agency' division). Hello! This IS standard history, pure fact. After the bogus "investigations" we witnessed one of the CIAs main cocaine importers, Ollie North become a famous CELEBRITY instead of being imprisoned for life! What you don't know is the fact that the CIA realized that drug running was the PERFECT way to fund all their BLACK OPS missions with the never ending supply of unknown billions of dollars. Multi hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars a year are laundered through financial institutions annually. Behold for our nation's entire financial sector's rise has been in some way propped up by these blood monies. Narcotics money is such an integral part of our financial system, so much so, that if all drug money laundering were to stop at this moment, our entire financial system would receive a critical blow. Ex police officer whistle blower, turned truth activist Mike Ruppert has been instrumental in helping to blow the lid off the CIA drug connection. Unfortunately he was attacked to the point where he has chosen to "retire" and no longer speak, for he has witnessed the full power of the enemy up close and personal, they did their best to destroy him, almost to the point of death. Hence, you won't get him to talk any further but I believe his website "" is still up and running by others, check it out. The Iran Contra fiasco was JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBURG... The CIA saw the billions on top of billions that the Medellin Cartel was making and decided that it no longer wanted to be a middleman and went on to wage war on the Medellin cartel for once it destroyed Escobar and his cartel, the CIA could muscle in and fill in the void, taking over the entire operation. After the Medellin cartel was neutralized, the entire drug war scene moved into obscurity, ever since those days the CIA has been making regular drug runs with thousands of pounds of cocaine with CIA front company planes. A couple of those CIA front company planes recently crashed, no problem, the CIA's operations are in no danger of being exposed in the mainstream. The entire drug running operation is conducted with major high level top secret "national security"

clearance, LOL. They essentially just fly those planes back and forth with ABSOLUTELY NO FUSS. Occasionally they tip off the coast guard on shipments of their "competitors" so that it seems that our bogus war on drugs and the hundreds of millions spent are "working". The billions of dollars the CIA makes with its drug running business gets added to their 30 to 40 billion "chump change" annual budget it gets from Washington. It's drug money is "off the books" so to speak. With these added billions the CIA funds its most clandestine Black Ops Skunk Works operations such as its infamous Al-CIAda terrorist division, to name just one. All you have to do is look around the globe, it is easy to spot the clandestine activates of CIA terrorist false flag ops. Clue: where ever America is having a hard time getting the opposing country to bend to our demands, such as "allow our form of democracy (capitalism) into their country or else", which basically means that any country that does not allow western banks, Exxon, McDonalds, CocaCola, etc., etc., FREE REIGN to do as they like, and take over all their lands and natural resources. If not, you will soon have to deal with the CIA False Flag Black Ops Division operating in your back yard. In the middle east it's called "Al-CIAda," in south American counties they are busy organizing and fomenting similar internal "freedom fighters", the gorillas, and so forth. Over the past several decades the CIA has consolidated much of its drug running empire. Prior to the US invasion of Afghanistan the Taliban were not cooperating with heroin demand. The Taliban had drastically cut heroin production to un-acceptable levels. One fringe benefits of the invasion of Afghanistan was the fact that our troops cleared the way and PROTECTED the poppy farmers! LOL! Soon after, the production of heroin skyrocketed to historic heights all the while our loving military is right there in Afghanistan carefully watching over and protecting our CIA export "interests". Under the Taliban heroin production was almost eradicated, today heroin is cheaper than a six pack of beer! Ever wondered why no one ever gets caught smuggling thousands of pounds of heroin? It's entirely run by the CIA baby! Put those facts in your pipe and smoke it! The only people the ever get caught and you see in the news are the CIA's competition! State sponsored drug running is centuries old. It was England who forced heroin on the country of China way back when! I kid you not, look it up! The so called war on drugs was not only great funding scheme for the CIA, it also turned out to be the governments perfect pretense to continue on their agenda to create a society of people who fear their neighbors and make them more open to the concept a big brother government that would "protect" them. Just another perfect pretense to expand the constant onslaught on your freedoms. Last but not least. Part of the explosion of the entire drug scene here in the US has been a well hidden secret addiction operation. I don't care who tells you otherwise, this is very true. Highly addictive drugs were purposely FLOODED into the inner cities to destroy the largely black and Latino population. This has been an ongoing super top secret operation no one can access other than Gamma ESI clearance. This operation has been a war of destroying the BRAINS, minds, capacity, potential and will of the minorities, to create docile dysfunctional cattle. For the most

part it has been hugely successful. The constant cheap access to tons of drugs in the "ghettos" along with a correlating massive education void, the minorities were left to destroy not only each other, but the more they used the drugs they were to sink ever deeper into mental, social, psychological and economic handicapness. What is the number one way to get the "inferior" races of this country out of circulation? What better way than to completely blanket their neighborhoods under tons of drugs? I spent many years in the inner cities researching this operation, I cannot even begin to describe the rivers of hidden tears and pain I had to endure throughout my work in the "ghetto". The children and the children's children suffered the most, their parents unable to function at full capacities, immersed in a local society riddled with drugs and hallucinogens, poverty at all sides, no real education, schools that resemble zoos, millions upon millions of minorities in many cities unable to participate fully in social and democratic processes of society at large. Those living in the "ghetto" by and large suffer the single most incredible case of being socially, environmentally, educationally, economically HANDICAPED I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Video: CIA, Drugs and The US Economy: - Video

Crack The CIA - Video

CIA Contributes To The Creation of the Crack Epidemic - Video

Fake & Corrupt US War on Drugs: - Video

CIA Drug Ops: - Video CIA Drug Ops documentary: - Video

Yes "Operation Drug the Ghetto" worked wonders for the ruling elite in not only segregating the minorities but also clearly oppressing their entire peoples and herding them into an inferior form of life. Never would the majority of these poor peasants be allowed to have a level playing field, flourish to acquire knowledge, to rise above their habitats to one day be able to confront their oppressors, their rulers, their masters. For there must only exist two classes in society: the

rich/famous ruling class and the peasant worker servant sheeple. Behold: the middle class will soon be no more, welcome to the land of poverty, desperation, constant struggle to make ends meet, hopelessness, were you will find yourself powerless to fight back, let alone get out... I hath spoken. Sure ignore all the videos above, ignore all the evidence that has surfaced over the years. I am just a space cadet with a great imagination... right? YOU WISH! Even I wish that were so, for then everything I have revealed would all be a figment of my imagination and the reality would by just like Alice In Wonderland and I could go back to "La La Land". Sorry but the artificial reality that has been BEAMED and forever ETCHED into your mind throughout the years is very sad to behold. I would love to be able to tell you that everything is hunky doory and that the Tooth Fairy is real, but the reality is that secret elite Zionist/Mason rulers have been running our government and then created the BEASTS we all know as the CIA/Mossad/Mi5. This (the three) organization is not the Peace Corps, on the contrary. The sole purpose of existence of the CIA is to cause unheard of damage, pure unadulterated harm, to destroy people, places, things, even nations. To infiltrate and miss-lead their targets. Miss-information, disinformation, lies, deceit, murder, assassinations, bombings. Drugging a population. That's "fun" for them. Imprisoning millions of minorities and turning them literally into free labor slaves working the fields for pennies a day, is pure bliss. So there you have it, our prison industrial matrix is nothing more than our modern day Gulags. While we have a bogus war on drugs that help keep those gulags full, here is your multibillion dollar for profit industry hard at work literally enslaving an segment of mankind.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"


"CIA killed President Kennedy" - Jim Garrison "There exists in this country a plot to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot." - JFK "The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions to not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it's in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public that the facts they deserve to know." "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence - on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on

guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed." - JFK A pivotal high point of the illuminati Zionist-Freemasons was Killing of the King rite enacted on November 22, 1963 where the only Catholic president, the King of the West was ritually slain - President John F. Kennedy. The use of black magic acted out in the world stage is all around us, an open psychic warfare. The purpose of killing Kennedy was a black magical capstone for the control of the dreaming mind of the West, killing the highest aspect of the American group SOUL to pull it into a sort of prison hell destroying idealism, innocence, moral excellence. Changing the American Dream, ushering in a new era... of the nightmare of Vietnam, black and minority impoverishment, gangs, ghetto hell, drugs, immorality.... [Psi-Lord]. From that day forward our nation lost its innocence. If you sit down and carefully look back, November of 1962 was THE turning point. We went from a world of Brady Bunch, Ozzie & Harriet, I love Lucy, Andy Griffith Show, Father Knows Best... that world is long gone. The assassinations of the 1960s ushered in the new age of immorality, turmoil and chaos. Today we are fed a steady diet of verifiably morally insane and decadent shows such as Jerry Springer, Flavor of Love, Jack Ass, to name just a few. It is so truly sad when you look back at what was and what is. The fact of history remains: JFK's main efforts and focus during his presidency was trying to secure PEACE with America's enemies, yes, including Russia. He is quoted dozens upon dozens of times imploring for peace (here is just one of those quotes: "let us call a truce to terror, let us invoke the blessings of PEACE, and as we build an international capacity to keep peace, let us join in dismantling the national capacity to wage war"). But to the powers that be, and the military industrial complex that were firmly entrenched prior to his taking office would have NOTHING TO DO WITH PEACE. For this group, talks of peace was pure blasphemy. His predecessor President Eisenhower, in a famous speech prior to leaving office, also warned of the military industrial complex. Not to mention President Harry Truman's worst fears that the CIA might degenerate into an "American Gestapo." So it was, that the "powers that be" were hell bent on escalating the cold war and itching to start wars, so much so that they presented Kennedy with the infamous OPERATION NORTHWOODS plans. He rejected it flat out but later succumbed and approved Operation Mongoose, he then quoted as saying "Something very bad is going on within the CIA and I want to know what it is. I want to shred the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds." Note that the essence of Operation Northwoods was a plan to setup FALSE FLAG operation to falsely accuse the target nation of an attack so we could then justify going to war against them. Isn't it quite interesting that immediately after JFK was wacked that America was suckered into the Vietnam war by none other than A FALSE FLAG (Gulf of Tonkin incident)

operation? Just like we got involved in WWI by the DELIBERATE sinking of the RMS Lusitania. So there you have it, in a nutshell, one of the secondary motives of JFK's killers. Kennedy's main sin was that he was a do-gooder president and wanted to turn "swords into plowshares" thus crippling the trillion dollar juggernaut death industry. But that is not the end of the entire story. For you must never forget the REAL decision makers are the men behind the curtains, the monolithic monetary masters who finance the wars and have to keep on schedule in subjugating all parts of the globe in their quest to fulfill the commandment that "GOD" ordained and promised them of one day RULING THE WORLD, yes, I again, speak of your friendly neighborhood Zionist Jews. The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was when Kennedy crossed the UNFORGIVABLE line. He vowed to end the FED (Federal Reserve Bank), issued Executive order 11110 that began the process of abolishing the FED. He then began to BYPASS the FED and issued DEBT FREE CURRENCY in circulating SILVER CERTIFICATES these were his first steps to eliminating the monetary masters. The banksters were furious and knew that their private monopoly known to us as the FED would soon be over if they did not put a stop to him. He was executed shortly after his speech were he promised to expose "the Gnomes of Zurich," aka, the ultra-secretive and powerful illuminati who control FEDzilla, World Bank and IMF. These are the ones who sanctioned the hit on Kennedy, which was carried out by their CIA assassins, who were more than happy to oblige thus ensuring the longevity of their military industrial complex. Among some of President Johnson's first acts as president were none other than to quickly reverse Kennedy's Acts and discontinue issuing silver certificate money, then he gladly lunged our country into the blood bath we know of today as Vietnam. The Zionist banksters and their death industry blood brothers were now as happy as pigs in shit. Emboldened more than ever before as they realized that they could literally get away with ANYTHING in broad daylight, have their media barons gloss over and obfuscate the events, and hit full speed ahead with the agenda at hand. The main reason I am at many times so pessimistic about the ability of the truth movement to have any significant impact in exposing the course of destruction that the Zionist/Mason lead devastation is headed in, is the JFK assassination. This assassination HAS BEEN SOLVED!. The CIA planned it, executed it, then covered it up. Period. The assassination of a sitting president, in broad day light was perhaps history's most daring, well conceived and executed coup d'état ever. They got a few mafia men involved in the plot (contacts from their "get Castro" Operation Mongoose and Bay of Pigs gig), basically to provide false leads and send wanabe investigators up the wrong alley, CIA killed some of them also, those who got too close, for dead men tell no tales. Dozens of people connected to the assassination were killed off, including key witnesses.


The forensic EVIDENSE in the JFK murder is beyond denial. The volumes of eye witness testimonies is undeniable (not to mention the tons of testimonies that were purposely silenced). The subsequent massive COVERUP was unprecedented in the history of the U.S. (until the 9/11 cover up that dwarfs all others) Films, tapes, research reports, forensics, breaking news stories, whistle blowers and participant's confessions have all uncovered and revealed the truth. The evidence is overwhelming. Yet 44 years, FORTY FOUR YEARS, have passed and not one single person has been brought to justice. They will NEVER be brought to justice. For you must understand that it was the CIA that executed the entire operation and very high level people in very high places were behind the coup. The murder of one of our president hides so deep under Top Secret clearances that no evidence will ever see the light of day, as more and more participants die, the more the JFK murder continues its slide into the annuls of mystery's such as the statues of Easter Island and Big Foot sightings. The day that the CIA is abolished (yeah, dream on) and "scattered to all corners of the earth" as JFK had planned to do, would be the day that you could raid their headquarters and reveal to the world the atrocities of that sinister organization. Yes Kennedy had plans to abolish the CIA and the Federal Reserve, in so proclaiming to the world he was going to do this, in publicly saying so, he inadvertently signed his own death warrant. The key of what we are trying to convey here is the fact that in the 1960s the Zionist's/Masonic secret enforcement arm called the CIA, consolidated power beyond comprehension. So much so that it not only could and would kill one of America's beloved presidents, then get away with it. With a sort of "in your face", "so what are you going to do about it" confidence. The reality of this situation is that the CIA has become completely untouchable, completely above any law of any land, they have since perfected the art of assassination and deception to such an extent that TODAY they operate with stealth and impunity at levels unimagined 4 decades ago. Following the Kennedy assassination the complicit establishment put together the Warren cOMMISION, a group card carrying members of the complicit establishment, political cronies that had no expertise in the realm of investigation. Oh, golly gee whiz, they ignored all the evidence and the laws of physics, then "officially" determined that nothing was astray, everyone go home and just forget about it all. Kennedy rejected Operation Northwoods attack on Cuba but his predecessor (who was up to his neck complicit in the elimination plot of Nov, 22nd) Lyndon Johnson proved to be a hard core 100% loyal Zionist controlled puppet. Johnson not only squashed every good act Kennedy began but also lunged us deep into Vietnam by allowing the Operation Northwoods based "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" false flag operation of 1964 to go forth thus giving him the perfect excuse to justify all out U.S. participation in the Vietnam War. Another Operation Northwoods false flag op that was perpetrated under Lyndon Johnson's watch was the infamous USS Liberty false flag attack of 1967 by Israel, America's proxy rulers. In the failed attempt to get the U.S. involved in the now called "six day war" against several Muslim countries. Fast forward to Sept. 11, 2001. After the CIA/Mossad orchestrated its most dramatic infamous False Flag operation in its history by taking down the World Trade Center and hitting the

Pentagon. What did the establishment do after the fact, yet again? They pulled out their old operations manual, play by play and proceeded to cover up the entire event EXACTLY as they did with the Kennedy assassination! The perps grudgingly put together another bogus "investigation" just like the "Warren cOMMISION" that consisted of cronies of the establishment, this time they called it the "911 cOMMISION" staffed by hardcore "lifer" political hacks. Again a jack ass group of puppets comprised of card carrying members ignored common sense, ignored the laws of physics, along with all the evidence. The final report summary: "everything is ok children, go home, go shopping, play your Nintendo games or something, nothing here for you to see, now let's go kick some ass in the middle east". That leads us to what we have been trying to explain all along: There will NEVER ever be any real investigation into 911 or any admission of guilt!. Just EXACTLY how the entire JFK thing went down so will the 911 event go down. Another 4 decades from now there will STILL be 911 truth movement, a bunch of old men in old age homes, "tinfoil hat brigade" still trying to wake up the hypnotized zombie sheeple to the truth!!!!! Granted that today we have a powerful new "weapon" to fight back with, it is called the INTERNET. The old ruling elite geezers of the 1960s have been losing many a night's sleep over the fact that they have absolutely no control of this medium. Right now the internet is their biggest pain in their ass, with the avalanche of non establishment controlled REAL news coverage. This is what gives us hope. Hope that maybe this time around, just maybe the world will NOT ignore the TRUTH. Kennedy was foolish to believe that he was safe as a sitting president in taking them on. He never developed a game plan, a strategic offense and defense. His brother learned the hard way also that perusing his brother's true murderers was hazardous to his health. They whacked him too right there in front of the whole world and covered it up also. Nothing to see here folks, we caught the patsy, so go home and watch TV. Ted Kennedy KNOWS what the deal is, and chose the "I don't know nutin, keep my lips sealed" route. He became a raging alcoholic in the process of drinking his conscience into oblivion. As for Jackie Kennedy, that crazy women knew EVERYTHING, the fact that she never once uttered a word says volumes in of itself. She later goes and shacks up with worldwide illuminati mogul Onassis... how interesting...


The people behind the bold assassinations of JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X have since consolidated great power beyond our wildest dreams. John F Kennedy was the first MARTYR of the truth movement. He was about to expose to the world the sinister CIA, the Fed and the secret elite that hide behind the curtains. He had plans to disband the CIA and the Federal Reserve. I refuse to believe that he died in vain. Granted the evil men that knew that they were about to be exposed had him "whacked." Yet Kennedy left us with just 3 clues of the people with the motive to eliminate him the ones who stood most to lose if he continued to breath and walk the earth. The 3 clues he left us were: CIA, Federal Reserve, Secret Ruling Elite. We owe it not only to Kennedy, but to our nation, to our families, our communities, to our future to somehow find a way to expose and destroy those 3 beasts, the multi-headed monsters that wish to enslave and control this world. For if the 3 are left to their own devious vices, they will eventually rule over us all, then it will be too late. Oh, almost forgot, then there is JFK Jr. That young man was in line and destined to become a future president of our country, there is no doubt about that. But as fate would have it, he just happened to be the son of the whacked JFK himself. Understand this: Jr. was planning on running for public office. The rulers that be just could not, absolutely not risk Jr. ever entering the realm of national politics for once he did, his bull horn would become so powerful they would not be able to control it. They also knew he secretly wanted to get to the bottom of his dad and uncle's executions. Secondly once entering the public arena and becoming even more wildly popular and followed by media, it would also become even harder down the road to eliminate him without massive public inquiry and outrage. Thus Jr. was taken out in a most favored way by the powers that be, they just blew his plane out of the sky. Yes... it was officially an "accident" alright... There is nothing more to see here folks, now go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
..:EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY:.. "he who has an ear, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see" For it is written: "the truth shall set you free"



"I know your works, tribulations and poverty (but you are rich). And I know the blasphemy of those which SAY they ARE ISRAEL but they are NOT, they are the synagogue of Satan." Revelations: Chapter2 v9 First of all, as God is my witness, I must inform you that I am proud to proclaim that I am a pure bread, from the original tribe of Judah. Today I can be considered "Jewish" in name only, for I

have been "born again" long, long ago adopting my Christian identity in my teen age years, and have since dwelled as one with my "gentile" brothers, I still have tons of great Jewish friends and family whom I love all dearly. So don't waste your time trying to discredit my work as "antiSemitism." You can also leave the "self hating Jew" label elsewhere for I only despise the "synagogue of Satan," who consists of Zionist Jew imposters for their crimes against God and humanity. I just come forth with THE TRUTH and FACTS to expose things as they have been, currently are, and going to be. Take it or leave it, for the TRUTH is unchanging and eternal. Now with that said, done and out of the way, I must go into the definition of who and what is Zionism. Zionism is a secretive international political movement that originally purported to support the establishment of the homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine. Today Zionism's true colors show brightly as its quest for global world conquest and rule are self evident. There is no stopping them, as they believe they have been commanded to do so by the authority vested in them by none other than: "GOD". "The Zionists are NOT Jews according to RACE. Rather, they are the DESCENDANTS of a HOARD OF PAGANS who pressed into Russia in the first century of our era and in due time became PROSELYTES of Judaism. In 692 A.D., they formed the Khazar Kingdom. In 955 A.D., Russia conquered them. They are neither JEWS BY RACE , nor are the GENUINELY JEWISH IN RELIGION . They PASS THEMSELVES OFF AS JEWS , AND PRETEND that they are descendants of ISRAEL , and therefore, have RIGHT TO PALESTINE as their homeland, but they are FALSE IN THEIR CLAIMS AND ARE IRRELIGIOUS in their living. The ORTHODOX Jews who have long been settled in Hebron, Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Safed, DO NOT WELCOME THEM to the Holy Land. Orthodox and Reformed Jews alike DISCLAIM ALL SYMPATHY WITH THEM, and DISOWN THEM ." - George L. Robinson, highly respected fundamentalist Christian, quoted from a Fundamentalist Study Bible A large part of the Zionist agenda can be read in their "sacred texts" called the Talmud. It is impossible to even develop a clue about the life and goals of the Zionist elite without first understanding the bedrock foundation of their lives, studies and practices that are completely founded, based and centered on two things: 1.) Talmud 2.) Kabbalah The Talmud is THE central sacred holy texts of the Zionist elite. Period. Here you will find the teachings they hold dearly onto to guide them throughout life. But the Talmud in of itself is not complete without the practice of black magic Kabbalah. Where they delve deep into the occult practices and worship. Talmudic Jew High Priests are masters of the Kabbalah. Where they make ritualistic blood offerings, slaying live animals (it hasn't been proven, but some researchers even claim that they also perform live human sacrifices also) as common worship practices.


You owe it to yourself to do your own research into the Talmud (again I recommend reading the Zionist elite revolve their lives around. Due to the fact that teachings such as this are standard text in the original uncensored versions of the Talmud: "Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal (Goyim) in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night." Midrasch Talpioth, p 225-L. Again I have reiterate: one of the best places to begin understanding the fundamentals of the Talmud teachings is the works of Michael A. Hoffman (Jewish "truther") at the website One article in particular that is extraordinary in its exposing the true nature of the Talmud is: "Truth about the Talmud; Racist, Rabbinic Hate Literature." I will leave you with another interesting, revealing link: Anti-Christian Excerpts from the Talmud. The only way to sift through the myriad of HYPE, falsehoods and propaganda of the Zionist cartel is to take off your rose colored glasses and objectively sit back and take a cold hard look at what the leaders of the Zionist cartel have been saying and talking about in private when addressing their own kind. Once you truly understand what they TRULY believe you will see through their public disguise of being "benevolent world citizens," for once you remove their disguises the clear image of sinister evil lying backstabbing murdering people hell bent on world conquest appears. Instead of being what they PRETEND to be "god fearing people" the Zionists are in fact the devil's secret agents. Here is a collection of real quotes by top Zionist leaders over the years and you decide for yourself: "The removal of Arabs bodily from Palestine is part of the Zionist plan to spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment... both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must by carried away discreetly and circumspectly." - Theodore Herzl - One of the founders of World Zionist Organization - Complete Diaries, June 12, 1985 entry. "We must do everything to ensure they (the Palestinian refugees) never do return" - David Ben Gurion - Israel's first prime minster - from his diary July 16, 1948, Quoted in Michael Bar Zohar's "Ben Gurion the Armed Prophet" "If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?" - David Ben Gurion - Israel's first prime minister, 1948, quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp. 121-122 "We must use TERROR, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population." - Israel Koenig, April 1976, from The Koenig Memorandum.

"We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel... Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours." - Raphael Eitan, chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, quoted from Yediot Ahronot, April 13, 1983, and The New York Times, April 14, 1983 "The Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs." - Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister (1977-1983) speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the Beasts," New Statesman, June 25, 1982 "We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves." - Shlomo Lahat, Mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983 "Our strategy was always to provoke the Arabs and get an appropriate response so we could attack and smash them." - Moshe Dayan, Israeli General, from his diaries. "I don't mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal. What you don't understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it." - Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister, quoted from Amos Oz interview with Sharon, originally published in the Israeli daily Davar on December 17, 1982 "I don't know something called International Principles. I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian child's existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one strike I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah in 1956). I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian women is a slave for the Jews, and we do whatever we want to her - and nobody tells us what we shall do - but we tell others what they shall do." - Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister, interview with Ouze Merham, 1956.

Those are just but a very few quotes from the Israelis who have been publically claiming "peace" for more than 50 years, yet practicing apartheid and genocide at every turn. Now the point I want to make is NOT even about the plight of the Palestinian people... for those poor unfortunate people were doomed the day that the Zionists decided to move in and take over the neighborhood. Their plight is sad indeed, but the real point, the real issue I want to highlight is that THIS is the de facto standard MODUS OPERANDI of the Zionist Jew elite who view securing Israel as just PHASE ONE of their "god given commandment" to rule the WORLD. When they get their long sought after "IRON FIST" control over all key resources, militaries, and countries... you can rest assured that if you are not Zionist Jew... you WILL be treated

EXACTLY like their Palestinian "buddies" they are genociding off the face of the planet. You and your kind will someday face their wrath... Behold: for I have said it, nothing will change, you are also a gentile, goyim, cattle, grossly inferior race to the most holy species of Zionist Jews who are put on this planet to RULE over you, get over it already and just accept your pathetic slots in what little life is left for you to wander in.... Taken from The Egyptian Gazette -- Sept. 17, 1964 [still evermore as true and relevant today as it was four decades ago]: February 20, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- -- The Zionist armies that now occupy Palestine claim their ancient Jewish prophets predicted that in the "last days of this world" their own God would raise them up a "messiah" who would lead them to their promised land, and they would set up their own "divine" government in this newly-gained land, this "divine" government would enable them to "rule all other nations with a rod of iron." If the Israeli Zionists believe their present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of predictions made by their Jewish prophets, then they also religiously believe that Israel must fulfill its "divine" mission to rule all other nations with a rod of irons, which only means a different form of iron-like rule, more firmly entrenched even, than that of the former European Colonial Powers. These Israeli Zionists religiously believe their Jewish God has chosen them to replace the outdated European colonialism with a new form of colonialism, so well disguised that it will enable them to deceive the masses into submitting willingly to their "divine" authority and guidance, without the masses being aware that they are still colonized. CAMOUFLAGE The Israeli Zionists are convinced they have successfully camouflaged their new kind of colonialism. Their colonialism appears to be more "benevolent," more "philanthropic," a system with which they rule simply by getting their potential victims to accept their friendly offers of economic "aid," and other tempting gifts, that they dangle in front of the newly-independent nations, whose economies are experiencing great difficulties. During the 19th century, when the masses throughout the world were largely illiterate it was easy for European imperialists to rule them with "force and fear," but in this present era of enlightenment the masses are awakening, and it is impossible to hold them in check now with the antiquated methods of the 19th century. The imperialists, therefore, have been compelled to devise new methods. Since they can no longer force or frighten the masses into submission, they must devise modern methods that will enable them to maneuver the masses into willing submission.

The modern 20th century weapon of neo-imperialism is "dollarism." The Zionists have mastered the science of dollarism: the ability to come posing as a friend and benefactor, bearing gifts and all other forms of economic aid and offers of technical assistance. Thus, the power and influence of Zionist Israel in many of the newly "independent" nations has fast-become even more unshakeable than that of the 18th century European colonialists... and this new kind of Zionist colonialism differs only in form and method, but never in motive or objective. At the close of the 19th century when European imperialists wisely foresaw that the awakening masses would not submit to their old method of ruling through force and fears, these ever-scheming imperialists had to create a "new weapon," and to find a "new base" for that weapon. DOLLARISM The number one weapon of 20th century imperialism is Zionist dollarism, and one of the main bases for this weapon is Zionist Israel. The ever-scheming European imperialists wisely placed Israel where she could geographically divide the Arab world, infiltrate and sow the seed of dissension among leaders and also divide the nations. Zionist Israel's occupation of Arab Palestine has forced the Arab world to waste billions of precious dollars on armaments, making it impossible for these newly independent Arab nations to concentrate on strengthening the economies of their countries and elevate the living standard of their people. And the continued low standard of living in the Arab world has been skillfully used by the Zionist propagandists to make it appear to the masses that the Arab leaders are not intellectually or technically qualified to lift the living standard of their people ... thus, indirectly "educing" masses to turn away from the Arabs and towards the Israelis for teachers and technical assistance. "They cripple the bird's wing, and then condemn it for not flying as fast as they." The imperialists always make themselves look good, but it is only because they are competing against economically crippled newly independent countries whose economies are actually crippled by the Zionist-capitalist conspiracy. They can't stand against fair competition. MESSIAH? If the "religious" claim of the Zionists is true that they were to be led to the promised land by their messiah, and Israel's present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of that prophesy: where is their messiah whom their prophets said would get the credit for leading them there?

It was Ralph Bunche who "negotiated" the Zionists into possession of Occupied Palestine! Is Ralph Bunche the messiah of Zionism? If Ralph Bunche is not their messiah, and their messiah has not yet come, then what are they doing in Palestine ahead of their messiah? Did the Zionists have the legal or moral right to invade Arab Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the "religious" claim that their forefathers lived there thousands of years ago? Only a thousand years ago the Moors lived in Spain. Would this give the Moors of today the legal and moral right to invade the Iberian Peninsula, drive out its Spanish citizens, and then set up a new Moroccan nation ... where Spain used to be, as the European Zionists have done to our Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine?... In short the Zionist argument to justify Israel's present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history ... not even in their own religion. Where is their Messiah?

The Zionists fight tooth and nail against all works that dare to be placed in circulation revealing their hidden secrets and practices, therefore you will encounter tons of rhetoric trying to dismiss all revelations. Another such example of a massive battle to completely obliterate a famous expose is the 100% historically documented accurate, the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" an astounding work uncovered over a 100 years ago, which we have included in its entirety in the addendum section (page 375) at the end of this report. The Zionists were FURIOUS when that secret holy document was leaked, so much so that they went ape shit to destroy and discredit it, so much so, that in some places you can go to jail just for possessing that document! I kid you not. Read it and you will see for yourself the amazing accuracy of the over a century old document in describing EVERYTHING the Zionists have been up to, doing, before, during and AFTER it was written. In other words. It was their secret "Operators Manual." Look at Zionist Jew history, view all that they have done, worked for, championed and accomplished over the past century and compare it to the Protocols of Zion and you will see it is a chilling bona fide 100% the real McCoy. There is absolutely no denying documented history and the parallels of the Protocols. The modus operandi is clear cut identical. Now so called "forgery" the Protocols were written over a 100 years ago, yet perfectly described exactly the modus operandi of the Zionists in the coming years... go figure. Zionism actually promotes Anti-Semitism! Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, recognized that the anti-Semitism would further their cause, the creation of a separate state for Jews. To solve the Jewish Question, he maintained "we must, above all, make it an international political issue." Herzl wrote that Zionism offered the world a welcome "final solution to the Jewish question." In his "Diaries", page 19, Herzl stated "Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semite countries our allies." As you can clearly see, from the days of Herzl, anti-Semitism was viewed as a key strategy for them to achieve their goals.

Anti-Semitism has been their shield and sword. They have been able to get away with untold number of acts that no one else on the planet could, all under the anti-Semite shield and sword. If you say ANYTHING they don't like they raise the anti-Semite shield, deflecting it. Their antiSemite attack is nothing other than a strategic means of control, for when you can control and limit the range of the language that is viewed as "acceptable", you in essence control the argument and the binderies of where anyone can tread. The "politically correct" protocol is a direct spinoff of this communication restriction scheme. The best part is when it is the TRUTH that they label anti-Semitic, because then the "truth" is rendered null and void!. You can't tell the truth because it is "anti-Semitic"!!! PURE GENIUS!!! They are skilled experts at pulling out the anti-Semite sword and cutting you to bits, it's called character assassination, they have professional anti-Semite fire breathing character assassination armies (ADL is just one example) just waiting to pounce on their next victim who dares speak the TRUTH. Thus anti-Semitism has been their KEY COVER throughout history, allowing them to infiltrate everything and everywhere, while no one dare utter a word in opposition... PURE GENIUS! Incredible, they took a label "anti-Semite" and turned it into a form of being infected like a leprous with unspeakable curse word, far worse than any other four letter word. Gasp, "there goes the anti-Semite." For when victims are plastered with that adhesive label they instantly cringe, begin to stutter, their knees become week and they fold from the public ridicule, they all eventually BOW to their accusers publically apologizing while pleading for mercy... PURE GENIUS! Demonize your accusers, and portray them as biased racist dirt bags, they then publicly humiliate their targets using all the fellow Jew owned and controlled mass media at their disposal to assassinate the poor fool who dared open his mouth... PURE GENIUS! Where is this practice leading to? In some countries where Jewish control was deeply embedded (such as in Stalin's Soviet Union and Germany) anti-Semitism was even punishable by DEATH. If they have it their way, it will be as such all over the world, at which point it would become futile to resist them for the moment you open your mouth in commendation of their lies and atrocities you would be imprisoned or put to death... you heinous blasphemous slime ball anti-Semites! The anti-Semite charge has been the most ingenious weapon found in history to SILENCE your accusers and opponents, NO MATTER HOW TRUE THEIR CLAIMS MAY BE, they are MAGICALLY DEEMED NULL AND VOID by the mystically powerful anti-Semite charge. Rarely do the convicted racist "slanderers" recuperate their prior status in life, such is the sheer raw power of the Jewish influence. There are thousands upon thousands of cataloged successful anti-Semite "convictions" out there, so I will just use one current example that is "being prosecuted":

South African deputy foreign minister and ANC member Fatima Hajaig is under fire for allegedly saying that "Jewish money controls the United States" (umm, hello! So true!). "Jews control America, no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush" Hajaig allegedly told a crowd at a Johannesburg political rally two weeks ago. "Their control of America, just like the control of most western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money." Outraged by the remarks, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (a "civil rights group" to protect the civil rights of, umm, only Jews) said it filed a complaint against Hajaig at the Human Rights Commission. "That minister's statement is incorrect, inflammatory and outrageous. We feel in our young democracy and in the 21st century, we should learn to respect each other and refrain from such anti-Semitic statements." There you have it, a perfect example, of a reputable person, a minister no less, makes a 100% TRUTHFUL statement only to be immediately assaulted on a national media level and covered by an avalanche of news sources. She is being attacked and set on display on a world level for all to see what happens to those who dare bear witness against their Jewish masters. She is also being prosecuted at her local level, where they will attempt to inflict as much damage to her career and life as humanly possible. Just wait until they are successful in outlawing "HATE SPEECH", for you know the first people in line imprisoning thousands upon thousands of their detractors will by the Jews. We will have to start building more prison facilities to house the wicked anti-Semite offenders. The way I see things headed, just maybe the day will also soon arrive here when "anti-Semitic hate speech" will land you a long prison sentence. Yes you will have your rights... to keep your mouths shut and mind your own fucking business, now bow to your Zionist Jew masters.

Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews - Video

The "Jews" consist of basically two separate peoples, for the purpose of making this simple: one group I will call Judaism, consists of peaceful traditional blood lineage Jews who humbly follow Torah teachings and practices. Then you have the crazies, the make believe "Jews, NeoNazi Zionists who are hell bent on raising the nation of Israel who is to then become the ruler of all nations. This is the sinister group who plunder, lie, cheat, steal, even sacrifice their own people to achieve their goals. Herein is a dilemma: the Christ is supposed to come from the Jewish lineage of David. Throughout the Matrix Report, when you see any use of the word Jew, I refer only the Zionist group, this is the group of snakes involved in raping and pillaging commerce, politics and empire. This is the "synagogue of Satan". We have nothing bad to say about the peaceful tribe of Judah Jews, I know it may be real easy to do, but please do not get these two groups mixed up. Today's Zionists can be traced back to the Edomites of biblical times. The majority of Zionists are really not blood lineage Jews. Therefore they are as much "Jewish" as a Chinaman who converts to Muslim, is Arabic. It is preposterous for the Chinese man to claim he is an Arabic, such is the case with the Zionist "Jews." Most were actually converts, many come from the

Khazars who were a warlike semi-nomadic Turkic people, they all became Jewish converts during the eighth or ninth century the state religion became Judaism, thus came to be the Khazar Jews. The Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the medieval Jewish communities of the Rhineland in the west of Germany. The formal Bavarian "illuminati" was founded in Germany by Adam Wieshaupt on May 1, 1776. You must fully understand that GERMANY was THE epicenter of the Zionist illuminati universe, and GERMANY became the default HEADQUARTERS of these people (don't forget that the City of London also latter became another key headquarters). From GERMANY they all migrated on their quest of world conquest. Not all "illuminatists" left GERMANY, many stayed... they eventually amassed great fortunes from Germany, even throughout the World Wars (which the Zionists had major roles in engineering).... Secretly plying their craft and agendas behind the scenes, all along working with their Zionist brethren in other "enemy" countries, they have consolidated wealth and power beyond your wildest imagination. Prominent researchers have identified these two ethnicities the Khazars and the Ashkenazis as the historical root of most Zionist Jews. I am not an expert in Jewish history, so whatever the case may be, one thing for sure, these two sects of "Jews" are NOT true pure blood descendants of Abraham. The peace loving Jewish descendants of Abraham, Jacob, David and the tribe of Judah absolutely abhor the entire Zionist agenda (but then again, many true blood descendant Jews have also been seduced by and now embrace Zionism also). The Zionist entity are the defacto financial and media leaders of the world. The essence and source of ALL THEIR POWER is derived from completely and absolutely dominating the world of banking, finance and media. Period. The peaceful and humble house of Judah Jews live low profile lives and respect and honor their traditions. Before I get into any other trains of thought I also need to get one thing straight. The Zionist state of Israel exists largely because of the direct efforts of the Rothschilds. They were virtually singlehandedly responsible for establishing the current state of Israel. (ok, so they also had help from other wealthy Zionist Jews) You must completely understand that the Rothschilds are one of THE central founding fathers of the modern Jewish homeland who worked for years on end for the establishment of their nation. When the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was ratified by the British government acknowledging the rights for the establishment of the state of Israel, that letter was addressed personally to the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds along with help from other wealthy Zionists have financed the entire establishment of the nation of Israel from day one. The point I am trying to make is that the Rothschilds are the "George Washington, Benjamin Franklins, Columbus" of the modern state of Israel all rolled up into one. Another extremely important factor you must never forget is that hundreds of years ago the Vatican and the Catholic Church FORCED all Jews to deny their faith and convert to Catholicism or DIE. Unlike the Christians who preferred martyrdom instead of recanting and rejecting their faith. Many of the Jews externally converted (converted in appearance so as to avoid death) also changed their Jewish surnames, adopting GENTILE surnames to avoid stigmatism and oppression. For ages they learned the benefits of secretly hiding their roots and beliefs, they mastered the art of secret congregation, (known as crypto Jews) conspiring and

worshiping with their own in secrecy. Thus we witness their propensity of founding many secret societies. Years down the line, it would become difficult for anyone on the "outside" to determine who was of Jewish ancestry if they did not disclose that information... hence, this eventually became a hidden asset, a secret weapon in that the Jews have been able to mingle in and infiltrate all sectors of Catholicism, Masonic Orders, commerce, governments and so forth. They perfectly adopted to and learned the languages of their adopted countries such as Scotland, France, Spain, Ireland, etc., and blended right in, sometimes even marrying goyims. So who is to say if so and so is, or is not a Jew. Millions of Jews that immigrated from Germany and all of Europe, settled in America changed surnames to HIDE the truth that they were in fact Jewish... some of which later became leaders of industry and government here. If Americans Only Knew - Trailer Another very important issue that I find really interesting is that of many key communists, such as Karl Marx, Hitler and many other important "evil" figures were Jewish! Don't bother researching in those sterilized history books you get in school. You must dig through tons of cleansed and sanctified material to find the real golden truths. The undisputable fact is that Marx and Hitler both had Jewish blood running in their veins, now let that key truth sink into your head and simmer for a while. Never ever forget the FACT that the Rothschilds (Jews) were in bed with Hitler from day one, supporting him, financing his whole war and their holocaust... Some researchers also point out the very high likelihood Hitler was actually the illegitimate son of a Rothschild. Oh what a mighty web those people have woven... Think about it, many Zionist Jews have been traced to the Ashkenazi line, as in: AshkeNAZI...? BTW, isn't it interesting that without Hitler as a catalyst there would be no state of Israel today... (the KEY goal of the Zionists at that time), there would be no radical enforced special treatment of the Jews with kid gloves today (oh those poor suffering filthy rich people), it has grown to the extent that the world must walk on pins and needles when ever mentioning anything Jewish... ever since the holocaust one must say something nice or keep your mouths shut for fear of swift brutal retribution, lawsuits, character assassination and destruction of your careers. There is no such thing as even being allowed to conduct fair and balanced criticism of Israel or Jews for retribution will arrive swiftly and painfully. Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land - Video


Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of being forced to listen to those canned tired old accusations of "Self Hating Jew" and "ANTI-SEMITE!!!" that the neo-extremist Zionist Jewish people hurl at anyone each and every time they hear ANYTHING they don't like of agree with. I loathe the HOLOCAUST HOAX INDUSTRY. Zionists have hijacked and exploited a horrific WAR tragedy, cynically employed it to enact their own genocidal ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, establish their anti-Semite counter attacks, and used it as a justification for the continued existence of the monstrous state of Israel. This Holocaust scam has been the KEY building block, the CORNER STONE and foundation of the special treatment they DEMAND from the world. So powerful has been their capitalizing on the holocaust hoax that they snowballed it into the most powerful shield ever to be wielded by any ethnicity, so much so that in some countries it is a severe CRIME to even deny that it occurred in the first place! I would like to point out exhibit #6,000,001 below... I found this amazing historical document at, here are his own words describing this 1919 published work:

The 1919 Holocaust that Failed
You heard about the Holocaust in which 6 million [alleged] (my edit) Jews were killed in Nazi Death Camps.

Did you hear about the "threatened holocaust" of 6 million Jews about 20 years earlier? Probably not, even though a former Governor of New York wrote about it in 1919, because that early holocaust never became a best-seller.


Published in The American Hebrew October 31, 1919 by Martin Glynn

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In Glynn's article, we find that World War I ended "for everybody, but the Jew." Glynn encourages the League of Nations to bring peace to the world, and he wants to "give justice to the Jew and other oppressed peoples". However, this threatened Holocaust of 6 million Jews never became popular with the American or European public. Perhaps this is why the Zionists staged a new and improved version of the 6 million Holocaust during World War II. In this revised Holocaust, they made sure that some of the 6 million Jews were killed. This turned out to be the key to making the Holocaust a phenomenal success. The contents of the article are below. It serves as a lesson in how not to market a Holocaust.

Behold: For the Zionist Jews were already working on the 6,000,000 Holocaust HOAX



The holocaust issue is all a bunch of over hyped over exaggerated bull donkey, it's over and done with, GET OVER IT already. I never deny it didn't happen, the Holocaust DID occur, ok! I don't care if the actual number of dead was 6 trillion or 6 dozen... GET OVER IT ALREADY! A total of 62 million people died in WWII... even if you accept the alleged - controversial "6 million Jews" count that still leaves an astounding 56 million other people that died in WWII, this is the real true sad holocaust. Only spineless saps bow to the extortion of the Zionists and APOLOGIZE for any comment they have made questioning the holocaust. I will join the chorus of brave researchers and writers that still have their God given BALLS to boldly call out blatant lies and exaggerations and point out that the sacred, hallowed, sanctified, holy number of 6,000,000 is PURE BULLSHIT. What probably happened was that some high priestess fag Zionist walked by the official bulletin board where the total of dead Jews was posted and saw the ACTUAL figure of: 600,000 dead... He looked around to see if anyone was looking, coast was clear, he pulled out his magic marker and ADDED A ZERO TO THE FIGURE!!! Presto!!! The rest is history. The now LEGENDARY source of the ridiculous claims of 6 million dead Jews is finally solved! I would also like to point out the FACT that the Zionists did everything in their power to instigate Hitler into attacking them!!! after carefully analyzing all the facts, one must wonder if the Zionists did in fact engineer a retaliatory strike on their own people... After all, it is common fact that many wealthy Jew bankers such as the Rothschilds, financially backed Hitler... Oh what a mighty web the Zionists weave...

The Zionists did everything to PROVOKE an attack on their own kind, all along having a master plan that would turn out to be pure genius in that they would come out the other side of the conflict as the "poor defenseless, down trodden, persecuted, peoples." Then parlay the sympathy and outrage into an amazing "SHIELD." No longer would it EVER be tolerated that you even LOOK at them the wrong way, let alone question anything they do, don't even think

of confronting any of their actions or call them out on any one of their gazillion lies for if you do, you are then a hideous blasphemous scum of the earth anti-Semite. The Zionists setup their own for slaughter to reap the BENEFITS OF WORLD OUTRAGE, while financing BOTH sides of the war (yes they DID financed Hitler too!). They then parlayed the sympathy card into a strategic worldwide expansion tactic. Whether you like it or not, no matter how disturbing and revolting it may sound, this IS THE TRUTH. The fact is that the "holocaust" was the best thing that ever happened to the Jews, for without it they would have never, ever been able to consolidate so much wealth and power is so little time without anyone daring to confront them and be subject to the world's most organized and feared "black listing attack apparatus" in existence. So powerful was their parlaying and thrusting the holocaust into sheer epic importance that in some places you can be punished, jailed, or even killed for even questioning it. Pure genius... It has been said that the real founder of Israel was Adolph Hitler. He was the greatest blessing for the Zionists who nourished him with millions upon millions of dollars in support, for Hitler was the ZIONIST'S MOSHIACH. For without his carefully orchestrated atrocities, Israel would simply NOT exist today... the Zionist would never have the special "kid gloves" treatment given to them and they would not be able to wield the "holocaust shield & sword that has been key to getting away with everything they have done the past several decades. You have been given a mind, use it and think... analyze... see beyond the box your thoughts are being confined to by your masters, beyond what your masters have forbidden you to know. You must fight the years of conditioning and brainwashing you received in history class, confront the blatant lies and seek the true evidence. You want to pull the "genocide card" every time you feel violated? The American Indians were literally wiped off the face of the planet. You want to know true genocide? Over 14 million Indians SLAUGHTERED on THEIR LAND, where the 'white man' just walked in to their homes and said "this is my land now, prepare to die"... Kapow. From 14 million population to just a few thousand survivors by the time the white man was done "settling" the United States. For added insult to injury, the remaining Indians were all herded into concentration camps that they called "reservations." And they still reside in them to this very day! But you will rarely ever hear of the Indians whining reminding us of this genocide every single freaking time something they don't like happens. THEY GOT OVER IT and moved on! Those people were TRUELY innocent and noble people, they don't have a massive agenda to demonize everyone that says anything they don't like. Today we barely ever hear a peep out of the several "dozen" (exaggeration) remaining Indians, what do we American's do to honor the 14 million Indian genocide Indian holocaust? We celebrate it with a national holiday called Thanks Giving!!! :-p The MOST POWERFUL lobbyist group on the planet = AIPAC


Here is another good work of research: "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy". This paper will give you an unbiased look into what Israel and it's AIPAC is all about. Look at the black race, the majority of the white race has been bending over backwards to even out the playing field and make things right for decades. Today the blacks have more affirmative action and special programs and organizations to help and protect their kind than almost any other race, yet we constantly hear the WHINING from many of them too, "oh the evil white bastards were our slave masters"... GET OVER IT ALREADY! The entire freaking world agrees: yes, what occurred to ALL of your peoples (the blacks and Jews) was horrible, you all suffered, the culprits were brought to justice, many apologized, the world acknowledged your pain and suffering, everyone repented, people forgave, people and nations did their best to heal the wounds and repay the wrong doing in hundreds if not thousands of different ways. So GET OVER IT ALREADY you piss ant wimps who continue to focus on and live the holocaust and in the slave ranch mentality! Stop using those acts of hatred that were

perpetrated on your kind in a different era many decades ago as ammo to spew your hatred, demonizing your opponents and demanding special treatment. If there is any one religion that DOES have a right to complain about persecution, it is none other than the most persecuted religion in history: Christianity. Hundreds of millions have been martyred , tortured, beaten, spit at, and despised throughout history. Just food for thought, or fuel for the fire as they say. Israel's influence of US policy: - Video I recently saw some statistics placing the Jewish people as the highest victims of crimes in the US, almost double that of the black community! I find that bogus survey truly interesting due to the fact that I rarely ever, as in EVER, see Jews on any local TV (and I travel all over the US) or national news broadcast for having been shot in a drive by, stabbed, raped and so forth. That survey is completely preposterous, another production of the Zionist propaganda network. For that matter, how many Jews are in prison? A dozen? (for their specialty crime: multi-million dollar frauds) On the other hand the news is full of millions of blacks and Latino deaths, stabbings, robberies, and all sorts of violent crimes. The Jews for the most part live in secure neighborhoods were they rarely EVER witness such events. On the other hand, most of the Zionist Jews are a bunch of pussies who view a racial slur or negative comment as a LIFE THREATNING VIOLENT ATTACK! That solves the puzzle of why the Jews claim to be the "largest group of victims of the highest most sinister violent attacks in the universe". LOL! "Your Honor, he looked at me with a mean face"... yes that qualifies as brazen violent attack, chalk it up, punishable offense attack number 385,855,812,453,902,734.031 of the year. Wow! How do they manage to survive the onslaught? I live in the 21st century, of today, right here and now, where EVERYONE is supposedly treated equal (not) and has the same playing field of success open to them, where your efforts and how hard you try are the determining factors that determine your success and how people ultimately treat you. The Jewish people should actually be ASHAMED of themselves for TAKING BLATANT ADVANTAGE of societies all around the world. The Zionists have turned the holocaust into a profitable industry, exploiting the suffering of their own people. DEMANDING SPECIAL TREATMENT EVERYWHERE THEY GO. Claims Conference Allocates $100 Billion to "Medical Care of 10th Generation Holocaust Survivors" is just a drop in the bucket the Jews have been milking this holocaust scam for. The Jewish people are already THE SINGLE RICHEST ETHNIC GROUP ON THE PLANET. Show me at least one dozen homeless full blooded "real" Jews here in America! Show me at least one dozen full blooded "real" Jews living in dire poverty in the shelters along with the blacks and Hispanics! It is an un-deniable FACT that the Zionist Jews OWN the entire diamond industry, they OWN and or control the entire banking industry, they OWN the majority of precious metals mines, they OWN the ALL of the mass media news outlets. So stop using that bullshit anti-Semite scheme, it is "played out" and getting very old and annoying.

Stand up in this world like the rest of us human beings without HIDING behind bullshit labels pretending to be the VICTIMS when in FACT it is the Zionist Jews who are the voracious money blood sucking PREDATORS of this world. Today there is a large Judaism population that actively opposes the Zionist neo-con extremists. (see what real Jews have to say about the Zionists here, here and here) If it were not for them and their efforts of opposing Zionism through their own ethnic roots, we might not have a full picture of how the clever Zionist extremists go about their business. The Anti Defamation League (a pure Zionist attack & revenge arm) was set up for the sole purpose as a sort of military retribution organization to ATTACK anyone that even whispers anything negative about Jews. Their whole mission is to utterly DESTROY any opposition by any means necessary. Their ace in the hole, their number one tactic used on all enemies is the 'ANTI-SEMITE ATTACK'... we are all way too familiar with this one, it goes something like this: first of all, suspend all logic, then, no matter what you say and how you say it, if it is in any way shape or form construed as negative then the person saying it is automatically labeled an: ANTISEMITE! attack! kill him! the evil bastard! The ADL and its sister partner organization the JDL (Jewish Defense League) uses the holocaust as a "no touch zone" as in the entire world is to PERPETUALLY BOW in remembrance, pay homage and forced to worship at the altar of the holocaust, forced to NEVER forgive, never forget and move on. The world is thus being forced to keep this event current as if it happened yesterday. The Zionists will NEVER allow it to rest. let it go and move on, they will continue to use it as a means to secure special treatment until the end of times. Real Jews have no beef with Iran, Zionists are the true enemy

The new term, a brand new LABLE that is now being promoted heavily by the Zionists is: "ISLAMO-FASCIST". Watch as this new buzz word is worked into the vocabulary and used just as the "anti-Semite" attack label has been used for decades. Watch and witness for yourself. Whoever you see using this buzz word to make their points is a Zionist or a shill. The single one thing the Zionists want right now is the entire middle east. All their efforts are on demonizing the Muslim/Arabs of the world, so you better get used to hearing the label "Islamo-fascist"... you're going to be hearing it used as a strategic weapon of opinion shaping throughout their quest to take over the middle east. Welcome to the era of Islamophobia and the Islamist scarecrow... the

new boogeymen. Abraham was the father of the Jewish, Christian AND the Muslim worlds, we are all BROTHERS, yet we have been at each other's throats for ages, why must this be so? Where did this "family" all go wrong? You must understand that the nation of Israel (Zionists) has been the ONLY main group that has been portraying all the Arab and Muslim countries as evil empires to the entire world ever since they bombed and slaughtered their way into Palestine takeover back in 1948. (but then again, according to the ancient scriptures, that land was promised to them) Granted, the Muslims are very easy to portray as the "bad guys" due to the fact that SOME OF THEM are all "half witted easily pissed off violence driven Neanderthals" /cough/. But the fact remains very clear that Israel and the Jews have become MASTERS of playing "the poor old persecuted victims of everything card".. yet look at Israel, they have in no time at all with just a little tiny SPECK of land in the middle east have become not only a major world leading central technological industry hub, but also THE ONLY and MAJOR NUCLEAR POWER in the middle east. It is said that Israel has over 200 nuclear bombs! They could destroy the entire planet if they choose to do so! Now tell me again... WHO is really afraid of who? Who is the one with all the power? Who are the real victims? While he freaking Palestinians are running around with rocks and sling shots! Bottom line is: Israel will NEVER be satisfied until all the neighboring lands are flying the Israeli flag. Therefore the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq ARE ALL TERRORIST COUNTRIES FOR DEFENDING THEMSELVES FROM Israeli AGRESSION AND IT'S QUEST FOR EMPIRE. Granted, I am absolutely NOT an Islamist or enemy sympathizer and realize the FACT that extremist Muslims can also be a bunch of brainless stupid backwards ancient hot headed single minded idiots, JUST LIKE SOME JEWS. I believe in the rule of: whoever is the one to "start shit" deserves to "get their asses kicked". The way I see this whole middle east clusterfuck is quite simple: the "west" has been screwing around the Muslim middle east country's for over 5 decades. Roughly beginning from the time that the Zionists got America to send the CIA into Iran to overthrow their government just because the Iranians didn't want to be forced to play America's game of "give me control of all your oil resources and I will give you a few trinkets in return game". Planet of the Arabs... how we have been conditioned by the Zionist media over the decades to view these people - Video Ever since the late 1940s the Arab world has been getting pounded by the west in one form or another, year after year, decade after decade. Is it not quite AROGANT to expect that they should not eventually get sick and tired, pissed off and be allowed to fight back in defense of their lands as we would do if the same were happening to us? THEY have been on the DEFENSE for decades while the advanced countries have always been on the offense since day one. They FIGHT BACK the only way they know how, with crude I.E.D.s to defend their back yards, while we are using multimillion dollar futuristic strategic weaponry and mind blowing

plutonium wielding ammo and THEY are the "terrorists"? The west has been after their oil resources for decades, messing with their politics, messing with their industries, messing with their lives. Now the west goes into THEIR countries, BOMBs them from miles away with highly advanced strategic thousand pound BOMBS from some impenetrable air-conditioned position, while our operator is eating "Cheetos". There entire country has since been reduced to rubble, due to our "liberation" they no longer have WATER, electricity, schools, etc., etc... What do you expect in return? a welcome mat? They fight back in the only way they know how: they bomb the INVADERS who are killing their friends and families, who stand on THEIR LAND with crude IED bombs. What is the difference? Both forms of bombing being used by both sides are basically cowardly ways of fighting. I don't care who is right or wrong at this point, the shit has got to STOP, peace must be made somehow.

But that is just a pipe dream as long as Zionist Israel remains the devil's advocate in the region, constantly instigating, slithering around in the background of cabinet meetings of powerful countries through their DUAL CITIZENSHIP SECRET AGENTS who sit unhindered, unrestricted, unchecked, unopposed, unimpeded in the most powerful policy making seats of governments, especially ours, the sold out United States of Amerika... where they push, push, PUSH for more blood in the middle east. Who's next? Iran? Pakistan? Syria? Egypt? Saudi Arabia? There are many great research works in circulation (if you can find them) that reveal the true nature of the Talmudic Zionist Jews. One published work I feel is very important (a MUST read) in understanding the Zionist Jewish problem is "THE HIDDEN TYRANNY." From an interview of Harold Wallace Rosenthal conducted in 1976. The real interesting thing apart from the ground breaking unprecedented honesty of Rosenthal's testimony is that after this interview where he spilled the beans (thus committed in the eyes of his fellow Zionists a sin whose penalty is death), is that soon after the interview he was killed by... "terrorists"... /cough/. I wish I could include the whole interview here but I don't have the room, instead I will quote an article about the interview:

The Harold Rosenthal Interview
By Henry Makow 2-15-4 In 1976, the plan for "Jewish world domination" outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion had been largely realized. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, 29, a personal assistant to New York Senator Jacob Javits (Jew) felt that Jewish power was so unassailable that he could make some extra cash by telling this story to Walter White Jr., the editor of the Conservative monthly Western Front. "Too many Jews do not have the guts to tell you how we live and plan, but I am not intimated by anything or anyone," Rosenthal told White. "It is too late for your Christian followers to put up a defense. That time is long past. Long, long ago we had to become the aggressors! That is undoubtedly one of our great purposes in life. We are aggressors!" This shocking 17-page interview, ( Wallace_Rosenthal_Interview_1976.htm) which contradicts the Jewish image as victims, has been on-line for some time. It ranks with the revelations of Benjamin Freedman, and C.G. Rakovsky "The Red Symphony" ( as a description of the real forces directing the world. Rosenthal needed gambling money but his candor cost him his life. On Aug. 12, 1976, he was killed in a foiled skyjacking in Istanbul. Walter White concluded that the incident was a cover for Rosenthal's murder. A commemorative Rosenthal "Fellowship in International Relations" discreetly furthers the work he indiscreetly exposed. Oddly, there is no picture of Rosenthal on their web site. The interview is virulently anti Semitic in the sense that both men characterize this conspiracy as "Jewish" and make many nasty racist generalizations. In fact, "the Jews" are really the Rothschilds and a few hundred banking families and their non-Jewish allies united by intermarriage and occult beliefs. The vast majority of Jews like other people are unaware of this plot and would oppose it if they were. Jews are as much its unwitting dupes and victims as anyone else. The Rothschilds set up the Illuminati in 1776 to subvert the Christian basis of Western Civilization. They took over much of Freemasonry and used it to infiltrate all social institutions. Mouthing words like "freedom," "equality" and "progress," they are bent on melding family, race, religion, and nation into a malleable anonymous mush. Their world police state, now called "globalization," lies behind the facade of "The Patriot

Act" and "The War on Terror." Rosenthal says, "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer...and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive." This statement applies to modern culture as a whole. We do not like to admit that our "secular" society is based on a cosmic rebellion against God. Its true satanic character is becoming more evident every day.

INSIGHTS Rosenthal says the "Jews" have built an earthly empire partly by rejecting Christ's vision of a spiritual kingdom based on brotherly love. Jewish bankers plan to govern the world from Jerusalem according to their own interests. He says the Jewish religion is essentially a disguise for a racial imperative. "We can live among other people and states [by] persuading them that the Jews are not a distinct people but the representatives of a religious faith..." "Jewish" power was created through control of the monetary system. "Through our national bank, the Federal Reserve, we extend book credit which we create from nothing to all local banks ...[Thus] we bring industry, management and labour into our debt...and pit management against labor so they will never unite and attack us and usher in a debt-free industrial utopia." Through control of banking, the "Jews" acquired a total monopoly of "the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media...we took over the publication of all school materials... Even your music! We censor the songs released for publication long before they reach the publishers...we will have complete control of your thinking." He boasts that they even implanted a "guilt complex" over the Holocaust and anti Semitism that prevents society from addressing the problem. "We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse." Rosenthal avers that society can only escape this death clutch by violent action not education. "History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial or book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. We understand this principle and are forever

propagandizing the people to write letters to the President, to Congress...Woe be unto us if they ever see the futility of it, lay down the pen and employ the sword." But Rosenthal is not worried. Alluding to the promotion of feminism and homosexuality, he says: "We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings...their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present and with the next meal." Rosenthal talks about how a "Jewish" invisible government also controls the USSR, and how the UN is "nothing but a trap door to the Red World's immense concentration camp." He says this invisible power is responsible for the wars and revolutions of the last 200 years. At times the interview seems almost too damning, and we wonder if it is authentic. Why would someone who says he aspires to national prominence allow it to be taped? Couldn't he be blackmailed? He makes many unflattering and untrue generalizations about Jews, which also seems implausible. At times he veers widely from arrogance to insecurity. At one point, he says Jews have made plans to pack up and flee. Ultimately you will make up your own mind. I believe the contradictions are due to self-hatred and a subconscious desire for expiation. The interview contains insights only an insider could have. I am referring to the references to Lucifer, race and violent change as examples. The tone of racial arrogance also rings true. Rosenthal expresses incredulity at the spinelessness and gullibility of the American people. He says a Jew remains a Jew whether he converts to another religion or not. I doubt if Walter White would pull off the kind of stunt he condemns the "Jews" for doing. CONCLUSION Walter White seems to think the "Jews" are the "ringleaders" of the Luciferianism cabal known as "Mystery Babylon." Certainly the Rothschilds are central players but the cast is large and includes many others. By presenting this information, I am trying to inspire Jews and non-Jews alike to remove the media blindfold and recognize that Luciferians have hijacked humanity and modern culture largely is a fraud designed to disguise this fact. True culture is based on religion, i.e. a collective commitment to absolute spiritual ideals such as justice, love, beauty and truth. "God is a Spirit and we worship him in Spirit and in Truth," Christ said. (John 4:24)

We are living in the twilight of Christian culture. We have no genuine ideals to take its place. The elite's Orwellian doublespeak ("freedom", "tolerance," "diversity" and "equality") is manipulation and mind control. Jews will have to disown organized Jewry, which is controlled by the bankers. Fifty per cent of American Jews do not identify with Judaism. The number that converted to another religion more than doubled since 1990 and now represents 25% of the total. However most Jews, like non-Jews, are "secular humanists" which is Luciferianism in disguise. Humanism is the notion that man can build a utopia based on "reason." In practice, humanism is a front for the Illuminist bankers and their allies. Reason cannot be divorced from morality. Remember, I am the inventor of the game Scruples. "You find a wallet containing $3000. By the address you can tell the owner is wealthy. Your family is hungry. Do you keep the money?" That would be reasonable. Humanism holds that man is already divine and therefore free to indulge his appetites and reject God's Plan. This is what the humanist means when he preaches "freedom." In fact humanity is still very much a work in progress. We were put on earth to embody God's Plan, (i.e. spiritual ideals.) God did not give us freedom so we could fail. Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His past articles on feminism and the new world order can be found on his web site Mentioned in the quote above is "The Red Symphony'' (full text here) and (Henry Makow's "Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony') offers yet another incredible behind the scenes very revealing look into the intriguing world of Zionist conquest and worldwide influence. This is another must read. Also mentioned was Benjamin Freedman who's insider revelations shake the Zionist beast to the core. I've included one of his exposes in the addendum section. I believe that this man is truly a man of his word and you MUST read what he has had to reveal to us. Benjamin Freedman has also penned a work titled "The Hidden Tyranny" or "The Hidden Tyranny Revealed" just as the title of the above quoted article, but it is a totally different yet equally important work. Very few people out there know that famous American industrialist car titan Henry Ford also tried to expose, take on and fight the Zionist Jew cartel... then suffered a humiliating lost. Yes the most revered, respected and honorable Henry Ford to a defiant stance against the Zionist Jew juggernaut. At the risk of being utterly destroyed, he was eventually forced to cease and desist then beg for mercy and disgrace himself in front of the entire country and recant all the "evil

lies" that he claimed... The Jew media cartel made mince meat out of him and his work to expose them has long been discredited by the Jew media barons that run 97% of all media and thus his work has since been rendered cartoonish "fiction." I wish I had the space to include Henry Ford's Zionist expose called: "The International Jew - The World's Foremost Problem" (.pdf link), published in 1922 (Yes, as I have stated many times, the Jews have had complete chokehold of this country since the turn of the century) but due to the fact that I am fast approaching beyond 500 pages in this report, I have no space left. Here are the table of contents with direct links: v. 1 — THE INTERNATIONAL JEW [ Preface ] 1 The Jew in Character and Business 2 Germany's Reaction Against the Jew 3 Jewish History in the United States 4 The Jewish Question—Fact or Fancy? 5 Anti-Semitism—Will It Appear in the U.S.? 6 Jewish Question Breaks Into the Magazines 7 Arthur Brisbane Leaps to the Help of Jewry 8 Does a Definite Jewish World Program Exist? 9 The Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism 10 An Introduction to the "Jewish Protocols" 11 "Jewish" Estimate of Gentile Human Nature 12 "Jewish Protocols" Claim Partial Fulfillment 13 "Jewish" Plan to Split Society by "Ideas" 14 Did the Jews Foresee the World War? 15 Is the Jewish "Kahal" the Modern "Soviet"? 16 How the "Jewish Question" Touches the Farm 17 Does Jewish Power Control the World Press? 18 Does This Explain Jewish Political Power? 19 The All-Jewish Mark on "Red Russia" 20 Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism v. 2 — JEWISH ACTIVITIES IN THE UNITED STATES 21 How Jews in the U.S. Conceal Their Strength 22 Jewish Testimony on "Are Jews a Nation?" 23 Jew Versus Non-Jew in New York Finance 24 The High and Low of Jewish Money Power 25 "Disraeli of America"—A Jew of Super-Power 26 The Scope of Jewish Dictatorship in the U.S. 27 Jewish Copper Kings Reap Rich War-Profits 28 Jewish Control of the American Theater 29 The Rise of the First Jewish Theatrical Trust [ Preface ]


30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

How Jews Capitalized a Protest Against Jews The Jewish Aspect of the "Movie" Problem Jewish Supremacy in Motion Picture World Rule of the Jewish Kehillah Grips New York The Jewish Demand for "Rights" in America "Jewish Rights" Clash With American Rights "Jewish Rights" to Put Studies Out of Schools Disraeli—British Premier, Portrays the Jews Taft Once Tried to Resist Jews—and Failed When Editors Were Independent of the Jews Why the Jews Dislike the Morgenthau Report Jews Use the Peace Conference to Bind Poland The Present Status of the Jewish Question [ Preface ]

v. 3 — JEWISH INFLUENCES IN AMERICAN LIFE 43 The Jews and the "Religious Persecution" Cry 44 Are the Jews Victims or Persecutors? 45 Jewish Gamblers Corrupt American Baseball 46 Jewish Degradation of American Baseball 47 Jewish Jazz Becomes Our National Music 48 How the Jewish Song Trust Makes You Sing 49 Jewish Hot-Beds of Bolshevism in the U.S. 50 Jew Trades Link With World Revolutionaries 51 Will Jewish Zionism Bring Armageddon? 52 How the Jews Use Power—By an Eyewitness 53 How Jews Ruled and Ruined Tammany Hall 54 Jew Wires Direct Tammany's Gentile Puppets 55 B'nai B'rith Leader Discusses the Jews 56 Dr. Levy, a Jew, Admits His People's Error 57 Jewish Idea in American Monetary Affairs 58 Jewish Idea Molded Federal Reserve Plan 59 Jewish Idea of Central Bank for America 60 How Jewish International Finance Functions 61 Jewish Power and America's Money Famine

v. 4 — ASPECTS OF JEWISH POWER IN THE UNITED STATES 62 How Jews Gained American Liquor Control 63 Gigantic Jewish Liquor Trust and Its Career 64 The Jewish Element in Bootlegging Evil 65 Angles of Jewish Influence in American Life 66 The Jews' Complaint Against "Americanism"

[ Preface ]


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The Jewish Associates of Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal Arnold and His Jewish Aids at West Point The Gentle Art of Changing Jewish Names Jewish "Kol Nidre" and "Eli, Eli" Explained Jews as New York Magistrates See Them Jews Are Silent, the National Voice Is Heard What Jews Attempted Where They Had Power The Jewish Question in Current Testimony America's Jewish Enigma—Louis Marshall The Economic Plans of International Jews A Jew Sees His People As Others See Them Candid Address to Jews on the Jewish Problem An Address to "Gentiles" on the Jewish Problem

Speaking about taking on the Zionist Jews. One thing I can't understand about the Muslim community is their inability to forgive and forget, to take the higher ground, to pick up and go forward without declaring lifelong revenge thus compounding the hate and animosity. Sure the Jews and the Muslims have been lifelong enemies almost since the beginning of time. But eventually one side must learn to be the champion of "love thy brother" in order for age old hostilities to eventually end. I only wish that our nation would have left them alone. But instead our leaders went to their countries over and over again over the decades of offensive foreign policies have stirred up the hornets' nests, opening up a can of worms, then smashing open Pandora's box. There were just a few dozen to a few hundred "terrorists" in the middle east prior to Cheney-Bush & Co Crime Syndicate invading them, now there are thousands of new converts willing to give their lives to fight the "evil imperial fascist states of Amerika". Way to go there Cheney and side kick Manchurian candidate Bush. Now we are in the middle of this massive clusterfuck and the blood thirsty Zionist neo-cons are STILL chanting "more blood! more blood! more blood! bomb Iran! bomb Iran!" Another respected Jew exposes some of the Zionist strategies:


My heart and prayers goes out to all our American brave soldiers that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan for what they believed was to "protect" our country. It's just a shame that they are losing their lives over the agendas of a very few elite people who sat down behind closed doors and decide the fate of peoples and nations all the while they turned around and lied to all us Americans about the real reason why we were there. Granted, I know, even as I am writing these words, there exists a Zionist CIA faction working on an ultra BlackOps "false flag" mission (in partnership with Mossad) to cause massive deaths here in our country so that the ruling party will say "WE TOLD YOU SO!" thereby JUSTIFYING EVERTHING they have done to "protect us" and then some. Immediately after this new false flag op, a massive national clamp down will happen of unheard of proportions. Race riots, chaos, food shortages, martial law. Our once great nation will NEVER be the same again. The real days of chaos are yet to come. What more proof do you need other than knowing the fact that our dear loving brain dead President Bush flat out VETOED a 30 billion dollar program to provide healthcare to OUR poor children HERE in OUR country, what did Bush say? His words and actions are most accurately interpreted as: "fuck those poor helpless children!" He then turns around and grants the rich nation of Israel 30 billion more dollars in aid instead of his own people! DOH! Now if you cannot clearly see the depressing logic in action, clearly demonstrating just where the Washingtonites have their priorities, well, our nation is doomed. Just throw the money away! Give it away! Screw our country! $700 billion going to fight a bogus war, when those funds used here in our country would have fixed EVERYTHING wrong today. Actually America GIVES AWAY well over 100 billion dollars every year to other counties while nit picking and denying our own citizens some of the most basic needs. These are the Zionist/Masonic initiated backed policies that are ravaging our nation. Those were some troubling issues I just had to cover and get out of the way. Now let's go back to the neo-cons... particularly the ZOG (our Zionist Occupational Government) who hold key positions all over Washington, mostly neo-cons, but don't be fooled, they are also embedded in

the democrat's camp too. I just can't help but to be amazed about the "coincidence" that I have been constantly confronting, every time I find an extremist neo-con spinning their agenda, on TV or on the web, I often Google or Wikipedia the crazy ones who defy all the laws of logic and those obviously pushing a hidden agenda. Well the disturbing finding that I came across has me baffled for: Every time I looked up the name of an obnoxious extremist neo-con that got my attention, almost EVERY SINGLE NEO-CON was Jewish! (or very, very closely affiliated with them up to their necks, some of which have their noses so far up their asses they rarely come up for air) One of the well know founding fathers of neo-cons king douche bag Norman Podhoretz who was presidential hopeful Drag Queen Giuliani's #1 advisor. I have a strange hunch that the neo-cons, that ex president Reagan and others used to refer to as "the crazies" are that same bunch of Zionists that have been stalking the corridors of Washington are the ones who found ways to infiltrate Bush's administration. Yes his top brass consists of "extremist neo-cons" so I looked up the names of the 4 main strategists, presto, yep, all Jewish. With insane extremist neo-con Zionist Norman Podhoretz at the helm as Giuliani's main architect. No it doesn't stop there, Drag Queen Giuliani has sold his soul so deeply to the Jewish Zionists that they even provide him with all his transportation for his 2008 run for the election! Giuliani is being flown around the country in Abelson's plush Gulfstream G-IV. Hmmmm. Again, as I have stated many times here in the Matrix Report, I am far from being anti-Semitic (the first charge that all Zionist ram down people's throats), actually, I grew up in a 100% Jewish community, and have many family and friends that are normal Jews (not extremist neo-con Zionists) as was my grandfather. So you all can take that "ATTACK THAT ANTISEMITE!" bullshit elsewhere. No accusations of anti-Semitism will ever cover up the fact that the Zionists instigators are the most vocal, most in your face, most desperate to get Amerika Inc. to continue on the insane path of war it has been on these past years. More erosion of our constitution, more dwindling of our liberties, etc., the core culprits behind this entire movement are none other than a bunch of extremist Jewish neo-cons! The Zionists/Mason ruling elite. Look at the state of New York what I call the "second nation of Israel", the one state with the largest Jewish population in all of US, makes it officially a Zionist state run from top to bottom by Zionists: Governor - Eliot Spitzer Zionist Jew, Senator - Chuck Schumer Zionist Jew, Senator - Hillary Zionist Jew Wench, NY State Assembly Speaker - Sheldon Silver Zionist Jew, Mayor NYC- Michael Bloomberg Zionist Jew, the list goes on and on. Oh, Bloomberg has so much juice that he rescinded the two term law and at a snap of his fingers made himself eligible for an unprecedented THIRD term in office! Yet barely a tick on the news Richter Scale, not a peep, as no one dares utter a word in opposition to any Zionist Mafioso "made man." Has anyone other than me noticed that Bush installed Michael Mukasey, yet another big time Zionist Jew as our new Attorney General? Oh boy, hold on to your seats! They were even floating the idea of Joe LIEberman as potential Vice President for the republican 2008!!! OMG! The day this happens, America is DOOMED for the Zionist Jew will be just a bullet away from the Whitehouse... and soon thereafter be crowned as Emperor of the United States of Israel. The NEO-CON Zionists have a virtual choke hold on Washington (the Zionist democrats follow their alpha males), they began their power consolidation with their Lobbyist Front Groups and

over the years have not only amassed the highest level influence, but have managed to infiltrate every sector of government with their operatives. New York State has long been the de facto Jewish headquarters in America. If this trend continues as it is, soon the total transformation of our country will be complete: to one day become the UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL. One interesting source of information exposing the Zionist conquest of America, you should absolutely check out Joachim Martillo's "Judonia Rising - The Israel Lobby and American Society", at his website where he candidly discusses many Zionist ills. ADL is Israel's Jewish Spy Agency - Video First they planned and succeeded in having Bush and other completely morally defunct leaders finish running this country into the ground and destroying this country as we know it, infrastructuraly, morally, economically, every way. Then little by little the Zionist Jews who never allow themselves to "get their hands dirty" will emerge as our "saviors" to "fix everything". The Jews are no longer satisfied with just having the most powerful and feared lobbyist group in the nation, now they are working to take over it over. Just a few years ago, Zionist Jew senator LIEberman tried to get into the Whitehouse, American's weren't ready for a Jew president yet, today he is busy working 24/7 drumming up support to attack Iran and other Zionist causes. If a Zionist ever succeeds in taking over the Whitehouse, then we will see all of the new fascist powers of the presidency that Cheney & Bush strategically setup ahead of time being utilized to their tyrannical fullest. Oh, sure Bloomberg along with many of this brethren seem like "good fellows", they MUST keep up the charade to win us all over. In the mean time while we are waiting for the Zionists to place one of their own bloodlines in control of the (holy grail) Whitehouse, we will continue to have to put up with the dozens upon dozens of key Zionist Jews that are taking more key positions and ever more important roles in our government, deciding and shaping OUR FUTURES with THEIR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND. I don't make this stuff up. Who do YOU think is the 800lb gorilla in Washington? It is easy to see the actual fruits of their labor, follow their agendas: who do you think are the ones behind the intentional neglect of our own government projects for OUR citizens, neglecting crucial situations here in OUR country, cutting out billions of dollars in funds for all OUR necessities here in OUR country and instead WASTING those billions pushing others agendas on other countries, and fabricated conflicts. My words my seem incendiary and insulting, but if you have half a brain to digest and logically rationalize even half of what I have been conveying here in this Matrix Report, you would have no choice but to surrender to the voice of reason... the TRUTH. The whole hate speech thing was invented and brought into the mainstream by the AntiDefamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). The ADL purports to be and disguises itself as a "Jewish civil rights organization" (as does the JDL). When in reality the ADL and the JDL are one clandestined intelligence agency that operates as an advocacy group. It conducts extensive surveillance on individuals and groups across the political spectrum. The San Francisco district

attorney caught the ADL conducting a national spy network after a 1993 raid on the organizations San Francisco offices uncovered computer files (including stolen confidential police documents containing personal information) on 9,876 individuals and more than 950 groups. How they get away with espionage even after being caught red handed is beyond me. The ADL has over the years infiltrated and intertwined itself with our law enforcement apparatus, so much so that it regularly conducts "extremism training" classes for law enforcement, where they actually instruct officers on "extremist ideologies and share investigative and prosecuting techniques to combat these ideologies! The ADL can be likened to the NAZIs operating in America as a boy scout group completely immersing itself in all the legal dealings of our country pushing its own hidden agenda, and telling our law enforcement how to operate while dictating to our judicial system what is what! Only in this crazy country do we allow those who wish to infiltrate, undermine and subjugate us with their own secret agendas to freely do so without any repercussions, so long as they are "the untouchables".... The Zionist Jews. They are the single tour de force behind all "Hate Crimes" laws not only in this country but all over the globe, basically to protect and provide cover for just the Jewish people. Thus making these people the only people on the planet that are THE UNTOUCHABLES. This is nothing new for them, for the Zionist Jews have been instrumental in crafting "hate crimes" laws for ages, one need look no further than Russia and Germany where they were instrumental in getting people imprisoned for "hate crimes" many generations ago. Where even possessing a book called "Protocols of Zion" could get you a death sentence, was accepted policy. The ADL is what I consider an amazingly interesting ground breaking Zionist organization. Any group or organization that can become instrumental in pushing new laws into existence and becoming so feared and powerful as to effectively be able to not only silence their detractors, but also be able to completely cripple and ruin anyone that steps in their way is truly a dangerous work of genius to be reckoned with. How do you debate such an organization? For ANYTHING you say can be construed as ANTI-SEMETIC and used against you! (Doh!) These are the only people that have been successful in anti-Semitising THE TRUTH!!! Therein lays the pure genius of this enterprise. You can therefore never question, let alone oppose anything they stand for due to the fact that they will spring into action like ravenous vipers ready to inject you with its venom. Death awaits all who oppose it. For all who dare cross the lines are quickly character assassinated, publically humiliated and reduced to nothingness. All who dare step where they are told not to go, will surely suffer the wrath and pain of the den of viper's counter attack. Many who consider stepping into the lair of the ADL vipers den and opposing them usually meets political and financial suicide. For the ADL and their sister organization AIPAC has destroyed many a people and careers. They are FEARED in all the halls of government, where politicians tippy toe and whisper around any issue that is remotely connected to the Jewish Zionist agendas. Untold billions upon billions of dollars pour into their war chests, they bully their way around without a care, no one dares look them in the eyes, they all bow their heads in fear of the Zionist beasts.

You claim that a ________ Jewish organization did_________? Bam! You're anti-Semitic! You claim that ________ Jewish entity did_______, Bam! You are practicing HATE SPEECH! Etc, etc, etc. You lose no matter how you put it. You can NOT state the truth, about any issue you know to be true for you will be construed as an "anti-Semitic" lashing out with "hate speech" tinfoil hat wearing, Islamofascist terrorist loving monstrosity. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 (HR 262), which will soon pass congress this session, will construct a federal hate crimes center in Washington, D.C. This command center WILL NOT BE RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT... BUT BY THE ADL..!!! Soon the day is coming when you will be JAILED for speaking up about someone, (the truth be damned) especially the ones you are forbidden to speak of.. the Jews. How's that for a creatively insane form of CENSORSHIP! BTW: who is going to decide what constitutes as "hate speech" that will soon get you imprisoned? The Jewish Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) of course!!! LOL. This is a blatant destruction of the single most fundamentally important components of our so called "free society": FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We are so screwed, yet you have no clue. Behold, for you witness the power of the beast in action... The Dark Side of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith - Video Finally I would like to point out yet another very important FACT of life. Americans by and large are THE most giving people on the planet. Americans generously donate billions upon billions of dollars each and every year to every cause under the sun. But wait, hold on a second. Who do the Jewish people donate to? Has that thought even ever entered your mind? The fact stands unchallenged that virtually all the Jewish people ONLY give to Jewish programs! The ENTIRE Jewish race is brought up under that principle. It is not just frowned upon to give "outside" of the race (and anything that is not part of one of their agendas) many consider it blasphemy to do so. What little donations, they give outside their network is done so as mere trinkets, throwing a few bones here and there, yet with big fanfare so as to make it seem that they are a most benevolent people. As I have mentioned before, I am also descendant of Jews. Yes I am a perplexing individual am I not? go ahead and call me a "self hating Jew" not! I have long ago renounced the faith of my brethren and been a "born again" Christian for decades, I have rebuked my Zionist uncles and their insane quest for wealth at the sake of losing their souls when I was just a teenage. I have since come to detest everything they stand for. What I speak of is NOT fantasy, I KNOW from real life experience, so much so, I often sit in major Jewish meetings in complete disbelief yet having to maintain a straight face. Interesting story: the only times I have EVER been hired sight unseen, no interview, no nothing, with just a phone call like "oh Mr. Silberstein, you are looking for work? no problem, can you come in and start tomorrow?" I kid you not. That is how my fellow Jews roll. THIS is how they treat each other, tight knit to the end, this is the true source of their strength, it's called UNITY. Likewise, understanding this key you would understand why it is so important to keep all you stupid foolish goyims squarely DIVIDED amongst yourselves, rightwing vs. leftwing, republican vs. democrat, you bunch of dumb goyim sheeple would never understand... you will battle one another until the day you wake up and find

yourselves completely enslaved in your nation of "liberty," then bow in submission to my brethren, your Zionist masters... Behold... for I am only telling it as it is... sorry, no sugar coating here. We look at the pathetic western Christian churches that bow down to the Jews as truly a joke. To them you are all just Goyim scum, to be treated as cattle. Christian ministers visiting Israel get special treatment of respect: IT IS COMMON FOR THE JEWS TO SPIT AT CHRISTIANS! The old Hebrew scriptures that you all know as the "old testament" was the word of god for the Jewish people, who USED TO BE god's "chosen ones" back in THAT era over two thousand