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Will The Real Stewart Rhodes Please Stand Up? Are The Oathkeepers Genuine Defenders of the Constitution or a Slick CIA Front?
Elmer Stewart Rhodes, Jr. Professional Sculptur, Founder of Oathkeepers 
Showing His Interpretation of Delacroix's Lilberty Leading the People
(From Rhode's blog 


If you go to,-115.30072&sspn=0.006314,0.013915&ie=UTF8&ll=36.066827,-115.300816&spn=0.006314,0.013915&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A  you'll see the home of Oathkeepers founder Elmer Stewart Rhodes Jr., age 44,  founder of Oathkeepers at 6689 Pheasant Moon St. in Las Vegas, Nevada.
You'll see that there is a very large Ron Paul bumper sticker on the back window of his station wagon in his driveway. That MIGHT mean he's on our side, but it ALSO could be part of a carefully created ruse, part of an effort to create a smokescreen, and right now I'm honestly not sure what to think.
Who exactly is this man, and what are his TRUE objectives? Is he REALLY trying to defend the US Constitution, or is he merely going through the MOTIONS while ACTUALLY running a CIA counterintelligence operation to gather intel on Patriots, on people who oppose the New World Order while actually serving as a GATEKEEPER on information?
My purpose here is NOT to try to smear this man, because I'm the first to admit that I could be wrong about him and I sincerely HOPE I'm wrong. Its just that some things have come up in my own involvement with his organization that have given me pause, and I feel compelled to ask some hard questions about him for the following reasons.
HAMMELL's OATHKEEPERS FRIENDS LIST of 104 People Deleted by Rhodes Along With Hammell's Oathkeepers Page.
Friends, does it strike you as odd that someone who professes to be "defending the Constitution" would show so little regard for Freedom of Speech that he'd move to CENSOR several members of his organization that he'd delete an entire thread showing the cumulative thinking of several of us on this critical and timely weaponized swine flu issue, then kick the person who initiated this discussion out of his organization while accusing that person of "SPAMMING" other Oathkeepers?
Rhodes emailed me DEMANDING that I move all discussion on the Swine Flu issue over to the very lightly trafficked site at that had been set up by Oathkeepers Moderator Mark Matthews and he demanded that I CEASE discussing it under the umbrella of Oathkeepers.
He accused me of "spamming" oathkeepers members, and ignored me when I tried pointing out to him that the Site Architecture of NING on which the Oathkeepers site is built allows for ANYONE to set mail settings that allow them to opt out of receiving any group generated emails, and theres a lot of flexability in how one can set these preferences. I pointed out that his site has a button allowing anyone to send a message to all of their Friends within the organization, so it seemed to me that this communication was openly ENCOURAGED.
So his argument that I was in any way "spamming" anyone was utter nonsense. I tried to point out that my unwillingness to shift the discussion away from the Oathkeepers site to stemmed from the realization that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE on this issue because its now September, and the vaccine is already fast upon us- the DoD just announced their intention to force the vaccine on all personnel, and we could be under martial law due to it at any time later in the fall or early winter.
In a phone call I had with Rhodes early on after joining, I urged him to please do a conference call with Virologist Bill Deagle, MD; True Ott, ND, PhD, and with Don Brown, an Army Vet who was disabled by the Swine Flu vaccine which he was given at Ft.Dix NJ in 1976. Don is lucky to be alive today and has serious health problems stemming from the vaccine.
He is 3 inches shorter than he was due to chronic spinal degeneration. He suffers from Gullian Barre syndrome, a nerve disorder that makes it hard for him to hold things and causes numbness in his fingers and toes. He has a racing pulse at times and has had to be rushed to the ER by ambulance more than once.
When I talked with Rhodes he clearly seemed to regard the swine flu vaccine issue to be a "PR liability",  for Oathkeepers, something that would "interfere" with his efforts to recruit military, ex military, sheriffs, ex sheriffs, police and ex police to his organization.
I tried telling him I thought that was an absurd attitude given that we're under biological attack through this Trojan Horse "vaccine" that was unquestionably created in order to cull our numbers, to put us under martial law, and to usher in the New World Order. Despite my best argument, he didn't seem able to hear what I was saying.
So I decided to actively recruit a lot of people to Oathkeepers in order to build up a big "Friends List", thinking that if he saw enough of his members asking questions about this issue that he might properly embrace it in the way that I still think he should if he is INDEED for real and not running a CIA front group.
Well, when I did recruit a lot of people via radio shows and via communications with the IAHF list, and I did build up this big Friends list of 104 people through which I got a lively discussion going, it couldn't help but raise a huge red flag when he then BANNED ME from the organization.
So THAT caused me to put him under a MICROSCOPE, hence my looking up all his previous addresses everywhere in the country in an effort to learn anything I could about him. Hence my using GOOGLE EARTH to scope out his driveway where I found his car at the link above with the Ron Paul sticker on the window.
When Rhodes banned me, he opined to Mark Matthews, his Moderator, that he thought I was an "Agent Provacateur" . I pointed out to Matthews that all he'd have to do to disavow himself of such ludicrous thinking was to check me out through Norm Singleton, Ron Paul's Legislative Director who I've been working with closely for many years on health freedom legislation. (Rhodes worked on Ron Paul's staff for a while, but right now I'm beginning to wonder if he can be trusted, or was that just part of a carefully created CIA smokescreen?)
Just exactly who is Elmer Stewart Rhodes, Jr, this 44 year old man who created the Oath Keepers? We know he worked for Ron Paul. We know he was educated at Yale Law School. The story he tells is that he was a paratrooper who poked his eye out during a training exercise when he landed in a tree. Is that true? He's never shown me or anyone I know his military records.
Maybe it was true, but why did he once live in Lorton VA where Fort Belvoir is given that Ft.Belvoir has nothing to do with paratroopers?
We do know that Lorton is just 20 miles south of McLean VA where CIA Headquarters is..... we also know that the CIA is directed by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, England, the same folks who direct British Intelligence, MI5 and MI6. My dad was a Naval Intelligence Officer. He told me that no one in US Naval Intelligence trusts the CIA because they are all aware that they're not part of our government, that they take their orders from the RIIA.
I happen to know that Cecil Rhodes was instrumental in creating the RIIA, it came out of the Round Table which he created to further the goals of the Rothschild banking family in creating a New World Order. 
See this You Tube about Cecil Rhodes:  Cecil Rhodes and the Roundtable Group. Rhodes founded the DeBeers Mining Company in South Africa where he exploited Africa for his gain. The colony "Rhodesia" bore his name. It is known today as "Zimbabwe". He is also responsible for provacating the Second Boer War 1899-1902  This group makes skillful use of propaganda. This war was the first to use the British invention of Concentration Camps. Rhodes created the nation of South Africa, however his group had much greater aims: a World Federation. Rhodes set up a Secret Society to achieve his aims, and central to his planning was Creation of the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford, where Bill Clinton and others were indoctrinated with the goals of the New World Order. Secretly, Rhodes established the Round Table Group which pulled its members from Oxford and Cambridge institutions.
Is Elmer Stewart Rhodes Jr. any relation to the infamous globlist Cecil Rhodes? I don't know, and don't PRETEND to know.
All I know is that By their Fruits Ye Will Know Them.
All I know is that right now Stewart Rhodes has booted me from Oathkeepers despite all the people I recruited to join his organization, and they include True Ott, ND, PhD and Army Vet Don Brown who was disabled by the Swine Flu Vaccine in '76.
All I know is that Rhodes disrespected my First Amendment rights and those of the 104 people who were on my Oathkeepers Friends List when he banned me from the organization and deleted a long thread comprised of messages between these people and I on this issue. This thread contained a lot of valuable information, but he deleted it.
All I know is that he refused to allow me to discuss this issue under his umbrella, but demanded I take the discussion over to a much more lightly trafficked site, and I refused because I am aware that time is of the essence.

H1N1 vaccination to be required for US military

Sep 2, 2009 (CIDRAP News) ? Vaccination against the pandemic H1N1 influenza will be required for all uniformed US military personnel, with the immunizations starting in early October, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced yesterday.

In a news release, Army Lt. Col. Wayne Hachey, the department's director of preventive medicine, said vaccination will be mandatory for uniformed personnel and will be available to all military family members who want it.

DoD expects to receive 1 million doses of the vaccine in early October and another 1.7 million doses later in the month, the release said.

First in line for the vaccine will be healthcare workers, deploying troops, those serving on ships and submarines, and new recruits, according to DoD.

"Any place where we take a lot of people, squash them all together and get them nice and close and put them under stressful conditions will get the vaccine," Hachey said.

To distribute the vaccine, he said, the military will use its usual seasonal flu vaccine distribution chain, a system in use for decades.

He noted that a decision is still awaited on whether each person will need one dose or two. "The assumption right now is that people will need two doses, 21 days apart. That may change," he said. Federal officials are awaiting early results of clinical trials for guidance on the number of doses.

DoD already has seasonal flu vaccine and will begin giving the immunizations soon, Hachey said. "That has been our message to immunizers: to try and get as many people as they can immunized against the season flu early."

The civilian immunization program for H1N1 is expected to start in mid October.

See also:

Sep 1 DoD press release

Oathkeepers Moderator Mark Matthews has met Stewart in person having interracted with him in the Ron Paul Meetup group in Las Vegas. He's convinced that Stewart is not a plant, that he's the real deal, and he may well be correct. I sure HOPE he's correct.

Where things stand right now is that Mark has been in touch with Stewart who has agreed to draft an official position statement for Oathkeepers on this weaponized swine flu population control, societal control issue. I have lobbed in a lot of information that I sure hope Stewart will consider incorporating into his position paper. 

I emphasized to Mark that I really do think Stewart would be doing a serious disservice to all members of Oathkeepers, especially all active duty military in light of the DoDs annouced intention to lay this bioweapon on them starting in October if he did not organize some sort of conference call for all Oathkeepers in which they could hear directly from Virologist Bill Deagle, MD; True Ott, ND, PhD; Army Vet Don Brown who was injured by the swine flu vaccine in 1976 and who is disabled today as a result, and I.
I also expressed the view that Stewart should invite former Kansas State Trooper Greg Evenson to this call since Evenson published this article which alerts us to the State Police plans to force the vaccine on us at roadblocks, and if we fail to take it, and don't agree to wear a stainless steel bracelet with an RFID chip that we'll be arrested on the spot and forced into a FEMA Quarantine camp for some undermined length of time (and where the vaccine will undoubtedly be forced on us in any case.) The Death of Liberty- The Final Scene Unfolds
I expressed the view that all Oathkeepers should be warned to have food reserves so they won't be scooped up out on the roads, and they should all be armed and ready to defend their homes if an effort were made to try to force them out of them.
I expressed the view that Oathkeepers should be providing real leadership on this issue to the American people since this weaponized swine flu threat is the biggest threat confronting our nation today. Its clearly totally in our faces with a massive media barrage to try to condition us all to take it.
Depending on how Stewart Rhodes addresses or does not address this issue, I guess soon we'll know if he's a descendent of Cecil Rhodes, or if he is indeed a true blue Patriot after all. I certainly hope he's one of us, and if I'm wrong in guessing that he might be a descendent of the traitorous bastard Cecil Rhodes, I hope Stewart will be the first to forgive me for raising this question, but I had no choice because he tossed me from his organization under questionable circumstances forcing me to Google his front door.
If you appreciate this effort to apply pressure on Oathkeepers to try to get Stewart Rhodes to do proper justice in alerting his members and the public at large where this swine flu trojan horse bioweapon is concerned, kindly send me a donation at or to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
If you don't know how to protect yourself medically from the bioweapon our illustrious gummint is unleashing on us for population control purposes, and you want my E-Book on how to use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and you want my Special Report on other ways to protect yourself medically using specific dietary supplements I'll send that to you for a $25. minimum donation.
Please send more if you can, I'm on the Red List of people to be executed just before Martial Law, and I need cash right now to develop my own contingency plans for my own survival.

For Health Freedom, John C. Hammell, President International Advocates for Health Freedom 556 Boundary Bay Road Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA 800-333-2553 N.America 360-945-0352 World



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It seems to me that it's reasonable for Mr. Rhodes not to want his organization to be seen as part of the swine flu "paranoia". Calm down, I believe the swine flu to be weaponized; but there are plenty of other organizations that deal with that issue directly. If I had started Oathkeepers, I wouldn't want that sort of discussion going on either. It takes away from the specific purpose of what Oathkeepers was set up for. If he allows swine flu, then where does it stop, and in what direction will it lead...any way about it, it would lead away from what Oathkeepers is doing now.

I understand why you might be pissed, but try to put yourself in Stewart's shoes; he's the one running the organization, as a matter of practicality these are things he has to think about in promoting Oathkeepers so that as many military and police will sign up and support it as is possible.

For disclosure, I am not a member of Oathkeepers, nor do I know Mr. Rhodes personally. I've followed Oathkeepers for awhile, and I like what I see.

You did a good job writing this blog post though. You didn't try to completely defame Mr. Rhodes, you gave your side of the story I think in a fair way; so, I commend you for that. This sort of stuff is always good to bring up and talk about.

Posted by: Jack Straw | Oct 18, 2009 11:20:15 PM

You should ask him how he lost his eye. Being an ex-firearm instructor. It was a firearm accident

Posted by: Jae Belle | Oct 21, 2009 1:29:03 PM

I too have had a very similar situation with Stewart Roads & OK, over Obama's citizenship "issue," and ALL that that implies in regards to the government in general. I was the "state moderator" for Kansas, had 108 "friends" on my list, one of my state members brought it up on our state board for a discussion, and it was WELL "documented." When I forwarded it to my national "friends list," the entire thread, discussion, all of it was "deleted" within a week, and I was "suspended." Of the 50 some odd responses, only ONE was negative. Yes, I firmly believe that Mr. Roads is "cointelpro" for somebody.

Posted by: James Gragg | Mar 3, 2010 3:29:03 PM

At present I am experiencing a much similar situation with Cpt Gooch & OK. In Nov. of last year I signed on to all 50 States and posted about Continental Congress 2009 (CC209), I was a delegate elect from my State. Now about 2 weeks ago I received an email asking why I was a member of all 50 States, tried to explain but to no avail, Gooch threatened me with banning me of off the site if I did not tell him by what authority I joined all 50 States. To me that is a bunch of crap, I’m a Disabled Vet and I must say the more I find out about Rhodes I no longer trust Rhodes or his followers. I searched Elmer Stewart Rhodes on the military site, I found one Elmer Rhodes prior/military E-4, got out in OH, but this individual did not have a middle initial of “S”.

Posted by: Greta Murphy | May 15, 2010 6:07:59 PM

I do not believe that because you are a jew, that you are automatically subversive.

I am a member of OathKeepers and believe the organization is properly focused. The complaints I see here seem to address members who worked outside of the goals of OathKeepers.

I am not persuaded by any arguments I have read here. I will continue to believe OathKeepers is the real deal, until I determine otherwise.

I do appreciate everyone's efforts to do the right thing. Some here are just frustrated that their pet peeve is not OathKeepers' pet peeve.

Imagine someone starting a cat club and a few bring their dog. duh

Chill folks. Fight the beast, not each other. Remember the whole divide and conquer argument.

Stop bitchin' about how others fight the beast and start your own project. I did four years ago and have moved 200,000 DVDs at a dollar each to patriot activists all over the Country.

Anyone wanna buy some? Now, don't start chewing my ass, don't you have a Country to save?

I downloaded the manual. I have always wanted a copy of the Protocols. Thanks for that. Now, I have burners and printers to load. I sold four Patriot Libraries today. Folks are waking up. God Bless all you fine patriots.

Ron Neil

Posted by: Ron Neil | Nov 23, 2010 1:16:48 AM

Rhodes has tossed numerous Oath Keepers, including me, for not toeing his line. He is really leading OKer's into a new realm by promoting issues far out of line with the original "Constitutional Orders" intent of the organization. He's very ambitious.

Here's some good news: Rhodes has disappointed a lot of people and turned them off. I have it on excellent authority that Oath Keepers is steadily losing members.

Maybe we won't have to put up with him much longer.

Posted by: Ryan Masters | Feb 5, 2011 10:19:31 PM

Rhodes is a plant. He is an actor and likely CointelPro. Do not trust him.

Posted by: Gene | Sep 29, 2011 1:06:11 AM

I think Rhodes is a plant as well, and I believe one of his jobs is to convince members to go opposite of what patriots should be doing. For example, I noticed the moderator on his website responding to a few posts regarding the 'American Operation Spring' protest on May 16th. The moderator said in one reply to a blogger that 'protesting is a waste of time' and that the last 2 million march in 2009 at DC accomplished nothing! Than, in another more recent post by the moderator he said it is unconstitutional to do what the May 16th protestors are planning on doing. WOW, what a lie! Our constitution gives us the right to protest, and bear arms to remove tyrannical governments. So, Oathkeepers is telling members to 'break' their oaths, and stand down, and let tyranny prevail. This statement below by that moderator is enough to show who Rhodes really is and that their purposed misdirection to their members is treason:
"[Editor's Note: Oath Keepers is not supporting the OAS march on WDC. We support their belief that the Federal government is wildly out of control, is operating unlawfully and immorally, and has grown far outside its proper limits. However, it's not just "Obama". It's the last four Presidents in a row, two Republicans and two Democrats. This is much bigger than "who is in the White House". OAS is not seeking revolution - they are seeking to purge a political belief from an elected government. Oath Keepers cannot support a purge of "progressives and Democrats" with only a token few Republicans (conservatives). That is totally un-Constitutional and Oath Keepers will not support that.

Voting is fraudulent and the Republicans are all part of the liberal takeover, so thinking we can vote in a nicer president and undo the communism in our land now is unreality. Why would Rhodes try to demonize patriots from exercising their constitutional rights, and call it 'unconstitutional?' Only a traitor can say such a thing.

As well, during the Cliven Bundy Ranch standoff with the BLM in NV...after Bundy was vilified by NY Times for being a 'racist' (which was not true and video footage now gone viral proves he is not racist and that his message was grossly taken out of context), Rhodes posted an article on his site 'questioning' Bundy's character. He went along with all the other so-called conservative politicians and Fox news reporters, who sided with NY Times and vilified this rancher without checking the true facts. On his website Rhodes said he would update the article after finding out what was what from Mr. Bundy, but after 5 days, he never updated his article and never vindicated Mr. Bundy directly himself, or apologized for following the left's smear campaign against Mr. Bundy. He had a lot of posts on that article, and many people were mad at Mr. Rhodes for writing that article without the facts. Yes, Rhodes showed up at Mr. Bundy's ranch, met him, helped him, and still claims to help why did he not believe enough in him to hold his article and find out the truth about this man's statement before siding with all the other rumor mongers? His organization was called a "domestic terrorist' by Harry Reid, and he should know how the media misrepresents the truth! Yes, by their fruits you shall know them is quite true.

The entire incident with Mr. Bundy showed all Americans who is really who out we see who are the real infiltrators. This racist smear against Bundy was done to take eyes off of the main fact that the FEDS are land grabbing and overreaching their power over US citizens. I sure hope Oathkeeper members will wise up and not be fooled to 'stand down' by anyone, but will abide by their oaths, and not allow this communist government to pillage our homes and lives.

Posted by: Tina | Apr 27, 2014 4:12:52 PM

I agree with the sentiments of Ron Neil in the post above. You folks have to realize the true genius of Oath Keepers, he's not out trying to win over pot-heads in their moms basement, they aren't going to do shit when the time comes. He is out trying to win over LEO's and the Military. Without the armed jackboot minions, the NWO have no teeth to implement their final agenda. Trust me when I say that the Oath Keepers inner circle DO know what is REALLY going on, 9/11 and all. But many of the folks he is trying to recruit still think Glenn Beck is some kind of revolutionary truth teller. Once they get around other Oath Keepers they will be gradually be introduced to deeper levels of understanding, just like the progression most folks go through. When you try to immerse folks in the heavy duty stuff all at once cold turkey, it is overwhelming, and it sounds nuts to them...and many don't want to be associated with anything that sounds crazy at first

You need to watch closely, and think hard about which groups are really having the biggest impact on being threats to the NWO. They are terrified of the idea of the Oath Keepers. It IS a genius idea, and may be our only hope.

But my real point is this: There are REAL COINTELPRO agents from more than one agency, and more than one country that do nothing but pose as Patriots and truthers, but try to convince everybody who will listen that ANYONE who is effectively waging war on the NWO are the plants.

EXAMPLE: "Ron Paul is a plant,he is a Mason, he is in it for the Money"

TRUTH: If that was true, he would have won. Ron Paul was on Public Access channels and AM/Shortwave decades ago, before anyone really knew him, explaining Eustace Mullins book Inside the Federal Reserve, and what it meant. Nobody knew almost ANYTHING about the Fed back then, and the book was purposely suppressed, and entire runs were bought out for DECADES. Barely anybody would even know the truth about the Fed today, were it not for Ron Paul, Gary Allen, and a few other dedicated people. Why would the NWO spill their deep secrets? hey wouldn't.

When you encounter people who insist that basically EVERYONE and ANYONE who is effectively fighting the NWO is a plant...
WATCH OUT. THERE IS YOUR IMPOSTER. They know we can never make any progress if they destroy our faith in the effective Leaders and Groups that we have.

Also especially true about many of the super loud Anti-Jew guys. Everybody knows that the Zionists are one of, if not THE most powerful criminal mafia vying for global control, but they are not the only one.

There are many Zionist plants out there pointing out that anyone who isn't screaming JEW at the top of their lungs is a "Jew" or "controlled". How far will any movement get with the controlled media, if they talk about "Jews" all the time? Not very far. I would remind you that Elohim City was (supposedly) an Aryan Nations type compound that was actually built and financed by the SPLC/ADL, and over 50% of the Militia there were Feds. They were constantly running down other Patriot leaders, saying those Patriot leaders were Jews, merely because they didn't talk about JEWS out loud 24/7.... None of the real major Patriot groups from that era survived or made any real progress.

See what I mean?

Posted by: T-Bob | May 3, 2014 6:58:03 AM

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