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Vote Ron Paul: News Update 10-31-2009

Important News from Ron Paul on Audit The FED
In this Audit the Fed update, Dr. Paul explains what is happening with HR 1207 in the Monetary Policy Subcommittee, describes his plan to protect 1207 in the full Financial Services Committee, and provides ideas on actions we can take to keep Audit the Fed from being watered down.
Watch Video
Ron Paul Weekly Video Update
In his latest C4L video, Congressman Paul reports on a recent House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing concerning Iran as well as a House Financial Services Committee hearing on financial regulations, and addresses the GDP.
Watch Video
Ron Paul Op-Ed in Forbes:  Be Prepared for the Worst
The large-scale government intervention in the economy is going to end badly.
Continue Reading
Peter Schiff on 'The Real Story'
Local Television Station covers Peter Schiff's campaign for U.S. Senate.
Watch Video
Alex Jones Endorses Debra Medina for Texas Governor
Ron Paul Candidate Debra Medina is making waves with her campaign for Texas Governor.  Alex Jones welcomes Mrs. Medina in studio to talk about the battle brewing in Texas.
Watch Video
Vaccinations: For Better or Worse
All it would take to put a stop to cervical cancer for good would be for providers to promote and patients to practice monogamy.
Continue Reading
The Monetary Economics of Halloween Candy
The trick-or-treat economy teaches us about free exchange, and even the function of money.
Continue Reading
Profit Drive Swine Flu Propagandas -- Pump Up the Volume
Most American are unaware that flu vaccines still contain thimerosal and that to avoid mercury, they have to ask for mercury-free shots.
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In Liberty,


47 W. Polk St. Suite 100-408, Chicago, IL 60605

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A view from the cemetery!

Wow!  Now that is a tombstone that should scare the hell out of everyone!
Unfortunately, the leadership of both major parties are controlled by the powers that be, and I hate to tell you, but the major third parties will not take action or even speak out against election fraud and the unconstitutionality of counting our votes in secret nor will they speak of the theft of the most powerful right to control our government which has been stolen.  They know of all of this as I have personally informed them.     
If you want to know more about how those in the government get away with stealing elections, violating our rights and committing horrible crimes, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? at and don’t miss my 18 minute speech.
If you take a look, you’ll learn why they get away with these horrible crimes. My article on torture includes a link to the U.S. Supreme Court case which explains how one of our stolen rights makes the difference between justice and injustice, between freedom and slavery.
I think that it is time for a new third party made up of people who insist on restoring all of our rights to control the government and who are not distracted by the issues used by the powers that be to divide us.  What do you think?
Spread the truth.
Mark A. Adams JD/MBA
P.S. I’m active in the media, election, and judicial reform movements. Since some of you may not know of my work, here’s a 3 minute video about some of it at I'm one of the featured writers on The Daily Censored which is the blog for the premier media watchdog organization, Project Censored. See for more about my work and see for the archives of my articles.

Subject: [ronpaul-136] Fw: A view from the cemetery!
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 00:30:04 -0400

A view from the cemetery!
This guy died over 100 years ago!
 Scroll down through the three pictures ...


Some things never change...

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Republican Nominee that was chosen by NY party bosses behind closed doors - Dede Scozzafava has quit the special election in New York after an independent pollster found her badly trailing both Douglas Hoffman and Democrat Bob Owens.  Reportedly, she tearfully withdrew and threw her support to Hoffman.
This is the beginning of the end of the Party boss force feeding GOP nominees.  What effect will this have on the Florida Senate and Governor's race... the Boss Greer made it's choice - now Republicans voters will make ours!
Nick Egoroff; Roger Franklin Williams and I discussed this critical election on Friday's Guetzloe Report... link to that broadcast here:
Ironically, Nick Egoroff had predicted that Scozzafava may withdraw!
Doug Guetzloe
Host, The Guetzloe Report

Talk Radio Big AM 810 WEUS AM

Radio show call-in number:

(407) 774-1085

Weekdays 11:00-Noon EST
Streaming audio at 'listen live'
P. O. Box 531101
Orlando, FL 32853
(407) 312-1781 - phone
(407) 895-8331 - telefax

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More Re: Judge David O. Carter's error -- only Congress can disqualify Obama? WRONG!! right to office can be annulled by JUDICIAL determination, via Quo Warranto



I haven't seen Carter's dismissal ORDER yet, but he is wrong if he claims that only Congress can oust Obama.


Also ... a private Citizen does not need to request leave (permission) legally to represent the United States (Federal government) before a Federal Court with jurisdiction e.g. Quo Warranto will lie to command Obama to demonstrate "by what authority" he claims to occupy the office of President of the USA (see more below).

I have legally represented the United States quite often in Federal court cases.

Just caption the Plaintiff as "United States ex rel. Jim Byrne" for example (or other capable Private Attorney General).

There are cases in which the United States does need to request leave (permission) to intervene as such; however, if the constitutionality of a Federal statute has already been challenged in a Federal case, THEN the United States has a RIGHT to intervene without needing to request leave: 

The 1866 Civil Rights Act is now on the chopping block, because it was the first time "federal citizenship" appeared anywhere in Federal laws, and that Act was unconstitutional for attempting in vain to modify the Qualifications Clauses; see further details here:


Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)
Criminal Investigator and Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13 (Home Page) (Support Policy) (Client Guidelines) (Policy + Guidelines)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

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The Copenhagen Treaty, and One-World Dictatorship 
It will end democracy, and "vote, voting, votes" are never found in the document!
The Environmentalist primitive dreamers money will be used to build military control and surveillance of every house, apartment and anywhere humans live and move around.

mobile: 514-585-6265

October 31, 2009 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Judge David O. Carter's error -- only Congress can disqualify Obama? WRONG!! right to office can be annulled by JUDICIAL determination, via Quo Warranto

[NOTE WELL:  3 of 3 below:
3 instances of 3 subject matters ... ]

The USDC in Santa Ana, California, has original jurisdiction to hear any matter that arises under the Constitution, Laws or Treaties of the United States (Federal government): 
28 U.S.C. 1331:

"The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of all civil actions arising under the Constitution, laws, or treaties of the United States."

See also the Supremacy Clause and Arising Under Clause:

     This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be  made in  Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall  be made, under the  Authority of the United States, shall be  the supreme  Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall  be bound thereby, any  Thing in the Constitution or
Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

Section 2.   The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority; -- to all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other
public Ministers and Consuls; -- to all Cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; -- to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party; -- to Controversies between two or more States; -- between a State and Citizens of another State; -- between Citizens of different States; between Citizens of the same State  claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and
between a State, or the Citizens  thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects.

From: Paul Andrew Mitchell <>
Judge David O. Carter's error -- only Congress can disqualify Obama? WRONG!!
right to office can be annulled by JUDICIAL determination, via Quo Warranto

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009, 8:52 AM

It [commission] is the highest and best evidence of his right to the office until, on quo warranto or a proceeding of that nature,

is annulled by judicial determination. [read NOT Legislative action]

[Thompson v. Holt, 52 Ala. 491]

[bold emphasis added]

Cf. "Quo Warranto" in Bouvier's Law Dictionary:

   QUO WARRANTO, remedies. By what authority or warrant. The name of a writ issued in the name of a government against any person or corporation that usurps any franchise or office, commanding the sheriff of the county to summon the defendant to be and appear before the court whence the writ issued, at a time and place therein named, to show "quo warranto" he claims the franchise or office mentioned in the writ. Old Nat. Br. 149; . 5 Wheat. 291; 15 Mass. 125; 5 Ham. 358; 1 Miss. 115.

   2.  This writ has become obsolete, having given way  to informations in the nature of a quo warranto at the common law; Ang. on Corp. 469; it is authorized in Pennsylvania  by legislative sanction. Act 14 June, 1836. Vide 1 Vern. 156; Yelv. 190; 7 Com. Dig. 189; 17 Vin. Ab. 177.

   3. An information in the nature of a quo warranto, although a criminal proceeding in form, in substance, is a civil one.  1
Serg. & Rawle, 382.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and
Federal Witness:  18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

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Ron Paul At Carolina Coliseum

Ron Paul at USC Monday, Nov 9 at 7:00 PM in Carolina Coliseum

When: Nov 9th 7-9 p.m.

Where: Carolina Coloseum
What: Rep. Ron Paul of Texas will deliver a lecture at the University of South Carolina on the future of individual liberty and the importance of the U.S. Constitution on Monday, November 9 at 7:00 PM in the Carolina Coliseum.

The event is jointly cosponsored by Young Americans for Liberty, the Carolina Debate Union and the USC Honors College. Dr. Paul will highlight the importance of civility and tolerance of all opinions, not just in politics but also in everyday life.

The lecture is open to the public and is free of charge.

Congressman Paul is a U.S. Representative of Texas currently serving his eleventh term. Dr. Paul received his medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine and went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force as a flight surgeon. After his service, Dr. Paul turned to politics in the late 1970s. He currently serves on the House Banking Committee.

University of South Carolina Honors College provides an outstanding undergraduate education for academically gifted students that individualizes and makes available the resources and academic depth of a comprehensive research university. At the core of its mission is the belief that each individual student matters and that each deserves a program of study the fits their individual goals and needs.

The Carolina Debate Union is a newly founded student organization at the University of South Carolina dedicated to providing a forum for the expression of ideas. The Union provides an opportunity for students to augment their education through the study and practice of effective communication. The Union hosts weekly parliamentary debates.

Young Americans for Liberty is a chapter-based organization established as a continuation of Students for Ron Paul. They support constitutional principles and the classical liberal ideology of the Founding Fathers.
End the Fed (Hardcover) by Ron Paul 

End the Fed 


The Revolution: A Manifesto (Paperback) by Ron Paul

The Revolution: A Manifesto

The Revolution: A Manifesto (Hardcover) by Ron Paul 

Visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty

Books about defending liberty:
Many rare and out of print books are still available.
Look here:
Should re-direct to: 
If the first link is censored, click the second link, or copy and paste either of them.

Oppression of expression is confession

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Ron Paul Returns to South Carolina and Iowa

October 31, 2009

Dear Defender of Liberty,

For the first time since his 2008 presidential campaign, Congressman Ron Paul is returning to South Carolina and Iowa this November!

You won’t want to miss these exciting events, as Campaign for Liberty teams with Young Americans for Liberty to bring Dr. Paul to the University of South Carolina on November 9 and to Iowa State University on November 13.

Dr. Paul’s South Carolina and Iowa trips are garnering lots of attention.  CNN, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal are just a few of the outlets who have already covered these events.

On November 9, Campaign for Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty, the USC Honors College, and the Carolina Debate Union will host a rally with Dr. Paul at the Carolina Coliseum on the campus of the University of South Carolina.

Congressman Paul will speak on “The Politics of Tolerance,” highlighting the importance of civility and tolerance in politics and everyday life.

The event will start at 7:00 pm eastern, and it is free and open to the public.  RSVP here.

On Friday, November 13, Iowa Campaign for Liberty and the ISU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty are teaming up to hold a rally at the Benton Auditorium at Iowa State University Center's Scheman Building.  This event starts at 7 pm central, and it is also free and open to the publicRSVP here.

And click here for more information on Dr. Paul's full schedule in Iowa.

Dr. Paul has frequently mentioned how much he enjoys visiting college campuses, and those who have attended similar events in the past can attest to the energy and excitement they generate.  These are guaranteed to be evenings to remember.

Don't miss your chance to see Congressman Ron Paul as he returns to South Carolina and Iowa for the first time since his 2008 presidential campaign!

In Liberty,

John Tate

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Ron Paul Questions Timothy Geithner

October 30, 2009 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Vote Ron Paul: News Update 10-30-2009

Ron Paul Questions Timothy Geithner 10/29
Congressman Paul questioned Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at a House Financial Services Committee meeting on financial regulations.
Watch Video
Ron Paul on Larry King Live 10/29
Congressman Paul appeared on Larry King Live to discuss capitalism, health care, the war in Afghanistan, and what the role of government in society should be.
Watch Video
Ron Paul: Let the dollar prove itself
Dr. Paul has a new op-ed today over at, where he looks at legalizing competing currencies as an alternative to the failing U.S. dollar.
Continue Reading
Ron Paul at Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing 10/28
Congressman Ron Paul opposes H.R. 2194: Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009. Sanctions are an act of war!
Watch Video
Rand Paul Stalked by Opponent's Supporters
Dr. Paul's senate campaign has certainly been getting a lot of attention lately, but some of it is kind of creepy!
Ron Paul on H1N1
In his latest C4L update, Ron Paul discusses the H1 N1 "emergency," health freedom, and Obama's interesting decision.
Democrats Unveil Health Reform Plan, C4L Has the Alternative
Campaign for Liberty is proposing that Congress try passing legislation that promotes true health freedom.
Doctors Speak Out Against Government Controlled Medicine
The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons has created to fight big government health care and to advocate for free market solutions.
U.S. Government Report Recommends Blocking Popular Websites During Pandemic Flu Outbreak
The U.S. government could shut off traffic to certain websites during a pandemic outbreak, says a GAO report. It's all part of a plan to save Wall Street even when most of the country's workers are staying at home downloading videos.
Feds Post Monster Obamacare Bill
You'll need Washington-ese decoder ring to plow through the monstrosity.
Climate Change Treaty: A Precursor To Global Government?
Lord Monckton's assessment that this upcoming Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen is a "pretext" for the establishment of one world government is "spot-on."
The Myth of Objective Journalism
It's not just Fox News that's biased.
The Most Important Argument Against Drug Prohibition
It's the moral argument.
Why Own Gold Stocks?
Leverage, says Doug Casey.
In Liberty,



47 W. Polk St. Suite 100-408, Chicago, IL 60605

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