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Health Care Reform Bill: Are Nanochips buried in the Health Care Bill???

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From: Dr Jay <>
Date: Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 2:32 PM
Subject: Are Nanochips buried in the Health Care Bill???
To: BroDrBillDeagle <>
Cc: BroFiremenForum <>


Hello Everyone,

This needs to go viral.

I have read the bill. On page 1001 you will find the clause that speaks to the implantable device(nanochip).

Microchiping included in Healthcare Bill ?

“Buried deep within the over 1,000 pages of the massive US Health Care Bill (PDF) in a “non-discussed” section titled: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry, and which states its purpose as:

“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and ‘‘(B) is a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”

In “real world speak”, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country."

Please spread this info far and wide.

Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information

The “Death Chip”
Blog: Catholic Prophecy Today ^ | 2009 | Rev. Joseph Dwight

Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2009 8:58:06 AM by JosephJames

“Microchip Implants Ready To Be Used With Swine Flu Vaccines - The Chip Is Located In The Tip Of The Needle”; … “Bird-Pig Flu, Desperate Military Weapon Against Americans”; “Injectable Microchips and Swine Flu Vaccinations; LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER; Next step in H1N1 scare: Microchip implants” … “The far left health care bill HR3200 is a non-discussed section titled National Medical Device Registry implantable device . Its at the end of the health care bill . Subtitle C-11 Sec 2521… The chip will be linked to database.”; … The leaders of the New World Order hope to be able to track every human being on the face of the earth directly by satellite. But the cell phone infrastructures and other technologies already in place would work just as well or could also be linked to satellite. … When, in the past, have governments ever prepared mass graves before an epidemic became a real problem? … “Swine flu mass graves planned for
 London”; “US swine flu mass graves planning”; … “Refusing Vaccination Labels You A 'Criminal', So Says W.H.O.” (July 30, 2009) “The World Health Organization determined in 2005 it has the authority to dissolve sovereign governments and take control should there be a “pandemic”. This applies to any country signed onto WHO….which of course we (U.S.) are. The WHO just raised this non-existent pandemic to level 4.”; … The world planners are now in the stage of covertly and gently leading people to receive the microchip using the mass media filled with well studied psychological methods and exaggerated pandemic scare tactics. But when they are ready and they cause a major crisis or cause the world markets to crash, they will attempt to force everyone else to take this dreadful injection of the “death chip”. …

Take Sorcha Faal with a grain of salt. This report is resonate with all the rest of this nanochip info.



In Service,

Dr Jay

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