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Cryptome taken down by Network Solutions due to making available Microsoft document, Microsoft invokes Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Update: Temporary Cryptome.org sites:




Cryptome.org taken down due to making available Microsoft "Global Criminal Compliance Handbook." of March 2008.


Post deleted, censored speaking on this topic?

Trials,Tribulations and Maniacal Manipulations: Cowardice of ...7 hours ago by reflux the chemist  
Cryptome was and is an extremely important service, ripping the veil of illicit secrecy, forcing governments and whoreporations to stay honest. And then shut down from the big bad boys threats. Fuck you Microsoft. ...
Trials,Tribulations and Maniacal Manipulations - http://reflux1.blogspot.com/

The forbidden Microsoft document is available on Scribd, Wired, Wikileaks,.



Microsoft Spy

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