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WHO KILLED JFK? BRITISH BANKERS TOLD LBJ to DO IT. LBJ picked CIA hitmaster CORD MEYER whose wife was HAVING an affair with JFK at that moment. THE TRUTH HITS -- WITH AMAZING IMPACT!

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I never thought I'd meet up with the answers to two questions in this lifetime. Who was Deep Throat? and Who Killed JFK?. but a year ago, the FBI almost-made-it-to-the-top guy.   MARK FELT, confessed to being DEEP THROAT. He was passed over for the TOP job at FEEB by an outsider being put in by NIXON and HE was PISSED WITH TRICKY DICK!

Well, early 2007,  the second shoe drops. CIA super spy Howard Hunt's kid SAINT JOHN HUNT played Dad's taped, deathbed confession for editors at ROLLING STONE and it was star story in their APRIL 2008 issue. Then IT WAS  played NIGHTLY on the ART BELL SHOW COAST TO COAST,  all over America. 


Well, LBJ was told to get the team together; the idea belonged to the same British Bankers who'd killed JOE JUNIOR during WWII by making him ride a bomb down into the Channel. They did it as JOE SENIOR almost made it to the presidency, had the best numbers, would have followed FDR but he goofed in favoring the Nazis and JOE JUNIOR was next in line. The bankers knew JOE SENIOR would get him the job, too. And the same with JOHN JOHN. He was about to declare for Senator, he'd have gone straight to the presidency. America was IN LOVE with him. Want to see how they got EDWARD KENNEDY? See film BLOW OUT with Travolta. Oldie but a goodie.  The same hand behind all those hits. Same reason. The Big British Bankers knew that a rebel Irish Banking family in WHITE HOUSE was no good for the FEDERAL RESERVE's continued well-being.

Researchers have never been able to prove who told LBJ to do it but they always knew it was a WHITE HOUSE TEAM. The Famous Tramp from the grassy knoll', was no one else but Nixon soldier/spy E.Howard Hunt Sr. ans sure enuf, he'd reappear a decade later in Watergate. We heard the voice of the ole' spy (recorded by his Son,) confess it on the radio from his deathbed. Coast to Coast played it for weeks! He said that LBJ ordered it and that he (HH) and fellow Dallas 'tramp' FRANK STURGIS and veteran spook, David Atlee Phillips and Colonel Ed Lansdale were all part of the team but it was famed CIA Yalie, blue-blood high society spook CORD MEYER with his internat'l connections (and his wife in JFK's BED!) and Sister In Law married to WASHINGTON POST EDITOR BEN BRADLEE!!! who was the head of the operation and went offshore and hired Corsican LUCIEN SARTI the sharpshooter who did the actual work. And not from that window in Dealey Plaza!

Sure back in the sixties we  saw a Broadway play, a spoof on MC BETH called MACBIRD...but NOBODY seriously thought  it was LYNDON behind the HIT. But finally it came out. The entire world was listening to Spy Hunt's SON's TAPE on Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio  a deathbed confession...legit in any court...and I was jumping and screaming with joy. I NEVER THOUGHT the truth would OUT. Also, I felt vindicated. I had known all of it except that LBJ ORDERED it and CORD MEYER carried it out. Now we heard the identity of the KILL TEAM. BUT, we did not hear who TOLD LBJ to do it. The British Bankers who would be hit by the "PULL DOWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE" edict had the most CUI BONUM.

For decades I'd told my conservative, RIGHTWINGER sweetheart --- the ex OSS man, a big Hollywood screenwriter with two Oscars, so far to the right that he couldn't get elected president of the WGA... he wouldn't allow the minorities program. He was best pals with David Atlee Phillips one of the JFK DEATH HIT SQUAD. Edward Anhalt wouldn't let blacks get a leg up in the writer's guild ..made the guild drop the minority AFFIRMATIVE ACTION program saying it was DISCRIMINATORY. All through the 70's I'd tell him his great chum David Atlee Phillips was on the team that killed JFK and he would LAUGH at me, thinking "my pathetic, stupid, little hippie girlfriend and her tweaked conspiracy theories!"  He's passed on to that great WGA strike meeting in the sky now so I can't tweak my suspenders in his face and say: 
"I WAS RIGHT!"  I always see lights in my bedroom and know he's there. So Eddie? NAH NAH! He hears me alright! Hippies know. We got that name cuz we're HIP!

So get it right. LBJ is told to kill JFK as Jack's creating a law to KICK THE FEDERAL RESERVE (Brit Banksters would lose their fattest cash cow ever,) back to ENGLAND. On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

(Remember, the KENNEDYS really understood banking and internat'l finance. Joseph P. Kennedy was a bank president at 26 years of age in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. He was the youngest bank president in America at the time, so he knew banking and money. And he was IRISH and hated the Brits for letting his people die during famine. His favorite son, Joe Jr. was not accidentally killed, it was deliberate. The Brit Bankers knew G.I. JOE was next in line for the presidency. JOE SR. had been, his numbers were right behind FDR's. Which is why FDR exiled him. Joe Sr. goofed picking Chamberlain, appeasement, meetings with Hitler, and calling DEMOCRACY a failure in UK and USA! He seemed to be siding with the Nazis instead of just saying 'let's not have a war, guys' and he was suddenly FINISHED. BUT his son JOE would have been next pres candidate, not Truman, if the kid came home decorated.  Twas not to be. Joe Jr. was put inside a bomb by the Air Force and sent over the Channel where the bomb-plane 'accidentally' went off in the air before reaching Dresden which was not a military target, as it was a pottery city making plates and dishes. Yet Air Force bombed it flat, 500,000 dead. Joe would have 'delivered' a test run bomb. The boy's death angered Joe Sr. so much that he spent his money (well he had equiv to 2.5 billion in those 'then' dollars) to get next son in line, JFK, elected president. JFK did not sign the War Powers act into law which has been done every 2 years because the Constitution says America cannot have a standing army for over 2 years. By not signing the War Powers act into law the US had to go under a Constitutional government. JFK was also issuing debt free money called United States notes. He, under the tutelage of his father, was going to abolish the Federal Reserve. Read the April 1996 edition of Readers Digest Condensation of the book Sins of the Father. You will get a better insight as to who Joe Kennedy Sr. was. He was mega hated, and FDR considered him an ambitious rival whom he had to tuck out of sight to prevent his being the next president. After JOE SR. made a single strategy mistake, and became unelectable, his SON could be the only candidate. All the powerful men in DC knew JOE JUNIOR who was fighting Germans in Europe was waiting in the wings and would surely be the next presidential candidate loosing a lot of mad Irish bank-savvy rebels on the Brit buck bastion bankers who controlled USA, so the OSS and military planned his demise. No hired killers necessary. They gave GI JOE A BOMB to fly in, stripped plane to fill it with explosives, and before he could parachute out, they blew it up with him in it. Exact same thing they did to JFK's son John Jr. decades later. Well, a variation.

So cut to LBJ and the Texas Oil billionaires and their pals at defense Intelligence. They need a patsy. THE PAINES who work at LADYBIRD JOHNSON'S family corp, BELL HELICOPTER are already running this NAVY INTELLIGENCE spook named OSWALD. They get a TEAM OF prosperous TEXANS in to fund the job, THE F-8 team, it's called. These facts and LIVE LINKS to them at HELLS BELLS. LBJ gets CIA Super spook and practiced assassination coordinator, Cord Meyer, to pick a trigger-man. Meyer was glad to do it, he hated JFK... JFK's affair with Cord's wife Mary Meyer had him leaping at the leash and LBJ knew it. Mary was a society belle painter, separated from Cord, who gave JFK acid trips, actual LSD and told her galpals a.) that she kept a diary on this affair, and b.) that the prexy was getting 'very spiritual' from all those psychedelic trips! LYNDON must have known all this. .

THE FACT THAT LADY BIRD OWNED THE THINK TANK OF KILLERS means LBJ now shows up as being in on the potential patsy legend of all time. THIS FACT connects Lee Harvey OSWALD to LBJ and his operatives at a much EARLIER date, too. Why? Priscilla Johnson and her hubby, both BELL helicopter TOP employees and both with GOV security clearances were importuned to take care of Lee Harvey Oswald the very second he got to USA, after his Ruski sojourn! TWO YEARS EARLIER! Look it up. Google it. They had him play with guns, take pictures with guns, & could run him as a phony FREE CUBA- FIDEL-PAL which of course, he wasn't, and put him on TV talking LOVE FIDEL, which they did and HE did. In actuality, he was a NAVY DIA guy trained to speak Russian and sent to spy school who'd been RADAR TECH at Atsugi base from where U-2 flights flew. He knew all about spy flights over Russia, so defecting and spilling secrets was supposed to mean something to RUSKIS who almost turned a jaundiced eye. But he must have given them the secret (doppelganger image on RADAR a lie, U-2 was really way higher,) and the way to SHOOT down that pesky SPY PLANE! Heck, the day that FRANCIS POWERS went to trial in Moscow, LEE HARVEY wrote his BRO in USA, OK I'm coming back" His job was done. Training Ruskis to shoot down the U-2/ Frances POWERS spy plane which of course stopped the GENEVA PEACE CONFERENCE DEAD in its tracks! It's all in the movie THE PACKAGE with TOMMY LEE JONES, HACKMAN, CASSIDY. They were preparing LEE to be a patsy! Exactly like in the movie. This was major CHESS THINKING!!! THE PACKAGE film most carefully describes this hit. Billionaire KLUGE only funded this flick when producers assured him they would wrap the JFK hit in a hit on the RUSKI premier, but the McGuffin of shooting down the PEACE CONFERENCE was the real issue. Gadforbid PEACE were to BREAK OUT. The film was accurately pointing to the GENEVA CONFERENCE in IKE's day, sabotaged by the Francis Power spy plane shootdown. That was the reason OSWALD was in Russia, to give the RUSKIS the real scoop on radar doppelganger images so that they COULD SHOOT Powers down and shoot down the western powers and their eternal liberal bleating for peace! Worst thing that can happen for Fascists military and all co-bed-partners in War toys, Intelligence is PEACE. They shudder like Dorothy's Witch when water hits her, you talk peace. See, how else do all the military earn stripes and pay raises if not at perpetual war?? Sec Oswald saw Powers shoot the plane down. He wrote his brother in USA, I am coming home now. His stay in Russia was over.


For more on CORD: CLICK ON THAT PAGE and see MARY MEYER CORD's  picture and click on her husband's name and see him, the man who hired the shooter who killed JFK. Now, what are the chances that a top spy HIRES a crew to kill JFK and 11 months later his own wife gets murdered by a jaunty fellow in a golf hat. That hit on MARY came from RFK.Who else would have wanted revenge?

Mary Meyer was murdered on a jogging trail in DC. Within an hour of her death, Head CIA Spook, James Jesus Angleton (who naturally knew everything: acid, affair, etc,) quickly ran to her house to break in, (his specialty was lock picking,) as he wanted to nail her famous diary but whoops, who walks in on him searching the house but WASH POST Publisher Ben Bradlee, married to Mary's sister.....both of 'em going for the same thing. As Bradlee tells it, they were all three very embarrassed and he and the wife left, so did James J.A. but then all three again came back and met again! Whole tale shows up in Bradlee's wonderful bio. So revenge after revenge, a few years later, RFK gets murdered by the OCTOPUS, well, by its California branch. The OCTOPUS was everywhere and it was a tentacle of the US intelligence establishment that served the White House.

Hollywood based Novelist/screenwriter Stephen Rivele got all the details right in his research for his DOCUMENTARY "WHO KILLED JFK." Read up on him:  RIVELE was nominated for "ALI", the screenplay of the Wil Smith movie. He's credible but I couldn't find much political on his website. No clear links on front page. What you want is his documentary from Amazon! Show that to a group of pals in the den one night, drinking hot coffee and eating pie, your friends will remember THAT PARTY!

I don't know why JFK true killer's name isn't shouting out of all the newspaper headlines of all the major dailies! ART BELL's show (GEORGE NOURI's,) had the Howard Hunt tape right out on the air to 40 million listeners. All the knowing researchers always suspected E.H. HUNT as part of the team. Hunt ran Nixon's 40 group, a fetid bunch of Cuban exile shooters practicing assassination in the swamps. And I always thought it was NIXON behind the hit, but it turns out it was LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON and his rich Texas oilman cronies who feared the TERMINATION of their LUCRATIVE oil-drilling, declining resources tax exemption. The oil oligarchs of a dozen OIL STATES were about to have to cough up the gelt! PRIME STATE of which was TEXAS! LBJ came from Texas and was not only a part of the OIL CLUB, they had won him every election he ever entered. Oil slick paved his way up hill toward the WHITE HOUSE where he was VP & only JFK stood in his way.

A few years back, another witness to history pointed a finger at LBJ --his mistress Madeleine Brown, who wrote "Texas in the Morning," her bio back in 1997.(buy it for $60.00 used at and at that price, it must be the real skivvy. She had Lyndon's only son,Stephen, who was murdered. She says Lyndon at first only intimated he'd done THE JFK HIT along with a lot of other CIA guys, but later in interviews with JFK researchers asserted that he came out and said he definitely did it... and she had all the details, cast of characters etc.. So all those people who called him McBaines or was it MC BIRD? Some play on MCBETH...were right. The Scottish Play had been done in Texas to a T.  Brown's bio is excerpted in

Another great site

Antonio Beciano a Cuban also involved, handled by David Atlee Phillips. See, I'm giving you some names to Google.

LBJ's HIT was funded by Clint Murchison and The HUNT BROTHERS of TEXAS. Reason? The tax depreciation write off for OIL producers was about to END, thanks to JFK.

The man who did the research and found Sarti way before HUNT's kid confessed.. was Stephen J. Rivele. Oscar nominated screenwriter, novelist


OTHER NAMES TO GOOGLE: Frank Sturgis, photographed at URL immediately below with a group of top spies, all of whom were close to GEORGE BUSH SENIOR and his 2005 CIA HEAD GUY, PORTER GOSS. Mr Goss was made DCIA in Spring 05, had to quit Spring 06 when a CIA PLANE FULL OF COCAINE was caught. Then there's Antonio Veciana, handled by David Atlee Phillips super spy, one of Hunt's cohorts, Frank Sturgis. Of course, the CIA DULLES group had been dealing drugs with the aid of the MAFIA at times, for 55 years --raising covert off the book cash for dirty tricks, replacing the monkey abroad and such. DRUG DEALING HISTORY.  Plenty MORE on Lucien Sarti  exists online. Do you want to look into the eyes of the man who took LBJ's money in Marseilles and flew to USA to do the job of killing JFK?  Look into this man's eyes. 
                     I KILLED YOUR PRESIDENT. DEAL with it.

NO, I DID. I'm E. HOWARD HUNT. One of the 3 tramps on the Grassy Knoll, me and Frank Sturgis & Ed Landsale. We were arrested minutes after the hit but they let us go cuz Dallas Mayor CABELL was in on it, too. His brother was CIA-military --a big GENERAL fired by JFK not two years earlier! HATED JFK. They're all dead now and I'm dying so that's why I finally 'fessed up. P.S. Oswald was a goddamn patsy. His big legend was giving radar secrets to Russia so they could shoot down Powers. Day Powers went on trial in Russia, Lee wanted to leave, come back to USA. All our people helped him get settled in Texas, The Paines from LBJ's Wife's corp BELL HELICOPTER. Our fingerprints were on him but he was the patsy. Not in on the turkey shoot.

HEY don't forget ME! I HELPED! I AM JACK VALENTI.Famous guy, still right? How dya think I got that way? LBJ adopted me as MINI HIM minutes after the bullets hit THE OTHER JACK. I was a facilitator of the parade route. I got that limo in front of the damn book depository. I'd never been in Washington before but Lyndon picked me up outside Parkland Hospital and took me to the White House, that very day! Keep your enemies close but your gang closer. Click on my name there, see me on the plane while he's getting sworn in. Don't believe in that guilty feral look on my face! Death's nothing to me. I was a PILOT in WWII! A hired gun for the military and loved doing it. Texas oil men, Birchers, all my best chums.

THIS JUST IN:  THE RFK THEOREM.The HIT on JFK, the unsolved shooting murder of CIA DEATH SQUAD CORD MEYER's WIFE, (JFK's mistress, MARY MEYER, on a jogging path in public,) then the RFK HIT are A CHAIN OF EVENTS that are linked!

The full picture hit me, while washing dishes ...borrrring work. WHEN I do dishes (if I don't turn on KPFK-FM), that's when I get psychic hits, cognitions, sudden floodings of info that just come out of nowhere. That's how in 1994 I heard a voice say 'THERE IS GOING TO BE A BIG EARTHQUAKE'.

Later, that very night, I went out with a group, crowing about how I'd heard my first voice like a radio in my forehead & I told people about the coming big quake, and I have witnesses on that one. I was the only L.A. fortuneteller who took her china collection off all her top shelves and put the vintage vases and cats on bottom shelves. I owe it all to fact that doing dishes is such mindless work. As we know from the sixties, anything that obliterates the mind leaves the other faculties going at full tilt.

So LAST NIGHT, I was flooded with the power of mindlessness. Here's what hit me just as I'd come to the kitchen from ten hours of writing up the new clues, the revelations that E.Howard Hunt gave to his son, spoken into a tape recorder on his deathbed! He'd confessed to the killing of JFK and told how LBJ asked for the deed, McBaines & how a Texas oil man or two (Murchison/Hunt) paid for the team and how Cord Meyer arranged the shooter with Corsican French Connection Lucien SARTI, part of their drug supply guys. Those facts were already lined up in my mind.

But this hit like a flash from nowhere. It was BOBBY KENNEDY who SENT a shooter to get Cord Meyer's beautiful wife who was separated from Cord as she'd become JFK's mistress. Mary had gotten the Pres stoned on LSD which BOBBY knew. Who knows, maybe Cord got the LSD from the agency; they were using it. Bobby knew about the acid, knew about DALLAS.

His life had come tumbling down the day JFK died. Now, Bobby was a multiple SCORPIO planet guy, ergo very vengeful, abnormally so. He went after the MOB in Senate Hearings, busting their asses, Fearless & Tuff as a pit bull. He certainly knew that veteran CIA assassination squad honcho CORD MEYER was the arranger of the Dallas hit where E.Howard Hunt was picked up, arrested momentarily. Hey, Fletcher Prouty would have sought Bobby out for sure, afterwards. HE KNEW who did it.

WELL, after Mrs. Cord Meyer is found dead, (shot through the back of head at close range,)  by a white guy in a a golf hat and windbreaker, jogging behind her on a posh, Georgetown jogging path, CORD MEYER is hit by a FLASH OF INSIGHT! RFK knew exactly who created the Dallas shooting team!

In killing the beautiful blue blood Mary Meyer, BOBBY almost certainly was aiming for CORD's heart. A pain that he'd been delivered a year earlier. Instantly, the cat was out of the bag. Cord instantly KNEW that BOBBY was on to him. Now, --cut to four yrs later, BOBBY was about to be POTUS! Who on the death squad could have imagined that? The presidency was in the bag. (To keep using bag metaphors.)

IMPENDING EXPOSURE is why the secret team had to take BOBBY out! Cuz JANUARY 1969, he'd have run straight from the Inauguration to some new cop squad (as he couldn't very well use FBI, CIA, Dallas cops who were all in on the hit, Mayor Cabell, General Cabell his brother,) but he'd have found investigators & lawyers at Justice who weren't owned by the Octopus & lifted up the smarmy ROCK (post election,) and exposed all the bugs, given them all the noose. Do you have any idea how many lawyers were in on it? Think of Justice prosecutors GIULIANI and MUELLER "prosecuting" BCCI, a terror/funding CIA bank started by Clark Clifford, just like the infamous NUGAN HAND bank... and letting all the felons and the Bushes off and ending up with high posts in GOV. That's how it works. Quid Pro Quo.

This secret team (the drug importing, final mutations of the original CIA/OSS ALLEN DULLES Clark Clifford, oligarch-funded HIT squad,) already had the "OCTOPUS" up and going, and PARALLEX VIEW assassins in training, (*Mel Gibson's CONSPIRACY THEORY had this group too). The Octopus had ties to a specific, California war toy factory (I think it was Lockheed) security guard Latino man who is the guy who really shot the RFK death-bullet. The Latino security guy from LOCKHEED who was in that kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel. Possibly SIRHAN was also a hypnotized robot of the OCTOPUS' assassin school. on PROUTY

THE IMPLICATIONS of this THEOREM, this FORMULA -- JFK + RFK x MEYERs is like Euclidean Geometry. It points to a feature outside the Geometric Figure, almost like the crooked orbit of Uranus points to another planet beyond it, NEPTUNE, pulling Uranus outwards. The new configuration points to an amazing locus or highly gravitational event. What the math tell us is that John Jr., Jackie as well as Teddie Kennedy all knew the whole business. Cuz RFK told them all, well, not J Jr. as he was a baby but certainly TEDDY ...and he told them maybe not in the first year just outside of the DALLAS ASSASSINATION while Bobby was readying the CORD MEYER in the heart HIT ON MARY..but before 1968 when he died.

Today, TEDDY is waiting for the OCTOPUS to get out of office, i.e. for Bushes to depart and BARACK OBAMA to beat the MENA ARKANSAS witch of the South and win. Or Ron Paul, even better.

We read about the amazing amount of Security put on Obama. Now we know why. THE OCTOPUS is after him. OK, you digested that? Then ponder this missive which just came from a politically savvy pal of mine, THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIAN VETERAN OF THE SIXTIES, YOGI VEGAN LUMBERJACK who blew me off later, as he does so many tirades against 'ZIONISTS' which I consider to be every Jew alive! So I told him he was bigoted. So this note was before our breakup.

"Anita,. The Octopus also knew that Teddy has the big picture, the whole nasty story --through RFK. That is why they set him up at Chappaquiddick so that Ted couldn't do the same APPREHENDING / TRYING and HANGING of the SECRET TEAM that RFK would have done if elected president."

But you get this far, then you have to add one more Kennedy to their death list --- JFK Jr. --who they knew would be elected to Hillary's senate seat and then on to the White House. JFK Jr. would have kicked Hillary's ass back to her MENA Career in Arkansas and would have won the presidency if he had run. THAT they couldn't have, because Hillary is the Octopus' next "selected" goon to continue the cover-up and maintain control of this

My friend said "Hillary and Bill have blood on their hands with the huge drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas and they are connected to the southern OIL mafia that LBJ and others belonged to. One last thing, I watched the Republican debates and the clear winner was Ron Paul. He was dead last going into the debate but after them he was voted first by viewers which is going to really throw off the selected "leaders" that the Octopus wants to run.

Watch this carefully because if Ron Paul is allowed to be in all the debates especially the major ones he will blow away the controlled candidates and come out as the clear favorite and winner. Ron Paul is the only person running that still adheres to the Constitution and isn't bought off by the NWO, so he will either be marginalized or his family will be threatened with death to get him to drop out like they did to Ross Perot in 1988. Ross Perot was laughed at in the debates when he exposed the coming effects of NAFTA and "free trade" by the controlled media but the public started to go for his outsider status and when the "controllers" thought that Ross would or could get elected he was told that if he continued speaking out and running to win that his family would be killed. This gets back to the Kennedys and why after Chapa-QUIT-ick, Teddy never tried to run again and why Teddy didn't want JFK Jr. to run for office because he knew what would happen, which it did, death!

You know that if Obama looks like he is going to win the democratic election for president that his life isn't worth a plug nickel because Hillary is their choice and as for secret service protection that is worthless because look what good they were for JFK and RFK. All the other facts you have are right on the money. Keep your eyes and ears open and watch as this unfolds and watch how this plays out in the months to come."

Let's see if a paranoid libertarian is onto something. Often they're right! Send this article to your friends reminding them why they should read it. Because our most liberal president, JFK, was murdered in a COUP where 'another oligarch-run group' got in, and nothing in the American economy has been the same since.

When you think of transnationals in flight, joblessness, rampant inflation, how a husband and wife can work full-time and still not buy a house, how we live in a system that drains workers, leaving  uneducated children volunteering to fight amoral resource-theft wars hoping to survive & later get some grants or study money... and when you consider that BUSH senior was not only in with but A HIGH COG in the Nazi Paper Clip COV OPS DULLES group in the CIA, and that LBJ an ostensible DEMOCRAT had ordered the actual hit which the CIA carried out which proves absolutely that the OLIGARCHS work CROSS PARTY (breath!) and when you consider that now we live with a TRASHED DICED constitution, no more rights & freedoms, all owing to this small policy group inside the CIA --- the one that had hired & learned from NAZI TRAINERS brought over to USA after WWII.... (Paperclip) who killed JFK, --all these wars, the lives lost, our MEDIA going along with the sham, as it has been commandeered by oligarch propaganda party line..(breath)....when you realize it all, you have to go to Saint John Hunt's website, right now. CLICK ON "SAINT JOHN" AND READ for a minute!

Now, THERE is another good web site where they talk about the JFK hit. Learn the points, the rap, so that you can repeat it knowledgeably, you score big points at holiday parties.
This site covers a lot of the basics you need to know about the JFK hit. LIKE    Who Killed JFK? AND WHY. Kind of a CONVERSATION 101 STUDIES

Now, if you want to buy books on this affair,  here is a list of a few hundred select titles that researchers on this theme like. They are available used a buck each if you STUDY THIS FILE, "HOW TO USE ABE BOOKS"
The question is, as all these books are vintage, WHICH AUTHOR got it right? All the titles at URL below, are golden oldies on WHO DID IT? Reading them would be like finding the knowledgeable researchers, the ones who 'called' the OFFICE POOL!.







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