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Obtained via CIA FOIA: The Road to a One World Global Corporate Dictatorship

Mayer Curly relays:

Being forced upon you.  A global, scientific, one world dictatorship run by the global corporations and the ruthless World Bank.

No Bill of Rights
Cashless Society to control and track you
Rationed health care
Death panels
Eugenicist policies
Forced vaccinations
Forced sterilizations
GMO-only food supplies
No right to self-defense
Tracker bracelets and implanted RFID chips
Militarized Police


2025 Global Governance


Mayor Curley,

I did not find any of those points below in the report that you link to.  The report actually mentions many problems in trying to implement "global governance" and the viewpoints on it by different countries:  

One expert argued that globalization may have reached a turning point. The impact of the economic crisis, ongoing turbulence in the financial markets, and resource constraints point to a possible scenario of de-globalization. Some felt that resource issues are not ripe for multilateral solutions and that India and China will continue their quest for resources. One noted that global deals are to be based on “mutuality of benefits” and questioned whether the Western approach to the climate change agenda was fair to India and other poor countries.
In Liberty,




No these aren't in the document; they wouldn't be placed there.  However, you can find all these points in legislation passed and white papers written by a slew of globalists.

David Rockefeller
Zbigniew Brzezinski
H.G. Wells
John P. Holdren
Alduous Huxley
Julian Huxley
Henry Kissinger
Margaret Sanger
Bertrand Russell
Thomas Malthus
The Royal Society

We have a long history of eugenics in the US and UK.  Our scientists research inspired Hitler's death camps (look it up, truth is stranger than fiction)


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