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JFK: C2C: Oswald & JFK Assassination

JFK Assassination Still Intrigues, 47 Years Later ABC News - Byron Wolf - ‎49
 minutes ago‎ 47 years have passed since the assassination of President John F.
 Kennedy, but the man who served less than a full term in office still ...
The John F. Kennedy assassination: Four unanswered questions

C2C: Oswald & JFK Assassination
Date: 11-21-10
Host: George Knapp
Interview with Judyth Vary Baker

This video shows showing the Secret Service officer ordering JFK’s
 bodyguards away from JFK before entering the Grassy Knolls area when he
 gets shot.


Fox 8 news exclusive:

The JFK Conspiracy and Who May Have Been Behind It,0,7652807.story (3 TV news segments)


Kennedy Assassination Special on Coast to Coast AM Radio

Date: 11-22-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: Donald A. Adams, Craig Hulet, Tim Miller, G. Paul Chambers

Four guests addressed different aspects of the JFK assassination in individual one-hour segments. Up first, former FBI Investigator Don Adams argued that the real killer of John F. Kennedy may have been a man named Joseph Milteer, whom he investigated shortly before the assassination in 1963. Milteer was known to be a radical right winger who hated the Kennedys with a passion. In a conversation the FBI secretly recorded on November 9, 1963, Milteer told his friend "we're going to go ahead and kill the President from an office building with a high-powered's already in the works." Yet, when Oswald was named as the shooter, Milteer was removed as a suspect, he noted.

In hour two, analyst Craig B. Hulet talked about the research of Federal Judge Jim Garrison which pointed toward a conspiracy in the assassination. Hulet befriended Garrison in the late 1980s and discussed his research into the JFK assassination with him at length. Though Garrison complained that his research files had mysteriously disappeared, one of the interesting facts he'd uncovered was that Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and James Earl Ray had all lived within a block of each other at a housing project in Dallas, and this appeared to be more than just a coincidence. In a decade of assassinations that included John & Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, the U.S. underwent a coups d'état, with a change of leadership and a demoralization of the country that still affects us today, Hulet commented.

In the third hour, publisher and author Tim Miller shared information that suggests a conspiracy took place "that was centered around officials of the US government condoning the action taken by the Mafia," in the JFK assassination. "These people didn't think they were killing the President, they thought they were taking out the President who had stolen the presidency," and so they had legitimized it in their own minds, he explained. Miller also spoke his work with Gerald Ford, who had served on the Warren Commission. Miller has concluded that the goal of the Warren Commission was to avert a war with Russia rather than uncover the truth about the assassination.

Last hour guest, research scientist Paul Chambers discussed the science behind the physical evidence associated with the assassination. The evidence demonstrates that the single bullet theory is false, and the Zapruder film indicates multiple shots, with at least two gunmen firing, he reported. Gerald Ford admitted that the Warren Commission altered the medical data "for clarification," and that is why they got the wrong answer, Chambers added.

For more, read the recap from our 2009 JFK Special.


JFK Assassination Special VIII

 FBI Investigator Don Adams on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

 Craig B. Hulet, Jim Garrison and the JFK assassination

 Former White House correspondent: Was Hoover involved in JFK assassination?

 The Kennedy Assassination: The science behind the evidence



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