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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (02/28/11) cablegate-201102280931.7z.torrent



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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (02/25/11) cablegate-201102250131.7z.torrent



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Marilyn Barnwell interviewed by Clayton Douglas re: Lee Emil Wanta / Leo Emil Wanta


Ambassador Lee Wanta Video Interview Plus More


Post main:

Click on Wed., Feb. 16 at the link provided below, for 02/16/2011 9-10pm Hour 1 and 02/16/2011 10-11pm Hour 2

It is unknown how long the audio file links will be available.

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What to do about Fox News deception? re: Fox News Deceives, Swaps CPAC Straw Poll Ron Paul Footage

FOX Forced To Apologize On Air Over Ron Paul CPAC Video Deception! They claim that it was an "honest mistake".


Look at the extensive commentary that they made about the clip that they ran. Then decide how honest they were.

Fox New's Lies or "honest mistake" Exposed: about Ron Paul at CPAC 2011

FOX Deceives, Swaps CPAC Straw Poll Footage 


Fox New's Lies or "honest mistake" Exposed: about Ron Paul at CPAC 2011 

Ron Paul Vs Fox News at CPAC 2010 Presidential Straw Poll for 2012 

FOX news channel has just been caught in a blatant "honest mistake" to distort the perception of the 2011 CPAC Straw Poll results. On the February 15th broadcast of America's Newsroom Fox Reported the results of the win. when they opened the report they played the recording of the 2010 results rather than the actual 2011 recording. A clear difference is seen in the crowd reaction and in the attire worn by Tony Fabrizio who read the results to the audience. The crowd reaction was remarkably different even though Ron Paul won in both cases. In the 2010 recording you could hear more booing and groaning from the audience [FOX CLIP] Now in the 2011 recording
you can hear a truly excited crowd. [

This is a clear attempt to persuade America that Ron Paul is not accepted by the majority even though he truly is.

Fox is no stranger to minimalizing Ron Paul's wins. During the 2008 Presidential Election, Fox ignored their own polling data from text Message polling and online Polls where Ron Paul was the clear winner. This, however, is the first time they have been caught SWAPPING footage in an attempt to sway public opinion of a Presidential contender.

The first shot of the 2012 election season has been fired by the spin masters at FOX news against Ron Paul and it is time for you to act now and demand a full retraction, explanation, and apology for the false reporting, now claimed to be an "honest mistake".

Call FOX news by

Phone: (212) 301-3000
Fax: (212) 301-4229

Judge Napolitano one of the only true advocates for Freedom and Liberty at the fox news channel needs to be contacted too. Contact Judge Napolitano and demand that he expose the FOX network. How the Judge reacts to this will be a true test of his allegiance to Ron Paul.

Contact the judge via email at:
Or on his facebook page @
Or on his twitter page

Do not delay take action now, share this video!

Fox News Caught In Shocking Dirty Tricks Stunt Against Ron Paul 

FOX News Dirty Tricks Against Ron Paul No Mistake

Can you hear us now?



Ron Paul CPAC 2011 Speech
Media Distortion in a Nutshell - Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness
MSNBC Crops Video to Incite Racial Tension over AR-15 at Obama Rally
MEDIA admits fake news in this video:
Behind The Big News : Propaganda and the CFR - 1/6
Behind The Big News : Propaganda and the CFR - 2/6
Behind The Big News : Propaganda and the CFR - 3/6
Behind The Big News : Propaganda and the CFR - 4/6
Behind The Big News : Propaganda and the CFR - 5/6
Behind The Big News : Propaganda and the CFR - 6/6
Behind the Big News assortment from Google:  


The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline (Paperback) by James Perloff 

The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline

The Naked Capitalist; a Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley's Book: Tragedy and Hope, a History of the World in Our Time [Paperback] W. Cleon Skousen

The Naked Capitalist; a Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley's Book: Tragedy and Hope, a History of the World in Our Time 

Please visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty.

If you get a message that says "address is not valid" then copy and paste the address into the address bar.
This is the Most Extensive Collection of Freedom Videos Ever Compiled:
My email is:   
JPerna at
which, if not censored, will show as: 
Are you looking for a book about defending liberty?
Many rare and out of print books are still available.
Look here:
Then look here:
If you get a message that says "address is not valid"
then copy and paste the address into the address bar.
Please Watch these videos: 
Invisible Empire - full version NWO video An absolutely amazing expose' of the power brokers of the world: No criminal tyrant left behind.
V ~ For Victory

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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (02/23/11) cablegate-201102230131.7z.torrent




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Wikileaks Stoned Again

18 February 2011


Wikileaks Stoned Again

18 February 2011

Hello Cryptome / Mr John Young.

I recently posted my research on some aspects of the debate surrounding Wikileaks and the concept of free information flow in general.

In my report I mentioned Cryptome. If you have the time and would like to comment on what I've written, I would appreciate it.

The Casting of Stones at Assange by the Disenchanted

Thank you for your attention.

Karl F. Stewart


Dear Mr. Stewart,

Thank you for pointing to your report. My responses which are substantiated by files here:

1. My agreed role in Wikileaks was limited to allowing my name to be used as registrant for the domain name (I have done this for several parties who wished to conceal their identity). This request came from an anonymous person.

2. I was subsequently placed on a private mail list without being asked. I offered comments there.

3. An unknown person posted a message on that mail list suggesting a target of up to $5 million dollars to be raised in 6 months. I objected to that stating that such a sum of money could only come that quickly from an organization like Soros or the CIA.

4. I also suggested a slow build-up of credibility before soliciting funds.

5. After contentious debate I was summarily unsubscribed from the mail list after I said I would publish the mail list contents, which I did.

6. There was little contact with Wikileaks for several years except for being sent an archive of its holdings during a period when it was under threat to be shut down.

7. Cryptome does not do what Wikileaks does and it is unfair to both and inaccurate to make that claim. Cryptome is not a leak site and resents being labeled that way for it distorts our purpose to be a library with no desire for publicity. We do not solicit press coverage, send out press releases, hold press conferences, make accusations, brag about our work, plead for funding. We do not attempt to keep our operation secret -- that would be a conflict with our role as a public library. We do not sell information or make deals with the media. We do not claim to be threatened by authorities although we have had visits from them. We do not consider Cryptome to be a journalistic endeavor and do not claim protection as journalists. We call ourselves public scholars, see the Wikipedia entry on Cryptome. We pay for Cryptome out of our pockets.

8. Since Wikileaks has received a lot of publicity with release of the gunship video and afterwards I have been bombarded with inquiries about Wikileaks. My attempts to deflect the inquiries were unsuccessful: most wanted information about Julian Assange and little about the operation of the initiative. Quite a few aimed to foster conflict between Cryptome and Wikileaks citing my early, very brief involvement and the mail list publication.

9. My critique of Wikileaks -- earliest and latest -- is intended to be constructive and to guard against praising a fledging operation due the weakening effect of excessive praise. Instead I believe Wikileaks needs greater, well-thought-out critique to assure it survives excessive glorification and demonization -- which I warned about in the earliest days and which will become more intense in the future. (I have given OpenLeaks the same advice.)

10. Focus on Julian Assange weakens Wikileaks for its purpose is more important that he is. It is a terrible trap to concentrate on him rather than Wikileaks, a trap often set by the media and those opposed to the creation of new forms of information flow. I urge you to learn more about the material published by Wikileaks since 2006, all of it, and avoid vacuous debate about Julian Assange. Julian has said the same, often. He knows that the attention paid to him is damaging Wikileaks and that that is the intention of those who do so, wittingly or unwittingly.

11. As you write, material published by Cryptome and Wikileaks is voluminous and hard to grasp, thank goodness for that burden as an alternative to easy fat food of the media. Most reporters who contact me claim they have not time to read the material, and go on to ask impertinent questions about Julian and me. They are ignorant fools working to attract eyeballs to advertisements. I hope you  are not.

12. You should withdraw your report due to its shallow comprehension of Wikileaks and Cryptome and its inane focus on Julian Assange. It shows a lack of intelligence and research, is too glib, too gossipy, too culled from and derivative of the exploitive headline flaunting media.

13. I suggest you spend six months or a year studying Cryptome and Wikileaks material, avoid trashy media brain deading, do library homework or else you will be just another exploiter and promoter of the public's as a mirror of your own ignorance. Tough comments, but that is what Wikileaks, Cryptome, you, the media and me deserve.

14. I agree the BBC Panoramo show was pure shit. I was interviewed for that and told John Sweeney, the interviewer, that BBC was ill-prepared to report on the topic. I told him BBC should do serious research before doing the show. And beyond that I told him a lot more which I assumed would never be aired the same way most of those who have interviewed me omitted the best material to report what had already decided to say.

15. I know John Sweeney to be a crook and liar. That is no secret. Pathetic that BBC allows him on the property.

This message is not private.

Best regards,

John Young



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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (02/18/11) cablegate-201102180131.7z.torrent



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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (02/17/11) cablegate-201102170131.7z.torrent



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Nullification Activist Centers in All 50 States Launched by

Perhaps the best way to stop big government is to 'just say no'. We promises to lead in this fight. -- Jack Hunter

We're excited and pleased to announce the new Nullification Activist Centers at are now live. The activist center provides the means for us to speak together with one voice to our state representatives and governors demanding they do not comply with unconstitutional federal law. Together, and with the new tools provided in the activist network, we will turn state nullification into action.

By creating your free account at you will be able to:

  • Sign multiple nullification petitions for your state
  • Suggest nullification petitions for your state (coming soon)
  • Recruit friends and family to join and sign nullification efforts in your state
  • Be informed of State Rep. voting records for key issues of state sovereignty and nullification
  • Learn about upcoming candidates who support nullification and who will run for office
  • Network and communicate with other members

...and much more!

Get started by creating your account here and let’s tell the federal government that WeRefuse! is seeking volunteers!
Contact us to learn about becoming a State Coordinator, grassroots coordinator or legistlative coordinator
Contact us to learn about becoming a State Blogger/Coordinator Assistant

We would also like to thank our sponsors at Nimble Pig for their generous contribution making our new technological upgrades possible.

Please visit them at and explore their self reliance initiatives.

  Announcing "The Tea Party Goes to Washington" Bookbomb!

If the midterm elections were a declaration of war on the status quo, Rand Paul leads the battle charge. Voters fearful of growing government and debt have found voice in the Tea Party phenomenon and the movement continues to deliver a message that Washington, D.C. has found impossible to ignore.

In THE TEA PARTY GOES TO WASHINGTON, the newly elected senator and self-described "constitutional conservative" explains why his party has to stand by its limited government rhetoric and why the federal government must be stuffed back into its constitutional box. Given the problems our nation faces, these are not mere suggestions, but moral imperatives.

This exciting book goes on sale on February 22nd and to celebrate we’re holding a “book bomb”. That means we’re asking everyone who is interested in buying their copy of Rand Paul’s new book to come together and buy it on the same day. Our goal is to drive book sales as high as possible, launching the book to the top of the major bookseller charts and sending a strong message to D.C. that the winds of "Tea Party" change are continuing to blow.

Help make Washington D.C. hear our voice, participate in the book bomb and pledge to buy your copy on February 22nd-24th at Together we will continue to make our voices heard!




Rand Paul’s CPAC Speech (Introduced by Phil Moffett)

Did you get a chance to hear Rand Paul’s speech at CPAC? If not, here it is:

Rand Paul was introduced by Phil Moffett, who is running for Governor of Kentucky in 2011. The primary for that race is this May. Phil is a supporter of the Tenth Amendment and state sovereignty. A 10th Amendment governor in Kentucky sets the precedent for the rest of the nation.

You can learn more about Phil Moffett at

Also check out this short clip where Phil speaks about his stance on the 10th Amendment and state sovereignty.

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Freedom Watch / NIA Declares Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Front-Runner,.

FREEDOM WATCH is information pertaining to 
government abuse of power, trashing of
the Constitution, illegal immigration,
2nd Amendment, political correctness
run amok, etc.
It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.
To subscribe send an e-mail to:


NIA Declares Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Front-Runner
The National Inflation Association (NIA) today officially declared Ron Paul the front-runner to win the upcoming 2012 presidential election. NIA is very pleased that Ron Paul won the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll of who attendees want to receive the GOP nomination to run for President in 2012. This is the second year in a row that Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll. He received 30% of the vote compared to Mitt Romney, who came in second with 23%. Sarah Palin received only 3% of the vote. 3,742 total people voted in the straw poll, which was twice as much as four years ago.
It is funny how when Ron Paul wins the straw poll, CPAC organizers are sure to say right before the results are read that, "It's not a Gallup poll." However, if it was Mitt Romney winning the straw poll, they would say no such thing. This reminds us of the mainstream media's all out efforts to marginalize Ron Paul during the 2008 election season. Every time the GOP candidates would have a televised debate, FOX News would have a text message poll where viewers can send a text to vote on who they thought won the debate. Whenever Ron Paul would perform favorably in these FOX News text message polls and receive a large percentage of the text message vote, FOX News would unbelievably make up excuses to try and discredit their own polling technology!
After a GOP candidate debate on May 15th, 2007, FOX News conducted one of these text message polls on who won the debate. In this particular instance, Ron Paul didn't even win the text message vote. Mitt Romney won with 29% and Ron Paul came in a close second with a respectable 25%. However, even when finishing in second place, FOX News felt the need to say, "How is Ron Paul's numbers so high? We've had so many emailers say that clearly some online communities are messing with the outcome." (While one FOX News host was saying this, the other one was saying "absolutely" in the background.)
Please see the NIA blog for a video we just posted of this incidence, as well as a video we posted of how FOX News worked overtime to try and downplay and discredit Ron Paul's 2010 CPAC straw poll win. We also posted a video from this year's CPAC showing the ignorant comments of Donald Trump, who claims Ron Paul can't get elected. (How many elections has Donald Trump won? Ron Paul has been elected to Congress eleven times.):
NIA believes that Ron Paul's beliefs reflect the majority of educated Americans. In our opinion, Ron Paul's CPAC straw poll win two years in a row is very significant and suggests that our country is ready to move away from the Republican establishment that acts exactly like Democrats once in power. Mitt Romney is a part of the Republican establishment that has bankrupted our nation and put it on the brink of hyperinflation. Ron Paul is the only real candidate who would implement real change.
It is not Ron Paul supporters who are somehow able to manipulate the CPAC straw polls and FOX News text message polls, but it is the mainstream media who is able to continuously manipulate the minds of Americans into believing Ron Paul is some kind of a "radical" candidate who is unfit for office and has no chance of being elected. Ron Paul is the only sane candidate in an insane Washington, DC, which thinks it is OK to print $4.6 trillion out of thin air in order to bailout investment banks on Wall Street that produce nothing and Americans would be better off without.
During the MSNBC GOP debate back on January 24th of 2008 in Boca Raton, FL, Mitt Romney was given the opportunity to make 13 comments totaling 21 minutes and 11 seconds, while Ron Paul was only allowed to make 6 comments totaling 6 minutes and 31 seconds. At least MSNBC allowed Ron Paul to debate. He was banned from the January 6th, 2008, FOX News GOP debate in Milford, NH. Despite being banned, Ron Paul still received 10% of the GOP vote in NH. Rudy Giuliani, who was allowed to debate, ended up only receiving just 3% of the vote.
In the 4Q of 2007, Ron Paul was able to raise $20 million and ended the year with $7.8 million in cash on hand. Ron Paul doubled John McCain's fund raising during the quarter of $10 million. In fact, John McCain's campaign was broke at the end of 2007 and had $1.6 million in debt.
Ron Paul's $20 million in fundraising came from an amazing 130,000 individual donors. Ron Paul had real support from what was probably the majority of educated Americans who actually took the time to learn the truth about the candidates and their positions on all the issues. Despite this, the media did everything in their power to ignore Ron Paul and manipulate people into believing he had no chance of winning. They declared John McCain the frontrunner, despite the fact that he held the same positions as the Democrats on nearly every major important economic issue.
The media described John McCain as a "war hero", yet Ron Paul received triple the amount of contributions from military donors. Ron Paul received more donations from military workers during the primary than McCain, Huckabee, Romney, and even Obama combined. Considering that Ron Paul was the only GOP anti-war candidate, this says a lot about the current foreign policy of our country and if members of our military believe our current wars are worth fighting.
With the incredible growth over the past few years of alternative media organizations that speak the truth like NIA and the rapid decline of the mainstream media, when the 2012 election comes around, more Americans than ever will be educated to the truth about the U.S. economy and the candidates running for President. With food inflation likely to become America's greatest crisis over the next 12 months, just like it currently is in Egypt, and Ron Paul by far having the most knowledge about the Federal Reserve and how it is responsible for the world's food inflation crisis, we believe Ron Paul will have a serious chance of winning the GOP primary and 2012 Presidential election.
It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:


Black History Moment: Henry M. Turner
Henry M. Turner, Preacher & Politician
Turner (1833-1915) was born a free black in Newberry Courthouse, South Carolina, and raised by his teenage mother and grandmother. As his father was not known, he was sent to a white Quaker family who taught him to read and write. Licensed to preach in 1853, he travelled the South as an evangelist, begat 14 known children and became a Bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1880.
During the War Between the States, Turner committed treason against his native State by adhering to its enemies, encouraging slaves to flee to Northern lines, and was appointed chaplain to black troops by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. He later worked in the Freedman’s Bureau in Georgia as an appointee of Andrew Johnson and was active in the Union League which fomented racial hatred in recently freed slaves against their white neighbors. He was instrumental in founding the Republican party in postwar Georgia by herding illiterate former slaves to the polls, and in 1868 used their votes to be elected Georgia legislator. A political opportunist with the Northern party behind him, Turner also held the positions of Postmaster of Macon and Customs Agent in Savannah, both patronage payoffs for delivering the freedman vote to the Republicans.  
The Macon (Georgia) American Union commented on Turner’s political reputation on December 29, 1870: 
"Most Negro officeholders were more to be pitied than blamed, but a few blatant, dishonest, insolent megalomaniacs discredited all. A carpetbagger characterized Henry M. Turner, preacher, politician and presided at many Negro conventions, as a “licentious robber and counterfeiter, a vulgar blackguard, a sacreligious profaner of God’s name, and a most consummate hypocrite. Yet the Negroes elected him to the Georgia legislature---“if he had received his deserts, he would have gone to the penitentiary; he was “a thief and a scoundrel, and yet they voted for him.” 
The same newspaper said of him on June 15, 1871: 
“If the colored people have not the elements of morality among them sufficiently to cry down on such shameless characters, they should not expect to command the respect of decent people anywhere.” 
Reverend Turner was tainted by charges of sexual promiscuity, had publicly proclaimed that God has black skin, and was a vocal proponent of the “Back to Africa” and colonization movements. Despite these personal flaws and public characterizations of Turner, the University of Pennsylvania awarded Turner the title of Doctor of Literature in 1872; and Wilberforce University gave him the title of Doctor of Divinity in 1873. He died in Windsor, Ontario in 1915 while visiting friends.
Macon American Union, cited above
Bishop Henry M. Turner, Maisah B. Robinson


Does America Need an Egyptian-Style Non-Violent Revolution?

The goal: control of land use
By Henry Lamb

'Kill Switch' Internet bill alarms privacy experts

Obama's HHS Is Bigger Than LBJ's Entire Government

Southern Discomfort
Rebellion Blog

Forbes slams Ron Paul, Jeffersonianism & the South
Southern Nationalist Network

Young Americans for Foolishness
David Franke on the Ron Paul haters.

Oh Those Disrespectful, Amoral Libertarians…
Milo Nickels

Fox News Caught In Shocking Dirty Tricks Stunt Against Ron Paul
Paul Joseph Watson

WaPo Smears DiLo
Bob Murphy on the Fed-inspired Washington Post hit piece against Tom DiLorenzo.

Companies Warn That Higher Prices Are Looming

Direct Citizen Action: How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot , by James Ostrowski;


The right to "petition" government in this
manner was secured by our Founding Fathers.
As Sam Adams famously wrote, "It does not
require a majority to prevail, but rather
an irate, tireless minority keen to set
brush fires in people's minds." What the
limited-government movement needs are a
few good pyromaniacs.

If you want to contact Congress on any
issue, you can do so toll-free by calling
either (800) 862-5530 or (866) 220-0044.
When the Capitol operator answers, simply
ask to be connected to a particular
congressman or senator.

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