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Ron Paul News Update - May 31, 2011 / Vote Ron Paul

Ron Paul on CNBC 05/31/2011

Great interview as Congressman Ron Paul explains why his ideas are now 'mainstream'.

Watch Video

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: Enabling a Future American Dictator - 05/30/2011

Congressman Ron Paul: 'These are truly troubling days for Liberty in the United States.'

Read More and Listen to Audio Version

Ron Paul 'The High Tide' in HD

3D animation and motion graphics come together in a 60 second
grassroots promo for Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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Pat Buchanan: What is Our Military Defending?

We borrow hundreds of billions annually from allies, to defend
those allies. We borrow hundreds of billions annually from our
children's future to maintain our present lifestyle. Our leaders
have yet to show the toughness and maturity the new times demand.

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In Liberty,

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Activist Grassroots Training Saturday June 4 Kissimmee/Orlando

Dear Juan,


     Campaign for Liberty is hosting two Political Effectiveness Training Seminars.  The first will be held on June 4 in Kissimmee, FL.  On June 18 we will be in Jacksonville.


     You will learn how to master control of the political environment at the local, state, and national level from Dimitri Kesari, Director of Government Affairs for the National Right to Work Committee and Senior Consultant with Campaign for Liberty.


     Dimitri has a unique political philosophy and approach to campaign tactics and strategies. His course will provide you with the tools necessary to maximize your effectiveness in a way only a few grassroots schools offer in the country.


This is an intense school which covers:


     * The Real Nature of Politics - why "educating" people won't result in change.

     * The Biggest Lie in Politics - and how the political class uses your convictions against you.

     * Working at the Capitol - Getting a bill sponsor & a roll call vote despite the Leadership.

     * How to build your Group - Putting pressure on legislators.


     These are not, I repeat, not, seminars on ideas or theories --- these seminars are about how to create change. This is not a class on how to schmooze, but what you need to do to be respected and feared by the political class.


     Are you frustrated by politicians who say one thing at a Tea Party rally, but break their promises in the State House or City Hall?  Are you frustrated with the legislature in Tallahassee?  Have the politicians let you down?  Then this class is for you!


     Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to arm yourself with the tools that will enable you to have a major impact on the political environment.


     Training will be held in Kissimmee on June 4 and Jacksonville on June 18.  Both classes are from 9;00 AM to 5:00 PM.  We will be serving lunch.


     This type of training normally costs hundreds of dollars; however Florida Campaign for Liberty is helping to subsidize the cost.  Seats can be reserved at $30.00.  The cost of training includes all materials and your lunch.


     If you are serious about grassroots activism and really want to make a difference, there is no better course than this.


     If you have any questions, please call Mark Cross, Executive Director of Florida Campaign for Liberty at             407-908-2749       or email at


     Click  Jacksonville or  Kissimmee for more details and to reserve your seat.


     I hope to see you there!


In Liberty,  


Mark Cross

Florida State Director


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A person recently attacked my professional credibility and my truthfulness -- and that of Ambassador Lee/Leo Emil Wanta.  That information spread and information appeared at


When I read this second attack, I decided I needed to respond to it because it sounds so much like an email I received right after I wrote the series of three articles about Lee Wanta in May 2010.  The email someone sent me was a conversation between Christopher Story/Edward Harle (the former is deceased, a journalistic necessity because of far he allowed the inane content of his articles in International Currency Review, World Reports, to become; the latter, however, is very much enjoying the air around Toronto, from what I hear) and his “boots on the ground intel guys” in the U.S.


I dislike writers who use anonymity to spread lies.  It’s sheer cowardice.


My response, below, is to the person who made the comments about me and about the Ambassador on the Millionaire Board, an information source used by CMKX investors.  I will quickly say:  CMKX stockholders have been badly abused by the SEC and whatever federal agency was involved in a what appears to be a poorly planned sting operation designed to catch unlicensed (thus fraudulent) people who represent themselves to the buying public as stock brokers.  The comments on the Millionaire’s Board come from IceCrush.  Another person named Dicek18 responded to IceCrush. 


An uninformed little man or woman has, under the cover of Internet anonymity, published lies about me and the research I’ve done regarding Ambassador Lee/Leo Emil Wanta.  They’ve lied about the Ambassador, too – but that’s his issue, not mine.  The lies about me – though unnamed, I am the only “she/her” who has published data about Ambassador Wanta so it’s pretty obvious about whom these lies are told – impact my reputation.  I feel compelled to respond.  The message at is  different than the IceCrush message at the CMKX Millionaires Board – one I believe to be written by Edward Harle (a/k/a Christopher Story) – it repeats information contained in the email of his conversation with others about me in May 2010.


I have no dog in the CMKX fight (other than wanting to see an unlawful act corrected and the people harmed paid the damages due them).  I’ve taken time to provide input to people asking for information in an effort to be thoughtful to others.   


My response to the comments on the Millionaires Board follow.  The original comments made follow my response.  CMKX stockholders may make whatever comments they want about me in the future because I won’t be reading or responding to them.  No more questions of me; no more answers from me.  But I do suggest that when such comments are made, the person making them should have proof.  My temper isn’t quite as disciplined as the Ambassador’s and I’m not in the difficult position he’s in relative to responding to this kind of uninformed abuse.


BARNEWALL RESPONSE TO “IceCrush” at the CMKX Millionaire’s Board site (for the other trash at Investors Hub, all I can say is “Give it up; you aren’t worth the time it would take me to respond.):


BARNEWALL TO MILLIONAIRE’S BOARD:  First, I’m very curious to know how IceCrush knows “a writer that believe (sic), supports and has gotten her information all from Wanta” got all her information from Wanta. Interestingly, that sounds like something Christopher Story once said. Mr. Story doesn’t know that a series of emails in which he discussed me was sent to me by someone – but someone sent it and I read it with interest. He would probably be quite surprised at the content – and my laughter.

I’m a trained investigative journalist. Why would anyone other than a naïve child – or someone who is trying to make a point which he wants to be true but cannot prove – think I would take a 50 (plus) year reputation that is spotless, both as a banker and as a journalist, and risk it making decisions about an American Intelligence Operative in whom I had no interest at the time I first read about him? Why would I do that on the basis of slanted data provided by the Operative? Any thinking person realizes I would not. Of course, it appears IceCrush knows as little about me as he does about Ambassador Wanta.

To make such a statement and do so credibly, such a person would have to see the 8.75 gigabytes of data I have gathered on Ambassador Leo/Lee E. Wanta from a variety of sources. I will admit that my computer was severely hacked about a month ago and perhaps IceCrush did the hacking and gained access to my data? No. That can’t be because if he had, he would have seen the copies I have of Ambassador Wanta’s Somali Passports. He would have seen the documentation showing that when the Swiss brought Ambassador Wanta back into the United States from his false arrest in Switzerland, he entered the U.S. using his Somali Diplomatic Passport and that Passport number was recorded by Immigration at the New York Port of Entry.

There is a record of it, IceCrush – not just in my computer, but in the records of the Secretary of State’s office from the Immigration Department on the date Ambassador Wanta was returned to the U.S. from a Swiss prison.

Regarding Michael Cottrell and Christopher Story:

1. Colonel Dana Wilcox (who has been referred to as “Bush Senior’s ‘Bag Man’” (a “bag man” carries money for his boss, whether the boss is a President or an organized crime Don) was known to Leo/Lee Wanta as far back as the 1960s. Wilcox helped Leo look into the possibility of purchasing the former Federal Reserve Building in Richmond, VA, for office space.  Both were affiliated with “the Agency” at the time. Wilcox’s mother was highly-placed in the CIA (perhaps it was only natural that her son would follow in her footsteps). Wilcox was the one who introduced Michael Cottrell to Leo Wanta (the name the Ambassador used at the time; his birth certificate says “Lee,” his baptism certificate says “Leo” and during the years he was an intelligence operative, he used the name “Leo” though both are accurate).  At the time Leo Wanta met Cottrell, he was still functioning while wearing an ankle bracelet after his release from North Fork Prison in Sayre, Oklahoma, USA, and he needed accounting help. I have flown to Oklahoma to meet two of Ambassador Wanta’s Case Officers while he was unlawfully imprisoned there from 1998 until 2001. I have checked the details of what occurred in Oklahoma, verified the courtroom victory that got Wanta released from prison (the Habeas Corpus filed in an Oklahoma court), and discussed the content of the Ambassador’s Department of Prisons case file with his Case Managers. Michael Cottrell was hired as an Executive Vice President at AmeriTrust, a Richmond-based company, and was in no way responsible for managing Leo Wanta’s funds. He was an accountant with investment experience -- as many of Wall Street’s biggest crooks today are experienced investment bankers with accounting experience.

2. Christopher Story found Leo Wanta, not the other way around. Story, at the time, did not admit to his friendship with Michael Cottrell. Instead, Story found Leo Wanta who was living with his daughter in Wisconsin after his release from prison and was wearing an ankle bracelet (later removed as the law enforcement authorities became comfortable with drive-by and neighbor/family verification of his whereabouts) and discussed with Ambassador Wanta the advantages to him, Wanta, of having the details of his treatment by the U.S. Government publicized. Christopher Story “found” Ambassador Wanta in a rather deserted area of the State, bringing to the Ambassador’s daughter’s home the dangers of his MI-5 (or MI-6, depending on your perspective) association and assignment. In other words, he endangered the Ambassador’s family -- and a 12-year old grandson died – the Ambassador believes killed – not too long after the Christopher Story meeting (around the time Lee Wanta cut off all contact with Christopher Story, the good Christian, and began his attacks on Wanta).

3. Neither Cottrell nor Story were hired as “advisers” and neither served in that capacity. The only stockholder of AmeriTrust (the company to which the $4.5 trillion was wire-transferred by the People’s Bank of China) is Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta. Story was never “hired” by Wanta for anything.  Rather, he imposed himself on the Ambassador.

4. Wanta discovered a letter from Michael Cottrell which laid out a plan to put together a “Board of Directors” to serve as advisors who would “manage Ambassador Leo Wanta’s $27.5 trillion.” Mr. Cottrell was immediately terminated by Lee Wanta who needed no help managing his own money. He also cut off all contact with Christopher Story. Thus, Christopher Story did not "kick Ambassador Wanta to the curb" as Dicek18 suggests. It was quite the opposite, in fact.

5. This presented Christopher Story with a dilemma. He had built the readership for International Currency Review, World Reports, on his affiliation with Ambassador Wanta – who had just kicked him to the curb. What was he going to do to maintain his revenue stream for the expensive annual subscriptions which resulted from those who read International Currency Review, World Reports (which was free to the public)? Using free “advertising leads” as Story was doing is nothing new in the world of sales. Losing Leo Wanta as his primary source of information created the horns of a dilemma for Christopher Story. There was only one thing he could do to keep the Wanta story alive: Attack Wanta. And that’s what he did.

6. Dicek18 has it exactly right when he discusses the World Global Settlement funds. The size of the “pot” mentioned by the Nesara and WGS supporters are staggeringly unbelievable… yet people who love something for nothing deals are pulled to them like moths to a light on a hot July night.

7. I do not have much information about these funds other than the basic research I’ve done, but the odds of Michael Cottrell being in line to receive not just Leo Wanta’s funds, but MONEY FROM Nesara and WGS AND CMKX are several trillion to one. I’m pretty good with math – calculated profits for most of the major banks in the U.S. (and the Bank of Montreal, Royal Trust, and the Royal Bank of Canada) at one time or the other.  I don’t even think the wondrous Michael Cotrell, M.S. has done that (who but a no class, insecure little boy lists his non-doctoral Graduate Degree after his name?).  Why would anyone believe what Michael Cottrell, the man who makes it a habit to find (or create) trillion dollar lines to insert himself into, has to say regarding the legitimacy of Ambassador Wanta’s Ambassadorship? The man has absolutely no credibility and that seems an obvious conclusion to anyone with an IQ two points above plant life. If I sound impatient or disgusted, I am. I do not like having someone whose very words make it clear he knows nothing but wants to believe something (possibly anything) challenge the legitimate work I’ve done to prove that Lee/Leo Wanta is precisely who he says he is. IceCrush has used the cowardice of anonymity to make statements with no bearing on the truth. We can, if you want, see if a Judge agrees with you that all of the information I’ve gathered about Leo/Lee Emil Wanta has come from him. That, of course, would require you to “go public.”

8. Leo Wanta was given a choice regarding the $27.5 trillion -- his personal funds (as determined by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, Alexandria, VA Federal District Court, [Civil Action 02-1363-A] – a copy of Judge Lee’s Decision and Opinion can be seen at by anyone who wants to verify facts). His personal funds have nothing to do with any Trust Fund or Settlement Fund or Stock Fund. HOW STRONGLY CAN I SAY THIS? THE $27.5 TRILLION BELONGS TO LEO/LEE EMIL WANTA AND ARE HIS PERSONAL FUNDS AS DETERMINED BY A FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE IN JUNE 2003.

9. The choice Leo Wanta was given was to either accept $4.5 trillion – or die.

10. It’s easy for Christopher Story to beg Wanta (in print in ICR) to reject the offer of $4.5 trillion and keep fighting to get the total $27.5 trillion amount.  Christopher Story (a/k/a Edward Harle) didn’t have a gun to his head. Stand firm, he said!  Demand the $27.5 trillion! However, after accepting the compromise, Ambassador Wanta did immediately give the remaining $23 trillion to the American people and established guidelines as to how it could be used. It angered those who offered him the $4.5 trillion compromise and caused the war between Wanta and those who have played games regarding payment to him ever since.

11. I don’t know where Dicek18 gets the idea that Wanta is gone and out of the way, but nothing could be further from the truth.

12. Are the WGS funds and the Nesara Funds part of the Wanta $23 trillion? I can’t answer that because I haven’t even tried to look into it. I’m not a believer that either exists but I haven’t researched it. Unlike Michael Cottrell, I don’t run around looking for trillion dollar stories. I’ve done enough research to try to answer questions I get from CMKX investors, GFS believers, and Nesara believers every time Lee Wanta’s name appears in an article I write. Why that happens, I don’t know. I have said consistently from the first time I was asked if Lee Wanta’s funds are involved with CMKX, GFS, WGS, Nesara and any other fund: “His money is his personally-earned funds and are in no way involved with these other programs.”

Finally, as to these IceCrush statements:

"So I say this about Wanta because I've researched it with my Canadian government, (web and personal contacts) and the Somali government. Wanta was not an ambassador for or to Canada, nor, for or to Somali.”  (Note to IceCrush:  The nation is Somalia, not Somali – no wonder you couldn’t find anything.)

Lee Wanta never claimed to be an Ambassador FOR Canada. If you knew anything about his history, you’d know that. Please provide your source, because I don’t believe you. You've researched this with the Somali government? I'm amazed they found time for you between pirate raids on ships! Do you know during what years Ambassador Wanta was the Somali Ambassador to Canada? Do you know who appointed him, and why? Have you (or your sources) seen the letters to the Canadian government introducing him as Ambassador to Canada? I doubt it – and if you don’t know these things, how could you ask a government bureaucrat to search for the information? Perhaps your “government, Web and personal contacts” can explain why Ambassador Wanta’s Somali Diplomatic Passport was accepted by Immigration when the Swiss brought him to New York after kidnapping him from a peaceful breakfast in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 7, 1993?


That is a matter of record and not opinion. If your contacts are sufficiently high, they will be able to verify this data for you. I rather doubt they are. The Secretary of State at the time, Warren Christopher, told Ambassador Wanta he could not carry both his U.S. and Somali Passports. Because he was a diplomat, he was obliged to carry the Somali Diplomatic Passports and so turned over his U.S. Passport to the Department of State to be held in Trust for him. The Diplomatic Passport Numbers are DPP #04362 & 12535 – Diplomatic Passports are issued only to diplomats.

Then IceCrush said:

“Like I said, when I pay my taxes, I get a stamp or receipt.......yet Wanta says 'they' stole it. Who stole it? The bank? Where's his receipt? All he had to do was produce the canceled cheque, the bank withdrawal statement, the stamped bill, the receipt. Like, was he walking around with cash and he handed it over and got no receipt? How smart is that?”

I’m happy that you live in a safe little protected world where you pay taxes and get a stamp or a receipt, IceCrush. Ambassador Wanta was not so safe and protected – he was protecting your sorry backside in Singapore tracking drug dealers when the ESTIMATED civil income tax bill was sent to him. If you knew anything at all about the case, you would know that he did write a check for the taxes they said he owed – even though he hadn’t lived in or earned income in the State of Wisconsin for years. He had family there and wanted no problems for them. He paid the tax – twice. He has his cancelled checks. One of them is posted at – note the date this check cleared the bank in Wisconsin: 1992. He was arrested in 1993 (a year after payment was made and the check cleared) and wasn’t tried for non-payment of taxes in the amount of $14,129 (the same amount as the check, imagine that!) until 1995. Gee, I guess you can’t always trust what the State tells you… especially when they want your $23 trillion.

If you did your research, you know that even Christopher Story admits that before the $4.5 trillion was wire transferred to the AmeriTrust accounts by the People’s Bank of China, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan and Secretary of the Treasury John Snow flew to China to verify Ambassador Wanta’s signature and to make sure the wire transfer was properly done. All of it was handled at the highest levels, a legal Agreement was signed by all of the parties, including Ambassador Wanta, as to how much he would pay in taxes (35 percent – or, $1.575 trillion) on the wire-transferred $4.5 trillion. Did you really think a man intelligent enough to bring down the Russian ruble wouldn’t cross every “t” and dot every “i”?

Marilyn Barnewall
May 23, 2011, 12:36 A.M. (MDT)


MAY 23, 2011; COMMENTS, CMKX MILLIONAIRES BOARD by IceCrush, one of the moderators there:


"I have researched Wanta and his claims as Ambassador and they are not true. I also

believe that if others check with their government websites all the information can be

found on who is an ambassador for what country. It should all be there.


“So I say this about Wanta because I've researched it with my Canadian government, (web and personal contacts) and the Somali government. Wanta was not an ambassador for or to Canada, nor, for or to Somali.


“I also had a conversation with Mr. Cottrell years back and told him this, and he agreed

with me, stating that "Wanta was an ambassador of 'sorts". An ambassador of

sorts means that in the true sense of the word, Mr. Wanta is not a legitimate Ambassador.

So if his claim to respectability is based on the positions he's held and if he is stating he was 'an ambassador' when he wasn't.......(just wanted to think or call himself an ambassador of sorts) then anything else Mr. Wanta says is suspect, because his

foundational comments are based on untruths.


If you had been on the boards long ago, you would have seen all my documentation posted.


I am a shareholder as well as a mod. I don't jump down people's throats but ask them to

be respectful in how they handle comments/posts to other members. Wanta is not a member of this board."


Also, there was a couple of statements made over the weekend regarding the fact that

“Leo's ‘money’ that was owed him was what has turned into and is now referred to

as the WGS, and that all payments (Cottrell, Wanta, CMKX, etc.) will come from that



This is a response to IceCrush from Dicek18:


I just tried to get a link to the rest of the article (via the website listed) and one needs to subscribe to the magazine to get the rest of the story.


Wanta could have claimed to be a Romanov, a member of the Windsor Family, or the Green Lantern - that's not important.


What's important is that Wanta hired Cottrell to help land the Wanta Funds (which was

$27.5 trillion), with Chris Story supporting/advising both of them and Story working to

help them get the Wanta money released.


Then Chris Story and Cottrell kicked Wanta to the curb, and Cottrell continued on a quest

to receive $6 trillion (now $12 trillion) he believed he was owed from the World Global

Settlement funds. (Wow - where did this fund come from? No one ever heard of the WGS before - what a coincidence that Cottrell had access to it.)


When Cottrell worked for Wanta, they were going after $4 trillion of the $27.5 trillion

from the Wanta Funds.


Now with Wanta gone and out of the way, Cottrell is working to get $12 Trillion from the

World Global Settlement funds, which Chris Story referenced time and time again in his



Now that is pretty interesting - it may have taken about 10 whole minutes to think up a

new name once Wanta and his Wanta Funds were being unceremoniously ditched.


It's my opinion that the World Global Settlement funds is just a new name for some

already existing funds: the Wanta Funds.


Response to the above from IceCrush:


Keep in mind that the you are basing your information originally from a report from a

writer that believe, supports and has gotten her information all from Wanta, who imho is

not truthful. So, imo everything in that article is suspect.


Chris Story didn't toss Wanta to the curbside, but found Wanta to be corrupted by the

Bushes (or the bad guys, whoever they are) If Cottrell was working for the good and found that Wanta wasn't what he was supposed to be, the best thing was to move forward and not allow Wanta to subvert or corrupt the outcome.


Like I said, when I pay my taxes, I get a stamp or receipt.......yet Wanta says 'they'

stole it. Who stole it? The bank? Where's his receipt? All he had to do was produce the

canceled cheque, the bank withdrawal statement, the stamped bill, the receipt. Like, was

he walking around with cash and he handed it over and got no receipt? How smart is that.



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Scarcity and Choice: A Deceptive Economic Perspective

It is widely accepted in the micro economist’s realm, that an economic perspective or an economic way of thinking is one that’s concerned with how individuals, entities and institutions, and society make the best or even optimal choices, when conditions of scarcity exist. People inherently desire, seek and demand goods and services.
One current economic perspective being overtly sold to people, is that going ‘all-in’ with Solar Photovoltaic technology, and the production and installation of power generating panels, is allegedly not worth pursing with panel efficiencies only as high as 17% (the level most quoted) and the $30,000 to $50,000 per home cost for a moderately upgraded version Photovoltaic system having storage capability of surplus panel energy for use during peak or less light days.
As relates to accessibility and the affordability of all the devices and products that will get US off all use of any fossil fuels and nuclear completely -–  just having such accessibility and affordability -- will result in significant recordable and realized switching of our supply of energy from fossil fuel produced, to only those produced from a renewable type process. 
Renewable source only produced Energy – which needs to be society mandated by the people not prevented by the power and industry folks – from photovoltaic panels and films, solar-hydrothermal, geothermal, solar heating, windmills and turbines, many types of fuel cells, methane reclamation cogeneration, flowing water bodies, ocean waves, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and others, being developed and now viable just not available, IS the cure.
Energy production using the sun as the source is being held hostage from becoming reality in this marketing deception of the economic perspective defining the critical and closely interrelated criminal monopoly over scarcity and choice by power, industry and government.
All of these which renew themselves we would now rely upon.  They are all from the sun, effects of the sun, biological actions, electrolysis, or from water. The biggest point and benefit is that they are not gone because they are not one time use resources and do not originate from crude oil, natural gas, coal, coal sands, or nuclear sources.
A shift of this magnitude in the source fuel to produce energy for consumption, would fully teeter the ratio to the other extreme from the growing to nearly 80% sourced from fossil fuels in just a few decades. At such time they are expected to run out as a supply.
To effect such a conversion to lower fossil fuels consumption to this teetered 20%, achieving the ability and infrastructure to be producing 80% of energy being requested for consumption from renewable methods and devices, could be attained by aggressive building of manufacturing capacity as Phase One, to employ people and make the machines that will make the pieces of the devices and products.
Simultaneously, we bring on Phase Two, which realizes benefits from the machines we all just made, by now actually manufacturing the devices and complimentary products that will produce this clean energy and the GazilloWatts we thirst for, from only renewable sources beyond the current known limitations of physics.  People will have to be trained to fill the manufacturing positions created by now having the capability to make products. 
These new devices which make energy, by sun, wind, heat, water, fuel cell and wave, will need to be installed by specially trained people, and maintained by specially trained mechanics.  In order to maximize full benefit of this new industry’s evolving technologies, equipment and machines will need to be operated continuously by specially trained operators and administrators. This will mean the creation of never before seen in this country jobs, all numbering in the hundreds of thousands, surely millions, of new industry sustainable positions of employment and professions. Permanent jobs growing into the millions will have been created in just the next 5-15 years, during the exponential ramping of this whole new replacement industry, to the current power producers’ industry monopoly, which the same industry and participants sadly insists to deliver energy supply produced mostly using fossil fuels and nuclear ore as the source.
Another benefit to such an aggressive conversion off the fossil fuels is the simultaneous stepping off of and elimination of all imports and exports of crude oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear fuels to zero barrels tons and rods, except for that crude oil produced domestically only we consume exporting none, which will also create additional rewards and profit to all Americans, by the elimination of these huge expenditures against our GDP.  This will free up and create surplus to invest back into continuing further efforts towards energy self-sufficiency and goal of being an energy surplus producer.
Becoming an energy surplus provider, puts additional supply on the world market and permits other countries to reduce themselves as well, towards independence from fossil fuels as a consumed source for production of energy they demand.
Stopping the extraction from the geology of all the various fossil fuels is a win for the planet.  This environmental, science based decision to stop affecting the geology directly under the United States Territories in from sea to shining sea, will stop all human-activity caused subduction of the land, and plates which cause even other geological events.
Reduction of fossil fuels extraction and mining, namely crude oil, to an eventual level necessary to produce a limited number of everyday products which have not experienced a green replacement, should then become the temporary new running minimum norm of a mandate to extract the least possible amount of crude oil this American society can consume.
That said, more focus and consideration needs turned onto the current problem of the intentional interference waged on our whole society -- our country’s families, individuals and businesses – through this power and industry blockade by deception, preventing us all from being allowed to have a sufficiently developing and ramping up complex of the manufacturers able to produce the renewable produced energy supply devices and equipment. 
Removing this revealed collusive block to getting off fossil fuels and achieving access to those products and technologies desired, which also allows you and me to help be a player in the conversion off fossils, paying the current hyperinflated prices, cracking open the block by  embedded, in play, multiple gatekeepers, thus making access and availability (at same time manufacturing capacity also inhibited intentionally by the same entities) as difficult and prolonged as possible, this becomes a rather large microeconomic view and example of the basic essence of what economics and study of it is all about :
The blockade to our sources of energy being converted from fossil to non-fossil sourced energy is almost exclusively about -- Scarcity and Choice.
Even more so, it’s really about the current in place intent and fix by power, industry and government, together with the few private individuals and entities controlling the largest flows of money in this country, which obfuscates a proper economic perspective for the country as one giant consumer of energy. 
By deceptively using Scarcity (intentional inaccessibility), and Choice becoming a negatively placed subliminal lasting fallacy by getting people to not choose renewable at this time (while denying affordability and supply), citing incredibly low efficiency and significant high cost, and while promoting fossil fuels as the only current method/way we should use to get us off the same, while increasing fossil fuel use in the name of reducing its use, the only accomplishment will be that of negating nearly all use and development, of that which has been revealed as the way and source for independence from use of fossils fuels – Renewables – held hostage and squashed from use or even achieving development past the alleged inefficient and too costly status, said to exist today, by none other than, power, industry and government.
So when everything is ruined, and no fossil fuels left, and 50% unemployment 5-30 years from now, and then production of energy falling off dramatically due to blockaded alternative supply development, causing even more poverty and a drastic drop of gross domestic product, to a consumption only country like North Korea. That is when even those who hold this nation hostage from making the conversion will become the prey. 
Conclusion:  What we have is intentional scarcity and impeachment of choice.

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Dancing Now Illegal In Amerikan Police State

Best video: 11 minutes, with the event covered from two camera perspectives:

My favorite part was when the US Park Police approach a couple of people to tell them they will be arrested if they start to dance.  The Park Police ask, "Is there someone who's leading you all here?", and they spontaneously point to the large bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson is crying out from his grave.

50 second highlight video:
Who is Adam Kokesh?
Adam Kokesh speech
Fox News - Five People Arrested for Dancing
Adam Kokesh first interview after arrest
Adam Kokesh said "With regard to the police, you must remember that it's really just the bad apples the give the other 5% a bad name."
Dancing terrorists struck the Jefferson Memorial on May 28th in an apparently coordinated effort.  However, it is unclear if dance attacks affected other national monuments but authorities have been placed on high alert.

Law Enforcement officers on duty at the time acted swiftly to diffuse the situation and protect us from this dancing threat before damage could be done. The dancing terrorists are now in the custody of Washington DC officials and are being interrogated.

Eyewitnesses report scuffed elbows and two iPods containing multiple tracks from Jordan Page's new album "Liberty" were damaged as a result of the attacks.

This report is ongoing - for more information or to demand the release of the dancing terrorists contact the authorities at             (202) 610-8703       and the US Park Police:             202-610-7500      

For more information on the music the Dancing Terrorists were listening to see:  or Download it at 

Sunday am UPDATE: Adam Kokesh Bodyslammed at Jefferson Memorial - Video

Do you remember when it was the people,

who were being arrested,

who hid their faces?

Police actually told these dancing perps

that they would be arrested for making videos!

A Day In The Park - coming soon

Apparently we can do away with the legislative branch of government.

Whatever the police say is now the law.

If the police say "shut up" the first amendment has been suspended.

Billy Vegas - The Militarization of Our Police
The Militarization of Our Police
a somewhat humerous discussion of a serious subject

Police State Jobs Available for Psychopaths

The sociopathic police personality: Is it a product of the “Rotten Apple” or the “Rotten Barrel?”
 The “Rotten Apple” theory states that deviant police officers are those who psychological testing fails to screen out. This concept is favored by police administrators because it offers a quick and easy solution to police deviant behavior. However, there is a growing body of literature that suggests that it is the stressful occupation that is policing that is the fertile soil from which police deviant behavior springs otherwise known as the “Rotten Barrel” theory. This article shall explore police deviant behavior from the perspective that it is the “Rotten Barrel” that leads to police deviant behavior.
What we are now seeing appears to indicate that psychological testing is being used to locate and hire sociopathic deviants rather than to screen them out. Are the people, who ought to be in prisons or mental institutions, now being given guns and badges?  Are the prisons or mental institutions now for religious, or freedom loving people?  Sociopathic deviants are the first line of enforcement in every dictatorship.

Watch our Police State with your own eyes.

This is where the term "police state" originates

California police use a Taser on an unarmed, legless man in a wheelchair?

Handicapped man body slammed out of wheelchair and left bleeding on the sidewalk by cops
Cops Stop Ambulance On Way To Hospital And Fight With EMT
Cell phone video shows highway patrol grabbing paramedic by the throat
Full story:




DHS Office has Issued a "Glossary of Domestic Extremist Groups". 
The Office of Intelligence and Analysis uses a broad brush to define dozens of supposedly extremist ideologies inside the United States, in a report called "Domestic Extremism Lexicon":
Read the entire document here: 
The document covers a broad range of extremist causes, including anti-abortion, anti-immigration, animal rights, black separatism, anti-technology extremism, Cuban independence activism, tax resistors, and religious extremism of various faiths.
A few examples:
Tax resistance extremists are people who "vehemently believe taxes violate their constitutional rights.
There are broad descriptions of extremists as “mainly antigovernment,rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority”; “may include groups
and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration”. 
Why will Obama need foreign troops to impose martial law?
Military and law enforcement personnel are organizing to resist illegal orders to impose tyranny.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT can be a defense against central tyranny. 
Alert your local representatives and police.
Ask them to protect your civil liberties.
Our county Sheriff's have the same obligation, and we all need to contact our local departments and remind them of their duties and the oath they are sworn to uphold.
For details visit:

Full Dash Cam Video of Oklahoma Highway Patrol vs EMT 

Who will protect us from our Protectors?

The "Police State" Special Edition Issue of The New American magazine. (Fall/Winter 1994)

The cover shows an ATF agent, in camouflage, and carrying an assault rifle. He is wearing sun glasses, and has a piece of tape over his badge number.


More Cops Gone Wild

Even More Reporters getting arrested filming cops! 


Predator Cop ALLOWED To Stalk Citizens Of Seattle!

SPD: "Nothing We Can Do"


Sociopaths are taking command in all areas

This contains inappropriate language. Do not watch if this offends you: 

Col. Ralph Peters - "Kill Em All". 

How does a sociopath get to be a Colonel in the Army? He gets promoted by a sociopathic GENERAL Sociopaths are our leaders now, as they are in every dictatorship. Hail Caesar! How long will it be before have a coliseum for burning, crucifying, and feeding people to lions for amusement?


Grandmother Tasered at Traffic Stop  

This was done by a CONSTABLE in Precinct 3 to a 72 year old woman during a TRAFFIC STOP because she didn't want to sign the ticket. Constable McCain approves it.

Read the story,   The constable who stopped her must be quite a MAN.

This has made Lew Rockwell:

Call Constable McCain and tell him what you think of a wuss who feels compelled to use a taser against an old lady.

Phone:             (512) 854-2100      
Fax: (512) 854-2116


First amendment is gone: Journalists arrested


Video Caught On Tape: cop arrests reporter for filming traffic in Arizona... (hmmm) Beware of traveling in Arizona.
Is Arizona still a part of the United States? Or is this what is happening everywhere now?
UPDATE TO Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed  by Border patrol - 11 stitches
Further info:

Story might be on local (Phoenix) late news tonight:
The "straw grabbing" contrivance is now to claim that he blocked traffic. The jack boots chose to block traffic by illegally detaining a law abiding citizen. Anderson just wanted to leave, but he was not allowed to do so.

First they tortured him for refusing to answer questions. THEN they told him that he had the right to remain silent. How can there be a duty to answer questions if there is a right to remain silent?
His rights did not just appear when they advised him of them. HE ALREADY KNEW that he had the right to remain silent, and he did so.
They claimed that a DOG gave them "probable cause", and then they claimed that "probable cause" gave them the right to search. "Probable cause" is not the right to search. "Probable cause" is the right to ASK a judge for a search warrant:

Amendment IV - Search and seizure.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

How can law enforcement uphold the law if they violate the laws to govern law enforcement?
The names of the jack booted thugs are in the video. Where are they now?
Real terrorists and smugglers (of either illegal aliens or contraband) know where these "check points" are, and take another route. The only real effect of these "check points" is to condition the American people to accepting the standard practices of tyranny, and to destroy the Bill of Rights. A law that violates the constitution has no authority as much as if it never existed.  
Why is this happening?

Watch the "training" of your police, by your federal government:

Feds Slander Christians, founding fathers and homeschoolers as terrorists.

Federal government training seminar says founding fathers, Christians and homeschoolers are terrorists.
The lecturer identifies George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers as “terrorists”.
Sit in on an actual FEMA Gestapo training class:

Nineteen Eighty-four

Nineteen Eighty-four

Is Freedom Failing? (Paperback) ~ Geb Sommer

Product image

Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty worker detained at Missouri Airport 

Abusive Border Patrol Agents w/ Nun Chucks at NM Checkpoint

You will notice that one jack boot refers to the expectation that he will honor his oath to "support and defend the constitution" as "playing a little game." This is NOT "playing a little game." This is respecting the law, as law enforcement should.  

Profiling and Criminalizing Political Dissent
 (With embedded link to The New American)
Written by William F. Jasper  

Mass. Police Gets Grenade Launchers . Federal program donates surplus weapons

Public Servants or The Largest Street Gang in America? 

So exactly what do you do?

Please visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty.

If you get a message that says "address is not valid" then copy and paste the address into the address bar.
This is the Most Extensive Collection of Freedom Videos Ever Compiled: 

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My email is:   
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Many rare and out of print books are still available.

Look here:  
Then look here: 


If you get a message that says "address is not valid"
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Please Watch these videos: 
Invisible Empire - full version NWO video An absolutely amazing expose' of the power brokers of the world: No criminal tyrant left behind.
The American Dream - a very important video
G. Edward Griffin’s An Idea Whose Time Has Come

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Ron Paul News Update - May 30, 2011 / Vote Ron Paul

Ron Paul PowerPoint Wins Hearts and Minds @ Republican Club Meeting
Matt Brakey showcasing why Republicans should vote for Ron Paul in
the 2012 Ohio Republican Primary. Thank you Matt!
Please download this PowerPoint and share it with everyone you know.
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Freedom Watch

FREEDOM WATCH is information pertaining to

government abuse of  power, trashing of

the Constitution, illegal immigration,

2nd Amendment, political correctness

run amok, etc.

It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.

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Silent Dancing Protesters Arrested at Jefferson Memorial


Court Case on the Jefferson Memorial Dancing


Towards a National Socialist America
Lew Rockwell on the Patriot Act.


Ron Paul: “It Appears That the Fate of the American Republic is Now Sealed”


City fines church for 'excessive' pruning of its own tree


Save Us From The Tyranny Of Bankers 
An excerpt from Bob Chapman's weekly publication.


One Nation Indivisible?
No, thank goodness, says Kirkpatrick Sale.


Lincoln's Colonization Efforts


The 'Great Emancipator' and the Issue of Race 
Abraham Lincoln's Program of Black Resettlement
By Robert Morgan


Lincoln Address to Black Americans


Abraham Lincoln 'tried to deport slaves' to British colonies
By Tom Leonard


Abraham Lincoln 'wanted to deport slaves' to new colonies


The Voyage to the Colony of Linconia The Sixteenth President, Black Colonization, and the Defense Mechanism of Avoidance


Historians Shed New Light on President Lincoln
New Book Claims Lincoln Planned To Deport Freed Slaves


Lincoln's Black History
By Garry Wills's_Black_History/


DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Has No Clue That Illegal Immigration Is A Crime 
Rebellion Blog





The right to "petition" government in this

manner was secured by our Founding Fathers. 

As Sam Adams famously wrote, "It does not

require a majority to prevail, but rather

an irate, tireless minority keen to set

brush fires in people's minds."  What the

limited-government movement needs are a

few good pyromaniacs.


If you want to contact Congress on any

issue, you can do so toll-free by calling

either (800) 862-5530 or (866) 220-0044

When the Capitol operator answers, simply

ask to be connected to a particular

congressman or senator.

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Ron Paul New Update - May 29, 2011 / Vote Ron Paul

Freedom of Expression Outlawed @ Tax Payer Funded Jefferson Memorial
Iraq war Veteran and talk-show host Adam Kokesh was violently
assaulted by Tax Payer funded U.S. Park Police at the Tax Payer
Funded Jefferson Memorial...
Watch Videos
Is the USA the Next USSR?
Freedom Watch: Judge Andrew Napolitano and Editor In
Chief, Nick Gillespie break down the emerging 'Police State'.
Watch Video
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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (05/29/11) cablegate-201105291040.7z.torrent



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