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Ron Paul News Update - June 17, 2011 / Vote Ron Paul

Ron Paul on Fox News - 06/16/2011

Congressman Paul discussing Weiner and the need to get government
out of our lives.

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Ron Paul: Why I'm suing the Obama administration over Libya

Our Founders understood that waging war is not something that
should be taken lightly, which is why Article 1, Section 8 of the
United States Constitution gives Congress -- not the president -- the
authority to declare war.

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San Francisco Chronicle for Ron Paul

SF Chronicle: Should Be the Next President of the United States.

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Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's Addiction

In a recent interview with TheStreet, Dr. Paul likened the Fed to a
drug addict unable to stop printing money as no one wanted to go
through the pain of withdrawl.

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TSA Battle Reignites in Texas

Texas Officials Punished & Embarrassed By TSA For "Opting Out".
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