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Legal Disneyland & More / Liberty Dollar News

July 2011 Vol. 13 No. 07

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

Table of Contents:
1. My Visit to Legal Disneyland
2. Utah Bill to Restore Sound Money
3. Government lying about debt crisis!
4. Bernie's Bombshell
5. Silver "Liberty Dollar" sets New Record…
6. Silver Perspective by the Numbers
7. Silver Article and Value in Roman coinage
8. Facebook is HOT for BVNH and the Liberty Dollar
9. Kevin's Interview and corrections for June Newsletter
10. Second Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. My Visit to Legal Disneyland

Trust me, I mean no disrespect of our country's legal/court system with this article. And that is doubly true at this very sensitive time. But three legal events in one day gave me a moment to reflect on my situation and answer my two most asked questions: "How are you doing?" and "Why are you so damn happy?" These are usually asked with a terrible grimace to indicate awful pain. So it usually comes as a surprise when I reply that I feel GOOOOOOD! So just in case you might wonder why anybody could possibly feel GOOOOOOD when he has been wrongfully convicted of three federal felonies and is facing up to fifteen years in prison, here is one day of my life on Monday, July, 18, 2011.

So how could I possibly feel soo GOOOOOD? Because on this particular day I had a new insight, I realized that I was in Legal Disneyland!

Assuming that most everybody has been to Disneyland or one of the major theme parks, you know the drill. Pay lots of money (Disney World is now $85 per day!) and you have a choice of rides. With limited time, most arrive with a pre-set list of favorites, as there is only soo much time/energy available in one day.

Well Legal Disneyland is very much the same a regular Disneyland. In place of "rides" there are "events" and in place of $85, the price of admission is your life or a good number of years. And as I am 67, a 15-year prison sentence is pretty much a life sentence. And like Disneyland, time in Legal Disneyland is also limited. You can only fit so many "rides" i.e. legal "events" in one day.

Monday, July 18, 2011, was a banner day for my Legal Disneyland experience with three "rides" i.e. legal events.

The first "ride" started at 8:00 AM with a live, in-person interview with the probation officer for the all-important Pre-Sentencing Report. This report largely determines the number of years that the government recommends I serve for my heinous crime of trying to minimizing the hyperinflationary effects on as many people as possible. The interview was terrific. I was extremely glad I choose to do the interview in person, without my chief trial attorney who advised against it. This was a spectacular ride and highly recommended for any convicted felon.

The second "ride" was a court hearing before the same Judge who sent me to jail for supposedly violating the terms of my appearance bond. This time is it was equally serious as I sought the court's permission for my two trial attorneys to withdraw from my case. Such a hearing to remove one's court appointed attorneys is very difficult and seldom approved by the court. Voila, without all the boring details, my motion to can the attorneys was granted. I am now free to retain a real attorney as I prepare for the appeal part of my quest to return American to value - one court appearance at a time. This was a very good ride, but only recommended for dedicated adults.

The third "ride" was the initial meeting with my mother's attorney to recover her silver that was wrongfully seized when the gov confiscated the nine tons of gold, silver, copper and platinum associated with the Liberty Dollar operation on November 14 and 15, 2007. The meeting went extremely well as I answered questions and clarified issues that were germane to my mother's recovery efforts. This ride was over the top and not to be missed when anybody has the opportunity to testify regarding the government holding your silver that backs up the Liberty Dollar certificates!

So, now you know why am I happy and feel soo GOOOOOD? I just visited Legal Disneyland and had three terrific "rides" in one day.

2. Utah Bill to Restore Sound Money
Gold, silver coins are now legal currency in Utah

There is an increasing awaking of what NORFED professed and exemplified back in 1998 when it introduced the Liberty Dollar. Please check out these state and national initiatives.

Utah and other states push gold as legal tender, prepares for US dollar collapse
Utah Law Makes Coins Worth Their Weight in Gold (or Silver)

Utah just became the first US state to recognize gold as legal tender. Its Legal Tender Act of 2011 allows U.S. minted gold and silver coins to be recognized as legal tender in the value that reflects the market price for gold and silver.

FARR WEST, Utah - Most people who amass the pure gold and silver coins produced by the United States Mint do so for collections or investments, not to buy Slurpees at 7-Eleven.

"You'd be a fool," Tom Jurkowsky, a spokesman for the Mint, said of the Slurpee idea, "but you could do it."

After all, while the one-ounce American Eagle coin produced by the Mint says "One Dollar," it is actually worth more like $38 based on the current price of silver. (An ounce of gold is worth more than $1,500.)

Now, however, Utah has passed a law intended to encourage residents to use gold or silver coins made by the Mint as cash, but with their value based on the weight of the precious metals in them, not the face value - if, that is, they can find a merchant willing to accept the coins on that basis.

Chick HERE for the complete article.

Click HERE for more info on Utah's sound money project.

Three Senators quickly follow suit on the national stage.
Troubling trends currently hamper America's prosperity.

"As a final needed course correction in monetary policy, the DeMint/Lee/Paul bill could well guide the nation toward a sustainable monetary system. Having access to the full slate of constitutional currency choices -- gold, silver, and paper -- consumers will then be free, through their daily buying decisions, to participate in an organic, ongoing currency arbitrage -- one that may well guide our foundering dollar back to its original precious metal moorings through a de-facto, naturally occurring return to the gold standard."

Click HERE for the complete article.

3. Government lying about debt crisis!
Do you believe what government officials and experts are saying about the debt crisis? If so, you're taking your financial life into your hands. Just consider how many times they've been wrong, issued deliberately misleading statements, or simply lied:

In 2007, they swore on a stack of Bibles that the debt crisis was limited to sub prime mortgages.

But the crisis promptly spread to all kinds of mortgages, ripping through giant mortgage lenders like Countrywide, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

In 2008, they admitted it had spread, but swore that it was strictly contained to the housing and mortgage sector.

Click HERE to read Martin Weiss' list of the government's five biggest lies and how they will impact your life and money.

4. Bernie's Bombshell
I greatly appreciate the info and show of support that I receive but rarely have time to reply to. Recently I received this most interesting article: How the Fed engineered $16 trillion to bail out not only US but also foreign banks based on the first major audit of the Federal Reserve by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Mind you that 16 trillion is way over the 14.3 trillion national debt BS limit that Congress and the American press is so consumed with right now.

Click HERE for Bernie Sanders' complete Fed Audit.

Click HERE for the current 266 page GAO Report. A much more detailed report on the investigation into potential conflicts of interest at the Fed is due on Oct. 18, but Sanders said one thing already is abundantly clear. "The Federal Reserve must be reformed to serve the needs of working families, not just CEOs on Wall Street."

Here is a lively discourse between two supporters:

From Bob S to Bob J:

In a paper money world, money is really the crystallized labor value of the people! That's what credit is all about. When an individual borrows a bank's credit money to buy a currently available widget he pledges either his own future labor or his own past labor that is now stored up in some other widget like a painting, a house or other land, or even gold coins, etc. The banking business is essentially about creating financial liquidity for assets that are not themselves "money."

Since the representatives of "WE THE PEOPLE..." authorized the creation of the credit money system I feel that "WE THE PEOPLE" should stand behind it in the same way that a parent who co-signs a note for his child to buy a car should pay-off that note if his kid fails to do so.

Yes, I agree that there were egregious abuses of the system by certain individuals who should be brought to justice but I doubt that we can afford the prison space or even the cost of the guillotine blades that might be used because WE can't afford to feed the guilty in prison.

Reply from Bob J to Bob S:

Indeed, it is sad that people like Clinton, Rubin and Greenspan who allegedly engineered the counterfeiting of 16,000 metric tons of gold bars supposedly to be substituted for at least a portion of those said to be held in Fort Knox, and are not even indicted, though this is alleged to have happened on their watch. Yet, a man like Bernard von NotHaus creates a few silver and gold medallions, say perhaps a paltry $20 Million or so over a 10 +/- year period, and he gets indicted and prosecuted for counterfeiting. It would seem that those who defraud America of Trillions are left to repeat their own vices while those who attempt to return America to value go to jail. It happened to me, as you well know, and it happened to many others similarly situated. There is something wrong with this picture. That is why I have sat in front of this damn punchboard for the past 19 years since my release trying to get the message to those who can read and have an IQ above room temperature.

Yes, boiled down to the lowest common denominator, money is a store of labor property. Give control over it to Banksters, and they will use it to control the World. And, pray tell, what is their avowed goal? - - that's right, World Government. Perhaps we are powerless to stop it, but those of us in the know had best figure out some alternative, and Bernard had it nailed. He came closest to the Lincoln and Kennedy plans, but was a step ahead of them in that he went back to using the true Money of Account of the United States of America. Sadly, the Constitution is nothing more than a fiction today, but most in the so-called Patriot Community have yet to figure that out.

Bob J

5. Silver "Liberty Dollar" sets New Record

I am pleased to inform you that the Liberty Dollar set a new record although I had nothing to do with it. Just last week a dealer of Liberty Dollar material disclosed to me that he had just accepted a $1375 bid for a one ounce Silver Liberty! The amazing part was that it was not the rare 1998 First Year of Issue, the 2000 Type I, the 2003 Ungodly or any of the other well know rarities. It was for a 2006 Puerto Rico Dollar.

Given my 39 years in the numismatic profession, this reconfirms my claim that the Liberty Dollar is the best performing modern collectible ever. Certainly, much better than the US Mint products that often go down in value after the gov rips off the unknowing collector. That is certainly not the case with the Liberty Dollar. In fact, everybody who ordered directly from the Liberty Dollar fulfillment office or a Regional Currency Office has profited… simply because the price of silver is up approx. 800% since 1998!

Please note that the US government has declared that dealing, trading, collecting and possession of Liberty Dollar is not illegal. Only using Liberty Dollars as "legal tender" has been declared illegal. Happy collecting!

6. Silver Perspective by the Numbers
While the market's reaction to the US government's counterfeiting the US dollar is the number one reason for cost of silver increasing in FRNs, there remains many reasons why silver is in short supply given all the uses for such a utilitarian metal.

Here are my top 21 reasons stated long ago:
1. Silver is finite. There is only so much silver on the planet
2. Physical deficit of 150,000 ounces per year for the past 10 years
3. Lowest inventory in history at the same time of greatest demand
4. Contrary to gold, much silver is actually consumed when used
5. Since WW II, government sold its 3 billion ounces below market value
6. Only 20% of the silver is new, 80% is recycled
7. Silver is ten times more scarce than gold
8. Infinitely more useful, new use patented every day, 360 new uses per year
9. Only 300 million ounces of silver exist. That's only $1.5 billion at $5 silver
10. Best electrical conductor and best reflector of light and heat
11. Fraudulently manipulated by the Silver Users Association since 1947
12. Small usage of silver per item will not greatly impact retail price
13. 80% of new silver is a byproduct of gold, copper, lead and zinc mining
14. There are 1.5 billion ounces of silver less today than 10 years ago
15. 600 million ounce short position is twice the amount of physical silver
16. Inelastic supply and long lead-time to bring new sources to market
17. 1.5 billion ounces of gold exist versus only 120 million ounce of silver
18. In 1979/80 gold doubled while the silver price went ten fold
19. $5/oz is the lowest inflation-adjusted price in 5000 years
20. Not viewed as a monetary metal, duh
21. Silver is the buy of your life

7. Anatomy of a silver manipulation
In this special report by Avery Goodman, he warned his readers on May 1, 2011, when silver had clawed its way back to about $48 per ounce: "We expect another massive price attack in the next few days."

We came to this conclusion based upon a number of factors, including the impending opening of the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, which will be controlled by many of the same international players who control NYMEX. Like clockwork, a vicious attack, perhaps the most ferocious one ever mounted in the history of precious metals, began on Monday, May 2, 2011.

Click HERE for this terrific article that documents the silver manipulation.

Click HERE for a chart of the silver content in Roman coins.

8. Facebook is HOT for BVNH & Liberty Dollar

There is no doubt that Facebook is hot. With over 750,000,000 friends worldwide it is an awesome presence on the Net. Please send a "friend request" to me so I can add you as a friend and stay in touch with you via this URL:
Please note that I love reading you posts on my wall but I can't reply to all of them.

9. Kevin's Interview and correct links for June Newsletter
The land of the free imprisoned this advocate for promoting voluntary exchange. Learn more about Kevin Innes' experiences in this recent interview at the Porcupine Festival in Lancaster, NH.

The correct link to The Asheville Tribune article on Kevin Innes is:

The correct link to the WND article on the Liberty Dollar by Bob Unrue is:

10. Second Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular - but one must take it simply because it is right." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Closing Remarks:

Your prayers and good wishes are comfort for this battle warily warrior as I wait for Judge Voorhees' decision on my Motion for a new trial or dismissal. I will post an Alert as soon as I receive word.

Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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Ron Paul news and information /

Imminent Revolution (Grassroots Ron Paul Video)

Posted: 30 Jul 2011 11:41 AM PDT


Ron Paul: August 2nd “Deadline” is Just For Show

Posted: 30 Jul 2011 11:06 AM PDT


Ron Paul & Rand Paul Together React To The Boehner Plan Passage

Posted: 30 Jul 2011 10:07 AM PDT

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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (07/30/11) cablegate-201107300951.7z.torrent




July 30, 2011 in Current Affairs | Permalink


Please click here to take immediate action to stop the FDA from destroying your access to supplements!!
Watch this video footage of armed FDA agents terrorizing Rawsome Food Coop in Venice CA. Their target? Raw milk, but in the not too distant future its no stretch to believe they'll be once again terrorizing health food stores and vitamin companies just like they did during FDA Commissioner David Kessler's reign of terror in the late '80s, early '90s prior to passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.
In the summer of '89, a stealth bill targetting the dietary supplement industry was fast tracked through the House. It was on its way to the Senate like a guided missile aimed straight at the heart of the dietary supplement industry and our backs were put to the wall for the next 4 years til was passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994...... but NOW..... WE'RE BACK UP AGAINST THE WALL AGAIN AND MUST TAKE ACTION!!!
When FDA attacked Rawsome Food Coop, they brandished guns in the faces of terrified employees, and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of perishable food products: milk, cheese, butter, and honey by deliberately leaving the door to a walk in refridgerated storage room open for hours while they conducted their raid.
They also raided the home of a farmer assocated with Rawsome in the wee hours of the morning and hauled her off to the Ventura County Jail on trumped up charges, ultimately only charging her with a misdemeanor but it was enough to get her dairy license lifted.
Keep in mind that every single person who bought products at Rawsome were MEMBERS of this coop who had to SIGN A WAIVER to belong to it in which they FULLY UNDERSTOOD that the milk they were buying is not pasteurized.
Shouldn't it be OUR CHOICE what we decide to ingest into OUR BODIES???
Friends, I need your help to make Margaret Hamburg a household name, and NOT in a good way either, she should be as DESPISED as FDA Commissioner David Kessler was in the 1990s was only MORE SO! Do you realize that her father was the Director of the American Eugenics Society and he was President of the Carnegie Foundation and a Trustee for Rockefeller University???
Here is her father's bio: Professor David A. Hamburg, M.D., Director of the American Eugenics Society (1989-1991), President of the Carnegie Corporation, New York (1983-), Trustee- Rockefeller University, Chief of the Adult Psychiatry Branch at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH, 1958-1961), Professor of Psychiatry (1961-1976), Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry (1969-1976) and Reed Hodgson Professor of Human Biology (1972-1976) at the Stanford University School of Medicine, President of the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Science (NAS, 1975-1980), J.D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Director of the Division of Health Policy Research at Harvard University (1980-1982), Consultant for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO, 1969-1970), Chairman of committees for the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), and the United Nations World Health Organization (UNWHO), received awards from UNWHO and the American Public Health Association (APHA), President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, 1984-1985, Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (1957-1958), President of the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Science (NAS), President of the Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease (1967-1968), member of the Advisory Committee on Medical Research of the United Nations World Health Organization (UNWHO, 1975-1986), member of the National Academy of Science (NAS) and the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), and author of the 1994 Carnegie Commission Report on Children
Friends, the last time we were in a bind like this was the summer of '89, in August, when the largest number of people are on vacation a stealth bill was fast tracked through the House like a guided missile aimed straight at the heart of the supplement industry. That bill was called the NLEA, the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act of 1990 and it threatened to destroy our access to high potency vitamins, to truthful health information about dietary supplements via labelling and to the most effective supplements.
When I first started making the rounds to health food stores with a flyer that I wanted them to hand out to the public, most store owners and managers wouldn't lift a finger to fight back and I remember being dumbfounded. I had a lot to learn about the dietary supplement industry back then. I discovered that Pharma wields an immense level of control of all the vitamin trade associations. Big companies benefit from regulation that drives smaller competitors under, and we consumers lose when we don't FORCE health food stores belonging to the Natural Products Assn to fight back.
So, we're about to do the SAME DAMN THING we did back in the early '90s, we're about to FORCE a LOT of health food stores to start fighting back,we've got NO CHOICE!! The only reason we passed DSHEA back in the early '90s was that MILLIONS of consumers called their Senators and Congressmen, wrote personal letters, and made personal visits to Congress. Very few members of Congress today were in office back then so most have no memory of our revolution.
The nature of the dietary supplement industry has also changed a lot in the past 17 years since passage of DSHEA. There are very few small health food stores the way there was back then. Now there are a lot of huge chain stores where most customers aren't on a first name basis with the owners or even the managers..... so its even harder now to get our message to these people, but we have to try.
We're under attack via Senator Durbin's Dietary Supplement Labelling Act, S.1310, but thats the LEAST of our problems, hell, the Natural Products Assn is warning people about this bill as you can see from this form letter they have on the front page of their website.
While I'm glad NPA is alerting the public to Durbin's bill, the MUCH BIGGER THREAT is FDA's NDI "GUIDANCE DOCUMENT" which NPA isn't doing a DAMN THING to alert the public to and that has GOT TO CHANGE!!!NPA is a controlled opposition group that is only going through the motions of "fighting back".
Here is whats going on: NPA, like all the other vitamin trade associations is controlled by pharma from the top-down. NPA collects dues from health food stores which make the MISTAKE of trusting them on legislative issues because they don't REALIZE the things you can learn here  (NNFA changed its name to NPA by the way, but they're the same traitorous bunch they were in the early '90s).When NPA should be alerting its members and the public to demand that FDA withdraw their illegal NDI Guidance document which threatens to nuke this industry back to the stone age, they're SITTING ON THEIR HANDS! They should be up in arms urging complaints to FDA, Congress and the White House..... they should be stirring up the consuming public...
Right now I'm not sure who I'm more pissed off at, the FDA or the Natural Products Assn which isn't doing a damn thing to oppose FDA's NDI Guidance Document! Instead of opposing it, NPA is holding workshops to instruct their members on how to roll over and COMPLY with this garbage which threatens to cause thousands of products to be removed from the shelves!
Is it good that they're opposing Durbin's bill? Of course it is, but keep in mind his bill has no cosponsors and less than 5% of any bill introduced is ever passed into law, the FAR BIGGER THREAT is FDA's NDI Guidance document, especially since Senator Harkin (our friend who cosponsored DSHEA along with Hatch) chairs the committee Durbin's bill has to come out of...
Here is what I need you to do:
Go to every health food store within a 50 mile radius of your house armed with the info you can download HERE
Begin by getting to know the owners, managers and employees of these stores. Keep a notebook with this info so you don't forget. Specifically ask if they're members of Natural Products Assn. Give copies of this information out to them all.
Tell them in no uncertain terms that unless NPA starts fighting back on this front by making flyers and form letters available to the consuming public you won't continue to patronize their stores, you will only buy products from companies that DO HELP YOU FIGHT BACK!
If they say something like "well we are fighting back, we're opposing Durbin's bill, S.1310" tell them you see no flyers about that in their stores, and whats worse- nothing about FDA's NDI Guidance Document, an even BIGGER threat since less than 5% of all bills that are ever introduced are ever passed into law, but in the NDI Guidance Document FDA has flat out announced their INTENTION to turn DSHEA upside down, totally ignoring the will of Congress, and NPA isn't doing a DAMN THING to alert the public!!
I don't know about you, but I'm seein' RED! Look, its August, a lot of people are on vacation, its the hardest possible time to awaken people but we must TRY! FDA's comments deadline on the NDI guidance ends October 2, and we need boots on the ground NOW!
I can see the writing on the wall, I know who FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg is..... and I'm not IGNORING who her father is.... he is a eugenicist. He was DIRECTOR of the American Eugenics Society, President of the Carnegie Corp, a Trustee of Rockefeller University, a consultant to the UN.... and his DAUGHTER, the current FDA COMMISSIONER is very much a cog in the UN Agenda 21 population control apparatus....... Be FOREWARNED!!! Please forward this widely, and please take action!
Appreciate this effort? Let IAHF know with a donation- we need your help to keep our websites up and to keep sounding the alarm! Please forward this widely, and let me know how you make out when you go to the stores in your area to talk this up, we need to get the word on the street! If any of the store owners or managers want to talk directly with me, give them my number- its             800-333-2553       Pacific time.


For Health Freedom, John C. Hammell, President International Advocates for Health Freedom 556 Boundary Bay Road Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA             800-333-2553       N.America             360-945-0352       World

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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (07/29/11) cablegate-201107291042.7z.torrent



July 29, 2011 in Current Affairs | Permalink


Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Friday, 29-Jul-2011 08:35:12

Col. Russell Herrmann/Herman. November 17, 1993.   "When the American People wake up and realize what the Federal Government has done to them; I would not want to be the President, I would not want to be in the House of Representatives, I would not want to be a Judge on the Bench, or even in Law Enforcement, not even a local dog catcher, because they will be hunted down like dogs and given a fair trial, and taken out on the Capital Steps and hung." [end quote] read more:
If Treasury is deliberately taken down August 2nd or anytime thereafter over Irresponsible Government, Improper Banking and Trading, Counterfeit U.S. Debt Obligations which refusal after refusal to investigate because a "Do Not Investigate" Order came down from the top DownLoad all 29 pages in pdf format:
As Secret Deals are Made by President Obama & Members of the U.S. Congress this week which will not be just the senior citizens, the disabled etc., it will include the CIA, the U.S. Land and Naval Armed Forces U.S. MILITARY PERSONNEL acting as US NATIONAL GUARD, ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT, ALL UNIONS, JUDGES etc, which will adversely effect everyone, even those at the top who have indulged themselves in the Bankrupting of the United States Treasury, to actually bankrupt the US and UK Federal Reserve Banking System which will obliterate every retirement plan, bank account, T Bill Holdings, Metal Holders because the metal is based on a 'fraudulent' scheme with a 'false market' which effects everyone and everything all over this American Continent, and the UK because the UK bought our American Social Security officially takeing it in as a UK operation in 1997.
As to Social Security you can read about that here: Statutory Instrument 1997 No. 1778 The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997
Do you remember the contemptuous statement by the Queens Agent/Knight, Sir Alan Greenspan made to those inquiring into these matters of banking, Feb. 11/2004; In fact was (psychologically) saying to the House Finance Investigators; "OK! We know the American People are beginning to know the truth. Before this blows up in all our faces and the peasants pick up the pitchforks and come after us, we can turn this around and in doing so, might possibly throw them off guard by; (a) Forcing these "useless eaters" and "peasants" to go to work, in the states of the Union, and Latin America where we have sent all the manufacturing and industry outside the U.S., and force a jobless Civil Government of the united States to "pay off the gold debt we allege is owed" (b) go into default (c) or go into bankruptcy, and hopefully we can get this done before all hell breaks loose and we are exposed. As Agents of the Queen, Members of this Committee; It is clearly evident; WE MUST DO SOMETHING AND DO IT FAST! , plus (d) That fool-hardy statement coming out of the White House regarding; "It is better for Corporations to import goods and product made outside the country at cheaper prices than the American's goods and products," pretty well shows our Hostile Corporate "intent" to bankrupt the American People and the American Continent."
AMERICANS. The GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE of our Constitution/Compact of Law with the Administrative U.S. Federal Government mandatorily requires: "No foreign manufactured goods or industrial product shall be imported which can be made by the more experienced European nations, or else where, which can be made by the Citizens of the united States in their own manufacturing, industry producing their own product, at a lesser price or inferior quality than can be produced by American manufacturers and industry. To do so would discourage the American manufacturer and producer of product."
The statement by the White House representative (d) this page, is more than evident as to what the ongoing agenda is, at this time.
Why should Goldman Sachs, or any bank for that matter, be trading in metal and owning warehouses in which to store it? It all comes down to money: warehousing earns revenue for the LME (London Metal Exchange) which regulates and certifies the Detroit sheds plus it gets 1% of the rental income and is not anxious to change the regulations which may result in a legal challenge by Goldman Sachs.
Goldman Sachs also owns warehouses in New Orleans which store zinc. posted
It may, or might surprise some readers to find out there is a direct parallel going on here in 2011 that went on back in 1868.
In this article I posted the parallel to the 1868 statement found as THE CRIME OF 1868 from A History of Monetary Crimes by Alexander Del Mar, M. E.
snip: Previous to the Presidential campaign of 1868 the following facts relative to the position of the New York World were very generally known or believed.
I. That Mr. Manton Marble was not the sole or even the principle owner of the paper. This is established among other evidence by his own averment in the suit of George Opdyke vs. The World. II. Among those known or believed to own shares in the paper were August Belmont Senior and S. L. M. Barlow. Samuel J. Tilden was also regarded as possessing some proprietary interest in it. Mr. Belmont was looked upon as the principal owner. Between Mr. Belmont and Mr. Marble the strongest ties of interest and friendship were known to exist. Mr. Belmont was understood to be the purse and Mr. Marble the brains of the newspaper. III. Mr. Belmont was and had been for many years the agent for an European banking Syndicate. This Syndicate was the owner of a large amount in American War bonds and had acted as the agent and banker of numerous other European houses interested in the same bonds. These bonds by the terms of their issue (Act of Feb. 25, 1862), were payable in greenbacks; and, although this view of the law on the subject was disputed in after years by the holders of the bonds or their advocates, it was from the legal point of view probably the correct one. This view is supported by the speeches of Senators Collamer, Wilson and others during the passage of the Act through the Senate (See Congressional Globe 1861-2); by the speeches of Messrs. Spaulding, Stevens, Pendleton and others in the House when the bill was before that body; and by the fact that the bonds when issued were subscribed and paid for in greenbacks, and thus fetched but half-price in gold coin, while at the same time other American bonds, payable specifically in gold, or about the terms of the payment of which there was no dispute, commanded full price. Among these were the 5 per cent bonds of the State of Massachusetts. Whatever was the precise legal bearing of the terms in which the Five-Twenties were made payable it was evidently of the highest importance to those who had purchased them at half-price to procure them if possible to be made payable at full price. This was only to be done by an Act of Congress which should explicitly make the bonds payable in coin and remove all doubt about the terms of payment. On the other hand, it was, by the same token, against the interest of the people of the United States to make any alteration in the law covering the bonds. If there was any doubt about the terms of liquidation, the country would only increase its burden of payment by removing it; if there was no doubt, no legislation was needed. The nominal sum of the Five-Twenty bonds which were in dispute and had been sold at half-price on account both of the terms of emission and of the doubt as to their terms of payment, was, as the writer is now informed, about $550,000,000. The government had received but about $275,000,000 in gold for them; and the profit (besides the double interest, semi-annually in gold coin, all along), which the holders might very certainly count upon realizing, in case they could obtain the legislation they desired, amounted to $275,000,000 more. It will be admitted that this was a stake worth intriguing for; perhaps the greatest reward which ever tempted men to conspire and betray. Down to the winter of 1867-8 Mr. Belmont had exhibited very little interest in the bond question, or, indeed, any other question that then interested the Conservative party. He had been appointed Chairman of its National Committee at a time when the fortunes and prospects of the party were very low and chiefly on account of the liberality with which he contributed to its beggared finances. Down to the election of 1868 he is believed to have contributed about $25,000, of which $10,000 were in one sum. But neither by his own utterances nor through those of the newspapers, which it was believed he in great measure owned and controlled, did Mr. Belmont manifest any active interest in politics. It was quite evident that he regarded the Conservative party, as for the present, quite dead; and that he had sought its leadership less for any practical results which it might then promote, than for what such leadership might be worth to him, or the Syndicate he represented, in the future.
This future came in the Fall of 1867. Down to that period the New York World, read more in the continuation
and now to the parallel, to wit:
WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS "ANCIENT, FESTERING WOUND CAUSED BY AGENTS OF THE QUEEN IN THE 1860'S, 1870'S AND 1890'S? The Queen's Corporations. Just as they have for hundreds of years by deceptive contracts such as the East India Corporation with India which allowed the ENGLAND TAKE OVER OF INDIA, and many of the Latin American Nations who suffered "BANKRUPTCY and A 60 YEAR RECEIVERSHIP by the hostile takeover of Railroads, Natural Resources, and Governmental Management, after the Queens agents "short billed the bills of lading on the Nitrate/Guano shipments from Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile regarding the 1870 and1872 PERUVIAN GUANO BONDS sold in THE LONDON STOCK MARKETS, BACKED BY THE QUEENS BANKING HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD.
THE PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT knew of the 1870-1872 contracts suffered a "Short Billing of the Bills of Lading" acts by the "trusted warehouseman, W.R. Grace and the Tripod." They also knew the "short billing of the bills of laden on the Guano/Nitrate Shipments "excesses had been stored in the QUEEN'S TRIPOD WAREHOUSES of Boston, Baltimore, New York, Liverpool and LeHarve France.
THE PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT also knew; Due to the "short billing of the bills of laden" by the Queens Agent W.R. Grace; THEY COULD NOT PAY THE ENGLISH BOND HOLDERS the DEBTS of the 1870-1872 Peruvian Bonds. They knew "FORECLOSURE & RECEIVERSHIP was in the offing by Agents of the Crown of England."
AT THIS TIME; THE PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT while seeing the deceptive, malicious, willful, fraudulent intent of this Conspiracy of the TRIPOD Agents of the Queen's Corporations and the "ENGLISH BOND HOLDER PROBLEMS" brought about by the Queens Agent; a) Peru calls her Legislative Body together April 14, 1875 b) Invokes the Peruvian Constitution of 1862 for the Constitutional Authority to "enter into the "One time only, BONUS 3392 Commodity Contract, sold in New York, New York, U.S.A., May 1, 1875" which is "Certified, Perfected and held in Trust by Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust."
When the Rule of Law is no longer applicable, it does not apply to those such as Jamie Diamon formerly of Citigroup, Bank One currently the head of JP Morgan -Chase who climbed to the top of the Corporate Ladder by Criminal Acts that make the US CRIMINAL CODES something to be laughed at by Mr. Diamon and those riding in this Chariot of Murders, Forgers, Theives riding this MONEY TRAIL of this Criminal Reign of Financial Terrorism which violates every Criminal Code in the U.S. Criminal Codes book. US Code - Chapter 96: Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations
Mr. Diamon and his accomplices, cohorts, partners in crime being at the 'helm' of JP MORGAN-CHASE with all these maestros of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank and even the control over the FBI, the White House, Wall Street, the U.S. Security Exchange Commission, the World Bank, IMF.. All of whom believe themselves "Above all law" as "The Rule of Law is not applicable to them" as they believe THEY ARE THE LAW!
Let me tell you about Jamie Diamon and Bank One Northside, Monroe Louisiana and Account # 157-2173-19-1 and The Durham Holding Trust # 198718.
The Trust was asked to provide a copy of the Illinois Recorded Trust 198718 to Bank One Northside. The Trust Complied. Contained in the filing was a Black and White Copy of Certificate of Indebtedness of Peru No. 181, May 1, 1875 which was recorded of public record.
I was told last evening; Jamie Diamon is presently actively engaged in using the Black and White Copy of the Certificate of Indebtedness of Peru No. 181 dated May 1, 1875.. which makes sense considering JP MORGAN-CHASE employed a bit of ExPostFactoing went back in history 129 years incorporated the old financial house Hobson and Hurtado of Peru as their own. THE PARALLEL TO: THE CRIME OF 1868 from A History of Monetary Crimes THE CRIME OF 1868 consists of 10 pages worthy of copy and study, further to be included with these study pages
The parties involved with puting out "bogus US Debt Obligations" working with the JP Morgan, CFR and La Salle Groups working for the White House using and abusing Ronald Reagans Executive Order; Executive Order 12333United States intelligence activities have suffered unusual deaths over all of this highly illegal activity of wanton disregard for other peoples property, careless disregard for the lives of innocent persons, rampant trespass into the affairs of other governments by using 'tainted' or stolen prime bank instruments enticing the leaders into using these instruments for their own purposes which further involves these unsuspecting governments and governments banks into putting out more 'tainted' financial instruments which has brought about the ultimate collapse of the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System and severely threatens the collapse of the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury.
CHINA BIT ON THE POISONED BAIT.. believing all those U.S. Corporations that had been filed in the State of Nevada were actual, real, bona fide U.S. Corporations, not having the slightest idea there had been Identity Theft involved.
Why would anyone have the slightest suspicion when such individuals and the corporations with which they were associated was involved with providing 'tainted' Prime Bank Instruments such as these individuals and the following corporations:
Mr. Diamon, Mr. Gaithner, The Clintons, Greenspan, Rubin etc have enjoyed a long run since the 1998-99 Restructuring of the Global Monetary and Finance.. and in this "Bankrupting" of the united States.. having gone to the extent to allow and encourage the 'MONEY LAUNDERING of COUNTERFEIT US DEBT OBLIGATIONS' by using what appeared to be U.S. Corporations such as 1. The InterAmerican Development Bank 2. Multi-Lateral Investment Association 3. Depository Trust Co. 55 Water Street, NY, Ny. as the before mention in collusion of this Bankrupt the united States conspiracy allowed and why did they allow this?!! THEY WERE ALL "ABOVE ALL LAW" and THE RULE OF LAW DID NOT APPLY TO ANY OF THEM! 1999 they became big time important and incorporated THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Nevada SOS corporation registry confirms that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Nevada domestic corporation, entity number C19852-1999 , has been permanently revoked:
Neither "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. nor any of these Bogus Corporations which were allowed to infiltrate every monetary system, every central bank around the world along with the following, remains "Above all Law" protected by the Law which is of the opinion "We will not investigate this Counterfeiting Operation going on down in the Philippines! Our only duty is to protect the president of the United States" AS the Money Laundering and Financial Terrorism Operation expanded; E.J. and Doris J. Ekker incorporated the Retired and Held in Trust COSMOS SEAFOOD ENERGY MARKETING, LTD. # 1707-85 just as they incorporated US Treaty and Federal Corporations. see:
snip: "Taking down the U.S. DOLLAR which the entire Global Banking, Financing and Economics are "peged".. along with setting up all of those "DEVELOPMENT BANKS" mentioned by E.J. Ekker: "Inter-American Development Bank just set up a little nice banks all around, you know, the little Asian Development Bank, European Development Bank, Hong Kong Development Bank, po-dunk Development Bank, and ever so many more. This sprang out of Inter American Investment Corporation MINE originally set up by the Bush's but never through Incorporation OOPS, BIG GOOF!! This was also pretty inclusive of the DEPOSIT TRUST [Depository Trust Co. 55 Water Street, New York, New York] outfit who runs all the stocks, etc. [end quote] source
These Foreign Agents indulging in Economic Terrorism, Financial Terrorism, Money Laundering, Murder Inc for Profit, Predatory Banking regardless of who they are, what offices they hold, how powerful they are will be known to the Global Community of Mankind as the Destroyers of Ordered Civilized Governments and Killers they actually are and the Golbal Community will hunt them down and dispatch them very quickly without a trial.
HOSTILE GOVERNMENT AGGRESSION IN THE BANKING INDUSTRIES, DESIGNED TO OVERTHROW THE UNION OF THE REPUBLICS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; "Studied, got to know the Law of the united States, and used Rules and Regulations to overthrow the Civil Government of the United States "representative, legislative and administrative powers." It is that simple!
The unscrupulous, insider trading, bought and paid for Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, paid in Gold on Gold Bonds, is actually what caused the "banking problems of the U.S.".. Its all in the Library of Congress and Messages and Papers of the Presidents, plus TREATIES and international agreements other than treaties documents. Members of the U.S. House and Senate made over 500% profits on insider trading with Wall Street, as those Rail Road Gold Bonds which crashed banks all over the nation came due.. just as with these 10 year Bonds which are causing this problem today threatening to crash the U.S. Treasury on August 2nd, 2011 happened before in 1907, 1917 and 1929. To by pass the true problem of Organized Banking Crime by J.P. Morgan, W.R. Grace and Rothschild Banking the U.S. House and Senate passed a 'law' making it illegal for the public to own gold. Which the American Judiciary later repealed stating "We do not so read the constitution. Congress exceeded its powers." etc.
All of this goes DEEPER into "Destruction of our American Republican form of Government" by agents of foreign governments operating in the United States of America, in Latin America prior to the COTTON WAR aka CIVIL WAR being in the service of the Queen of England, such as George Bancroft, W.R. Grace, J.P. Morgan, Charles Beard to list a very few involved in the Queens Corporate overthrow of the Republican form of Constitutional Government of the united states as identified in Article 4. Sec. 4. of the U.S. Constitution which is as President Lincoln stated: "A government of the People; By the People; For the People."

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Ron Paul to Foo Fighters “The Pretender”

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This video is a little bit older, but it’s very well done and a lot of fun to watch. Very motivational! We’re winning!

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Ron Paul on CNN w/ Anderson Cooper 07/28/11

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Ron Paul on CNN w/ Anderson Cooper 07/28/11

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Liberty News from BreakTheMatrix

How Banks Make So Much Money

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 10:29 PM PDT

A very nice video on the subject of fractional reserve banking.  It is interesting to note this video was made for a UK audience. How Banks Make So Much Money is a post from: Ron Paul, Gold, Liberty, News and more at

How Banks Make So Much Money is a post from: Ron Paul, Gold, Liberty, News and more at


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Wikileaks / Cablegate / State Secrets (07/28/11) cablegate-201107281259.7z.torrent



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