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7/13/11 New and related: http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2011/07/usa-debt-ceiling-issues-can-be-resolved-now-usd-11-trillion-payout.html


--- On Mon, 6/27/11, Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta <somam@prodigy.net> wrote:

From: Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta <somam@prodigy.net>
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Date: Monday, June 27, 2011, 11:58 AM

                                  " In God We Trust "
This statement will be on every email that I send out from now on, because I do not want Our Individual Right to say it to go away .... forever and a day.

Attachment(s) from Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta


1 of 1 File(s)

To: Office of the President, Office of the Vice President, Cabinet Members, Office of the Governors, State and Federal Officials, Congress of the United States, OMB Director Jacob Lew, et al ….

With President Obama’s authorized immediate release of my personal, civil and repatriated Clear Inward Remittance of USDollars 4.5 Trillion, of May 2006 to Bank of America-Richmond, Virginia as confirmed under Penalty of Perjury of the Federal Reserve Bank – Richmond’s Court Motion.


Referencing : The Rogers-Houston Memorandum, Act of Congress, H.R. 3723, and the following personal / corporate financial documentation per enclosures to this proffered correspondence, I will further upon the Obama-Biden Administration authorized Economic Receipt of my Monetary Cash Funds/Financial Instruments, pay – as well as the previous orders of the United States District Court – the agreed upon thirty-five percent (35%) repatriation personal/civil/corporate income taxes forthwith. Please keep in mind, that I remain the legal beneficial / contract holder of United Nations Contract No. 4, [please review 08 Jan 1993 exhibit / documentation], in the aggregate amount of USDollars FIVE TRILLION in CREDIT-WORTHY Financial Instruments, inter alia.


Having Said That, Upon my personal Economic Receipt, I will lawfully pay – in addition to the above-mentioned documentation – USDollars One Point Five Seven Five Trillion [US$1,575,000,000,000.00] as my personal / civil / repatriation inland tax payment, directly to our United States Department of the Treasury, among other “set-aside allocations”, to immediately enhance Our Economic Recovery, Job Creation and National Security Issues, pursuant to the necessary lawful provisions and regulations, previous “hold harmless” mutual agreements and previously agreed upon Presidential Executive Orders.




Enclosures : President George W Bush – MEMORANDUM of 03 Mar 04 [38pgs]


/s/ Lee Emil Wanta          202 379 2904, ext 001      diplomate@live.com      Dated: 24 Jun 11


Some text from below Parts I and II (for full documents see Scribd embeds below):


03 March 2004


[X] The Honorable, George W Bush, Jr                                                   202 456 1907

[  ] The Honorable, Dick Cheny                                                                   202 456 7044

[  ] The Honorable, John Ashcroft                                                             202 307 6777

[  ] The Honorable, John Snow/OIG-Swanstrom-Sutton                 202 622 2151

[  ] The Honorable, Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon                                                972 2566 4838

[  ] Messr Andrew Card, Chief of Staff                                                    202 456 2883

[  ] Members of the United States Congress                                        ( per listings )



In the matter :   MiApollo Investments Limited, [a SANCTIONED_and_disavowed

                                Title 18 USC Section 6 USGovernment Proprietary Corporation ] and

                                Ambassador Leo E Wanta, Plaintiffs, v., Morgan Stanley and

                                Company, Civil Action No: 3:02-CV-571


                                Ambassador Leo E Wanta, Somalia Ambassador to Canada and

                                Switzerland, Plaintiff, v., United States of America; Attorney General

                                John Ashcroft; Paul H O’Neill, Secretary of the Treasury; and George

                                Tenet, Director, Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”), Civil Action

                                No: 02-1363-A.



Background : Plaintiffs commence legal litigation (see documentation) and receives an Order and Judgment, dated 25th day of April, 2003, from The Honorable, Judge Gerald Bruce Lee.


The Honorable, Judge Lee, on April 15, 2003, issues a Memorandum Opinion, referencing page 10, >> Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding. (See Int’l Lotto Fund, 20F. 3d at 591). <<


Pursuant to Civil Case No : 02-1363-A; First, Title 18 USC Section 6 USGovn Proprietary Corporation files U S District  Court proceedings in Civil Action No 3:03-CV-571 as MiApollo Investments Limited (HK) _ formerly Galloping Ghost Limited (HK) _ to liquidate said corporation with documentary credit balances [Custodial Safekeeping Accounts] in excess of USDollars Six Billion (six accounts) _ and _ cash deposit account balance within Master Account No 016-00935, with clear documented instructions to move said US$2,616,672.34 from 016-00935-1 (stocks, bonds, securities, etc) to 016-00935-0 (overnight call account/interest bearing at Morgan Stanley and Company.


Page 1




Plaintiff’s Exhibit 1, 9

(a) Euroclear Remittance of USdollars 2,616,272.34;

(b) Background of Brazilian Government situation referenced in Exhibit 1;


Plaintiffs Exhibit 2

Euroclear response to Federal Subpoena;


Plaintiffs Exhibit 3

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Proof of “MiApollo” deposit credit;


Plaintiff’s Exhibit 4

Credit of USDollars 2,616,672.34 to a/c number : 016-00935-1; transferred to a/c number

: 016-00935-0 per “MiApollo” for call account / interest bearing;


Plaintiff’s Exhibit 5

“Morgan Stanley” account credit from “1” to “0” account as corporately instructed;


Plaintiff’s Exhibit 6

Legal correspondence, dated June 24, 1993 per U S District Court Memorandum Opinion to liquidate corporate fund deposits and timely pay agreed upon USA tax obligations;


Plaintiff’s Exhibit 7

Initiation of legal collection/recovery proceedings;


Plaintiff’s Exhibit 8

Please note : Without client instructions “Morgan Stanley” deletes a/c 016-00935-0-1888 to credit a/c 016-00935-9-1888


                “I have on May 4, 1993 redeemed the subject fund to a/c 16-00935-9-1888”


Wanta Affidavits; dated 1 July 2003, 21 Oct 2003

Barrister/Solicitor Anthony Maniaci Affidavit; dated 21 Sep 2003

MiApollo Memorandum; dated 06 Oct 2003

State of Wisconsin (USA) – Tax Appeals Commission, Case No 96-I-888

Plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint

Plaintiff’s Answer, Civil Case No 3:03-CV-571


Prime Minister of Isreal Yitzhak Rabin Peace Plan Prgramme, dated November 3, 1993, as addressed to Mr Leo Emil Wanta, Executive Chairman/Director, American Trust Inc. [Value amount : USDollars Ten Billion]


Prime Minister’s Bureau, His Excellency, Ariel Sharon, dated September 10, 2002, as to:

1992 Peace Accord / Corporate funding – Rabin/Wanta

Page 2


Attorney / Client Trust Payment, June 12, 1995; USA Internal Revenue Service correspondence, April 23, 1991 _ “you are not liable for filing a tax return for this period [1988]” _ but state of Wisconsin (USA) convicted Wanta for relying on USA authority to not reveal United States Office of the President sanctioned MISSION OBJECTIVES; State of Wisconsin – Department of Revenue, dated February, 1999, addressed to Attorney Jan Morton Heger _ “The Department of Revenue has no record of a delinquent tax account issued to Lee E. Wanta, Social Security Number 396-34-6726, Federal Identification Number DPP#04362.” >> Clarification : DPP # 04362 is DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT Number 04362 <<


State of Wisconsin \ Department of Health and Social Services Medical Records given to Morgan Stanley and Company _ ignoring current Federal Law and regulations _ to discredit “my lawful refusal to ALFORD PLEA TO A TAX ASSESSMENT CRIME of CORPORATE FUNDS _ YET TO BE RECEIVED FROM THE BANK of CHINA / BEIJING _ AND _ AS OF THIS DATE IN TIME _ THE BANK CREDIT WILL NOT HAPPEN AT ANYTIME IN MY LIFETIME !!!!”


Plaintiff’s Proposed Findings of Fact / Civil Action No 3:03-CV-571

Page 5 - # 22 – Without authorization from MiApollo, “Morgan Stanley” moved corporate funds to 016-00935-9-1888 [in a shell game of fund disappearance and lawless conversion] and not to” 0 “as represented by “Morgan Stanley” representative George Chalmers _ so for many years “MiApollo” believed that funds/securities/collateral were at “Morgan Stanley” per their Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) / Public Trust Policy custodial control procedures in favor of MiApollo Investments Limited, Master Account : 016-00935


Plaintiff’s Proposed Conclusions of Law                 - enclosed –


In summation:


Morgan Stanley and Company refuses to release corporate funds based on Statutes of Limitations (Virginia), and suddenly without our questioning the “Morgan Stanley witnesses” the U S Federal Judge agrees to dismiss without any rebuttal and defendant’s scheduled testimony, _ and _ MiApollo Investments Limited and the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service are mysteriously DENIED collecting corporately earned funds and Custodial Safekeeping Collateral/Securities _ held by “Morgan Stanley and Company”.


(a) USDollars 2,616,672.34 min @ 61.4 % +/- in corporate depository revenue is converted from a sanctioned Title 18 USC Section 6 USGovernment Proprietary Corporation,

(b) This lawless conversion by Morgan Stanley and Company of “MiApollo” deposits wrongfully allows the Depository Credits of USDollars 2,616,672.34 min @ 38.6 % +/- current tax schedule NOT TO BE PAID OUT per previous U S Federal Court’s Memorandum Opinion to our US Internal Revenue Service.

Page 3


It is interesting to note that the non-jurisdictional state of Wisconsin – Dane County Court falsely convicted me of FAILURE TO PAY NON-RESIDENCY CIVIL TAX ASSESSMENTS FOR 1982, 1988 totaling US$14,129.00 on corporate funds yet received _ nor in our corporate/personal direct control – with a Bank of China / Beijing PROMISE TO PAY – sometime in the further future – BUT, state of Wisconsin (USA) records NOW indicate the alleged civil tax assessments were actually “PAID in FULL SETTLEMENT/COMPROMISE” from corporate wire transfers during May, 1992, state posted on 6/03/92 and 6/15/92 for an aggregate total of US$ 28,258.00 >>>> BUT NOT STATED CREDITED UNTIL NOVEMBER, 1995; PECULIARLY AFTER BEING FALSELY SENTENCED FOR EIGHT YEARS WITHIN THEIR NON-RESIDENCY WISCONSIN STATE PRISON SYSTEM; WHICH INCLUDED MAXIMUM PRIVATE PRISON (CCA) SECURITY CONFINEMENT IN THE STATE of OKLAHOMA (USA) _ WITHOUT ANY DUE PROCESS and LEGAL JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS, SINCE MAY, 1995 _ ALL FOR NOTHING _ AND WITHOUT ANY ALLEGED TAX CRIME _ EVEN EXISTING. <<<<


OF PARTICULAR INTEREST _ Our United States of America CONSTITUTION and Bill of Rights by American BIRTHRIGHT, Portage County, Wisconsin, USA, June 11, 1940 clearly clarifies that I am entitled to PRIVATE COUNSEL, but state lawlessly retained their three – separately rotated state public defenders – in clear state violation of their state of Wisconsin (USA) statutes _ and _ the three state public defenders were appointed by the state of Wisconsin Department of Justice _ and none of their state public defenders were ever “COUNTY COURT APPOINTED” _ but, collectively, had me involuntarily committed to several Mental Health Institutes “for continuing to demand state tax audits and personal jurisdiction”, and at all times demanded and requested the following:


(a) Private Legal Counsel of Choice,

(b) CONFIRM to the COUNTY COURT, first nuisance tax payment of US$14, 129.00 was PAID in FULL, 03 June 1992 _ but, not state recorded until November, 1995;

(c) CONFIRM to the COUNTY COURT, second nuisance tax payment of US$14,129.00 was PAID in FULL, 15 June, 1992 _ but, not state recorded until November, 1995;

(d) That I was Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MiApollo Investments Limited (HK), not a resident of the state of Wisconsin (USA) since 1985, and can not be legally or otherwise be extradited from Lausanne, Switzerland during the state of Wisconsin (USA) civil tax assessment detainment as of 07 July 1993 _ after the White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster, Jr scheduled meetings in Geneve, Switzerland-Europa at the Hotel de la Paix, 07 July 1993 – particularly due to the fact that the state civil tax assessments were legally settled and paid in full, in May 1992 >>>> and, I received my Official Diplomatic Investiture in Paris, France _ June 1993 under Official Government Seal, and, was a legal resident of Wien, Austria-Europa since June, 1988 as Director General of Fa. New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd Gessellschaft m.b.H.(Austria), Registration HRB 41.851.


Page 4


Having Said That _ MiApollo Investments Limited, our U S Department of the Treasury/Internal Revenue Service and the American Taxpayers have been DENIED agreed upon USA taxable corporate revenue of USDollars 2,616,272.34 in cash _ and _ Taxable receipts in “MiApollo” Custodial Safekeeping accounts within “Morgan Stanley”, at par value of USDollars Six Billion _ not considering lost corporate taxable revenue due to state malicious and lawless activities and “Morgan Stanley” conversion_ since Suisse/Wisconsin confinement without cause, nor judicial merit. In favour to our corporate interests, “Morgan Stanley” at trial 03 March, 2004 filed three (3) unknown Standby Letters of Credit _ not issued in favor of “MiApollo” _ per “Morgan Stanley” representations in Hong Kong _ BUT, strangely issued in favor of Sherwood Investments (Bahamas) Ltd. – a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Arms Dealer _ in their current unsuccessful attempt to discredit MiApollo Investments Limited legal position.


Previously, Morgan Stanley and Company was using the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for a constructive/unauthorized transactional “coverup” umbrella >> see enclosures from CIA Office of General Counsel, dated 5 November 2003 << As this transactional trade was completely coordinated within the Morgan Stanley and Company corporate management, and their undisclosed “Morgan Stanley” client was the rader to receive the “MiApollo” documentary credits through their “Morgan Stanley” appointed agent _ Hanmi Securities, Inc. (see enclosures); someone replaced “MiApollo” documentary credits with “Sherwood” _ at a heavy financial loss to “MiApollo”. Hanmi Securities, Inc. attests on May 4, 1993 [see Hanmi letter] to holding “MiApollo” documentary credits for bank to bank delivery _ EXHIBIT C _ but, wrongfully trades “Sherwood documentary instruments” within the “Morgan Stanley and Company” Senior Management, a clear circumvention in USA violation of ICC 400/500/600 codified rules and regulations, AND, now to discredit the former U S President George Herbert Walker Bush; We are copied “as a veiled threat” the V Ramakrishnan & Co, Advocates & Solicitors, Singapura, dated 16th May 1992 correspondence _ “Please be advised that there are files in your possession relating to Reagan/George Bush conspiracy regarding the Contra War where our client also known as Frank Ingram (FBI) participating as an undercover agent into the investigation together with the Treasury Department and the United States Secret Service to prevent the disclosure of the unauthorized US$ funding of the Contra War as directed by the then Vice President George Bush.” (See enclosure)


Final Question: Is American Justice completely unavailable to All Loyal Americans?


Thank you for caring about Our AmericanSociety of Justice and Rule of Law.


Respectfully submitted,


<signed Rick Reynolds>                 <signed Frank B Ingram>              <signed Leo Emil Wanta>

Rick Reynolds, SA233MS               Frank B Ingram, SA32NV               Leo Emil Wanta, S-31-IANO

US Treasury/USCS/Sec V              US Treasury/USCS/Sec V              US Treasury, Internal Affairs


Enclosures : per request                                                                                                                                                               Page 5



Part I:



Part II:


President 2

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