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Revolution PAC (RevPAC) Supervoter Bomb just got an UPGRADE!

Dear Pc93,

When the Supervoter Bomb project was first launched on November 16, we were only aware of 100,000 Supervoters in Iowa. We have recently been made aware there are actual many more, up to 295,000 in total. We have to reach as many as possible, and with enough support we can reach them all. We're so close but not quite there.

This news I'm about to break so fresh we haven't even been able to update the website, as RevPAC personnel are scattered about, some away for the holiday weekend. Read on.

Based on our recent commissioned poll results you may have already heard about, Ron Paul is tied for first in Iowa with Republican caucus goers. But if you include Independents, as our poll did, Ron is in 1st place at 25%. Well, after crunching some numbers we've figured out a way to double your donated dollars to reach twice the amount of Republican Supervoters to put Ron over the top once and for all.

The way we can accomplish this amazing feat is by inserting a virtual version of the "For Liberty" DVD, which lowers our mailing costs by approximately half, and in addition allows us to deliver our envelopes into mailboxes of Supervoters by up to 2 weeks earlier. The virtual version will include unique instructions on how to view the film at our site with a special viewing code, along with viewing other powerful videos like "Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust".

As time is of the absolute essence (and with the holiday postal surge slowing down delivery across the board), we have decided to end the Supervoter Bomb 4 days early. So on Sunday at 11:59pm CST, the Supervoter Bomb project will come to an end, which will buy us even more time to deliver our mailers quicker.

So this is the last call. We need your help now to increase our mailings to double the mailboxes in Iowa to put Ron Paul in a solid first place with Supervoting Republicans. If you haven't read Tom Woods' powerful letter, do so right now. This letter, along with the virtual DVD and informative brochure will convince people once and for all Ron Paul is the only candidate who deserves their vote in the upcoming Iowa Caucus on January 3rd.

These mailings can win Iowa for Ron Paul, and I truly believe that. A win will change the dynamics of the race, giving Ron a huge boost of momentum going into New Hampshire, South Carolina, and the other early primary states. If we can help Ron Paul win Iowa, it's game on.

Please give your most generous donation now, and join the other 1,300+ individuals who have donated to RevPAC's Supervoter Bomb direct-mail project. We can do this.

Yours truly,

Chris Rye
Creative Director, RevolutionPAC

P.S. Remember, we've decided to end the Supervoter Bomb 4 days early to deliver our mailers even sooner, which will now be reaching double the amount of voting Republicans. Please donate now and we might just be able to reach all 295,000 Iowa Supervoters. Time is short. Sunday at 11:59pm is the deadline.

Visit SupervoterBomb.com right now and help us mail some envelopes to Republican primary Supervoters!



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