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Ron Paul & Winning the Ideological Battle for U.S. Foreign Policy

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Winning The Ideological Battle For U.S. Foreign Policy

We've heard it over and again. "I like Ron Paul but I can't support him because of his foreign policy".

Unfortunately the mind of America has been clouded by hundreds of millions of dollars worth of lies and war propaganda. As a result, millions of Americans now believe that Middle Eastern Muslims hate us for our freedoms and are bent on killing us for our way of life. Sadly, for most conservatives U.S. involvement in the Middle East began during the months following 9/11.

And so Ron Paul's foreign policy is (under current conditions) the fundamental objection most mainstream conservatives have against a Ron Paul Presidency. At the same time, addressing their misunderstandings is our greatest opportunity.

However it seems to me that neither (we) the grassroots nor the campaign has taken a strong approach towards countering this objection, and I think that is a big mistake.

We've faced this problem of countering propaganda before. The entire Ron Paul 2008 campaign was really an anti-propaganda movement. I'm sure you remember.

The media wanted Ron Paul to go away. They said he couldn't win, that his ideas we're crazy, that he was working on behalf of "islam o-fascists", and on and on. Yet here we are today and the name "Ron Paul" is known in every household across the nation and he is constantly rising in the polls.

How did we force a hundred million dollar a year propaganda machine to pay attention to Ron Paul and to the truth? Well, we simply put our heads together and towards solving one common goal-- getting Ron Paul coverage in the media.

I believe we have to join together again if we're going to win the ideological battle for U.S. Foreign policy that is taking place in this nation and I believe winning that battle needs to be our common goal. After all, win or lose the election, it's a battle we have to have. The simple truth is if we do not address this critical issue of our misguided foreign policy the United States will ultimately become a perpetual war machine of much greater ferocity and we will all live under a police state ten times more cruel and deadly than even what we see today.

A Forum With One Purpose

I've created a forum dedicated to this one topic of winning the ideological battle for U.S. Foreign policy so that we can have a place for sharing ideas of a singular focus and singular goal. Just one topic, one focus, one place - where we can all come together and find a way, or many ways, to inject the truth into the mind of America.

The forum uses facebook as the login system. There is no need to sign up for anything. Just click one button, agree to let facebook log you into the forums, and you're in.

Click here to enter the forum

I'll be putting up some of my ideas and I hope you will add your own and/or contribute to the ideas of others. Even simple words of encouragement can go a long way and have a very positive effect.

I think winning the ideological battle for U.S. foreign poilcy is absolutely critical for Ron Paul's chances in the election as well as for our nations future. I also think the only way we can win this ideological battle is by putting our heads together and taking action.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Trevor Lyman

National Run Ron Paul MeetUp Day

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