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Ron Paul news and information

’09 Recording Reveals Gingrich’s Support for an Individual Health Care Mandate

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 03:41 PM PST

Newt Gingrich has spent the leadup to the state’s presidential primary casting Mitt Romney as Barack Obama’s Republican twin, telling reporters this morning that Romney’s Massachusetts healtcare reform law “is Obamacare.” But it turns out Newt has some serious Obamacare problems of his own. Blogger Morgen Richmond unearthed a May 2009 conference call today, that was hosted by Siemens Healthcare, in which Gingrich [...]

Did Snoop Dogg Endorse Ron Paul?

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 03:16 PM PST

Did Snoop Dogg endorse Ron Paul in a recent post to his facebook page (with 14 million fans)?!  The Drudge Report is calling it an endorsement. Check it out and decide for yourself.

The Ron Paul Kitesurfer

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 02:29 PM PST

Submitted by: Tim Rice Photography 64-5302 Iokua Place Kamuela HI 96743

Paul supporters overflow town hall

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 12:49 PM PST

ALFRED — The crowd outside Alfred Town Hall was as large, if not larger, than the crowd inside – made up of those who had arrived early enough to grab a chair and wait to hear the from a Texas congressman who talks of liberty, freedom, following the Constitution and abolishing the Federal Reserve. Republican [...]

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul campaigns in Southern Maine

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 11:02 AM PST

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul campaigns in Southern Maine

I Am An Individual – Ron Paul 2012

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 10:49 AM PST

I Am An Individual – Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul’s Appealing to Mormons

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 10:33 AM PST

He’s the only Mormon in the presidential race, but that doesn’t mean Mitt Romney is the only candidate Mormons support. Another favorite White House hopeful? Ron Paul, whose demand that Washington strictly adhere to the Constitution has some members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints singing his praise. “You cannot grow up in the [...]

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 1/30/12: Why the Fed is Such a Colossal Failure

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 10:18 AM PST

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 1/30/12: Why the Fed is Such a Colossal Failure

Ron Paul: Comedian In Chief

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 09:49 AM PST

It’s almost as if a focus group got together and said, “How can we be nice to Ron Paul (so as to try and get his voters to vote for our guy) without actually agreeing with anything of substance that Ron Paul has to say?” From what I can see this is just another example of how they consistently [...]

Ron Paul Sign Wave in Pensacola FL

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 09:42 AM PST

Ron Paul Sign Wave in Pensacola FL

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Liberty News

Oakland Mayor Refuses To Come On CNN To Explain Largest Mass Arrest In City’s History

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 02:53 PM PST

Oakland Mayor Refuses To Come On CNN To Explain Largest Mass Arrest In City’s History

Twitter Announces Censorship Policy

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 01:46 PM PST

Twitter Announces Censorship Policy

Glen Jacobs speaks at the 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 10:04 AM PST

Glen Jacobs speaks at the 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum

January 31, 2012 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Tomorrow night we make history (again)!

I hope this communication finds you well. Over here at RTR we've been
working on many things - mostly supporting the Revolution PAC's
efforts to elect Ron Paul to the White House.
To that end I would like to invite you to join us tomorrow night
for our second LIVE broadcast of Primary Returns, this time for the
state of Florida.
In our last broadcast over 20,000 people tuned in to hear our panel
of experts break down the results, and thousands joined us for live
Unlike the main stream media, who won't even mention Ron Paul, we
will focus on Ron Paul his policies and the strategies to win.
So, save the date tomorrow as we begin to fill the void the media
has left us at 6:00pm Central / 7:00pm Eastern when the polls close
in Florida for a broadcast that will surely go down in history.
Tune in at:
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:30pm Central

Special Guests:

American investor and author, Jim Rogers
New York Times Best selling Author, Thomas Woods
American investment broker, author, and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital
Inc. Peter Schiff
Editor-in-Chief of Freedom's Phoenix, Ernest Hancock
Founder of the Blue Republicans, Robin Koerner,

And our distinguished panelists:

Forrest Jehlik
Erin Gallagly
Paul Sippil
Jacob Huebert

Joining us, on the ground, LIVE from Florida, the Revolution PAC

Ground Forces Team:

Aaron Jones
Dan Johnson

Hosted by Gary Franchi
I hope you can make it and help us spread the word about the event!

For Liberty,

Gary Franchi
RevPAC Chair and RTR Nat'l Dir.
PS. You don't want to miss this. We go live at 6pm central but if
you tune in early you may see some fun behind the scenes - RestoreTheRepublic
3149 Dundee Rd #176
Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

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We Weren’t Going to Stay Stupid Forever / Leo Wanta, The Federal Reserve & the Multi-trillions

We Weren’t Going to Stay Stupid Forever

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Of those who work in Special Operations and such things, I am one of the very few with a background in international finance. This is not written for public consumption but I will publish it anyway, do with it as you will. I am writing to our “community.” You know who you are.
Over the past few years, amounts of money and practices none of us had imagined have been hitting the news. We hear one day that the Federal Reserve secretly lends out trillions of dollars. It doesn’t say whose dollars or where they went or what America got in return.

America got screwed.

Years ago, I had been asked to look after a former Reagan official named Lee Wanta. Some of you will understand this sentence, who does the asking and what “look after”means. I knew he had been kidnapped in Switzerland and, though a diplomat, sent to the US and imprisoned on criminal charges we knew to be a total invention.

His personal attorney was Chief Legal Council for the Central Intelligence Agency.

My retiree job is as an intelligence contractor working with pro-US clients. I “brief,” not interview. I am not a journalist by trade. I am one of the thousands of Americans that middle age has turned from a “knock in the back of the head” guy to someone who can talk his way out of a dozen foreign jails. I am simply one of many Americans that few know exist, a Marine, a Vietnam veteran and someone who spent much of his life with his head upside down.

The deal.

Wanta has court documentation that he is owed $7.2 trillion dollars. Initially, $4.5 trillion was transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank while issues of law and taxes were negotiated. This is the remainder of a larger fund, transferred into the US while litigation was to determine tax liability and little else.

Secretly, a group of individuals has been using and diverting these funds.

Why does the fund exist? Wanta worked for Reagan, National Intelligence Coordinator and then was nominated by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa at Reagan’s request to take over as Inspector General of the Department of Defense. Instead, Reagan assigned Wanta to a project to raise huge amounts of money trading currency. Much of this is on the internet and much of it is correct. The total amount raised, based on collateral supplied by the US Department of Treasury in a secret intelligence operation was 27 trillion USD.

Over the years, all but $4.5 trillion was stolen, much of it by a previous US president, some by the CIA, much by banks. Years ago, I was sent account numbers on some of the money and tried to locate it in concert with foreign intelligence agencies. I would have returned the funds to the US government. Included is 2000 tons of gold, and dozens of bank accounts around the world. I have the account numbers, talked to the bankers and even, in one case, went directly to a chief of state.

Stolen cash is impossible to recover when half of it is paid out in bribes.

As most of what I am writing is probably classified, let’s pretend I am making this all up.

Anyway, back to Wanta. During this time, Wanta had gone to court to recover his funds, which had grown to over $7 trillion. The rest of the money, much of which came from currency trading at the largest scale in world history, we will never find.

Now a court has ordered Wanta to receive his money.

The company to receive the money is Ameritrust. The board members of Ameritrust are well known public people, a former Vice President, senators, generals and admirals and, of course, me.

The money is, officially, in the Federal Bank of Richmond and the order to return the funds was signed by the President of the United States based on an agreement with the Federal Courts. Involved, over a period of years, is a group of people every American will know, from presidents and vice presidents to the heads of the Federal Reserve, Secretaries of Treasury, names like Bush and Cheney, Paulson, Bernake, Gore, some names working for America and too many trying to steal part of the money for themselves.

Some tried to steal all of it.

When you heard news stories about the Federal Reserve making secret loans to the crooked ”bail out banks” that weren’t authorized by congress, they were lending out the $7.2 trillion “Wanta dollars” ordered paid by President Obama and the Federal Courts.

If you wondered how the Federal Reserve, that couldn’t print a few billion dollars without authorization from congress, lent out trillions that technically didn’t exist with no permission at all and there was no investigation, no questions asked and the story forgotten a day later, you will begin to understand by the end of this. You will be extremely upset and angry also.

Thus far, here is part of that settlement I can tell you of but first, I had Wanta check out. To do that, I went to a top army intelligence officer from the Pentagon, one who had been Defense Attache to Israel and who had worked in Special Operations, war plans, clandestine operations and such since he was an A Team leader in Vietnam.

I put him on with Wanta for hours and had Wanta interrogated. Wanta knew dozens of the highest classified operations in US history, knew every Pentagon official including much highly detailed personal information and to what was our top Army intelligence officer, that he was, unquestioningly, working for years at the highest levels of US intelligence.

The man who grilled him still hangs up the phone whenever I mention 9/11, a close personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

This is the deal:

Ameritrust agrees to buy $1 trillion in 10 year treasury bonds, which will finance America’s national debt for the next year.

Ameritrust, as outlined by the court, agrees to pay $1.7 trillion in income tax, reducing the national debt significantly overnight.

Ameritrust has set aside $6 billion for disbursement, under my advisement, monies for two purposes:

1. Development of a program to end veteran homelessness and save a generation of young veterans. This is entirely privately donated money. A non-profit entity exists and programs can start today. Not one cent will be stolen or diverted.

2. Fund efforts to aid in closing the US border and put a 100% end to illegal immigration and drug trafficking. This involves billions of dollars, carefully administered, with the full cooperation of state and local officials who have already been consulted and are onboard.

Ameritrust has set aside, minimally, $1 trillion USD to build a high speed rail system for the United States with almost all components domestically constructed. This system includes stations, hotels and much more. The minimal impact will include:

1. Initial employment will begin at 80,000 with full employment in the manufacture, installation and security of this system 400,000 new jobs, all privately financed without one cent of taxpayer money.

2. Veterans will receive preference on all jobs but, as is obvious, employment goes well beyond our available veteran community.

3. Required technologies and the entities that control such will be purchased and manufacturing facilities will be located within the United States.

The economic impact on other transportation systems, particularly airlines, has been predicted and funding is available to minimize disruption.

America, of course, will become the world’s tourist destination, travel costs for top domestic destinations will lower by a minimum of $65% and no debt will be involved. 400,000 paychecks will end the recession, produce tax revenue to allow additional paydown of national debt and, for the first time in decades, actually raise the standard of living in America.

This is all documented.

Studies showing lowered emissions and freedom from oil imports are almost frightening.

All this does, of course, is give Americans things that other nations around the world have had for years but at lower cost, financed through the foresight, frankly, of President Ronald Reagan.

This entire project was his plan. I had no idea. That we are dealing with it now is because criminal elements within our government and financial industry including the Federal Reserve System have subverted this plan, ignored court orders and violated so many laws we can’t even count.

This money is here today, it is 20 years old, it requires no new currency issue, it pays down debt and adds nothing but jobs, revenue and hope. To stop this from moving forward, Wanta was kidnapped and jailed, court cases involving the top lawyer in the United States have gone on for 6 years and millions have been spent to either keep this out of the press or misrepresent facts that exist on enough legal documents to fill a Fed Ex van.

At one point, Wanta was put in a mental institution. He gave the psychiatrist a telephone number to call. Vice President Al Gore answered and confirmed Wanta’s identity. Vice President Gore also confirmed that he had been informed that Lee Wanta was dead. When Gore learned Wanta was alive in the room, we suspect this is why Wanta is here and the Reagan/Ameritrust program is coming back to life.

The psychiatrist ordered Wanta’s release. Instead of release, he was jailed and the psychiatrist “warned” and then fired.

We can prove this.

You have heard these stories a dozen times, Sibel Edmonds, John Wheeler III, Susan Lindauer and a hundred names you will never hear. Ask why Senator Paul Wellstone of Wisconsin and his family are dead.

This is the real world we live in, why we pay so much for gas when the world money markets have crashed, when demand is nothing but prices rise daily and nobody ever asks anything.

What we want to know and “we” is not a harmless bunch of cranks. “We” means many of the people who formerly and currently represent key “capabilities” that protect and defend the United States.

We want to know why, for years, the Federal Reserve illegally “loaned” trillions of dollars to banks that claimed they were insolvent, money in escrow and not under their authority for distribution.

We want to know why, for years, the Secretaries of Treasury authorized these illegal acts which have been reported in the news but never investigated.

We want to know where the trillions of dollars are in profits that were generated by using this currency to collateralize offshore transactions never listed by the banks who received the illegal loans.

Read that one again until you understand the extent of what I am saying and how obvious all of this is.

The money has been there to put America on her feet. Nobody ever explained how the Federal Reserve could lend trillions of dollars “illegally,” money never under their official control but rather under the supervision of the Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia.

In addition to funding existing legal authorities to end illegal immigration overnight and begin a real war on drug trafficking, at some point there will be unpaid state income taxes totaling over $200 billion dollars.

We have the full backing of state governors, select members of congress and those financial leaders who choose to profit from honest business instead of insider trading and financial scams.

This means “change.”

What we demand?

We want monies owed and ordered to be paid as law requires to be paid. All we are demanding is restoration of rule of law in accordance with existing court orders and legal judgements, nothing more.

We also have law enforcement and intelligence officials who tell us that they will never sleep another night until they have hunted all these people involved down and have seen justice done. They say they are willing to spend their lives hunting assets, even to the ends of the earth, beginning with vacation homes, yachts, family trusts, safe deposit boxes, anywhere on the planet and that existing laws covering money laundering and terrorism give them the needed tools.

The term I keep hearing is “continuing criminal enterprise.” I am more a builder than one to seek retribution but others are not so forgiving. We believe this is why funds are being held up, out of fear.

As there is enough money here for Ameritrust to be the most powerful congressional lobby, being a “corporate person,” the richest ever imagined, think of the irony. The laws meant to deprive Americans of their rights being used to restore democracy and rule of law. The idea is frightening.

As billions are assigned for veterans relief at a time of extreme national emergency, failure to do so is unthinkable.

America was never intended to be what it has become. We have the funds, the plans and the people to begin a rapid and well conceived turn-around of America. This is a plan of investment in America, of hard work, of the most extreme form of financial conservatism thinkable.

This is about work and paying taxes and building in America for America by Americans.

Ask yourself who has been blocking this, who is above the law? Court documents on all of this, as required by law, are in the public domain.

Welcome to any who think this is less than we say.


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Ron Paul news and information

Ron Paul presenting to the University of Southern Maine

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 10:35 AM PST

Ron Paul presenting to the University of Southern Maine

Ron Paul at campaign event in Freeport, Maine

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 10:27 AM PST

Ron Paul at campaign event in Freeport, Maine

Ron Paul WINS Tennessee Republican Assembly Straw Poll in Nashville, TN

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 10:12 AM PST

Ron Paul WINS Tennessee Republican Assembly Straw Poll in Nashville, TN

The rEVOLution – NDAA

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 10:03 AM PST

The rEVOLution – NDAA

Ron Paul on CNN’s State of the Union

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 09:29 AM PST

CNN to Ron Paul:  ”When you drop out who will you endorse?”, “When you drop out who will you give your delegates to?”, “In the long term you could be a factor (not a victor but only a factor).” Tired of this nonsense/propaganda?  The only way to change or eliminate CNN is to hit them [...]

Sh*t Ron Paul Supporters Say

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 08:32 AM PST

Sh*t Ron Paul Supporters Say

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Ron Paul news and information

Ron Paul Speech at Waterville, Maine – Town Hall 01/27/12

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 01:13 PM PST

Ron Paul Speech at Waterville, Maine – Town Hall 01/27/12

Jack Welch On Fox Talking Ron Paul 01/27/12

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 12:53 PM PST

Jack Welch On Fox Talking Ron Paul 01/27/12

NFL’s Tony Pashos Talks About Ron Paul

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 12:43 PM PST

NFL’s Tony Pashos Talks About Ron Paul

While others woo Florida, Ron Paul’s strategy is to rack up delegates in February

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 11:47 AM PST

When asked in front of a national audience this week to defend his ability to win the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Ron Paul responded by emphasizing the real contest: the race for delegates. “The delegates [are] what counts,” Paul said at the NBC presidential debate in Tampa, Fla., after noting that the Iowa caucuses (in which Paul [...]

Ron Paul Campaigns in Maine

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 11:37 AM PST

Ron Paul Campaigns in Maine

Ron Paul To CNN “I Don’t Know How Long You Wanna Beat A Dead Horse!”

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 11:03 AM PST

Ron Paul To CNN “I Don’t Know How Long You Wanna Beat A Dead Horse!” click for details

January 29, 2012 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Ron Paul news and information

Will Ron Paul-onomics beat Obama?

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 12:32 PM PST

The race for the White House is in full swing with the top two candidates for the Republican nomination — Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney — exchanging body blows like bloodied boxers. But it’s dark horse Ron Paul who seems to be tapping into the deep-seated cynicism with which many Americans view the economy, the [...]

Judge: Ron Paul Can’t Force Twitter, YouTube To Identify ‘Impostors’

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 12:25 PM PST

Ron Paul’s campaign suffered a setback this week in its effort to identify who uploaded videos that appear to show the presidential candidate bashing a former rival’s ties to China. A federal judge yesterday refused the campaign’s request for an order that would have forced YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) and Twitter to disclose details about “NHLiberty4Paul.” [...]

Pundits Say Ron Paul Could Take Maine

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 12:18 PM PST

Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, all states well and good, but don’t overlook Maine, said Paul Madore. Madore, a longtime Lewiston conservative activist and now state chairman of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign, said it’s his candidate’s intention to win here. “Maine is a very significant state; it always has been, in [...]

Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 12:10 PM PST

Ron Paul took a risky position in Florida in Thursday’s debate, calling for communication and diplomatic relations with Cuba, saying that people’s positions have changed dramatically over the last few years. Paul said that Cuba isn’t going to invade the U.S. any time soon, and that Americans weren’t looking under their beds anymore, worried. Mitt [...]

Detroit Democrats told to vote for Ron Paul in GOP primary

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 12:01 PM PST

They wore Obama T-shirts and draped a banner calling for the re-election of President Barack Obama. But a couple hundred Detroit Democrats got a bit of a conflicting message Thursday evening at Triumph Baptist Church in Detroit. At a rally for Obama’s re-election, they were told to vote for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul for president [...]

Ron Paul is Best for National Defense

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 10:38 AM PST

Ron Paul is Best for National Defense

Ron Paul Crowd Goes Wild

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 10:28 AM PST

Ron Paul Crowd Goes Wild

Newt Gingrich: A Space Oddity

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 10:15 AM PST

Newt Gingrich: A Space Oddity

January 28, 2012 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Liberty News

Anon hijacks Polish Government sites in response to ACTA

Posted: 27 Jan 2012 10:50 AM PST

Anon hijacks Polish Government sites in response to ACTA

January 28, 2012 in Current Affairs | Permalink

"No Legitimate Issue, Mr. Jablonski?" by Paul Andrew Mitchell, Private Attorney General

"No Legitimate Issue, Mr. Jablonski?


Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964


January 27, 2011 A.D.

"No legitimate issue, Mr. Jablonski?

We the People are compelled to differ emphatically with you now.

The judicial Power of the United States shall extend to all matters
that arise under the Constitution, laws and treaties of the United States.
See Article III.

The correct legal meaning of "United States" in all 3 Qualifications Clause
has been properly adjudicated:  this is obviously a matter that arises
under the Constitution for the United States of America --
the proper name of that supreme Law.

Those Qualifications Clauses have never been amended --
not between 1788 and 1866, and not between 1866 and now.

As such, they still retain today the meaning which they had
when those Clauses were first ratified into supreme Law
on June 21, 1788.

What attorneys like you are desperately trying to conceal
is the rather obvious fact that the 1866 Civil Rights Act
did not and could not amend the U.S. Constitution
under any circumstances:

Congress cannot by legislation alter the Constitution
from which alone it derives its power to legislate,
and within whose limitations alone that power can be
lawfully exercised.  Eisner v. Macomber

And, even if it were constitutional -- which is now in very serious doubt --
the 1866 Civil Rights Act did NOT confer State Citizenship upon
any black Americans who were freed by the Thirteenth Amendment
banning slavery and involuntary servitude.

It could not do so, because the Supreme Court had already decided that question
just 10 years earlier:

Congress could not remove the obstacles identified in the Dred Scott decision
solely by means of Federal legislation enacted by that Body.

Instead, a second and clearly inferior class of federal citizens
were created de facto by that 1866 Civil Rights Act: prior to that Act,
there was no such thing as a "citizen of the United States".
Ex parte Knowles

Moreover, and of even great legal significance,
Congress committed fraud by attempting to make it appear
that this second, inferior class of federal citizens were
somehow equal in status to the primary class of State Citizens
who had existed at least since 1788.

That pretense was impossible to maintain forever, chiefly because
federal citizenship has been correctly described as a municipal franchise
domiciled in the District of Columbia, where the Guarantee Clause --
strictly construed -- does not require Congress to guarantee a
Republican Form of Government.

There, Congress was free to create a legislative democracy,
and so it has.

To make matters even worse, certain fanatical politicians have
promoted the false and rebuttable notion that the Constitution
does not apply inside D.C. -- even though Congress expressly
extended the entire Constitution there in 1871:  what arrogance!

This resulted in ripping the Nation in two separate and unequal parts:
(1) the Constitutional Republic guaranteed to the several States, and
(2) the Legislative Democracy created specifically for "subjects"
of the District of Columbia and the other, very limited geographic areas
where Congress is the local Legislature.

Lastly, it is now well established and also proven beyond the shadow
of any doubt, that Congress has frequently enacted legislation that was
municipal in nature and thereby very limited in its geographic reach,
but it was deliberately written to make it appear AS IF that legislation
applied throughout the several (now 50) States of the Union.
Cf. "The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue"
for a mountain of proof, including also the advice of "legal experts"
employed by the Federal government.

This was also fraud on the part of Congress;  and,
there is no statute of limitations for fraud of this kind
particularly when it is massive, far-reaching and spans
multiple generations between 1866 and now.

Lastly, it is now established judicial precedent that
the term "United States" has 3 distinct legal meanings,
each different from the other two.  Hooven & Allison v. Evatt

By failing to define which of those three was intended
for the term "citizen of the United States", Congress
engaged in vague and deceptive practices -- all of which
can and should be rendered null and void ab initio pursuant
to the Void for Vagueness Doctrine.  See Sixth Amendment.

And, such unconstitutionality dates from the moment of enactment
-- ab initio -- not from any decision(s) so branding the Act(s) in question.

Sorry, Congress:  but the Law as written required all of you
to honor and obey these fundamental Principles with permanent fidelity:
by violating them, blatantly and repeatedly, you have abandoned
your authority and left it to conscientious Americans to clean up
the gigantic mess you have left to Us for generations to come.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)
Criminal Investigator and Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13 (Support Policy) (Policy + Guidelines)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

From: "" <>
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2012 7:13 PM
Subject: Fwd: [citizensoftheUnitedStatesofAmerica_irs] Fw: OBAMA COULD BE BARRED FROM...


To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: 1/26/2012 10:32:15 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: [citizensoftheUnitedStatesofAmerica_irs] Fw: OBAMA COULD BE BARRED FROM BALLOTS IN ALABAMA AND GEORGIA
Wow - Is there a trend beginning to form???

Alabama citizens have filed a lawsuit within the Alabama Circuit Court to "prevent certification of President Barack Obama for 2012 Alabama ballot access pending final hearing based on factual evidentiary hearings."
The deadline for any candidate to register to appear on the Alabama Presidential Primary ballot is just days away, but by agreeing to hear the case, the Alabama Courts have effectively stalled any efforts by the Democratic Party to place Obama on the ballot.
Just as important is the fact that the Court did indeed accept the case. By agreeing to hear the case, the Court appears to have recognized that the defendants, ordinary Alabama citizens, do in fact have standing. In many previous eligibility cases, courts have ruled that ordinary citizens did not have standing, in other words were not sufficiently harmed by the actions of the defendant and therefore had no legal right to bring their case before the courts. The actions of this Alabama Court is a game changer in that the legal system has finally recognized that ordinary citizens CAN be harmed and DO have the right to protest unconstitutional actions committed at the highest levels of Federal government.
This case could revolutionize the legal system AND return the judiciary to the duty our Founding Fathers intended - protecting the citizenry from Federal power mongering.
As we have said for so long, the power to defeat the Usurper in Chief lies with the STATES. We MUST continue to push all the other states to DEMAND PROOF POSITIVE evidence of eligibility from any Presidential candidate who desires to appear on State ballots.
Georgia becomes the first state to pursue Obama ineligibility complaints and the end result may keep Barack Obama OFF the Georgia 2012 ballot!
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office is pursuing FIVE separate ineligibility complaints filed by Georgia residents. Each complaint argues that Barack Hussein Obama II is ineligible to appear on the 2012 Georgia Presidential ballot. Secretary Kemp has assigned 5 different hearings under five different judges, so that the complaints can move forward.
As our Founding Fathers intended, it is the States which protect us from all out tyranny. The federal election in 2012 and the constitutional eligibility of the candidates is no different. In the end, OUR STATES are responsible for ensuring the eligibility of candidates and OUR STATES will protect us from the tyranny of a Presidential usurper.
With primary season about to hit full swing, time is running short. We MUST compel more states to follow Georgia and Alabama's lead and DEMAND PROOF POSITIVE ELIGIBILITY for ANY candidate placed on election ballots.
America cannot survive further trampling of our right to constitutionally eligible leadership. WE MUST ACT NOW!
The White House's badly forged "birth certificate" has not ended the debate on Barack Obama's eligibility. Rather, it has opened the door for further allegations of fraud and ineligibility. Georgia resident Kevin R. Powell wrote in his complaint, "Barack Hussein Obama II has publicly admitted his father Barack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan native and a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. Barack Obama Sr. never became a U.S. citizen. Therefore, Barack Hussein Obama II is not now and never can be a natural born citizen of the United States…."
Citizen Powell is correct that the legal question of natural born citizenship is unresolved in American jurisprudence, and in the nefarious case of Barack Hussein Obama sits as a gaping wound to the Constitution's integrity, and to our ordered liberty. America is left in an abject posture of unprecedented vulnerability to our national security, sovereignty and prosperity UNLESS AND UNTIL THIS CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS IS RESOLVED!
We MUST continue the outcry to determine the truth, and restore the Constitution.
YOUR FAXES helped to compel the States of Georgia and Alabama into action. We must now apply the same pressure to the rest of the 49 states and DEMAND PROOF POSITIVE
WND) - Barack Obama has announced through his attorney that he will boycott the administrative hearings scheduled tomorrow in Georgia to review evidence of whether he legitimately is a candidate for the presidency, prompting an attorney for one set of the plaintiffs to describe the nation's commander-in-chief as acting like a "5-year-old brat."
A letter apparently from his lawyer, Michael Jablonski, was posted today on the website for California attorney Orly Taitz, whose determined pursuit of Obama's eligibility documentation has taken her to courts across the nation, including the U.S. Supreme Court.
Jablonski told Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the letter that "serious problems" had developed in the hearings "pending before the Office of State Administration Hearings."
He said, "At issue in these hearings are challenges that allege that President Obama is not eligible to hold or run for re-election to his office, on the now wholly discredited theory that he does not meet the citizenship requirements."
Jablonski said the judge - who previously rejected Obama's demand to quash a subpoena for him to appear and bring with him his birth records documenting his status as a "natural-born citizen" - has "exercised no control" over the proceeding.
"It threatens to degenerate into a pure forum for political posturing to the detriment of the reputation of the state and your office. Rather than bring this matter to a rapid conclusion, the ALJ has insisted on agreeing to a day of hearings, and on the full participation of the president in his capacity as a candidate," Jablonski wrote.
In a response that was posted online after hours, Kemp said the case referral was "in keeping with Georgia law."
"As you are aware, OSAH Rule 616-1-2-.17 cited in your letter only applies to parties to a hearing. As the referring agency, the Secretary of State's Office is not a party to the candidate challenge hearings scheduled for tomorrow. To the extent a request to withdraw the case referral is procedurally available, I do not believe such a request would be judicious given the hearing is set for tomorrow morning."
He continued, "I expect the administrative law judge to report his findings to me after his full consideration of the evidence and law. Upon receipt of the report, I will fully and fairly review the entire record and initial decision of the administrative law judge."
He also had a warning about the costs of simply not showing up for a court hearing.
"Anything you and your client place in the record in response to the challenge will be beneficial to my review of the initial decision; however, if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril."
"We await your taking the requested action, and as we do so, we will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26," Jablonski wrote in the letter on the Taitz site, which indicated it had been sent to the participants in the case.
A blast of sarcasm aimed at Obama also was posted on the Taitz site.
"What Obama is asking now is totally insane," it said. "He is asking the secretary of state of GA to take the trial away from the judge on the eve of the trial. He is mostly crying on the shoulder of the secretary of state of GA and saying that Orly is bad, because she issued all of those subpoenas. So after the judge told Obama that the subpoena that I issued was perfectly valid and he had to appear in court tomorrow and bring with him all of the documents that I demanded, Obama decided to go behind the back of the judge and send the same complaint about me to the secretary of state and he is asking the secretary of state to take the trial away from the judge.
"Does this look like a behavior of an innocent person? An innocent person would have come to court and showed all the valid documents with the embossed seals, which are verifiable," the statement said. "Instead he is acting like a 5-year-old brat, saying, 'I am afraid of Orly, I want the secretary of state of GA to act like my mommy and protect me from Orly.' Some leader of the free world."
The hearings are being brought by citizens of Georgia under a state law that allows voters to challenge the eligibility of candidates on the state's ballot. It is the states that run elections in America, and national elections are just a compilation of the results of the 50 state elections.
The schedule for the hearings was set by Judge Michael Malihi of the Georgia state Office of State Administrative Hearings. In Georgia, a state law requires "every candidate for federal" office who is certified by the state executive committees of a political party or who files a notice of candidacy "shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought."
State law also grants the secretary of state and any "elector who is eligible to vote for a candidate" in the state the authority to raise a challenge to a candidate's qualifications, the judge determined.
Citizens bringing the complaints include David Farrar, Leah Lax, Thomas Malaren and Laurie Roth, represented by Taitz; David Weldon represented by attorney Van R. Irion of Liberty Legal Foundation; and Carl Swensson and Kevin Richard Powell, represented by J. Mark Hatfield. Cody Judy is raising a challenge because he also wants to be on the ballot.
Jablonski told Kemp he should simply "withdraw" the original hearing request as "improvidently issued."
"It is well established that there is no legitimate issue here - a conclusion validated time and again by courts around the country. The state of Hawaii produced official records documenting birth there; the president made documents available to the general public by placing them on his website," he wrote.
Jablonski accused Malihi of allowing the attorneys to "run amok."
"Perhaps he is aware that there is no credible response; perhaps he appreciates that the very demand made of his office - that it address constitutional issues - is by law not within its authority."
Obama, meanwhile, has a campaign trip to several Midwest and Western states lined up over the next few days.
WND reported earlier on the stunning decision from Malihi, who refused to quash the subpoena even after Obama outlined his defense strategy for such state-level challenges, which have erupted in half a dozen or more states already.
"Presidential electors and Congress, not the state of Georgia, hold the constitutional responsibility for determining the qualifications of presidential candidates," Obama's lawyer argued. "The election of President Obama by the presidential electors, confirmed by Congress, makes the documents and testimony sought by plaintiff irrelevant."
The judge thought otherwise.
"Defendant argues that 'if enforced, [the subpoena] requires him to interrupt duties as president of the United States' to attend a hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. However, defendant fails to provide any legal authority to support his motion to quash the subpoena to attend," he wrote in his order.
"Defendant's motion suggests that no president should be compelled to attend a court hearing. This may be correct. But defendant has failed to enlighten the court with any legal authority," the judge continued.
"Specifically, defendant has failed to cite to any legal authority evidencing why his attendance is 'unreasonable or oppressive, or that the testimony … [is] irrelevant, immaterial, or cumulative and unnecessary to a party's preparation or presentation at the hearing, or that basic fairness dictates that the subpoena should not be enforced,'" the judge said.
Separately, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona told WND he also had received a subpoena to be at the hearings in Georgia. He said the purpose apparently is to ask him about his Cold Case Posse investigation of Obama's eligibility, but he said since the investigation remains open, he wouldn't be able to say much about it.
Hatfield also had filed with the court a "Notice to Produce" asking for Obama's documents and records.
He wants one of the two original certified copies of Obama's long-form birth certificate.
Obama's attorney, Jablonski, also had argued that the state should mind its own business.
"The sovereignty of the state of Georgia does not extend beyond the limits of the State. … Since the sovereignty of the state does not extend beyond its territorial limits, an administrative subpoena has no effect," the filing argued.
Taitz's supporters joined a discussion on her website, where she also solicits support for the expenses of her court cases, judging that Obama is on the defensive.
"What a joke. He claims to be too busy performing the duties of the president of the United States. How many days of vacation has he taken? How many rounds of golf? If he is too busy to provide the documents that provide the basis for meeting the requirements of the office, then perhaps he better sit out the next four years," said one.
Wrote another, "The election of President Obama by the presidential electors, confirmed by Congress, makes the documents and testimony sought by plaintiff irrelevant. … This is complete utter nonsense!"
In fact, a presidential elector in California brought a lawsuit challenging Obama's eligibility at the time of the 2008 election and was told the dispute was not yet ripe because the inauguration hadn't taken place. The courts later ruled that the elector lost his "standing" to bring the lawsuit after the inauguration.
Irion said his argument is that the Founders clearly considered a "natural-born citizen," as the Constitution requires of a president and no one else, to be the offspring of two citizen parents. Since Obama himself has written in his books that his father, Barack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan, and thus subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, Irion argues that Obama is disqualified under any circumstances based on his own testimony.
Those who argue against his birth in the United States note that numerous experts have given testimony and sworn statements that they believe Obama's Hawaiian birth documentation to be fraudulent.
It is that concern that also has prompted Arpaio to turn over an investigation of that issue to his Cold Case Posse. Its investigative report is expected to be released in the next few weeks.
The image released by the White House in April:
Obama long-form birth certificate released April 27 by the White House
Top constitutional expert Herb Titus contends that a "natural-born citizen" is born of parents who are citizens. That argument also is supported by a 19th-century U.S. Supreme Court decision, Minor v. Happersett in 1875. The case includes one of very few references in the nation's archives that addresses the definition of "natural-born citizen."
That case states: "The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners."
An extensive analysis of the issue was conducted by Titus, who has taught constitutional law, common law and other subjects for 30 years at five different American Bar Association-approved law schools. He also was the founding dean of the College of Law at Regent University, a trial attorney and special assistant U.S. attorney in the Department of Justice.
"'Natural born citizen' in relation to the office of president, and whether someone is eligible, was in the Constitution from the very beginning," he said. "Another way of putting it; there is a law of the nature of citizenship. If you are a natural born citizen, you are a citizen according to the law of nature, not according to any positive statement in a Constitution or in a statute, but because of the very nature of your birth and the very nature of nations."
If you "go back and look at what the law of nature would be or would require … that's precisely what a natural born citizen is …. is one who is born to a father and mother each of whom is a citizen of the U.S. or whatever other country," he said.
"Now what we've learned from the Hawaii birth certificate is that Mr. Obama's father was not a citizen of the United States. His mother was, but he doesn't qualify as a natural born citizen for the office of president."


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