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Thu Mar 1, 2012 1:19 pm (PST)

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“The Other Side of the Exchange Scandal” from Kleintje Muurkrant, newspaper published in the Netherlands, January 23, 1998.


The reverse side of the Exchange scandal


1990. President Gorbatsjov tries by means of all sorts of State reforms to prevent the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In the Summer of that year Boris Jeltsin, the previous Mayor of Moscow, is elected as First President of the still young Russian Federation. In this period of insecurity a number of communist die-hards try to change the tide by launching a coup. The coup fails but the days of Gorbatsjov and the Soviet Union seem counted. Jeltsin is prepared to take the lead at the last battle of the old regime. He decides to create a secret “War Fund” and looks for support for this in the West. Serious official lenders are still a bit reluctant to invest in his shaky Federation. But all sorts of firms from the western black-money circuit see large possibilities loom up and are prepared to help the “white dove” of Moscow.


Tampax and Chicks


One of those companies was the DOVE TRADING CY, in which were represented British as well as South-African and Dutch interests. One of the leading parties at Dove’s was the Dutchman Dirk De Groot, alias “the Grey”, one of the suspects in the present Amsterdam Exchange scandal and according to his wife a strong anti-communist. The present FIOD investigation brought to light that in the shadow of Dove Trading the Mississippi Group was in hiding with its code accounts and its participants from the Dutch white-collar and criminality world. Whether Jeltsin’s representatives during the negotiations with the top Executive of Dove Trading in Moscow were aware of this is doubtful. Quite quickly the negotiators in the Russian capital came, in many respects, to a fantastic deal. Dove obtained a credit of 140 billion Rubles on an account of the Interregional Commercial Bank in Moscow. Dove committed itself, from that side, to a payment of 7.8 billion dollars on a Swiss bank account in order to provide the Russian market with said amount in return, the western aids obtained, via one of Jeltsin’s notorious decrees, permission to buy up, with their butter-soft Rubles, Russian oil, rare metals, scrap, etc., without any intervention of brokers and without any tax obligations. It didn’t take long before, on the Russian side, articles such as nuclear material, weapons, icons, heroine and other interesting items for the people were displayed in the shop-windows. It has not yet been proven that Dove Trading also had an interest in these buys. Fact is, however, that De Groot’s partner in the Antilles, Greg Elias, meanwhile, is suspected of being involved in the smuggle of nuclear material to Cuba. Be it as it may, to completely cover this modern version of the Marshall-aid against unforeseen circumstances, the partners agreed, according to American sources, that together they would sell a quantity of Russian gold via the black circuit. Later, it seemed 2000 tons disappeared from the sales at the Russian Central Bank. The old communist clan was blamed for it. On 28 Jan ’91 a Russian delegation arrived headed by Jeltsin’s Under-Minister of Commerce, Vladimir Kozlov, in Zurich for the presentation of the first shopping list on which appeared, amongst others, Tampax and deep-freeze chicks. During the meetings at the Savoy Hotel Dove Trading Cy. seemed, for the execution of the deal, to have allied itself with the American’s “New Republic Financial Group” and the Dutch in an export company “n.v. BALATON”. Not long after this conference the bomb burst, and the affair was leaked via the international press. When the smoke signals had disappeared, it slowly became clear to insiders that the whole organisation of De Groot and his gang of rascals had had at least two diaries. The one contained the filling of pockets by way of cunning means and the white-washing of capital obtained adventurously, the other to destabilize the Soviet-Union politics further by forcing the Rubble in a freefall. This operation was no doubt guided by a number of secret services. One of them was the CIA, the other possibly the Mossad.




That is evident from the story of LEO EMIL WANTA, the Managing Director of the “NEW REPUBLIC FINANCIAL GROUP” and partner of DE Groot in the mysterious game in connection with the Ruble, a story which has essentially been confirmed by the FBI.


The CIA Connection


Wanta, born in Appleton, Wisconsin, worked, according to his own statement, since 1963 for the American authorities in the shadow world of crime and secret services. The financial expert got onto a good footing with General VERNON WALTERS, Nixon’s number two at the CIA and later Reagan’s representative at the Vatican. In the 80’s his activities expanded themselves as a result of the need of the “battery” of obscure organisations which President Bush launched in great tempo. He also had lively contacts with top FBI members. He assisted them, for instance, beginning 1981 with the infiltration and elimination of a mafia organisation which occupied itself with the unfriendly exploitation of gambling machines. At the end of the 80’s during the presidency of George Bush, he got into even deeper waters. Even before the De Groot’s accomplices appeared on the scene at the Red Square in Moscow. Wanta had, as the Managing Director of the New Republic Financial Group, already plotted the route which the group of international financiers would follow afterwards during the attack on the Ruble. That the pioneer’s work of the CIA-linked whizz-kid must have been of a high standard was once again evident in Dec. ’91 some time after the publication of the Ruble scandal in the international press. At that time, he again concluded a, for him, extremely favourable deal with the Russian Government, whereby it was agreed that he would deliver food in exchange for oil. Ruble and dollar accounts were opened with the Status Credit Bank of Singapore in the name of the Asian-Europe Development Ltd. company, a front firm of the CIA. This belonged to Wanta’s impressive network of companies spread all over the world, which was created by him for his financial manipulations, often ordered by the American authorities. Another company within this network was the mysterious AmeriTrust Society. According to Wanta, it had the crazy amount of 250 billion dollars under management, which was parked on a bank account number in Switzerland. The account was opened at the time when George Bush swayed the scepter at the White House (1981-1992) and evidently belonged to the White House. Thanks to an avalanche of publications since the first appearance of ‘pentiti” such as Dick Brenneke and Oscar LeWinter, it has, meanwhile, become clear that in the Bush-period the CIA, as well as the DIA (the American Military Secret Service) and the Mossad strengthened their hold on the international weapons and drugs trade enormously. Even if it were merely to be able to finance their collective secret operations in Nicaragua, Afghanistan and the Middle-East.


The arrest of an Ambassador


At the beginning of the 90’s, Wanta became Ambassador of Somalia in Canada. The ‘how’ and ‘why’ is mysterious, but one thing is clear, diplomatic strings must have been pulled fiercely. In April 1993 the Ruble-manipulator changed functions and was appointed Somalian Ambassador in Switzerland. Beginning June ’93, Ambassador Wanta, in Switzerland, received a sign from the White House, which had only recently been occupied by the Clintons, to prepare an important financial transaction, which needed to happen via Credit Suisse. 70 billion dollars had to be transferred from the AmeriTrust account to the American Treasury and 250 million dollars to the account of the Children’s Defense Fund, of which Hillary Clinton was the President. Beginning of July, VINCE FOSTER, the number two of the Judicial Department in the White House, booked a room at the Hotel De la Paix in Geneva.




On July 7 Foster arrived at the reception desk of the luxurious hotel. Shortly afterwards, Wanta arrived with a briefcase full of bearer shares. He passed it to Foster and after having checked the contents, Wanta received a non-negotiable bank cheque. After having exchanged the usual civilities they parted. It would be their last encounter. That same day Leo Emil Wanta was arrested by the Swiss police at the request of the American authorities. It appeared that in the period of 1982-1986 he would have accumulated an IRS debt of $14,000 in the State of Wisconsin. The Somalian Ambassador landed in a Swiss prison cell and learned there that on July 20, Foster, an intimate friend of many years’ standing of the Clinton family, was found dead in a park in Virginia with a pistol, without fingerprints, in his hand. Suicide. Wanta was released mid-November 1993. The Israeli Prime Minister, Rabin, would have insisted on this, because, in view of the forced absence of the AmeriTrust’s Executive, practical problems had been created in the running of the company. Wanta was expelled to the USA. He received a 22-year sentence in Wisconsin for his IRS debt in 1994. He didn’t leave it at that, but kept his mouth shut regarding the affairs in Moscow and Geneva. Until Sep. ’96. Then he wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton from his detention. Therein he spoke about “short-term notes”, which would be in the possession of her husband, and the sale of gold in which the International Monetary Fund would be involved. Furthermore, he pointed out the part which he played in the destabilization of the Ruble, which thanks to him, enriched the American Treasury with approx. 150 billion dollars. At the end of the letter, he requested Mrs. Clinton kindly to see to it that he would be restored to his freedom. This took place in Feb. ’97.


Prince Alexis’s Following


The sale of gold which Wanta referred to in his letter to Hillary Clinton, obviously had something to do with the disappearance of the 2000 tons from the safes of Jeltsin’s Central Bank. Wanta was, with this vanishing trick, assisted by the Envoy Extraordinary of the Russian Federation in Rome: ROBERTO COPPOLA. According to the American author, Claire Sterling, in her book “Thieves’ World”, this big-time swindler paraded with false credentials of the Order of the Knights of St. John. From an American investigation it appeared to concern the Sovereign Military Hospital Order of St. John of Jerusalem, ecumenical order (OSJ), which was officially located in The Hague. On the face of it a remarkably irregular set-up, which for years, had a Prince Alexis as patron. The prince was born in the Belgian Congo as ALEX BRIMEYER. Once, he had even been convinced that he had to be the great-grandson of the last Russian Tsar. More likely is that Prince Alexis suffered of a chronic form of tropical frenzy. But, to consider him unimportantly as a Prince Carnival of “St. Job-in-‘t-Goor” (a place not too far from Brasschaat/Antwerp/Belgium) and surroundings, would be a misunderstanding. Remarkably, he namely figured prominently in a circuit of extreme-right folk with whom money and power appeared on the top of their shopping-list. One of the members of the Order of the Knights was for instance the Spaniard MANUEL SANCHEZ COVISA. His name appeared for the first time beginning 1970’s in the international press. He seemed to have given accommodation to 2 Italian refugees, who had lead the coup attempt in Rome: Prince VALERIO de BORGHESE and STEFANO delia CHIAIE. In 1977 he again hit the newspapers. At that time, the Spanish police found a considerable quantity of gold in Sanchez Covisa’s home which had been stolen from the Societe Generale in Nice on 18 Jul. ’76 during a spectacular bank-robbery. The organisation had been supervised by ALBERTO SPAGGIARI, an assistant of delia Chiaie, who had, amongst others, won his spurs with groups of terrorists, such as the French OAS and the Portugese AGINTER PRESS.




Head of the French branch of the Order was the real Prince JEAN de BROGLIE, a prominent French politician and intimate friend of the Presidents DE GAULLE and GISCARD d’ESTAING. In 1973, de Broglie made his appearance in the French investigation Department. As Managing Director of a concern belonging to the Catholic laymen organisation OPUS DEI, he was suspected of a large-scale falsification of Government Bonds, illegal supplies of weapons to the Christian/falangistic government of Libanon and dealing in strategic materials, such as Uranium. Before the judicial trap could be set, the Prince was killed on 24 Dec. ’76. His name reappeared again posthumously in 1981 during a Belgian investigation into the smuggling of bars of Uranium, stolen in France by a gang to which also belonged one of the de Broglie’s previous confidants. In Belgium, the business-man GUSTAVE KETELEERS was the top of the Order. From the findings of a Belgian investigation Commission it transpired, at the end of the 80’s, that he maintained contact with the Syrian/Palestinian collusion of MANZUR-el-KHASSAR. One of the sinister conspirators of the OLIVER NORTH circle in the Iran/Contra scandal, who dealt in everything that was forbidden by Allah (such as Uranium, weapons and drugs) and whose name was linked to the Palestinian jacking on board the cruise-ship “Achille Lauro”, as well as the disintegration of the PanAm Boeing above Lockerbie. The Management of the Italian branche of Brimeyer’s Order was in the hands of a “false” prince: BASILIO PETRUCCI. After he died in 1977, his son ARNALDO carried on the torch. Amongst other things, he created furore by appointed GIANCARLO PARRETTI as Knight of the Order. The mafia-linked Parretti, in the 80’s and the 90’s, played considerable havoc in the international financial world, together with Gelli’s P2-lodge-linked FLORIO FIORINI and his SASEA consortium. As known from numerous publications, they were assisted faithfully in their malpractices by a considerable number of known personalities from the Dutch Trade & Industry. After nearly having caused the bankruptcy of the French Credit Lyonnais bank, Parretti failed (with amongst others the help of Petrucci) to take over the film giant MGM.


Poisoned Water


According to the previous mafia-leader, JIMMY FRATIANNO, in his book “The Last Mafioso”, “Prince” Petrucci Sr. would be hired by the mafia in 1976 to knight the singer FRANK SINATRA, in the presence of a number of highly ranked Vatican prelates. In the scenario of the ceremony in Las Vegas, a Dutch name was also included. The representative of the Order in the USA to Sinatra: “It looks quite promising that Prince Bernhard of Holland will also attend if we can arrange for his transportation”.


The singer apparently smelled a rat and his knighthood was eliminated from the Agenda. Besides, it would have been the second time that Prince Bernhard as active in the U.S. on behalf of the Brimeyer Club. In 1969, he knighted, in New York, the American ophthalmic surgeon, MORRISON, in gratitude of the successful medical operation which he carried out on his daughter, Princess Christina. During the ceremony, the prince was chaperoned by the make-believe Prince ROBERT VON BRANCOVAN and the false Baron VON BLOMBERG.


Possibly, the Dutch Portfolio Manager, Dirk De Groot, suspected by the FIOD of white-wash activities, was not aware during his destabilization operation in the Soviet-Union of the involvement of the above-mentioned network of charlatans, phony business people, secret agents and right-wing extremists. Not even afterwards. But, it would seem that the Head of the British securities firm JAMES CAPEL, beginning 1993, when the net around Wanta slowly tightened itself, did find out about some of the incriminating aspects of De Groot’s activities.




Beginning Feb. of that year, they instructed their Dutch daughter company VAN MEER JAMES CAPEL, to close the accounts of the De Groot’s company, ESC. The reason for this drastic decision was not given. The only comment which the British management of James Capel were willing to make was: “The water is poisoned”.



Jan Portein





This article appeared in the newspaper “Kleintje Muurkrant” nr 317, 23 Jan. ‘98







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