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LIBERTY DOLLAR NEWS: March 2012 Vol. 14 No. 03



March 2012 Vol. 14 No. 03

Total Police, Lies but No Action

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

Table of Contents:
1. First Anniversary of Conviction
2. ALD Replies to AOCS Lies
3. Control of currencies is the core of their power
4. Alternative Currencies & the Liberty Dollar
5. Over 5,000 complementary currency systems worldwide
6. Bernal Bucks: More bang from their bucks with a Visa Card
7. States seek currencies made of silver and gold
8. Shire Silver: Price Change Coming
9. Book review of End of Money
10. Total Federalization of Police

1. First Anniversary of Conviction
March 18, 2012 - the first year anniversary of my conviction came and went. And while no action has been taken by the court, that should not be confused that nothing is happening. And while, there is no way to know what is happening, there is no doubt that Judge Voorhees has received a lot of letters:). The Liberty Dollar case continues to be one of the most unique cases and your supporting letters are a key indicator of that uniqueness.

I am also pleased to report that I have received 50 letters of support that my criminal attorney can use in court at my sentencing hearing. More letters are very welcome. So if you wrote a good, respectful letter to Judge Voorhees, please scan/email or fax (775.473.9929) a signed copy to me. And remember, only SIGNED letters can be used.

And if you still have not gotten around to writing Judge Voorhees, it is NOT too late. Remember it need not be very long. Please click HERE for Judge Voorhees address and a sample letter of support that he overturns the erred jury decision.
Please add: PLEASE FREE BVNH to the bottom left hand corner of your envelope.

My most sincere thanks for your support. Your notes of good wishes, prayers and donations have been a steady encouraging sign that I am not alone and that we will win. Please consider sending a small donation of support to:

Bernard von NotHaus
527 N. Green River Road
Suite 158
Evansville. IN 47715

THANKS again for your support. You will get your wrongfully seized property back after the criminal trial is concluded. And remember the Hitchhikers Philosophy: The longer the wait - the better the ride.

2. ALD Replies to AOCS Lies
I take no pleasure in disclosing this sordid story. But the time has come to tell the real facts that define the differences between the American Liberty Dollar (ALD) and the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS).

In the March 7, 2012 issue of "Director's Update!" by AOCS Director Rob Gray contains the usual ra-ra and announces "proud to announce that we're back on track" without ever noting why they were off track and concludes by encouraging everyone "to join us in our mission to restore honest trade."

"Restore honest trade"? Honesty, particularly in the field of "honest money" is so important, let's start at the beginning.

To the best of my memory, some time in 2007 Gray started calling me about being a part of the Liberty Dollar. Somehow he had heard about the new gold and silver currency and was all fired up to become a RCO. No… he wanted to be the best RCO… he wanted to be the SUPER RCO… he wanted to become the National Currency Director and take my place when I retired in 2008. Unfortunately, he didn't even have the money to be a RCO. As he tried his best to talk his way into the Liberty Dollar organization, he explained that his hypnotism business was failing, he had a wife and two children and needed a new way to make money.

Gray met me on three occasions while I was on tour, always the nice energetic young man with a lot of salesmanship, trying to find a way to participate without any money. Finally he sprang for the $100 starter kit and eventually Gray somehow became a RCO in Texas. He quickly threw himself into the Liberty Dollar with the expressed goal of taking my position when I retired. He and his wife and two children even drove from Dallas to Los Angeles for my retirement.

But for all his words, salesmanship and well intending goals to be the SUPER RCO, Gray's performance didn't match the other RCO's successes. Undaunted, Gray pushed to be my successor and the National Currency Director. Unfortunately for Gray, he lacked any support within the Liberty Dollar organization. Every leader must have the support and hopefully the loyalty of the organization. In fact, everybody was opposed to Gray.

Ultimately, I named Dan Priest, a RCO in California, to be the new Executive Director of the Liberty Dollar because as a former executive with Microsoft and appeared to be better qualified. Unfortunately, Priest quickly showed he had oversold his abilities and beset with family problems at home, he quickly self-destructed.

Meanwhile, Gray would not be deterred. If he could not be the National Currency Director of the Liberty Dollar, second best would be a competitor and he created the American Open Currency Standard. Initially, Gray praised my work and acknowledged me for introducing private currency to him. As he put it, "Bernard energized my passion for honest money." But he soon found it more advantageous business wise to bash me that ultimately materialized in his April 15 article Liberty Dollar's arrogance ends in federal 'guilty' verdict that was the only negative article about my conviction, not issued by the government. As Gray states in his subtitle, "A title like that requires a LOT of explanation and background. [INDEED!]

The irony of this tragedy is that if I had appointed Gray as the Executive Director of the Liberty Dollar organization, he would certainly had been more successful than Dan Priest, and would have been arrested with me.

Although that article is a low point of Gray's attitude about the Liberty Dollar, it did not stop Gray from flat out lying. In an era of dishonest government money and Liberty Dollar's quest to re-establish honest sound money, I find it appalling that at the end of Gray's latest "Update" of March 7, 2012, under Featured Articles, he features an article on "Face Value" and states: "I invite you to take a moment and read our latest AOCS article update for an in-depth overview of the AOCS Face Value, why it exists, and the formulas we developed to set the suggested exchange rate between AOCS Approved Currencies and fiat currencies.

Rob Gray did not develop those formulas. He did not even write the text in that "Face Value" article. He copied my text and my currency formulas that I developed over 24 years of research and development from 1974 to 1998 when I introduced the Liberty Dollar - the world's first private, 100% value based, market driven currency designed to move with the metals market. He stole my life's work. And to make matters worse, in another article he has the audacity to state, "As I wrap up this article (regarding the Liberty Dollar) and evaluate if it reached its goal, I contemplate whether it's best to stay quiet or to point out what I consider to be valuable insight to help frame what's really at stake in the case of the Liberty Dollar. In the freedom movement… I do not believe deception or lying is a valid method to bring people to the truth."

Well I certainly agree that deception or lying is not a valid method to bring people to the truth. And that is doubly true in the honest money movement. I don't trust anybody who lies to me. And neither should you. The Liberty Dollar has proven itself to be an honest currency.

Editor Note: My work has been documented in countless articles, 162 monthly newsletters from October 1998 and Chapter 48 of my 2003 book: The Liberty Dollar Solution to the Federal Reserve that details the move up from the $10 Silver Base to the $20 Silver Base. For historically purposes to set the record straight: Please note the 2006 edition of the Liberty Dollar model currency schedule is HERE. Gold Schedule of Bases and Move Up Points is HERE. Silver Schedule of Bases and Move Up Points is HERE.

Contrary to Gray lies, I fully support many other activist efforts who use the formulas that I developed. Four noteworthy efforts are: Joshua Deatherage's Community Currency in central Missouri, Peter Affolter's Aspen Dollar, Dave Gillie's Ron Paul Silvers and Ron Helwig's Shire Silver that is featured in Article 8 below.

3. Control of currencies is the core of their power

Global Domination Agenda by Foster Gamble (an heir to Proctor and Gamble)

What is keeping us from thriving? After a lifetime journey of pursuing that question, my research revealed that a small group of financial elite have gained control over key areas of our lives - energy, food, health care, education and more - and are the single greatest threat to humanity's ability to thrive.

Control of currencies is the core of their power methodology. The elite financed Mussolini and Hitler, planned WWI and II, and financed all sides in order to cull the population and consolidate their power. For more than a century, their goal has been to create a single global government. The attempt to create a League of Nations after WWI was funded by the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds. The plan failed, but was revived as the United Nations after WWII on land in New York gifted by the Rockefellers. As wonderful as it's made out to be, with its diversity and "peacekeepers," the UN seems to be the front organization for the One World Authority - with NATO as its militant arm and the World Bank as its financial enforcer.

If you are not familiar with Foster Gamble's work, the "Thrive" video and movement, I encourage you to check out his amazing work.

4. Alternative Currencies & the Liberty Dollar

Click HERE for a very interesting seven-minute video regarding alternative currencies and the Liberty Dollar created by Kevin Hayden for Truth is Treason.

5. Over 5,000 complementary currency systems worldwide
Dr Gill Seyfang has announced the publication of two new research papers on International Journal of Community Currency Research (IJCCR).

A New Approach to a Typology of Complementary Currencies (CC) by Jens Martignoni states that well over 5,000 complementary currency systems have been established worldwide to date. They range from very large systems, such as the WIR-Cooperation Ring, to small neighbour to neighbour exchange circles. Such a diverse range of currency types has developed that it is almost impossible to get an overview of the whole field. This article attempts to strip CC money down to its basic features and then develop a typology of the various complementary currencies. This article is an excerpt from a thesis on complementary currencies by the author in The Institute for Research on Management of Associations, Foundations and Cooperatives (VMI) at the Economic and Social Sciences Faculty University of Fribourg/Switzerland. Click HERE for more info.

Key Indicators of Time Bank Participation: Using Transaction Data for Evaluation by Ed Collom states the key and advanced statistical indicators of time bank participation. Unlike printed community currencies, time banks record their exchanges in databases. Such transaction data enables researchers to evaluate member participation in these networks across time. Nonetheless, there is very little published scholarship employing time bank transaction data. Click HERE for more info.

6. Bernal Bucks: More bang from their bucks with a Visa Card

SF 'hood' evolves its local currency program - into a Visa card?

I stumbled into a small-town saloon, complete with a dingy 1950s cowboy mural over the door, a horseshoe-shaped bar, and the feeling that everybody - everybody! - knew the score better than I did. Oh wait, I remembered. I'm just in Bernal Heights.

Normally I do not spend my Tuesday night on this hill, but tonight was an exception. Cortland Avenue was hosting a local business walk - the sidewalks lined with bustling young families and the fundraising popcorn stands of neighborhood groups. Paulie's Pickling was offering free tastes of its delicious jarred carrots and cauliflower.

I wasn't even on the hill for the sour samples. The evening also was meant to debut the Bernal Bucks card - an innovative, or at the very least, new take on the idea of local currency. Bernal Heights is a neighborhood full of folks who don't have much call to go anywhere else.

Click HERE to read the complete article and more below. (link to )

Bernal Bucks: More bang from their bucks

Unified by the coin of their realm

Bernal Heights neighborhood has own debit card

Card-carrying Locals Earn 5% Rewards - SF Chronicle

Communities issue currency, promote local spending

The Bernal Bucks Card Stars in Today's Wall Street Journal

Community Currencies Aim to Aid Merchants

7. States seek currencies made of silver and gold

NEW YORK -- A growing number of states are seeking shiny new currencies made of silver and gold.

Worried that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. dollar are on the brink of collapse, lawmakers from 13 states, including Minnesota, Tennessee, Iowa, South Carolina and Georgia, are seeking approval from their state governments to either issue their own alternative currency or explore it as an option. Just three years ago, only three states had similar proposals in place.

"In the event of hyperinflation, depression, or other economic calamity related to the breakdown of the Federal Reserve System ... the State's governmental finances and private economy will be thrown into chaos," said North Carolina Republican Representative Glen Bradley in a currency bill he introduced last year.

Unlike individual communities, which are allowed to create their own currency -- as long as it is easily distinguishable from U.S. dollars -- the Constitution bans states from printing their own paper money or issuing their own currency. But it allows the states to make "gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts."

To the state legislators who are proposing state-issued currencies, that means gold and silver are fair game, said Edwin Vieira, an alternative currency proponent and attorney specializing in Constitutional law. And since gold has grown exponentially more
valuable, while the U.S. dollar continues to lose ground, the notion has become increasingly appealing to state governments, he said.

Click HERE to read how North Carolina, Indiana, South Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Iowa, Georgia, Utah, Idaho, and Washington are taking action against hyperinflation, depression, or other economic calamity related to the breakdown of the Federal Reserve System.

8. Shire Silver: Price Change Coming
Ron Helwig states on the home page: You can make money by becoming a merchant, buying Shire Silver cards at a discount, and giving them out as change. You can also earn money by helping our network to grow by coming a sales agent.

As Helwig's site explains:
We believe that governments are based on force and routinely interfere in voluntary exchanges. Because of perverse incentives and the concentration of power, governments cannot be trusted with the power to make or regulate money. They have repeatedly shown that they don't deserve that trust. Even when a government controlled currency starts out sound, the pressure to debase is irresistable. Once debasement begins, governments then are forced to lie about economic conditions in order to continue their plunder.

We believe that in the future, money will have been separated from governments and all money will be produced privately. People will trade value for value, using honest wealth based currencies; with Shire Silver being the most trusted brand.

Recently Helwig announced that a price change is coming to Shire Silver. Upon a quick review it seems that Helwig has drawn upon the Liberty Dollar's MSRP model and the pricing seem similar and very in sync to the formulas that I developed. As the price of silver moves up, the value of the Shire Silver moves up. Make perfect sense to me:)!! More info on Shire Silver is available HERE and pricing changes HERE.

Thanks Ron for mentioning the Liberty Dollar on your History Page.

9. Book review of End of Money

Shortly before I dashed from Hawaii to North Carolina for the Liberty Dollar trial, I gave an interview to David Wolman who was writing a book on money and found the Liberty Dollar an interesting concept. What the hell, anybody who is crazy enough to fly to Hawaii, should be crazy enough to interview me. Unfortunately, Wolman was more tenacious than I, so I decided to let the chips fall where they may. The book has been well received with most reviewers mentioning my interview. Here are a few reviews:

Cashless author's idea, book set off fireworks by Alison Barnwell
The Portland Tribune, Feb 16, 2012

Talking quickly into the phone as he hurried to an interview with FOX News in Los Angeles, Bernard von NotHaus said the subject of economics paled beside his discussion with Oregon author David Wolman about the Liberty Dollar. "Economics is a dry, boring and an utterly disgusting topic," von NotHaus said. "I'm into money, and money is like sex - it's exciting."

Book review 'The End of Money' looks at world with no cash by the Boston Globe
NotHaus curses like a sailor, mostly about the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury, ... Although Wolman disagrees with NotHaus' reverence for gold-backed…

Do we really need cash any more? A book review of The End of Money by the New Scientist...

David Wolman's vision of a future without cash has a serious side but has gonzo brilliance as well book review by Felix Martin for the British Observer, Saturday 24 March 2012.

Why We'll Never Get a Cashless Society - The arguments against cash are rational, but our attachment to it isn't. A book review by Technology Review

No Money, No Problems? A review of The End of Money by Jennifer Vega for Pop Matters

10. Total Federalization of Police
Mission Creep: DHS Agency Abandons Fighting Terrorism, Shifts to Hiring Police, Taking Over America reported on January 25, 2012 by Aaron Dykes for

A new white paper presented to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence carves out an 'evolving mission' for Homeland Security that moves away from fighting terrorism and towards growing a vast domestic intelligence apparatus that would expand integration with local/state agencies and private-public partnerships already underway via regional fusion centers.

Crafted by the Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group, co-chaired by former DHS chief Michael Chertoff and composed of a who's who of national security figures, the report outlines a total mission creep, as the titled Homeland Security and Intelligence: Next Steps in Evolving the Mission implies.

Significantly, it puts on paper and into the Congressional record a proposed transition from outwardly dealing with the threats posed by terrorism to intelligence gathering "focused on more specific homeward-focused areas."

Please read this whole, shocking article HERE.

Closing Remarks:
Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor


Message from Juan @ Teknosis:

Please join my Infowars - Youngevity Business Team for health, wealth and success!

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