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Freedom Watch

FREEDOM WATCH is information pertaining to 
government abuse of  power, trashing of 
the Constitution, destructive monetary 
policies, 2nd Amendment, political 
correctness run amok, etc.
It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.
To subscribe send an e-mail to:


Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other.
- Oscar Ameringer


The Backdoor to Scuttling the Second Amendment
On July 27th Obama is planning on signing the UN Arms Trade Treaty, which he assures us will have no effect whatever on private ownership of guns in this country. Pardon me if I don't quite believe what he says. He has been somewhat predisposed to prevarication
in the past.
by Al Benson Jr.

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

Texas officially rejects Obamacare expansion

Libor: The Largest Insider Trading Scandal Ever

Man Tells Police Dispatcher His Mentally Disturbed Brother Is Carrying a Fake Gun, Police Kill Him Anyway

TSA Agents Laugh At Deaf Man, Call Him “F***ing Deafie,” Steal His Candy
“You’re dumb deafies anyway so no one would believe you”
Paul Joseph Watson

Conspiracy Realism

Report: 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting over Obamacare

Obama Now Controls All Communications Via Executive Order

Countrywide Issued VIP Loans to Influence Congress: Report
CNBC Video

Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign Against GMO Labeling

60 Days in Jail + A Fine for Home Bible Study!

U.K. To Seize Anti-Islamist Mother’s Unborn Child
Sun News

Gary Johnson 2012

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap


The right to "petition" government in this 
manner was secured by our Founding Fathers.  
As Sam Adams famously wrote, "It does not 
require a majority to prevail, but rather 
an irate, tireless minority keen to set 
brush fires in people's minds."  What the 
limited-government movement needs are a 
few good pyromaniacs.

If you want to contact Congress on any 
issue, you can do so toll-free by calling 
(800) 862-5530.  
When the Capitol operator answers, simply 
ask to be connected to a particular 
congressman or senator.



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