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CNN Exposed by former reporter Amber Lyon - Caught Producing "State News" + more

CNN Exposed by former reporter Amber Lyon - Caught Producing "State News" 
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Michael Scheuer: Mrs Clinton Has Blood on her Hands Everywhere

Peter Schiff Interviewed about QE3-4-5, End the Fed, 9/11, Gray State

Mainstream Media admits Cell Phones are Tracking Devices

Fantastic 12 yr old Victoria Grant explains how banks commit fraud

Raw Video: Protesters Clash With Police in Madrid

Most Extensive Cyber Attack On American Banks Ever! Launched From The Middle East & Happening Now!

TSA Phoenix airport "freeze drill" scare tactic (22 September 2012)

Gary Johnson Will Not Be Allowed To Participate In The Presidential Debates

10 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook

Woman in GA describes the effects of having a microchip implanted against her will by DOD

Wake the F*** Up! - A Rebuttal to Samuel L Jackson (NSFW!)

Barney Frank CNN Legalize Cannabis

What will Ron Paul do when he retires?

Exclusive: CNN Exposed by former reporter Amber Lyon - Caught Producing "State News" in Bahrain

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Thursday Night with..... Marilyn Barnewall, September 27, 2012 / AMERICANS: Wanta Be Free - THE STORY OF THE TWENTY SEVEN TRILLION DOLLAR MAN


Download this episode

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Courts Controlling Lawyers

Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:36 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta"


“His (the attorney’s) first duty is to the court, not to the client, and wherever the duties he owes to the client conflict with the duties he owes to the court, as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter”. Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Sec. 4, pg 802

Corpus Juris Secundum
The Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.) is an encyclopedia of U.S. law. Its full title is Corpus Juris Secundum: Complete Restatement Of The Entire American Law As Developed By All Reported Cases (1936- ) It contains an alphabetical arrangement of legal topics as developed by U.S. federal and state cases (1658-date).
The CJS is an authoritative 20th century American legal encyclopedia that provides a clear statement of each area of law including areas of the law that are evolving and provides footnoted citations to case law and other primary sources of law. Named after the 6th century Corpus Juris Civilis of Emperor Justinian I of the Byzantine Empire, the first codification of Roman law and civil law. (The name Corpus Juris literally means "body of the law"; Secundus denotes the second edition of the encyclopedia, which was originally issued as Corpus Juris by the American Law Book Company.)
The CJS is published by West Group, part of the Thomson Legal & Regulatory division of The Thomson Corporation. It is updated with annual supplements to reflect modern developments in the law. Entire volumes are revised and reissued periodically as the supplements become large enough.
Retrieved from "

Americans appearing in American courts represented by licensed lawyers are known to be “wards-of-the-court”. Corpus Juris Secundum, Attorney & Client, Sec. 2, pg 769.
Black's Law Dictionary (5th Ed., 1991) defines “wards-of-the-court” as “infants” or “persons of unsound mind”.

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POWDERBURNS by Retired DEA agent Celerino Castillo III Free Copy Online?

Andy Morro
9:58 PM (1 hour ago)
to jamproethics
Hi, if you haven't read it already, enjoy! And pass this along to friends.
The author lectures regularly on foreign policy, law enforcement and intelligence matters. He is also an expert witness for the defense on court cases.
The book is relevant on human rights issues and the continued support of dictators by the US.


The truth about the remaining dark secret of the Iran-Contra scandal - the United States government's collaboration with drug smugglers - Powderburns is the story of Celerino Castillo III who spent 12 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration. During that time he built cases against organized drug rings in Manhattan, raided jungle cocaine labs in the Amazon, conducted aerial eradication operations in Guatemala and assembled and trained anti-narcotics units in several countries. The eerie climax of Agent Castillo's career with the DEA took place in El Salvador. One day he received a cable from a fellow agent. He was told to investigate possible drug smuggling by Nicaraguan Contras operating from the Ilopango air force base. Castillo quickly discovered that Contra pilots were, indeed, smuggling narcotics back into the United States - using the same pilots, planes and hangars that the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council, under the Direction of Lt. Col. Oliver North, used to maintain their covert supply operation to the Contras.
Contact the author at
2709 N. 28 1/2 street,
McAllen Texas, 78501



Jeremy, here is a copy for you that someone sent, in case you don't have a copy yet.

I am an activist specializing in Central American interests and the war on drugs. In the process of researching information related to atrocities in Central America during the 1980's and the drug war, I have met some former law enforcement agents who have related to me a disturbing story of government malfeasance.
One of the men is a former federal agent named Celerino Castillo III who worked for the DEA in Central America from the early 1980's until 1992 when he retired under duress.
Castillo was the lead agent in charge of El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize. While at this post, Mr. Castillo discovered that all of the government officials in these countries and their military were listed as known narcotics traffickers in multiple DEA files. When he mentioned this fact to his supervisors, they said “we are not here to embarrass the Guatemalan government”. Upon arriving for his assignment in El Salvador, he was forewarned by his supervisor, DEA country attache Robert Stia that "there was a covert operation being run by the Whitehouse at Ilopango airfield and to stay away from it". He was also warned by a DEA agent named Bobby Nieves working out of the Panama DEA office that the Contras were involved with drugs and gave Castillo information on which areas to surveil. He soon discovered that the operation was smuggling drugs and using the proceeds to arm the Contras in Nicaragua.
Unlike others who have come forward with allegations of this nature, Mr. Castillo was at the time a DEA special agent. His prepared statement can be seen at:
Photographs and additional notes from Castillo’s career:
Among the things witnessed by Castillo were: a drug operation run by Oliver North and his operatives at Ilopango. The presence of CIA operatives such as Felix Rodriguez (Bay of Pigs veteran and the man who tracked down Che Guevara in Bolivia for the CIA), Luis Posada (a known terrorist and drug trafficker employed by Rodriguez)
and Walter Grasheim AKA William Brasher. All of these men, including Oliver North, are listed in more than 7 DEA files each. All pilots flying out of Ilopongo were known drug traffickers. Castillo even provides the DEA NADDIS (database) file numbers in his testimony. Castillo raided the home of Brasher after repeated denials from the US MILGROUP, the U.S. embassy and the CIA that Brasher worked for them.

Upon entering Brasher’s residence, Castillo found ledgers indicating payoffs to Salvadoran politicians and military officials, drugs, substantial amounts of new armaments, U.S. embassy ID's, diplomatic passports, radios tuned to the U.S. embassy frequencies, and a M-16 rifle registered to U.S. MILGROUP leader, Col. James Steele. When confronted with the evidence, the embassy, the U.S. military, and the CIA all admitted that Brasher was there with their knowledge "he worked for Ollie North and they were ordered to give all cooperation necessary". After the raid, Brasher/Grasheim called to threaten Castillo and demanded that his weapons be returned.
Brasher had arrogantly flashed the credentials of the DEA, FBI and CIA when he entered the DEA offices in Panama to request information from their computers. He asked if any of his pilots were listed in his database as traffickers. The federal agents ran his name though the computer instead and tossed him out of the office because HIS name was listed in more than 7 files as a trafficker. The munitions seized at his home were being investigated by a customs agent named Richard Rivera who specialized in arms. He was interviewed several times in the press and was never able to trace the source of new equipment allegedly because the investigation was blocked by the Pentagon.
Also flying out of Ilopango was Marcus Aguado, the main pilot for the drug lord Norwin Meneses from Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance book and Newspaper series (1996). Aguado flew El Salvadoran Air Force planes to Colombia to pick up cocaine and delivered them to a U.S. military base (Carswell Air Force base) in Texas. He was also personal pilot for Eden Pastora. In 1986, he was documented by the DEA as a drug trafficker. He still flew out of Ilopago with the approval of the CIA. (When Castillo was later transferred out of Central America into California by the DEA in retaliation for his reports, he ended up arresting Meneses' drug sales people at the other end of the pipeline!)
Kerry Committee Testimony about Aguado is here:
A profile of Aguado is here:
Castillo witnessed torture, murder and drug trafficking by the secret service of the Guatemalan government, known as G2. Many of the ranking members of this organization were U.S. trained at the school of the Americas Ft Benning, GA. The G2 received its training and funding from the U.S. government.
Castillo, in the course of training anti-drug squads in El Salvador, was forced to work with Dr. Hector Regalado, who openly bragged of being the triggerman in the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. Romero was assassinated while celebrating mass in 1981. Castillo complained to his superiors and they did nothing. Regalado was on the payroll of the U.S. as a firearms trainer. Castillo was later confronted by a CIA case officer named Randy Capister who told Castillo: “Cele, why are you reporting all of this (to Washington DC)?  We own this place. We pay $1.5 million a day for this place. We elect the presidents, we train the death squads. These are our training grounds. No one is ever going to do anything about this.”
Two DEA investigators were later sent to look into Castillo’s allegations about Oliver North’s operation at Ilopongo. They spent their time trying to discredit his investigation and admonished Castillo for his spelling errors. They told him to use the word “alleged” when sending reports to Washington about Ilopongo. Castillo replied “why do I have to use the word alleged when I am seeing this with my own eyes?”
Castillo resigned from the DEA in disgust. He was retaliated against for speaking out while still employed by the government. He was interviewed by Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh in 1991, who did nothing about the drug allegations of Iran-Contra. Castillo's interview notes were found in the national archives, uninvestigated.
In 1994, Castillo went on the road in the state of Virginia to halt Oliver North’s senate bid, appearing at rallies of cheering fans of Oliver North. North later lost the race in part due to Castillo’s allegations.
In 1995, Castillo traveled to the Vietnam memorial in Washington DC and left his last pair of boots at the memorial with his bronze star and a letter addressed to Bill Clinton, renouncing the award in protest of the atrocities he had witnessed.
In 1995 and 1996 Mr. Castillo was interviewed by reporter Gary Webb for his August, 1996 Dark Alliance series in the San Jose Mercury News. Webb and Castillo found that the pilots from Ilopango in El Salvador had been supplying the main “characters” (Norwin Meneses and Danilo Blandon) in the Dark Alliance series with drugs. Ironically, when Castillo was transferred by the DEA from Central America to California in 1990, he had begun investigating the sales end of Norwin Meneses’ network in San Francisco!
In 1996, Mr. Castillo met with U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters to provide information to her ongoing investigation sparked by outrage over the Dark Alliance series.
In 1998, Fredrick Hitz, CIA Inspector General (IG), and Michael Bromwich, DOJ Inspector General, released reports admitting to the existence of an agreement which exempted the intelligence agencies of the USA from reporting drug crimes. The legislative body chosen to hear the allegations was the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) chaired by Porter Goss, a former CIA officer (1960-71) who would later serve as Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) (2004 to 2006) under George W. Bush. The committee hearings were held behind closed doors from 1998 to 2000 and a final classified report was released in June, 2000. The report has never been released to the public.
[Teknosis - The above are defunct. Try these: ]
Mr. Castillo has written a book entitled "Powderburns: the Contras, the CIA and drugs".
I hope you will find this interesting reading and pass this along to others.
This story is one that needs to be shared with as many people as possible, in my opinion, and I hope you will agree.

K Moore
Message from Teknosis: I don't think Cele would want his book to be given out online for free. As far as I know he is still in prison for being setup for some cocked up technicality in re: gun sales. I don't know if he is already out yet or not. In any event I'm sure he could use the money from sales of his book.




Another paramilitary band broken up in Venezuela

May 18, 2015 — Sabina Becker


Venezuelan federal authorities are always on the lookout for paramilitaries. And no wonder: Ever since Chavecito rose to power (and Madurito succeeded him), the old ruling classes have had this ongoing problem with actual, functioning, democratically-elected government. They don’t want to fade into irrelevance; they always have to do something to keep their profile up. But since they are terminally discredited, with barely any support even among their upper-class cohort, well…they have a little problem on their well-manicured hands. And to cover up that, they have resorted to creating other problems, big ones, which they can then blame on the Bolivarian government. They hire paramilitaries from Colombia, import them to whichever part of Venezuela they’re looking to create chaos in, and turn them loose on the unsuspecting locals.

There’s only one problem with that little scheme. Namely, that the paramilitaries keep getting busted by those aforementioned, ever-alert federales:

Following operations of dissuasion, prevention and intelligence, the criminal band “Gamma”, which operated in the municipality of Sucre in the state of Miranda, was dismantled, according to the minister of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Gustavo González López.

In a press conference at the headquarters of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), in Caracas, González explained that the criminal organization was dedicated to creating fake identity cards, kidnapping, extortion, robbery, as well as assassinations, drug and weapons trafficking, and intimidating the locals.

In a broadcast on VTV, González stated that the members of the criminal band are now in custody. Among them: Minimo de Jesús González Prieto (head of the gang); Alexis Prieto (lieutenant); Roberto Prieto (chief of logistics), García Granado (chief tough guy), and the assassin. Four other persons are still being sought.

“We are after the financiers, with elements who operated in the same industrial sector of La Dolorita, in Sucre, Miranda, and we are sure that with our criminal and strategic intelligence work, we will continue to escalate until we find all the elements who are linked to the political use of criminal gangs,” said González López.

He added, as well, that other criminal gangs have been identified which operate in Sucre municipality, and reiterated the government’s intention to continue combating paramilitarism.

“Paramilitarism is basically a reaction, a structure of an economic elite, a financial elite, a political elite that seeks to maintain, in a crude and persistent manner, its power by whatever means or form,” said the minister.

González pointed out that the assassinations of political leaders, such as the revolutionary deputy Robert Serra, in October of last year, are not due to common crime, but paramilitarism.

“This perverse manner of attempting to confuse [the people] with the notion that we are in the presence of a small problem of common crime keeps mutating. I want to bring to your attention that this is not a problem of common crime, it is the use of common crime by paramilitaries in criminal gangs with processes,” added the minister.

Translation mine.

And here’s some video (in Spanish), in which the minister — a major-general of the Venezuelan armed forces — talks in detail about the criminal gang, its organizational structure and membership:

As you can see, these are no common criminals, although they may be using common crime as a front. They used fake IDs claiming them to be workers or unionists, but they aren’t. These are highly organized criminals whose behavioral patterns bear an unmistakable stamp of paramilitarism. Their hideout even had a tunnel leading from the bathroom to a wooded area, designed for quick escapes. They’ve also been recruiting local minors — teens ranging in age from 13 to 17 — and possibly have ties to the infamous, Colombian-led group that assassinated Robert Serra, whose members are all currently in custody and awaiting trial. Their crimes serve a blatant set of political interests: namely, those of the discredited old ruling class, who are currently glorified in the media as “the opposition”. And that’s what makes them political criminals.

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Ex-DEA agent slams Salazar, CIA and DEA

February 13, 2015 — Sabina Becker


Celerino Castillo busted his ass in the 1980s trying to get to the bottom of the Nicaraguan cocaine trafficking networks in Central America. Imagine his horror when he found out that the very same US government he was working for was actually behind it all, and not in a small way. That the cocaine was being imported into the US, where it was converted into crack and laid waste to entire inner-city neighborhoods, primarily black ones. And that his own agency, the Drug Enforcement Agency, was being used as a false front by the CIA, who were in the illicit operations up to their eyeballs, along with a group of well-known “assets”: death-squad leaders and terrorists and goons who have the strangest habit of popping up all over Latin America like sinister Jacks-in-the-box, leaving trails of death and destruction wherever they go. Cele Castillo saw it all, and has been persecuted for telling the truth about it ever since.

So, when asked to comment about the DEA’s latest “star witness” to supposed cocaine trafficking in Latin America, and specifically in Venezuela, of course Castillo isn’t surprised to see a traitor with US ties in the mix. Nor would it surprise him at all to learn that the traitor, Leamsy Salazar, may well be an assassin himself:

“The CIA has always used the DEA as its bastard son to hide its crimes.” The speaker is none other than former DEA agent Celerino “Cele” Castillo, who denounced the criminal activities of the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in El Salvador.

Asked about the Venezuelan Leamsy Salazar, former bodyguard of Hugo Chávez who is now seeking asylum in the US, Castillo did not hesitate an instant, and said: “I witnessed many murders by the CIA. I have archives of cases and passports from the individuals who were killed.”

Leamsy José Salazar Villafaña, the Venezuelan traitor officer who confessed to having informed to the DEA, raised the suspicions of his current boss, Venezuelan national assembly president Diosdado Cabello, and was removed from service, and later fled. He is now suspected of having been part of a possible plot to assassinate Chávez with induced cancer.

Corvette captain Salazar, 40 years of age, was collaborating with the DEA “from mid-2013″, according to sources close to the DEA and right-wing media. The date is hardly credible.

Castillo is the former DEA investigator who saw with his own eyes and denounced how Posada Carriles, under cover of the CIA and the DEA as well, led an operation trafficking weapons in exchange for cocaine at the Salvadoran airbase at Ilopango.

In the 1980s, Castillo denounced the Reagan/Bush administrations as accomplices in narcotrafficking and contraband weapons trafficking. Bipartisan investigations in the House and the Senate confirmed his allegations against the US government.

“While I was in Central America as a DEA agent, we were accustomed to CIA operatives like Randy Capister and Victor Rivera. They paid Rivera $5,000 a month to use his death squad (made up of Venezuelans) in El Salvador.

“The gang assassinated a major of the Salvadoran army. They captured him in Guatemala and later took him to El Salvador and tortured him in order to finally kill him. They told us he was trying to escape.”

Victor “Zacarias” Rivera Aguaje later became an advisor to the Guatemalan Ministry of the Government in the Colom administration.

In 2008, a Guatemalan reporter interviewed Celerino Castillo about the topic. “The President of Guatemala fired Rivera. A week later he was killed, along with his secretary. The FBI moved quickly to investigate the murder because Victor was a documented agent of the CIA.”

The murder of “Zacarias” took place on April 7, 2008, at about 11 p.m., when he got into his car on Vista Hermosa Boulevard in Guatemala City, along with his aide, María Melgar.

Celerino Castillo has directly tied “Zacarias” to the CIA operation directed by Posada Carilles at Ilopango, where they met with Félix Rodríguez Mindigutía, a known CIA terrorist agent said to be the killer of Che Guevara.

Castillo resides in Texas, and is constantly harassed by the federal authorities.

In 2009, the federal prosecutor, Johnny “House of Death” Sutton, managed to put him on trial in San Antonio, Texas, for an ordinary purchase of a weapon without a licence, something which is common in that state. In August 2009, Castillo was sentenced to 37 months in prison, thanks to the complicity of a corrupt judge, Royal Furgeson.

Celerino Castillo documents many of his investigations on his website,

Translation mine.

So, Cele Castillo wouldn’t be shocked if Leamsy Salazar turned out to be another Luis Posada Carriles? Well, neither would I. Let’s recall that Posada was, for a time and under a pseudonym, a chief of the infamous Venezuelan political police, the DISIP, at a time when leftists were kidnapped, tortured and “disappeared” in that country. How an ex-Cuban terrorist could make it to a top job in the secret police of a country not his own may seem a head-scratcher in itself, but the trail of dead bodies behind him is no mystery, and neither is his impunity. Luis Posada Carriles is a fanatical right-wing psychopath. Of course there will be deaths in his wake. The man’s a veritable Grim Reaper, and the fact that he’s the US’s Grim Reaper is clear from the way he’s been coddled by the justice system since he illegally showed up in Miami. Considering that the US normally hunts illegal immigrants down like vermin, that’s highly unusual. But it’s perfectly explicable when you remember that the CIA protects its loyal assets. And Posada is nothing if not loyal! So it’s no wonder that he got shoehorned into that plum job at the DISIP. He was a bastard, and he was Washington’s bastard.

And now Leamsy Salazar has shown where his own true loyalties lie. It should be fun to watch him dissolve under the harsh spotlight as revelations of his illegal activities in Venezuela come to light. I can hardly wait.


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Private Attorney General's criminal investigations re: Fast and Furious,. Re: Obama lying right to their faces


Paul Andrew Mitchell has been bundled away by the US Government

"Blowing Whistles at Hurricanes" / FROM: 44202086 – MODELESKI, MITCHELL PAUL* – Unit: SET-D-C

We have decided to challenge the recent report on "Fast and Furious"
issued by DOJ's Office of the Inspector General, in part because
are fatally defective:
For justification and legal authorities, please see the recent
lodged by the United States ex rel. in Hedges et al. v. Obama et al.:
We have also submitted a FOIA Request now for the OPM SF-61
APPOINTMENT AFFIDAVITS required of Michael E. Horowitz
dba Inspector General:
We have already had one "go around" with the Office of Inspector General,
when we received an unsigned letter from that Office, which we duly
The latter arose from our receipt of another counterfeit SF-61
for one Nathaniel B. Parker, currently claiming to be a "Trial Attorney"
in the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice:
Parker is attempting to "foreclose" on homes owned and occupied
by elderly Americans, by abusing fraudulent sections of the
Internal Revenue Code and mailing "sewer service" that violates
the Federal statute at 28 U.S.C. 1691:
Mailing court pleadings without credentials is MAIL FRAUD,
and MAIL FRAUD is a Federal FELONY:  18 U.S.C. 1341
(See PROOFS OF SERVICE for proof of mailing.)
And, Parker has been aided and abetted by these known impostors
at the USDC in Portland, Oregon:
Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a) (Home Page) (Support Policy) (Client Guidelines) (Policy + Guidelines)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

From: "" <>
To: [redacted]
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 7:39 AM
Subject: Fwd: [protectourbordernow] Obama lying right to their faces


Sent: 9/22/2012 8:03:38 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: [protectourbordernow] Obama lying right to their faces
The President lying right to their faces without emotion is unbelievable. Fast & Furious was NOT started under the George W. Bush administration and Barack knows it but lies anyway because he was "put on the hot seat' and was squirming!

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Freedom Watch

FREEDOM WATCH is information pertaining to 
government abuse of  power, trashing of 
the Constitution, destructive monetary 
policies, 2nd Amendment, political 
correctness run amok, etc.
It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.
To subscribe send an e-mail to:

Recovering What Once Defined Us as a People:
“As for the Great Hate Crime of using the word “Christmas” in the days surrounding the winter solstice – we now have “holiday trees” and “winter break” and “Laura and I would like to wish you a happy Ramadan” – Sam [Francis] observes that the real “controversy is about whether Christians can celebrate or even observe in public their own religious holidays in a country (or even local community) that is overwhelmingly Christian….”
And when it comes to multiculturalism being jammed down our throats through unlimited immigration and the bilingual education (”linguistic anarchy”) that it demands, Sam agrees that “Everyone should grow up learning the traditions and culture their [sic] parents teach them,” adding that “An even better way to learn it is for the immigrants to go back to their own countries and teach their kids there.”
For Sam Francis, the battle was not Democrats versus Republicans or neoconservatives versus paleo-conservatives: The enemy was the Managerial State, which includes all of the major media and both parties. As it was the American nation being assaulted by that system, it was up to the people – his Middle American Radicals – to see the beast for what it is and engage in its own revolution “from the middle.”
That revolution begins not at the polls but in our homes, where the media elite is brainwashing us and our children through its version of “the news” and its nonstop blabbering about equality and diversity – in a word, hatemongering.
For those Americans who wish to see their culture restored, “the most revolutionary act they could perpetrate would be simply to turn off the television [and] cancel their subscriptions to most magazines….”  Absent the constant hatemongering of the cultural elite, they might recover the honor and even patriotism that once defined us as a people.”
(Patriotic Conservative, Aaron D. Wolf’s review of “Shots Fired, Same Francis on America’s Culture War,” Chronicles Magazine, February 2007, excerpts pp. 26-27,  


I didn't like my beard at first.   Then it grew on me.


Why Don’t People Care about Their Freedoms?
Interview with David Seaman

The Inspector General’s Exoneration of Eric Holder
The “see no evil, hear no evil” defense
Gun Owners of America

On Christian Cultural Marxism. Russell Moore and other Useful Idiots.

They Chose Which One to Destroy
Bill Holter



Autumn NC PATCON (Patriot Convention)
October 4th - 7th 2012
Sponsors & Presentations Proceeding

Liberty Fest
NYC - Oct. 13, 2012

Sheriff Richard Mack
FRIDAY OCT 19th - Bartlett, Tennessee
Freedom Watch

Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society presents: "Cracking the Fable: The Truth behind Jefferson and Hemings”
October 27, 2012 - Charlottesville, Virginia
Freedom Watch
Gary Johnson 2012

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap


The right to "petition" government in this 
manner was secured by our Founding Fathers.  
As Sam Adams famously wrote, "It does not 
require a majority to prevail, but rather 
an irate, tireless minority keen to set 
brush fires in people's minds."  What the 
limited-government movement needs are a 
few good pyromaniacs.

If you want to contact Congress on any 
issue, you can do so toll-free by calling 
(800) 862-5530.  
When the Capitol operator answers, simply 
ask to be connected to a particular 
congressman or senator.

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Re: 07-2017 clarification

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: 07-2017 clarification

The controlling case is Commissioner v. Acker:

... to uphold this addition to the tax would be
to hold that it may be imposed by regulation,
which, of course, the law does not permit.
United States v. Calamaro, 354 U.S. 351, 359 ;
Koshland v. Helvering, 298 U.S. 441, 446 -447;
Manhattan Co. v. Commissioner, 297 U.S. 129, 134 .

Paul H. O'Neill was served with a proper SUBPOENA
when he was the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury:

He fell totally silent -- by failing to answer that SUBPOENA;
and, George W. Bush fired him about 6 weeks after
that SUBPOENA was served:

His silence activated estoppel.  Carmine v. Bowen

The United States certified DEFAULT by
the U.S. Department of the Treasury here:  (see Item (7) )

It is extremely easy to modify the liability statute
for subtitle C, so that it applies to subtitle A:


The recipient of income shall be liable for the payment of the tax
imposed by subtitle A of this title.

Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?

But, there is no such statute
for subtitle A of the IRC.

If you're referring to the Tenth Circuit,
you'll need to show me every robe's
4 required credentials

HOWEVER, we already checked!!

The Federal Judiciary is extensively infiltrated
with known impostors:

... particularly the Tenth Circuit:

Before Tacha, Murphy and Holmes???

Implications of missing and/or defective credentials
are explained by these standing authorities:


Without taking the oath prescribed by law,
one cannot become a judge either de jure or de facto, and
such an individual is without authority to act and
his acts as such are void until he has taken the prescribed oath.

 [French v. State, 572 S.W.2d 934]
[Brown v. State, 238 S.W.2d 787]

OPM never requested nor obtained OMB's review and approval
of three (3) changes that are now obvious on the counterfeit SF-61
which OPM published at their Internet website.

We already checked!!

Yes, please send your donation per the instructions here:

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964 (Home Page) (Support Policy) (Client Guidelines) (Policy + Guidelines)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 3:16 PM, Jon Steele <> wrote:
I saw the doc on your site that states that the irs is dead, subtitle A, with your default Notice.
But in reading the opinion of the court, it looks like they ruled that the statute does exist.
What is the truth? Thanks, Jon
I will gladly pay for your time, just let me know how much, If I can quote a case that shows
there is no statute, or use your default somehow in my situation. Thanks for all you do

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More RE: Presidential Debate Games

Thanks for the clip, Mark.  I saw that John sent it to the list yesterday, too, and I've been meaning to watch it.

By the way, Jesse Ventura gave us an affidavit which we used to help win injunctions to get Max Linn into the debates in 2006.  Unfortunately, Doug Friedline, the campaign manager for Jesse in 1998 and Max in 2006, passed away right after the 2006 selections, and as a result, I don't have any mutual contacts with Jesse. 

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

Subject: RE: [ronpaul-48] RE: Presidential Debate Games
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 11:53:52 -0400

Here’s a recent Howard Stern show from a couple days ago… with Jesse Ventura and his new book, “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans – No More Gangs In Government”.


He’s hinting at running for President in 2016 with NO Party. Howard Stern could be his VP. Some of it was pretty funny, but he really rags on the one-Party system. Runs about an hour, but worth listening to in the background while you’re working.




For Truth & Liberty,

Mark Ferguson


Vote Congress Out in 2012:


Ron Paul for President 2012:


From: [] On Behalf Of Mark A. Adams, JD/MBA
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 11:42 AM
Subject: [ronpaul-48] RE: Presidential Debate Games


This morning the TV "news" said that the debates would include Obama and Romney.  Naturally, there was no mention of third parties, so I guess that the effort to Occupy the CPD failed.  Now, who would have guessed that? 

Well, wait until 2016, right?

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA  

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Feds Seek Stay of Anti-Terrorism Law Ruling in NYC

From RH:
Note: The links below show who voted for and against NDAA... Which I'm refering to sections 1021 & 1022. Both Connie Mack who is running for the the U.S. Senate and our Congressman Young voted against the NDAA.

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Judge Restored NDAA

Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:28 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"" meetupmoma

Thanks to Lynette for providing this info. So much for my good news.

http://blog. tenthamendmentce 80/2012/09/ judge-reinstates -federal- kidnapping- powers/

When Obama signed NDAA into law, he made a signing statement that said he was nervous about section 1021, the indefinite detention section. He said he would NEVER use it on his People. For someone who supposedly doesn't want the power to kidnap people, Obama sure pressed hard for indefinite detention... and won.

A federal appeals judge restored the government's alleged power to kidnap people on American soil and detain them until the end of an endless war.

Infor here:http://blog. tenthamendmentce 2012/09/judge- reinstates- federal-kidnappi ng-powers/

And here:

All the more reason to throw these rascals out!
Remember at election time, who voted for NDAA:

Offering a Much Better Alternative to the Republicrats:

http://www.facebook .com/#!/photo.php? fbid=10151092198 922726&set= a.10151092198817 726.465764. 5978057725& type=1&theater


Interesting info.  Basically, as history shows, tyrants can get away with anything unless their enforcers or their subjects refuse to consent.

Subject: RE: [ronpaul-48] FW: Feds Seek Stay of Anti-Terrorism Law Ruling in NYC
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 10:57:27 -0400

To quote Arsinio Hall:  "Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmmm"".
If BO, under NDAA,
can accuse/indefinitely detain American Citizens........
and Congress and the Courts .....
including the Supreme Court.......
are populated by American Citizens.......
does that mean.........
that NDAA...........
has (potentially) effectively cancelled the Constitution and.....
enabled BO........
as dictator.......
in the same way that the "Enabling Legislation"
In NAZI Germany.......
effectively made the little paperhanger.....
a dictator? 
Could BO, under NDAA, lock up any in Congress or on the Supreme Court who oppose him?  (or all of them for that matter)
Which, incidentally,  would not be without precedent in America. 
The Lincoln administration, in 1861,  had pro-Confederacy legislators in Maryland arrested and detained to prevent Maryland from seceding and

From: [] On Behalf Of Mark A. Adams, JD/MBA
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2012 2:31 PM
Subject: [ronpaul-48] FW: Feds Seek Stay of Anti-Terrorism Law Ruling in NYC
Does anyone recall what some dude said about the Feds appealing that judge's decision striking down the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA?

I wonder whether he was right about how it will be decided on appeal, don't you?

Subject: Feds Seek Stay of Anti-Terrorism Law Ruling in NYC
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 04:28:50 -0400

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government
15 Sep 2012
All links are here:

It's the Obusha Friday Night Civil Liberties Bad News Dump: Feds Seek Stay of Anti-Terrorism Law Ruling in NYC 15 Sep 2012 The federal government asked a judge on Friday to suspend a ruling that bars enforcement of an anti-terrorism law that she called unconstitutional in its provisions for indefinite military detention. The law allows detention of people suspected of "substantially" or "directly" providing support to groups such as al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] or the Taliban. Some journalists, scholars and political activists sued over the law, saying they feared they could end up being held for exercising First Amendment rights. Government lawyers called such concerns unfounded, but U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest said in her ruling Wednesday that she found them legitimate. In court papers filed Friday, the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan asked for a stay of the decision while the government appeals.

US, Allies Set to Launch Largest Naval Exercise Ever in Middle East 13 Sep 2012 The United States and more than two dozen allies are gearing up for the largest naval exercise ever in the Middle East focused on countering the threat of anti-ship mines. The maneuvers starting next week are the latest flexing of American military muscle in and around the Persian Gulf, even as Washington tries to convince ally Israel that diplomacy and sanctions aimed at pressuring Iran to scale back its nuclear program need more time to work. U.S. Navy officials insist that the anti-mine exercise is not about any specific country or a response to 'Iranian threats' to shut the narrow Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Gulf, the route for one-fifth of the world's oil.

US scrambles to rush spies, drones to Libya 15 Sep 2012 The U.S. is sending more spies, Marines and drones to Libya, trying to speed the search for those who killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, but the investigation is complicated by a chaotic security picture in the post-revolutionary country, and limited American and Libyan intelligence resources. The CIA has fewer people available to send, stretched thin from tracking fomenting conflicts across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The U.S. has already deployed an FBI investigation team...

Anti-American fury sweeps Middle East over film 15 Sep 2012 Fury about a film that insults the Prophet Mohammad tore across the Middle East after weekly prayers on Friday with protesters attacking U.S. embassies and burning American flags as the Pentagon rushed to bolster security at its missions. At least seven people were killed as local police struggled to repel assaults after weekly Muslim prayers in Tunisia and Sudan, while there was new violence in Egypt and Yemen and across the Muslim world, driven by emotions ranging from piety to anger at Western power to frustrations with local leaders and poverty. A Taliban attack on a base in Afghanistan that killed two Americans may also have been timed to coincide with protests.

Two US Marines killed in attack on Prince Harry's base in southern Afghanistan 15 Sep 2012 Two US Marines have been killed in a Taliban attack on a military post in southern Afghanistan where Britain’s Prince Harry is currently stationed. Prince Harry, 27, was "not in any danger" in the attack, which involved small arms and mortar or rocket fire and started around midnight local time Saturday (1930 GMT Friday), Master Sergeant Bob Barko of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said.

U.S. Used This Torture Box to Interrogate Gadhafi's Enemies 06 Sep 2012 Two Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) members, Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed al-Shoroeiya and Khalid al-Sharif, were captured in Pakistan in 2003. After interrogations by Pakistani and U.S. personnel, they were both sent to American detention facilities that they believe were at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. There, they were "chained to walls naked - sometimes while diapered - in pitch black, windowless cells, for weeks or months at a time," Human Rights Watch alleges. Additionally, Shoroeiya and Sharif say they were "restrained in painful stress positions for long periods of time," "beaten and slammed into walls," "denied food," "denied sleep by continuous, deafeningly loud Western music" and "subjected to different forms of water torture including, in Shoroeiya's case, waterboarding." They were placed in the boxes described that contorted their bodies, while they were naked, cold and in the dark. Shoroeiya also says he was waterboarded on a board that could rotate 360 degrees; the CIA denies waterboarding him.

F-16 fighter jets escorted Cessna out of Obama air space over Colorado 14 Sep 2012 Two F-16 fighter aircraft intercepted a civilian aircraft that flew into a temporarily restricted area about 12:30 p.m. Thursday near Denver, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said. The Cessna 182 was directed to land and did so without incident at Centennial Airport. The aircraft was to be met by law enforcement, NORAD said. President Barack Obama was in the Denver area on Thursday, and flight areas are generally restricted in areas when he visits.

Maryland Police Are Deploying Cameras to Watch Other Cameras [Just take those down first - problem solved.] 13 Sep 2012 Police in Palmer Park, Md., plan to deploy cameras to surveil the other cameras in their district. Ari Ash of WTOP talked to police in the area, who said that local people had started targeting the speed cameras police put up in intersections, as well as surveillance cameras. The police said that since April, six people have been involved camera damaging activities. One man literally pulled out a pistol and used the camera for target practice.

Anonymous's Barrett Brown Raided by FBI During Online Chat 13 Sep 2012 For the second time this year, self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown was raided by the FBI. The latest dramatic incident occurred late Wednesday evening while Brown and another woman identified by some as his girlfriend were participating in an online chat on TinyChat with other individuals. Two minutes into the recorded chat session, loud voices could be heard in the background of Brown’s residence in Texas while the woman in the room with him was in front of the computer screen. She quickly closed the computer screen, but the audio continued to capture events in the room as the FBI appeared to strong-arm Brown to put handcuffs on him. Brown could be heard yelling in the background.

Assange gets an Aboriginal passport 15 Sep 2012 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been offered an Aboriginal Nations passport in an inner-city Sydney ceremony after he was "abandoned" by Australian authorities. His father, John Shipton, accepted the document at a celebration in Darlington today. He said his son had been jilted by the Australian government, and the passport ceremony - which follows Ecuador's decision to grant Mr Assange diplomatic asylum - was a show of solidarity.

US Federal Reserve extends unlimited support to financial markets 14 Sep 2012 It is a measure of the deepening crisis of global capitalism that on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers, the US Federal Reserve has decided to pump still more money into the financial system...One of the effects of the previous rounds of QE has been to fuel speculation in commodities, pushing up the prices of fuel and basic foodstuffs, which increases the hardships faced by hundreds of millions of impoverished people around the world. The jump in the prices of gold and oil after the measures were announced indicates that a new round of commodity speculation may be about to begin. ['Qualitative easing' is just euphemism for a continued bailout of the financial oligarchy at the expense and to the detriment of the vast majority. --MDR.]

Heads up! Officials call for 'universal' flu vaccination strategy 14 Sep 2012 For the third consecutive year, state and federal health officials are advocating a "universal" vaccination strategy to combat the seasonal flu. That means that everyone, 6 months and older, should get a flu shot, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "People should get vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available," said Dr. Brooke Rossheim, director of the Rappahannock Area Health District. [US lunatics want to force pharma-terrorists' mercury-laden vaccines on us to 'fight' the pandemics they're creating for profit. (And because they're sociopaths.)]

Hundreds evacuated after Indiana chemical fire 14 Sep 2012 A fire official says hundreds of people in northern Indiana have been evacuated following a fire at a factory that left a chemical cloud in the air. Mishawaka Battalion Chief Jim Cocquyt tells the South Bend Tribune that no injuries had been reported after the fire at the old Baycote facility. He says the Environmental Protection Agency took over the factory months ago and was cleaning up hazardous chemicals.

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Welcome to Amerikkka RE: Presidential Debate Games

This morning the TV "news" said that the debates would include Obama and Romney.  Naturally, there was no mention of third parties, so I guess that the effort to Occupy the CPD failed.  Now, who would have guessed that? 

Well, wait until 2016, right?

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA  

Subject: Presidential Debate Games
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 15:25:12 -0400


In response to your email claiming that the Green Presidential Campaign is trying to get into the debates, read the email exchange below which you were included in early on, and note that Ben Manski is not interested in doing anything to get into the debates other than begging and that he does not want Jill or Cheri to know what is going on in spite of his legal duty to competently and truthfully inform his clients about their legal options. is just a new way to beg to get into the debates, and it will not result in the inclusion of Jill or Cheri in the debates.  Of course, that is exactly what was intended.

By the way, Ben also appears to be serving another master with his election reform work, and he is a big part of Move to Amend.  I expect that Ben is probably one of the big reasons why the amendment proposed by MTA has a big hole in it, the exemption for the press such as Clear Channel, Fox, etc. 

Due to the massive drop off in interest in MTA subsequent to its announcement of its proposed amendment, it appears that a lot of people saw that big hole.  Naturally, I'm sure that the crooks in charge were hoping that no one would notice any problems with Ben's efforts and that he would be able to undermine real reform efforts for a long time.

I thought that I might stir a change in plans by getting the news out to a few people through my comments posted on a couple of influential lists and on OEN on the articles at and  However, it appears that both "campaign" teams plan to continue to be to treat everyone like mushrooms by keeping them in the dark and feeding them BS.

There is still time to undertake real legal action to try to get into the debates, but I am sure that Ben will continue to fight it all the way.  Still, if you want me to try again, I will.  Naturally, if I do, I'll mess with the shills running the Libertarian presidential campaign, too. 

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

P.S. If anyone is interested in my email exchange with the Libertarian "campaign" team, I'd be happy to forward it.  It is much more humorous than this one. 

P.P.S. If you haven't seen Campaign with Will Ferrell, do it soon.  It is very funny, and it highlights the major problems with our elections including campaign managers who serve other masters and the manipulation of the secret vote counts.   

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 11:48:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Debates

You're only damaging my impression of you further. Stop while you're behind.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:46 AM, Mark Adams <> wrote:

Since you are not interested in any help from someone who has won injunctions getting third party candidates into debates, you obviously are not interested in trying to get in the debates other than by begging the CPD for inclusion.

By the way, I really enjoyed reading  Naturally, I was amazed, but not surprised that it lacked any information about the unconstitutionality of counting votes in secret, except in Germany.   

It's too bad that you really didn't want to make any waves with the Green Party presidential campaign.  After all, sometimes when you plan to sail into some backwater, you hit a rock.

If you want to reconsider your plans, do so quickly, and govern yourself accordingly, if possible.

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 11:23:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Debates

I've come to the conclusion that you are not someone who can help us, and I would appreciate it if you would stop emailing me.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:16 AM, Mark Adams <> wrote:

Since the question that I posed in my last email was obviously too difficult to answer, why don't you want any more help from me? 

If you want to discuss this, I may be able to address the issue which concerns you.  After all, you only have 3 weeks until the first debate, and until I talked to you, you were under the impression that since Ralph Nader's effort to get into the debates failed, there was no potential for success through legal action. 

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

Subject: RE: Debates
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 22:57:03 -0400

So, you are going to pursue legal action, but you don't want any help from anyone who has ever had any success getting third party candidates into debates?

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 20:12:36 -0500
Subject: RE: Debates

Not interested in working with you on this.
On Sep 11, 2012 7:58 PM, "Mark Adams" <> wrote:
So, you have reconsidered your position?

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 19:56:43 -0500
Subject: RE: Debates

You are incorrect.
On Sep 11, 2012 7:46 PM, "Mark Adams" <> wrote:

I just wanted to clarify that the Stein campaign is not taking any legal action to get into the CPD debates due to the fact that Ralph Nader did not prevail in his lawsuit against the FEC concerning the debates.  If that is not correct, please let me know.


Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

Subject: RE: Debates
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 16:35:42 -0400


What's up?  Will you try to get Dr. Stein into the debates or not?  If so, do you want help or not? 

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

Subject: Debates
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 16:14:41 -0400


As we discussed, Ralph Nader's legal team screwed up by going the FEC route.  See the First Circuit's Opinion at

They compounded their problem by failing to challenge Nader's exclusion from the debates.  See pg. 7.

As we discussed, there are options which can be pursued.  Are you interested in pursuing options to get Dr. Stein into the debates?  

If so, or if you want to discuss this further, please let me know.


Mark A. Adams JD/MBA
813-731-2808 Cell

Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 10:20:04 -0500
Subject: Re: Interview Request Confusion

calling now

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 10:10 AM, Mark Adams <> wrote:

Sorry that I missed your call.  I had my cell phone turned off.  Try me again on my land line at 813-662-4619 or on my cell at 813-731-2808 which is on now.




Subject: RE: Interview Request Confusion
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 11:53:09 -0400


Try 813-662-4619.  I'll look for your call at 11:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, Aug. 30th.  If you don't get me just leave a message or call my cell phone at 813-731-2808.



Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 09:34:33 -0500
Subject: Re: Interview Request Confusion

11am Eastern works for me. Is there a number I can call you at?

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 6:11 PM, Mark Adams <> wrote:
What time is good for you on Thursday?

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 18:01:09 -0500
Subject: RE: Interview Request Confusion

No - it's hard to run a national operation from the road, so I try to limit that. Am in Madison right now. Happy to schedule a time to talk later in the week. Thursday is good.

On Aug 27, 2012 5:59 PM, "Mark Adams" <> wrote:
No problem.  Are you in Tampa, Ben?

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 17:51:20 -0500
Subject: Re: Interview Request Confusion

Mark, if you're interested in helping the campaign in the ways you describe, the people to talk with are campaign staff, not the candidates. We keep Jill and Cheri very busy with media and public speaking events and making fundraising calls. They are not the people you need to talk with regarding campaign strategy or operations.

On Aug 27, 2012 5:44 PM, "Mark Adams" <> wrote:

I wanted to talk with Jill and her team about helping get her into the debates not about asking what she is going to do to get into debates.  

Does Jill want any help getting into the debates?  If so, let me know.  I'm in Tampa.

By the way, I've won the only two injunctions getting a third party candidate into debates since the powers that be started excluding them, and I helped Dennis Kucinich win an injunction getting into a debate in 2008 after his legal team took a dive on their first losing attempt.  Yes, attorneys take their client's money and take dives all of the time.  After all, if they rock the boat, they might get their licenses pulled.   

Also, I have some information which could put Jill in a position to actually win if she acts on it.  Let me know if Jill and Cheri are interested in discussing these issues.  


Mark A. Adams JD/MBA
813-731-2808 Cell

P.S. Check out a 3 minute video about some of my work at  Also, I'm one of the featured writers on Daily Censored which is a news blog affiliated with the premier media watchdog organization, Project Censored. See for more about my work.


Check out:
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