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Rogue Media Joins Out-of-Control Government

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Debbie Lewis, [email protected]
Columbia, MO, March 21, 2013 - Can we trust the mainstream media?  The age-old question has been answered in several ways throughout our history, but who is paying attention?  Peddling Influence, the new film from William Lewis Films and Gary Franchi, shines a spotlight on the game the media plays, it's accomplices and why they play the came.  In 1880, journalist John Swinton told a room full of editors they knew the press wasn't free to express the truth.  Did we pay attention?
In the February 9, 1917 congressional Record, we find Pennsylvania Representative J Hampton Moore is irate with media manipulations at the time.  He cites that newspapers would print awful stories about things going on with Germany that would scare anyone, only to print retractions of those same stories the following day.  Did anyone notice? 
Contained in that same congressional record is Texas Representative Oscar Calloway sharing the information that on March 1915, ship-builder, munitions dealer and banker J. P. Morgan and his powerful friends hired prominent newspapermen and tasked them with finding the top most influential newspapers in the country from which they would purchase the controlling interests and furnish editors to control the news.  Who knew about that?
World War II found one of the largest manipulations of the United States Foreign Policy by outsiders, until the mid 1950's, which centered around garnering support for England, and convincing the United States to enter the war as their allies, a war our population truly want no part of.   And there is more.
Lewis and Franchi want to share a bit of information from the film with you.  A few teasers, just to whet your appetite.  These include:
  • Teaser #1 - Does the Media Deceive the Population?
  • Teaser #2 - Issues of Gun Control 
  • Teaser #3 - Media Trustworthiness to Report Real News
  • Teaser #4 - Misinformation Feeding Public Opinion
  • Teaser #5 - Media Hype About Vaccines (5 minute segment)
We think you will agree, there are mounds of evidence proving our country's media has gone rogue, along with our government.  Peddling Influence, written by Debbie Lewis, also gives viewers options about how to stop the insane nightmare that is our media.  To view the teasers, for more information and to get your copy be sure you visit http://NNN.is/Peddling_Influence.
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