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The reason Roger Stone's JFK book has to be taken seriously

Jefferson Morley: "Why Roger Stone's JFK book has to be taken seriously"

Link to Morley Q&A with Roger Stone:
Link to buy Stone's blockbuster book:
The first person to call Lyndon Johnson a murderer were not Vietnam War protesters. Nor was it JFK researchers. It was the governor of Texas, Allan Shivers and in 1956 Shivers called LBJ a murderer to his face and held Lyndon Johnson for the 1952 prison murder of Sam Smithwick. The family of Martin Luther King has been on the record since 1997, accusing Lyndon Johnson of being involved in the plot to murder civil rights icon MLK. I also am convinced that LBJ orchestrated the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, an attempted murder of 294 Americans so the USA could have a false flag pretext to bomb, attack and take out Nasser of Egypt who had drifted into the Soviet camp over the previous ten years. Lyndon Johnson was a "functional lunatic" who McGeorge Bundy actually compared to Joseph Stalin.
JFK researcher Robert Morrow has said: "Ruthless and corrupt, even murderer, or not adequate descriptions of LBJ. Lyndon Johnson walked hand in hand with Satan his whole life."
From Robert Morrow 512-306-1510

In 1956 Texas Gov. Allan Shivers (privately & to LBJ’s face) accused Lyndon Johnson of having Sam Smithwick murdered in prison to keep him from talking about the Precinct 13 ballot box scandal


“According to Johnson, in 1956, Governor Allan Shivers of Texas accused him of having had Smithwick murdered. The charge understandably enraged Johnson. [Robert Dallek, Flawed Giant, p. 347]


Texas Governor Allan Shivers directly accused Lyndon Johnson - to his face - of the murder of the 1952 prison murder of Sam Smithwick 


[Randall Woods, LBJ: Architect of American Ambition, p. 250]


In 1948, a deputy sheriff in Alice named Sam Smithwick had become involved in a dispute with a local radio commentator who was then denouncing him for operating a string of beer joints. Hearing that the clean government crusader was going to mention one of his children in a disparaging way, Smithwick sought out his nemesis, pulled his .45, and shot him dead, a deed for which he was sentenced to life in prison. In 1952, Smithwick wrote Coke Stevenson from prison, insisting that five days before the shooting, two Mexican Americans had delivered into his hands the contents of Box 13 from the famous 1948 senatorial campaign. In return for leniency from the state, he was willing to produce them. Stevenson set out immediately for Huntsville and the state prison. “I had left the ranch and got as far as Junction,” Calculatin’ Coke recounted, “ when I got the information that he was dead.”


Indeed, the former deputy sheriff was found hanging from the bars of his cell. Shivers’s friends began spreading the word that Johnson together with South Texas political boss Archie Parr had had Smithwick murdered to cover up their theft of the 1948 senatorial election. LBJ went so far as to confront Shivers over the matter, but he, of course, denied it. “I think it was a psychopathic case - an old, ignorant man about to die trying to get himself out of the pen, and getting no answer, committed suicide.”


From Washington LBJ sought to put the matter in perspective. “I don’t know what a convicted murderer might have done prior to committing suicide in an attempt to get release from prison,” but Stevenson’s (and Shiver’s) release of the letter was “a continuation of a fight by a group of disgruntled, disappointed people.” Nevertheless, Johnson was shocked. “Shivers charged me with murder,” he later told Ronnie Dugger with incredulity. “Shivers said I was a murderer!”


[Randall Woods, LBJ: Architect of American Ambition, p. 250]

And now a word from Curtis LeMay, a close friend of H.L. Hunt and D.H. Byrd, both men key LBJ insiders


"I remember Curtis LeMay sitting there [in the gallery at the JFK autopsy] with a big cigar in his hand." --Paul O'Connor, laboratory technologist who assisted in the autopsy of President Kennedy, cited by William Law, In the Eye of History


Curtis LeMay, in his oral history with the LBJ Library, calls the Kennedy people “cockroaches” who were “vindictive,” “ruthless” and with [low] “moral standards”




Frantz : As long as they rescue a portion of it well they are . . . . Where were you at
the time of the assassination?


LeMay : I was in Washington at the time--the Chief of Staff of the Air Force .


Frantz : You were at work on that particular day?


LeMay : No, I was off some place, at the actual time of the assassination, I was
called back .


Frantz: Yes, what was the situation that you found when you got back to Washington?
Was there a little bit of tenseness or was it pretty well decided that Lee
Harvey Oswald was just after one man?


LeMay: Well there wasn't much of a flap . Everybody was a little concerned that they
didn't know what made the attack, the assassination, so they wanted
everybody present for duty . That's the reason they were called back.


Frantz: Was there any great difference between working on the Joint Chiefs under
Johnson than it had been with Kennedy or did the fact that you had the same
Secretary of Defense insure the continuity?


LeMay : No, I didn't understand exactly what was going on . For several months
before the President was assassinated they were rumors, and then they
got to be a little more than rumors, Vice President Johnson was going to
be dropped for the coming election . And all the Kennedy team was finally
got to openly to giving to the Vice President to the back of their hands,
and it was rather embarrassing for the country around Washington because
it was so apparent . Then bang, all at once he is President .


Frantz : Yes.


LeMay : And I believe all of this hard feeling grew up around the flight from Fort
Worth back was brought on by these people who had really been vulgar in
my opinion and snubbing the Vice President who expected to be stepped on
like the cockroaches they were, and he didn't do it . As a matter of fact
quite the contrary . From all I got the President was extremely polite to
Mrs . Kennedy and the family and bent over backwards to do everything he
could to soften the blow if that is possible . It isn't, but he certainly
was a Southern gentleman in every respect during this period . And I think
this rather surprised these people because they expected the same kind of
treatment that they had given him and he didn't give it to him . Why, I don't
know : I really don't know because well I can understand in having to face
an election and I can understand him being a smart enough politician to
know if he threw out all of the Kennedy crowd and put his in, this might
split the Democratic party at the time in the next election and so forth .
So I can understand him keeping these people around until the election was
over, but then he won the election--he won it with the greatest majority
that any President has ever had, but he still kept these people around .
The same people that had treated him so miserably during this period just
before President Kennedy's assassination .

Frantz : This is curious .


LeMay : Yes . I could never understand, never could figure it out yet . The only
answer I could come up with is that knowing the vindictiveness of these
people, knowing the moral standards of these people, how ruthless that
they were, they must have had some threat over the President that he
knew that they would carry out .


Frantz: Did you get the feeling that he was satisfied with Secretary McNamara's
performance as Defense Secretary?


LeMay : I don't know that I can answer that question . It would seem that if he
wasn't satisfied, why he would have gotten a new one early in the period .
Afterwards I think he was actually dismissed finally . Things got so bad
that he had to get rid of him, but he did it in such a way to make it look
like it was a normal progression .


Frantz: Did you ever get any idea where he stood on this manned-bomber vs . missile


LeMay: Well I don't know that there was a manned-bomber vs . missile controversy,
one being "either," "or ." We never believed that in the Air Force or any
place else . We thought we needed both . We needed both . As a matter of
fact, I get credit for being the big bomber General . Can't see anything
beyond the blinders . When I was in the research and development business
after the war started all in the big missile programs, the Atlas and the
Navaho and the basic facilities that gave us the missiles, we had to have
them, still like we have to have them and that we need both, we need both .


Frantz: There was it seemed to me at this time an outbreak of increased emphasis on
missiles and loss of flexibility of the manned equipment .


LeMay : It became apparent to me that McNamara's goal was to try to build a strategic
force that was equal to the Russian force . Sort of dragged his feet until
the Russians built up to what we were equal . These men believed that if
we were equal in strength then there wouldn't be any war . Well this is
an indication of how impractical these type of people are . To me this is
the best way of guaranteeing a war because you can only have peace if you
have a mutual respect between people, and if you don't have that and one
is plotting against the other, then eventually when he thinks he can get
away with it, he will come attack you . This has always been true in
history in the past . If they have got something you want and if he thinks
he can get it, he goes and gets it . This is just a human history . Even
if by some miracle you could design these two forces where they would be
equal, will everybody think they are equal? You can't control men's
minds . Then, if by some miracle you can design these tLwo forces, how long
are they going to stay equal? One is an opened society ; the other a closed
society . When is the closed society going to come up with a breakthrough
on some weapon system that will give them a tremendous advantage that you
don't know anything about? You're handicapping the open society by such
an arrangement . So I believe this is what Mr . McNamara was aiming at,
although he would never admit it any place along the line . He wouldn't
admit it now, I am sure, but that was what it was aimed at, and I honestly
believe that he thought about 1000 minuteman missiles would be enough for
this .

Frantz: That's interesting in view of the fact that the big run on the missile
gap was 1960, which may or not have been an actual

Robert Novak on covering Gen. Curtis LeMay in 1968






The LeMay announcement produced one of the most bizarre moments in my half century of covering politics. When the general was asked about "your policy in the employment of nuclear weapons," he was off and running.








Now, nuclear war would be horrible. To me any war is horrible. It doesn't make much difference to me if I have to go to war and get killed in the jungle of Vietnam with a Russian knife or get killed with a nuclear weapon. As a matter if I had the choice, I'd lean towards the nuclear weapon.




That was incredible, but LeMay was not finished. He launched into discussing what he purported to be a government study of animal life on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific after extensive testing of nuclear weapons there, with the good news that "the rats out there are bigger, fatter, and healthier than they were ever before."




It really did sound like General Jack D. Ripper. I had my eyes fixed on Wallace, his expression betraying astonishment and despair. Los Angeles Times reporter Jack Nelson, a relentless critic of Wallace, asked LeMay about the nuclear bomb: "If you found it necessary to end the [Vietnam] war, you'd use it, wouldn't you?" LeMay replied: "If I found it necessary, I would use anything that we could dream up, including nuclear weapons."...




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Wallace told me he had wanted as his running mate Albert B. (Happy) Chandler- former governor of Kentucky, former U.S. senator, former commissioner of baseball. Chandler was seventy years old and eager to get back into politics on the Wallace ticket. "But mah' money men" - he didn't name them - "vetoed Happy." Chandler was too liberal on economics and race. He had not been forgiven for his role in breaking baseball's color bar with Jackie Robinson.


The "money men" were intent on LeMay, Wallace went on. "I said yes against my better judgement, and I never should have. He's an absolute disaster. Did you hear him yesterday? But that's the last you will ever hear from him. Nothing more! Not a word!""




[Robert Novak, "The Prince of Darkness," pp.173-174]




Gen. Curtis LeMay, the head of the Air Force (1961) and the Strategic Air Command (1949) and the on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, almost certainly played a role in the plotting of the murder of JFK: was an ultra Cold Warrior who often clashed with JFK and he wanted to have nuclear war sooner rather than later with Russia. LeMay was at JFK’s autopsy smoking a big, fat cigar and grinning:


LeMay wiki:






Curtis LeMay as described by Wikipedia:

"During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, LeMay clashed again with U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Defense Secretary McNamara, arguing that he should be allowed to bomb nuclear missile sites in Cuba. He opposed the naval blockade and, after the end of the crisis, suggested that Cuba be invaded anyway, even after the Russians agreed to withdraw. LeMay called the peaceful resolution of the crisis "the greatest defeat in our history".[31] Unknown to the US, the Soviet field commanders in Cuba had been given authority to launch—the only time such authority was delegated by higher command.[32] They had twenty nuclear warheads for medium-range R-12 ballistic missiles capable of reaching US cities (including Washington) and nine tactical nuclear missiles. If Soviet officers had launched them, many millions of US citizens would have been killed.The ensuing SAC retaliatory thermonuclear strike would have killed roughly one hundred million Soviet citizens, and brought nuclear winter to much of the Northern Hemisphere. Kennedy refused LeMay's requests, however, and the naval blockade was successful.[32]"




Curtis LeMay in summer, 1961 thought that Nuclear War with the Russians was Imminent.

"At a Georgetown dinner party recently, the wife of a leading senator sat next to Gen. Curtis LeMay, chief of staff of the Air Force. He told her a nuclear war was inevitable. It would begin in December and be all over by the first of the year. In that interval, every major American city -- Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles -- would be reduced to rubble. Similarly, the principal cities of the Soviet Union would be destroyed. The lady, as she tells it, asked if there were any place where she could take her children and grandchildren to safety; the general would, of course, at the first alert be inside the top-secret underground hideout near Washington from which the retaliatory strike would be directed. He told her that certain unpopulated areas in the far west would be safest." --Marquis Childs, nationally syndicated columnist, Washington Post, 19 July 1961


Curtis LeMay and his hatred of JFK






Here is a good link on Gen. Curtis LeMay, who was a rabid Kennedy hater. He is an excellent candidate to have been involved in the JFK assassination and certainly the cover up at the autopsy of JFK at Bethesda where he was present.

t had accomplished since World War II. The chiefs resented the Kennedys and their whiz kids who had little or no experience in military command; the chiefs were accustomed to presidents who let them do their thing without meddlesome interference from politicians.

Perhaps the two most dangerous of all the generals were Curtis LeMay and his head of the Strategic Air Command, General Thomas Power. General LeMay is legendary for his mania to start World War III by goading the Soviet Union with unauthorized reconnaissance flights that penetrated their forbidden boundaries.

LeMay was [an] extremely crude character.... Dino Brugioni in Eyeball to Eyeball wrote of LeMay's excesses:

Meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were alluded to by some as a three-ring circus. General Curtis E. LeMay, Air Force chief of staff, was characterized by one observer as always injecting himself into situations "like a rogue elephant barging out of a forest." There are many stories of LeMay's crudeness in dealing with his colleagues on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He found the meetings dull, tiring, and unproductive. Petulant and often childish when he didn't get his way, LeMay would light a cigar and blow smoke in the direction of anyone challenging his position. To show utter disgust, he would walk into the private Joint Chiefs of Staff toilet, leave the door open, urinate of break wind loudly, and flush the commode a number of aggravating times. He would then saunter calmly back into the meeting pretending that nothing had happened. When angry with individual staff members, he would resort to sarcasm; if that failed, he would direct his wrath to the entire staff.

LeMay was in policy conflicts with the Joint Chiefs. He battled with Admiral Arleigh Burke over the control of the nuclear Polaris submarines. LeMay wanted them under his command and actually achieved some control in the Pacific theater. But Burke successfully fought the Air Force every way he knew -- in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in Congress, and in the press -- any way to prevent LeMay's power grab.

LeMay apparently had grown immune to the horror of killing. He had directed the gasoline-jelled fire bombing of Japan -- estimated to have killed "more persons in a six-hour period than at any time in the history of man." He said of war: "You've got to kill people, and when you've killed enough they stop fighting." He once said, "We killed off -- what -- twenty percent of the population of North Korea." More than two million civilians died in LeMay's campaign from napalm bombing and destruction of massive dams to flood waterways.

LeMay was a ringleader in the Joint Chiefs of Staff insofar as urging Kennedy to go to war in the Bay of Pigs and later in the Cuban missile crisis. Kennedy wisely resisted the Joint Chiefs' recommendations. LeMay was the foremost proponent of the nuclear first strike, saying that we should give the Russians the "Sunday punch" before they did it to us.

In the 1950's, under Eisenhower, LeMay had the authority to order a nuclear strike without presidential authorization if the president could not be contacted. That option was extended down to General Thomas Power, head of SAC, whom LeMay himself described as "not stable" and a "sadist." LeMay's proposal for a nuclear first strike and massive destruction of the Soviets was thwarted by Eisenhower, whom LeMay came to consider as indecisive. He was even more disgusted with Kennedy, whom LeMay believed to be a coward. LeMay talked openly about a preemptive attack in which one hundred million people would be killed.

If ever there were a mad, rogue general who would lead a coup, it would appear to have been General Curtis LeMay.

After LeMay retired from the Air Force, he teamed with segregationist governor George Wallace in an unsuccessful candidacy for the vice presidency. In the years following LeMay's failed political race, he became somewhat of a recluse, seldom leaving his home. He died in 1990.

"I remember Curtis LeMay sitting there [in the gallery at the JFK autopsy] with a big cigar in his hand." --Paul O'Connor, laboratory technologist who assisted in the autopsy of President Kennedy, cited by William Law, In the Eye of History

"Restraint! Why are you so concerned with saving their lives? The whole idea is to kill the bastards! At the end of the war, if there are two Americans and one Russian, we win!" --Thomas Power, commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command from 1957 to 1964, speaking to William Kaufmann of the RAND Corporation in 1960, cited by Fred Kaplan, The Wizards of Armageddon

"Well, maybe if we do this overflight right, we can get World War III started." --Curtis LeMay, speaking to RB-47 'Stratojet' crew member Hal Austin of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, cited by Paul Lashmar, Washington Post, "Stranger than 'Strangelove': A General's Forays into the Nuclear Zone," 3 July 1994, C9

"Looking back on that whole Cuban mess, one of the things that appalled me most was the lack of broad judgment by some of the heads of the military services. When you think of the long competitive selection process that they have to weather to end up the number one man of their particular service, it is certainly not unreasonable to expect that they would also be bright, with good broad judgment. For years I've been looking at those rows of ribbons and those four stars, and conceding a certain higher qualification not obtained in civilian life. Well, if ------- and ------- are the best the services can produce, a lot more attention is going to be given their advice in the future before any action is taken as a result of it." --President Kennedy, speaking to Assistant Navy Secretary Paul Fay, The Pleasure of His Company


Where was Gen. Curtis LeMay on the day of the JFK assassination? 


HYPERLINK ""JFKcountercoup: Was LeMay at Camp X on 11/22/63?

Where was General Curtis LeMay at the time president Kennedy was assassinated?

Was he on vacationamp X or at a secret command & control bunker overseeing the Dealey Plaza operation? 

An official biography of Air Force General Curtis LeMay reports that at the time President Kennedy was assassinated he was on vacation, hunting and fishing with family members in upstate Michigan.

"Iron Eagle: The Turbulent Life of General Curtis LeMay," by Thomas M. Coffey (p.430) reports that LeMay's wife was from Michigan and he had apparently told his biographer he was in Michigan on vacation and "hurried back to Washington in time for the funeral."

But an Andrews Air Force base log book, that was salvaged from the trash and almost destroyed, indicates that LeMay ordered a special Air Force jet to pick him up in Canada shortly after news of the assassination was widely broadcast, which indicated to some that he wasn’t hunting and fishing in Michigan.

Exploring the possibility that Gen. LeMay attended JFK’s autopsy at Bethesda, as Navy medical corpsman Paul O’Conner attests, Doug Horne, the Chief Analyst for Military Records for the Assassination Records Review Board, made note of LeMay’s presence in Canada rather than Michigan, as his official biography reports.

And Larry Hancock, author of “Someone Would Have Talked” and “Nexus,” also thought it significant and notes: "I was struck by the fact that it (LeMay’s bio) made a big deal of his being so remote that he was out of contact and was not even able to make it back to Washington until the funeral. I don't see that as a minor thing, the book definitely creates the impression that he was not back in Washington that weekend. This really is an important point, if Doug is right and can be verified it looks pretty certain that LeMay was handing out disinformation and there would need to be a good reason for that. After all, it would not be unusual for him to rush back to DC or to some other AF base where he could achieve command and control capability. What seems to me not at all understandable is why he would go to Bethesda, and then lie about it."

From the salvaged Andrews Air Force Base Log Book for 11/22/63, it is officially noted that a special order to pick up LeMay in Toronto was requested at 1:20 PM CST (2:20 PM EST, 1420 GMT) and a special SAM – Special Air Mission C-140 jet took off Andrews at 1446 (1:46 PM CST 2:46 PM EST) to pick him up in Toronto, but after the plane took off (1:50 PM CST 2:50 PM EST) it was redirected to Wiarton, a Canadian Air Force base north of Toronto.

The official internet web site for Wiarton includes a photo of the Air Force base, but also makes tantalizing references to Camp X, the secret training camp for spies used by the British and Americans during World War II, and used as a hideaway for a prominent Soviet defector during the Cold War.

“Camp X was the unofficial name of a Second World War paramilitary and commando training installation, on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario between Whitby and Oshawa in Ontario, Canada. The area is known today as Intrepid Park, after the code name for Sir William Stephenson of the British Security Coordination.”

“Camp X was established December 6, 1941 by the chief of British Security Coordination (BSC), Sir William Stephenson, a Canadian from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and a close confidante of Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The camp was originally designed to link Britain and the United States at a time when the US was forbidden by the Neutrality Act to be directly involved in World War II. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor and America's entry into the war, Camp X opened for the purpose of training Allied agents from the Special Operations Executive, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) intended to be dropped behind enemy lines as saboteurs and spies. However, even before the United States entered the war on December 7, 1941, agents from America's intelligence services expressed an interest in sending personnel for training at the soon to be opened Camp X. Agents head of the OSS, who credited Sir William Stephenson with teaching Americans about foreign intelligence gathering. The CIA even named their recruit training facility "The Farm", a nod to the original farm that existed at the Camp X site.”

“One of the unique features of Camp X was Hydra, a highly sophisticated telecommunications centre… Hydra also had direct access via land lines to Ottawa, New York and Washington, D.C. for telegraph and telephone communications… In the fall of 1945 Camp X was used by the RCMP as a secure location for interviewing Soviet embassy cypher-clerk Igor Gouzenko who defected to Canada on September 5 and revealed an extensive Soviet espionage operation in the country. Post-war, the camp was renamed the Oshawa Wireless Station and was turned over to the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals as a wireless intercept station, in essence a spy listening station. The Oshawa Wireless Station ceased operations in 1969.”

While the Camp X site was still in use as a top-secret and secure military communications base in 1963, it is located Southeast of Toronto, while Wiarton is located northwest of Toronto, so they are not near each other.

And although both Toronto and Wiarton are in Canada, they are actually south and east of the rural lake area of North Michigan where LeMay was said to have been at the time of the assassination, and it is possible that LeMay flew by private airplane across Lake Huron that separates Michigan and Canada, to Wiarton, which is closer to Michigan than Toronto.

According to the Andrews Log, within an hour of the assassination LeMay requested a P/U Pick Up at Toronto, and twenty minutes later a C-140 – an Air Force version of a small, executive jet, was sent to pick him up, but while it was still in the air, it was diverted to Wiarton, a small military base north west of Toronto.

Canadian researcher, Randy Owen got in touch with an author who was working on a history of Wiarton, who seemed to be genuinely surprised about the LeMay story, and was asked if he could check it out. Owen said he never heard back and, “I'd be surprised if there was someone alive today who remembered the incident, if it happened. And I'm not sure there may be a paper trail, either. My understanding is an organization called Nav Canada could have any records if they still exist. But an inquiry on my part produced a rather arogant response from Nav Canada saying they have no reason to provide the information I was seeking to any member of the public, even if they had it.”

HYPERLINK ""http://www.navcanada...les/default.xml

“NAV CANADA, the country's civil air navigation services provider, is a private sector, non-sV CANADA provides air traffic control, flight information, weather briefings, aeronautical information services, airport advisory services and electronic aids to navigation. ANS facilities include seven area control centres and 41 control towers. The Company also operates 58 flight service stations and eight flight information centres. These facilities are supported by a network of over 1,000 ground-based aids to navigation located across the country.”

John Judge, while perusing a batch of then recently released JFK assassination records as Archives II, came across some NSA documents on the military alert status in the aftermath of the assassination. Included among them was a newspaper article on false reports that General LeMay had been killed in an airplane accident that day.

From Wiarton, LeMay had been ordered by Air Force Secretary Zuckert to proceed to Andrews Air Force base where they both were to greet Air Force One and meet the new President, but instead LeMay landed at Washington National, which is closer to downtown DC, the Pentagon and the Bethesda Naval Hospital, where some contend LeMay was during the autopsy of the President a few hours later.

While enroute between Wiarton and Washington, LeMay’s deputy, Colonel George Dorman tried to communicate with him via sideband radio using the Andrews Air Force base operations center, who were relaying radio patches between Air Force One and the White House and other locations. Dorman told the Andrews radio operator that he had an important message for LeMay, whose plane was due to arrive in Washington within a half hour. Because the message itself was not recorded on the Air Force One radio tapes, there is much speculation as to what the message actually was.

Although Colonel Dorman was killed in Vietnam a few years later, his wife Mary Dorman, who was working at the White House at the time of the assassination, recalls the events of those days, but she didn’t know what the message was her husband wanted to convey to LeMay.

Her son George Dorman, Jr. a witness to the burial of the President at Arlington cemetery, also recalls the events of that weekend, and suggests a number of possibilities, including what Secretary Zuckart wanted LeMay to know, the possible change in alert status of SAC or where LeMay wanted to go once he arrived in DC, - the Pentagon, Andrews or Bethesda.

Dorman said it was peculiar that his father was not with LeMay in Michigan or Canada, or where ever he was, since he was almost always at LeMay’s side, which supports the contention that LeMay really was on vacation, fishing and hunting at his in-laws Michigan lake resort.

Dorman also thought it odd that LeMay didn’t have his own plane with him, “Speckled Trout,” a special command and control plane that he often used, and a sister plane to “Silver Dollar,” NEACP – the flying “Doomsday” plane.

While we don’t know exactly where LeMay was at the time of the assassination, or where his plane “Speckled Trout” was at the time, we do know that “Silver Dollar” was in the air at the time of the assassination, - above Texas, because at 12:25 PM, five minutes before the assassination, “Silver Dollar” checked in with Fort Sam Houston for what it said was a routine radio communications check.

So the answer to the question of whether Gen. LeMay was at Camp X at the time of the assassination is probably no, but we still have more questions than answers.

Although there should be a more thorough review of the records in the archives of government that could document the whereabouts of General LeMay, it is so far clear that we don’t really know where he was at the time of the assassination, nor where he went after he arrived in Washington, both facts that can and should be established with more certainty.

Dallas CST Andrews EST – GM - Military Time – Andrews Log 

12:34 PM – CST First UPI "A" wire transmission:
1:00 PM CST(2:00 PM EST) – 1400 GM – JFK pronounced dead.
1:00 PM CST (2:00 PM EST) –1400 GM - Col. Hornbuckle Puts Andrews on Alert
1:20 PM CST (2:20 PM EST) - 1420 Andrews ordered to pick up LeMay at Toronto
1:26 PM CST (2:26 PM EST) – 1426 – LBJ Leaves Parkland for AF1
1:33 PM CST (2:33 PM EST) – 1433 – Kilduff officially announces JFK dead.
1:46 PM CST (2:46 PM EST) - 1446 LeMay’s C-140 Departs Andrews for Toronto
1:46 PM CST (2:46 PM EST) – 1446 Cabinet Plane 86972 Turns Around
1:50 PM CST (2:50 PM EST) P/U for LeMay changed from Toronto to Wiarton, CA.
2:00 PM CST (3:00 PM EST) - 1500 Flight Plan filed for AF1.
3:25 PM CST (4:25 PM EST) 1625 GMT – LeMay dep Wiarton ETA Andrews 5:15
4:00 PM CST (5:00 PM EST) 1700 GMT– LeMay destination DCA not ADW/Andrews
4:30 PM CST (5:30 PM EST) 1730 GMT – Col. Dorman tries to contact LeMay
4:12 PM CST (5:12 PM EST) 1712 – LeMay lands at DCA
5:04 PM CST (6:04 P.M. EST) 1800 – AF1 Lands at Andrews 2300 – 2304 Zulu (GMT)

HYPERLINK ""JFKcountercoup: Was LeMay at Camp X on 11/22/63?

“This is almost as bad as the appeasement at Munich.”

- Air Force General Curtis LeMay, to JFK upon being told that the US would respond to Soviet missiles in Cuba with a blockade, not an invasion. The reference to British Prime Minister Chamberlain’s attempts to get along with Hitler was a special dig given that JFK’s father Joseph Kennedy had opposed the US entering World War II. LeMay’s comment reflected a widespread belief in the U.S. military and intelligence circles that JFK’s foreign policy posed a threat to U.S. national security. 


Other Cold Warrior quotes raging against the settlement of the Cuban Missile Crisis:

1.And how about LeMay’s reaction once the Cuban Missile Crisis was settled?: “The biggest defeat in our nation’s history!”



Roger Stone speaks re: The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ

JFK Murder Truth telling - Heading to the Grassy Knoll on November 22nd - 50th Anniversary

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UPDATE: Investigation of Missing and/or Defective Credentials for Federal Court personnel

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S."
Subject: UPDATE: Investigation of Missing and/or Defective Credentials for Federal Court personnel

“SBN”  =  State Bar Number
“EV”   =  Evidence Folder with Additional Documents

added "magistrates" to District of Washington State

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964 (Home Page) (Support Policy) (Client Guidelines) (Policy + Guidelines)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

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Michael Hastings Told He Would Be Hunted Down and Killed over McChrystal Story


Hastings crash ‘consistent with a car cyberattack’

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US Army blocks personnel's access to Guardian’s website after Ron Paul comments?

According to former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, espionage means giving “classified information to the enemy” and since Snowden “shared information with the American people,” the U.S. government views U.S. citizens “as the enemy”.

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Former TWA Flight 800 investigators want new probe

See realtime coverage
Seattle Post Intelligencer  - ‎14 minutes ago‎
MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) - Former investigators are pushing to reopen the probe into the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800, saying new evidence points to the often-discounted theory that a missile strike may have downed the jumbo jet.
Fox News
10 hours ago  -  Google+
A group of whistle-blowers, including a number of aviation experts, have come forward in a new documentary to claim that the official explanation for the crash of TWA Flight 800 was wrong and a gas tank explosion did not bring down the flight off the coast of Long Island 17 years ago.


• TWA Flight 800 Boeing 747-131 en route to Rome via Paris on 17th July 1996, was shot down by a missile fired from a submarine at about 20:31 EDT off East Moriches, Long Island, NY. All 230 people on board (two pilots, two flight engineers, 14 flight attendants and 212 passengers) were killed and the aircraft was completely destroyed, only 12 minutes after take-off from JFK Airport.

On 18th November 1997, the FBI announced that no evidence had been found for a criminal act, and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which had only arrived at the scene the day after the calamity, assumed control of the investigation. In its closing report issued on 23rd August 2000, the NTSB concluded that the probable cause of the accident was ‘an explosion of the center wing fuel tank (CWT), resulting from ignition of the flammable fuel/air mixture in the tank’.

There was talk of a short circuit outside the CWT that allowed excessive voltage to enter it through electrical wiring associated with the fuel quantity indication system.

The actual cause of the TWA-800 disaster, we are informed by British intelligence sources, was an attack from an Iranian submarine supplied to Iran by DVD assets inside Iranian intelligence, which arranged for this atrocity to take place in revenge for the shooting down of Iran Air Flight 655 from Bandar Abbas to Dubai (where the Tehran Mullahs keep their stolen funds, as noted) on 3rd July 1988, when 290 people were killed after the DVD controllers, using DVD assets, had ordered it to be destroyed in another cover-up exercise.

To achieve the TWA-800 calamity, Iranian operatives used AIM-54 Phoenix missiles supplied to Iran when the Shah was in power, for use with US-supplied Tomcat aircraft. British intelligence inform us that DVD engineers modified this weapon, which has the necessary range, for submarine use. Note: We cannot be held responsible for reproducing technical information other than on the basis of the data that was given to us. Experts can review this report in the light of their knowledge.


Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO) was formed in 1999 by a group of citizens concerned with the course of the official investigation into the crash of TWA Flight 800. During the investigation, the FBI unlawfully denied the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) access to forensic results and eyewitness interview documents. Without access to evidence and analyses withheld by the FBI, the NTSB's final report is incomplete and its conclusions are in doubt. 

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Hero of the Week

ASH ( sends:

assange, manning, edward scissorhands and now mike hastings
so sad. it's 1933 in Germany



Michael Hastings was 33 YEARS  OF AGE! The RIGHT AGE TO BE  A MARTYR

This one-car explosion tech is what ROME would  have done to Christ if they had Untraceable gas tank explosives back in 33 A.D

The brilliant, young Rolling Stone REPORTER WHOSE PIECE GOT GENERAL MC CHRYSTAL FIRED was WORKING ON other HOT anti GOV STORIES! PLURAL. He's driving through quiet neighborhood and nobody's around. Suddenly he lights up like an atom bomb and FRIES to death in a MYSTERIOUS EXPLOSIVE CRASH  right in HOLLYWOOD. WHO YA THINK DUNNIT? SOME CIA WETWORK SPECIALIST IS WHO!


FROM INTERNET: Michael Hastings conspiracy theories: Web goes wild after crash kills NSA, CIA reporter

Less than a day after the BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone reporter was killed in a fiery ONE CAR crash and at the mystical age of 33, conspiracy theorists are speculating that there is more than meets the eye over Hasting's ONE CAR demise. 
Hastings, 33, whose 2010 Rolling Stone magazine profile of the U.S. military chief in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, led to the general being relieved of command, died on Tuesday in a car wreck in Los Angeles.

News of reporter and writer Michael Hastings' death at the Messiah like age of only 33 has shaken the journalism community across the nation, as well as fans of the writer's hard-hitting reporting.

And now, less than a day after the BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone reporter was killed in a fiery car crash, conspiracy theorists are speculating that there is more than meets the eye over Hasting's demise.

Twitter, Facebook, and sharing site Reddit were abuzz Wednesday, with some users commenting that it was suspicious that Hastings, who famously brought down U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal in a Rolling Stone cover story, died while in the middle of covering several hot-button topics like monitoring by the National Security Agency and the CIA. But way m ore mysterious is that there was no other driver. His car just exploded!

Even the Guardian's Glenn Greenwald, who broke the original NSA spying story, wrote on Twitter, "Michael Hastings' final article was on Democrats & the NSA stories." Greenwald linked to Hastings' final story published on BuzzFeed, which was titled "Why Democrats love to spy on Americans."

    Michael Hastings' final article was on Democrats & the NSA stories 
    — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)

As the International Business Times notes, "some of the details surrounding the story [of Hastings' death] read like a poorly-written political thriller." His gas pedal being stuck, his going 80 in a 45 mile zone? HIS LAST ARTICLE was on NSA SPYING:

RECENTLY HE WROTE TEN TIPS for aspiring young journalists

1.) You basically have to be willing to devote your life to journalism if you want to break in. Treat it like it's medical school or law school.

2.) When interviewing for a job, tell the editor how you love to report.

How your passion is gathering information. Do not mention how you want to be a writer, use the word "prose," or that deep down you have a sinking suspicion you are the next Norman Mailer.

3.) Be prepared to do a lot of things for free. This sucks, and it's unfair, and it gives rich kids an edge. But it's also the reality.

4.) When writing for a mass audience, put a fact in every sentence.

5.)Also, keep the stories simple and to the point, at least at first.

6.) You should have a blog and be following journalists you like on Twitter.

7.) If there's a publication you want to work for or write for, cold call the editors and/or email them. This can work.

8) By the second sentence of a pitch, the entirety of the story should be explained. (In other words, if you can't come up with a rough headline for your story idea, it's going to be a challenge to get it published.)

9) Mainly you really have to love writing and reporting. Like it's more important to you than anything else in your life--family, friends, social life, whatever.

10) Learn to embrace rejection as part of the gig. Keep writing/pitching/reading.


For instance, Hastings' body has not officially been identified by the coroner's office because it had been so badly burned after it crashed on Hollywood's Highland Ave. at about 4:15am Tuesday.

A call placed to the Los Angeles Coroner's office Wednesday afternoon was not immediately returned.

Commenters to local news sites posted as many questions as they did possible answers. One user wrote on LA Weekly: "Makes you wonder if it was a real accident when you hear CIA?"

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NOTICE OF REFUSAL FOR CAUSES, BY AFFIDAVIT to Washington State Bar Association

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S." 
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 7:32 PM
Subject: now hyper-linked: NOTICE OF REFUSAL FOR CAUSES, BY AFFIDAVIT to Washington State Bar Association

Now fully hyper-linked:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 6:51 PM
Subject: NOTICE OF REFUSAL FOR CAUSES, BY AFFIDAVIT to Washington State Bar Association
Cc: Mayor McGinn

TO:       All Personnel
          Washington State Bar Association
          1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 600
          Seattle 98101-2539
          Washington State, USA
FROM:     Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964
DATE:     June 18, 2013 A.D.
SUBJECT:  unsigned letter dated June 17, 2013 + enclosures
Greetings WSBA Personnel:
I am obligated to return your U.S. Mail postmarked June 17, 2013, for reasons including but not limited to the following:
(1)     the addressee styled “PAUL ANDREW MITCHELL” [sic] is anom de guerre implying a state of war or mixed war against the Undersigned;  warring against the People of the 50 States is defined as treason in the Constitution for the United States of America, and one of the penalties for treason is death;
(2)     as employees of an organization which is required to take note of evidence that past and present members of the Washington State Bar Association have been, and continue to remain, engaged in a pattern of racketeering activities, you can be held civilly liable under 42 U.S.C. 1986 (neglect to prevent / failure to remedy) and criminally liable under 18 U.S.C. 2, 3, 4, and 1962(d) (for starters);
(3)    the attached NOTICE OF MISSING AND/OR DEFECTIVE CREDENTIALS was duly verified on Page 7 of 18 of that pleading;  as such, executive officers of the Washington State government are obligated under 4 U.S.C. 101, at a minimum, to give full faith and credit to such a judicial record, as duly served and filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York;  see Full Faith and Credit Clause in the Constitution for the United States of America, as lawfully amended (“U.S. Constitution”);
(4)    federal personnel claiming to occupy the office of full-time U.S. Magistrate Judge must have been members in good standing of a State Bar, in order to be eligible to occupy such an office in the first instance;  among the documents we sent to you were several demands styled NOTICE AND DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS as duly mailed to personnel now employed by the U.S. District Court for the District of Washington State (see attached);  each such NOTICE AND DEMAND stated a clear DEMAND FOR SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE and a reasonable deadline for production of a document that is expressly required by the federal statutes at 5 U.S.C. 2906 and 3331 and the Oath of Office Clause at Article VI, Section 3 in the U.S. Constitution;
(5)     the federal Paperwork Reduction Act effectively creates a “Right to Inspect” all such U.S. Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) Standard Form 61 APPOINTMENT AFFIDAVITS (“SF-61”) for the existence or absence of valid OMB control numbers and the paragraph at the bottom citing 5 U.S.C. 2903 (Authority to administer);  said NOTICE OF MISSING AND/OR DEFECTIVE CREDENTIALS explains in sufficient detail why the current SF-61 which OPM published on the Internet is fatally defective for displaying no OMB control number and no paragraph at the bottom citing 5 U.S.C. 2903;  moreover, both OPM and OMB have now admitted in writing that OPM has neither requested nor obtained OMB’s approval of the electronic SF-61 which OPM published at its Internet website;
(6)     for your information, very similar infiltration of the Ninth Circuit offices in San Francisco has already been confirmed by the ongoing investigation which my office begancirca 1996;  therefore, your referral to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit strongly suggests that you are either totally ignorant of verified material evidence which has been published and freely available in the Supreme Law Library on the Internet, or you are simply attempting to “pass the buck” in the manner to which most if not all petty bureaucrats have become habituated, whenever they are confronted with material evidence of FELONY criminal conduct and racketeering by members of the “legal profession”;  and,
(7)      as a matter of long-standing policy, my office does NOT accept unsigned letters, particularly when there exists probable cause that said “legal profession” members are, in fact, actively engaged in a combination of protection rackets and extortion rackets e.g. by premeditated acts of felony mail fraud, wire fraud, and a myriad of RICO “predicate acts” itemized at 18 U.S.C. 1961.
I, Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris, Private Attorney General, hereby verify under penalty of perjury, under the laws of theUnited States of America, without the “United States” (federal government), that the above statement of facts and laws is true and correct, and that all attached documents are true and correct copies of the corresponding originals, according to the best of My current information, knowledge, and belief, so help me God, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746(1) (Constitution, Laws and Treaties of the United States are supreme Law of the Land, notwithstanding anything in the Constitution or Laws of Washington State to the contrary.  See Supremacy Clause.)
Dated:   June 18, 2013 A.D.
Signed:  /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
Printed: Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S., Sui Juris
         Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)

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BREAKING Michael Hastings Contacted Lawyer About FBI Investigating him just hours before his death

Michael Hastings contacted Wikileaks lawyer a few hours before death claiming FBI were investigating him

Max Keiser | Stacy Herbert


Hastings crash ‘consistent with a car cyberattack’


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Bank of America Whistle-blower's Bombshell: "We were told to lie."

Bombshell: Bank of America whistle-blowers detail horrid schemes to fleece borrowers, reward foreclosures (UPDATED)


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Topics: Bank of AmericaForeclosureMortgage CrisisMortgage FraudmortgageHAMP,WhistleblowersEditor's PicksLoansJP Morgan ChaseWall Street

(Credit: Sashkin via Shutterstock/Salon)
Bank of America’s mortgage servicing unit systematically lied to homeowners, fraudulently denied loan modifications, and paid their staff bonuses for deliberately pushing people into foreclosure: Yes, these allegations were suspected by any homeowner who ever had to deal with the bank to try to get a loan modification – but now they come from six former employees and one contractor, whose sworn statementswere added last week to a civil lawsuit filed in federal court in Massachusetts.
“Bank of America’s practice is to string homeowners along with no apparent intention of providing the permanent loan modifications it promises,” said Erika Brown, one of the former employees. The damning evidence would spur a series of criminal investigations of BofA executives, if we still had a rule of law in this country for Wall Street banks.
The government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), which gave banks cash incentives to modify loans under certain standards, was supposed to streamline the process and help up to 4 million struggling homeowners (to date, active permanent modifications number about 870,000). In reality, Bank of America used it as a tool, say these former employees, to squeeze as much money as possible out of struggling borrowers before eventually foreclosing on them. Borrowers were supposed to make three trial payments before the loan modification became permanent; in actuality, many borrowers would make payments for a year or more, only to find themselves rejected for a permanent modification, and then owing the difference between the trial modification and their original payment. Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner famously described HAMP as a means to “foam the runway” for the banks, spreading out foreclosures so banks could more readily absorb them.
These Bank of America employees offer the first glimpse into how they pulled it off. Employees, many of whom allege they were given no basic training on how to even use HAMP, were instructed to tell borrowers that documents were incomplete or missing when they were not, or that the file was “under review” when it hadn’t been accessed in months. Former loan-level representative Simone Gordon says flat-out in her affidavit that “we were told to lie to customers” about the receipt of documents and trial payments. She added that the bank would hold financial documents borrowers submitted for review for at least 30 days. “Once thirty days passed, Bank of America would consider many of these documents to be ‘stale’ and the homeowner would have to re-apply for a modification,” Gordon writes. Theresa Terrelonge, another ex-employee, said that the company would consistently tell homeowners to resubmit information, restarting the clock on the HAMP process.
Worse than this, Bank of America would simply throw out documents on a consistent basis. Former case management supervisor William Wilson alleged that, during bimonthly sessions called the “blitz,” case managers and underwriters would simply deny any file with financial documents that were more than 60 days old. “During a blitz, a single team would decline between 600 and 1,500 modification files at a time,” Wilson wrote. “I personally reviewed hundreds of files in which the computer systems showed that the homeowner had fulfilled a Trial Period Plan and was entitled to a permanent loan modification, but was nevertheless declined for a permanent modification during a blitz.” Employees were then instructed to make up a reason for the denial to submit to the Treasury Department, which monitored the program. Others say that bank employees falsified records in the computer system and removed documents from homeowner files to make it look like the borrower did not qualify for a permanent modification.
Senior managers provided carrots and sticks for employees to lie to customers and push them into foreclosure. Simone Gordon described meetings where managers created quotas for lower-level employees, and a bonus system for reaching those quotas. Employees “who placed ten or more accounts into foreclosure in a given month received a $500 bonus,” Gordon wrote. “Bank of America also gave employees gift cards to retail stores like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond as rewards for placing accounts into foreclosure.” Employees were closely monitored, and those who didn’t meet quotas, or who dared to give borrowers accurate information, were fired, as was anyone who “questioned the ethics … of declining loan modifications for false and fraudulent reasons,” according to William Wilson.
Bank of America characterized the affidavits as “rife with factual inaccuracies.” But they match complaints from borrowers having to resubmit documents multiple times, and getting denied for permanent modifications despite making all trial payments. And these statements come from all over the country from ex-employees without a relationship to one another. It did not result from one “rogue” bank branch.
Simply put, Bank of America didn’t want to hire enough staff to handle the crush of loan modification requests, and used these delaying tactics as a shortcut. They also pushed people into foreclosure to collect additional fees from them. And after rejecting borrowers for HAMP modifications, they would offer an in-house modification with a higher interest rate. This was all about profit maximization. “We were regularly drilled that it was our job to maximize fees for the Bank by fostering and extending delay of the HAMP modification process by any means we could,” wrote Simone Gordon in her affidavit.
It is a testament to the corruption of the federal regulatory and law enforcement apparatus that we’re only hearing evidence from inside Bank of America now, in a civil class-action lawsuit from wronged homeowners, when the behavior was so rampant for years. For example, the Treasury Department, charged with specific oversight for HAMP, didn’t sanction a single bank for failing to follow program guidelines for three years, and certainly did not uncover any of this criminal conduct. Steven Cupples, a former underwriter at Bank of America, explained in his statement how the bank falsified records to Treasury to make it look like they granted more modifications. But Treasury never investigated. Meanwhile, the Justice Department joined with state Attorneys General and other federal regulators to essentially bless this conduct in a series of weak settlements that incorporated other bank crimes as well, like “robo-signing” and submitting false documents to courts.
These affidavits, however, should return law enforcement to the case. William Wilson, the case management supervisor, alleges in his statement that this “ridiculous and immoral” conduct continued through August of 2012, when he was eventually fired for speaking up. That means Bank of America persisted with these activities for at least six months AFTER the main, $25 billion settlement to which they were a party. So state and federal regulators could sue Bank of America over this new criminal conduct, which post-dates theactions for which they released liability under the main settlement. Attorneys general in New York and Floridahave accused Bank of America of violating the terms of the settlement, but they could simply open new cases about these new deceptive practices.
They would have no shortage of evidence, in addition to the sworn affidavits. According to Theresa Terrelonge, most loan-level representatives conducted their business through email; in fact, various email communications have already been submitted under seal in the Massachusetts civil case. State Attorneys General or US Attorneys would have subpoena power to gather many more emails.
And they would have very specific targets: the ex-employees listed specific executives by name who authorized and directed the fraudulent process. “The delay and rejection programs were methodically carried out under the overall direction of Patrick Kerry, a Vice President who oversaw the entire eastern region’s loan modification process,” wrote William Wilson. Other executives mentioned by name include John Berens, Patricia Feltch and Rebecca Mairone (now at JPMorgan Chase, and already named in a separate financial fraud case). These are senior executives who, if this alleged conduct is true, should face criminal liability.
Bank accountability activists have already seized on the revelations. “This is not surprising, but absolutely sickening,” said Peggy Mears, organizer for the Home Defenders League. “Maybe finally our courts and elected officials will stand with communities over Wall Street and prosecute, and then lock up, these criminals.”
Sadly, it’s hard to raise hopes of that happening. Past experience shows that our top regulatory and law enforcement officials are primarily interested in covering for Wall Street’s crimes. These well-sourced allegations amount to an accusation of Bank of America stealing thousands of homes, and lying to the government about it. Homeowners who did everything asked of them were nevertheless pushed into foreclosure, all to fortify profits on Wall Street. There’s a clear path to punish Bank of America for this conduct. If it doesn’t result in prosecutions, it will once again confirm the sorry excuse for justice we have in America.
Update: Read the full affidavits from the active court case here.

David Dayen is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Follow him on Twitter at @ddayen.

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Re: Supreme Law Firm initiates MASSIVE Whistleblower Claim under IRC 7623(b) [2 Attachments]

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S."
Sent: Sunday, June 16, 2013 5:32 AM
Subject: Re: Supreme Law Firm initiates MASSIVE Whistleblower Claim under IRC 7623(b)

Here is just one (1) calculation of the damages caused to
the Treasury of the United States by 33 U.S. Tax Court "robes"
who have failed or refused to produce ANY of the four (4) 
credentials required of them by applicable Federal laws:

Those positions have terms of 15 years, 
which can be renewed for a second 15-year term:

Without knowing the exact start and end dates of each "robe",
let's assume, for this illustration, that each has averaged
10 years on that "bench":  this number 10 will allow easy
arithmetic "scaling" if the average is NOT 10.

For example, if the average is only 8, then we scale the
totals below by a factor of (8/10).

From "Judicial Salaries Since 1968", as of 2010 each Tax Court "robe"
makes the same as a U.S. District Judge:  $174,000 per annum.

33 robes x 10 years x $174,000  =  $57,420,000 USD  ($57.42 Million)

Now, 18 U.S.C. 1964(c) authorizes an automatic TRIPLE DAMAGE
multiplier, due to all of the RICO "predicate acts" that are
direct consequences of all this impersonation e.g. mail fraud,
wire fraud, obstruction of justice, etc.:

$57,420,000 x 3  =  $172,260,000 USD

IRC 7623(b) authorizes awards up to 30%:  

0.30  x 172,260,000  =  $51,678,000 USD

Thus, the potential whistleblower award for 
blowing the whistle on these 33 known impostors
is almost $52 Million.

And, that number does not include a similar whistleblower
award for blowing the whistle on the other known impostors
formally charged in three (3) other "Qui Tam" complaints
listed below (total of 4 were lodged to date).

Remember now, we are NOT (yet) calculating any consequential 
damages that result from all of the RICO "predicate acts" implied
by all of this infiltration.

Moreover, such impostors have necessarily committed
numerous other FELONY Federal offenses that are
NOT listed among RICO's predicate acts at 18 U.S.C. 1961.

For example, these impostors have probably committed
perjury on their own IRS Forms 1040 because that form
must comply with IRC 6065, and those "robes" had no
right to occupy the office of U.S. Tax Court Judge:
(can't even get paid!)

And, last but not least, there is also now probable cause
and sufficient evidence to lodge "Qui Tam" complaints
against all other "robes" who have turned up with missing
and/or defective credentials.  

In this next document, see all "NAD" links
(Notice And Demand for Exhibition of Missing Credentials):
courts are organized by level (top down) and 
alphabetically within level:

I hope this brief summary helps to reveal the enormous
implications of this ongoing investigation.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964 (Home Page) (Support Policy) (Client Guidelines) (Policy + Guidelines)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. <>
Date: Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 4:51 AM
Subject: Supreme Law Firm initiates MASSIVE Whistleblower Claim under IRC 7623(b)

June 14, 2013 A.D.
Disclosure Officer
Disclosure Services
Department of the Treasury
Washington 20220
District of Columbia, USA
Subject:  Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) Request and
          Informant Reservations under IRC 7623(b)
Greetings Disclosure Officer:
This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.  I request that a true and correct copy of the following documents be provided to Me, without undue delays:
1.       all forms necessary and sufficient to file and claim appropriate awards authorized by IRC 7623(b) for all U.S. Judicial personnel now identified in the attached lists as having failed and/or refused to produce all requisite credentials, such as the SENATE CONFIRMATION, PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION, APPOINTMENT AFFIDAVITS and OATH OF OFFICE, at various times in the past;
2.       all forms necessary and sufficient to file and claim appropriate awards authorized by IRC 7623(b) for all U.S. Judicial personnel now identified in the attached lists as having made false and fraudulent statements on prior IRS Forms 1040 they executed in compliance with IRC 6065, at various times in the past, in direct consequence of their having failed and/or refused to produce evidence of all such requisite credentials supra;
3.       all forms necessary and sufficient to file and claim appropriate awards authorized by IRC 7623(b) for all U.S. Judicial personnel now identified in the attached lists as having committed felony perjury, at various times in the past, in consequence of their having falsely identified themselves as officers of the United States on all IRS Forms 1040 they executed in compliance with IRC 6065;  and,
4.       all forms necessary and sufficient to file and claim appropriate awards authorized by IRC 7623(b) for all U.S. Judicial personnel now identified in the attached lists as having committing felony perjury and tax evasion, at various times in the past, in consequence of their having failed to report, on all IRS Forms 1040 they executed in compliance with IRC 6065, all cash awards received by them under color of the Performance Management and Recognition System (“PMRS”) repealed by Congress in 1993, P.L. 103-89.

I hereby incorporate by reference the following “Qui Tam”complaints as previously and duly lodged under the Federal Civil False Claims Act at 31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq., as if set forth fully here and to minimize printing and shipping bulk, to wit:
I hereby also incorporate by reference the following VERIFIED CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, ON INFORMATION, as duly filed and served in the Civil RICO case of Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner, Inc. et al., Superior Court of California docket number #GIC807057, to wit:
I request a waiver of all fees for this request.
Disclosure of the requested information to Me is in the public interest, because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations and activities of the federal government, and is not primarily in My commercial interest. 
See also 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(4)(B) [such statutes must be strictlyconstrued].
If you are not the correct person to whom this FOIA request should be directed, please forward it without delay to the correct person(s).

In addition to my standing as the Private Attorney General and Relator of record in the above entitled pleadings, I hereby reserve all rights specifically authorized by all pertinent provisions of IRC 7623(b) and its implementing Regulation(s), including but not limited to statutory award percentages in a general range between 15% to 30% (with some exceptions), and the automatic triple damage multiplier expressly authorized by the Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964(c) in consequence of the multiple RICO “predicate acts” expressly itemized at 18 U.S.C. 1961.
I, Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris, hereby verify, under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of America, without the “United States” (Federal Government), that I am the one submitting the FOIA Request above, and I hereby verify same according to the best of My current information, knowledge, and belief, so help me God, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746(1).  See Supremacy Clause (Constitution,Laws and Treaties are all the supreme Law of the Land).
Thank you for your timely consideration of this FOIA request.
Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell
Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S., Informant,
Damaged Party, Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)
Criminal Investigator and Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13
(expressly NOT a federal citizen or resident alien)
All Rights Reserved without Prejudice (cf. UCC 1-308)
U.S. Mail:
   Paul A. Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
   c/o Lake Union Mail
   117 East Louisa Street
   Seattle 98102-3203
[See USPS Publication #221 for addressing instructions.]
Attachments (see also lists supra incorporated by reference)
Secretary of the Treasury (D.C.)
Office of the U.S. Attorney (Seattle)
Internal Revenue Service (Colorado and Wyoming)
U.S. Marshals Service, Deputy assigned (Seattle)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (Seattle)



Supreme Law Firm initiates MASSIVE Whistleblower Claim under IRC 7623(b) [1 Attachment] by Juan Viche


Judicial SalarieSupreme Law Firm initiates MASSIVE Whistleblower Claim under IRC 7623(b) / Judicial Salarie...

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