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JFK 50th anniversary Dallas 2013 is going to be epic; Still time to sign up at conferences!

     Folks, 400+ have signed up for JFK Lancer. 200+ folks have signed up at COPA. Either conference is a fine one to go to - you will learn a lot at both of them. Besides learning, I think the most important thing to do in Dallas is tell people WHO murdered John Kennedy and WHY they murdered him because that is exactly what the Dallas power elite, the political, social and biological descendents of the murderers of John Kennedy do NOT want to talk about.
    So I encourage you to be quite active and vocal in your personal opinions of why murdered JFK and why. That is the verboten topic because it is so shameful to Dallas, whose Texas oil barons and Lyndon Johnson and military/CIA friends were in on the JFK assassination.
    As for me, I will be walking around with a sign, baseball cap and t-shirt saying LBJ DID IT!!
Robert Morrow    512-306-1510
From John Judge of COPA:

This promises to be one of the best conferences we have held. Over 200 people have already registered. If you plan to come to Dallas for the 50th anniversary, please register and make your arrangements now. We still have rooms open at the Aloft Hotel for a discount rate for registrants. Fill in the form below and send payment by mail to COPA, PO Box 772, Washington, DC 20044 or pay online using the Donate button and Paypal. I am still negotiating with the Mayor of Dallas and his planning committee to allow for our Moment of Silence, and we will take legal action to secure our rights if necessary. Please let me know if you have any questions about registration or reservations. Looking forward to seeing you there. We also have a special t-shirt designed to wear on the Grassy Knoll on November 22 available at our website. Hope to see you there! John Judge

Register Now for COPA 2013 in Dallas, TX


COPA is currently planning our 20th annual conference in Dallas which will mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy and the 45th anniversaries of the murders of Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Our theme is: “50 Years is Enough! Free the Files – Find the Truth” and we will hold our events from November 22-24, 2013 in Dallas. We will have the leading researchers, authors, ballistics, forensic and medical experts who have worked on these cases over the last five decades and the best documentary films. We plan to hold our Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 pm on November 22 as we have for the past 49 years.

Among the confirmed speakers are Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, JD, MD (our founding president), Mark Lane, Peter Dale Scott, Richard Belzer and Jesse Ventura.

Also, Dr. Gary Aguilar, Robert Groden, David Talbot, Dick Russell, Russ Baker, Joan Mellen, Dr. Ernst Titovets (Oswald’s best friend), Jefferson Morley, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, David Montague, PhD (ARRB staff), Rex Bradford, John Armstrong, Joseph Palermo, David Starks, Ed Tatro, Baba Zak Kondo, Jack Colhoun, Bill Kelly, Bill Simpich, Andrew Kiel, Chris Pike, Kenn Thomas, Stan Weeber, Wayne Smith, Ben Rogers, Edward Curtin, Michael Calder, Bill Holiday, Mel Barney and many others. Please plan to join us for our most important conference to date.

The conference will run from Friday night November 22 to early Sunday afternoon November 24. We will also arrange a trip for those interested to the Baylor University Poague Library collection of JFK researcher archives (Penn Jones, Jr., Robert Cutler, John Armstrong and others) in Waco, Texas for those who can stay late. Please let us know if you are interested in going there. We get back at 10-11 pm Sunday night and there will be a small transportation fee to cover vans/buses.

We have arranged for rooms at a discount rate at Aloft Dallas Downtown, an upscale hotel near Dealey Plaza, at 1033 Young Street, Dallas, at a special discount rate of $99 per night, single or double. You must register to qualify for the discount rate, and make the reservations separately. Rooms are at a premium so email us for the discount code when you register.

We will also have a banquet on Friday night, November 22, followed by our keynote speakers. We need to know now how many people plan to attend, and if they will attend the banquet and other events by October 31.

The full conference registration rate is $150 and an optional banquet rate of $45 for those who register with us by mail or email by October 31. Payment for registration must be made any time before October 31, 2013, and can be done at this website as a donation or sent by check or money order to COPA (address below). After that the rate will go up to $175 at the event. There will also be day rates available on site.

We need to know whether you plan to be there. We can seat up to 150 people at our special banquet dinner, but we have to know as soon as possible if you plan to attend.














         I am stressing to folks that the sign up time for the packed Dallas confences is NOW so you can take advantage of hotel discounts and conference discounts. Please forward this email to other folks. Both conferences have fine presentations, but COPA is cheaper and more affordable. JFK Lancer is held at the plush Adolphus Hotel, which was a favorite of LBJ's. COPA is at the St. Lawrence Hotel, but the additional rooms are for COPA are at the Aloft Hotel.
Get ready to have a great time! - Robert
JFK assassination conferences 2013 sign up is NOW!!
Nov. 21, 22, 23 - Dallas
From Robert Morrow 512-306-1510
Folks, the best time to sign up for the 2013 Dallas JFK assassination conferences - COPA or JFK Lancer - is NOW!! Many JFK researchers attend them; some attend both. 2013 Dallas - the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination is going to be HUGE. So it is best to sign up for a conference now so that you can get the hotel discounts. Certainly you want to be signed up by April 15th.
Sign up NOW while the discounts and the rooms are still available. Please forward this email to friends.
COPA's cost is $125 for the conference + $45 for the banquet = $170 total. Discounted rooms are available at the Aloft Hotel for $99/night which comes out to $113.85 per night or $341.55 if you stay 3 nights. Parking at the Aloft Hotel is $10/night or $30 for 3 days.
JFK Lancer cost for one adult is $350 (a spouse is $150). Banquet is $75/person. JFK Lancer is staying at the Adolphus - rooms are $189/night which comes out to $217.35 total per night or $652.05 if you stay 3 nights. Valet parking is $26/day or $78 for 3 days. There is a City Park parking garage nearby for $15/day or $45 for 3 days.
Below is info for both conferences. Hope to see you there!

Early Registration Discounts for COPA 2013 Conference in Dallas  

COPA is currently planning our 20th annual conference in Dallas which will mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy and the 45th anniversaries of the murders of Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King.  

Our theme is: “50 Years is Enough! Free the Files – Find the Truth” and we will hold our events from November 22-24, 2013 in Dallas. We will have the leading researchers, authors, ballistics, forensic and medical experts who have worked on these cases over the last five decades and the best documentary films. We plan to hold our Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 pm on November 22 as we have for the past 49 years.  

Among the confirmed speakers are Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, JD, MD (our founding president), Walt Brown, Peter Dale Scott, Jesse Ventura, Dr. Gary Aguilar, Robert Groden, David Talbot, Dick Russell, Russ Baker, Joan Mellen, Dr. Ernst Titovets (Oswald’s best friend), Jefferson Morley, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Baba Zak Kondo, Bill Kelly, Bill Simpich, Andrew Kiel, Chris Pike, Kenn Thomas, Stan Weeber, Wayne Smith, Ben Rogers, Edward Curtin, Michael Calder, Bill Holiday, Mel Barney and many others. Please plan to join us for our most important conference to date.  

The conference will run from Friday night November 22 to early Sunday afternoon November 24. We will also arrange a trip for those interested to the Baylor University Poague Library collection of JFK researcher archives (Penn Jones, Jr., Robert Cutler, John Armstrong and others) in Waco, Texas for those who can stay late. Please let us know if you are interested in going there.  

Pre-registrants have filled the rooms available at the Hotel Lawrence. We have arranged for additional rooms at a discount rate at Aloft, an upscale hotel near Dealey Plaza. We will also have a banquet on Friday night, November 22, followed by our keynote speakers. We need to know now how many people plan to attend, and if they will attend the banquet and other events.  

We have set a special discount early registration rate of $125 and a banquet rate of $45 for those who register with us by mail or email by June 30. Payment for early registration can be made any time before June 30, 2013, and can be done at this website as a donation or sent by check or money order to COPA. After that the rate will go up to $150.  

We need to know whether you plan to be there. We can seat up to 150 people at our special banquet dinner, but we have to know as soon as possible if you plan to attend.  

We have also arranged for you to stay at the Aloft Dallas Downtown 1033 Young Street, Dallas, near Dealey Plaza, at a special discount rate of $99 per night, single or double. You must make the hotel reservations separately, after you register, at the website below, where you can learn more about the event and to book, modify, or cancel a reservation. Rooms are at a premium so contact us for the discount code when you register.  

Please fill in the new form below and return it as soon as possible to or mail it to COPA, P.O. Box 772, Washington, DC 20044.  















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From: Tree Frog <>
Date: Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 9:02 PM
Subject: FW: November In Dallas 2013 Update
To: Tree Frog <>





The 18th Annual International Conference  

Commemorating the  

50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination  


NID 2013   



Bus Tours  







Contemporary scientific disciplines address:

trajectory analysis

wound ballistics

the limo stop

simultaneous head shots

and more







In NEXUS, Hancock traces the development of a culture which viewed murder as simply another tactic - justified by a variety of national security concerns.

Purchase NEXUS here




Beyond the Fence Line: The Eyewitness Acount

of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy by Casey Quinlan & Brian Edwards







Brent Holland

Presents Ted Sorensen Interview on Assassination


BRENT HOLLAND has two broadcast shows, both focused on students - high school, college, university and all the rest of us at all ages - both are a volunteer show and put on by a staff of one with no funding or budget. The Brent Holland Show presents interviews with international and national legends such as Nobel Peace Prize recipients and Heads of State.


Included in that list of notables is Ted Sorensen who wrote as part of JFK's Nuclear Test Ban Treaty speech:


According to the ancient Chinese proverb, 'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step'. My fellow Americans, let us take that first step. Let us, if we can, step back from the shadows of war and seek out the way of peace. And if that journey is a thousand miles, or even more, let history record that we, in this land, at this time, took the first step.


A holocaust that was far too real in Oct 1962 when it was discovered the Soviets had placed offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba. Missiles that would only take five minutes to reach Washington. JFK handed Ted the future of the human race that night when he told him to draft a letter to Soviet premier Khrushchev in a last ditch attempt to resolve the crisis. Sorensen reveals to Holland many intimate details concerning this historic time, among others.


Holland brings to the JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference a unique opportunity for us gain insight into one of the great men of our nation.



Barry Ernest to Speak at NID

Girl on the Stairs: 

The Search for a Missing Witness to the JFK Assassination


JFK Lancer is pleased to announce BARRY ERNEST will be speaking on his highly acclaimed book, The Girl on the Stairs: The Search for a Missing Witness to the JFK Assassination. With a degree in journalism and communications, Ernest honed his skills as an investigative reporter and feature writer at newspapers in New York and Pennsylvania. It was a tip from a friend in 1967 that started Mr. Ernest looking for answers to the John Kennedy assassination.


Ernest's book has been updated, a forward by David Lifton added, and has new cover. The release of this much anticipated book is scheduled for early March. It required 35 years of painstakingly diligent searching to uncover Victoria Adams, a key witness to the JFK assassination, and her story. Adams was on the staircase of the Texas School Book Depository at the precise moment that Lee Harvey Oswald, according to the Warren Commission, was making his escape-yet she saw no one. Badgered by the Commission and fearing for her life, Adams vanished into obscurity. At long last, her story has been brought to light and forces us to reconsider one of the most controversial assassinations of the 20th century.





NID 2012 Conference 

DVD sets and individual speakers now available!


The 20 disc set includes presentations by: 


Peter Janney - The Mary Meyer Murder

Bill Simpich - Mexico City

Special Guest, Pat Hall Oswald's Apartment

Ed Tatro - Anecdotes

Lee Farley - The Bledsoe quandary

Casey Quinlan - Oswald and the Coca Cola Caper

Brian Edwards - Down in Front?

Jim DiEugenio - Oswald, Ruth and the Rifle

David Denton - Preparing for the 50th Anniversary

Joe Backes - The Texas Trip Research

Barry Krusch - Impossible/The Case Against Lee Oswald

Ben Rogers - What's new in the Poage Library Archives

Russ Baker - Military Intelligence Angles

Jim DiEugenio - Garrison Updates

Barry Ernest - The Girl on the Stairs

Dr. Toni Glover - Dealey Plaza Witness

Jim Marrs - Ruby Revisited

Sherry Fiester - Witness Reliability: Shots Fired and The Limo Stop

Larrry Hancock - 48 Hours: What it Tells Us

Jerry Dealey - The History of Dealey Plaza and the TSBD Walkthrough


Normally $200, for a limited time this 20 DVD set is offered at $150.

Order your NID 2012 Set -- or make your own set -- Today






Adolphus Hotel

Reservation Procedures

This year the Adolphus Hotel is limiting the number of discounted rooms available to JFK Lancer NID conference attendees and they are also changing the manner in which attendees can reserve the room.


Once the allotted reserved rooms are sold, the discounted rate will be discontinued. 


In order to receive the special group rates that have been made available for JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, you MUST be registered for the JFK Lancer Conference.

If you have a discounted room reservation and are not registered for the Conference by April 15th, your discount will be rescinded by the Adolphus.


We realize this is an unexpected inconvenience and want to emphasize it is not a Lancer decision, but one implemented by the Adolphus Hotel to accommodate people arriving to participate in other events that week. We appreciate your continued support and understanding in this matter. Discounted rates are available for these days:


Thursday, November 21

Friday, November 22

Saturday, November 23


Rates $189.00 per night for 1 king or 2 double beds or Executive Suite at this time.* Additional room nights are available but not at this rate.


To make your hotel reservations, email us Please include your telephone number, the dates of arrival and departure, and the type room you prefer.


The Adolphus will telephone you to confirm your dates and room type, obtain credit card information and provide a confirmation number. We understand this is a departure from the normal process, and hope this does not inconvenience you in any way.



Forward email


JFK Lancer Productions & Publications | | 401 N. Carroll Ave., #204 | Southlake | TX | 76092



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NEW Smells Like Human Spirit - Edward Bernays series (Part 8) Episode 79: Deconstructing Edward Bernays' 'Propaganda'

Episode 79: Deconstructing Edward Bernays' 'Propaganda' (Part 8)

For Episode 79 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast, Guy Evans finishes breaking down Chapter 6 ('Propaganda and Political Leadership') of Edward Bernays' seminal text 'Propaganda'. In a mammoth 93 minute edition of the show, find out how Bernays predicted that the politicians of the future would originate from the same social circles; discover how the techniques developed in his era to pique public interest in prominent personalities are still utilized today; and enjoy a special guest interview from Vasko Atanasoski of the Macedonian band 'Bernays Propaganda'!

Subscribe to the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on iTunes, follow us on Twitter @smellslikepod and 'like' our Facebook page at for more great shows and news!




Ways to help Teknosis

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New Barr McClellan book on the JFK assassination; Also Roger Stone's and James Tague's new books!

John F. Kennedy assassination | Heavy insider buying in LTV stock by LBJ insiders DH Byrd and James Ling in Nov. 1963 weeks before JFK assassination. Major defense contract awarded LTV January, 1964, paid for out of nonexisting 1965 budget
Post main:
Robert Morrow relays:
Web link: Also be on the look out for Roger Stone's blockbuster book indicting Lyndon Johnson and also James Tague's new book: LBJ and the Kennedy Killing.

Definitive Answers on JFK Assassination Presented in New Barr McClellan Book from Hannover House

"The Verdict: Justice for John Kennedy, Justice for America" reveals specific details of the plot and the players responsible for the assassination of the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy fifty years ago.

July 26, 2013

Hannover House, Inc., (OTC Pink: HHSE), announced the November 5, 2013 publication date of a highly anticipated expose about the Kennedy assassination. “The Verdict: Justice for John Kennedy, Justice for America” is author Barr McClellan’s sequel to his # 1 national best-seller, “Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK” (Hannover House, Sept., 2003). Hardcover copies of the new book will available through bookstores, mass merchants, airport gift shops and on-line sellers, with eBook editions available through all major portals. The hardcover edition carries a $24.95 suggested retail price; eBooks will be offered for $14.95 srp.

Attorney and author Barr McClellan was a partner in the Clark Law Firm in Austin, Texas, which handled a significant portion of the business transactions of former President Lyndon Baines Johnson.  McClellan’s 2003 book on the subject exposed documents and testimony in support of a Texas conspiracy to kill President Kennedy for a variety of reasons, including the ascendancy of power and the protection of interests in both criminal and business matters. “Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK” stunned the world with its precise, factual support of the high-level conspiracy and players. As a national best-seller, the book ignited a maelstrom of media attention and a windfall of supporting evidence and testimony.

Now, as the nation approaches the 50th anniversary of the tragic Kennedy assassination, McClellan presents compelling new evidence in “The Verdict:  Justice for John Kennedy, Justice for America.” This powerful book reveals the motives, the methods and the money that made this assassination plot possible and ultimately successful. The conclusions are clear and the evidence is abundant: America wants answers and McClellan provides “The Verdict.”

Hannover House will support the book’s release with publicity and advertising, including McClellan’s appearance on several, national cable-news programs. Prior television appearances for McClellan include all three major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), as well as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The History Channel and C-Span / Book TV. McClellan is also the father of former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, and former Food & Drug Administration Director, Mark McClellan.

The new McClellan book will be coming to hardcover and eBook formats on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.  The prior McClellan Kennedy book, “Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK” will also be re-released in hardcover edition at that time, as well as made available for the first time ever onto the various eBook formats. “Blood, Money & Power…” sold more than 100,000 hardcover edition copies, and reached # 1 best-selling status for, and # 11 ranking on the New York Times best-sellers list.

“The Verdict: Justice for John Kennedy, Justice for America” – Nonfiction, History – by Barr McClellan, 306 pages, hardcover edition, $24.95 srp.,ISBN: 978-1-62890-065-1

“The Verdict: Justice for John Kennedy, Justice for America” – Nonfiction, History – by Barr McClellan, e-book edition, $14.95 srp., ISBN 978-1-62890-066-8

McClellan also penned a prescient analysis of economics and outsourcing with his 2009 release of ”Made in the USA” (Hannover House, $19.95 srp).

Roger Stone is pinning the JFK assassination squarely on Lyndon Johnson

Roger Stone is the first JFK assassination author to have worked in the White House and among the few who have personal acquaintances with JFK’s sucessors.

As a former aide to President Reagan and confidante of RIchard Nixon, Stone brings unique practical experience and personal contacts at the highest levels of American politics to a subject that has often been written about by people with neither.

Stone’s background doesn’t mean that his interpretation of November 22, 1963, is necessarily correct, but he cannot be dismissed as “conspiracy theorist” who is deluded about the realities of American politics and power.

To the contrary, he has far more first-hand experience with those Washington realities than an academic like John McAdams or a prosecutor like VIncent Bugliosi. I think Stone’s indictment of Lyndon Johnson deserves to be taken more seriously than anyone else’s precisely because of his White House experience.

In an email interview with JFK Facts, Stone opened up about his sources, why he wrote the book, and what he really thinks of Chris Matthews.

Q. To some liberal pundits, anyone who shows an abiding interest in the JFK assassination is seriously lacking in understanding of the realities of American politics, if not clinically mentally ill. I’m thinking of Cass Sunstein, Vince Bugiiosi, and Chris Matthews, for example. What’s your reaction to such pronouncements?

RS: I have been in the mainstream of American politics and have been a senior campaign staffer to three Presidents, having worked on eight national Republican Presidential campaigns. Long before I began my book, the House Select Committee on Assassinations essentially debunked the Warren Commission Report. The Assassination Records Review Board declassified enough documents to bolster the conclusions of the House Committee; there was a conspiracy to kill JFK. Oswald did not act alone — in fact I don’t think he acted at all.

My book is not disparate from many other groundbreaking works like James Douglass’, The Unspeakable; Phillip Nelson’s LBJ: the Mastermind of the JFK Assassination; Barr McClellan’s Blood Money & Power; Craig Zirbel’s Texas Connection; and Glen Sample and Mark Collom’s The Men on the Sixth Floor. I seek to build on these seminal works.

Yes, I believe that LBJ spearheaded a conspiracy funded by Texas Oil and assisted by elements of the CIA and the Mob. Yes, I think LBJ’s unique relationships with J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, defense contractors, Texas Oil, and organized crime allowed him to spearhead a conspiracy. All had a stake in Kennedy’s death.

Candidly, I have known Chris Matthews for 30 years and have been on his TV show, Hardball. He is an egomaniac and pompous asshole who isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Liberals like Daniel Patrick Moynihan have done a disservice to the public by pigeonholing anyone who questions the Warren Commission conclusion as a “nut.” If this is true two-thirds of the people in America are “nuts.”

Stone’s book will be published in November 2013

Q. Where were you on the day it happened? Some people on the political right were known to have cheered the news? Did you hear any of that?

RS: I was 11 years old. I was in the Lewisboro (NY) Elementary School. Lots of my young classmates were crying. When the teacher asked why I wasn’t crying I said, “I’m a Republican.” Yet when I saw the photo in the New York Daily News of young John-John Kennedy saluting his father’s casket a few days later, I too wept.

Q. Your book reports on your conversations about JFK with Richard Nixon and John Mitchell about the assassination. How did you get these men to open up about such a sensitive topic?

I worked as a political advisor to President Nixon in his post-presidential years and spent many hours with him talking politics. Nixon liked a dry martini and he liked to talk politics. He was circumspect and never overtly said “LBJ did it” but he did say a number of things that more than indicate he believed this. My book details this. Nixon recognized Jack Ruby and knew him since 1947 as a “Johnson Man.” Upon seeing Ruby kill Oswald on national TV Nixon recognized him — and understood what had really happened in Dallas.

I first met John Mitchell at the Republican National Convention in 1968 when I was  a volunteer assigned to the messenger pool. He wrote me a letter of recommendation to Mort Allyn to secure me a post in the Nixon White House Press operation. I had little contact with him during Nixon’s re-election because I was the youngest staff member at CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President) and my boss, Herbert L. “Bart” Porter, and his boss Jeb Magruder, both warned me that “direct contact with Mr. Mitchell was out of the chain of command.”

By 1976, Mitchell was out of prison and quietly helping me line up Republicans for Ronald Reagan, convincing former Kentucky Governor Louie Nunn, to serve on the “Citizens For Reagan” being chaired by Senator Paul Laxalt. Mitchell had a small office in Georgetown. We used to drink at a bar in Georgetown called the Guards. Mitchell confirmed that many of the same things Nixon said to me he had also said to Mitchell. Mitchell shared his own conversations with Nixon.

Also beneficial were my interviews of Ambassador John Davis Lodge who confirmed that his brother Henry Cabot Lodge, JFK’s Ambassador to Vietnam, had knowledge of the involvement of the CIA and Lyndon Johnson in JFK’s murder.  I also interviewed long time Nixon aide Nick Ruwe who probably spent more waking hours with “RN” than any other individual, as well as John P. Sears, whose insights into Nixon and his thinking were invaluable.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Governor Jesse Ventura who’s research confirmed the link between the Bay of Pigs, JFK’s assassination and the downfall of Nixon in Watergate.

Q: In his memoir Bob Haldeman speculated that when Nixon spoke of “the whole Bay of Pigs thing” he was actually referring to JFK’s assassination. Did Nixon ever use that phrase in your conversations?

RS: Nixon ran a covert CIA operation to assassinate Fidel Castro when he was Vice President. Some of the CIA operatives and assassins involved in these plans, altered but not canceled after JFK’s surprise election, ended up working for the CIA in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. These same men, E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis were involved in the JFK assassination. They would surface again in Watergate.

It is important to recognize that in 1963 Nixon was completely out of power and considered politically washed up. Like LBJ, Nixon still burned to be President but he was considered finished. Nixon understood the connection between the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination and came to understand Johnson’s role in Kennedy’s murder. After his comeback election in 1968, Nixon demanded all CIA records on the JFK assassination seeking them for leverage and insurance.

In my book I make the case that Watergate, like the JFK assassination, was a coup d’etat a in which the CIA participated. Once CIA veteran James McCord was brought in on the Watergate burglary plan, the CIA knew what Nixon’s minions were up to. The Bay of Pigs, the JFK assassination and Watergate are thus inextriplicably linked.

Nixon’s effort to get the CIA to instruct the FBI to back off the Watergate investigation was a threat to expose the CIA involvement in the murder of JFK, which he knew grew out of the Bay of Pigs Invasion failure.

Q. When did you decide to write this book? And why?

RS: I have worked on this book for at least 10 years and have worked on it intensely for the last two years. I am greatly indebted to my researcher and co-writer, Mike Colapietro. Some will say that I have some partisan angle as my motive for writing this book. In fact, Republicans Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Earl Warren, Arlen Specter and John McCloy don’t come off well in the book. All play some role in the events of November 22, 1963.

Many people have asked me why I waited until now to write my book. When I told Mitchell I would write a book about the JFK assassination “someday,” he said, “on the 50th anniversary” and I agreed. I have honored that commitment.

Q. For some conservative commentators (I’m thinking Thom Mallon, James Swanson, and Gerald Ford), JFK conspiracy theories are a hobbyhorse that deluded leftists use to denigrate America and American power? Does your book denigrate America? 

The evidence of a conspiracy is so overwhelming now that the vast majority of Americans believe they have not been told the truth by the government about the JFK assassination. It is important to note that John F. Kennedy was murdered not just because of his plans to wind down the Vietnam War, his entreaties for better relations with the Soviets and his efforts to repeal the oil depletion allowance but also because of his double cross of the mob after their support in the 1960 election and concern by many at the Pentagon about JFK’s drug use. Kennedy was in fact hopped up on intravenously injected meth during the 1960 debates as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK was no saint.

Q. I have always been personally skeptical about the “LBJ did it” theory because I don’t see much evidence that Johnson or his cronies knew about the existence of Lee Oswald, much less had contact with him or the ability to manipulate him. If LBJ organized the death of JFK what is your theory/evidence about who organized the patsy role for Oswald?

While Johnson was the primary mover of the assassination there is no doubt that the conspirators including the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, both perhaps unwittingly as well as  the Secret Service and the FBI, as well as rogue elements of the CIA. The agency set Oswald up as a patsy when fingerprint evidence demonstrates conclusively that the shooter from the sixth story window of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building was in fact Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, a longtime LBJ henchman whose ties to Johnson are thoroughly established and documented in my book.

Interestingly, LBJ acknowledged to both his mistress, Madeline Brown and his Chief of Staff, Marvin Watson, that the CIA was involved in Kennedy’s murder — not exactly his Warren Commission’s conclusion. LBJ was facing political ruin and prosecution and jail for corruption when he insisted on JFK’s visiting Texas and when Gov. John Connally insisted on visiting the Trade Mart and on the motorcade through Dealy Plaza.

I also delve in the LBJ the man. He was a monster. Power hungry, crude, vulgar, abusive, sadistic, vicious and often drunk, this is a man who reveled in his aides’ discomfort by conducting meetings while sitting on the toilet defecating. He had at least three illegitimate dhildren, two of whom are still living. I tie LBJ to at least eight political murders in his ascent to political power and his quest for money. Johnson’s capacity for lying, cheating and crime knew no bounds, which is why Jacqueline Kennedy said, “I never liked Lyndon Johnson and I never trusted him” and why Robert Kennedy described him as “an animal.” LBJ was a murderer, and perhaps even a functional lunatic.

“The difference between me and LBJ  was, we both wanted to be President but I wouldn’t kill for it” Nixon told me in 1989.

Q. Correct me if I am wrong but I think you are the only White House employee since JFK’s death who has ever written a book about JFK’s death. Why do you think that is?

RS: I have been a participant in mainstream American politics for 40 years. I had unique access to a number of individuals who played pivotal roles in the entire drama. While I understand that many JFK assassination researchers believe the President was killed by “the establishment” or the “military – industrial complex,” which would include munitions manufacturers, defense contractors, Texas oil, the CIA, the FBI and numerous ambitious politicians -- what these researchers don’t understand is that “the establishment” is not monolithic. Members of the establishment don’t necessarily move in concert. The establishment is racked with its own intramural contests, rivalries and struggles for political power. While it may be true that many establishment figures either knew about Kennedy’s murder in advance or at least acquiesced in it, they were not conspirators themselves. Because I have seen these struggles firsthand I believe I am uniquely qualified to write this book.

Q. When will your book reach stores and Amazon? 

My book will be in stores November 6, 2013. Amazon will ship pre-orders at that time. I will do a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Dallas on November 22, 2013, as well as book signings in DC, Santa Monica and Ridgewood, New Jersey outside of New York City.

Link to buy Stone's blockbuster book:


The first person to call Lyndon Johnson a murderer were not Vietnam War protesters. Nor was it JFK researchers. It was the governor of Texas, Allan Shivers and in 1956 Shivers called LBJ a murderer to his face and held Lyndon Johnson for the 1952 prison murder of Sam Smithwick. The family of Martin Luther King has been on the record since 1997, accusing Lyndon Johnson of being involved in the plot to murder civil rights icon MLK. Did LBJ murder MLK? I don't know but I know without any doubt that Johnson had the chops to do it.

However, I am convinced that LBJ orchestrated the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, an attempted murder of 294 Americans so the USA could have a false flag pretext to bomb, attack and take out Nasser of Egypt who had drifted into the Soviet camp over the previous ten years. Lyndon Johnson was a "functional lunatic" who McGeorge Bundy actually compared to Joseph Stalin.

Operation Cyanide:

JFK researcher Robert Morrow has said: "Ruthless and corrupt, even murderer, are not adequate descriptions of LBJ. Lyndon Johnson walked hand in hand with Satan his whole life."


June 10, 2013




 the brylski company


 3418 coliseum street
 new orleans, louisiana 70115

Phone: Cheron Brylski (504) 897-6110

Jonathan Barnes 504-715-4437\

E-mail: Cheron Brylski <>

Jonathan Barnes <>
 A New Book by Assassination Eyewitness and Kennedy Assassination Researcher Sets the Record Straight

Dallas Texas: James T. Tague, the man who was slightly wounded during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and whose Warren Commission testimony rewrote history, has cleared Lee Harvey Oswald and documented Lyndon Johnson and his cronies as being behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

James Tague is the only Kennedy assassination eyewitness who is also recognized as one of America’s top researchers on the assassination.  His new book, LBJ AND THE KENNEDY KILLING, is his eyewitness account of the assassination of JFK and 50 years of living in and around Dallas collecting and documenting the facts.  It is a simple story of greed, corruption and collusion that went deep into our own government.  James Tague’s new book should answer the questions you have been asking for years and confirm your suspicions as to what really happened.



Tague was a friend of Harold Weisberg, the man who sued the government under the Freedom of Information Act, to get the F.B.I. assassination documents released.  Weisberg supplied Tague with many supporting F.B.I. documents for his book.


Tague reveals and documents proof of evidence tampering in the investigation of the assassination of JFK.


LBJ AND THE KENNEDY KILLING reads like a textbook on the assassination and Tague answers many questions as to why there has been a long standing controversy over the Warren Report and why we will never know the full truth about the JFK assassination.  


The first editions of LBJ AND THE KENNEDY KILLING, why we will never know the truth about the JFK assassination, can be ordered from Amazon, most book stores, and  The price is $ 29.95. 


Also the book can be ordered direct from the author James T, Tague. 2220 Coit Road, Suite 480-130, Plano, TX 75075.   Please add $4.50 S&H.  On direct orders Mr. Tague will autograph the book for you if you wish.








Ways to help Teknosis


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Hackers Demonstrate Dangerous Stunts After Carjacking Vehicle

Demonstration supports theory that journalist Michael Hastings’ car was remotely hijacked

Adan Salazar
July 25, 2013

Forbes Magazine has produced a short video report demonstrating the various operations computer hackers can manipulate once they’ve assumed control of a vehicle’s critical functions, a fascinating revelation in light of theories claiming Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings may have been assassinated using remote carjacking technology already well within the government’s disposal.

Forbes journalist Andy Greenburg recently met with two hackers who re-wired a 2010 Toyota Prius to be controlled via an Apple MacBook. Once the pair of hackers attached to the correct set of ports, they were able to input commands spoofing the car’s various sensors, making it to perform a wide range of seemingly impossible stunts.

“They sent commands from their laptops that killed power steering, spoofed the GPS and made pathological liars out of speedometers and odometers,” wrote Greenberg. “Finally they directed me out to a country road, where Valasek showed that he could violently jerk the Prius’ steering at any speed, threatening to send us into a cornfield or a head-on collision.”


Map outlines a few of the features that can be controlled via computer commands. / image courtesy of Forbes Magazine.

Map outlines a few of the features that can be remotely controlled via computer commands. / Image courtesy of Forbes Magazine.

Previous researchers have already demonstrated that car-hacking can be done remotely via multiple avenues, “including short range wireless networks like Bluetooth, network ports used for car maintenance and even internal CD players,” reported the New York Times in 2011.


One of the digital carjackers, Chris Valasek, 31, is a director of security intelligence at the Seattle computer security services consulting firm IOActive, a company specializing in industrial smart grid technologies and software assurance. The company recently received an $80,000 grant from the Department of Defense’s DARPA program to “root out security vulnerabilities in automobiles,” according to Greenburg.

“Imagine you’re driving down a highway at 80,” Valasek says. “You’re going into the car next to you or into oncoming traffic. That’s going to be bad times.”

The hackers are also able to kill or initiate the car’s brakes and control the car’s horn and headlights, as well as tighten the passengers’ and driver’s seat belts at will.

Despite the relative ease by which the hackers are able to take command of the vehicle, car companies have remained virtually silent regarding their automobiles’ lack of cyber security.

The hackers’ road test not only highlights the serious vulnerabilities built-in to modern cars, it also lends credence to statements made by Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke.

As we learned last month, Clarke told The Huffington Post that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ car crash was “consistent with a car cyber attack.”

“What has been revealed as a result of some research at universities is that it’s relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn’t want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn’t want the brakes on, to launch an air bag,” Clarke told The Huffington Post. “You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it’s not that hard.”

“I’m not a conspiracy guy. In fact, I’ve spent most of my life knocking down conspiracy theories,” said Clarke. “But my rule has always been you don’t knock down a conspiracy theory until you can prove it [wrong]. And in the case of Michael Hastings, what evidence is available publicly is consistent with a car cyber attack. And the problem with that is you can’t prove it.”

33-year-old BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings died in a fiery car wreck in Hollywood on June 20 when his Mercedes C250 Coupe allegedly hit a tree at high speed, supposedly causing his engine to fly out 100 feet from the site of the crash.

Friends of Hastings say the circumstances surrounding his death don’t add up as he drove “like a grandma,” making the explanation that he would barrel down the road in the middle of the night at high speed highly suspicious.

According to one of his books, Hastings had been the target of multiple death threats following his coverage of the war in Afghanistan, which ultimately led to the resignation of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal.

The deceased writer is said to have been working on his “biggest story yet” about the CIA, according to his close friend Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs.


This article was posted: Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 8:20 am


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Robots to Patrol Cities by 2040 predicts Professor Noel Sharkey

Professor: Robots to Patrol Cities by 2040


“What is your ID number? What are you doing here?”

Paul Joseph Watson
July 25, 2013

Robots will be patrolling cities by 2040 according to Professor Noel Sharkey, who predicts their tasks will include asking for ID, tasering and arresting suspects as well as crowd control.

Image: DARPA

In an article entitled 2084: Big robot is watching you, Sharkey, a robotics professor at the University of Sheffield, forecasts a world in which the jobs of surveillance, security and law enforcement have largely been handed over to artificial intelligence.

WIthin the next 30 years, Sharkey asserts that, “Humanoid walking robots would be more in use for crowd control at games, strikes and riots. Robots will patrol city centres and trouble spots where fights are likely to break out.”

“Robots will have reasonable speech perception and be able to ask questions and respond to answers. What is your ID number? What are you doing here? Move along. They may work in teams of tracked robots with non-lethal weapons (e.g. Tasers or nets) and be on call for diffusing difficult situations and arresting people,” adds Sharkey.

As well as performing more mundane tasks like checking tickets and throwing people out of events, robots will also “be able to spray a crowd with RFID tag darts or some futuristic equivalent so that people can be tracked after the crowd has been dispersed,” writes Sharkey.

By 2070, the professor predicts that robots will take on a human appearance and will be able to deploy swarm intelligence technology that will “make escape from capture impossible.” Robot police cars will also roam streets scanning license plates and deduct speeding fines from bank accounts automatically.

Sharkey has become a prominent voice in warning about how DARPA’s fleet of robots, which are ostensibly being developed for “humanitarian” and “emergency response” purposes, are in fact being designed to kill.

“Of course if it’s used for combat, it would be killing civilians as well as it’s not going to be able to discriminate between civilians and soldiers,” Sharkey told the BBC.

His warning has been echoed by Human Rights Watch, as well as former intelligence officer Lt. Col. Douglas Pryer, who wrote an essay warning of the threat posed by remorseless “killer robots” that will be used to stalk and slaughter human targets in the near future.

Last year, experts at the prestigious University of Cambridge announced a project to conduct research into the “extinction-level risks” posed to humanity by artificially intelligent robots.

As we reported in April, Pentagon scientists have already constructed a machine that functions like a human brain and would enable robots to think independently and act autonomously.

Watch a recent TedX lecture given by Sharkey below in which he warns about how robots will inevitably be used as killing machines in the near future and will also “destabilize world security and trigger unintentional wars”.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


This article was posted: Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 12:46 pm


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An End to Right to Die Campaigns

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NEW Smells Like Human Spirit: Tom Secker on 7/7, Ed Snowden, and more

Episode 78: Secrets, Spies, and 7/7 - A conversation with author and documentary filmmaker Tom Secker

Tom Secker is a researcher, author and documentary filmmaker, best known for his films '7/7: Crime and Prejudice' and '7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction'. A return guest, Secker joins the show once again to discuss his new book 'Secrets, Spies and 7/7', his doubts regarding Edward Snowden, public apathy as concerns political involvement, and more. Enjoy!
DIRECT MP3 DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save Target As):

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Smells Like Human Spirit with whistleblower Susan Lindauer

Episode 77: Susan Lindauer talks Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and the Surveillance State

Susan Lindauer is a former U.S. intelligence asset and author of the book 'Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act'. Susan is also a regular guest of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast - and in this episode, she discusses the recent NSA 'revelations' brought to light by Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, the growing surveillance state, and much more.

Subscribe to the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on iTunes, follow us on Twitter @smellslikepod and 'like' our Facebook page at for more great shows and news!

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The GOP is a Boat Anchor / Coup d'etat

Henry Morgan relays:

"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, 
what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."

                                                                    --- William Blum


From: Stephen Leykauf [
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2013 6:31 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: The GOP is a Boat Anchor


Reince Priebus, Chairman

Republican National Committee

310 First Street S.E.

Washington D.C.  20003



Mr. Priebus:

I am in receipt of your “Past Due” letter – in the bright orange envelope. 

You are asking for $50 for “2013 RNC Sustaining Membership”, and your “Balance Due:” gives this the appearance of an invoice.  Kind of presumptive on your part, don’t you think ?

The RNC is poised to again nominate Progressive, big-government, no-respect-for-life candidates to oppose similar DNC candidates.  It is amazing that a political neophyte like me can understand that the RNC has NO chance of winning another national election (with similar dismal performances in store at the state level), but you cannot foresee broad defeats. 

I will not pay $50 for the privilege of watching another slate of GOP candidates go down in flames.  Since you obviously did not receive my previous three letters, this time I will be sending you four (4) copies of this letter – enclosed in postage-paid envelopes, courtesy of the RNC.  If you would like to quit wasting solicitation funds, why not remove me from your list?


Stephen Leykauf 

Stephen Leykauf




This is the best analysis of our current situation I've seen.  
Roberts nails it!  


Coup d’etat


An unconstitutional government is an illegitimate government. 

Paul Craig Roberts
July 17, 2013


The executive branch coup against America has succeeded. 
Illustration: David Dees

The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it. 
The regime ruling in Washington today lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy. Americans 
are ruled by usurpers who claim that the executive branch is above the law and that the US 
Constitution is a mere “scrap of paper.”


An unconstitutional government is an illegitimate government. The oath of allegiance requires 
defense of the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” As the Founding 
Fathers made clear, the main enemy of the Constitution is the government itself. Power does 
not like to be bound and tied down and constantly works to free itself from constraints.

The basis of the regime in Washington is nothing but usurped power. The Obama Regime, 
like the Bush/Cheney Regime, has no legitimacy.
 Americans are oppressed by an illegitimate 
government ruling, not by law and the Constitution, but by lies and naked force. Those in 
government see the US Constitution as a “chain that binds our hands.”

The South African apartheid regime was more legitimate than the regime in Washington. 
The apartheid Israeli regime in Palestine is more legitimate. The Taliban are more legitimate. 
Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were more legitimate.

The only constitutional protection that the Bush/Obama regime has left standing is the Second 
Amendment, a meaningless amendment considering the disparity in arms between Washington 
and what is permitted to the citizenry. No citizen standing with a rifle can protect himself and his 
family from one of the Department of Homeland Security’s 2,700 tanks, or from a drone, or from 
a heavily armed SWAT force in body armor.

Like serfs in the dark ages, American citizens can be picked up on the authority of some unknown 
person in the executive branch and thrown in a dungeon, subject to torture, without any evidence 
ever being presented to a court or any information to the person’s relatives of his/her whereabouts. 
Or they can be placed on a list without explanation that curtails their right to travel by air. Every 
communication of every American, except face-to-face conversation in non-bugged environments, 
is intercepted and recorded by the National Stasi Agency from which phrases can be strung together 
to produce a “domestic extremist.”

If throwing an American citizen in a dungeon is too much trouble, the citizen can simply be blown up
with a hellfire missile launched from a drone. No explanation is necessary. For the Obama tyrant, the 
exterminated human being was just a name on a list.

The president of the united states has declared that he possesses these constitutionally forbidden 
rights, and his regime has used them to oppress and murder US citizens. The president’s claim that 
his will is higher than law and the Constitution is public knowledge. Yet, there is no demand for the 
usurper’s impeachment. Congress is supine. The serfs are obedient.

The people who helped transform a democratically accountable president into a Caesar include John 
Yoo, who was rewarded for his treason by being accepted as a law professor at the University of 
California, Berkeley, Boalt school of law. Yoo’s colleague in treason, Jay Scott Bybee was rewarded 
by being appointed a federal judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. We now have a 
Berkeley law professor teaching, and a federal circuit judge ruling, that the executive branch is above the law.

The executive branch coup against America has succeeded. The question is: will it stand? Today, 
the executive branch consists of liars, criminals, and traitors. The evil on earth seems concentrated 
in Washington.

Washington’s response to Edward Snowden’s evidence that Washington, in total contravention of law
both domestic and international, is spying on the entire world has demonstrated to every country that Washington places the pleasure of revenge above law and human rights.

On Washington’s orders, its European puppet states refused overflight permission to the Bolivian 
presidential airliner carrying President Morales and forced the airliner to land in Austria and be searched. Washington thought that Edward Snowden might be aboard the airliner. Capturing Snowden was more important to Washington than respect for international law and diplomatic immunity.

How long before Washington orders its UK puppet to send in a SWAT team to drag Julian Assange from the Ecuadoran embassy in London and hand him over to the CIA for waterboarding?

On July 12 Snowden met in the Moscow airport with human rights organizations from around the world. He stated that the illegal exercise of power by Washington prevents him from traveling to any of the three Latin American countries who have offered him asylum. Therefore, Snowden said that he accepted Russian President Putin’s conditions and requested asylum in Russia.

Insouciant americans and the young unaware of the past don’t know what this means. During my 
professional life it was Soviet Russia that persecuted truth tellers, while America gave them asylum and tried to protect them. Today it is Washington that persecutes those who speak the truth, and it is Russia that protects them.

The American public has not, this time, fallen for Washington’s lie that Snowden is a traitor. The polls show that a majority of Americans see Snowden as a whistleblower. It is not the US that is damaged by Snowden’s revelations. It is the criminal elements in the US government that have pulled off a coup against democracy, the Constitution, and the American people who are damaged. It is the criminals who have seized power, not the American people, who are demanding Snowden’s scalp.

The Obama Regime, like the Bush/Cheney Regime, has no legitimacy.Americans are oppressed by an 
illegitimate government ruling, not by law and the Constitution, but by lies and naked force.

Under the Obama tyranny, it is not merely Snowden who is targeted for extermination, but every truth-telling American in the country. It was Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano, recently rewarded for her service to tyranny by being appointed Chancellor of the of the University of California system, who said that Homeland Security had shifted its focus from Muslim terrorists to “domestic extremists,” an elastic and undefined term that easily includes truth-tellers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden who embarrass the government by revealing its crimes. The criminals who have seized illegitimate power in Washington cannot survive unless truth can be suppressed or redefined as treason.

If Americans acquiesce to the coup d’etat, they will have placed themselves firmly in the grip of tyranny.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. 
He is a columnist and was previously the editor of the Wall Street Journal. 
His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

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And check this out too:


(be sure to watch the 7 minute  video ... speakers on)




"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero." — Voltaire (1694-1778) 


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2nd Circuit "sewer service" in Hedges et al. v. Obama et al. REFUSED FOR CAUSE -- RTS (RETURN TO SENDER)

See also:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S."
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 1:18 PM
Subject: 2nd Circuit "sewer service" in Hedges et al. v. Obama et al. REFUSED FOR CAUSE -- RTS

hard FACTS.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964 (Home Page) (Support Policy) (Client Guidelines) (Policy + Guidelines)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

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