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"LBJ & the Kennedy Killing by Eyewitness James Tague" / James Tague's blockbuster book

In addition to being wounded and almost shot on 11/22/63, James Tague is a credible JFK researcher who was quite close to Harold Weisberg for many years. Tague's new book, published by Trine Day, indicts Lyndon Johnson for the JFK assassination. Web link: http://www.jtague.com/ Tague's boss, super wealthy Frank Late had a best friend who was Nelson Bunker Hunt, the son of H.L. Hunt. James Tague knew Billie Sol Estes personally and was acquainted with Madeleine Brown, a key mistress of LBJ.
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James Tague's new book, LBJ and the Kennedy Killing, will be published later this summer. 

James Tague: 

Once you understand that Lyndon Johnson and his cronies were behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy and that J. Edgar Hoover was in charge of the cover-up, the questions you have had start giving you answers. The Warren Commission did not stand a chance of presenting the truth. The 7 men appointed by President Johnson contributed little to finding the truth, Commission staff lawyer Wesley Liebeler probably said it best, and that was that “the 7 men we know as the Warren Commission were a joke.” The staff lawyers complained that these commissioners were absent most of the time, and while a staff lawyer was taking a deposition from a witness they would “step in for a few moments, ask a question and leave.” This would blow the staff lawyers line of questioning.

The Warren Commission had 14 staff lawyers, to start with, hired to do the majority of witness questioning and take statements/depositions from the witnesses. When one of these staff lawyers ran into something that needed farther investigation, he would go to J. Lee Rankin, who was chief Counsel for these lawyers. Rankin would turn down their request with the statement, “we are here to close doors not open new ones.” It is evident that when one of these staff lawyers stumbled onto the truth of who was behind the assassination and was controlling the investigation, they quit the Warren Commission. When they quit the Commission, they were were warned that whatever they had learned on the Commission, was considered to be lawyer client information and not to be discussed with anyone or they could face disbarment. The fact that several of the Commission lawyers quit the Commission was not made public, the lawyers that quit the investigation were still listed as staff lawyers in the Warren Report.

Through the years if someone discovered something important that differed from the Warren Commission, not only would that person’s discovery be attacked as false but he would be attacked personally. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison is a good example of these attacks. One problem is that there have been too many crazy theories advanced in the 2,000 books written in the last 50 years. That 2,000 books could probably be reduced to 25 reliable books that have been printed. The misleading conspiracy books have been a big contributor to the attacks, and they well deserved to be attacked for the misinformation they contained.

That leaves the 25 or so good honest books that did not deserve to be attacked. But some of these honest books have been attacked. To understand why a well documented book can be attacked, a book that names two of our countries most honored men as being part of a murder plot, one has to assume that some of the attackers had good intentions, they simply want our countries dirt swept under the rug.

To accept the fact that a United States President and a man who headed our FBI for 50 years were involved in a plot to kill another President puts our country in the same category as a “Banana Republic.” It has been 50 years and it is time for the truth, at least what we know of it, to be told. The attacks on the facts has to stop.

First, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin and he had raced down 4 flights of stairs to be seen calmly buying a coke in the lunch room 75 seconds after the assassination of JFK, was calm, normal and not out of breath was hard to accept. Then Barry Ernest finally finally found the School Book Depository witnesses who were using the stairs, nullifying that Lee Harvey Oswald using the stairs. It was too simple, Oswald was actually eating his lunch in the second floor lunch room, just like he said he was and just like witnesses said he was.

Second, my facts come from direct conversations with Johnson insiders who have told me the exact same story years apart from each other. There was a fingerprint on a box on the sixth floor (Teknosis: The supposedly unidentified fingerprint on sniper's nest box is Mac Wallace's, it's in the National Archives and the first person to get 3 experts to prove that will make a name for themselves in history in my opinion. There has already been one 35 year forensics fingerprint expert who made a 30 something point identification that it was Mac Wallace's.) There was also a United States Federal Marshall that knew the full story. For reference, I have a set of the 26 volume Warren Report that contains the testimony of nearly 600 witnesses. I have scores of internal FBI documents that my friend Harold Weisberg sent to me after he won his Freedom of Information Act law suit. I have spent hours and hours of research for verification of what I have been told and many of the facts are taken from witness testimony right out of the full 26 volume report, not to be confused with the misleading one volume report. . that’s umpteen points of verification and then when I am through with my verification, I am handed the Russian KGB’s 1965 investigative report showing that Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination of President Kennedy. And guess what? My hours and hours of work match the Russian KGB report to a tee: Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The public loved President Kennedy, but he had stepped on some powerful toes, some big money toes, The President had made too many changes, too quick, too fast. President Kennedy had made enemies.

The assassination of President Kennedy was 2 years in its planning, the assassination was pulled off by professionals, there were many people involved. We now know that the planned assassination did have leaks, and little attention was paid to these leaks. One man even shot up a bank so he would be in jail and not associated with the killing when it happened.

The sad part is that many of the power brokers who pulled the strings with their influence on our Government, oil, banking, etc, they had no part in the assassination, but silently cheered in their hearts that Kennedy was gone. The public loved Jack and Jackie Kennedy, but Jack was making too many changes too quick to suit the big money. The hate this power and money bunch had bottled up, unknowingly helped in covering up what was behind the assassination. When someone in this power and money group stumbled onto what really happened, they kept silent about the truth, and used phrases like “for the good of the country,” and “for the sake of the Kennedy family,” that were popular in not seeking information beyond what the Warren Commission had to say.

The truth has been there all the time with a few good researchers and a few good authors, by each in their research being able to document a small piece of the truth. Putting the full story of the assassination together was like, in a way, working a crossword puzzle. There are a few pieces of the puzzle missing that have probably been destroyed and will never be found. When the 50th anniversary comes on November 22, 2013, I will be 77 years old and for reasons only the good lord knows, I have been given information that demands that I write this book so the public and future generations know the truth about the Kennedy assassination. This book started by me being in Dealey Plaza that day, November 22, 1963; it was an accident I was there, it was un-planned, I just happened to get stopped in traffic. Being injured in the shooting was minor, a sting on the cheek from the debris from a missed shot that had hit the street in front of me. I am proud that I spoke up 6 months after the assassination when it appeared the Warren Commission was about to make a total cover-up on the assassination of President Kennedy. My Warren Commission testimony was important, it changed history. Having Harold Weisberg, the best, most dedicated and serious Kennedy assassination researcher alive as my dear friend for almost 35 years was important. Harold’s winning his FOIA lawsuit against the FBI and sharing the FBI documents with me was important. Having well meaning insiders to the assassination step into my life unsolicited was important. What amazes me is I did not go looking for any of this, it all came to me and dropped into my lap.

I have a thin skin, so I know I must brace myself for the dissenters when this book comes out. There are some people that will not accept the facts, even when it is shoved into their face. 40 some years ago while being interviewed on film, I was asked about my minor injury and without thinking I motioned to my left cheek for some reason. Actually I had been sprayed with debris on the right cheek. The point is, there are still people who want argue over which cheek I was stung on during the shooting. Then there are those that have read one of the many JFK assassination books that contain one of the many theories advanced through the years, many of these readers now have a mindset that the theory presented in the book they read is the truth.

There have been over 2,000 books written about the assassination of President Kennedy the last 50 years, some of these books are excellent books, but far too many of these publications have done nothing but screw up the readers mind until the reader does not know what to believe anymore.

Harold Weisberg was constantly after me to write the story about the curb being altered, I struggled to start the book which, it was to be a book about my dealings with the FBI, the Warren Commission and the tampering with the curb. My struggle with writing was real, I tried to copy styles and it did not work, no assassination theories. Then Harold died, I had promised Harold he would be the first read the book, but he was gone. Suddenly it happened, I started writing what I knew, it was too simple, I had found out that the truth was easy to write about and I threw together a simple book “TRUTH WITHHELD, Why We Will Never Know the Truth About the JFK Assassination.” I self-published the book in 2003 and it has sold a few thousand copies and still selling today. I have included a few of the chapters in “TRUTH WITHHELD,” in this book.

I took a break, the John F. Kennedy assassination had been a part of my life for over 40 years, I bought a nice country place in east Texas, 3 ½ mile south of Pittsburg and I sold the home in Plano I had owned for 30 years. Still, after all the years that had passed, people were still looking me up and coming to East Texas for an interview or whatever, I had not left the Kennedy assassination behind. Then it happened, I woke up one morning with my feet so swollen I could not put my shoes on and I had broke out all over with what I thought was the measles. My daughter Suanna took me to the doctor, he was puzzled but ordered a blood test and sent me home. At 7 AM the next morning the phone rang and it was my doctor. He told me to have someone drive me straight to the hospital in Tyler 50 miles away, that the doctors were waiting for me in the emergency room. I had had complete kidney failure and my body was shutting down. I was put on dialysis upon arrival.

Dialysis for 4 hours a day, 3 or 4 days a week is not fun, the misery and pain you are surrounded with is a new way of life. I do not think I had missed a total of 5 days of work due to illness in my entire life. It was a constant effort to get through each 4 hours without being bored to death. The health checkups were a constant part of my life. Once your kidney’s quit on you, they are done, they are not supposed to ever work again. I was having a regular urine and blood checkup on January 16, 2010 at my doctors office and out of the blue my doctor announced “Jim, your kidneys are working again and I am taking you off dialysis.” When I recovered from the shock he said the odds of my recovery were over 10,000 to 1. It has been over 3 years, I still get regular checkups, and my doctor just shakes his head at my recovery.

I am not a regular churchgoer, but I am a god fearing man and I do say a silent prayer for my family every so often. I took this recovery as a signal that I am on this earth for a purpose. I did not need to guess what purpose. I knew in my heart I needed to tell the true story of the President John F. Kennedy assassination, there had been too much information dumped in my lap and there had been too many years of the “Lone nut assassin,” Lee Harvey Oswald did it, end of the story.

For you historians it will not take much research to find out what a bipolar sick man Lyndon Johnson was. I feel sorry for his 2 daughters by Lyndon and Ladybird, I hope they do not read this book. One of his Secret Service agents probably said it best “if he was not President, he would be locked up in a nut house.” His friend who handled the coverup, head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover was without morals, I cover Hoover in an earlier chapter. There was the big money and power, the men who where admired as pillars of society who let their power and greed get to them and allow a murder. They supplied the money without asking questions to keep their lilly white hands clean. There were the known and main planners, Lyndon Johnson’s attorney Edward Clark, Head of the National Democratic Party Clifford Carter, Owner of the School Book Depository, co-founder of LTV and Malcolm Wallace's employer David Harold Byrd, Billionaire oil man Clint Murchison Sr., Billionaire oil man H. L. Hunt, George and Herman Root of Brown & Root, and others.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy to the shooting, but not completely innocent of involvement. There was at least 3 shooters, probably 4 shooters, and maybe as many as 5 shooters. Two shooters are known, Malcolm Wallace and Loy Factor, a third shooter was seen by Ed Hoffman behind the fence, and the forth shooter was probably the third man on the sixth floor. There is eyewitness and fingerprint evidence on Wallace and a confession by Loy Factor to three reputable men.

The clean escape from the assassination scene was handled by several men who pretended they were Secret Service agents, these false Secret Service agents mingled with the crowd, the fake agents carried fake Secret Service badges, and placed themselves all around the area of Dealey Plaza and the School Book Depository. More than one person, in the confusion of hearing shots fired and wondering what had just happened had a fake Secret Service badge pulled out by a stranger and used for identification by a phony Secret Service agent. The coverup was in effect the moment the first shot was fired.



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