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Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat / For Immediate Release


https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_AZRKDabXz6a01fUWlIdE9XSW8&usp=sharing (download pdf, more [27 minute video interview, podcasts,.] here)

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            Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall

            [email protected]




 A Black Swan is the disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology


                                                             Nassim Nicholas Taleb 

                                                            Author, The Black Swan


            Lee/Leo Emil Wanta, born June 11, 1940 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, served as President Ronald Wilson Reagan’s Personal Intelligence Coordinator.  He was dubbed Reagan’s “favorite junkyard dog” because of Wanta’s ability to get things done quickly, thoroughly and outside the box, when necessary.  Wanta’s genius in currency trading and investing was an added bonus to President Reagan.

            In the world of intelligence operatives, a “junkyard dog” is an agent who is not employed by any of the alphabet agencies – the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. – but who works under contract per operation.  In Wanta’s case, he was a secret agent who usually reported directly to the President of the United States.  He worked in that capacity under three U.S. Presidents:  Reagan, G. H. W. Bush, and Clinton.

            Wanta is best known by those who follow his exploits as “The $27.5 trillion man.”  He is an American Patriot who is credited with bringing down the Soviet Union Ruble (SUR) which resulted in the fall of the Soviet Empire and the Iron Curtain.  His successful involvement in Operation Stillpoint is well-documented in the book Thieves’ World by author Claire Sterling (Simon & Schuster, 1994).

            “There is no better definition of Lee Wanta than ‘Black Swan’,” said Wanta’s official biographer, Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall, a retired internationally known bank consultant and investigative journalist.  “He is a high-profile, hard-to-predictrare event that goes far beyond the realm of normal expectations in the world of high finance and banking.”

            Barnewall, once named the “Dean of American private banking” by Forbes Magazine and the person who started the first private bank in America has written books about banking that are on file with Oxford and Cambridge University libraries in Europe.  Copies of her banking industry books have sold at a per copy cost of $5,000.  She has taught private banking in Singapore and given speeches on the subject in Australia, Europe and other nations of the world.  She met Wanta quite by accident as a result of her first work of fiction in which she created a character whose life paralleled that of Leo Emil Wanta (of whom she had never heard).  After her book was published, someone sent her an article about Wanta.

            In the Introduction to WANTA!  Black Swan, White Hat, Barnewall says:  “This is the life story of a real man… a story that challenges anything Ian Fleming ever wrote about ‘James Bond.’  Well, let me expand on that thought.  There will be no ‘Pussy Galore’ characters or scenes where Wanta skis down a hill on one ski (just a winter’s foggy breath ahead of expert archers shooting at his shadowy figure which gleams against the white snow on a moonlit night).   Though Pussy or the snow scene exemplify wonderful Hollywood fiction, in this case truth is far more interesting.  And yet, it’s a story based on lies… the lies of government versus the integrity and honesty of one man who loves his country.”

            Leo Emil Wanta was made Ambassador of Somalia to the nations of Switzerland and Canada in 1993.  His Investiture occurred in Paris at the Pullman-Windsor Hotel and was witnessed by such well-known international politicians as the Honorable Alain Juppe, the level-headed foreign minister under the Sarkozy administration (and Jacques Chirac's prime minister in the mid-1990s).  On July 7, 1993, Wanta was arrested in Lausanne, Switzerland where he was held in solitary confinement with no charges filed against him for 134 days before a coded letter from Yitzhak Rabin evidently startled the Suisse Sûreté.  They put him on an airplane to New York City the next day using a fugitive flight warrant filed by Wisconsin for a false pretense of income tax evasion..  A New York Magistrate threw the case out but Wisconsin persisted in their unreasonable pursuit of Wanta and he was unlawfully arrested on the New York court’s stairs and once again imprisoned.  What better way to gain access to Wanta’s funds than to imprison him and tell banks around the world that he was dead?

            President Reagan wanted the fortune amassed by Wanta to pay the unlawful debt of the United States acquired via currency manipulations and Wall Street waltzes around the law.  Wanta says:  “It appears that $23 trillion of the funds have been effectively stolen by the U.S. government.  Per contract, $4.5 trillion of the $27.5 trillion total represents my personal funds earned for services rendered and from those funds $1.575 trillion will be paid by me in taxes into the U.S. Treasury Department.  My greatest personal desire is to use my after tax personal funds to build, via my company AmeriRail (HSR), a national high-speed rail system for the American people.  It will create 2 million jobs and will stimulate the economy at absolutely no cost to the people,” he said.

            “There is little wonder why the life and times of Ambassador Leo/Lee Wanta is worthy of an official biography,” Barnewall said.  “This is powerful information!  It can restore the economy and put control of government back in the hands of the American People.”

Barnewall informs us that “WANTA!  Black Swan, White Hat documents this man’s very complex life.  He is an American hero and deserves proper recognition for that status.  Documents are linked to each chapter so readers are provided actual evidence substantiating the facts surrounding this incredible story… probably the most important financial story of the 20th – and possibly the 21st – century.  It’s important to the 60,000 people who read the first draft of the book in 113 nations around the world because of the Wanta, Reagan, Mitterrand protocols, a program which invests much-needed billions in several European nations… including $30 billion to the Russian Federation.”

The documents to which Barnewall refers come from court transcripts, Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library, newspaper articles, Wanta’s files and case notes, and from people who knew him while he was effectively muzzled in prison with spurious tax charges filed by the state of Wisconsin.  One of the documents provided in the book is a 1992 cancelled check proving that Wanta paid the taxes for which he was tried and imprisoned by a Wisconsin criminal court which put him in prison for not paying the taxes.  “Can anyone spell ‘Kangaroo’?” Barnewall asks.

            WANTA!  Black Swan, White Hat can be read at no cost on the official Web site created for Ambassador Wanta athttp://wantarevelations.com .  It will be available on Amazon.com’s Kindle as early as September 1st.

            “The evidence is there.  The Wanta experience is real, the fortune he created is real; the theft of that fortune by agent provocateurs is real.  I extend to an invitation to everyone to visit the Web site and to read – at no cost – the revelations contained in the official biography of Ambassador Wanta,” Barnewall said.


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