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Tehran, Iran

December  01  thru  06, 2013







Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Islamic Republic of Iran

            There is an old Islamic saying with which I totally concur: "He who keeps his own counsel keeps his affairs in his own hands."
            I have kept my affairs in my own hands for many years and the truth of that old Islamic saying represents success because otherwise I would not be alive to share my thoughts with you today. July 7, 2013, was the 20th anniversary of my unlawful arrest and imprisonment in Lausanne, Switzerland – but more about that later. I merely point out that for 20 years I have kept my own counsel and have not spoken publicly about what happened to me until today.
            As .... said in his introduction, I was a Secret Agent who reported directly to United States President Ronald Wilson Reagan under the mandated provisions and directives of the Totten Doctrine (92 U.S. 105, 107 [1875]), Presidential Executive Order No. 12333, Rogers - Houston Memorandum, among other directives. The story I want to share with you today is one I have kept quiet about – keeping my affairs in my own hands – for many years.  Other people have written about me and what I did for the United States Government, but this is the first time I have made a personal appearance to speak publicly about it.
            Before beginning my planned comments, I have a few things to say about what being back in this part of the world brought to mind as I think about my past activities in the Middle East: Meeting Osama bin Laden – or, as I knew him, Tim Osman – a good and trusted agent of the Central Intelligence Agency who I met when General Dynamics' Stinger Missiles - allegedly spent in Afghanistan - were being sold on the open market.


            I have never believed Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the attacks against my country because I truly believed he died of his kidney illness in December 2001, just a few months after what we in the United States call 9/11. That information was given to me by very reliable INTEL sources.

[NOTE: The importance of Stinger Missiles, the Middle East, and the Reagan Administration cannot be covered in this presentation. Though the following information will not be part of my formal presentation, I believe it will interest a great many people:]

The Role of CIA Officials

Director Casey’s unswerving support of President Reagan’s contra policies and of the Iran arms sales encouraged some CIA officials to go beyond legal restrictions in both operations. Casey was instrumental in pairing North with Secord as a contra-support team when the Boland Amendment in October 1984 forced the CIA to refrain from direct or indirect aid. He also supported the North-Secord combination in the Iran arms sales, despite deep reservations about Secord within the CIA hierarchy.

Casey’s position on the contras prompted the chief of the CIA’s Central American Task Force, Alan D. Fiers, Jr., to “dovetail” CIA activities with those of North’s contra-resupply network, in direct violation of Boland restrictions. Casey’s support for the NSC to direct the Iran arms sales and to use arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar and Secord in the operation, forced the CIA’s Directorate of Operations to work with people it distrusted.

Following the Emil Hasenfus airplane shootdown in early October 1986, George and Fiers lied to Congress about U.S. Government involvement in contra resupply, to, as Fiers put it, “keep the spotlight off the White House.” When the Iran arms sales became public in November 1986, three of Casey’s key officers George, Clarridge and Fiers followed Casey’s lead in misleading Congress.

Four CIA officials were charged with criminal offenses George, the deputy director for operations and the third highest-ranking CIA official; Clarridge, chief of the European Division; Fiers; and Fernandez. George was convicted of two felony counts of false statements and perjury before Congress. Fiers pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress. The four counts of obstruction and false statements against Fernandez were dismissed when the Bush Administration refused to declassify information needed for his defense. Clarridge was awaiting trial on seven counts of perjury and false statements when he, George and Fiers were pardoned by President Bush.

What the true scope of Iran-Contra included:

The scope and limits of the investigation of the Independent Counsel, charged with examining certain exposed secret government operations of the Reagan administration, was defined by then Attorney General Edwin Meese. As stated below,

“The evidence indicates that Meese’s November 1986 inquiry was more of a damage-control exercise than an effort to find the facts. . . [Meese] had private conversations [with key participants] without taking notes . . . failed . . . to take . . . prudent steps to protect potential evidence . . . [and] gave a false account of what he had been told. . . . The statute of limitations had run on November 1986 activities before OIC obtained its evidence. In 1992, Meese denied recollection of the statements attributed to him by the notes of Weinberger and Regan. He was unconvincing, but the passage of time would have been expected to raise a reasonable doubt of the intentional falsity of his denials if he had been prosecuted for his 1992 false statements.”

So the Attorney General, the leading law enforcement officer of the land, who framed the scope and limits of the investigation called “Iran Contra,” would himself have been prosecuted for false statements made later concerning his conversations with Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger and Secretary of State James Baker; to say nothing of the fact that as the leading law enforcement officer of the U.S., he failed to fulfill his oath of office to uphold, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States.

In 1989 I interviewed L. Fletcher Prouty for five days concerning his experiences in the US Air Force from 1941 to January 1964 including participating in the creation and then operating the USAF branch of the Pentagon Focal Point Office for the CIA from 1955 to 1963 that provided logistical support for worldwide clandestine operations of the U.S. government. The subject of Iran-Contra came up a number of times in our conversation.

Prouty: As intricate as anything we did in the days we were in this kind of work was handling money. I spent more time, on these papers that I prepared for the methodology of handling covert operations, (“Military Support of the Clandestine Operations of the United States Government” written in 1955. See Military Experiences, Part II, page 42) in devising the money trails as anything else.

That’s why I feel in this current business about the Iran-hostage exchange, when you hear these top people talking about the use of the Economy Act of 1932 — they don’t say the year — they just say the Economy Act, what they are really talking about is this very secret money channel that we established for actual covert operations. It works all right. It’s not described in this document (U.S. Government Organization Manual, 1959-1960, page 143. See page 76) at all. But it was a key to how this whole business of covert operations worked. You’ve got to pay people all the time. . . .

We created a system for this. We created a system where every single credit card turned in on these planes in the clandestine business around the world would arrive at a certain computer center at Dayton, Ohio. From that computer center in Dayton, it would fall into a certain box and we’d pay those bills. Then we’d turn right around and charge CIA — but we’d do it on internal U.S. Air Force books so nobody knew it. Thus we could follow the movement of every single airplane. If you can’t do that, you can’t run covert operations. As you heard Colonel North trying to explain what they did, and he can’t do it — it’s because the system broke down. They had trouble with the system, they need to go back and rethink the system. A very intricate system. . . .

The money we’re talking about is nothing but numbers: so many dollars in the Defense budget that moved into the CIA budget, or vice versa and so many dollars from another budget moving into this budget. We never touched a dollar, we never asked the Sultan of Brunei or anyone else for a couple of million bucks as they say the “Iran-Contra” operators did — that’s utterly ridiculous! If you’re going to help some young kids in Honduras that are called the “Contras,” you don’t go around borrowing millions of dollars to give to some ex-Nicaraguan in a villa in Palm Beach! That’s what the Iran-Contra scheme was doing.

During that Iran-Contra fiasco, if we just had a chance to take this one directive, and explain it to Judge Gesell or to Prosecutor Walsh and let them know what the facts of life are, they would have ended that problem in a few days. They wouldn’t even need the jury. It’s just ridiculous the way this has grown. . . .

We have to look at it several ways. If they reached the point in coming down the levels, the first thing to know is to find out who really made the decision and whether he had that authority. It wasn’t Ollie North; it wasn’t Poindexter; it wasn’t McFarlane. They all worked for people. So you have to go to the people they worked for and say, “Who made the decision?”

The man [Weinberger] who said this Iran-Contra operation was done under the Economy Act made the decision. Because, by saying it was done under the Economy Act, what he is doing is opening the doors of the secret supply channel, which is worth tens of millions of dollars. He had to have the money for it — meaning the money in the federal budget — not cash on the barrel, and not cash he got from the King of Saudi Arabia.

He made the decision to release the missiles, and not to sell them to somebody — in exchange for hostages. When you exchange the missiles for hostages, you don’t get any money; the hostages are the money, you exchange for hostages. If somebody kidnapped my dog and said he wanted $100, I’d give them the money and I’d take the dog. That’s the deal!

The whole situation in this contrived Iran-Contra situation — from the point when McFarlane went over to Teheran with a cake and a Bible, the whole thing, right there, was explaining itself as a weird, mixed-up exercise. You don’t do clandestine exercises that way. There was something terribly wrong with it when it started with a cake and a Bible.

. . . [T]his Iran-Contra deal is the biggest aberration on covert operation I’ve ever heard of. It simply is not a covert operation at all. Somebody was just handling a lot of money, and Meese created the meaningless name for that game, “Iran-Contra”, that was just contrived.

Ratcliffe: What’s your sense of the most likely explanation for how things have gone so awry?

Prouty: It’s simple. The Iraqis have fought the Iranians since 1981. And in that period the Iraqis have released data that this warfare cost them $60 billion. I’m sure the Iranians fought as hard as the Iraqis did. The Iranians were using U.S. military hardware, because most of their army and navy are supplied with things made in the United States. When the equipment is made in the United States — like engines or parts — you have to buy them from the United States; nobody else makes that specific military equipment, at least not identical. So you have to buy it from the United States.

So, I believe (without too much concern about the exact record, or the figures) that it must have cost the Iranians about $60 billion to fight the Iraqis. If it did, it means the Iranians purchased (from somebody) parts made in the United States that belonged to the U.S military (or the military suppliers) worth $60 billion. Not a few million. Not a cake and a bible. Sixty billion dollars. They don’t want to talk about it.

So they’d rather talk about the cake and the bible and the Contras. That’s the role Mr. Meese created to divert the people from the $60 billion and talk about the Contras. When you’re talking about the Contras, everything that happened in Iran is quiet. One was supposed to balance the other.

If you go back and look at the newspapers, the Iranian/Contra problem began with a little newspaper saying that weapons from the United States had been exchanged for hostages. That was the problem — only that. Then, when Mr. Meese went poking around in the papers in the White House, he says he found a memo that the money from that exchange was going to the Contras. He made some funny statements. There’s no money from the exchange — not from that exchange — and there was no need of giving money to the Contras. But every eye and ear of the members of the Congressional hearings turned to the Contras, and they forgot Iran from that time on. Mr. Meese’s gambit succeeded. As simple as that.

Then we get people who have other interests — and I make no brief for them; but people like the Christic Institute — who amplified on this deal. The next thing you know, everybody’s looking at Nicaragua instead of Teheran. Well, that covers up the $60 billion deal we played with Iran. There’s your problem.


The money was transferred quietly on paper in the government. And nobody saw it because of the Economy Act principles — which Weinberger talked about anyway! There’s something very much mixed-up in this Iran/Contra thing, because they didn’t need the money to transfer in the first place . . . unless someone was stealing it.]

Being in the Middle East again reminds me of Iran-Contra – a program President Reagan intended to do good things for the Middle East and from which the Contras in Central America could receive aid to rid their nation of tyranny but was a program that had drugs for weapons injected into it – prostituted by then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, not President Ronald Reagan. Though Reagan was blamed for Iran Contra, it was not of his doing and the drugs for weapons part of that program belonged to Vice President Bush and those who worked for him.
            Though I worked for and reported directly to President Ronald Wilson Reagan, who was duly eligible and elected by the American Electorate to the Office of the President - a United States Constitutional Office, he was not just my superior, he was my friend. I know that no one values friendship more than those born in the Middle East and I want you to know this about my friend, Ronald Reagan:  He never wanted George Herbert Walker Bush as Vice President but the Republican Party compelled Reagan to accept Bush if he wanted to receive the funds needed to win the Presidential race in the United States. Reagan and I talked about Bush Senior and Reagan did not trust Bush at all. He told me that if the Vice President ever asked me a question, I was not to answer it but, instead, was to refer him to the President’s Office – which I did on occasion… and I did it with the respect due the Office of the Vice President of the United States (OVP), but not the man holding that executive position.


            Being in the Middle East reminds me of the Sultan of Malaysia who once saved my life by helping me get out of Singapore when I, working under my FBI code name of Frank B. Ingram, discovered a $1 Billion Treasury Bill being covertly circulated in Singapore, by V Ramakrishman & Co, Advocates & Solicitors, Commissioner of Oaths, for currency transfer/conversion. The Singapore authorities did not know me as Frank B. Ingram (SA32NV), they knew me as Leo Emil Wanta - Managing Director of Aneko Credit PTE Limited, a Singapore Underwriting Corporation.  Because Frank and I were the same person, and because Frank was the one who involved the United States Secret Service _Bangkok regarding the questionable monetary activities regarding the Billion Dollar Treasury Note transfer/conversation investigation, the information involving the currency was floating not just around Frank, but around me too because I was both people – Frank B. Ingram and Leo Emil Wanta.  Frank nor I could ever tell the Singapore authorities that I was Frank B. Ingram (the initials being FBI [FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION]). In addition, His Excellency, KOK Howe Kwong, Aneko's Chairman and I were working with his his classmate, Singapore, as to: Operation: "Blue Moon Bags"; Drug Trafficking/Mule Operations through South East Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore to the United States, and the illegal assistance of Assistant U.S. Customs Attache David Meisner, United States Customs Service, assigned to U.S. Embassy - Singapore; official investigation was authorized and filed through Authority : S-31-IANO, Office of Internal Affairs - New Orleans, LA,  so I had to get out of Singapore. The Sultan of Malaysia facilitated my rapid departure and I was flown back to Europa, and eventually sent by Vice President Dan Qualye to a Safe House in Toronto, Canada for a year plus, and then sent back to Europe for other Financial Investigations, and for my Official Investiture as Somalia Ambassador to Canada and Switzerland - well before,  being unlawfully arrested by the Swiss Surete in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 7, 1993.  That’s another story and I’ll get to it later.
            So I bring with me many memories of the Middle East – mostly good ones – to the Peace Conference today. And there’s one other thing I’d like to say before telling you more of what I did and how I was chosen to do it. I get a lot of requests to do radio interviews in America and all of them focus on the personal fortune I was able to create during the years we destabilized the Soviet Union Ruble. In my country, I’m known as the $27.5 trillion man. Did I create that fortune? Yes, I did… but there are so many things to talk about today far more important than money. And yet, money also plays a key role in the memories I have of my involvement in the Middle East.
            Let me tell you one more quick story before giving you the history of how I, a Polish boy from Wisconsin, got involved in the world of international intelligence work. Before my world was torn apart by an unlawful arrest in Lausanne 20 years ago, I was in touch with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel and PLO Leader Yasser Arafat who represented the future State of Palestine. President Reagan wanted each party to receive $5 billion to establish a meaningful peace accord. My unlawful arrest in the Cantonale of Lausanne, Switzerland brought those plans to a halt – and I have often wondered who was behind the plans to derail our 1992 International Peace Accord Plans and why. Interestingly, when I receive the $4.5 trillion, plus interest accruals, due me personally from a Clear Inward Remittance/SWIFT Wire Transfer made to my personal/corporate bank account by the Peoples Bank of China directly to Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia, that $5 billion to Israel and $5 billion to Palestine is a debt I intend to pay to fulfill a promise I made to my friend, President Ronald Reagan.
            Now that I have taken more time than I should have taken to give you the things that have been on my mind and are largely responsible for my agreeing to take the personal risk to come and speak to you today, let me tell you how this all began.
            To understand my story – to understand what a Secret Agent is when he is not employed by one of the alphabet agencies in America’s world of intelligence operatives, I need to tell you a story about another of America’s great Presidents, Abraham Lincoln. First, let me define a term I just used – “alphabet agency.” An alphabet agency is defined as a government agency that is known by its initials rather than its name - the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) or FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) or DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) or USSS (United States Secret Service),  USCS (United States Customs Service), NSA (National Security Agency), and so forth. I have worked for all of these agencies – and more (or others) – at the direction of President Ronald Reagan. I was President Reagan’s Personal Intelligence Coordinator and he said on more than one occasion that I was his “favorite junkyard dog.”
            What is a junkyard dog? In many countries, calling someone a dog is a huge insult, but President Reagan used the term affectionately. A junkyard dog is a Secret Agent who does not work for any of the alphabet agencies. The more pertinent question you might want to ask is: Why did the President of the United States require the services of a Secret Agent who was not employed by any of these agencies but who instead was a free agent reporting directly to him, under direct authority of the Office of the President (POTUS - U.S. Constitutional Office) under the Totten Doctrine? We all know what the term “plausible deniability” means – and I’m sure that’s part of it, but any thinking person will ask this question: Is it possible that President Reagan did not trust his own intelligence agencies to perform the tasks he wanted done to implement quickly and in a manner that was good not just for the United States, but did no harm to other nations? I leave the answering of that question to your good judgment.
            But let me get back to President Abraham Lincoln and the Totten Doctrine. 
            In the mid-1860s, we fought what we call a Civil War in America. Many people today refer to it as the War Between the States… the Northern States and the Southern States. The idea of the war was sold to the American people on the basis that we needed to end slavery in our country. It was true. It was, indeed, a bloody war. Abraham Lincoln needed intelligence – he needed a junkyard dog he could trust – someone not affiliated with the government – he needed an covert operative to help the North beat the South.
            Lincoln hired a man named William Lloyd to be his Secret Agent. Lloyd reported directly to President Lincoln – as I reported directly to President Reagan. When William Lloyd died, the inheritors of William Lloyd’s estate sued the United States government for breach of a secret contract that the inheritors insisted Lloyd had entered into with Abraham Lincoln for espionage services. 
            America’s Supreme Court dismissed the claim stating “courts do not have jurisdiction to consider claims related to secret contracts since review of the alleged contract would both compromise intelligence operations and embarrass the U.S. Government. That, in short, explains the Totten Doctrine. The Totten Decision made by the Supreme Court did not take issue with President Lincoln’s ability to enter into secret contracts, but with claims brought on the basis of secret contracts for secret services which could needlessly endanger national security. 
            So, when I refer to myself as a Secret Agent who was directly mandated by the President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, under the Totten Doctrine, I hope the above explanation helps you understand what that means. First, that I was not a government employee. Second, that I was a Secret Agent serving at the discretion of the President and the Office of the President; and third that U.S. Courts do not have jurisdiction to consider claims related to secret contracts since review of the alleged contract would both compromise intelligence operations and embarrass the U.S. Government.
            Where did it all begin? When did I become President Reagan’s favorite “junkyard dog?” How did it happen? Actually, it began when I was a child who developed a speech problem. I began stuttering when I was in parochial school. I was giving a Junior Achievement speech one day when United States Senator Alexander Wiley heard me speaking. Senator Wiley was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from 1953 through 1955. Prior to that – from 1947-1949 – Wiley was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was impressed with what I had to say – stuttering problem and all – and obtained a scholarship for me to attend Dale Carnegie classes. When I was 15 years old, I assisted at the request of the FBI Office - Milwaukee to volunteer to clean the Milwaukee Vliet Street office of The John Birch Society which was a politically active conservative group that strongly opposed communism. The FBI wanted to keep an eye on The John Birch Society and when I cleaned their office, I placed the literature and trash in a bag and carried it with me to ride the eastbound Vliet Street street car No. 18, to return to my home and I gave The John Birch Society’s literature and trash to a Milwaukee FBI Agent Joe Kriofsky.
            That, however, was not what got me involved with President Reagan. That began in 1980, just before President Reagan took his Oath of Office as President of the United States on January 20, 1981. I received a call from California from the man who would become Reagan’s Attorney General, William French Smith. The newly-elected Ronald Reagan wanted to put together a secret taskforce to discuss how America could effectively stop the Soviet Union from building a communist dynasty by perpetuating wars in nations like Pakistan, Korea and Vietnam and others… wars that had been very costly to the United States. I went to William French Smith’s California offices where I became involved in meetings with former Director of Central Intelligence DCI William Colby and the future Director of Central Intelligence William Casey. After President Reagan’s inauguration, the taskforce meetings moved to Washington, D.C. and the group expanded to include General Vernon Walters.
            I’m going to skip over some things with little explanation because they are very thoroughly covered in my newly-published biography, WANTA! Black Swan, White Hat. You can gather the details from the book. It’s available in two places… on Kindle at Amazon.com. Or, you can read it by going to a Web site called http://wantarevelations.com/wanta-black-swan-white-hat . Chapter Two of the book will tell you of the preparations through which President Reagan had to go to properly set up where I was sent to permanently reside in Wien, Austria in June 1988, to facilitate the destabilization of the Soviet Union Ruble. The two primary things that needed to be done involved Executive Order No. 12333 which made it possible for American intelligence operatives to establish companies and/or institutions that could enter into special contracts, special agreements and/or arrangements for the provision of goods and/or services without revealing that these company/corporations were indeed gathering covert intelligence informational data. These companies were lawfully titled, fully funded and duly authorized under Title 18 USC Section 6 corporations. I established many of these personally and lawfully owned, global operating corporations during my years as Reagan's Presidential Secret Agent working on behalf of the American Republic, under the full working authority of President Ronald W. Reagan.
            The second thing that President Reagan needed to do was announce the creation of and get support for SDI – what we in America called the Star Wars program. We knew that it was expensive and we knew that the Soviet Union economy was weak. Reagan knew that if he committed American money to build Star Wars, the Soviets would have to follow – or they would lose face as a world political leader and they could not afford to do that. So the Star Wars Program was established to cause the Soviet Union to spend money it could not afford to spend which made it possible for me to go into Moscow and gather billions of weakened Soviet Union Rubles (SUR), send them via Brinks to Holland to be counted, wrapped, packaged, culled and confirmed, and to get the currency into our global settlement banks, valued at USDollar 1.08 per Ruble under the U.S.S.R. Central Bank declaration. 
            During our negotiating meeting at the Soviet Union Embassy - Singapore, my partner at the time, His Excellency, Sir KOK Howe Kwong, and I staged what I still look back on as a wonderful performance within their Embassy. We were equal partners in a company in Singapore called Aneko Credit PTE Limited. The Soviets had, at the time, established a FOREX International Valuation Benchmark for their U.S.S.R. Ruble (SUR) of $1.20 each.
            I still refer to Howe as my brother, though he was killed in May of 1992 – after a visit from President George Herbert Walker Bush who appeared in Singapore. The first Bush term in office was coming to an end and he, thinking there would be a second term, was going around the world meeting with world leaders. He did not get his second term of office because Bill Clinton won the election. During his trip to Singapore, Bush discovered that Howe and I owned an equal interest in Aneko Credit PTE Limited. Bush insisted that Howe and I each give him $216 billion – a total of $432 billion. Why he thought he had a right to make such a demand, I still do not know… but rather than just ignoring the demand and leave the American School meeting place, Howe blew up at him hurling serious insults at the President. Two weeks later, May 15, 1992, Howe died of rat poison in Singapore General Hospital. General Vernon Walters confirmed to me that a hit had been put out on me for that same night but because I did not do what “they” expected me to do, I escaped the trap that had been set for me. Again, if you want to know more about what happened, it is covered in my biography.
           At that time, I once again had to leave the Republic of Singapore for my own personal safety. After sending numerous messages to Washington, I was placed in a Safe House in Toronto, Canada, where I stayed until the spring of 1993 – for more than a year. I was living in a beautiful home with a lovely swimming pool with a blessed man and his family. He was a Canadian Queen’s Counsel. Operation "Chaselet", and other official financial investigations came top urgent due to "Operation - Restore Hope - Somalia" was paramount _ and _ off to Europe was imminent. Had President Reagan’s  initial plans for Restoring Somalia been completed – we would have leased the Mogadishu airport, electrified and totally modernized it, built a warm-water United States Naval Supply depot, we would have fed the people. Operation Restore Hope was established and New Republic Air Limited implemented – the Italians and the French were heavily invested in Somalia at the time and they supported the new airline service Roma to Mogadishu, and other Air Gates were being implemented. The Somali currency was to be pegged to the USDollar – just like Panama and Puerto Rico and other nations friendly to America. Operation : Restore Hope included water filtration facilities, funding for agriculture, a refurbishing and rebuilding of Somali General Hospital, foodstuffs and supplies, medical equipment and related humanitarian supplies.
            Again, to make a long story short, I was appointed by the Somali President Haji Mohamed Hashi Haile as Ambassador to Switzerland and also to Canada. Because of the starvation of the people, President Haile decided to sell 167 metric tonnes of 12.5 kgs gold bullion to the Suisse Cartel. I advised President Haile and the Tribal Counsel that it would be much better for Somalia to borrow against the gold rather than sell it forever at a heavy discount in favor of the Suisse Banking Gold Cartel. I explained the Somalia financial and sovereign reasons why and Haile appointed me to serve as Somalia’s Central Bank Chairman. I went to Switzerland with the gold certificates in my diplomatic briefcase and – there’s no other way to say this – the gold certificates disappeared when I was unlawfully arrested in Lausanne, with the full cooperation of Credit Suisse Bank Chairman Guy Studor, Credit Suisse Manager M Godal, et al.
            Why was I arrested in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 7, 1993? I was there to meet White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster… you may remember that name. I was sent to Switzerland to meet Vince Foster by the USSS – Secret Service – and the FBI. I was investigating an operation called “Chaselet” which was a bank scam involving the reactivation by Swiss banks, primarily Credit Suisse and Union Bank of Switzerland, of formerly “dead” (or used) credit facilities – like Letters of Credit, Prime Bank Guarantees, or loans repaid ahead of the scheduled date of maturity and/or repayment. These financial instruments should have been totally punched "inactive" – put through the bank's paper shredder – but they were not. And, I was authorized to transfer to Vince Foster $250 million in Credit Suisse Financial Instruments at Par Value in favor of the Children’s Defense Fund. The request for the funds came to me from Laura D’Andrea Tyson, who served in the Clinton administration as head of the Council of Economic Advisers (1993-95). I had no idea what the Children’s Defense Fund was but was later told that it was one of Hillary Clinton’s personal banking funds. I was to deliver the Financial Instruments to Vince Foster on July 7th 1993 at the Hotel de la Paix in Geneve but instead had them sent by bank courier, and Swiss banking records validate they were delivered.
            Vince Foster had made reservations for us at the Hotel de la Paix – the room guarantee was on his American Express card. I spent the night of July 6th at the Hotel Au Lac, had breakfast with numerous friends – I had just been investitured while in Paris as the Somali Ambassador to Switzerland and Canada and numerous people had attended the investiture at the Hotel Windsor - Pullman, Paris, France, including former Prime Minister of France (under the Chirac Administration) and Minister of Foreign Affairs under Sarkozy, The Honourable, Alain Juppe. 
            I am one of the majority of Americans who do not believe that Vince Foster committed suicide in Marcy Park in Washington D.C. on July 20, 1993… within days after my unlawful arrest in Lausanne.  And I was lucky that I am lactose intolerant and cannot eat cheese because one night a Prison Trustee at du Bois Prison brought dinner to what I can only term a Nazi-era dungeon and there were some nicely wrapped cheeses on the assigned tray he delivered me. Since I can’t eat cheese, I offered them to him and he took them, with the prison guard's approval. During the evening, I heard his voice multiple times loudly calling out "I NEED A DOCTOR!". He was in great pain. He was dead by morning.
            I was in Switzerland for another reason, too. The head of the FBI, William Sessions, had given me a warrant for the arrest of Marc Rich/Reich. The plan was to get Rich on the ferry boat in Lausanne that would take us to a French gambling casino across the lake… once out of  Suisse waters, I could arrest him with the French authorities as originally planned. The Swiss protected Rich even though he was one of the biggest money launderers in the world. I find it more than interesting that I had an open arrest warrant for Marc Rich on grounds of U.S. Tax Evasion and instead of arresting him, the Swiss falsely arrested me – on state of Wisconsin civil income tax assessment/evasion charges (Alleged amount due - US$14,129,00) from a state I had not even resided in under United States Residency Laws since 1985. Please note: Falsely arrested for failure to pay state demand on July 7, 1993  Ignoring said Civil Income Tax Assessment was paid and cashed by the "STATE TREASURER OF WISCONSIN, on June 24, 1992"
for USDollars 14,129.00 in FULL SETTLEMENT (LINK TO CHEQUE No. 6992)
            There were no charges filed against me in the Sovereign Nation of Switzerland, where I was duly registered as the Somalia Ambassador. I never saw a solicitor or the inside of any courtroom – but they kept me in solitary confinement in that dungeon for 134 days. I mentioned earlier that I was in touch with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1993. Letters had gone back and forth between us regarding the 1992 Peace Accord funds - $5 billion to Israel, $5 billion to the Palestinians – and Rabin wrote a letter to me at du Bois Prison. The envelope is stamped as having been received by the prison on November 16, 1993. On November 17, 1993, the Swiss immediately put me on an DELTA airplane for New York City where I appeared before U.S. Federal District Judge Allyne Ross and all charges against me were dismissed. Before I could depart the courthouse steps, two New York detectives re-arrested me and took me back to the Brooklyn House of Detention. Again, no charges were filed against me. I was unlawfully held by the New York authorities until December 13, 1993, when I was unlawfully extradited to Madison, Wisconsin, where they held me in a county jail – county jails are over-crowded dirty places – from December 13, 1993 until May 8, 1995, when they put me on county court trial for civil tax assessment evasion, contrary to U.S. Federal Statutes.
            My biographer has done a very thorough job of recording what happened. One of the unique things about this book is that she has attached hundreds and hundreds of pages of documents to prove that everything she has written about what happened to me is true.
            As I told you, I was arrested on July 7, 1993 in Lausanne. Wisconsin filed a warrant for flight to avoid prosecution – which was certainly not true. They said I owed them $14,129 in back income taxes. One of the records contained in my biography is a copy of the check – a cancelled check cashed by the State of Wisconsin – the check to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue cleared my bank on June 24, 1992 – a full year before the flight to avoid prosecution warrant was filed and three years before they put me through a county court criminal trial.




            Again, I will refer you to the book because there are numerous court transcripts provided which document what we call in the States a “Kangaroo Court” was what occurred. A Kangaroo Court is one where evidence is manufactured in violation of the law – and that’s what happened to me. The criminal complaint against me was totally based on six tax warrants that had been unlawfully issued against me in the 1980s. Very recently an Australian newspaper reporter who is reading the book found what he defined as “strange” in the tax warrant appearance. He put the warrants involved in the criminal complaint under a microscope and found where signatures and my name and address had been cut and pasted on the warrants and were then copied. Regardless, a jury found me guilty based on the spurious evidence that was manufactured and presented at the trial. My United States Constitutional  Rights to legal counsel of my choice were totally ignored. The Wisconsin courts put a freeze on all of my corporate and personal accounts so I had no access to funds required to defend myself. And the State of Wisconsin soon hid me out in a prison located in the State of Oklahoma – and the CIA began going to the banks around the world where I had deposited all of that money telling the bankers I was really dead. And that’s how $23 trillion of the $27.5 trillion was stolen from not just the American people, but $30 billion was stolen from the new Russian Federation, $5 billion each to Israel and Palestine was stolen, and $5 billion to each of the following nations was also stolen: Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Italy, and France.
            In August 2001, I was released from prison in Oklahoma because a friendly lawyer filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus and I won. Shortly thereafter, I began to fight back in the American courts.
            On April 15, 2003, Judge Gerald Bruce Lee stated the following in his Court Decision in my favor: “Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding.” In other words, Judge Lee found that the corporations were mine, not the government’s, and directed me to sell them and repatriate the funds back into the United States and pay taxes – which is what I had wanted to do all along.
            I was forced – one might say I’m still alive because I agreed to settled for $4.5 trillion of the $27.5 trillion I had managed to amass.  My grandson was killed – became a victim of their greed – and I had to protect my family. The State of Wisconsin may have succeeded in completely breaking up my family, but I still love them dearly and will do whatever I can to protect them. 
            And I have been fighting since 2006 to gain access to the $4.5 trillion which the United States government agreed to pay. The Peoples Bank of China SWIFT-wire transferred $4.5 trillion to my AmeriTrust personal account in May of 2006. The funds represented a Clear Inward Remittance from the Peoples Bank of China and the funds were properly identified as being the property of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. and its only sole beneficiary and stockholder, Leo Emil Wanta.
The money disappeared by lawless conversion. It was received by the Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia and it was properly tagged to be deposited to my account, but it was not. $4.5 trillion disappeared into thin air – and I have been fighting to get it back ever since, and pay 35 percent per U.S. Federal Court Memorandum to our United States Department of the Treasury, as the court so ordered.
            Even though $23 trillion of the money has been converted, I still want to fulfill the personal obligations of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols to which I agreed. I still want to make the monetary funds promised to all of those nations available to them. It was a sacred promise I made to President Ronald W Reagan.
            I would like to close by suggesting that we – you and I – can talk about peace all we want. Everyone talks about peace but it seems to be a little like the weather. No one ever really does anything about it. After living the life I have lived, surrounded by people who lie – and who do it very well – I believe we are putting the cart before the horse – an old saying in America meaning that we are trying to do one thing that cannot be done until something else is done first. We will not find peace until we first find the truth… until the lies cease and the people can once again trust their governments. Public trust once lost is very difficult to retrieve, however.
            Probably the biggest problem with lies is that after we have told them for so long we begin to believe them ourselves. In 1985, just shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union, Prime Minister Nikolai Ryzhkov said “The moral state of the society is its most terrifying feature. We stole from ourselves, took and gave bribes, lied in the reports, in newspapers, from high podiums, wallowed in our lies, hung medals on one another. And all of this – from top to bottom and from bottom to top.” Rzyhkov’s words were echoed by Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze when he told Gorbachev that “Everything is rotten. It has to be changed.”
            I would suggest that the problems these two men identified in the former Soviet Union have become a worldwide disease… with my own country leading the way. We have forgotten, it seems, that only truth will lead us to International Peace. Only those of us with sufficient humility to tell the truth are worthy of the title of “leader.” As Soviet Union Leader, Mr. Eduard Shevardnadze once said, “Everything is rotten. It has to be changed.”
Thank you your kind valued consideration and courtesy to attend the International Peace Conference.
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Faithfully yours for World Peace,


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