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JFK - Unwanted Truths

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The JFK Assassination. Disputing the Official Theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the “Lone Assassin”
By Dr. Gary G. Kohls
Global Research, November 20, 2013
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Below is more documentation putting the lie to the media coverage (and the
perpetual cover-up) of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. The powers-that-be desperately want as many of us viewers as possible
to believe the easily disprovable Big Lie Theory that Lee Harvey Oswald
was the lone crazed assassin of the president on November 22, 1963.
Last week I watched three of PBS’s JFK retrospectives, including Frontline’s “Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?” and the fraudulent pseudoscientific
“ballistics special” on NOVA [proudly underwritten by David Koch!]. I
also caught some specials on NBC, CBS and ABC, and I was uniformly
frustrated (predictably) at the consistency of the propaganda that is
being orchestrated to lead us comfortably numb sheeple to nod our heads
and agree that the official theories about the assassination were
correct. None of the compelling evidence that I list below was allowed
to be shown.
During some of the retrospectives that I watched there usually was some
denegration of the true patriots who have resisted the brain-washing and independently examined the evidence disproving the official story.
These dissenters (who haven’t yet lost the ability to think critically)
were just dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.
The following are some of the important items that disprove the official
story line and that were never mentioned on any of the JFK
retrospectives that I watched.
1) JFK’s brain or parts of his skull were thrown backwards (out of a large exit wound in the back of the skull) onto the trunk of the limo – which is the reason why Jackie was famously seen on the film footage turning
around and reaching backwards. The Secret Service guy testified
frequently that Jackie was not reaching for him, but for fragments of
JFK’s brain. Again this is more evidence that one of the two head shots
that killed JFK came from the front.
Below is the link to the statement of secret service agent Clint Hill (from
1975) saying that Jackie wasn’t reaching out to him, but rather she was
reaching to retrieve a chunk of JFK’s brain. (Apparently, according to
other interviews that Hill has given, he has also been spouting the
easily refutable official story about Oswald being the lone shooter and
that there were only 3 audible shots – which contradicts many witnesses
who heard up to 6 shots. Hill knows what happens to whistleblowers who
tell unwelcome truths that expose government conspiracies.)
Watch this video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfrHqqzC3Sw
2) Also proving that there was at least one shooter in front of the
motorcade, the surgical resident at Parkland Hospital, (Dr Ronald Jones) who was one of the several Parkland Hospital surgeons who attended JFK
(all of whom, incidentally, also testified about the existence of the
small entrance bullet wound in JFK’s throat), gave testimony on last
Sunday’s Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer about the tiny “1/4 inch”
entry wound in JFK’s throat (trauma surgeons know that entry wounds are
small, and exit wounds are large – like the large blow-out wound at
JFK’s right occipital area of the skull, also proving a shot coming from in front of the motorcade).
That small entry wound proves the conspiracy theory (now a “conspiracy
fact”) that there was more than one shooter and therefore discredits the Warren Commission’s conclusions about a “lone crazed gunman” and
therefore “no conspiracy”.
Check out minute 4 at: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50159338n.
By the way, any good journalist would have asked Dr Jones about the
significance of the tiny entrance wound in the front of the neck, but of course Scheiffer is no longer a good journalist. Rather, he is just an
average millionaire talking head/anchor man, a mouthpiece of officialdom and a mouthpiece for the powerful multinational mega-corporate owners
of the mainstream media who want us to not ask questions, not to rock
their boat, to not panic and to not start thinking critically about what we are told to believe. Whomever pays the piper, calls the tune.
3) Thirdly, it is important for citizens who should be exposed to the
non-corporate side of the story to consult some of Jim Fetzer’s powerful documented evidence that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK and a
conspiracy to cover up the evidence which would have led honest
investigators to find and name the conspirators. Indeed much of the
available evidence presented in Fetzer’s writings about the
assassination may not even have involved Oswald (except as a patsy).
Read some of that evidence at http://www.und.edu/org/jfkconference/UNDchapter30.pdf.
It is useful to read what Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren said
about the sealed documents that his commission examined. Apparently 50
years of secrecy protecting the identity of the many co-conspirators
isn’t long enough. Arlen Specter, George H. W. Bush, the families of
Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford and other commission members don’t want to
risk being humiliated with the evidence of being involved in the murder
or the cover-up.
Now -deceased FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who considered himself above the law, perjured himself in front of the Commission (Warren Commission member congressman Hale Boggs said that Hoover “lied his eyes out”); and Hoover’s loyal FBI “family“, even now, will probably do anything to prevent the release of information exposing Hoover’s involvement in the assassination. (Interestingly, Hoover, a homosexual and a
cross-dresser, has no known offspring that would care about the
besmirching of his legacy.) Others who want to have the past forgotten
forever are the guilty or complicit members of Kennedy’s Secret Service, his Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA who are still alive and
prosecutable if their involvement were to be revealed.
Current information says that more than a thousand sealed documents with secret information that only commission members and/or its investigators have
seen are due to be released in 2017. Previously the sealed documents
were not to be opened until 2039. For more check out: http://www.history.com/news/history-lists/9-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-warren-commission
Earl Warren said:
“There will come a time when testimony taken by the Commission will be made public. But it might not be in your lifetime. There may be some things that would involve
security. This would be preserved but not made public.” — Earl Warren
And listen to some 1968 quotes and warnings from comedian and JFK
assassination expert Mort Sahl, who was black-listed after JFK’s death
when he came out publically disputing the Warren Commission’s “lone
assassin” theory:
“Once the neo-fascists became bold enough to slay the President on the
street, they showed their hand. They showed how arrogant they had
become.”—Mort Sahl
“(America) has to hang on through a period of the military and the CIA who have a
blank check trying to sell fascism. If she can hang on long enough,
Americans may yet live in the country in which they were born. And that
is the country structured by Tom Paine and Tom Jefferson.” – Mort Sahl
“(Fascism in America) started with the death of Roosevelt. They moved in and they negated every treaty we made with every world leader who didn’t fit the fascist/militarist mold.”—Mort Sahl
For more of the transcript of a 1968 interview with Sahl, go to: http://www.assassinationscience.com/AnHistoricalPerspective-MortSahl.html
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