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Curious Facts About the JFK Assassination

Curious Facts About the JFK Assassination

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February 27, 2012

Curious Facts About the JFK Assassination

Wake Up! JFK, The Last American President

Wake Up! JFK, The Last American President

What do these men have in common?

  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Richard Nixon
  • Gerald Ford
  • George Herbert Walker Bush

Of course, they all went on to become American Presidents. But that is too obvious, so what else do they have in common? 11/22/1963… Let’s explore.

LBJ,  Nixon and G.H.W. Bush were all in Dallas that day but only LBJ had a clear recollection of being there (he was in a separate limousine in the motorcade). Both Nixon and GWHB later stated that they couldn’t recall exactly where they were when the President got his brains blown out. I remember that I was boarding my school bus in Bay Shore at age 13 when I heard that he had been shot, but these two future presidents just couldn’t recall.

As for Gerry Ford, he served on the greatest whitewash panel of our time, The Warren Commission. It might also be important to note that G.H.W. Bush served briefly as Director of the CIA and was long time friend of George De Morenschildt, who in turn was a CIA asset and close friends with Lee Harvey Oswald, who in turn was the designated patsy in the presidential brain splatter caper. De Morenschildt had helped Lee Harvey get that cool job at the book depository a few months earlier. That’s what friends are for.

In 1976, George Herbert Walker Bush became CIA Director and promptly received a note of congratulations from his old pal De Mohrenschildt. In that same note, De Mohrenschildt asks GHWB for help because he fears he flapped his lips too much and was being followed and phone tapped. Six months later, on the day he was contacted by the House Select Committee on Assassinations about testifying, De Mohrenschildt committed suicide. GHWB had written back that he could find no evidence of any Federal interest in him, but cannily adds at the end “I can only speculate that you may have become “newsworthy” again in view of the renewed interest in the Kennedy assassination, and thus may be attracting the attention of people in the media. I hope this letter had been of some comfort to you, George, although I realize I am unable to answer your question completely. George Bush, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. ”[CIA Exec Reg. # 76,51571 9.28.76] Ponder that last sentence for a minute “although I realize I am unable to answer your question completely”. Just think about it… GHWB is answering this letter as Director of the CIA. If he did know more, could he actually say so? Not really… and certainly not in a letter. One can take that last line two different ways. Either GHWB really didn’t know any more than he stated or that he really couldn’t disclose it given his new post as super spook.

There is one last curious fact regarding De Mohrenschildt before we move on. He had been lifelong friends with Jackie Kennedy’s family and he knew her pretty much all of her life.

The Cellmate’s story

Lee Harvey Oswald had a cellmate when he was first arrested named John Elrod. Oswald told Elrod that he didn’t shoot anybody and that he had accompanied Jack Ruby a few days before to a motel where money changed hands in exchange for guns. Oswald had been a witness to Ruby’s gun running . As for poor Elrod, his arrest report had curiously vanished from the Dallas police files so the FBI discounted his testimony saying that Elrod was never in custody, so his story had no credibility.

The Infamous Grassy Knoll

Immediately following the last and fatal shot, dozens of people standing near that knoll rushed the area of the picket fence at the top. Dozens of them testified that they had heard that last shot come from the knoll, not the book depository where Oswald was working further up the street. Witnesses who had been standing off to the side some 30 feet from the knoll testified that they had seen a puff of smoke that hung in the air in front of the picket fence at the top of the knoll.

A deaf mute, Ed Hoffman, had stopped his car on the side of the freeway that ran behind the knoll and he said that he saw two men walk away from the knoll; one was wearing a blue jacket and he carried a rifle. Hoffman saw the blue jacketed man hand off the rifle to another man who was dressed in a railroad uniform shirt. He saw the second man quickly take the rifle apart and place it in a toolbox and walk toward the railroad tracks. Witnesses who stormed the knoll reported that they had seen lots of cigarette butts, footprints in mud, and muddy prints on the bumper of a car, all behind the fence at the top of that knoll.

Excellent Dealey Plaza map Dallas Texas

Excellent Dealey Plaza map, Dallas Texas

Lee Bowers, a railroad employee, was stationed in the fourteen foot railroad tower just behind and north of the grassy knoll. At 12:30pm on Nov 22, 1963, he saw a flash and a puff of smoke from the area of the wooden fence on top of the grassy knoll. Four months after giving a recorded statement to Kennedy assassination researcher Mark Lane, eyewitnesses say that Bower’s car was forced off the road by a black car and he crashed into a bridge abutment. He died of his injuries four hours later, but not before telling emergency personnel that he felt that he had been drugged when he stopped for coffee a few miles back.

A friend of Lee Bowers some years later told the “rest of the story”. Lee had seen far more than he told.  He had actually witnessed a car pull up behind the fence. Two men got out with rifles and one got up on the car. He saw both men fire. Bower received no autopsy and he was promptly cremated. His death certificate is curiously missing from the public records and his insurance company refused to pay stating that his death “was not accidental”.

Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack ...

But here is the cherry on the top of the conspiratorial sundae. Approximately one hour before the Kennedy motorcade was to make its approach to the grassy knoll, Julia Ann Mercer was stuck in a traffic jam right at the grassy knoll. There was a green pick up truck next to her. She saw a man take a rifle from the back of the truck and walk up the grassy knoll. She assumed at the time that this was a secret service agent getting into position to protect the president. She continued on her way not giving it another thought, but after Kennedy was shot, she filed a report with the FBI. Several days later, when photographs of Jack Ruby hit the front page of the newspapers, she realized that the man removing the rifle from the back of the pick up truck was Jack Ruby. Ruby, most likely, was not one of the shooters.  He was merely delivering the weapons. There is a stormdrain behind that fence. Most likely, he hid the rifle there or delivered the rifle to a shooter who was to be positioned under the sidewalk at ground level. One other shooter and an assistant arrived later and took position behind the fence, one standing on the bumper of a car, as several witnesses testified. No doubt, there was another shooter in the book depository, but it was not Oswald. He was observed in the lunch room drinking a Coke just before the motorcade drove by. And there is a very controversial photo snapped by a person in the Dealey Plaza crowd that shows Oswald standing in the front doorway of the book depository just as the motorcade begins to drive past.

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