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CROOKS 'R' U.S.: "New Allegations Claim NSA Can Intercept Packages, Load Malware," by Joel Hruska (12/30/2013)

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See also this presentation (if you don't mind a little street language):



A fresh set of allegations and disclosures by der Spiegel claim that the NSA operates a Tailored Access Operations program designed to dig into spy targets conventionally perceived as "ungettable" for the purpose of extending the institutions global reach. 
The program has targeted individuals, companies, government institutions, and infrastructure, with tentacles that allegedly reach into nearly every facet of modern life.
One facet of the program that's gotten quite a bit of attention is the NSA's ability to intercept packages shipped to targets, insert malware and other monitoring programs, and then ship the hardware to its intended destination. 
Der Spiegel reports that this interdiction gives the company the ability to passively gather signals intelligence from the infected PC at a later date.
TAO, however, is scarcely confined to individual systems. 
Earlier this year, the group enthusiastically reported that it had successfully bugged the SEA-ME-WE-4 cable system that connects Europe, North Africa, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and Thailand. 
The cable originates in France, making it extremely unlikely that the French weren't aware of exactly what the NSA was doing. 
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