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Re: Case No. MJ 14-00030 JPD / Emergency!

TO: James P. Donohue

      U.S. District Court

      700 Steward St.

      Seattle 98101


FROM: Paul Andrew Mitchell



Greetings Mr. Donohue,


Is there any way you could amend the DETENTION ORDER to authorize my release on my own recognizance in MJ14-030?


I am presently in shock and on death’s doorstep down here at FDC/SeaTac, after I was rushed into solitary confinement.


Counselor Holloway falsely accused me of fraud, but I am not charged with fraud.


In our “SHU”, inmate Clarence screams very loudly hours on end when he is not banging on stainless steel shower stalls.


I am prevented from contacting the outside world in any manner, and I am locked in a “Special Housing Unit.”


I have no family, no money, and everything has deteriorated to vicious circles that go nowhere. Death is one option.


If I am to write and serve any pleadings in No. 14-CR-27-F, I need to be back in my apartment, but I may have difficulty writing well after suffering so much shock, and a totally destitute reality.


Case 2:14-mj-00030-JPD Document 11 Filed 02/11/14 Page 1 of 3


The Public Defender you appointed failed one simple test. Johnson v. Zerbst


I may also desperately require medical intervention & observation to restore normal sleeping patterns.


Also, I do not even know if my apartment’s contents are even safe.


I have never been so close to death in my entire life, and I do not exaggerate. I desperately need rehab.


I agree to make all appearances in Seattle, assuming I can restore some normality which was lost by the sudden arrest and equally sudden incarceration, then fall to rock bottom.


Please help me!


Paul Andrew Mitchell


Paul Andrew Mitchell

FDC SeaTac

Reg. No. 44202-086

P.O. Box 13900

Seattle 98198-1090

Washington, USA

Paul Andrew Mitchell SeaTac 0001 by Juan Viche

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