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Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations

One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.

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FW: THIS IS MAJOR GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law

Henry Morgan relays:

Wooo hoooo   this is a major milestone towards restoring the People's  control over law and government.    While I would have favored stronger, more explicit language......New Hampshire is the first state to return, by law, to recognizing the right of the defendant and/or his counsel to inform the jury of their right to judge the law as well as the facts!!!!! ......


which flies in the face of the almost universal position of the judiciary......that while the jury does indeed have the right to nullify the law (find not-guilty in spite of the facts) that neither the defense nor his counsel may inform/remind the jury of that right......nor argue that issue as a defense. (ie "I should be found not guilty because the  law itself is ridiculous and shouldn't be a law in the first place.")   (That's how we got rid of the runaway slave the way.  Juries in the North began to universally exercise their right to nullify the law by refusing to convict.)


Given this monumental achievement in New Hampshire ....... hopefully the other states will follow suit.....and

perhaps there's even reason to be hopeful of restoring direct grand jury access to the People as well!!!!

(So that criminal complaints can be lodged directly by citizens against police and public officials who abuse their power, for example.)  




From: Gordon Curtis [
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2014 4:13 PM
Subject: Jury Nullification... New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law



New Hampshire Adopts Jury Nullification Law

Jury nullification, in which jurors refuse to convict defendants under laws they find objectionable or inappropriately applied, is a favored tactic of many libertarians who advocate individual liberty. They like the idea of a tool that can be wielded on the spot to shield people from powerful control freaks. But nullification is useful only if people know about. And last week, New Hampshire’s governor signed a law requiring the state’s judges to permit defense attorneys to inform jurors of their right to nullify the law.

On June 18, Governor John Lynch signed HB 146, which reads:

...a Right of Accused. In all criminal proceedings the court shall permit the defense to inform the jury of its right to judge the facts and the application of the law in relation to the facts in controversy.

Short, simple and to the point. Nullification advocate Tim Lynch, of the Cato Institute, thinks it’s a step in the right direction, though not necessarily a game-changer. Says he:

"This is definitely a step forward for advocates of jury trial.  Allowing counsel to speak directly to the jury about this subject is something that is not allowed in all the courthouses outside of New Hampshire. So, this is good.  I am concerned, however, that this language does not go far enough. We don’t know how much pressure trial judges will exert on defense counsel."


At last! Jury nullification is brought into the open and breathing new life into the Constitution. It's about time.


Somebody finally figured out that the common people who comprise juries are the final arbiters of the law, not prosecutors or judges. It means that, from now on, juries in New Hampshire will be guaranteed their Constitutional right to judge the law.


Remember New Hampshire's state motto... "Live Free or Die."  The people of New Hampshire are certainly showing us the way to guarantee every man a fair trial.   


Jury nullification



God bless America! 


Gordon  Curtis


Spread the word

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Cocaine, Assassination Politics and the 2000 Election

Cocaine, Assassination Politics and the 2000 Election
Copyright November 04,1999
by Steven Mark Coble

The matter of the Kennedy Assassination has long been an investigative
hobby of mine, almost since the day JFK was shot.  How that all relates to
politics, the cocaine trade, Iran Contra, the invasion of Panama and
election 2000 will begin to make sense in a few pages. I was 10 years old
at the time. Nov 23rd ’63 our family had to console a friend, Joan
Barnett, the daughter of Ben Truly, of Texas School Book Depository fame.  
Truly was visited by “government people”, supposedly FBI, and urged to
give Oswald that job. The poor man died believing himself as responsible
as anyone for that assasination.  His daughter died, I feel like before
her time, for reasons I still don’t understand.  A couple of years later,
my doctor and I were talking about Jack Ruby.  He informed me then that
the supposed treatments they were giving him for cancer would kill him
much faster than the cancer itself.  I have another personal friend whose
father was a wealthy Ft. Worth businessman.  He and his sister still claim
Jack Ruby was a regular visitor to their home, and that on at least one
occasion was accompanied by Lee Harvey Oswald.

By the time I entered college, I had developed a passion for the subject
and elected “Extremist Politics – Right and Left” as my pilot program, and
“Assassination Politics” as my topic.  My partner was a divinity major,
Russell Clark.  Our instructor was then Texas Republican Gubernatorial
candidate David Reagan.  My partner’s dad was a Presbyterian minister,
whose long time military friend, Waxahachie newspaper editor and author
“Penn Jones”, offered to host Mr. Clark and myself to an evening at his
home.  He promised only that it would be enlightening at the very least.  
It was to say the very least.

Penn Jones conversed with us at length that evening, beginning with where
he was and what he was doing when it happened.  He went on to explain that
one of his war buddies was a guy named Jim Garrison.  At the time Nixon
was taking Life Magazine to court over posession of the Zapruder film.  
Mr. Jones explained that he and Garrison had sources inside the magazine
who managed to smuggle out copies of both films. For those of you who are
not aware, there was a SECOND film of the assassination.  It was a black
and white 8mm shot from Dealy Plaza near the center looking directly at
the President, Abraham Zapruder, and the gunnman behind the fence.  The
figure could be seen even shadowed to resemble a police officer, as could
the gun a rifle, as could the blast from that gun precisely coordinated to
the kill shot of the President’s head.  This I saw with my own eyes, and
in addition, the following.

 With the Zapruder film, came the frame by frame voice account of the
assassination.  It was the voice of an obscure KRLD-TV Dallas news
reporter as the only journalist allowed to view the Zapruder film and
report on it to the public.  The voice was that of Dan Rather, and his
frame by frame account of the head shot was that “ the bullet clearly
entered the back of the President’s head as then the President’s head
lurched FORWARD with considerable force”. His account was precisely the
opposite of what the film clearly showed, and Dan Rather was lying to the
public and the government was sanctioning this!! We all three agreed that
fall evening in 1971, that Dan Rather was “going places”. He did not
disappoint us.

Long before that evening, I had already taken note of George Bush in Texas
politics, but would still not visit him with suspicion for years yet to
come.  He had run for congress and lost.  Ran against Lloyd Bentson for
the senate and lost.  Then, the new president (Nixon) made him Texas State
Republican Party Chairman.  Then National Party Chairman, then UN
ambassador, and finally Whitehouse chief of staff during the Saturday
Night Massacre.  Ford gave him the CIA.  He ran for President in 1976 and
lost.  Ran again in 1980 and lost, but Nixon cut a deal with Reagan to put
him on the ticket in 1980.  The rest still is not history.  Suffice it to
say the man’s entire career in politics was the result of his association
with Nixon.  And as it turned out, Nixon owed most if not all of his
political career to Bush and his dad.  All of this might sound quite
innocent on the surface, were it not for information still being uncovered
linking Nixon to Bush and CIA covert ops back in the Eisenhower
administration, then, the Bay of Pigs, arms for hostages, guns for coke
and money, deals with the Ayatollah, and a growing list.  Now, enter the
Bush brothers, cocaine arrests in Miami and Houston, my associations in
Texas, the invasion of Panama, and General Manuel Noriega (who just this
week was moved from a Florida prison and is now under military guard,
sentence reduced)

After that evening in 1971, my life would take a turn and would never be
the same………I had a lot of issues and the journey was it’s own reward.

To this day, George Bush has a host of e-mail addresses inside the CIA
government computer system.  Among a 06-99 “e-mail Ferret” search in
government and CIA banks the most curious was, but there
were a host of others, many using the name of his dead dad Prescott Bush.  
Try it yourself.  Download “E-Mail Ferret” at .  
Also, check out

Statement of Fact Regarding Cocaine Trafficking and the Bush Family:


11/4/99 12:50:35 AM

In Houston, from 1977 until 1980 I rented the garage apartment next to my
business attorney, David C. Cobb.  His father is Daniel W. Cobb, retired
Houston Chronicle Executive Managing News Editor of some 40 years.  Dan
Rather’s first boss.  We became good friends over the years.  Dan happened
to be late for a holiday function one evening in 1979.  He was animated
and filled with excitement as I had ever seen him.  “You won’t believe
what just happened” he stated.  There were a number of people present
there in the kitchen and dining room, among them was a girl I happened to
be seeing at the time, Ms. Katherine Farenthold.  Kathy had recently
become the ex-wife of Dudley Farenthold.  Dudley was the son of Francis
(Cissy) Farenthold, a prominent state Democratic Party official and former
gubernatorial candidate.  Dan went on to say, “Dudley, John Connaly Jr.,
and Jeb Bush had just been picked up by HPD and arrested on charges of
cocaine possession.” Zarko Franks, Chief Investigative Reporter for the
Chronicle, had gotten a call from contacts inside Houston Police
Department and immediately went down to investigate the story.

Needless to say, this caused quite a stir in a room full of socially
prominent people.  Everyone wanted to know the obvious which was “Are we
going to read all about this in the morning or see it on TV tomorrow? “
“No way!” was his response.  He then went on to explain that the phones
lit up, agents came out of nowhere pressures were applied, the boys were
released and there wouldn't be any record of it.  There was a definite air
of disappointment after that.  Dan didn't seem so upset, stating that he
doubted we had heard the absolute end of the story. The future has a way
of catching up with you, I believe is the way he put it.

I asked Kathy if that had anything to do with her divorce from Dudley. She
affirmed that it was Dudley’s use of cocaine and his association with the
Bush brothers that had her upset all right, but the last straw was the
trips to Panama they had made to return cocaine shipments under diplomatic
immunity.  She wouldn't stay with him after that.  Also present that night
was Linda Cobb, David’s wife, and Christine Fitzgerald, all friends.  
Some years passed.  I moved to Hawaii and lost touch with the girls after
David and Linda’s divorce.  I did keep in touch with Dan.

In 1992, Jeb Bush decided to make a run for Florida Governor.  I was
living here in Hawaii when I heard about it.  I had been on line since
late 91 and decided to cruise through CompuServe’s political forums.  I
found one for Florida and logged on to a Republican forum.  After
contacting Dan Cobb to confirm whether or not he would stick by his story
of that night.  He affirmed that he did indeed stand by the story.  He
also affirmed that chief reporter Zarko Franks would reiterate the same.  
I returned to the forum with a series of stinging accusations, and warned
Florida Republicans of Jeb’s background.  I was met the next morning with
e-mail from Florida State Republicans threatening to sue me if I did not
print a retraction.  I printed what was NOT a retraction and reiterated
that the Chronicle team would stand by the story.  That was the last we
heard of Jeb Bush that year.  Had I not been so debilitated from a near
death injury, I would never have let this pass the last election cycle.

I state uncategorically again, this incident happened, and George Herbert
Walker Bush covered it up.  The trips to Panama happened as well, of this
I have no doubt.  Kathy Farenthold had no bones to pick with anyone at the
time she told me these things and she indicated all the brothers were

Steven Mark
             *******Also refer to


To:  Assassination Records Review Board  -

My question is in regard to the below mentioned black and white Dealy
Plaza film.  I personally saw the film in the home of late author Penn
Jones in 1971.  I under-stand it disappeared in FBI hands.  Since I
personally know it exists, I would like to know of it's whereabouts.

        Steven Mark Coble


        (Correspondence to Dan Rather)

        Dear Mr. Rather (fellow Texan)-

        I once had the privilege of knowing your first boss, Dan Cobb,
and of calling him my friend.  He's passed on now,
        but what I learned about one of the two most burning issues in
my life have stuck with me, because of him.

        I also had the privilege, in 1971, of viewing the TWO Kennedy
assassination films one night in the home of Penn
        Jones, noted author on the subject and personal friend of Jim
Garrison.  You know the sound track I speak of.  We
        agreed that night that Dan Rather was going somewhere, and to
no one's surprise you did. I am sitting here now
        listening to your interview with Geraldo Rivera, and I'm
telling had better break ranks on your
        association with the Bush's.

        What I learned through associations and events in Texas,
Houston in particular, about the Bush boys, their drug
        arrests in Houston, trips to Panama for cocaine through General
Manuel Noriega as far back as the late seventies
        and early eighties, have all figured in to what is now becoming
blatantly obvious.

        I warned of another assassination in the making LESS than 24
hours before JFK jr.'s plane went down.  How that
        affects the political careers of the Bush boys is yet to be
determined…. if I have anything to say about it.





I have been stirring this pot now for 10 years.  My correspondence has
gone far and wide. Believe me,  It is my
        intention to see the Kennedy assassination case prosecuted
before I die, and the remaining assassinations and attempts
        as all part of the same conspiracy. It is time for Dan Rather
to break the story of the century, or go down in
        history as one of the dark characters in this sordid drama.
The choice is yours, but it is going to happen.

        I hope you find the following paper off the web of interest.

        Steven Mark Coble


                               The Kennedy Assasination:
                              The Nixon-Bush Connection

                                          by Paul Kangas

     A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George Bush was
directly involved in the 1963 murder of
     President John Kennedy. The document places Bush working with the
now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez,
     recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba. It
was Bush's CIA job to organize the Cuban
     community in Miami for the invasion. The Cubans were trained as
marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in
     Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960
and '61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the
     invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez.

     You may remember Rodriguez as the Iran-contra CIA agent who
received the first phone call telling the world
     the CIA plane flown by Gene Hasenfus had crashed in Nicaragua. As
soon as Rodriguez heard that the plane
     crashed, he called his long-time CIA supervisor, George Bush. Bush
denied being in the contra loop, but
     investigators recently obtained copies of Oliver North's diary,
which documents Bush's role as a CIA supervisor of
     the contra supply network.

      In 1988 Bush told Congress he knew nothing about the illegal
supply flights until 1987, yet North's diary shows
     Bush at the first planning meeting Aug. 6, 1985. Bush's "official"
log placed him somewhere else. Such double sets
     of logs are intended to hide Bush's real role in the CIA; to
provide him with "plausible deniability." The problem is,
     it fell apart because too many people, like North and Rodriguez,
have kept records that show Bush's CIA role
     back to the 1961 invasion of Cuba. (Source: The Washington Post,

     That is exactly how evidence was uncovered placing George Bush
working with Felix Rodriguez when JFK was
     killed. A memo from FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was found, stating
that, "Mr. George Bush of the CIA had been
     briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro
Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of
     President Kennedy. (Source: The Nation, 8/13/88).

     On the day of the assassination Bush was in Texas, but he denies
knowing exactly where he was. Since he had
     been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former
Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez,
     since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several
of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks
     teams for Nixon, were photographed in the Zagruder film.

     In 1959 Rodriguez was a top cop in the Cuban government under
Batista. When Batista was overthrown and fled
     to Miami, Rodriguez went with him, along with Frank Sturgis and
Rafael Quintero. Officially, Rodriguez didn't join
     the CIA until 1967, after the CIA invasion of Cuba, in which he
participated, and the assassination of JFK. But
     records recently uncovered show he actually joined the CIA in 1961
for the invasion of Cuba when he was
     recruited by George Bush. That is how Rodriguez claims he became
a "close personal friend of Bush."

     Then "officially" Rodriguez claims he quit the CIA in 1976, just
after he was sent to prison for his role in the
     Watergate burglary. However, according to Rolling Stone reporters
Kohn & Monks (11/3/88), Rodriguez still
     goes to CIA headquarters monthly to receive assignments and have
his blue 1987 bulletproof Cadillac serviced.
     Rodriguez was asked by a Rolling Stone reporter where he was the
day JFK was shot, and claims he can't

     George Bush claims he never worked for the CIA until he was
appointed director by former Warren Commission
     director and then President Jerry Ford, in 1976. Logic suggests
that is highly unlikely. Of course, Bush has a
     company duty to deny being in the CIA. The CIA is a secret
organization. No one ever admits to being a member.
     The truth is that Bush has been a top CIA official since before
the 1961 invasion of Cuba, working with Felix
     Rodriguez. Bush may deny his actual role in the CIA in 1959, but
there are records in the files of Rodriguez and
     others involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that expose
Bush's role. The corporations would not put
     somebody in charge of all the state secrets held by the CIA unless
he was experienced and well trained in the
     CIA. (Source: Project Censored Report, Feb 1989, Dr Carl Jensen,
Sonoma State College).

     Recently I interviewed former CIA liaison officer L. Fletcher
Prouty. He is a consultant for the excellent new
     movie on how the CIA killed JFK, being made by Oliver Stone. He
told me that one of the projects he did for the
     CIA was in 1961 to deliver US Navy ships from a Navy ship yard to
the CIA agents in Guatemala planning the
     invasion of Cuba. He said he delivered three ships to a CIA agent
named George Bush, who had the 3 ships
     painted to look like they were civilian ships. That CIA agent then
named the 3 ships after: his wife, his home town
     and his oil company. He named the ships: Barbara, Houston &
Zapata. Any book on the history of the Bay of Pigs
     will prove the names of those 3 ships. Again, this is more finger
prints of George Bush's involvement in the Bay of
     Pigs invasion. Yet Bush denies his role in this great adventure.
Why would Bush be so shy about his role in this
     war? What is the secret? Is there something dirty about this war
that Bush & Nixon don't want the public to know

     Answer: Yes there is. The same people involved in the Bay of Pigs
were the people involved in the Watergate
     burglary. Why was the Watergate burgalarized [sic]? The CIA was
trying to plug up a possible news leak. They
     were trying to stop the Democrats from publishing the photos of
Hunt & Sturgis under arrest for the murder of
     JFK (May 7, 1977, SF Chronicle.)


     Presently, there is a law suit attempting to force the government
to release the records about the Bay of Pigs
     invasion. Why are those documents still secret? Why are they
locked in the National Archives along with all the
     photos from [the] Dallas assassination of JFK? Why are the 4000
hours of Watergate tapes in which Nixon is
     babbling about the mysterious connections between the Bay of Pigs,
Dallas and Watergate also being sealed in the
     National Archives? Is it because all three incidents are

     Yes. We must demand the secret files on these 3 cases be released
now. For a copy of the petition to release the
     files, please write to: Paul Kangas, private investigator, POB
422644, SF, Ca 94142. Thanks to Oliver Stone's
     blockbuster new movie on JFK there is now sufficient national
movement to reopen all these cases. The White
     House fears Stone's new movie so much that they have hired more
CIA journalists to slander the movie & Stone.
     Don't fall for it. Every serious investigator now agrees that
Oswald did not shoot JFK. That James Earl Ray did
     not shoot Dr. Martin Luther King and that Sirhan Sirhan did not
shoot Robert Kennedy. These cases must be
     reopened so that Sirhan and Ray can be set free. The only bar that
keeps Sirhan in prison is the tremendous
     anti-arab racism in Americans: in both blacks & whites.

     According to a biography of Richard Nixon, his close personal and
political ties with the Bush family go back to
     1941 when Nixon claims he read an ad in an L A. newspaper, placed
by a wealthy group of businessmen, led by
     Preston Bush, the father of George Bush. They wanted a young,
malleable candidate to run for Congress. Nixon
     applied for the position and won the job. Nixon became a
mouthpiece for the Bush group. (Source: Freedom
     Magazine, 1986, L.F. Prouty).


     In fact, Preston Bush is credited with creating the winning ticket
of Eisenhower-Nixon in 1952.(Source: George
     Bush, F. Green, Hipocrene, 1988).


     Newly discovered FBI documents prove that Jack Ruby has been an
employee of Richard Nixon since 1947.
     That that [sic] FBI document Ruby is listed as working as a spy &
hit man for Nixon. On Nov. 22, 63 Ruby was
     seen by a women who knew him well, Julian Ann Mercer,
approximately an hour before the arrival of JFK's
     motorcade, unloading a man carrying a rifle in a case at the
Grassy Knoll from his car. Ruby later was seen on
     national TV killing a witness who could link Nixon & Bush to the
killing of JFK: Oswald. On the Trail of the
     Assassins, Garrison, p xiii.

     Richard Nixon was Vice President from 1952 until 1960. In fact,
Nixon was given credit for planning Operation
     40, the secret 1961 invasion of Cuba, during his 1959 campaign for
President After Batista was kicked out by the
     starving people of Cuba, and Fidel Castro came to power, Castro
began telling American corporations they would
     have to pay Cuban employees decent wages. Even worse, Pepsi Cola
was told it would now have to pay world
     market prices for Cuban sugar.

     Pepsi, Ford Motor Co., Standard Oil and the Mafia drug dealers
decided Fidel had to be removed since his
     policies of requiring corporations to pay market wages was hurting
their profits. So the corporations asked then
     Vice-President Nixon to remove Fidel. Nixon promised he would,
just as soon as he'd won the 1960 elections
     against some underdog, an unknown Democrat named John Kennedy. It
would be an easy victory for Nixon. The
     polls had Nixon winning by a landslide. Besides, Kennedy was a
Catholic, and Americans would no more elect a
     Catholic President than they would elect a woman, a black or a
Jew. This was 1959.

     Nixon told Pepsi, Standard Oil and other corporations who lost
property given back to the farmers of Cuba, that
     if they would help him win, he would authorize an invasion to
remove Castro. To further impress contributors to his
     campaign, then Vice-President Nixon asked the CIA to create
Operation 40, a secret plan to invade Cuba, just
     as soon as he won.


     The CIA put Texas millionaire and CIA agent George Bush in charge
of recruiting Cuban exiles into the CIA's
     invasion army. Bush was working with another Texas oilman, Jack
Crichton, to help him with the invasion. A
     fellow Texan, Air Force General Charles Cabel, was asked to
coordinate the air cover for the invasion.

     Most of the CIA leadership around the invasion of Cuba seems to
have been people from Texas. A whole Texan
     branch of the CIA is based in the oil business. If we trace Bush's
background in the Texas oil business we
     discover his two partners in the oil-barge leasing business: Texan
Robert Mosbacher and Texan James Baker.
     Mosbacher is now Secretary of Commerce and Baker is Secretary of
State, the same job Dulles held when JFK
     was killed. (Source: Common Cause magazine, 3-4/90).

     On the Watergate tapes, June 23, 1972, referred to in the media as
the "smoking gun" conversation, Nixon and his
     Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, discussed how to stop the FBI
investigation into the CIA Watergate burglary.
     They were worried that the investigation would expose their
conection to "the Bay of Pigs thing." Haldeman, in his
     book The Ends of Power, reveals that Nixon always used code words
when talking about the 1963 murder of
     JFK. Haldeman said Nixon would always refer to the assassination
as "the Bay of Pigs."

     On that transcript we find Nixon discussing the role of George
Bush's partner, Robert Mosbacher, as one of the
     Texas fundraisers for Nixon. On the tapes Nixon keeps refering to
the "Cubans" and the "Texans." The "Texans"
     were Bush, Mosbacher and Baker. This is another direct link
between Bush and evidence linking Nixon and Bush
     to the Kennedy assassination.

     In the same discussion Nixon links "the Cubans," "the
Texans," "Helms," "Hunt," "Bernard Barker," Robert
     "Mosbacher" and "the Bay of Pigs." Over and over on the Watergate
tapes, these names come up around the
     discussion of the photos from Dallas that Nixon was trying to
obtain when he ordered the CIA to burglarize the
     Watergate. (Source: Three Men and a Barge", Teresa Riordan, Common
Cause magazine, March/April
     1990, and San Francisco Chronicle, May 7,1977, interview with
Frank Sturgis in which he stated that "the
     reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was
interested in stopping news leaking related
     to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John


     After Nixon's landslide victory in 1972, he knew he had to
centralize all power into the White House to keep his
     faction in power, not only to hold power, but to prevent the media
from digging into how he secretly shot his way
     into the White House, just like Hitler shot his way into control
of Germany. The first thing Nixon did was to
     demand signed resignations of his entire government. "Eliminate
everyone," he told John Ehrlichman about
     reappointment, "except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our
cause." (Source: Pledging Allegiance, Sidney

     The reason why Bush will 'do anything" is because his hands have
as much of Kennedy's blood on them as do
     Nixon's, Hunt's, Sturgis's, Felix Rodriguez's and Gerald Ford's.
This White House gang fears that if the public ever
     realizes how they shot their way into power it could set off a
spark that would destroy their fragile fraud and land
     them in jail.

     Other famous Watergate members of the CIA invasion that Bush
recruited were Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt,
     Bernard Barker and Rafael Quintero. Quintero has said publicly
that if he ever told what he knew about Dallas
     and the Bay of Pigs, "It would be the biggest scandal ever to rock
the nation."

     Meanwhile, in 1960, Preston Bush was running Nixon's campaign.
Nixon was sent to South Vietnam to assure the
     French- connection government there that if France pulled out, the
U.S. would step in to protect the drug trade
     from the GoIden Triangle. (Source: Frontline, 1988, "Guns. Drugs
and the CIA"; Alexander Cockburn;
     "Cocaine, the CIA and Air America," S.F. Examiner, Feb. 2, '91;
The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia,
     Alfred McCoy, 1972.)


     In 1959, Vice President Nixon was flying all over the world,
acting just like presidential material. It was an easy
     race for Nixon. Congressman Jerry Ford was doing a great job
fundraising for Nixon, as was George Bush. The
     rich loved Nixon. The media picked up every bone Nixon tossed out
to them. The biggest problem was that
     Nixon was afraid to speak openly of his plan to invade Cuba. The
plan was a secret. No sense in alerting Cuba to
     the coming invasion. But Kennedy was taking a harder line on Cuba
than Nixon, because Kennedy was not aware
     of the corporate/CIA planned invasion.

     Nixon lost the 1960 race by the smallest margin in history. At
first Bush, Nixon, Cabel and Hunt decided to just go
     ahead with the invasion, without informing President Kennedy.
Then, at the last second, at 4 a.m., just two hours
     before the invasion was set to go, General Cabel called JFK and
asked for permission to provide U.S. air cover
     for the CIA invasion. Kennedy said no.

     The CIA was furious with JFK but decided to go ahead with their
private invasion anyway. Due to poor
     intelligence, the CIA landed at the worst possible beach. A swamp.
The invasion failed. The CIA lost 15 of its
     best men, killed, with another 1100 in Cuban prisons. It was the
worst single blow the CIA ever suffered.
     (Source: F. Howard Hunt, Give Us This Day.)

     Bush, Nixon and Hunt blamed Cabel for asking Kennedy and blamed
Kennedy for saying no. They were livid with
     anger. Nixon's corporate sponsors ordered JFK to make any deal
necessary to recover the 1100 CIA agents
     imprisoned in Cuba. JFK did. Once the CIA had its well-trained
Cubans back, they decided to continue the
     invasion of Cuba just as soon as they could get rid of that S.O.B.

     The 1964 election was fast approaching. Nixon was running against
Kennedy again. Bush, Ford and Nixon knew
     that they had to get rid of JFK now, or else the Kennedy clan,
with Robert and Ted in the wings, could control the
     White House until 1984. They decided not to wait until '84 to get
back in the White House. The Cuban teams of
     "shooters" began following Kennedy from city to city looking for a
window of opportunity to shoot from. They
     came close in Chicago, but couldn't get the cooperation of Mayor



     But in Dallas they had an ace. The mayor was the brother of
General Cabel, whom the CIA blamed for the failure
     of the invasion. The general prevailed on his brother, Earl, and
the motorcade was changed to pass the grassy
     knoll at 7 m.p.h. Hunt and Sturgis shot JFK from the grassy knoll.
They were arrested, photographed and seen by
     15 witnesses. But the media turned a blind eye to the photos, and
for 25 years the world has been searching for
     the truth.

     On the day JFK was murdered, Nixon, Hunt and some of the Watergate
crew were photographed in Dallas, as
     were a group of Cubans, one holding an umbrella up, like a signal,
next to the President's limo just as Kennedy
     was shot. The Cubans can be seen holding up the signal umbrella in
the Zapruder film and dozens of stills taken
     during the assassination. After the murder they can be seen calmly
walking away.

     Nixon denied he was in Dallas that day, but new photos and stories
prove he was there. Nixon claimed to the FBI
     he couldn't remember where he was when JFK was killed. (Source:
FBI memo, Feb. 23, 1964, published in
     Coup d'etat in America, Weberman & Canfield). Bush, too, claims he
can't remember where he was. Jack
     Anderson did a TV special in 1988 proving beyond any shadow of
doubt that two of the tramps arrested in Dallas
     behind the grassy knoll were Hunt and Sturgis.

     After the murder, former Vice President Nixon asked President
Lyndon Johnson to appoint Nixon's friend, former
     FBI agent Jerry Ford, to run the Warren Commission. Nixon also
asked LBJ to appoint Nixon's long-time
     supporter, Judge Earl Warren, to head the Commission. LBJ agreed.
Ford interviewed all the witnesses and
     decided which ones would be heard and which ones eliminated. It is
no coincidence that Nixon selected Ford as
     his Vice President after Spiro Agnew was ousted. When Nixon
himself got busted in the Watergate scandal, Earl


     Warren offered to set up another special commission if it would
help get him out of trouble again. Ford, of course,
     pardoned Nixon for the Watergate burglary but Nixon is still not
out of the woods. There are 4000 hours of
     Watergate tape. On the June 23, 1972, discussions with John
Ehrlichman and Haldeman there is clear evidence
     that Nixon is openly "confessing" to hiring Hunt to kill JFK. That
is why the Watergate "investigation" went into
     secret session after Congress heard some of the tapes. This is why
only 12 hours of 4000 hours have been
     released to the public.


     Did Congress realize that Nixon and Bush had openly discussed
killing JFK for stopping the air cover for the Bay
     of Pigs invasion of Cuba? Remember, Nixon taped virtually every
discussion he had with anyone in his inner circle,
     including Bush, in order to blackmail people later. There is a
photo of Bush reporting to Nixon in the White House
     in 1968. It will be interesting to see what they were talking
about on that day, when the full 4000 hours are finally
     released. The key to unlocking the secrets behind the 1963 murder
of JFK is hidden in the 3988 hours of
     unreleased White House tapes. Bush was in Dallas the day Reagan
was shot. (Source: George Bush, F. Green,
     1988.) That must have given Bush a flashback to November 22,1963.

     Paul Kangas is a private investigator in California. This article
is reprinted from The Realist with permission.



JFK Murder Truth telling - Heading to the Grassy Knoll on November 22nd - 51st Anniversary


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Police murder the homeless. You're homeless, you camp, the state kills you?

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Re: Case No. 2:14-CR-00027-NDF-2 / NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION TO DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE: 18 U.S.C. 1514(b), 3771 / IRS' current targeting and taking of a political prisoner

[On left margin written vertically Please FAX Courtesy Copy TO: (307)772-2123 Thank you. PM]


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 1 of 12


Case No. #2:14-CR-00027-NDF-2




TO: Hon. Nancy D. Freudenthal, USDC/DWY


Greetings Your Honor:


Please accept this MOTION TO DISMISS on numerous grounds summarized below. If the Court needs or requires clarification or elaboration, please advise:


(a) Grand Jury Violations: Fifth Amendment

(1) missing and/or defective credentials for attorneys, and at least one witness, violated FRCvP Rule 6; see U.S. v. Pignatiello;

(2) panel of federal citizens was not selected, or summoned, by lawful clerk or deputy clerks of court; Office of Clerk’s personnel refused to disclose credentials i.e. SF-61 and 28 U.S.C. 951 OATH: see 5 U.S.C. 3331 et seq.;

(3) Jury Selection and Service Act is clearly unconstitutional for discriminating against all State Citizens: there are two (2) classes of citizenship in America, not one (1) class;

(4) “sewer service” presented to Mr. Hill’s six (6) clients violated 28 U.S.C. 1691; no “PROOF OF SERVICE” can be valid, or lawful, for that reason;


- 1 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 2 of 12


(5) charging document was not a valid “indictment” because it too violated 28 U.S.C. 1691, and was signed by OUSA personnel lacking one or more OATHS;

(6) attorneys and witness appear to have suppressed favorable/exculpatory evidence: see Brady v. Maryland; Rule 12.3 Notice;

(7) clients’ REQUESTS TO APPEAR IN WRITING: 18 U.S.C. 1504, were evidently obstructed, contrary to its last paragraph, and possibly also in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1702 (a felony);

(8) one set of Attachments to (7) was also obstructed, likewise violating 18 U.S.C. 1504, 1702, and In re Grand Jury Application (USDC/SDNY);

(9) raid on Mr. Mitchell’s apartment on 6/11/2013 was not lawful: “warrant” violated 28 U.S.C. 1691, and was signed by “magistrate” (Donohue) who also failed or refused to produce credentials;

(10) [31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq.] four (4) proper “Qui Tam” Complaints, duly lodged under the Federal Civil False Claims Act, were likewise seized during the illegal raid at (9), were also exculpatory evidence also suppressed by attorneys and at least one witness; and,


- 2 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 3 of 12


(11) government witness violated Sec. 1203 in the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 (“RRA98”) by failing to answer Mr. Hill’s query re : 31 U.S.C. 333 within thirty (30) days; Sec. 1203 authorizes termination of all such IRS personnel.


(b) Probable Impersonation : 18 U.S.C. 912

(1) no SF-61 and no 28 U.S.C. 951 OATH were ever produced for, or by, Stephan Harris, Zachary Fisher, or T. Hiliker; cf. duties;

(2) no valid SF-61, no 28 U.S.C. 544 OATH, and no Power of Attorney to represent “USA” were ever produced for, or by, Christopher Crofts;

(3) no valid SF-61, no 28 U.S.C. 544 OATH, and no Power of Attorney to represent “USA” were ever produced for, or by, L. Robert Murray;

(4) no SF-61 and no 28 U.S.C. 951 OATH were ever produced for, or by, William M. McCool, whose pattern of racketeering since 1996 violates 18 U.S.C. 1513 repeatedly;

(5) no SF-61 and no 28 U.S.C. 453 OATH were ever produced for, or by, James P. Donohue, or Brian Tsuchida, dba “magistrates” at USDC/Seattle; and,

(6) witness James Marcy violated 31 U.S.C. 333


- 3 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 4 of 12


and Internal Revenue Manual (“IRM”) policy requiring answers to correspondence within thirty (30) days : RRA98 gave legal force and effect to IRM, for first time.


(c) Probable Conspiracy : 18 U.S.C. 241, 1962(d), and 42 U.S.C. 1985-1986

(1) “search warrant” dated 6/11/2013 was fraud;

(2) “indictment” dated 1/15/2014 was fraud;

(3) “arrest warrant” dated 1/28/2014 was fraud;

(4) unlawful detention was directly caused by James P. Donohue and Brian Tsuchida (see (b)(5)), who had obvious conflicts of interest;

(5) victim and witness retaliation, by all named above, violated 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1513, 1515 and 1962(d), and 18 U.S.C. 241, 242.

(6) ineffective assistance of Federal Public Defenders/Seattle violated Sixth Amendment, and ousted the Courts of jurisdiction : see Johnson v. Zerbst;

(7) access to adequate law libraries was never provided; there is no U.S. Code, or CFR, at Scottsbluff Detention Center, or Grady Co.;

(8) frequent “diesel therapy” routinely destroyed Mitchell’s legal notes, outlines, etc., while USMS burned thousands of gallons of jet fuel shuttling him via 10-passenger private jet; and,


- 4 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 5 of 12


(9) Federal Public Defender/Seattle refused one simple task, and refused to file and serve Mitchell’s Petition for Habeas Corpus Relief and FOIA Enforcement : see Docket Entry #33.


(d) Willful Misrepresentation : 28 U.S.C. 530B

(1) no Powers of Attorney legally to represent “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” [sic] (“USA”).

(2) Relator now represents the “United States”;

(3) petitions to government cannot be crimes : see First Amendment, Petition Clause;

(4) see FOIA requests, DEMANDS in lieu of FOIA requests, and REQUESTS TO APPEAR IN WRITING; also 5 U.S.C. 551 exemptions;

(5) Plaintiff “USA” circumvents the judicial Power conferred by Article III : compare 28 U.S.C. 1345 (“United States” NOT “USA”);

(6) “USA” incorporated twice in Delaware, but both were later revoked by the Delaware Secretary of State, via Notices to Mitchell;

(7) the United States (federal government) is not a corporation : U.S. v. Cooper Corp.;

(8) ALL CAPS “nom de guerre” implies state of war/mixed war, and treason (warname);


- 5 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 6 of 12


(9) there is no organic Act of Congress creating the IRS as such : see 31 U.S.C. 301-315; Chrysler Corp. v. Brown, fn 23;

(10) there is no Statute at Large creating a specific liability for taxes imposed by IRC subtitle A : see SUBPOENA to Paul H. O’Neill, former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury (now IN DEFAULT and CONTEMPT);

(11) Federal Regulations cannot create a tax liability : Commissioner v. Acker; 26 CFR 1.1-1 is therefore unconstitutional!

(12) there is a second “Department of the Treasury” domiciled in San Juan, Puerto Rico : see 27 CFR 26.11 definitions of “Revenue Agent,” “Secretary,” “Secretary or his delegate;” Used Tire Int’l v. Manuel Diaz-Saldaña; U.S. v. Constantine.


(e) Specific COUNTS TWO thru SEVEN : 18 U.S.C. 3771 Subsections (a) thru (d) are incorporated here by reference, as if set forth fully:

(1) each COUNT repeats the exact same errors;

(2) the last sentence of 18 U.S.C. 1504 is protected by the Freedom of Speech and Petition Clauses in the First Amendment : see MOTION FOR INTERLOCUTORY JUDGMENTS at Docket Entry #23;


- 6 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 7 of 12


(3) Attachments transmitted to Grand Jury Foreperson, under cover separate from all REQUESTS TO APPEAR IN WRITING, were likewise protected by First Amendment, and by last sentence of 18 U.S.C. 1504: see (2);

(4) U.S. Mail transmitting items mentioned at (3) was most probably obstructed in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1702 (a felony);

(5) Office of U.S. Attorney has a legal duty to forward all such U.S. Mail to the Foreperson of a lawfully convened Federal Grand Jury, not to a panel of federal citizens : see In re Grand Jury Application (USDC/SDNY); 28 U.S.C. 1865;

(6) items mentioned at (3) were all favorable, exculpatory evidence that was most probably suppressed; they never “inundated the district court” unless its personnel had a reading disability of some kind;

(7) “Conspiracy” to exercise Rights is not, and cannot be a crime - EVER!

(8) all recipients of faulty “process” necessarily became material witnesses to probable cause, and also victims, of crimes;

(9) process server of such “sewer service” knew, or should have known, of specific


- 7 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 8 of 12


Requirements of 28 U.S.C. 1691, 5 U.S.C. 2903, 2906, 3331, 3332, 3333 and 28 U.S.C. 453, 544, 951; ignorance of these laws is no excuse for violating any of same : see Art. VI, Sec. 3, in particular; Miranda v. Arizona;

(10) each “Proof of Service”, corresponding to each item of sewer service, is likewise defective, and fraudulent, thus amounting to evidence that service of six (6) so-called “subpoenas” was never perfected;

(11) neither a rubber stamp, nor printed type font, qualify as a Clerk’s authorized signature, as the latter term occurs at 28 U.S.C. 1691 : computers did not exist on 6/25/1948, the date of its enactment, nor has it ever been amended; see 28 U.S.C.A. & U.S.C.S. 1691; and,

(12) the requirements of 28 U.S.C. 1691 go to jurisdiction in personam e.q. In re Simon.


(f) IRS Scandal, Attack on Conservatives

(1) scandal was well publicized on and off the Internet, and is obviously still ongoing;

(2) “witness” James Marcy appears to be on a multi-State rampage, e.g. threatening and intimidating Federal witness Mitchell, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1512 and 1513;


- 8 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 9 of 12


(3) see two (2) VERIFIED CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS lodged against James Marcy, Dave Guest and Dockets 1 thru 20, in the District Court of Wyoming at Cheyenne, and in the District Court of Colorado at Ft. Collins; FREV 201(c)(2);

(4) Marcy and Guest evidently lied to Mitchell’s landlord and neighbors, and to 2 Seattle Police Officers on 6/11/2013;

(5) their accomplice, Mr. Ray Fleck, USMS, threatened to break and enter into Mitchell’s private apartment with a fraudulent “search warrant”; and,

(6) at a minimum, all personnel named herein are liable to Mitchell for at least neglect to remedy and failure to prevent equal protection violations : see 42 U.S.C. 1985, 1986 (re: negligence).


(g) Public-Authority Defense : Rule 12.3, FRCvP

(1) Mitchell promptly performed directives given to him by, Deputy U.S. Marshalls at downtown Seattle, Wash.;

(2) records of Mitchell’s performance were seized during raid on 6/11/2013;

(3) James Marcy et al. should have known about contents of all documents seized,


- 9 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 10 of 12


Chiefly Mitchell’s NOTICE OF MISSING AND/OR DEFECTIVE CREDENTIALS, as filed and served in Hedges et al. v. Obama et al., USDC/SDNY : see admissions by OPM & OMB;

(4) see 18 U.S.C. 1964, and case law like Rotella v. Wood re: objectives of RICO laws, and authorities of private attorneys general e.q. to investigate diligently, and to become prosecutors; Liberal Construction;

(5) Mitchell has also assisted U.S. Coast Guard Investigations for approximately 7 years with far-reaching follow-up to the 9-11 homicides e.g. by invoicing The State of Israel for $6.9 Trillion USD - to recover the $2.3 T. embezzled from the Pentagon + triple damages : 18 U.S.C. 1964(c);

(6) Mitchell has also invoiced all 200,000+ “members” of The State Bar of California for a total of $1.8 Trillion USD (see VCC);

(7) both (5) and (6) are payable to the Treasury of the United States, 31 U.S.C. 302;

(8) [31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq.] Mitchell has also properly lodged 4x “Qui Tam” Complaints under the Federal Civil False Claims Act, entitling him to awards authorized by that law;


- 10 of 12 -


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 11 of 12


(9) the facts verified in (8) above also render Mitchell eligible for substantial more awards under the IRC Whistleblower statute [see Pg. 12 at “p.s.”] e.g. for PMRS tax evasion and related perjury on Federal income tax returns – both felony federal offenses; and,

(10) similarly, Mitchell’s UCC FINANCING STATEMENT, perfected against debtors AOL, Inc. and Time Warner, Inc., continues to accrue simple interest at 7% APR, with absolutely no help whatsoever from any personnel employed by the Federal government between December 1995 and the present : TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: $4.455 Billion USD + 7% APR.




Mitchell’s MOTION TO DISMISS COUNT NINE is incorporated by reference, as if set forth fully here. Also incorporated are Docket Entries #23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 et seq., as if all were set forth fully here. Also incorporated is Mitchell’s NOTICE OF MISSING AND/OR DEFECTIVE CREDENTIALS, as filed and served in Hedges et al. v. Obama et al., USDC/SDNY + admissions by OPM and OMB.


- 11 of 12 –


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 58   Filed 03/21/14   Page 12 of 12


REMEDY REQUESTED: 18 U.S.C. 1514, 3771


All premises having been thoroughly and duly considered, particularly when missing and/or defective credentials bar any REPLY(s) to the instant MOTION by certain personnel employed by the Office of the U.S. Attorney in the District of Wyoming, this honorable Court is respectfully moved to dismiss the instant case with prejudice, and to issue a protective ORDER sua sponte under 18 U.S.C. 1514(b).

Thank you for your consideration.


Dated: 3/19/2014 A.D.


Signed: Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris

Printed: Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964

All Rights Reserved (cf. UCC 1-308)

Relator In Propria Persona


p.s. See also Performance Management and Recognition System Termination Act (1993), still showing as PMRS in Table of Delegations of Authority, in IRM at $25,000 CASH awards + $35,000 “To the President . . . . [sic]


- 12 of 12 -


Blowing Whistles At Hurricanes - The Coming Storm

Paul Andrew Mitchell has been bundled away by the US Government

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Bill Clinton Murdered Jerry Parks and he used Buddy Young to do it 9-26-93

Robert Morrow <> Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 9:24 PM
To: "" <>


I think that Bill Clinton Murdered Jerry Parks and that he used Raymond “Buddy” Young to Commit the Murder - September 26, 1993


          From Robert Morrow       512-306-1510      Austin, TX


          Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on the 1993 Jerry Parks murder.


          My full blog post on this topic.


          The murder of Jerry Parks on Sept. 26, 1993 in Little Rock, AR is very similar to the murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal which occurred on February 19, 1986 in Baton Rouge. Both victims were assassinated while sitting in their cars. Both murders were proactive assassinations with the goal of politically protecting very high level American political criminals:


1) Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush ordered Oliver North to murder Barry Seal.


2)  I think President Bill Clinton used Buddy Young to murder Jerry Parks. Parks, like Clinton, was deeply involved in the CIA drug trade of the 1980’s. Parks had also been hired by Hillary Clinton and her boyfriend Vince Foster to do surveillance on Bill and document his epic womanizing (to create a dossier for a possible divorce).


          (Side note: I think that the ugly, disturbing reality of modern American politics is a lot more fascinating and meaningful than House of Cards, Frank Underwood (based on LBJ) and Claire Underwood (based on Hillary Clinton).


          The Bushes and Oliver North, using Cali Colombians, murdered CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal because he had become too visible, unstable, and uncontrollable and was a threat to plea bargain in Louisiana and bust Iran-Contra wide open. Iran-Contra nevertheless exploded into the public consciousness later that year on October 5, 1986 when an American contra-supply plane carrying Eugene Hasenfus was shot down over Nicaragua.


          The most important book to read about modern American politics is Daniel Hopsicker’s Barry & ‘the Boys’: The CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History which is about the life and death of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal.


          Ron Howard is on the verge of making a movie about Barry Seal. The key thing to remember about Barry Seal was that he was totally in bed with both George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton when he was running drugs for the CIA. The American CIA drug lords were the ones running the Colombian drug cartels. Sad … but true.


          The biggest scandal of all in Iran-Contra was that the Bushes, the Clintons, the CIA, Oliver North, William Casey were all up to their eyeballs in the multiple billion dollar drug trade. All the high level political criminals were fully aware of how egregious their behavior was which is why they were murdering people to cover up the liability.


          At the precise time Nancy Reagan was saying “Just Say No” to drugs, the Reagan Administration, Bill Clinton, the Bushes and Barry Seal were saying “Just Bring in the Blow.”


          Gov. Bill Clinton, the Democratic governor of Arkansas, had been a CIA asset since his days at Oxford in 1968. Author Roger Morris discovered this fact about Bill Clinton and it was later confirmed by CIA Cord Meyer who admitted this to his friend GOP insider Jack Wheeler. I suggest reading Jack Wheeler’s 2008 essay How the Clintons Will Destroy McCain.


          Bill Clinton also had a very close relationship with CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal. You can read about that in L.D. Brown’s book Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation (1999). Clinton helped recruit Brown into the CIA and Barry Seal became the CIA handler for L.D. Brown. L.D. Brown was the Arkansas state trooper in charge of drug enforcement and he was enraged that Bill Clinton got him compromised in CIA drug running. Brown confronted Clinton about this and Clinton’s infamous reply was “That’s [Dan] Lasater’s deal! That’s Lasater’s deal! And your buddy [VP George Herbert Walker] Bush knows about it!” Thus Clinton indicted GHW Bush in the CIA drug trade.  


          I think it is a lead pipe cinch that Gov. Bill Clinton was fully aware and supportive of the fact that the Bushes and Oliver North were going to murder Barry Seal. If Barry Seal had plea bargained and told everything he knew about the CIA drug trade he would have brought down both the Bushes and the Clintons and we never would have had a Bush or Clinton in the White House, a thought which is quite lovely.


          This shared permanent Iran-Contra liability - the epic drug running, the murders, the money laundering, the financial fraud - is the reason why the Bushes and Clintons are so chummy today. Bill and Hillary might get a divorce, but the Bushes and Clintons are married forever.




          I think President Bill Clinton murdered Jerry Parks. I think that Bill Clinton used Buddy Young and another Arkansas state trooper to commit the actual assassination of Jerry Parks. At the time Buddy Young was the #2 man at FEMA after having been the head Arkansas state trooper goon for years for Bill Clinton. The word “goon” is meant in a literal sense.


          Here is Buddy Young listed in 2014 as an employee of Crowder Gulf, which is the kind of company that gets a lot of government contracts after a natural disaster. Buddy Young is listed as an assistant Director of Operations.


          Bill Clinton once bragged to Larry Patterson about another state trooper that Patterson should use as a role model: “He is my friend. He will lie for me, steal for me, cheat for me, kill for me … You have to do the same to cover for me.” (David Bresnahan, Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception, p. 56.)


          It is obvious that Bill Clinton was talking about Buddy Young when he made those remarks.     Note the “kill for me” part.


          A good book to read that covers the Jerry Parks murder is The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories (1997) by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.


          I am 100% sure that Bill Clinton used his inner circle Arkansas state troopers Raymond Buddy Young, Larry Patterson and Roger Perry to savagely beat and nearly murder Gary Johnson on June 26, 1992. Gary Johnson was both the lawyer for Larry Nichols as well as the neighbor of Gennifer Flowers, a potent combination.

          Gary Johnson had security camera videotapes of Bill Clinton entering Gennifer Flowers condominium on many occasions. That is why he was attacked and the videotapes were stolen. This occurred at a time that the Clintons were vehemently denying the Gennifer Flowers affair (which was an open secret in Arkansas).

          Larry Patterson and Roger Perry have privately admitted that they were involved, with Buddy Young, in this savage attack on Gary Johnson.

          Larry Nichols, Jerry Parks, and Clinton’s Arkansas state troopers Raymond “Buddy” Young, Larry Patterson and Roger Perry were all goons that Bill Clinton would use to beat up, murder people, or in a particular case of Wayne Dumond, castrate them.

          I mean that previous sentence to be taken literally, not figuratively. Murder, beat up, castrate - all items in the tool box of Bill Clinton. Wayne Dumond was castrated by Clintons people because he had raped a distant cousin of Bill Clinton. (Clinton himself has raped three women: Eileen Wellstone at Oxford 1969, Juanita Broaddrick 1978, Liz Ward Gracen 1982).


          Bill Clinton’s people castrated Wayne Dumond in March of 1985.


          When Larry Patterson and Roger Perry went public exposing the Clintons in 1993, they could only embarrass Hillary and Bill with all the sex stories. They could not publicly talk about the goon squad crimes they had done for Bill Clinton. These troopers were enraged because they had compromised themselves, committed all sorts of crimes for the Clintons, yet were summarily ditched by the Clintons and denied well paying federal jobs.

          Larry Nichols has only recently begun to talk about the crimes that he committed for the Clintons.

          Jerry Parks was an assassin (known as an “archer”) that Bill Clinton and the CIA, Dixie Mafia would use to keep folks in line, dead, if necessary. Running illegal drugs on a billion dollar scale is never a clean, tidy process.  

          Jerry Parks had also been hired by Hillary Clinton and her lover (and law partner) Vince Foster to spy on Bill Clinton and document his astounding womanizing. Hillary and Bill came very close to divorcing around 1990 when Bill was in an blatantly open relationship with Mary Jo Jenkins, an attractive blonde who worked for the power company.      

          Hillary and Vince were in a hot and heavy affair in 1990. Vince later committed suicide on July 20, 1993 over his failing relationship with Hillary. Bill and Mary Jo were screwing. And Bill, on the side, was still attempting to have sex with any woman within a 20 foot radius. Hillary wanted to get the goods on Bill both for her own personal reasons and also for damage control reasons if the Clintons had a political future together.         

          Jerry Parks was a man who knew many, many damaging things about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Jerry Parks was in the center of the CIA, Dixie Mafia drug trade and he also knew all the dirt on Bill’s womanizing because he had been hired to put Bill under surveillance by Hillary and Vince Foster.

          Jerry Parks in the summer of 1993 was a very unhappy man because the Clinton campaign had not paid him $83,000 for all the work that he did for “security” for them in the 1992 campaign. Parks in the summer of 1993 was on the phone with the Clinton people and particularly Vince Foster (before his suicide) demanding to be paid the money that was owed to him.

          Jerry Parks knew a lot of incredibly damaging stuff about Bill Clinton: both in regards to the CIA/Dixie Mafia drug trade and also in regards to Bill’s completely unhinged womanizing which Parks had documented with surveillance photos and notes.

          This is a very similar situation to what Barry Seal was doing in early 1986. According to Barry Seal’s lawyer, Barry Seal was in direct contact with VP George Herbert Walker Bush and he was demanding that Bush get the goddamned government, the IRS in particular, off his back - or else. Two weeks later Barry Seal was pumped full of bullets in his car while in front of his halfway house in Baton Rouge. Immediately government agents - the Men in Black - swooped in and picked his car clean of all documents and materials. The only thing that remained, ironically, was a slip of paper with the personal phone number of VP George Herbert Walker Bush. By the way, Barry Seal’s personal airplane later became the official plane of George W. Bush when he was the governor of Texas. No, that is not a coincidence.

          After Vince Foster’s suicide on July 20, 1993, Jerry Parks got his check for $83,000. Then a few weeks after Foster’s suicide, the home of Jerry Parks was burglarized and his extensive Clinton files were taken.

          On the day after Vince Foster’s suicide, Buddy Young was promoted to #2 at FEMA and was made a FEMA regional director based in Denton, TX.      

          Finally Jerry Parks was murdered, pumped full of bullets in his car just as Barry Seal was murdered in his car, on September 26, 1993. I think that Bill Clinton murdered Jerry Parks. I further think that Bill Clinton used Raymond Buddy Young and another Arkansas state trooper to commit the murder of Parks. I do not think Larry Patterson or Roger Perry were involved in the Parks murder, as they were in the Gary Johnson beating of June 26, 1992, because by summer 1993 Patterson and Perry were talking with David Brock of the American Spectator and the Los Angeles Times about Bill’s womanizing.


Buddy Young (1985) stated to Mike Harari that Jerry Parks was an assassin, or an “archer” for the Bill Clinton Dixie Mafia. That means liability for the Clintons.


March 15, 1985: conversation between Buddy Young and Israeli operative Mike Harari - being taped by CIA Pegasus operative/pilot/assassin Chip Tatum.


Read the account of Chip Tatum.

The following conversation took place between Messrs. Harari and Young during the flight to Palmerola Air Base. The passengers were wearing headsets and speaking over the aircraft intercom system due to the high noise level in the helicopter. As the command pilot, I routinely monitor all conversations on our intercom. I did not advise our passengers that I was listening, or that I was recording the conversation.

Buddy: "Arkansas has the capability to manufacture anything in the area of weapons - and if we don't have it - we'll get it!"

Mike: "How about government controls?"

Buddy: "The Governor's on top of it, and if the feds get nosey - we hear about it and make a call. Then they're called off." He was looking around the countryside and continued, "Why the hell would anyone want to fight for a shit-hole like this?"

Mike: Shaking his head in awe, answered,"What we do has nothing to do with preserving a country's integrity - it's just business, and third world countries see their destiny as defeating borders and expanding. The more of this mentality we can produce - the greater our wealth. We train and we arm - that's our job. And, in return, we get a product far more valuable than the money for a gun. We're paid with product. And we credit top dollar for product."

Buddy: Still looked confused.

Mike: "Look - one gun and 3,000 rounds of ammo is $1,200. A kilo of product is about $1,000. We credit the Contras $1,500 for every kilo. That's top dollar for a kilo of cocaine. It's equivalent to the American K-Mart special - buy four, get one free. On our side - we spend $1,200 for a kilo and sell it for $12,000 to $15,000. Now, that's a profit center. And the market is much greater for the product than for weapons. It's just good business sense - understand?

Buddy: "Damn! So you guys promote wars and revolutions to provide weapons for drugs - we provide the non-numbered parts to change out and we all win. Damn that's good!"

Mike: "It's good when it works - but someone is, how do you say, has his hand in the coffer."

Buddy: Responding on the defensive,"Well, we get our ten percent right off the top and that's plenty. GOFUS can make it go a long way." Mike:"Who is GOFUS?"

Buddy: "Governor Clinton! That's our pet word for him. You know they call the President 'POTUS' for 'President of the United States'. Well, we call Clinton 'GOFUS' for 'Governor of the United States'. He thinks he is anyhow.

Mike: "That's your problem in America. You have no respect for your elected officials. They are more powerful than you think and have ears everywhere. You should heed my words and be loyal to your leaders. Especially when speaking to persons like me. Your remarks indicate a weakness - something our intelligence analysts look for."

Buddy: "Aw hell, Mike. Everybody knows the Clinton's want the White House and will do anything to get it. That's why I'm here instead of someone else. We know about the cocaine - hell! I've picked it up before with Lasater when he was worried about going on Little Rock Air Base to get it."

A new line of conversation ensued. Harari questioned Young about his knowledge of who the 'players' were. He went down a list. He started with 'The Boss - Clinton'. Here's a synopsis of the players according to Young.

Buddy: "Clinton - thinks he's in charge, but he'll only go as far as Casey allows. Me and my staff - we keep the lid on things you know - complaints about night flying - Arkansas people are private folks - they don't like a lot of commotion and Mena just isn't the right place for the operation. It keeps us busy at the shredder - if you know what I mean. Dan the Man (Lasater) - He does magic with the money - between him and Jack Stevens we don't have to worry a bit. Then we got Parks - if there's a problem - he's the man. We call him the Archer - that's the codename that Casey and Colby told us to assign to that position. Finnis oversee's our drop zone. Nash - he's just the boss' 'yes' man. Personally I think he's a mistake! Seal and his guys - I like his attitude "and leave the driving to us!" he said, quoting one of Seal's good ole boy sayings.

Mike: "You like Seal?"

Buddy: "Hell! He's the only one I trust - respect is the word."

Mike: "Do you see much of him?"

Buddy: "Hell, yea. We test drive Clinton's rides before we send 'em on, ya know? (He laughed, grinding his hips.) Say - how much coke do you recon you can make in a week?"

Mike: "One camp can produce 400 keys a week. The others are about half that. But that's just our operation here. We have other sources in various parts of the world. Why do you ask?"

Buddy: "What? Oh, the Governor wanted to know our capacity."

Respected Journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on the 1993 Jerry Parks Murder


   Jerry Parks had been hired by Hillary and her boyfriend Vince Foster to spy on Bill in the 1980's and beyond. Parks was killed on September 26, 1993. Check out this link:




THE PARKS MURDER - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Source: The Secret Life Of Bill Clinton
Published: 1997 Author: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

THE PARKS MURDER - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The Secret Life Of Bill Clinton
1997 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Phone Call Rings Clinton Alarm Bells

Foster 'hired detective to spy on Clinton'    

I’M A DEAD MAN,” whispered Jerry Parks, pale with shock, as he looked up at the television screen. It was a news bulletin on the local station in Little Rock. Vincent Foster, a childhood friend of the President, had been found dead in a park outside Washington. Apparent suicide.

He never explained to his son Gary what he meant by that remark, but for the next two months the beefy 6' 3" security executive was in a state of permanent fear. He would pack a pistol to fetch the mail. On the way to his offices at American Contract Services in Little Rock he would double back or take strange routes to "dry-clean" the cars that he thought were following him. At night he kept tearing anxiously at his eyebrows, and raiding the valium pills of his wife,Jane, who was battling multiple sclerosis. Once he muttered darkly that Bill Clinton's people were "cleaning house," and he was "next on the list."

Two months later, in September 1993, Jerry and Jane went on a Caribbean cruise. He seemed calmer. At one of the islands he went to take care of some business at a bank. She believed it was Grand Cayman. They returned to their home in the rural suburbs of Little Rock on September 25. The next day Jane was in one of her "down" periods, so Jerry went off on his own for the regular Sunday afternoon supper at El Chico Mexican Restaurant.

On the way back, at about 6:30 PM, a white Chevrolet Caprice pulled up beside him on the Chenal Parkway. Before Parks had time to reach for his .38 caliber "detective special" that he kept tucked between the seats, an assassin let off a volley of semi-automatic fire into his hulking 320 pound frame.

Parks skidded to a halt in the intersection of Highway 10. The stocky middle-aged killer jumped out and finished him off with a 9 mm handgun--two more shots into the chest at point blank range. Several witnesses watched with astonishment as the nonchalant gunman joined his accomplice in the waiting car and sped away.

It was another three months before news of the murder of Jerry Luther Parks reached me in Washington. The U.S. national media were largely unaware of the story, which surprised me because Parks had been in charge of security at the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign headquarters in Little Rock.

On my next trip to the state I decided to drop by at the archives of The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to see if they had covered the death. There were two routine homicide stories by reporter Ward Pincus, mostly focusing on disputes that Parks had had with a former partner.

I contacted the writer, who had since moved to New York. To my surprise he turned out to be the son of Walter Pincus, the intelligence correspondent for The Washington Post and a friend of Vincent Foster. In fact, Walter Pincus had lunched with Foster at the Federal City Club on July 9, eleven days before the death. Afterward Pincus had written an "op-ed" piece in The Post saying that Foster was visibly cracking under the strain of Washington life.

It was a persuasive article, the suicide clincher. I remember reading it at the time and thinking: "Well, that's it, then, case closed."

What his son told me was astounding. When he spoke to Jane Parks the day after the death she said that her husband had been involved with Vince Foster and she seemed to think there was a political dimension to the murder. She was distraught, almost hysterical. Ward Pincus did not know what to make of it, so he consulted his editors at The Democrat-Gazette. Should he go out to visit the widow and try to find out what on earth she was talking about? No, they said, don't bother. Soon afterward, Jane Parks withdrew into her shell and refused to give any interviews to the press.

By asking around, I learned that her son Gary, then 23, might be willing to talk. He was half-underground, sleeping on the floor in different houses, afraid that he too could be the target of attack. Messages were passed back and forth through the informal network of civic opposition in Arkansas. He agreed to talk, given that I was a "foreigner," he said, and not part of the corrupt U.S. media cabal. It was a sentiment I encountered often in Arkansas.

We met for dinner at the Little Rock Hilton. His escort arrived first, "sweeping" the lobby, the bar, and even the bathrooms, before giving the all clear. It was like being back in El Salvador or Guatemala, where I had worked as a correspondent during la violencia of the early 1980s. I never imagined that I would witness such a spectacle in the United States.

A big strapping fellow like his father, Gary Parks was in constant pain from a wound he had suffered in the navy. A propeller had ripped through his right shoulder. He described his father as a harsh martinet, who once made him run miles in freezing cold weather, drenched and shirtless. But in the security business the name Jerry Parks was good metal. Bill Clinton had appointed him to the board of Arkansas Private Investigators. He was a player. He knew how to keep his mouth shut, too.

Wolfing down a huge piece of steak--he seemed to be half starved--Gary then said that his father had been collecting files on Bill Clinton. "Working on his infidelities," he said, grinning. "It had been going on for years. He had enough to impeach Bill Clinton on the spot."

At some point in 1988, when he was about 17, he had accompanied Jerry on four or five nocturnal missions. Armed with long range surveillance cameras, they would stake out the haunts of the Governor until the early hours of the morning. Quapaw Towers was one of them, he remembered. That was where Gennifer Flowers lived.

It was a contract job, Gary believed, but he did not know who was paying for the product. Some of the material was kept in two files, stored in the bottom drawer of the dresser in his parents' bedroom. He had sneaked in one day, terrified that his father might catch him, and flicked through the papers just long enough to see photos of women coming and going with Governor Clinton, and pages of notes in his father's handwriting. In one of the photos Clinton was with Captain Raymond "Buddy" Young of the State Police.

In late July 1993 the family house on Barrett Road was burgled in a sophisticated operation that involved cutting the telephone lines and disarming the electronic alarm system. The files were stolen. Gary suspected that this was somehow tied to his father's death two months later.

"I believe that Bill Clinton had my father killed to protect his political career," he told me that evening. "We're dealing with a secretive machine here in Arkansas that can shut anyone up in a moment."

It was a startling allegation. He was accusing the President of the United States of using a death squad to eliminate enemies. I knew at once that this was a news story that had to be pursued. It was an infinitely more serious issue than Whitewater, and Watergate, too, for that matter.

But why would a bimbo file cause such alarm? And how much did Gary Parks really know anyway? He had been away in the navy. His father had kept him in the dark.

It was imperative to interview his mother. It was she who knew the secrets.

At first Mrs. Parks would not talk to me, except to confirm in a general way that there were indeed files, that they had been stolen, and that Gary was telling the truth. The Little Rock Police had told her not to talk to the press until the case was solved, and she had agreed.

But by the spring of 1994 she was losing faith. The original detective, Tom James, had been pulled off the case. It was becoming apparent that the eyewitness accounts of the death were being ignored by the police. Witnesses had described two assassins: hefty men, with beer bellies and broad shoulders, greyish hair, in their late forties or early fifties. Yet the police kept saying that there was only one killer in the car.

Jane Parks went to visit a top official from the State Police whom she knew well from her church network. He told her outright that the murder was a conspiracy hatched in Hot Springs by five men who moved in the social circle of Buddy Young, the former chief of Governor Clinton's security detail and now the regional director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the south-central United States. She was given the names of the five men, and was told that they flipped coins to decide which two would carry out the execution. And finally, she was told that nothing was ever going to be done about it.

Torn by conflicting impulses, afraid for the safety of her two sons, she agreed to meet me. It was the beginning of a three-year dialogue in which she slowly opened up, and slowly came to terms with her husband's life as an officer in the Dixie Cartel. With time, and new drugs that restored a degree of health, she began to recall the details that had been repressed and buried.

Her account confronted me with a journalistic dilemma of the first order. Certain episodes could be corroborated, which established a pattern of veracity, but the most shocking allegations were based on her word alone. I made an intuitive decision to publish. At times the moral imperatives of reportage require one to violate the Columbia School codex. Somebody has to give a voice to the little people. I offer readers her story for what it is: her word, sometimes supported by other evidence, sometimes not.

Jane Parks is a slender, elegant brunette, with high cheekbones and a Scots-Irish look about her. On her good days, one would never have known that she was suffering from multiple sclerosis. Tanned and carefully made up, with a soft southern voice, she is undoubtedly an attractive woman. Unaware of who she was, Kenneth Starr had once chatted her up at the Little Rock Athletic Club. She, in turn, noted that he had a "gorgeous body" in his gym shorts.

But at the same time she is a fervent Pentecostal, a member of the Assembly of God Church. She had separated from Jerry Parks early in their marriage, during his brash, heavy-drinking days. The condition for reunion was that he give himself to the Lord and be born again, which he did. Although not everybody was convinced.

"Jerry professed to be a devout Christian. He was obsessed with that image, but he was one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever met in my life," said his former business partner, and enemy, John D. McIntire. "He was power-hungry, out to prove that he was a big shot."

Jane Parks was not entirely convinced either. But going through the motions was a good deal better than the boorish behavior of the past. At least he had stopped drinking.

In the summer of 1984 Mrs. Parks was the manager of a mid-scale apartment complex called Vantage Point. She was informed by the real estate agents that a nonpaying guest would be coming to stay for a while. She was told to take care of him, no questions asked. The guest turned out to be Roger Clinton, college-dropout, rock-musician, consumate scoundrel, kid brother, or, to be more precise, half-brother, of the Governor--and a Clinton appointee to the Arkansas Crime Commission's Juvenile Advisory Board.

Mrs. Parks installed him in the corporate suite, room B107. The suite and her offices had originally been part of the same condominium, but they had been divided in two by a thin partition. For the next two months she and her assistant found themselves the reluctant audience of Roger Clinton's Bohemian recreations. Even during the quiet office hours of 9 to 5 the goings-on were wild. And sometimes the conduct was so outre' that the two of them would have to leave their office and wait outside until the ecstasies had subsided.

The Kid Brother was going through a bad patch. At that time he was nearing the disastrous culmination of a five-year cocaine addiction. "By mid-1984, Roger spent virtually every waking hour getting high or trying to get high," wrote Arkansas commentator Meredith Oakley, in her book On the Make.

Roger was already the target of a sting operation by a joint state-federal narcotics task force. In April 1994 he had been filmed by hidden surveillance cameras at an apartment in Hot Springs disparaging "niggers," and cutting a rock of cocaine for sale.

"Boy, this is some good coke," says the undercover informant. "It's decent, it's decent," allows the Kid Brother. He knew he was under suspicion but cockily assumed that he was untouchable. "I've got four or five guys in uniform who keep an eye on the guys who keep an eye on me," he explained.

The surveillance archive is a revealing set of tapes. At one point Roger reached for the telephone to order some merchandise from his Colombian friend Maurice Rodriguez, a man listed on FBI documents as an international trafficker with ties to the Colombian cartels. This is not a mixed-up kid who crosses the line a couple of times and gets caught. This is a serious drug dealer who boasts of his technique for getting through airport security with bags of cocaine strapped to his body--once in the company of Big Brother. People are sent to prison for life for dealing cocaine on this scale.

He needed the money badly.

"I've been saving up for a Porsche," he says. "I want a Porsche so bad, I can spit."

The full uncensored set of tapes was first brought to light by free-lance journalist Scott Wheeler, who has spent four years digging into the organized crime world of Hot Springs and Mena--at great personal risk. They serve as a very raw exposure of the symbiotic corruption of the Clinton brothers.

At one point in the tapes, the undercover informant, Rodney Myers, asks Roger if he can take care of a sewer permit for a condominium project in Hot Springs. Construction had been held up by the Pollution Control Board. A $30,000 fee was negotiated, sweetened with the offer of a job for Roger.

Kid Brother says he thinks that he can "do something," having explained that "we're closer than any brothers you've ever known. See, I didn't have a father growing up, and he was like a father to me growing up, all my life, so that's why we've always been close. There isn't anything in the world he wouldn't do for me."

At their next meeting Roger comes back to the subject. "About your other thing, I talked to Big Brother, it's no problem." But there is a snag, warns Roger. Big Brother had made some calls and discovered that there was one hold-out on the Control Board.

Could the man be bribed, asks the informant?

No, says Roger, with disgust. The holdout is a decent, upstanding man. But the Board would do what Big Brother wanted in the end.

None of the truly damning dialogue on the tapes was made public in court proceedings, or brought to the attention of the Arkansas people. In his book Partners in Power, Roger Morris says that the segments implicating Governor Clinton were sent to the Public Integrity Office of the Justice Department in Washington. "I guess they just got lost," one police officer told Morris, bitterly.

The Kid Brother was arraigned in U.S. federal court on August 14, 1984. He pled not guilty to six counts of drug dealing and conspiracy, but soon "rolled over" and became a snitch for the drug task force. The announcement of his plea agreement was delayed until after Governor Clinton was safely reelected in November. In January 1985, locked arm in arm with his devoted mother and brother, Roger was sentenced to two years in the federal penitentiary in Fort Worth. Judge Oren Harris said that he could not reasonably impose probation after learning that Roger had continued snorting cocaine after his arrest.

Bill Clinton, of course, handled it all with great sensitivity and savoir faire. "My brother has apparently become involved with drugs," he announced. "A curse which has reached epidemic proportions and plagued the lives of millions of families, including many in our state." His spokesmen insisted the Governor never knew his Kid Brother had tried drugs.

The spin must have been galling for Hot Springs Detective Travis Bunn. A highly decorated Army Special Forces sergeant-major, it was he who had mounted the original case against Roger Clinton. In the spring of 1984 Bunn had recorded Roger Clinton saying: "I've got to get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a Hoover vacuum cleaner."

Bill Clinton later turned his brother's scandal to advantage. He intimated that he had "signed off" on the police investigation of his own brother, allowing the process of criminal justice to run its course without meddling. His trouble-shooter, Betsey Wright, claimed that Clinton had written a note to the Commander of the State Police stating that there would be no interference from the Governor's Mansion and that he wanted the matter handled in a routine fashion.

It was utterly bogus, the very opposite of the truth. In reality the Clinton machine had done everything it could to contain the case. Apparently, Detective Bunn felt he had enough evidence from the surveillance tapes to launch an investigation--in conjunction with federal authorities--of Governor Clinton himself. When he broached the question with the Arkansas State Police, they muscled in immediately and sabotaged his case.

Roger Clinton was arrested before he could provide any more damaging revelations on surveillance tapes, and was kept sequestered. In violation of usual police procedure, Bunn was denied access to the prisoner. He was told, tartly, that Roger "didn't know anything."

When Bunn complained to the head of the State Police Criminal Investigations Division he discovered that the arrest of Roger Clinton had not been authorized by the proper officials. It was outside the normal chain of command. Nothing could be done. "The whole thing was damage control, orchestrated by the Governor's Mansion," said a State Trooper close to the probe. "They had no right butting in on the Hot Springs police like that."

The Governor was off the hook. But it was too late to save Roger.

This, then, was the shape of Roger Clinton's life when he moved into the corporate suite at B107 Vantage Point. The Kid Brother soon made himself at home. Lounging about in his shorts, showing off his gold accoutrements at the pool, he was a quick hit with the teenage girls at the complex.

Women came by at all times of the day and night, sometimes delivered by uniformed State Troopers. Roger would have the door open, the "ghetto blaster" cranked up playing acid rock. Jane's assistant, who was in charge of tenant relations, had to inform the Kid Brother of the complaints that were pouring in from residents who paid $550 a month for the promise of tranquility at Vantage Point.

From time to time the Governor would appear, usually in the middle of the afternoon. The limousine would be parked along the side of "A" Block, somewhat obscured from view. Jane remembers seeing the driver sitting there listening to music. She soon learned to distinguish between the voices of the two brothers behind the thin partition.

"Roger was the filthy one. He was gross. That's how you could tell," she said. But if the language was different, the behavior of the two was much the same. They were sharing joints of marijuana. There could be no doubt about it. She could hear Roger saying what it was, where he got it from, what it was like. Then she could hear the Governor bleating his approval: "This is really good sh*t!"

It was just not marijuana either. Two or three times a week the Governor was buoying his spirits with a snort of Kid Brother's Colombian rock. The repartee was coming through the vents. She was as certain as if she had been in the suite herself. Sometimes the two brothers were alone. Sometimes young women were invited to join, and the little party was consummated with raucous orgasms. The bed was pressed up against the partition wall, just a few feet from the desk of Mrs. Parks. On two occasions she heard the Governor copulating on the bed. Who the visitors were, exactly, she did not know. But some of them appeared surprisingly young.

Jerry Parks was then head of the Little Rock branch of Guardsmark, a security firm based in Memphis. But he also did private detective work on the side, so when Jane alerted him to the goings on at B107, he began his own discrete surveillance. He wrote down names, dates, license plates; he snapped photos from the balcony of the Parks condo on the third floor of "B" block, across the yard. By the end of Roger's stay, Parks had collected a thick dossier on the comings and goings of Big Brother. Jane Parks believes that some of the material was in the files stolen from their house in July 1993.

Jane Park's account of the goings on at Vantage Point is broadly corroborated by her assistant. Unlike Jane, who can be demure, even faintly stern, the assistant is a gregarious, voluble young woman who worshipped at the same church. We had lunch at a barbecue joint in North Little Rock. A chicken-wing sort of place, with faux leather booths. It was dark and largely empty. She was nervous, holding things back. But she did confirm the critical point. The incidents happened, Bill Clinton was present on frequent occasions, and drug use was rampant.

"Everything Jane Parks told you is true. That woman does not know how to tell a lie," she said. "Bill had his girlfriends in there. You could hear them through the walls. They looked to me very young girls, probably 17, 18 years old."

I pulled out some confidential files from Arkansas State Police and started going through the names of young women to see if any of them rang a bell. Lost in concentration we did not notice that a large, corpulent, bearded, redneck wearing dark glasses had crept up on us. When I flicked my head around, I suddenly saw him sitting at the next table, staring pointedly at my guest. There was nobody else left in the restaurant.

"Do you know him?" I whispered.

"No, no, I don't," she said looking up with fright. The man did not take his eyes off her.

"Please, can we get out of here? Right now," she said.

We got up without finishing our food. The big bruiser got up, too, and followed us to the cash register. Outside, I waited to see which vehicle he got into so that I could trace the plates. But he just stood there waiting, and watching, with the hint of a smile flickering beneath his salt and pepper beard.

The Machine had left its calling card.

It was another two years before Jane Parks began to tell me the rest of the story. She had remarried and moved to Batesville, two hours' drive from Little Rock. Her new husband was an attorney named Harvey Bell, the former Arkansas Securities Commissioner. His life, too, had intersected with that of Vincent Foster. A colonel in the Arkansas National Guard, Bell told me that he had been the commander of Foster's reserve unit and had later crossed swords with him in court. "Vince liked to think of himself as a master chess player, moving all the pieces, controlling the game," he said. "He was always scheming in the shadows."

Jane felt safer in Batesville. The threatening telephone calls that she had been receiving had stopped. Her illness was in remission. She had held back before, she explained, for fear of violent reprisals against her two sons and herself. But she was weary of bottling up her secrets, and she no longer felt the emotional compulsion to cover for her first husband. "I've been praying about it. I decided that if you tell the whole truth it'll set you free."

She revealed that Jerry Parks had carried out sensitive assignments for the Clinton circle for almost a decade, and the person who gave him his instructions was Vince Foster. It did not come as a total shock. I already knew that there was some kind of tie between the two men. Foster's brother-in-law, Lee Bowman, told me long ago that Vince had recommended Jerry Parks for security work in the mid-1980s. "I was struck by how insistent he was that Parks was a 'man who could be trusted,'" said Bowman, a wealthy Little Rock stockbroker.

Jane thought that Jerry and Vince Foster had gotten to know each other when the Rose Law Firm represented Guardsmark in litigation. Vince had fed him little tasks during the 1980s, she believed, rewarding him along the way. In late 1989 he helped to secure Jerry a $47,959 loan from the Arkansas Teachers Retirement Fund, a huge piggy bank used by the Clinton Machine for political payoffs. As reported by James Ring Adams in The American Spectator, the loan went through the Twin City Bank of North Little Rock, a bank that had played a role in the Whitewater saga.

Jerry, in turn, "respected Vince Foster more than anybody else in the world." It was a strange, clandestine relationship. Foster called the Parks home more than a hundred times, identifying himself with the code name, "The Congressman." Jane met him only once in person. It was at a "Roast and Toast" of the Governor. He walked over, graceful as always, and said: "Hello, you must be Jerry's wife. I'd heard he'd robbed the cradle."

By the late 1980s Vince trusted Parks enough to ask him to perform discreet surveillance on the Governor. "Jerry asked him why he needed this stuff on Clinton. He said he needed it for Hillary," recalled Jane. It appears that Hillary wanted to gauge exactly how vulnerable her husband would be to charges of philandering if he decided to launch a bid for the presidency.

Had he learned to be more cautious? How easily could he be caught? Was it bad enough to destroy a candidacy? These were things she needed to know before subjecting herself and her daughter to the media glare of a national campaign. This moral check-up was a very understandable precaution.

Later, during the early stages of the presidential campaign, Parks made at least two trips to the town of Mena, in the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas. Mena had come up in conversations before. Jane told me that Parks had been a friend of Barry Seal, a legendary cocaine smuggler and undercover U.S. operative who had established a base of operations at Mena airport. Parks had even attended Seal's funeral in Baton Rouge after Seal was assassinated by Colombian pistoleros in February 1986.

One of the trips was in 1991, she thought, although it could have been 1992. The morning after Jerry got back from Mena she borrowed his Lincoln to go to the grocery store and discovered what must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars in the trunk. "It was all in $100 bills, wrapped in string, layer after layer. It was so full I had to sit on the trunk to get it shut again," she said.

"I took a handful of money and threw it in his lap and said, 'Are you running drugs?' Jerry said Vince had paid him $1000 cash for each trip. He didn't know what they were doing, and he didn't want to know either, and nor should I. He told me to forget what I'd seen."

They had a bitter quarrel and barely spoke to each other for two weeks. They made up on Jerry's birthday on July 3. "The whole thing was becoming scary," she said of that time. "He was in over his head."

He told her that he would leave his Lincoln at a hangar at the Mena airport, go off for a coke, and by the time he came back they would have loaded the money into the trunk with a forklift truck. He never touched it. When he got back to Little Rock he would deliver the money to Vince Foster in the K-Mart parking lot on Rodney Parham boulevard, a little at a time. They used a routine of switching briefcases, a "flip-flop mail carrier" made of leather.

Foster and Parks had other operations running. The two of them had bugged the Clinton-Gore headquarters in Little Rock. "Vince knew that somebody was stealing money from the campaign, and he wanted to find out who was doing it," she said. If her memory is correct, it suggests that Foster was far more deeply involved in the 1992 campaign than previously thought. It raises extra questions about the bundles of cash coming through Mena. Was it campaign money? If so, how was it laundered? How could so much cash have been spread around without flagging the Federal Election Commission?

Contact with Foster was rare after he moved to the White House. But he telephoned in mid-July 1993, about a week before his death. He explained that Hillary had worked herself into a state about "the files," worried that there might be something in them that could cause real damage to Bill or herself. The conversation was brief and inconclusive. Jerry told Vince Foster that there was indeed "plenty to hurt both of them. But you can't give her those files, that was the agreement." Jerry did not seem too perturbed at the time.

A few days later Foster called again. Jane is sure that it was either Sunday, July 18, or Monday, July 19, the night before Foster's death. Jerry was in the living room with his feet up, watching the History Channel on TV. Jane was puttering in and out of the kitchen. It was around 8:30PM, central time.

"Vince was calling from a pay phone," said Jane, who overheard one side of the conversation and then learned the rest from Jerry afterward. "He kept feeding coins into the box, and then he told Jerry to hold on. He must have been near a mini-mart or something because he said he had to get more coins. Then he called a second time, and they spoke for 30 minutes or more."

This time it was a heated exchange. Vince said that he had made up his mind. He was going to hand over the files and wanted to be sure that he had the complete set.

"You're not going to use those files!" said Jerry angrily. Foster tried to soothe him. He said he was going to meet Hillary at "the flat" and he was going to give her the files.

"You can't do that," said Parks. "My name's all over this stuff. You can't give Hillary those files. You can't! Remember what she did, what you told me she did. She's capable of doing anything!"

"We can trust Hil. Don't worry," said Foster.

Jane does not know exactly what files Foster wanted, but assumes he meant everything that Parks had done for him over more than a decade. Nor did she know what Foster meant by "the flat."

If the telephone call was made on Monday, July 19, it must have occurred an hour or so after President Clinton had called Foster at home and chatted to him for fifteen minutes about "staff problems." Clinton said that he called to invite Foster back to the White House to watch In the Line of Fire with Webb Hubbell and Bruce Lindsey. Foster had refused.

But I suspect that Jane Parks has muddled the day. Foster was with his family that night. He was in a happy mood, chatting in the kitchen with his youngest son Brugh about buying a boat. It is more likely that the call was made on Sunday, July 18, after Vince and Lisa had returned from a weekend trip to the Eastern Shore.

Vince was making calls late that night. Between 8:00 and 9:00PM Foster telephoned James Lyons, a Denver attorney who had handled personal business for the Clintons. This is an interesting call, too. Foster had spoken to Lyons earlier that week asking whether he would be able to come to Washington on short notice, if necessary. Lyons did in fact agree to come. The two men had arranged to meet for dinner on Wednesday, July 21.

Whatever Foster said to Jerry Parks, he cannot possibly have met with Hillary Clinton at "the flat" or anywhere else. She was on the West Coast during the days preceding his death. On the afternoon of July 20 she was on an aircraft flying from Los Angeles to Little Rock. But that does not preclude the grim possibility that Foster thought he was going to a rendezvous with the First Lady on July 20, and met his death instead.

The rambler-style home of the Parks family was swarming with federal agents on the day after Jerry's assassination. Jane remembers men flashing credentials from the FBI, the Secret Service, the IRS, and, she thought, the CIA. Although the CIA made no sense. Nothing made any sense. The federal government had no jurisdiction over a homicide case, and to this day the FBI denies that it ever set foot in her house.

But the FBI was there, she insisted, with portable X-ray machines and other fancy devices. An IRS computer expert was flown in from Miami to go through Jerry's computers. Some of them stayed until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. The men never spoke to Jane or tried to comfort her. The only conversation was a peremptory request for coffee.

The FBI agent in charge was a tall man of about fifty, with blue eyes. Tom somebody, she thought. He never left a card. Jane was under the impression that he was from the Hot Springs office, which didn't make any sense either. When she told him that the murder might have a political dimension because of Jerry's dealings with Vince Foster and Bill Clinton, the man cut her short. "He threw up his hands and said, 'I don't want to hear anything about that.'"

With the help of the Little Rock Police Department the FBI ransacked the place, confiscating files, records, and 130 tapes of telephone conversations--without giving a receipt. "I've asked them to give it all back, but the police refuse to relinquish anything. They told me there's nothing they can do about the case as long as Bill Clinton is in office."

Without access to the complete records, Jane has been unable to reconstruct her husband's activities in the months before his death. She knows that he was calling the White House in early 1993 demanding full payment for work performed by American Contract Services during the campaign. The firm was owed $83,000, she believed.

When Jerry complained to his client contact, Dee Dee Myers, she insisted that the money had already been paid. "I have the company's signature on the back of the checks," Myers told him. The checks were drawn on the Worthen National Bank in the name of the "Clinton-Gore Presidential Transition Planning Foundation." Most of them were signed by David Watkins.

"We don't sign our checks, we stamp them," Jerry replied.

Somebody inside the campaign had been embezzling the money, he was told, but he was promised full payment anyway. The check never arrived. In the end, the campaign said that it was only going to pay him thirty cents on the dollar. Parks was seething. He had been contracting workers at $5.00 an hour and billing the campaign at a rate of $7.23 an hour, a relatively modest mark-up. A settlement on these terms would have been ruinous. That is when he began to play hardball with Betsy Wright and Webb Hubbell, calling them in Washington to express his wrath. Whatever he said, it seemed to work. On July 22, 1993, two days after Foster's death, Jerry received his check for $83,000.

Was it possible that he had begun to make some hints about his confidential files, starting with the Vantage Point material but then perhaps escalating to matters of campaign finance? Could he have triggered a nuclear alert by alluding to documentation that was not supposed to exist?

"No, I don't think so," said Jane, loyally but without total conviction. "Jerry would never have been so stupid as to try to blackmail the President of the United States."

I do not pretend to understand why Jerry Parks was murdered. But the indications that the Parks case is somehow intertwined with the death of Vincent Foster is surely compelling enough to warrant a proper investigation. Instead, nobody cares to learn what Mrs. Parks has to say.

Why is it that every utterance from the lips of one widow--Lisa Foster--is treated with reverence, while the other widow, brushed aside by an arrogant FBI, offers a conflicting version of events that is totally ignored by the American press?

Is Lisa Foster an inherently more accurate witness of events than Jane Parks simply because she belongs to a higher social caste? Is that what American justice and journalism has come to?

Phone Call Rings Clinton Alarm Bells

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

October 6, 1996


A MYSTERIOUS and hitherto undisclosed telephone call could hold vital clues for the investigation into the fate of Vincent Foster, the White House aide whose body was found in a Virginia park in July 1993.

Foster made the call the night before his death. It provoked a heated telephone conversation in which he allegedly spoke of a plan to meet Hillary Clinton at a location referred to only as "the apartment" in order to turn over confidential files.

The call was to Jerry Parks, a private investigator in Little Rock who had been chief of security at the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign headquarters. Parks was watching television at home when Foster, then deputy counsel to the President, called from a public pay-phone in Washington.

"It was an angry exchange," said Parks's widow, Jane, who says she was in the room at the time. "Jerry told him: 'You can't give Hillary those files, they've got my name all over them.' "

The account of the phone call on July 19, 1993, comes from Mrs Parks alone. But two official investigators have told The Telegraph that they consider Mrs Parks, a Pentecostal Christian now suffering from multiple sclerosis, to be a credible witness.

Both Foster and Parks were dead within two months. Foster's body turned up the next day. An unidentified Colt .38 revolver without his fingerprints was lodged in his hand. The death was deemed a suicide at first, but the case has been re-opened by Kenneth Starr, the Independent Counsel investigating the Clintons' involvement in the Whitewater Arkansas land deal.

'It was all in $100 bills wrapped in string, layer after layer. It was so full I had to sit on the trunk to get it shut again'

Parks died two months later, in a gangland-style murder - a case that has never been solved by the Little Rock police.

It is not clear what files Foster was referring to. But at least some of them may have concerned philandering by Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. Mrs Parks said that her husband had conducted covert surveillance of Bill Clinton for Foster, allegedly at Hillary Clinton's behest.

Mrs Parks believes that the files covered other shadowy matters too. In 1991, Mrs Parks discovered what must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash in the boot of her husband's Lincoln car after he had made a trip to Mena airport in western Arkansas with Foster.

"It was all in $100 bills wrapped in string, layer after layer," she said. "It was so full I had to sit on the trunk [boot] to get it shut again. I took the money and threw it in his lap, and said 'Are you running drugs?' Jerry said that Vince had paid him $1,000 cash for each trip; he didn't know what they were doing, and he didn't care to know; he told me to forget what I'd seen."

She also said that Parks and Foster bugged the Clinton campaign headquarters in Little Rock. "Vince knew that somebody was stealing money from the campaign, and he wanted to know who was doing it," she said. If her allegations are correct, Foster played a far more important role as a campaign fixer than is generally known.

When Parks learned of Foster's death, he blurted out: 'I'm a dead man'

Official documents show that Foster left his White House office shortly after 1pm on July 20, 1993, saying that he would be back. He was found dead at Fort Marcy Park opposite the Saudi ambassador's residence at 6.03pm. It has never been established what happened in the intervening five hours.

He could not have met Hillary Clinton because she was concluding a private trip to Santa Barbara in California - although Foster could mistakenly have believed he had a rendezvous with the First Lady.

Instead of returning to Washington, Mrs Clinton flew from California to Arkansas to visit her sick father, touching down in Little Rock at 7.40pm local time.

On the evening of July 19, Foster was at home with his family, according to the statement by his widow, Lisa, to the FBI. The statement does not say, however, whether he left the house that evening for any reason. Documents reveal that he received a telephone call from President Clinton at around 8pm inviting him to return to the White House to watch a film - it happened to be In the Line of Fire, in which a dutiful Secret Service officer takes a bullet to protect the president - but Foster refused.

'I decided that if you tell the whole truth it'll set you free'

The call to Parks must have been made within the next hour or two. The call, Mrs Parks said, set in train a fearful set of events. When, later, Parks learned of Foster's death, he blurted out: "I'm a dead man." She then saw a change in her husband. "That's when Jerry got paranoid," she said. "He took some of my valium that night, something he'd never done before."

After her husband was murdered two months later, a team of police officers - including federal agents from the FBI, the Secret Service, the IRS and, she believes, the CIA - searched her house, taking everything they could find. Parks's computer was purged by an expert, and 130 tapes of telephone conversations were confiscated.

Over the past two and a half years, Mrs Parks has given a series of interviews to The Telegraph, each time revealing a little more. She held back before, she explained, because she was afraid of violent reprisals against her two sons and herself if she revealed the full extent of her knowledge.

"I've been praying about it," she said. "I decided that if you tell the whole truth it'll set you free."

Last week she received three death threats. With mixed feelings, she has asked the US federal government for protection.




Foster 'hired detective to spy on Clinton'
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Little Rock reports on the latest twist in the saga of the former White House aide

Monday - July 15, 1996

VINCENT Foster, the Arkansas lawyer whose mysterious death is still the subject of official investigations, orchestrated secret surveillance of Bill Clinton in 1990, two years before he became Deputy Counsel in the Clinton White House.

The claim is made by the widow of Jerry Parks, a Little Rock investigator allegedly contracted to do the work. What is more, Mrs Parks's husband told her the operation was instigated by Foster's law partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton. The allegations have to be treated with great caution. They are based on the word of one person and are almost impossible to corroborate. Even so, Jane Parks's story deserves to be reported.

Her husband went on to become chief of security at the Clinton-Gore headquarters during the presidential campaign. A few months later, in September 1993, he was murdered, gangland-style, in a case that has never been solved by the Little Rock police.

Vince Foster had died two months earlier in circumstances that have led to formal accusations by the US Senate of a White House cover-up. His body was found in a Virginia park, next to a civil war cannon, with an unidentified revolver lodged in the right hand. His death was recorded as suicide at first, but the case has been re-opened by independent counsel Kenneth Starr. After two years, Starr has still not concluded whether it was suicide or murder. Jane Parks, 43, has never sought out the press. She reluctantly told me about her former husband's ties with Foster during a dinner at her house two months ago. She has now finally consented to go on the record, saying she is weary of living with secrets.

She said that her late husband, Jerry, respected Vince Foster. Around 1985, he started taking on sensitive assignments for him. These appeared to have involved a variety of strange activities - including two mysterious trips the two men took to the town of Mena, west Arkansas, during the 1992 presidential campaign.

"Jerry had a reputation for doing high-profile cases for prominent people. He knew how to keep his mouth shut," she said. Nevertheless, he confided in his wife, and told her about the covert surveillance of the state governor in 1990.

She said: "Jerry asked Vince why he needed this stuff on Clinton. He said he needed it for Hillary."

She believes that Hillary Clinton was trying to gain leverage over her husband, possibly in relation to future divorce proceedings. It is possible Mrs Clinton wanted to get to the bottom of persistent rumours about her husband's philandering before subjecting herself and her daughter to the media glare of a presidential campaign. At the time, Mrs Clinton and Vince Foster were partners at the Rose Law firm. The two were so close, in fact, that they even shared a brokerage account called Midlife Partners. Several new books claim that the two were lovers for many years.

Mrs Parks said that Foster had telephoned her husband over a hundred times at their home outside Little Rock, and when she met him at a political function Foster complimented her by saying: "You must be Jerry's wife, I'd heard he'd robbed the cradle." She said her husband started having dealings with Foster around 1981, when the Rose Law firm represented Guardsmark, the security firm that Parks was working for at the time. Later, Parks set up his own business and took on personal assignments for Foster.

It appears that Parks collected extensive surveillance files on Bill Clinton over the years

On one occasion, Parks was asked to provide home security for Foster's brother-in-law, Lee Bowman, whose house was damaged in a fire. Mr Bowman, confirmed the story, saying that he was struck by the way Foster insisted that Parks was a man who could be trusted.

It appears that Parks collected extensive surveillance files on Bill Clinton over the years - though not always for Foster. Some of it was clearly undertaken for other clients. Parks's son Gary, now 25, accompanied him on several night missions in 1987 which involved watching the apartments of Gennifer Flowers and other women, using long-range cameras.

Parks also did some spying on Clinton in 1984 when the Governor attended a number of cocaine-and-sex parties given by his younger brother, Roger, at the Vantage Point apartment complex where Jane Parks was manager.

Roger Clinton went to prison shortly afterwards for dealing in cocaine. In a police surveillance video taken at the time, Roger can be heard saying that he must get some cocaine for his brother: "He has a nose like a vacuum cleaner."

Parks kept a set of photos and hand-written notes at his home. The files were stolen in a burglary in July 1993, about the time of Foster's death. "That's when Jerry got paranoid," said Mrs Parks. "He believed that Foster had been murdered and he was afraid that he'd be next."

His paranoia was vindicated. Two months later, on September 26, Parks was shot several times at short range outside Little Rock. An eye-witness told Mrs Parks that he saw an Arkansas State Trooper leaving the scene of the crime. No charges have been brought.

During the early part of 1993, Parks constantly battled with the White House. He told his wife that the Clinton campaign owed him more than $60,000 for work done by the firm. Asked if it was possible that her husband could have played "hardball" with the White House to recover his money, Mrs Parks replied: "He would never have been so stupid as to try to blackmail the President of the United States."

During the summer of 1993, the debt was suddenly paid in full. Mrs Parks has had trouble finding out what happened in those months - and which White House telephone numbers her husband may have called - because police have removed records from Mr Parks's office.

She says her home was also ransacked, with as many as eight federal agents in her house at one time - flashing FBI, Secret Service, IRS, and, curiously, CIA credentials - not to mention visits by Little Rock police officers. A computer was purged by an expert, files went missing and 130 tapes of telephone conversations were confiscated. "I've asked them to give it all back, but the police refuse to relinquish anything," she said. "They told me there's nothing they can do about the case as long as Bill Clinton is in office."

When she told the FBI agent in charge that the murder could have a political dimension because her husband had had dealings with Vince Foster and Bill Clinton, the man cut her short. "He threw up his hands and said 'I don't want to hear anything about that'," said Mrs Parks. The FBI office in Little Rock seemed surprised at the suggestion that its agents were involved. "It's a homicide. We don't have jurisdiction," said an official.

Mrs Parks's allegations clash with the usual description of Foster as a well-meaning lawyer, out of his depth in the cut-throat world of Washington. But revelations that the White House Counsel's Office, where Foster worked, was behind the illicit request of over 900 FBI files has changed the picture dramatically. The White House is now leaking information that Foster was responsible for hiring Craig Livingstone - exposed as a dirty tricks operative - to head security. If Foster did indeed hire Livingstone, it is not far-fetched to suggest he previously hired Jerry Parks.

As for Mrs Parks, it is hard to see why she might fabricate this story. She has shunned the media spotlight for the past three years, refusing substantial offers of money from tabloid publications. She is a Pentecostal Christian, has remarried and retreated to the Arkansas hills, where she is seeking a quieter life, having developed multiple sclerosis. The White House has refused to comment.

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  • shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
  • callousness and lack of empathy
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioral controls
  • sexual promiscuity
  • early behavior problems
  • lack of realistic long-term goals
  • impulsivity
  • irresponsibility
  • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • many short-term marital relationships
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release
  • criminal versatility

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JFK Assassination: George Joannides’ CIA Files - Can They Help Determine Who Killed President Kennedy?

Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Central Intelligence Agency is refusing to release classified documents in CIA Officer George Joannides’ file that could perhaps determine what really happened in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

Moreover, if you think the CIA's recent secret searches of computers and its deletion of documents that were used by Senate committee members in their investigation of a controversial interrogation program, as U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., charges, is appalling, if not unconstitutional and a perversion of justice, consider what the CIA has done regarding congressional JFK assassination inquiries.


Release the files! 


Roger Stone speaks re: The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ

Bill Lord's letter to President Jimmy Carter re: JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) plus George Herbert Walker Bush laughs in the American people's and the world's face concerning the LHO relation + plus David Morales, George Joaniddes involvement in the assassinations of JFK & RFK. Morales to his lawyer: "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard."

Lyndon Johnson Admits To Walter Cronkite That He Knows Who Killed JFK


watch LBJ disemble and flub up 

JFK Murder Truth telling - Heading to the Grassy Knoll on November 22nd - 50th Anniversary


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The CIA is Not a Fourth Branch of Government

John F. Kennedy once said he wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds." He reached that conclusion after CIA officials, including Director Allen Dulles, had misled him on many of the planning details of the disastrous April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.

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Bill Lord's letter to President Jimmy Carter re: JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) plus George Herbert Walker Bush laughs in the American people's and the world's face concerning the LHO relation


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RICO Tool Kit: How to hold Washington accountable using the Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations Act



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Kennedy Assassination Info Request Advances In Federal Court

Kennedy Assassination Info Request Advanced

(CN) - The CIA must face claims over withheld records related to the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Sen. Robert Kennedy, a federal judge ruled.
     Anthony Bothwell sued the CIA in November 2013 for denying his records request under the Freedom of Information Act relating to five people who may have been involved in the Kennedy assassinations in 1963 and 1968.
     U.S. District Judge Jacqueline Corley on Thursday removed CIA Director John Brennan as a defendant because a FOIA request applies only to agencies and not individuals.
     Though Bothwell had failed to name the CIA as a defendant, the San Francisco judge said it must answer the complaint.
     "Because the CIA is sufficiently identified in the body of the complaint, plaintiff's failure to name the CIA in the caption does not mandate dismissal of the complaint against the CIA," the nine-page opinion states.
     Bothwell's failure to list the CIA in the lawsuit's caption "is merely a technical error" and he properly served "both the United States and the CIA," according to the ruling.
     In his complaint, Bothwell described himself as a San Francisco attorney who graduated from the John F. Kennedy School of Law and later taught courses there.
     His initial FOIA request sought all records related to three people allegedly connected to JFK's assassination: Johnny Roselli, Jean Souetre and David Morales,
     As to RFK's assassination, Bothwell sought records Thane Eugene Cesar and Enrique Hernandez.
     The CIA told Bothwell that it no responsive records were generated for the three people possibly connected to the JFK assassination and if such records did exist, they would be FOIA-exempt as "intelligence sources and methods information."
     It flat-out denied the records request pertaining to the two individuals allegedly associated with RFK's assassination, saying that the records are "operational files" and are exempt from the FOIA.



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