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Vince Foster committed SUICIDE in the WHITE HOUSE. Hillary ordered body DUMPED off premises.

Robert Morrow relays:

Marinka Peschmann’s blockbuster book on the death of Vince Foster:http://tinyurl.com/k7xtrz7


Vince Foster: Suicide in his White House office. Hillary immediately ordered his body Dumped off White House premises
1) Vince Foster: Committed Suicide in his White House Counsel’s Office on July 20, 1993. Deteriorating relationship with his girlfriend Hillary was a big reason for Foster’s suicide. (And huge work/marital stress).
2) Hillary (on a plane) ordered Foster’s body immediately dumped off White House premises.
3) Hillary supervised a coordinated lying & perjury campaign to cover up the fact that Foster’s body had been dumped into Fort Marcy Park - probably by Craig Livingstone. Someone else drove Foster’s car to the Park (William Kennedy?).
4) Marinka Peschmann has written the historically definitive book on this case: Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer.
5) The ones who most likely knew about Foster’s White House suicide and the dumping of Foster’s body and the coordinated cover-up are: 1) Hillary 2) Bill Clinton 3) Bernie Nussbaum 4) Craig Livingtone 5) William Kennedy 6) Webb Hubbell 7) Betsy Pond (Nussbaum’s secretary) 8) Maggie Williams (close to Hillary) 9) Patsy Thomasson 10) maybe Tony Marcea (Craig Livingstone’s sidekick) 10) Helen Dickey (Chelsea’s nanny at the time). That is a starter list.
            Ones who likely did not know: Linda Tripp, Deb Coyle (Vince Foster’s secretary) - because they left earlier in the day before Foster’s body was discovered (probably by Bernie Nussbaum).


From Robert Morrow  512-306-1510


Other key web links:
1) The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell http://1984arkansasmotheroftheyear.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-clintons-greatest-shame-chelsea-is.html

On p. 388 in HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton (published 2014 by Jonathan Allen & Amie Parnes), there is a reason given for Hillary possibly not running by a Clinton advisor: “Maybe she doesn’t want her daughter subjected to more scrutiny.” Chelsea was born in February 1980 (the year Hillary pointedly did not campaign for Bill for governor) and will be age 36 in 2016. So she is not some 10 year-old-kid. The real reason for Hillary’s trepidation is that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton: it is the Clintons’ Greatest Shame. Chelsea is living proof that Hillary is not an innocent victim of Bill’s mindboggling promiscuity. The Clintons are co-dependent psychopaths whose shattered relationship included truckloads of “in-your-face” adultery by both parties. Hillary was screwing both Webb Hubbell and Vince Foster. 

2) Hillary and her Terror Campaigns on Bill’s Sex Victims & Former Girlfriends
            A historically significant book has been written on the Vince Foster death of July 20, 1993. The author Marinka Peschmann is a seasoned journalist who was able to spend a tremendous amount of time with Linda Tripp who had worked in Foster’s office.
            One of the key details that Peschmann found out was that Linda Tripp had perjured herself in the Vince Foster investigation by saying Vince Foster had left for lunch on July 20, 1993 without his briefcase. That is an important point because the cover story was that Foster had left for lunch without his briefcase and then was never seen again until his body was found at Fort Marcy Park. In reality Vince left for lunch with his briefcase and then returned to his office where he blew his brains out.
            Hillary immediately ordered for Foster’s body to be dumped off premises and for his office to be put under total lockdown, even months after Foster’s death when any incriminating documents would have been long gone.

            Peschmann discovered a lot of details about the Foster case from Linda Tripp who at the time was working for Vince Foster. For example Bernie Nussbaum, who had become very close to Foster, did not go to Lisa Foster’s house on the night of Foster’s death whereas many of the Clinton people did. That is because Nussbaum, presumably, was involved in cleaning up the mess in Foster’s office, securing the documents and making sure Foster’s body was dumped off White House premises. 

            The most likely person to have discovered Vince Foster’s dead body was Bernie Nussbaum.
            The reason Linda Tripp was willing to tell so many lies for the Clintons was she was worried about “her job, her pension, her kids” - 3 things she repeated over and over again in talks with Peschmann.
            Craig Livingstone most likely was the one who moved Foster’s body to Fort Marcy Park. Bill Clinton, Webb Hubbell, Bill Kennedy, Maggie Williams, Patsy Thomasson, Bernie Nussbaum, Craig Livingstone likely all involved in the cover up of Foster’s death and removal of body to Fort Marcy Park.

             Helen Dickey who was Chelsea’s nanny in 1993 called the Arkansas Governor’s mansion at about 6:15 PM Eastern or 5:15 PM Central (Arkansas time) and told them Vince Foster had been found dead IN THE WHITE HOUSE. State trooper Roger Perry received a phone call at 5:15 PM Central (6:15 PM Eastern) saying Foster was dead. Vince Foster was not “officially” found (and not identified) until 6:30 PM Eastern in Fort Marcy Park.

            The Confidential Witness who found Foster’s body was absolutely certain that Foster had no gun in his hand. The Confidential Witness left to call the Park Police, at that time the gun was place in Foster’s right hand.

            Foster’s car was driven to Fort Marcy Park. And it was Craig Livingstone and Bill Kennedy who put the car keys of Vince Foster into his pockets at the morgue.

            Foster’s body was covered in carpet fibers (most likely he was rolled in carpet from White House renovations).

            Foster had absolutely no dirt on the bottom of his shoes - that is because his dead body was carried to his place of death over 200 yards off a dusty trail.
            Patrick Knowlton was a witness at Fort Marcy Park who was emphatic that he did not see Vince Foster’s car there that afternoon. And that is because Foster’s car had not yet been dropped off. Patrick Knowlton was a Democrat who had a Clinton-Gore bumper sticker on his car. When he went public in 1995, the US government immediately started running a terror and intimidation campaign on Patrick Knowlton because his information was so blockbuster: how come a dead man did not have his own car at Fort Marcy Park 70 minutes before Foster’s body had been found? (Foster had obviously died hours before his body was found at 6:30 PM).
            Whether it was Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ken Starr or the FBI director Louis Freeh who ordered a terror campaign on Patrick Knowlton - I do not know. If I had to guess it was probably the Clintons and Louis Freeh who were using the FBI to use “street fascism” to silence the very critical witness Patrick Knowlton.

             The story of the terror campaign on witness Patrick Knowlton, who did not see Vince Foster’s car at Fort Marcy Park: http://www.prorev.com/knwltn.htm 

             The reason for Vince Foster’s death was his deteriorating relationship with Hillary Clinton - his lover - and tremendous amounts of 1993 work stress - the massacre at Waco being a big one as well as the White House Travel Office scandal and God knows what other Clinton scandals on Foster’s plate.

            I should add at this point that Webb Hubbell is the biological father of Chelsea Clinton (born 1980) and not Bill Clinton. Hillary was screwing both Hubbell and Foster, but Foster later became #1 with her. Foster was infatuated with Hillary.

            Vince Foster and Hillary for years had been lovers as well as emotional husband and wife. Hillary in 1993 was tearing into Foster savagely, and by the way, giving him absolutely no sex.  Add to that his nagging wife Lisa who was very jealous of Hillary, add to that tremendous work stress; end result was a bullet in his head in a suicide that was really an act of aggression directed towards one Hillary Clinton.
            DC Dave Martin is an expert on the Foster case and his writings on it are always worth
reading: http://www.dcdave.com/article1/961127.htm  However, DC Dave Martin incorrectly thinks Vince Foster was murdered. Every reasonable person on this case knows Vince Foster did not commit suicide in Fort Marcy Park and that his body was dumped there.

             Because of Peschmann’s diligent research I am convinced that Foster’s place of death was the White House counsel’s office. And because I know how close Vince Foster was to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, I know they did not kill him. Bill Clinton and Vince Foster had been in the same kindergarten class in Hope, AR.

            If Hillary had physically killed Bill, I could understand that - but not Vince Foster.
            However, Hillary Clinton did psychologically murder Vince Foster,that is for sure. I guess one could say Hillary Clinton drove Vince Foster to suicide.
Another good web link on the Vince Foster case: http://prorev.com/foster.htm


Vince Foster was Humiliated by Hillary Clinton One Week Before his Death
            "Former FBI agent Coy Copeland was the senior investigator who read the reports of the other agents. According to Copeland, what never came out publicly was that the agents learned that about a week before his death, Hillary Clinton and Foster, who was her mentor at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, held a meeting with other White House aides to go over the health care legislation she was proposing. Those who were present told the FBI agents working for Starr that Hillary violently disagreed with a legal objection Foster raised at the meeting and humiliated Foster in front of the aides, Copeland says.
            "Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting," Copeland says. "She told him he didn't get the picture, and he would always be a little hick-town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time."
            Based on what "dozens" of others who had contact with Foster after that meeting told the agents, "The put-down that she gave him in that big meeting just pushed him over the edge," Copeland says. "It was the final straw that broke the camel's back."

            After the meeting, Foster's behavior changed dramatically. Those who knew him said his voice sounded strained, he became withdrawn and preoccupied, and his sense of humor vanished. At times, Foster teared up. He talked of feeling trapped. 

            On Tuesday, July 13, while having dinner with his wife, Lisa, Foster broke down and began to cry. He said he was considering resigning...
            But in his report, Starr never referred to the meeting where Hillary humiliated Foster in front of aides, nor to the change in his disposition after that. The findings are included in the agents' reports of interviews, according to David Paynter, the archivist who read the reports when cataloguing them and making them available under the Freedom of Information Act at the National Archives. However, those reports are now missing from the appropriate files at the archives.
            Starr never told Copeland why he decided to exclude the material from his report, and Copeland can only speculate on his reasoning." [Ronald Kessler, "The Secrets of the FBI, pp. 108-110]


Hillary Clinton Psychologically Murdered Vince Foster who Committed Suicide - in his White House office- as an Act of Aggression towards Hillary
The suicidal meltdown of Vince Foster is just one example of the ways Hillary uses and destroys people, including her personal friends and emotional “husband” Vince. Hillary and Bill are black widow spiders and they suck the blood out of people. In Hillary’s demented world, people are “useful to be used” or “useless.”
            The same state troopers that Bill used to procure himself girls were the same ones that took Hillary and her boyfriend Vince Foster to a get-away cabin in the Arkansas woods (Heber Springs) on weekends. [Ronald Kessler, Inside the White House, p. 245]
When Bill was out of town, Vince often would come by the Governor’s mansion to see Hillary and stay until the early morning hours. L.D. Brown, a close aide to Bill, and many others say Hillary and Vince, married to his wife Lisa with 3 children, had an affair, dating from the mid-1980s. Brown says, “Hillary and Vince were deeply in loveI saw them locked in each other’s arms, deep-kissing, nuzzling – you have it.” [Christian Josi, Hillary Rodham Clinton, p.62]

             L.D. Brown talks about a small private party at a Chinese restaurant: “ …Vince and Hillary were looking like they were in the back seat of a ’57 Chevy at the drive-in. Hillary was kissing Vince like I’ve never seen her kiss Bill, and the same sort of thing was going on with Bill and Beth [Coulson] …[Hillary] traveled with Vince often, once even to London. They were soulmates …” [L.D. Brown, Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 63-64]

            Vince was very unhappy that he was not getting to spend “special time” with his girlfriend and emotional wife Hillary – who, angry at Vince over work issues – had cut Vince off the last three weeks of his severely depressed life. Vince, upset about Hillary, told Webb Hubbell It’s just not the same, Hub … She’s so busy, Hub, that we don’t ever have time to talk.” [Hubbell, Friends in High Places, p. 234]
            Big-lipped Webb Hubbell, the real father of big-lipped Chelsea, writes about the time in 1993 that Hillary cancelled a planned dinner with the Hubbells and Vince and Lisa Foster:
            Vince hardly said a word the rest of the evening. Suzy, as much as she loved Vince, thought his behavior was extremely bizarre. “He was sulking,” she said. “It was so uncharacteristic of him.” He pulled his chair back and turned himself away from the rest of the table. He was just like a child who had been promised quality time with a parent, only to have the parent renege when business had called him away.” [Hubbell, Friends in High Places, p.234]

             Vince was obsessed with his lover, girlfriend and emotional wife Hillary. Too bad, because Hillary – like Bill – is obsessed with power, not maintaining friendships, working on a marriage, or thinking about other people.

            On the night (7-20-93) that a desperate Vince Foster committed suicide by blowing his brains out, Marsha Scott, a member of Bill’s harem in the White House, told her friend Ilene Watkins, I spent the night with Bill in his bed … I had my head in his lap and we reminisced all night long. I’m wearing the same clothes as yesterday and I’m going to have to wear them the whole day again.” [Christopher Andersen, Bill and Hillary, p. 281]
            In their 30+ year fake marriage, Bill, with Hillary’s full knowledge, had hundreds of other women in his bed.
            Marsha Scott also boasted to her boyfriend Danny Dwyer “I’ve had sex with Bill Clinton every Christmas for 30 years, ever since we were in our early 20s in Arkansas. It’s my annual Christmas present to him! [National Enquirer, 2-17-98, p.28]


The Patrick Knowlton Story - Terrorized by the US government in 1995
Although the news was censored by major media, the supervising judges of the Starr investigation ordered that the stunning accusations of a witness in the Vincent Foster case -- Patrick Knowlton -- be attached to independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr's report on the case. This, despite the strong objections of Starr. Following are excepts from Knowlton's motion to the court (prepared by attorney John Clarke) that was ordered attached to the Starr report: 


Upon learning that Mr. Foster's body was found in Fort Marcy Park, Patrick Knowlton reported to authorities what he had seen in the park approximately 70 minutes before recovery of Mr. Foster's body.

FBI Agent Lawrence Monroe interviewed Patrick Knowlton in April and May of 1994. Agent Monroe falsified Mr. Knowlton's account of the events he reported he had witnessed in Fort Marcy Park. At the time of these interviews, Agent Monroe was detailed to the office of regulatory Independent Counsel Robert W. Fiske, Jr.

Mr. Knowlton's information refutes the official conclusions that Mr. Foster committed suicide in Fort Marcy Park, primarily because Mr. Knowlton is certain (despite official conclusions to the contrary) that no car fitting the description of Mr. Foster's car was in the Fort Marcy lot approximately 70 minutes before Mr. Foster's body was officially discovered, even though Mr. Foster was dead at the time. Agent Monroe covered up this and other facts Mr. Knowlton provided to Agent Monroe. Prior to 1996, Mr. Knowlton was unaware of this state of affairs and had assumed his information was irrelevant.

When he was provided copies of his interview reports by a reporter, Mr. Knowlton discovered that Agent Monroe had falsified his account, and his account of what he had witnessed at Fort Marcy and contradictory information from his FBI interview reports were published in a London newspaper.

On the same day that this newspaper reached American newsstands, October 24, 1995, the Office of Independent Counsel under Kenneth W. Starr prepared a subpoena for Mr. Knowlton to testify before the Whitewater grand jury in this Courthouse.

That subpoena was held for service for two days, apparently to allow time for the assembly of the men who subsequently harassed Mr. Knowlton, then served by FBI Agent Russell T. Bransford. At the time of the service of that subpoena, Agent Bransford was detailed to Mr. Starr's Washington, DC, office. Agent Bransford had formerly been detailed to regulatory Independent Counsel Robert Fiske's investigation, where Agent Bransford worked with Agent Monroe.

Beginning the same day Agent Bransford served Mr. Knowlton the secret grand jury subpoena, he was harassed by at least 25 men and Agent Bransford prior to testifying before the grand jury, and one man after testifying:

(a) Eleven or more men on October 26, 1995;

(b) Twelve or more men on October 27, 1995;

(c) Two or more men on October 28, 1995;

(d) FBI Agent Bransford on October 30, 1995; and

(e) One man on November 2, 1995.

The objects of the harassment were twofold, to:

(a) Intimidate and warn Mr. Knowlton in connection

with his grand jury testimony; and failing that,

(b) Destabilize Mr. Knowlton and discredit his

testimony before the grand jury.

This technique of subjecting a witness to an overwhelming campaign of harassment to (i) intimidate and warn, and alternatively to (ii) destabilize and discredit the witness, is known to federal intelligence and investigative agencies.

On Wednesday, November 1, 1995 Mr. Knowlton testified before the Washington, DC Whitewater grand jury. Prosecutors questioning Mr. Knowlton during his grand jury appearance had been apprised prior to his appearance of his reports of being harassed by in excess of 25 men. The wrongdoers accomplished their object of discrediting him. Prosecutors did not believe Mr. Knowlton's bizarre account of having been harassed, at one point asking him to "tell us a little bit about the alleged harassment." Nor did prosecutors believe much of anything else Mr. Knowlton had to say.

On October 25, 1996 Mr. Knowlton filed a lawsuit in this District Court against FBI Agents Russel T. Bransford and Lawrence Monroe (and others), alleging that these FBI agents are vicariously liable to Plaintiff for his damages under the law of civil conspiracy for inter alia, violation of 42 U.S.C. & sect; 1985, "Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights," part (2), "Obstructing justice; intimidating party, witness, or juror." The Plaintiff alleges he was intimidated in an attempt to obstruct justice in connection with Mr. Starr's investigation into Mr. Foster's death.

As of the date of this filing, Monroe's and Bransford's motion to dismiss and alternative motion for summary judgment is pending. See Patrick James Knowlton v. FBI Agent Russel T. Bransford, et al., Civil Action No. 96-2467.

Investigative history of the Foster death

The 1994 Senate Banking committee was precluded by the limited jurisdiction of Resolution 229 from any independent exploration of the issue of how or where Mr. Foster died, and Senator D'Amato's committee chose not to visit the issue of how or where Mr. Foster died. Therefore, save the 16 day US Park Police investigation, the only investigations into where or how Mr. Foster died were conducted by the FBI:

(1) First, a "preliminary investigation" in July of 1993;

(2) Second, under the auspices of regulatory

Independent Counsel Robert Fiske; and

(3) Most recently, under the auspices of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

Because of the initial FBI conclusion of "no criminal activity" in July of 1993, FBI agents who worked for Mr. Fiske the first half of 1994 would necessarily have embarrassed the Bureau had they concluded otherwise. And once the agents reported to Mr. Fiske that there was no criminal activity, there could be no abandonment of the FBI's repeated conclusion of suicide in Fort Marcy Park without a horrendous embarrassment to the FBI and possible criminal exposure to the FBI agents detailed to Mr. Fiske's investigation, some of whom subsequently were also detailed to Mr. Starr's investigation.

Given the role and the conclusion of the FBI in its first two investigations into the Foster death, it is manifest that various FBI agents and the FBI operated under a conflict of interest in the role the FBI played in Mr. Starr's investigation of the Foster death. Mr. Knowlton does not in any way seek to disparage Mr. Starr's integrity. However, the propriety of Mr. Starr's use of the FBI in his investigation of the death undermines a fundamental purpose of the Ethics in Government Act, to foster public confidence by maintaining the appearance that justice has been done. That FBI agents again investigating the death would not report to Mr. Starr their prior participation in obstructing justice was likely not lost on those who have relevant information contradicting the official conclusion, particularly in light of a steady stream of press leaks that the OIC was soon to issue a report validating earlier official conclusions.


Authority for relief requested. 28 U.S.C. & sect; 594(h)(2) states in part:

The division of the court may make any portion of the final report filed under paragraph (1)(B) available to any individual named in such report for the purposes of receiving within a time limit set by the division of the court any comments or factual information that such individual may submit. Such comments and factual information, in whole or in part, may, in the discretion of the division of the court, be included as an appendix to such final report. (emphasis added)

In re North, 10 F. 3rd 831, 835 (D.C. Cir. 1993), noted that one of the purposes of this section was to afford a measure of fairness to persons mentioned in the report:

To assure that the report is full and complete and to afford a measure of fairness to persons mentioned in the report, Congress authorized the court to furnish relevant portions of the report to such persons. Within a time limit set by the court, these persons may submit "comments and factual information" that the court may include as an appendix to the report. 28 U.S.C. & sect; 594(h)(2). (emphasis added)

Mr. Knowlton is mentioned in the Report. Mr. Knowlton must be mentioned in the subject Report in light of:

(1) Mr. Knowlton is suing an FBI agent detailed to Mr.Starr's office for conspiracy to obstruct justice in connection with the topic of the subject Report;

(2) The suit alleges an ongoing conspiracy to obstruct justice by FBI agents detailed to the Independent Counsels' investigations, and that the FBI played an integral role in those investigations; and

(3) Mr. Knowlton's information refutes the official conclusion of suicide in the park.

The As Insight on the News noted in its November 22, 1995 article The Vince Foster Mystery: "Starr will also have to explain - or be ready to dismiss - the strange intimidation that Knowlton claims to have suffered..."

Mr. Knowlton's reputation is at stake and he continues to fight to clear his name. Patrick Knowlton did the right thing by calling the US Park Police in July of 1993. He was later harassed and intimidated in an effort to set him up to look like some kind of nut. Because he did not heed this warning regarding his grand jury testimony and continued to tell the truth, including the truth of the bizarre harassment he suffered, his testimony was discredited. He has been fighting for his credibility for the past 21 months. These efforts he has undertaken to establish his credibility include, inter alia:

(1) Undergoing a polygraph examination;

(2) Undergoing an extensive psychiatric examination including psychological testing;

(3) Giving a sworn interview;

(4) Obtaining sworn Affidavits of other witnesses;

(5) Assembling and publishing these documents (and photographs of two of the men who harassed him) along with a detailed description of the harassment he suffered in a 147 page Report;

(6) Avoiding affiliation with organizations known to be opposed to the Clinton administration;

(7) Avoiding obtaining funding from conservative organizations in order to avoid any appearance of political motivation or influence; and (8) Filing his Complaint under seal of Court on October 24, 1996 because press reports of his claims on the eve of the presidential election would further undermine his credibility by the appearance of political motivation or influence.

The publicly available record. In his opposition to defendants' pending summary judgment motion, Mr. Knowlton proffers 118 exhibits in support of his claim of an overall conspiracy, 100 of which are part of the publicly available record in the Foster case. These exhibits appear under headings in that filing which, when viewed cumulatively, fairly raise a strong inference that FBI agents obstructed justice prior to and during the time that the FBI investigated under regulatory Independent Counsel Robert Fiske.

As more of the records of the Foster death investigations are declassified and analyzed by concerned citizens, Mr. Knowlton's position that the intimidation he suffered were overt acts in furtherance of an overall FBI conspiracy to obstruct justice will slowly gain more acceptance. For example, just this week, counsel was provided with a copy of the Report of Investigation by Medical Examiner, signed on July 20, 1993 by Dr. Donald Haut, the only MD to view Mr. Foster's body in situ at Fort Marcy Park. This report (a copy of which attached hereto), found at the National Archives on July 17, 1997, was not part of the Senate Hearings Volumes made public in January of 1995 although it was found in a box indicating that it had been so released. The following is an excerpt of the entry appearing on that Medical Examiner's Report under the heading NARRATIVE SUMMARY OF CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING DEATH: "...gunshot wound mouth to neck..."

This reported "mouth to neck" circumstance surrounding Mr. Foster's death explains:

(1) Paramedic Richard Arthur's sworn testimony: "What I saw is what I saw. ...and I saw a small - what appeared to be a small gunshot wound here near the jawline. Fine, whether the coroner's report says that or not, fine. I know what I saw."

(3) Why many of the crime scene Polaroid photographs mysteriously vanished;

(4) Why the FBI falsely reported all 35 millimeter photographs were "underexposed" and that despite attempts by the FBI laboratory these photographs "were of limited value;"

(5) Press reports that Miguel Rodriquez resigned from his position with the OIC after he "insisted on conducting a painstaking review of the case [but was] met with stiff opposition from FBI agents assigned to Starr's probe" -- after he had the original Polaroid photographs "enhanced by a specialized lab outside the FBI;"

(6) A press report that a "photograph... reveals that Foster suffered trauma to the right side of his neck, just below the jawline... it has the appearance of a small caliber gunshot wound... a prosecutor on the staff of Kenneth Starr... has shown it to individuals 'off the record'... this photo was never presented to the panel of four pathologists brought in by the Fiske investigation..."

(7) A press report that "Joe Purvis... said last March that he was told by a staff member of Ruebel's Funeral Home in Little Rock that Foster had... an exit wound 'the size of a dime' close to the neck at the hairline;" and

(8) Why investigators stated that no autopsy X-rays were taken while inexplicably failing to investigate significant evidence the X-rays were in fact taken but mysteriously vanished.

The Medical Examiner's report that there was a gunshot exit wound in Mr. Foster's neck is inconsistent with the official conclusion that this neck wound "did not exist," and is but one of numerous records in this matter which refute the official conclusions.


Patrick Knowlton reported to authorities what he had seen at Fort Marcy Park shortly before the official discovery of Mr. Foster's body. Mr. Knowlton complied with FBI agent Larry Monroe's request that he not report his observations to the press.

After Mr. Knowlton learned from a reporter, some 27 months after Mr. Foster's death, that agent Monroe had falsified his account, his account along with contradictory information from his FBI interview reports were reported in a London newspaper. That newspaper account was the catalyst for Mr. Knowlton's being:

(1) Targeted by an orchestrated campaign of harassment and intimidation;

(2) Treated with utmost disrespect during his grand jury appearance;

(3) Attacked as a delusional conspiracy theorist;

(4) Wrongfully attacked as being a homosexual; and

(5) Attacked as an outright liar.

Mr. Knowlton did nothing to deserve this outrageous treatment at the hands of the FBI and the OIC. He did nothing to deserve being yanked into this FBI debacle, having his life turned upside down, and having to endure this fight for his reputation. Patrick Knowlton's only "crime" was reporting to the authorities what he had seen at Fort Marcy Park -- consistent with his understanding of his duties as a good citizen.

Mr. Knowlton's position that the intimidation he suffered were overt acts in furtherance of an overall FBI conspiracy to obstruct justice will gain more acceptance after the release and public review of the Independent Counsel's final report pursuant to 28 U.S.C. & sect; 594(h)(2) and upon release and public review of other records pursuant to, inter alia, 5 U.S.C. & sect; 552; 28 C.F.R. § 16, Subpart A; 28 U.S.C. & sect; 594(k)(4)(B), and 28 U.S.C. & sect; 595(a)(2). In light of significant evidence of a cover-up already in the public domain, and based upon the fact that most of the investigative records in this matter will eventually be released, it is axiomatic that the subject Office of Independent Counsel will go down in history as facilitating a fraud upon the American people by its use (perhaps unknowingly) of a federal investigative agency with a powerful vested interest in a finding of no criminal activity in the last Foster death investigation. The American people will now probably never know the truth of the events of July 20, 1993. But eventually they will be apprised of the fact of an FBI cover-up. However, this could take years. In light of the shortcomings of our press in the instant matter, it likely will not occur until after the current administration leaves office.

In the interim, Mr. Knowlton respectfully asks that the Division of the Court exercise its discretion and grant the relief prayed for. Mr. Knowlton has no remedy at law for injury to his reputation causally related to the subject investigations.

Relief requested. In the event the Court would be disposed to grant Mr. Knowlton's request to include his submission as an Appendix, save the 45 page opposition to Summary Judgment Motion, Mr. Knowlton respectfully asks this Court to consider including the Table of Contents of that opposition. In the event that the subject report is not a final report within the meaning of 28 U.S.C. & sect; 594(h)(2), Mr. Knowlton respectfully asks this Court to hold the instant motion in abeyance until such time as the OIC submits its final report on the death of Vincent Foster, Jr.

The relief Mr. Knowlton requests falls squarely within the purpose of 28 U.S.C. & sect; 594(h)(2), "to assure that the report is full and complete and to afford a measure of fairness to persons mentioned in the report..." In re North, Id. Mr. Knowlton merely seeks to refute allegations that he is:

(1) A liar and perjurer;

(2) A homosexual; and

(3) Mentally unstable.

If the OIC files a response hereto, Mr. Knowlton specifically asks the OIC to avoid a secret ex-parte communication and to serve counsel with a copy of any such response.

WHEREFORE, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. & sect; 594(h)(2), Patrick James Knowlton respectfully moves the Division of the Court to furnish him relevant portions of the Report on the death of Vincent Foster, Jr., and to include as an Appendix to that Report:

(1) A letter from counsel; and

(2) A copy of Mr. Knowlton's opposition to motion for summary judgment filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on June 6, 1997, filed in support of Mr. Knowlton's cause for conspiracy to obstruct justice against FBI agents in connection with the acts of FBI agents detailed to Mr. Fiske's and Mr. Starr's investigations into the death of Vincent Foster.


John H. Clarke
1730 K Street, NW Suite 304
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 332-3030

Ref: http://1984arkansasmotheroftheyear.blogspot.com/2014/02/vince-foster-committed-suicide-in-white.html

Additional refs:


Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Bid Rocked By Bombshell Claims Over The Death Of Her Lover [Vince Foster]


According to Morrow and Larry Nichols, a onetime close aide to the Clinton family, Hillary personally orchestrated the plot to smuggle Foster’s 6-foot-4, 200-pound corpse into a waiting government car.

“Vince’s body was wrapped in a long shag multi-colored carpet,” divulged Nichols.

In a five-page 1994 letter sent to independent counsel Kenneth Starr by then Indiana Congressman Dan Burton, it was revealed an FBI lab report concluded “carpet fibers of various colors were found on Mr. Foster’s jacket, tie, shirt, shorts, pants, socks and shoes. No effort was made to match these fibers,” the politician noted.

The FBI lab report also found that “blonde to light brown hairs of Caucasian origin” that did not belong to Foster were found on his T-shirt, pants, belt, socks and shoes – “and that no efforts were made to match these hairs to anyone known to be associated with Mr. Foster.”



 On another note: Enjoying your Banana Republic?



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