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New Evidence in JFK Assassination: More Mystery Deaths

U.S. Archives Building, Washington DC by Lance Moore (self)


New Evidence in JFK Assassination: More Mystery Deaths

by Dr. Lance Moore

By 1990, our government and the mainstream media had been forced by a preponderance of evidence to quietly concede that a second gunman conspired to kill President John F. Kennedy. After the report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, the official storyline changed from "A lone-nut gunman did it," to "Maybe Mafia members were also involved... but we'll never know for sure." The new myth was really no better than the first: the public could not put a dead Lee Harvey Oswald on trial, and similarly, we cannot indict nameless, nebulous "Mafia figures." Undaunted, conspiracy researchers continued to press ahead, finding more proofs of government complicity, especially when the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) was empowered by Congress in 1992 to subpoena and assemble government documents from the CIA, FBI, etc. So the mainstream establishment turned to a young, enterprising attorney, Gerald Posner, to create yet another lone-gunman counter-myth in his 1993 book,Case Closed. An aggressive ad hominem attack on "conspiracy buffs" began, and we have been in a defensive posture ever since.

Debunking the Debunker

Posner's book shrewdly deconstructed our strong case by shattering the mosaic of conspiracy into a thousand shards, then sniping at each piece one at a time, using selective quotes, twisted facts, and strained logic. Like the Warren Commission before him, he used the mantra "Not a credible witness" with abandon. "Not credible" vs. "credible" is his oscillating standard based on whether or not the witness agreed with the official cover story. Posner's involvement with a plot to steal Harper Lee's copyright to To Kill a Mockingbird, and his serial plagiarism, have been widely reported, and several books have since been published that make mince-meat of Posner's JFK work. He has even been dubbed the world record-holder for plagiarism by The Gawker. Yet, his book of lies has never been removed from publication, and no mainstream publisher has promoted our truth-filled rebuttals the way that Random House and CBS boosted the hyperbolically-titled Case Closed.


This article is too brief to replay the full debunking of Posner, but new evidence has come to me that refutes two major Posner arguments: 1. His claim that Oswald was not involved with U.S. intelligence operatives in New Orleans. 2. That the mysterious deaths of witnesses and other key figures in the assassination were incidental and meaningless. Both his claims are demonstrably absurd. A new source independently confirms the Oswald/CIA/mysterious deaths connection.

Oz in NOLA: In the company of The Company

First, some background. When we agree with Oswald's self-assertion that he was a "patsy," that is not to say he was uninvolved with those who executed the plot. Documents prove "Ozzie" had ties in New Orleans to the FBI, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, also known as The Company). NOLA District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted the only criminal trial of the JFK-assassination conspiracy. He famously pointed out (as dramatized in the movie, JFK) that offices for these agencies were within a four block area concentric with Oswald's hangouts. But our case only begins with what might be shrugged off as a geographic coincidence. The nexus is vast. We now see how close Garrison was to breaking the case, having discovered the mutual ties among Oswald, Guy Banister (FBI and Naval Intelligence) and David Ferrie (CIA). Ferrie was a contract pilot for the CIA, involved in a variety of nefarious activities including gun-running to Cuba and training of anti-Castro exiles--a key witness in Garrison's case, until his untimely death. Those ties, once scoffed at, have now been proven, starting with governmental acknowledgement in the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) report. See Section XIII, pp. 126-137 here:

Here is a partial list of people who claim to have seen Oswald and Banister together: Dr. Michael Kurtz, CIA deputy Hunter Leake, Delphine Roberts (Banister's secretary), Bill Nitschke, Dan Campbell, Vernon Gerdes, Judyth Baker, William Gaudet, and Jack Martin (Banister's partner).2

The list of those who can connect Oswald and Ferrie is even longer, plus I have uncovered a new witness, never before reported (more on that, below).

Posner downplays the HSCA report and dismisses these as "not credible witnesses," based on specious reasoning. Yes, some were shady characters, and some had a few inconsistencies in their testimony... but when so many people say the same thing, it is absurd to dismiss them en masse. Imagine if a Mafia gunman killed someone in cold blood, and the case went to trial, and a dozen witnesses all said they saw him do it. No jury would disregard that much commonality of testimony, even if some of the witnesses had nefarious backgrounds or stuttering testimony. In many criminal cases the witnesses are themselves criminal, so it is disingenuous for debunkers Posner and Vincent Bugliosi, both being attorneys, to scratch testimony on that basis. Even more damning is that our case does not rest solely on the words of so-called "unreliable" witnesses; we also have the hard evidence of photographs of a young Oswald in David Ferrie's Civil Air Patrol group (prior to that, the government had ignored a half-dozen of his fellow cadets who adamantly stated that Oswald was part of their group), AND Oswald's "pro-Castro" leaflets on which he had stamped 544 Camp Street--the corner of Guy Banister's office building. We could cite many more examples like this, in which the "conspiracy buffs and their wild theories" have been vindicated. No matter how shrill the debunkers' denial, eye-witnesses and paper evidence cross-confirm the Oswald/Banister connection. HSCA and the ARRB documents provide similar cross-confirmation of a quadruple connection among Oswald/Ferrie/Banister/Clay Shaw. Researchers William Davy and Jim DiEugenio both have proven this with a mountain of documentation.

Another strand of the web is that Ferrie worked part-time with Banister's detective agency and even hired Banister to help him with his lawsuit against Eastern Airlines. Eastern was infiltrated with CIA contract agents, mostly pilots, as we shall see in a moment.1 Like the net of a spider web, the entanglements are multiple. We also know that Banister had a connection to the William B. Reily Coffee Company on Magazine Street, not too many steps away from Banister's office, and one of Oswald's employers. D.A. Jim Garrison had good reasons to believe that Reily and his coffee company were part of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, and this association is documented in William Davy's book, Let Justice Be Done (see Chapter Four).

Ralph Schoenman wrote, in a substantiated letter to the Rockefeller Commission, that the "seemingly innocuous company called Reily Coffee... proved less than innocent. Virtually all the co-workers of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Reily Coffee Company were hired by defense and military contractors... shortly after [their] association with Oswald."

CIA contract employee Gerry Patrick Hemming confirmed that "William Reily had worked for the CIA for years." That quote is from the book, JFK And The Unspeakable (p. 62), written by my friend Jim Douglass, who adds: "When Oswald went to work in Reily's Coffee company, he was in the company of the Company."

The Suspicious Deaths List

Here we begin our list of three more "mysterious deaths" which have not been previously reported,2 even as we add Eastern Airlines to the cross-connected nexus of Oswald, NOLA intelligence circles (CIA/ONI), and suspect deaths. One of the most suspicious airline crashes in Eastern Airline history was Flight 304 out of New Orleans just a few months after the assassination. A passenger on board, Jules Charles Robert (sometimes misspelled... there is no "S" on his last name, "Robert"), had been an Executive with the William B. Reily Coffee company at the same time Lee Oswald worked there--the summer prior to the JFK assassination. Just after the assassination, Mr. Robert was killed in a mysterious crash toward the north side of Lake Pontchartrain. See The Times-Picayune, April, 2014, here:

The "crash" was mysterious because it was more likely an explosion, as in a bomb, not an accident. It happened shortly after take-off, just as the plane reached altitude. Airline bombs can work that way: triggered by a simple pressure-altimeter when a plane hits cruising altitude. The accident report does cite a minor mechanical problem with the pitch trim compensator, but the pilots were aware of it before take-off, and knowing how to compensate for it, took off with apparently no great concerns. The best reports show that turbulence was moderate and the plane was only three years old with a flawless safety record. The four-engine jumbo jet had a light load of just 51 passengers. No distress call was given by the veteran pilots, the flight recorder was blank, and most strangely of all, half of the plane and passengers were never recovered--the pieces that were recovered were just that: pieces. The debris was scattered over a wide area. The plane hit water, and the passengers had been seat-belted into their padded seats... yet their bodies were found in shreds. A Coast Guard officer observed the plane "explode" either before or after it hit the water. Eleven witnesses on the north shore heard an explosion--not just the sound of a plane hitting water, as it was accompanied with a huge flash of light. Again: according to news reports, only "bits and pieces" of the bodies were found, despite crashing into just 20 feet of water in an easily-searched lake.3

This would not be the only crash involving Eastern Airline pilots during the sixties and early seventies. I have new, never-published testimony from the son of a pilot who flew with Eastern based out of New Orleans area in the early sixties. His dad was a fellow pilot with David Ferrie, and he also flew with Eastern Airlines pilot James Aubrey "Tex" Kilcrease. Tex later crashed at the controls of a private Cessna 182, N869TX, lost en route to Mexico City on Dec 7, 1973.

A New Source

My confidential, highly-credible military source gives this account:

"My father was on the periphery of the JFK scenario and rarely talked about it until near to his death. He was scared, and that man feared few things! In early 1957, my dad got out of the Navy, having served as a pilot in the Korean conflict, and went to work for Eastern Airlines as a junior copilot, based in New Orleans. Back then, whoever was your Captain called the shots and you had to "party" with your boss. [While I was a toddler,] we were living in Covington, across Lake Pontchartrain. [Covington is in Saint Tammany Parish, where Ferrie and Oswald were seen together at a CIA training camp.] According to my dad, a whole parcel of "cowboys" were based out of [Eastern Airlines in] New Orleans... many needed extra cash. Enter the CIA and private businessmen. New Orleans was easy to fly in and out of back then [to Cuba and Mexico City]. Much easier than Florida. Once you did one run [for the CIA], they had their hooks in you. My dad said he was approached more than once but steered clear. He knew David Ferrie as Dave, an Eastern Airlines Captain... my dad flew with him a number of times. Ferrie pressured my dad to come to some of the parties he hosted at his French Quarter residence. It was there that my dad met Lee Harvey Oswald. Dad's impression of Oswald was that this was a weird enlisted Marine who tried (but failed) to fit in with the rest of the fly boy party crew. Obviously, he did not think much about it until Oswald hit the news in '63. After that, Ferrie supposedly died of a heart attack [sic: coroner deemed it a stroke] and my dad was very circumspect regarding the cause of death. It was rumored that Ferrie had significant ballistics and trajectory research/data in his residence that never came to light. My dad also said that the cowboy "moonlighters" ceased the secret flying trips right around the time the assassination took place. By the Spring of 1965 all the pilots had been transferred to other bases.


"No less than four of his colleagues that flew for Eastern in NOLA died under questionable circumstances. Two names I recall, besides Ferrie, were Steve Pegram and Tex Kilcrease. Both quit flying for EAL after the shooting, and both died prematurely. [After the assassination,] Pegram moved to Newnan, Georgia, and told my dad that he was being watched and didn't leave his basement for over a year. I have no details about Pegram's untimely death, but I recall inferring from my parents' words and attitude it might have been suicide."

My source is highly-credible because I know his personal history and his integrity (I've known him for over 30 years), but also because everything he told me is consistent with history... and he was no JFK-conspiracy buff. He had no idea that Tex Kilcrease was a minor character named in Jim Garrison's files (and never mentioned in popular JFK-assassination books). Garrison had sent his investigator to nose around in St. Tammany Parish (site of the anti-Castro training camp run by David Ferrie). The investigator inquired with local law enforcement about any area pilots (because of the Ferrie/Eastern Airline connection). Garrison's file contains this report: "The following information was received from Lt. Hudgeons [of St. Tammany Parish]. Airline pilots that he personally knows of that live in that area: Tex Kilcrease [of] Covington. Also has private detective agency... Lt. Hudgeons says he does not trust this subject."

Kilcrease's mysterious plane crash further confirms my source's story of mysterious deaths. The crash happened during the Watergate investigation, which subpoenaed Watergate burglar and CIA agent E. Howard Hunt. Hunt had his own NOLA connections, and confessed on his deathbed to involvement in the Kennedy assassination.

So we find, again, reports of mysterious plane crashes and suicide, all with similar motifs, the too-familiar ending for many JFK-case witnesses, especially those entangled with the CIA. Exactly one year before Tex disappeared in his Cessna, Congressman Hale Boggs, also in a Cessna, mysteriously disappeared in Alaskasilencing his dissent on the Warren Commission\. Like Kilcrease, Bogg's plane wreckage was never found despite an intensive, widespread, 39-day search. Unlike the recent Malaysian 370 airline disappearance into the unending oceans "down under," the Cessna's were lost over land in a finite search area.

Two Oswalds in Paradox

Without even going as far as some do in proposing that Oswald literally had a lookalike double, we know there were, figuratively-speaking, "two Oswalds": the Solitary Lee and the widely-networked Entangled Lee. The official Lee Harvey Oswald portrait is of an isolated, friendless misfit; a solitary, dysfunctional nut; a communist with no community. In sharp contrast, the other Lee is a young man with a hundred connections: in the Cuban anti-Castro movement; in the underbelly of New Orleans; in Miami, Cuba, Mexico and Russia; in the CIA and the FBI. ThisEntangled Lee was a paradox: 1. Most everywhere he went, Lee strangely associated withboth left-wingers and right-wingers, lawbreakers and law enforcers. 2. Entangled Lee used a score of aliases, also inconsistent with the official Lee, whose motive for killing JFK is said to be for the purpose of making his name famous.

Any politician or author who painted a portrait of Solitary Lee became enriched; any witness to the Entangled Lee ran a statistically-high chance of dying young! I cannot overstate this point: we have uncovered the reality of the Entangled Leedespite the reward/punishment factors working against us and despite the death of key witnesses.

Posner expended his entire Appendix B to ridicule the topic of a hundred "Mysterious Deaths" that conspiracy researchers have catalogued. Start at the top: his flippant denial of the significance of Oswald's murder betrays Posner's bias. The most suspicious death of all was the silencing of the scape-goat, which Posner "explains" as the work of yet another "crazy lone-gunman," Jack Ruby. If Ruby was so crazy, why did the Dallas police allow him repeated access to Oswald, inside their police station? They knew him as a sane, successful businessman, otherwise they surely would not have let their guard down around such a shady character (Ruby ran a strip joint, and with known criminal ties, looked the part of a gangster.) Posner lies by claiming Ruby did not make any phone calls to the Mafia, when records unearthed by the HSCA and ARRB show plenty. Ruby also made good use of untraceable phone booth calls. But the icing on this death cake is that Ruby himself later admitted to a high-reaching conspiracy. Oswald's death at the hands of Ruby is indeed "mysterious," (i.e. "suspicious"), and for many of us it is a literal "smoking gun" because it silenced the key witness. This is how conspiracies are kept quiet. Corpses make great co-conspirators; you can count on mummies to stay mum.

There are so many more corpses, where do we start? Ferrie and Banister were both dead before Garrison could drag them into court. Several witnesses that would have been problematic for the Warren Commission had "accidents" by the time the Report was released. By the end of the House Investigation in the 70's, over a hundred of the people connected to the "lone Oswald" nexus were dead--most by accident, suicide, murder or plane crash.4 Here again, Posner and other debunkers ridicule this claim, cherry-picking to highlight any names that, frankly, were natural deaths that should not have been listed in the first place. Given space, I would argue with Posner's ridicule on some points, but agree with him on many others... nevertheless, we would still be left with an irrefutable core of violent deaths. I do the math this way: the longest lists contain over 120 suspicious deaths. I remove 30 who seem to be natural or coincidental, but add the three new names in this article, plus add Oswald and Kennedy's names, and we still arrive at 100 persons with legitimate connections to the case who truly had violent or questionable deaths. 100! That's a record number of strange deaths surrounding anyperson, much less a "loner," if you wish to call Oswald that. The statistics strain credulity.One statistical study puts the odds in the trillions.

Let's just say that involvement with JFK or LHO proved to be very bad for a person's health.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Ignoring literally thousands of actual hard documents in the hands of the ARRB and the AARC, debunkers still continue to whimper that this is all just "hearsay" from "unreliable witnesses."

Study The Assassination Archives and Research Center here:

In the fifty years since the JFK tragedy, despite a concerted effort by our government to cover-up the facts. We know for a fact the FBI and CIA have hidden, shredded and blacked-out documents -- see Doug Horne's books about his work with the ARRB -- the overwhelmingly one-sided trend grows toward conspiracy proof, not toward Oswald did it. This article has presented another new witness. With every new witness who comes forward and with every newly-discovered document, a government conspiracy is being "more proved," and the debunking is, itself, debunked. Posner, Bugliosi, McAdams and their ilk are turning out to be the ones with a credibility problem.

The punchline? The relevance of all this is that our decision-makers and media-shapers continue to lie to us. Despite our journey up a mountain of increasing evidence of a conspiracy, the mainstream media has headed in the opposite direction, down into the valley of darkness and denial. There's a shadow still cast over our political system and media that has grown darker in recent years. That should make us tremble for the future of our democracy.



-Dr. Moore's recently-released book contains substantiation for his assertions here. In addition to hyperlinks above, some specific Endnotes for this article follow:

1. Authors Jefferson Morley, William Davy and James DiEugenio have all documented Ferrie's connection to the CIA, beginning with Davy's interview of CIA operative Carl McNabb, who confirmed that he and Ferrie were both CIA-contracted pilots. My new source has now independently confirmed this.

2. To the best of my knowledge/research, three deaths I identify herein have never previously been examined or added to any "JFK/Oswald mysterious deaths" list.

3. The New York Times, February 26, 1964 and "ICAO Aircraft Accident Digest No.16, Circular 82-AN/69 (39-60)"

4. Note: I don't find all the deaths on these lists to be mysterious, but an amazing number were either suspicious in the violent method of death, or in the timing of the death, or in aquestionable autopsy conclusion regarding cause of death. Moreover, of the various lists out there, I can't find any that are truly comprehensive, including, for example, all those left in LBJ's path, and none have the three new names listed here.

*For another 50 reasons to suspect our leaders are still lying to us, read: Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies--From the Warren Commission to Bill O'Reilly, A History of Deceit in the Kennedy Assassination. Excerpts from it are used with permission of Sky-Fy Publishing, at


Dr. Lance Moore is an ordained United Methodist minister and author of Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies--From the Warren Commission to Bill O'Reilly, A History of Deceit in the Kennedy Assassination.




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