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Paul Andrew Mitchell released from federal detention?

12/20/2014: Updated: Paul Andrew Mitchell is released from Federal incarceration.

Paul Andrew Mitchell released from Federal incarceration (case terminated) after US wisely decides not to open Sell v United States Pandora's box in his case after approx. 11 months of illegal detainment/torture

6.9.14 - Still no indication as to Paul's whereabouts.
Paul Andrew Mitchell released? See below. This needs confirmation. I would appreciate an e-mail ([email protected]) confirming Paul’s release by anyone who can confirm it and if he has been completely released from federal detention. Teknosis


 7:24 AM (2 hours ago)

Roger Helbig <[email protected]>

7:24 AM (2 hours ago)



to me


 Curious why you are a fan of this scam artist.  He belongs in jail
because he has been scamming for years, but I also wonder what
supposed jail that he is in and what he was sentenced for.  RumorMill
News is not known for being a news source so I would appreciate
knowing if you have sourced this with any original documents.  If you
have, I wonder if you are in California and have a way of knowing if
someone has been sentenced to jail for a felony in California.  If you
do, I am most interested in learning how to do this.  I would like to
know the particulars of the case against Dennis Kyne Jr of San Jose.
He was convicted of Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon; that fact is
on the Insurance Commissioner's website, but I have not been able to
find any details on the case of or if Kyne was sentenced to a jail
term of any kind.

Thank you.



Roger Helbig <[email protected]>

8:13 AM (1 hour ago)



to me


I see that PAM was released - RumorMill News did have some accurate
information - the BOP Registration Number

Register Number: 44202-086
Age: 65
Race: White
Sex: Male
Released On: 05/20/2014



pc93 <[email protected]>

9:02 AM (1 hour ago)



to Roger


Good day Roger,


I have been following Paul efforts to expose corruption for many years. I know in my heart of hearts that Paul is not a scam artist and is sincere in his efforts in wanting to bring about a better world. In fact after listening to him via an interview many, many years later, for myself, my sentiments were confirmed. For one of the particular interviews in which you can hear for yourself:




As far as the records go as to Paul's detention I have been relying on the federal public court records via Pacer, information of which is not free but there is a browser plug-in which I did install called Recap which helps to make particular records that are accessed with that plug-in installed free for others who come afterwards to research, read them. [Note: I typed them up myself and posted them to my blog because I wanted them to be more in the public record via the internet, for the whole world to see.]


All the best,





US Government has settled with Paul Andrew Mitchell; or?

"Blowing Whistles at Hurricanes" / FROM: 44202086 – MODELESKI, MITCHELL PAUL* – Unit: SET-D-C


Paul Andrew Mitchell has been bundled away by the US Government 




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