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Breaking News - Florida - Grand Jury Obstruction in Dixie County

Those of you in Florida need to pay attention here.
Folks in Dixie County are in need of assistance.
Heads up and keep your powder dry.

Numerous government officials, especially, law enforcement in Dixie County, are involved in drug smuggling. Dixie County is a major smuggling port. 35 years ago Bill Padget was the head of smuggling operations in that area of Florida. Bill Padget and Senator Bob Graham had divided the States smuggling operations at Highway 50. Graham controlled south of Highway 50 and Padget north, thereof.

We caught Graham on March 25, 1974, smuggling cocaine (Sebring airport); and in July 1980 (three tons) and October 1986 (four tons) smuggling marijuana at his home. Sad to say he never served a day in prison due to corrupt politics. And Graham was involved in the MURDERS of the Sheriffs of Glades, Highlands and Okeechobee Counties, which murders were all swept under the rug and not investigated. 

In 1974, Graham was also involved in a child porn and sex slave syndicate that was being run out of Lake Placid, Florida by one of the largest witches coven in the United States at that time. The whorehouse in Sebring, which was part of the operations of what is known today as MK-Ultra, was being operated by the county judge, and was only open to the super rich and public officials. 30 Congressman and 6 Senators paid frequent visits to this establishment, and Richard Nixon would not allow us to arrest any of them, because he was blackmailing them. What a scam!  

Women and children were being abused and tortured, while all the politicians were seeking personal pleasures or gain from misery of their victims. Let me assure you, there is nothing new under the sun, since operations still continue to this very day. See "Bush Crime Family and the Clintonistas" located on front page at http://sirdavidandrew.com

Also, see both articles on Pro Se Litigates on http://sidavidandrew.com 
and information about the Florida Republics on http://militias.info  
Scroll to near the bottom of page and click on blue button marked Florida Republics.

Corrupt Dixie County officials will not go down without a fight, and they have organized crime to back them.

Sir David-Andrew.

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BREAKING NEWS! They have acknowledged we lawfully exist, and we now have precedence to be used in other states and counties. We have the intent to return the common sense of Common Law back to ALL the courts ... http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/forum/topics/common-law-grand-jury-dixie-county-florida-a-follow-up?xg_source=activity http://www.dailypaul.com/324493/national-liberty-alliance-big-news&sss=1



For more information contact John Guarneri at     [email protected]

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Review "presentments" filed with the Clerk of Courts, Dixie County here.  CLDJ%20Dixie%20County%20FL%208-17-2014.pdf
   Hi Everyone
    I said that I would give an eyewitness report regarding
the Common Law Grand Jury victory in Dixie Co. and here it is.
In the beginning their was a man who belonged to a Tea party
and was a member of the CLGJ movement.
A few months ago he was called up for jury duty and found
himself on a county statutory grand jury with a judge asking who
 wanted to be the foreman. So he raised his hand and was sworn in.
A number of weeks ago he received evidence of criminal wrongdoing
taking place in his county and across the state and sought to bring
this information before the grand jury. Here is a summary of the first
meeting which took place on 8/1/14. Click the link to read. 
 The following two links are documents also filed with the clerk and letters of communication on the situation. Basically the States Attorney came into the session and assumed command to run the show. The attorney we believe thought they were meeting to investigate another county official and he was running interference to protect his associate and deflect the grand jury. Instead he dug himself a hole. (Aw)
This is an example of a presentment that they thought they might
be filing regarding the actions of the states attorney.
 On Monday the 11th a meeting was held where the foreman sought the support of the People of Dixie County to select and convene another Grand Jury since the first one was tainted.
That new Peoples Grand Jury met on Thursday the 14th, in the courthouse and in the courtroom, and there heard and decided two cases brought before it and was dismissed. Attached as PDF files are the final Presentments from that Grand Jury with the stamped and dated markings and seals.
That Thursday afternoon the statutory grand jury came too hear the cases it previously struggled with but was informed that they were taken care of and they were dismissed. The states attorney when the meeting started was publicly apologizing to both the jury and the foreman for his actions at the first meeting (too late). When the foreman was leaving the attorney changed his tune again and commented something to the effect that he didn't know
what the foreman was pulling with his kangaroo court session . . .
meaning the Peoples Grand Jury.
The foreman just warned him to watch what he said, and left. 
From here the fight is going to get tough so we need the support
monetarily and physically when we call for the People!
We also need all of you to talk to your family, friends, and neighbors.
Ask us for extra brochures and hand them out , we need all the people
support we can get.
We're doing all we can but we can't do it all for YOU!
Remember a people unwilling to fight for their own Liberty
don't deserve it anyway!
 Thanks      Mike
The cat is out of the bag............

So what is this all about?

It has recently been widely discovered that the 14th Amendment which was supposed to free the slaves, was never properly legislated and is null and void. [Teknosis: much information can be gleaned here: http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2014/07/notice-of-errors-and-of-clarifications-5-cfr-13205-214-cr-00027-ndf-2.html]

So why is this important? The Congress deliberately deceived the American people.

More related:
www.nationallibertyalliance.org  will spell it all out for you in language that you can understand

Dixie Set Aflame By the Torch of Liberty

Voila_Capture 2014-08-19_01-34-11_AM


Ferguson, MO—Where’s the GRAND JURY?!


Grand Juries Not So Grand



Grand Jury Foreperson arrested for simulating legal process:

Jury Foreman says:

As an expert on Grand Juries, I offer: the only elements of a grand jury requiring secrecy from the public are: juror’s identities; deliberations; voting. All other information becomes public when a true bill is produced. In the Dixie County case, the issue was never presented due to Siegmeister’s inappropriate and illegal control over the ‘independent’ process. I read Trussell’s letter to Judge Munkittrick. He did exactly what he was instructed to do; he reported Siegmeister’s antics to the Court and the Court did nothing. He also reported the problem to the Court Clerk and Sheriff and they did nothing. The Chief Judge of the Circuit (who was unknown to Trussell, and located in the next county), finally responded a week later, blaming Trussell for not reaching out to him when Siegmeister sabotaged the jury and its process. The People’s Grand Jury was formed in an effort to protect Trussell from incompetent and corrupt public officials.
Trussell was arrested for ‘criminal actions under of color of law’, or ‘impersonating a public officer under color of law’. His arrest warrant was never signed. The judge’s order, based on an unsworn statement, did not even mention arresting Trussell. From the legal standpoint: Trussell was kidnapped, imprisoned unlawfully, and was only released after paying the ransom demand. His persecution appears to be politically-motivated.
This is a case that bears watching. It’s interesting how looking for truth changes your perspective, rather than just following an agenda–eh, NBC?

Ref: http://nativeborncitizen.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/fl-foreperson-of-the-grand-jury-charged-with-simulating-a-legal-process/

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