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Roger Stone's blockbuster updated 2nd edition on Serial Murderer Lyndon Johnson



Media Contact: Joe Hunter
Happy Birthday, LBJ!
Updated book exposes Johnson as America's most amoral, corrupt president
(New York, NY) - President Lyndon Baines Johnson's birthday is today, August 27th. That's the same birthday as New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone! 
To celebrate their shared anniversary, Stone has a special present for LBJ: the 40-year Washington insider just released the new edition of "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ." The updated bestseller includes two new chapters and an afterword that supply new information on the man Stone calls "the most amoral, corrupt, greedy, coarse, ruthless, psychopath to ever occupy the White House."
Stone establishes LBJ's motive, means and opportunity to orchestrate Kennedy's murder and uses
both eyewitness testimony and fingerprint evidence to tie convicted murderer and long-time
Johnson hit man Malcolm ‘Mac' Wallace to the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository and
John F. Kennedy's murder on November 22, 1963.
Stone reveals how LBJ ordered the murder of at least 17 men, according to White House Aide Clif
Carter, to cover-up voter-fraud and corruption. "LBJ would order a murder the way you or I would order a ham sandwich," said Stone.
Stone reveals the plans of syndicated columnist Drew Pearson, who had written a story accusing
LBJ of bribery in a $7 billion dollar jet fighter contract doled out to Texas firm General Dynamics.
Bobby Baker associate Don Reynolds, in testimony on the morning of the assassination, detailed
Baker carrying a suitcase containing $100,000 to LBJ in payment for steering the contract to the
Fort Worth company. The story with details of the sweetheart deal were to hit newsstands and 700
newspapers November 24, 1963. Instead, it was spiked after LBJ became President.
Stone outlines how Attorney General Robert Kennedy intended to prosecute LBJ for corruption in
both the Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes cases. Johnson knew he was being dropped from the
1964 Democratic ticket and his federal prosecution were both imminent.
Stone establishes that LBJ authorized the false flag attack on the USS ship Liberty by the Israeli air
force in a military operation designed to provide a pretext for war with Egypt. 34 American servicemen were killed on Johnson's orders.
Stone reveals Johnson even found a way to desecrate the USS Sequoia, a presidential yacht that
serviced Presidents from Herbert Hoover to Jimmy Carter, with masturbatory excess: “Lyndon
Johnson would put a film projector on this table and come up here and watch stag movies,” said
boat owner Gary Silversmith, “reportedly in a robe and in his underwear so he was relaxed and
alone, and they would sail to Mount Vernon.” 
Stone names names, identifying at least three illegitimate children fathered by LBJ while President
or Vice President and revealing Johnson's simultaneous sexual affairs with five women in the
White House Secretarial pool.
Stone outlines how LBJ stole $1 B in Gold bullion from the US Government, had the gold flown to
the LBJ ranch and then later to Canada for smelting. Stone also documents Johnson's daughters
unloading the gold on the International market after LBJ's death.
Stone tells the compelling tale of the Vietnam war profiteering of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson. He
exposes their stock ownership in defense contractors who benefited from multi-million dollar
contracts that were part of Johnson's escalation of the Vietnam war. Stone even outlines how
contracts for military helicopters with one company, Kaman, were abruptly canceled and re-awarded
to Bell Helicopter where the Johnsons owned stock, just days after LBJ became President.
Stone exposes Johnson and his right hand man Bobby Baker's ownership of a San Juan abortion
clinic and affiliated Capital Hill Travel Agency. Pregnant women seeking an illegal abortion could
purchase a "Weekend Holiday Package" that included their round-trip flight, abortion and hotel
Stone exposes how Johnson learned about and canceled a military plane ordered by Vice President
Hubert Humphrey that was to fly a Boston brain surgeon from Boston to Los Angeles in an attempt
to save the wounded Robert F. Kennedy's life. "Is he dead yet? Is he dead yet?" Johnson barked,
when informed of Kennedy's condition.
The hardcover edition of The Man Who Killed Kennedy - the Case Against LBJ" reached number 15
on the New York Times bestseller list last Fall. Now the new updated paperback edition greatly
expands the case against the most evil and mentally unbalanced man to ever occupy the White
House. And it is out just in time for LBJ's birthday!
Order your Copy Today - Now in Paperback - The new UPDATED edition of The Man Who Killed
Kennedy the Case Against LBJ- with two new blockbuster chapters.
SPECIAL  BOOK SIGNING -- AUSTIN TEXAS -- Sept 16.  Book People, 603 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX - 7 PM.
For more on Roger Stone, please visit and follow him on Twitter(@RogerJStoneJr) and Facebook.

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Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown used by Feds as Federal Emergency Powers test run? ISIS / ISIL Tie-In re: them capturing 88 pounds of Uranium to use as a dirty bomb in the US?

Update: Dan Page - a psyop or not a psyop, that is the question


First off – I listened to his presentation. But something is wrong. I have over 20 years of a military background….. CSM Mark Ripka served as CSM of AFRICOM from its beginning until 2011. Command Chief Master Sergeant Jack Johnson Jr. followed him….and the it was Command Sergeant Major Darrin J. Bohn (current).

Watch at 23:59.
I call Fake….sorry ya’ll




Reddit discussion:


The Weird Case of Dan Page


Dan Page & CNN: Real Protest vs Fake Protest 

Published on Aug 25, 2014

What's real and what isn't; Infiltration of the "Patriot Movement".

If you don't get it after this, I can't help you, good luck.






Updated comment:

Dan Page is either a total liar, telling the truth or part of some government psyop, or fbi agent/informant out there to cook up cases against dummies, the gullible or just plain innocent people. Watch the videos. If he is lying about his experience in re: 9/11 as to a colonel flying into Bosnia, showing a group of special forces a presentation that had the photo listing of each of the 19 9/11 hijackers a month before 9/11 happened then he falls into either the liar category or the liar and a person conducting psyops, sting ops for the military/fed gov.? 35:27 on the first 1 hr video he mentions about the Fed gov. getting ready to take thousands of acres of land (alluding to Cliven Bundy events earlier this year. The latest info. re: ISIS / ISIL is that they have been working with Mexican drug gangs to get past our borders to strike us at their leisure, supposedly 1000's of malls across the US, and that 88 pounds of uranium was stolen by them (dirty bombs anyone?), and that the beheader of Mr. Foley is some British rapper. British rapping dirty bombers for breakfast anyone? Geez, what is the world coming to? (The deft of mind realize I am being facetious here.)


P.S. Question, either way how do you like your slavery? re: 14th Amendment info.


Update: Mr. US Military former top brass psyops officer Dan Page suspended from St. Louis County Police Department. Search:

One alternative media search:

Good thread:

Poor attempt by Mother Jones to cover what is being discussed in the alternative media which doesn't talk about or bring up about Mr. Page being a DHS or other government agency shill involved in psyops,.


Sat Aug 23, 2014 15:03


There was a mistake in a story I read about Dan Page. Not surprising, seeing how media misleads on everything.

His speech to the Oath Keepers was April 2014, not April 2012.

And when he says America only has 18 months before TSHTF, this means we are in the final phase - NOW - if we are going to prevent this!



This Dan Page guy also mentions towards the end of the first video certain information about 9/11 as to he and other military officers having been shown the whole photo list of the 19 9/11 hijackers before 9/11 and that there was going to be an attack on the United States.

"I was the very first soldier, you can look at that, I was the very first ones into Afghanistan when the war started. I was already there. And I want to tell you about what I know about 9/11. I told you I would. Colonel Capil (sic) a full-bird Colonel, commander of SOCEUR (Special Forces Command Europe) flew into Bonia and he assembled all of the SF guys under one, up in the green house, that would be in that building over there, he assembled us all in there. And this was in 1999 (Teknosis: I think he means 2001 unless of course he is making this whole thing up), this was August the 1st if I remember correctly. He says gentlemen, no men sorry, there's about to be an attack upon the United States and he put on a presentation like I'm putting on to you, and he put up on the screen all the people that were involved, gonna be involved in it. They were already there. 19 of em were from Saudi Arabia, only 1 of em was from somewhere else, but we attacked Afghanistan, hmm, that sounds logical to me. Saudi Arabia sent em in, go blow up Afghanistan. And he says after that happens the United States will be forever changed. And this man was highly respected. With that in mind he went down to Charlie, that'd be the place to go home, he flew home and he retired. He said I'm not going to be part of what America's going to turn into. 30 days later you know what happened."



by Glenn Canady


Okay, this is pretty strange and has been well researched by many amateur researchers on the internet. The man in the top photo is retired Sgt Major Dan Page (Army Ranger) who has been shown many times in the alternative media giving a speech to some Oath Keepers in the St. Louis area. The video of the entire speech is here for you to watch later. To get to the meat of this quickly watch the shorter second video which ties it all together.



In the video he explains the dangers that are coming to America and that if we don’t change things at the ballot box we will have to go to the bullet box.  He seems like a pretty patriotic guy in this video. Hey says we have the right to get rid of our current government.


 Here are some of his important quotes from the speech:


“Contractors are going to come in – maybe me.” -


“They’re going to kill you. That person sitting next to you won’t  be sitting there because they’re going to be gone because somebody like me is going to come in and kill you.”


“The new constitution is all ready to go. They only need the right incident to bring it down and they’re working on that right now. We’re not very far away from an event that’s going to bring what you call, martial law, that term will never be used by the way Emergency Police Powers will be.”   


During the speech he said he still carries a secret clearance and had just left Fort Leonard Wood (military base in the Missouri Ozarks). He said he gets briefed every six months.  


Here’s some more quotes:


“The news media is going to start banging on something – could be Ukraine, could be we don’t know. That’s how psychological warfare works. They talk about THIS and this is happening over here. It’s called a distraction.”


“So number one is – there’s going to be an emphasis on an international event – the news media is going to pound it, pound it, pound it. The second thing is you’re going to see a group or a person guilty of racism or something along those lines and they’re going to start pounding on that. They want your attention over here. The third thing you’re going to start seeing is people will be arrested for domestic terrorism. The fourth thing you’re going to see and this is what I’m going to talk to the ladies about – it’s what I call ancient hate, ancient madness, ancient revenge. When these things start to happen, people are going to start rioting. The EBT cards are going to shut down. Can you imagine what’s going to happen in St Louis County when the EBT cards go down, when the ATM machines don’t work?”  


“When the inner cities start to erupt, people are going to start killing people they don’t like."


“Right now in the United States, most Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs and Lieutenants and above will go to the FBI academy. When they go to the FBI academy, they come back brainwashed for some reason. Now I know that the St. Louis County police has that policy, I do not know about the rest of them but every Sheriff will go to the FBI academy.”


“Incidentally, there is a movie out with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s called  Escape… that boat exists, it’s real. That boat does exist, I’m telling you for a fact.”


“So I have to get permission from the Army to do this. I’m theirs, they own me.”


Note by Glenn: Okay so how does a “patriot” go from telling the truth about what’s going to come to actually being a part of the event he said was coming to America! Now for the record, I have found out that Dan Page did tell everybody after that speech that he was going to work for law enforcement and it’s probably safe to assume that he lived in the St. Louis area since the speech he gave to the oath keepers was in the St. Louis area and by his own admission he was checking in with Fort Leonard Wood which is in the Missouri Ozarks. So that’s not a huge deal.  


But what is a HUGE deal is when Dan Page tells us exactly what is going to happen in 2012 and then is a part of it all in 2014! He tells us in the speech that he still checks in with Fort Leonard Wood for a briefing every six months and he still has an active secret clearance! I’ve been told by people at that it’s pretty common for somebody that is a contractor for the DoD to get briefings every six months and that people like this are working for the Department of Homeland Security all over the place! He even says at the speech that they “own him”. He had to get the okay for him to speak to them. Just what is Dan Page’s mission here?


Dan Page is the officer involved in the CNN psyop that looks totally staged! How did he go from being a “good  guy” warning us as to what would happen to part of the “bad guys” actually doing the psyop?  Did he go to the FBI academy after 2012 that he admitted was brainwashing everybody? And in the last video on this page, Dan admits that he worked in special forces and his specialty was psychological warfare (at about the 16:30 mark of the speech video) where he learned “how to destroy a nation from within without direct military contact”. What are the odds of this?   


I believe this is VERY important information! Was Dan Page completely mind controlled at the FBI Academy or through Fort Leonard Wood? What exactly is his mission? I don’t know what this all means but what does seem absolutely clear is that the Ferguson event is a STAGED event and Dan Page knew all about something just like this that would come to pass. How did he know this unless he had access to the plans? He seems to be following the script he talked about in 2012! That’s really the big deal here as well as his background in psychological warfare. 


Video that ties Dan Page the “patriot” to the Cop Part of the CNN Psyop. This is a MUST SEE! There’s no doubt this is the same man! Same voice, and Dan admitted he was going to be a law enforcement officer and he was from the area!



This is a RED ALERT! Get this post out to everybody through social networks and email lists. I don’t believe in coincidences such as one of the main players at Ferguson being trained in Psychological Warfare and admitting there was major brainwashing going on in the police departments and then being part of it all! Who knows if Michael Brown was mind controlled to get aggressive with a cop or if they just waited for a white cop to kill a black kid before they sprang into action. It really doesn’t matter at this point because we now have the proof that this entire thing was scripted and they want to start using “Emergency Police Powers” everywhere! Dan Page told us EXACTLY what was going to happen in 2014 back in 2012! He even mentioned that “Ukraine” could be used as one of the two events as well as a racial event! They are using Ukraine and ISIS now as the “other” event Dan talked about in the speech to the Oath Keepers and Ferguson is being used as the “racial” event!


Here’s the interview with Dan Page where I found out that he specialized in Psychological Warfare and Asymmetrical Warfare which is “how to destroy a nation from within without direct military contact.” You’ll hear that at about the 16:30 mark in this video. Get the word out everywhere so everybody knows that Ferguson is a staged event! They are following the exact script that Dan Page talked about in 2012!


UPDATE 6-23-14: Because of everybody sharing the information on Dan Page, he has now been suspended from the police department! They said that he made disturbing comments about gays, President Obama and said he would be killing people!  He said police hate everybody and that he’ll kill anybody! I want to thank everybody that shared this story on BeforeItsNews! We all did our part! Great job everybody! Enjoy the video where they talk about Dan Page being relieved of duty for his bizarre statements. I still want to know what his REAL mission is for the military! And one other bit of strangenesss is that the fake news people say he has been a cop for 35 years but Dan Page said he has recently retired from the military around the 2012 timeframe because of Obama.  There’s still a story here we don’t know yet!



Related in regards to our slavery:

The cat is out of the bag............

So what is this all about?

It has recently been widely discovered that the 14th Amendment which was supposed to free the slaves, was never properly legislated and is null and void. [Teknosis: much information can be gleaned here:] but check out the info. and vids in the Scanned Retina post below:

So why is this important? The Congress deliberately deceived the American people.
Also see:

Special Ops Deployed to Ferguson

Updated post:
Is it really going to take a new constitution where all our inalienable rights will be denigrated or can we just come to the realization that we are all equal before any fraudulent 14th Amendment and the tyranny of a rogue government? Also Dan Page said Black Robed Perverts (re: some Supreme Court Federal Judges) and not anything about the color of anyones skin? But Dan Page is either a total liar, telling the truth or part of some government  (or fbi agent/informant out there to cook up cases against the dummies, the gullible or just plain innocent people). Watch the videos. If he is lying about his experience in re: 9/11 as to a colonel flying into Bosnia, showing a group of special forces a presentation that had the photo listing of each of the 19 9/11 hijackers a month before 9/11 happened then he falls into either the liar category or the liar and a person conducting psyops, sting ops for the military/fed gov.?

P.S. Question, either way how do you like your slavery? See 14th Amendment info.
Re: Ferguson Psyop,Sargent Dan, and his predictions of major events
Ferguson Gang Leader says “Eric Holder Paid Us To Start Riots”

heating up today

Eric Holder’s career has survived a long list of scandals; The 2008 Black Panther
debacle, overturning Arizona’s immigration laws and ‘Fast and Furious‘ immediately
spring to mind. These, however, pale in comparison to the recent allegations against
Holder, the likes of which could easily land the Attorney General behind bars.
Evidence has been uncovered showing Eric Holder contributed funds to Ferguson’s
gang population as incentive to loot and spread civil unrest in the area. These angry,
government-sponsored terrorists have systematically infiltrated peaceful protests with
the intention of escalating the situation and inciting riots.

More here



August 22, 2014 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Paul Andrew Mitchell / Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF Document 153 Filed 08/04/14

Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF Document 153 Filed 08/04/14 Page 1 of 4


  Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF Document 96 Filed 06/13/14 Page 1 of 1




[Re: circled “United States of America” {Correctly spelled, BUT 50 States of the Union have no standing to appear as such : 28 US 1345!}]




[Re: circled 9:27 am, 6/13/14 | Stephen Harris | Clerk of Court {no credentials produced for 6+ YEARS! Carmine v. Bowen, U.S. v. Tweel}]


[Re: circled United States District Court For The District of Wyoming]* {lacks jurisdiction in personam (28 USC 1691)}


[Re: circled United States of America and Mitchell Paul Modeleski] {were “noms de guerre”}


[Re: circled Mitchell Paul Modeleski] {misnomer, not chosen name: see Doe v. Dunning, 549 P.2d 1}]


[Re: TYPE OF CASE:] {Retaliation : 18 USC 1513, 1519}


[Re: circled Criminal] {no criminal jurisdiction}


[Re: PLACE: J.C. O’Mahoney Federal Building | 2120 Capitol Avenue | Cheyenne, WY 82001 | Courtroom #1 with the entire address selected via brace {see USPS Pub. #221 (“foreign” address format)}, Federal crossed out {Feudal} and WY circled {not defined in Federal law}]


[Re: BEFORE: circled “Nancy D. Freudenthal | Chief, Untied States District Judge” {no credentials produced; conflicts of interest re: Clerk’s Office personnel}]




[Re: circled Competency Hearing {Court is out-of-order e.g. MOTIONS TO DISMISS (2x), no service of MOTION for psych eval served on Mitchell; no notice of hearing, and no hearing either – violated Due Process Clause of Fifth Amendment, a Fundamental Right: 18 U.S.C. 241, 242}]


[Re: circled STEPHAN HARRIS {“nom de guerre”}]

[Re: circled Clerk of Court {see above}]


[Re: circled Kellie Erickson | Deputy Clerk {no delegation from Harris is possible: Harris lacks credentials: SF-61 and 28 USC 951 OATH; now IN DEFAULT!}]

{* Wyoming is a judicial district, NOT a “United States District”}


{See OVER}


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF Document 153 Filed 08/04/14 Page 2 of 4


Please file and serve in: #2:14-CR-00027-NDF-2


NB: approximately 14 co-conspirators have now been formally charged in RELATOR’S FIFTH VERIFIED CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, ON INFORMATION with infringing, and conspiring to infringe, Rights guaranteed by Article VI, Clause 3, 7 of the first 10 Amendments, and 2 Human Rights Treaties, in violations of 18 U.S.C. 2, 3, 241, 242. Evidently, this white collar GANG take enormous delight from the commission of these serious crimes, with every expectation they will never EVER be prosecuted, criminally or civilly, because they enjoy daily rewards of the PROTECTION RACKET in which they are presently engaged also in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1962(d) (a FELONY Federal offense). Quod erat demonstrandum! (that’s Latin for all you public school graduates).


Paul Andrew Mitchell

All Rights Reserved


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF Document 153 Filed 08/04/14 Page 3 of 4


INMATE NAME: Modeleski, M. P. (given name) “E” pod, #45396


PO BOX 130

GERING, NE 69341-0130



TO: Office of Presiding Judge

U.S. District Court

2120 Capitol Ave., 2nd Floor

Cheyenne 82001-3658

Wyoming, USA



Re: #2:14-CR-00027-NDF-2


All Rights Reserved

(cf. UCC 1-308)


Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF Document 153 Filed 08/04/14 Page 4 of 4


Primary Authorities:

18 U.S.C. 2, 3, 241, 242, 1962(d),

(cf. UCC 1-308)

Please file and serve in: #2:14-CR-00027-NDF-2




Paul Andrew Mitchell has been bundled away by the US Government

Paul Andrew Mitchell Constitution, citizens, and the united states

2012 Interview with Paul

August 21, 2014 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Breaking News - Florida - Grand Jury Obstruction in Dixie County

Those of you in Florida need to pay attention here.
Folks in Dixie County are in need of assistance.
Heads up and keep your powder dry.

Numerous government officials, especially, law enforcement in Dixie County, are involved in drug smuggling. Dixie County is a major smuggling port. 35 years ago Bill Padget was the head of smuggling operations in that area of Florida. Bill Padget and Senator Bob Graham had divided the States smuggling operations at Highway 50. Graham controlled south of Highway 50 and Padget north, thereof.

We caught Graham on March 25, 1974, smuggling cocaine (Sebring airport); and in July 1980 (three tons) and October 1986 (four tons) smuggling marijuana at his home. Sad to say he never served a day in prison due to corrupt politics. And Graham was involved in the MURDERS of the Sheriffs of Glades, Highlands and Okeechobee Counties, which murders were all swept under the rug and not investigated. 

In 1974, Graham was also involved in a child porn and sex slave syndicate that was being run out of Lake Placid, Florida by one of the largest witches coven in the United States at that time. The whorehouse in Sebring, which was part of the operations of what is known today as MK-Ultra, was being operated by the county judge, and was only open to the super rich and public officials. 30 Congressman and 6 Senators paid frequent visits to this establishment, and Richard Nixon would not allow us to arrest any of them, because he was blackmailing them. What a scam!  

Women and children were being abused and tortured, while all the politicians were seeking personal pleasures or gain from misery of their victims. Let me assure you, there is nothing new under the sun, since operations still continue to this very day. See "Bush Crime Family and the Clintonistas" located on front page at

Also, see both articles on Pro Se Litigates on 
and information about the Florida Republics on  
Scroll to near the bottom of page and click on blue button marked Florida Republics.

Corrupt Dixie County officials will not go down without a fight, and they have organized crime to back them.

Sir David-Andrew.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Fw: Breaking News
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 07:49:55 -0700
To: undisclosed recipients: ;

BREAKING NEWS! They have acknowledged we lawfully exist, and we now have precedence to be used in other states and counties. We have the intent to return the common sense of Common Law back to ALL the courts ...



For more information contact John Guarneri at

From: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2014 12:39 AM
Subject: . . . The Rest Of The Story . . . 

Review "presentments" filed with the Clerk of Courts, Dixie County here.  CLDJ%20Dixie%20County%20FL%208-17-2014.pdf
   Hi Everyone
    I said that I would give an eyewitness report regarding
the Common Law Grand Jury victory in Dixie Co. and here it is.
In the beginning their was a man who belonged to a Tea party
and was a member of the CLGJ movement.
A few months ago he was called up for jury duty and found
himself on a county statutory grand jury with a judge asking who
 wanted to be the foreman. So he raised his hand and was sworn in.
A number of weeks ago he received evidence of criminal wrongdoing
taking place in his county and across the state and sought to bring
this information before the grand jury. Here is a summary of the first
meeting which took place on 8/1/14. Click the link to read. 
 The following two links are documents also filed with the clerk and letters of communication on the situation. Basically the States Attorney came into the session and assumed command to run the show. The attorney we believe thought they were meeting to investigate another county official and he was running interference to protect his associate and deflect the grand jury. Instead he dug himself a hole. (Aw)
This is an example of a presentment that they thought they might
be filing regarding the actions of the states attorney.
 On Monday the 11th a meeting was held where the foreman sought the support of the People of Dixie County to select and convene another Grand Jury since the first one was tainted.
That new Peoples Grand Jury met on Thursday the 14th, in the courthouse and in the courtroom, and there heard and decided two cases brought before it and was dismissed. Attached as PDF files are the final Presentments from that Grand Jury with the stamped and dated markings and seals.
That Thursday afternoon the statutory grand jury came too hear the cases it previously struggled with but was informed that they were taken care of and they were dismissed. The states attorney when the meeting started was publicly apologizing to both the jury and the foreman for his actions at the first meeting (too late). When the foreman was leaving the attorney changed his tune again and commented something to the effect that he didn't know
what the foreman was pulling with his kangaroo court session . . .
meaning the Peoples Grand Jury.
The foreman just warned him to watch what he said, and left. 
From here the fight is going to get tough so we need the support
monetarily and physically when we call for the People!
We also need all of you to talk to your family, friends, and neighbors.
Ask us for extra brochures and hand them out , we need all the people
support we can get.
We're doing all we can but we can't do it all for YOU!
Remember a people unwilling to fight for their own Liberty
don't deserve it anyway!
 Thanks      Mike
The cat is out of the bag............

So what is this all about?

It has recently been widely discovered that the 14th Amendment which was supposed to free the slaves, was never properly legislated and is null and void. [Teknosis: much information can be gleaned here:]

So why is this important? The Congress deliberately deceived the American people.

More related:  will spell it all out for you in language that you can understand

Dixie Set Aflame By the Torch of Liberty

Voila_Capture 2014-08-19_01-34-11_AM


Ferguson, MO—Where’s the GRAND JURY?!

Grand Juries Not So Grand


Grand Jury Foreperson arrested for simulating legal process:

Jury Foreman says:

As an expert on Grand Juries, I offer: the only elements of a grand jury requiring secrecy from the public are: juror’s identities; deliberations; voting. All other information becomes public when a true bill is produced. In the Dixie County case, the issue was never presented due to Siegmeister’s inappropriate and illegal control over the ‘independent’ process. I read Trussell’s letter to Judge Munkittrick. He did exactly what he was instructed to do; he reported Siegmeister’s antics to the Court and the Court did nothing. He also reported the problem to the Court Clerk and Sheriff and they did nothing. The Chief Judge of the Circuit (who was unknown to Trussell, and located in the next county), finally responded a week later, blaming Trussell for not reaching out to him when Siegmeister sabotaged the jury and its process. The People’s Grand Jury was formed in an effort to protect Trussell from incompetent and corrupt public officials.
Trussell was arrested for ‘criminal actions under of color of law’, or ‘impersonating a public officer under color of law’. His arrest warrant was never signed. The judge’s order, based on an unsworn statement, did not even mention arresting Trussell. From the legal standpoint: Trussell was kidnapped, imprisoned unlawfully, and was only released after paying the ransom demand. His persecution appears to be politically-motivated.
This is a case that bears watching. It’s interesting how looking for truth changes your perspective, rather than just following an agenda–eh, NBC?


August 20, 2014 in Current Affairs | Permalink

Two big JFK conferences coming up in late September in the Washington, DC area!

Two big conferences on the machine-gun riddled farce known as the Warren Commission coming up soon in September in the Washington DC area

From Robert Morrow   512-306-1510     Austin, TX

I highly recommend both of them. I also highly recommend buying the second edition of Roger Stone’s book The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ  (2 new blockbuster chapters) and also Phil Nelson’s new book LBJ: From Mastermind to “the Colossus

Go to the 6 minute mark of Robert Morrow’s July 31, 2014 interview with Jan Amos at her condominium in Dallas: Gen. Joseph J. Cappucci, a man very close to FBI J. Edgar Hoover, told Jan Amos and her husband Col. William Henry Amos in 1969 that Lyndon Johnson killed John Kennedy. Nixon, Goldwater, KGB and numerous LBJ insiders - all convinced that Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy.

The reason the Warren Commission was so FUBAR was that the murderer of John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson,  was the man who appointed the Warren Commission and his buddy of decades J. Edgar Hoover was the one supplying “evidence”  and convenient “conclusions” to the Warren Commission.

1) Assassinations Archives Research Center Sept 25-28th, 2014:  being held at the Bethesda MD Hyatt -  I highly recommend anything associated with Jerry Policoff, a decades long expert on the media’s treatment of the JFK assassination.

2) The JFK Historical Group - Sept. 26-28th at Crowne Plaza Old Town Hotel in Alexandria, VA. I highly recommend this conference as well. Web page:

3) Follow this Facebook page and Judyth Baker as well. I have met Judyth Baker and I am convinced she was Lee Harvey Oswald’s mistress in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. Judyth Baker -

The Warren Report 50 Years Later: A Critical Examination

What we know now, that we didn’t know then.

Presented By: The JFK Historical Group

David Denton, Ed Tatro, Walt Boyes, William Boyes,  Ben Boyes

September 26th-28th
Crowne Plaza Old Town Hotel, Alexandria, VA.

Many of the leading experts on the JFK Assassination and critics of the Warren Commission Findings will be meeting in Washington D.C. on this weekend, to give presentations on the various aspects of this topic.

Ed Tatro, Doug Horne, Phil Nelson, Russ Baker, Gary Powers Jr., Peter Janney, James Wagenvoord (former Life magazine editor and current whistle blower), Rick Russo, ( a key Nigel Turner consultant), and Gerald McKnight are among those that have agreed to give presentations and we are expecting others to be added as we go along.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, will be the keynote speaker at the proposed banquet.

The conference will begin at 9 AM on Friday, September 26th, and will run through the evening (there will be a meet and greet with conference speaker that evening), and all day Saturday. On Saturday evening, we will be having a banquet dinner and our keynote speaker will be giving his presentation. The Conference will conclude with presentations on Sunday morning. A more complete schedule will be released as the event gets closer. Registration and hotel accommodation details are included below:

Conference Fees: 

___$115, if paid before August 1st. After August 1st, $125.

___ Banquet Dinner and Keynote Presentation Fee of $53.

___ Hotel Accommodations, Special Rate of $119 for single, $129 for double a night. (Ask for JFK Historical Group rate). For more information about Hotel Accommodations, see the Hotel Brochure included.

Send your registration form and check or money order to:

David Denton, JFK Historical Group

1305 Hall St

Olney, Il  62450

For more info and updates check our website at: 

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The CIA hatched two plots to assassinate Nixon and sabotaged the Watergate break-in because they didn't want the Vietnam war to end, claims explosive new book


  • CIA and military Joint Chiefs infiltrated the White House and spied on Nixon, the late former president's longtime confidant Roger Stone writes
  • The agencies wanted room to run in Vietnam but Nixon turned dovish and began a troop withdrawal after his stunning White House victory in 1968
  • Two separate plans were drawn up to kill him
  • One, quickly dismissed, was a plot to fire a missile at Nixon's vacation compound in Key Biscayne, Florida
  • The other involved a staged gunfight at an anti-Vietnam War convention where Nixon was to speak, with an assassin shooting him in the chaos
  • The CIA obtained a gun and hired an assassin, but he refused to proceed when he found out who his target was

Read more: 


JFK Murder Truth telling - Heading to the Grassy Knoll on November 22nd - 50th Anniversary

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CIA involved in Kennedy Assassination Nixon believed

Nixon believed CIA involved in Kennedy Assassination

Posted: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 8:29 am

By Harold Pease, Ph. D

A new book, to be released September 2nd, discloses a previously unknown connection between Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy and the CIA. In fact, author Roger Stone, a former Nixon aide, asserts that Nixon “knew the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination” and was so pesky in his attempts to get them to disclose all their records that the CIA contemplated the assassination of Nixon as well. The book, Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon, demonstrates a definitely unfriendly relationship between himself and then CIA Director Richard Helms.

The plot to kill Nixon did not materialize, Stone alleges, because Nixon threatened to bring down everyone with what he knew of the Kennedy Assassination, including Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission, who as a committee member “knew that the autopsy records had been altered. In 1996, declassified documents revealed indeed Gerry Ford changed the autopsy {report} with a pencil” and that’s why Ford gave Nixon “a full, free and unconditional pardon.” The book is full of blackmail and intrigue.

Roger Stone wrote that the CIA “felt JFK had stabbed them in the back refusing adequate support for the Bay of Pigs invasion {of Cuba}, which the agency had masterminded.” Moreover, he identified Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson as having “engineered” the assassination “aided by the CIA” (“The CIA Plotted to Assassinate Richard Nixon,” Economic Policy Journal, June 2, 2014).

CIA involvement in the Kennedy Assassination has always been one of the principle theories having much support. With so much newer material now available, fewer and fewer believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Especially was this so after 1989, when the West gained access to KGB records showing Oswald a poor marksman during his stay in the USSR a few months before he fired three shots upon the Kennedy limousine with such amazing accuracy.

The link to Johnson is also not a new theory. More and more theorists have centered on Johnson for numerous reasons including his being the leading beneficiary of the death of his presidential predecessor and his immediately placing himself in charge of assembling the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination—even allegedly picking the individuals to serve thereon. Congress, with no vested interest in the outcome, should have formed the investigating committee. Johnson gained the most coveted office in the world. It is no secret that Kennedy planned to remove him from the ticket in the next election.

Renewed interest in the Johnson connection surfaced with the 1992 book, JFK: Conspiracy of Silence by Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw, one of the surgeons working on Oswald in Parkland Hospital. While doing so, he strangely received a phone call from President Johnson demanding that the physicians extract a deathbed confession from the accused assassin. Oswald died on the table without saying a word. Why is the new president obsessed with getting something on paper? The popular television documentary program 20/20 obtained White House logs of November 24,1963 and determined that the call could have been made (“JFK Assassination Interview with Parkland Hospital Doctor Charles Crenshaw,” 20/20, Utube).

Only two governmental investigations of the assassination have occurred each ending with conflicting conclusions. The Executive Branch’s 1964 Warren Commission Report supported the single gunman theory. The House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976, more than a decade later, concluded that Kennedy was, "probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy."

Dr. Crenshaw, also the last to see Kennedy after helping to place him in his coffin, disclosed the shocking information that the hole in Kennedy’s neck, then the size of a little finger, demonstrated an entry wound, not an exit wound—that the wound had been tampered with to look like an exit wound. In other words, this shot came from the front. This supported the multiple assassin theory concluded by the House of Representatives. Amazingly neither the Warren Commission, nor the House Select Committee on Assassinations, interviewed Surgeon Dr. Crenshaw.

Complicating full disclosure even more, some 51 years later, is the government’s continued refusal to release “about 1,100 records — each record comprises 1-20 pages — that are considered to contain information about confidential sources or methods or have national security implications.” Most are referred to as the Joannides files. These “sit in metal boxes on shelves in ‘a big room that temperature—and humidity—controlled.’ ” These records are thought to show CIA involvement in the Kennedy Assassination as Joannides was a CIA agent “whose activities just before the assassination and, fascinatingly, during a government investigation years later, have tantalized researchers for years” (“Kennedy probe files still sealed 5 decades later,” Associated Press, Nov. 15, 2013).

So until these, mostly CIA, records are finally released, and the federal government is finally transparent, historians are forced to use what we can and Roger Stone’s book Nixon’s Secrets, reveals fresh involvement of the CIA and possibly President Johnson in the plot to kill President John F. Kennedy. For historians and assassination buffs this should be a great read. Meanwhile we need to force the government to release all the Kennedy files.

Dr. Harold Pease is an expert on the United States Constitution. He has dedicated his career to studying the writings of the Founding Fathers and applying that knowledge to current events. He has taught history and political science from this perspective for over 25 years at Taft College. To read more of his weekly articles, please visit



JFK Murder Truth telling - Heading to the Grassy Knoll on November 22nd - 50th Anniversary

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NASA: New "impossible" engine works, to change space travel forever?

NASA: New "impossible" engine works, could change space travel forever

Don’t buy stock in impossible space drives just yet

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Gen. Joseph J. Cappucci, head of Air Force counterintelligence, told Jan Amos and her husband Col. William Henry Amos, that Lyndon Johnson killed JFK

Gen. Joseph J. Cappucci, the head of Air Force counterintelligence, told Jan Amos and her husband Col. William Henry Amos, that Lyndon Johnson killed JFK. Cappucci was the direct superior to Col. William Henry Amos. Cappucci made these comments after a party at the Hilton in Rome in 1969.

Gen. Cappucci was very close to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover who in turn was very close to Lyndon Johnson. Col. Bill Amos was the bright star working directly under Cappucci at that time, but he was an alcoholic and later had to leave the military.

Jan Amos later moved back to Dallas and worked in high end retail where she became friends and a personal shopper for the wives of the social elite of Dallas. She knew the Murchison and Perot families and numerous prominent Dallas families.

1) Go to the 6 minute mark of Robert Morrow’s July 31, 2014 interview with Jan Amos at her condominium in Dallas:



Air Force General Joseph J. Cappuci told military friends that Lyndon Johnson killed JF...


21 April 2014 - 05:31 AM

(Sidenote: I misspelled Joseph J. Cappucci's name in the title of this discussion board post. Here is a bio on him: )
On 11/21/2013 (the day before the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination) in Dallas while standing in Dealey Plaza, I met an 84 year old Dallas woman named Jan Amos. Her husband was Col. Bill Amos and he was assigned to Air Force intelligence in the 1960's.
In 1969, several months after Ted Kennedy-Chappaquidick incident, the topic of the Kennedys came up among her social group over drinks. Needless to say her social group of Air Force men and their wives pretty much hated the Kennedys.
At this point Gen. Joseph J. Cappuci, a man very high up in Air Force counter-intelligence and a man who had a personal friendship with J. Edgar Hoover said that Lyndon Johnson had murdered John Kennedy.
That was the first that Jan had heard that bit of blockbuster information.
After the intimate party had broken up, probably from the Hilton in Rome, Italy, Col. Bill Amos told his wife Jan Amos "Jan, you are never to repeat a word that Gen. Capucci spoke."
Gen. Cappucci had clearly indicted Lyndon Johnson for the JFK assassination and said that his close personal friend J. Edgar Hoover had confirmed this to him.
I am getting Jan to more fully write this up and I want to get her on video. Also, she has another military wife, alive today in 2014, who can confirm her story.
If you want more info on Brigadier General Joseph J. Cappucci, please google him. A lot comes up; he was high level Air Force intelligence and not a bit player.




Retired   September 01,1974     Died  June 10,1992

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Brig. Gen. Joseph J. Cappucci is director of defense investigative service, Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

General Cappucci was born in Bridgeport, Conn., in 1913. He attended elementary and high schools in that city. He graduated from the University of Wyoming and received his commission as a second lieutenant, Army Air Corps Reserve, from the Reserve Officers Training Corps program in June 1935. 

General Cappucci entered active military duty in October 1940 with initial assignment at Westover Air Base, Mass. In May 1942 he attended the Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., upon completion of which, he was transferred to the European Theater of Operations and placed on special duty with the British Intelligence Service. After his return to the United States in 1944, he performed duties as a counterintelligence and intelligence officer with the Army Air Corps until July 1946, when he was placed on detached service to the Central Intelligence Agency. He was integrated into the Regular Air Force in 1946 and in May 1947 he was transferred from the Central Intelligence Agency to the Directorate of Intelligence, U.S. Air Force. 

He was assigned to the Counterintelligence Division, Directorate of Special Investigations, in August 1948 when the Office of Special Investigations was activated. In January 1952 he was transferred to the Directorate of Special Investigations, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, and served as chief, Counterintelligence Division. While in USAFE, he was a member of various intelligence boards in Germany, France and other areas in USAFE, and was responsible for putting into effect a counterintelligence program throughout all USAFE areas of interest. General Cappucci was awarded the Legion of Merit by the Commander in Chief, USAFE, for his outstanding performance of duty during this period of service. 

Upon his return to the United States in August 1955, he was assigned to the Counterintelligence Division, Directorate of Special Investigations, U.S. Air Force. In August 1958 he was assigned as commander, OSI District 13, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., and held this position until February 1961, when he was assigned as director of special investigations, Pacific Air Forces. General Cappucci was awarded another Legion of Merit by the commander in chief, PACAF, for outstanding service as director of special investigations, PACAF. 

He was transferred to the Office of The Inspector General, U.S. Air Force, in January 1964 and assumed the duties of deputy director of special investigations for operations in the Directorate of Special Investigations. He was appointed director of special investigations, and commander, 1005th Special Investigations Group in June 1964, which at that time was a worldwide, centrally directed organization.


General Cappucci retired Aug. 31, 1967, and was recalled to active duty Sept. l, 1967,to again serve as director of special investigations and commander of the 1005th Special Investigations Group. He was awarded two Distinguished Service medals for exceptionally meritorious service in a duty of great responsibility as director of special investigations. On Dec. 31, 1971 the Air Force Office of Special Investigations was created as a separate operating agency. General Cappucci retained his position as director of special investigations while also becoming Commander, AFOSI. At that time, the 1005th Special Investigations Group was disestablished. 

In April 1972 General Cappucci was appointed director of Defense Investigative Service, Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

Besides the Command and General Staff School, he also has attended the U.S. Air Force Special Investigations School, British Secret Intelligence School, Air Intelligence School, Radar Observer Intelligence School and the Airborne School, and holds the ratings of parachutist and gliderman. 

In addition to the United States military decorations, he has been awarded the National Order of Vietnam in grade of Knight; Vietnamese Medal of Honor, 1st Class; Vietnamese Air Service Honor Medal; Philippine Legion of Honor; Philippine Legion of Honor (Commander); Most Exalted Order of White Elephant (2d Class-Knight Commander) (Thailand); Republic of Vietnam Air Force Distinguished Service Order (First Class); the Special Cravat of the Order of Cloud and Banner - Republic of China; Republic of China Police Medal; and the Order of National Security Merit Cheon-Su Medal, Republic of China. 

He was promoted to the temporary grade of brigadier general effective June 1, 1965, with date of rank May 22, 1965. 

(Current as of April 15, 1972)



Senior Air Force officer saw JFK’s assassination as ‘a military coup’

JFK Murder Truth telling - Heading to the Grassy Knoll on November 22nd - 50th Anniversary

Colonels at Dealey Plaza

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By Dr. Alvin B. Kuhn


* Edited by Juan Schoch ( for educational research purposes

When in a field of human interest and a science as important as that of psychology an epochal contribution has been made by an outstanding figure, it is of vital concern to Theosophy to scrutinize the development so as to determine what relation it may bear to Theosophy. Such a significant movement confronts us in the great contribution of the eminent and now-aging psychologist, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, rated widely as the most profound investigator of psychic science in the special department known today as psychoanalysis. There is a supposition of some general prevalence that Jung has swung psychology fairly closely over toward Theosophy and even some idea that he has endorsed Theosophy. It is true that in an earlier work, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, he has written appreciatively of Theosophy’s approach to the problems of psychism. Much of his writing seems to indicate a commitment to fundamental Theosophical principles, underlying the occult constitution of man. In a survey that can not be either thorough or comprehensive it will be of interest to determine how closely his psychoanalytic science falls in line with the principles of occult psychology.

As a Theosophist sees it; the tremendous problem which modern academic psychology faces is to arrive at an understanding of psychic forces, their operation and rationale, without the basic technical knowledge of the mechanics of the psyche and its modes of consciousness which Theosophy has the enormous advantage of possessing. The current psychology knows nothing about the “occult” constitution of man, in which the organization of matter at several grades of atomic structure gives the psyche the power to function consciously at different levels, as the physical, the vital or pranic, the emotional, mental and spiritual, each implementing its own rate, grade and character of energic expression. A more detailed knowledge of this structural system of our psychic equipment enables the Theosophist to account for psychic phenomena upon which the conventional systems of current psychology can only blindly speculate.

Yet in spite of this default of the true scientific grounds of psychological competency modern psychology has made a prodigious forward stride in its truly epochal discovery of the “unconscious”. It is, however, still miles away from knowing that what it takes to be the simple subsistence of a realm of unconsciousness underlying our conscious awareness is by no means simple, but instead is a complex of a number of differentiated states or modes of unconscious subconsciousness, so to say. Just as physical science postulated the atom and believed it had the irreducible simple unit of mass structure, but then discovered some 14 more basic constituent particles to go along with the primary proton and electron, so psychoanalysis has yet to discover the several interrelated sub-elements that enter into the total complex of man’s conscious potential. Professional psychology has been the basis of the very apt comparison of the human consciousness with an iceberg: the perceptible consciousness of our waking state, they say, is the small upper visible section of the iceberg, while submerged out of sight beneath it is the immensely larger body of the unconscious. As a broad analogy the comparison well states the case. But consciousness is the product of a far more intricate and complicated structure of parts and elements than the iceberg. And “orthodox” psychology lacks the technical knowledge of these sub- and super-conscious states which the occult science stands ready to give it. Still we can feel that general psychology is progressing in the right direction taking it ever closer to Theosophy, and not away from it. The growing vogue of “parapsychology” and “extrasensory perception,” along with the work of mediums and psychics of reputed fame and status, are likely to push general investigation to the point of closer affinity with Theosophy.

Lacking the full background of esoteric science, Jung has aimed to rationalize and systematize his analysis of the relation of consciousness and the unconscious to each other, on the grounds and in the terms of traditional religionism, when he might have done infinitely better to have used the Theosophical fundamentals. So he deals with such psychic or spiritual entities as the soul, the self, the ego, the psyche, the “libido,” and a very wraith-like pair he calls the anima (Greek, “soul,” — feminine), and its masculine counterpart, the animus, and of course both God and the gods. The ones that figure most prominently in his scheme of elucidation are the psyche, which he uses as a general covering term for the unit of our ordinary consciousness, the self and the ego. And the way in which he correlates the concept of God with these individual elements of the soul’s life is very curious and interesting. It all shows that in his study he is mulling around right on the ground of Theosophical spiritual science, and is coming close to Theosophical conclusions at one point or another. We can gain some pretty clear insight into his line of investigation if we consider his analysis of these entities which he has predicated in the life of the psyche, or soul. The scheme of relationship of the self, the ego, the gods and God yields much in the way of fruitful ideas even for esotericists.

Having mainly the two kinds of consciousness to use as the ground for all systematic analysis, the conscious and the unconscious, he finds the latter quite handy for the task of explaining the interaction of the several elements, particularly the one both he and we know least about, God, by the simple ruse of allocating them to the unconscious. He sets them up as the hidden powers of our unconscious, and says that they influence us, rule us, from there. He even says that India is trying to influence us toward its negative and supremely subjective philosophies “by the back door of the unconscious.”

It is inevitable, then, that in this nameless and nebulous region from which destiny-shaping influences well up to dominate us, he locates “God”.

If this term is not used, in the common anthropomorphic sense as we see is ignorantly employed by religionists, but in the general sense of the ultimate determinative power in our lives and the world, it is indeed intriguing to see how Jung conceives the idea of deity. It might be said that he makes God and the unconscious synonymous. At any rate he locates God in the unconscious.

At once it is seen as a most significant thing that by so doing he brings God from outside man, somewhere at the summit of the universe, right into the area and constitution of man. Thus he makes God the immanent, not the externalized transcendental deity in relation to man. It is to be noted that he does not absolutely negate the transcendence of God. But the transcendence here is that of value and character, not of position; not beyond man, but a higher element potential in man. He simply infers that God is a power ensconced in man’s unconscious, a power that is higher than the power man consciously wields. If we could enter consciously into our great unconscious, we would find God there. But he conceals himself from us by keeping himself invisible and beyond the reach and range of our conscious experience.

As God must be conceived as the ultimate self-generating, self-moving power in our life, Jung characterizes him as “autonomous”, a law unto himself. And he therefore speaks of God as the “autonomous content” of our unconscious. This would be closely equivalent to what Edwin Arnold described as “the power within us, not ourselves, that makes for righteousness”. Jung, however, would qualify this by asserting that it is ourselves, or at least an integral portion of ourselves, indeed the most essential portion of ourselves, since he designates it as the very “self” of man, in distinction from the minor term ego, the open human unit of consciousness and being. The human ego, he asserts, is an individualized fragment of the higher and more inclusive self, or at least lives its life within the latter’s wider and deeper scope.

In passing it is most interesting to note that Jung’s allocation of deity to man in the entity he calls the self should go far to conciliate the eternal controversy between the theistic and the humanistic systems, admonishing the theists that divinity is indeed an integral portion of the human endowment, but also challenging the humanists to recognize that this segment of the human nature is not basically human, but divine. And if Jung has correctly characterized these two grades of consciousness and their relationship, both theist and humanist — as well as the rest of us — must face what appears to be the obvious inference from the situation, which is the somewhat surprising conclusion that the God power is indeed an integral portion and element of our human nature, but — on Jung’s premises — buried deep in the unconscious. As to the position of occultism on the matter, it has to be said that Jung’s theorization approximates it quite closely, speaking broadly, for surely the occult science identifies the deepmost soul of man with the God, nature, and it is latent until awakened. A skeptic or scoffer at religious predications of the sort might scurrilously ask us what is the good of our harboring a god in our unconscious self. The all-sufficient answer to this question would be: if you know he is there and will pay attention to him, you will become conscious of him and he will bless you in every way. We can let Jung state the case in his own way:

“The conception of God as an autonomous psychic content makes God into a moral problem, and that, admittedly, is very uncomfortable. But if this problem does not exist, God is not real, for nowhere can he touch our lives. He is then either an historical and intellectual bogey or a philosophical sentimentality.” (Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, p. 237)

The reflection that if we introduce God into our own lives as closely as in our very unconscious selves the relation generates an uncomfortable moral problem needs some clarification. It seems to say that if we realize that God is as close to us as that, a submerged portion of our own constitution, we are smitten suddenly with the realization that, with such an “honored” guest dwelling in our household of life, it may be incumbent upon us to give him a bit more of our attention and regard! We are reminded here of Tennyson’s estimate of the nearness of God to us in the aphorism: “Closer is he than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” Then Jung draws the tremendously pertinent deduction, that if God is not as close to us as that, he virtually sustains no relation to us at all. He stands too far away from us to mean anything vital to us. Only if God is a factor influencing us directly from deep within us can he touch us efficaciously. Jung has given forthright expression to this most crucial judgment in his earlier work, Modern Man in Search of a Soul. He is rebutting the Christian claim that the effort to imitate Christ will work the redeeming grace of salvation:

“The Imitatio Christi will forever have this disadvantage: we worship a man as a divine model embodying the perfect meaning of life, and then out of sheer imitation we forget to make real the profound meaning present in ourselves. If I accept the fact that a god is absolute and beyond all human experience, he leaves me cold. I do not affect him, nor does he affect me. But if I know, on the other hand, that God is a mighty power within my own soul, at once I must concern myself with him.”

These words, the utterance of which in the face of dominant conventional Christianity called for some courage, may become crucial for the continued existence of Western Christianity. For the statement spells out in the boldest letters the inescapable inference that by the very sincerity and intensity of the devotee’s effort to pour out his psychic forces of worship upon a historical man of 2000 years ago he will, to the exact degree of his consecration to this end neglect the living presence of the god power slumbering deeply within his own nature, needing to be awakened and called forth. The psychologist drives home the ineluctable logic of the situation in the assertion that if one’s relation to one’s God goes no deeper than an effort at outward imitation, it remains superficial and does not engage one deeply enough to stir one to the depths. But if, on the contrary, I know that my God is a power whose release and beneficent activity awaits my own mastery of a science deep and complex as life itself, then indeed my religion becomes a matter of infinite concern to me. The future of Western religion — the East is more specifically oriented to that attitude — almost certainly will hinge upon this cardinal recognition.

In a more recent work, Psychology and Alchemy, (p. 7) the psychologist expands this theme and gives a sharper thrust to its inexorable logic:

“I am speaking, therefore, not of the deepest and best understanding of Christianity, but of the superficialities and disastrous misunderstandings that are plain for all to see. The demand made by the Imitatio Christi — that we should value the ideal and seek to become like it — ought logically to have the result of developing and exalting the inner man. In actual fact, however, the ideal has been turned by superficial and formalistically-minded believers into an external object of worship, and it is precisely this veneration for the object that prevents it from reaching down into the depths of the soul and transforming it into a wholeness in keeping with the ideal. Accordingly — the divine mediator stands as an image, while man remains fragmentary and untouched in the deepest part of him. Christ can indeed be imitated even to the point of stigmatization [the reproduction of his bleeding wounds on hands and feet] without the imitator coming anywhere near the ideal of its meaning. For it is not a question of an imitation that leaves a man unchanged and makes him into a mere artifact, but of realizing the ideal on one’s own accountDeo concedente — in one’s own individual life . . . But with the Western man the value of the Self sinks to zero. Hence the universal depreciation of the soul in the West . . . Christian civilization has proved hollow to a terrifying degree: it is all veneer, but the inner man has remained untouched and therefore unchanged. His soul is out of key with his external beliefs; . . . Yes, everything is to be found outside — in image and in word, in Church and Bible — but never inside. Inside reign the archaic gods, supreme as of old; that is to say, the inner correspondence with the outer God-image is undeveloped for lack of psychological culture and has therefore got stuck in heathenism. Christian education has done all that is humanly possible, but it has not been enough. Too few people have experienced the divine image as the innermost possession of their own souls. Christ only meets them from without, never from within the soul. Paganism, in a form so blatant that it can no longer be denied, is swamping the world of so-called Christian culture.”

Since this cancer of heathenism — the lawlessness, juvenile criminality, sensuality and viciousness of all sorts now threatening even personal security in our cities — involves us in all its actual perils, and the psychologist traces its cause to Christian theology, it is of vital concern to all of us. We have got to try to have Christianity cure the disastrous canker eating at its heart. This canker springs from the worship of a divine ideal embodied in a human personage of ancient times, when the only healing power able to eradicate it is the ultimate knowledge that man, to exalt and deify himself, must exalt and deify the Christ child still lying asleep in the cradle of his own soul.

The indictment of Christianity by the psychologist is sensationally arresting because it charges the religion with fatal weakness at the very point where it claims it is stronger than any other religion on earth. Christianity has based its claim of superiority and unique value on the alleged fact that it alone of world religions offers to mankind the one and only divine Son of God, or God himself manifest in human flesh, as certitude of our possible divinity. Jung says that this is good as far as it goes — but it is not enough. There is a whole world of difference between this image-worship and the true psychic reality of Christliness. He grants that it can psychologically mean much to a person to try to be like Christ. But, in the finale — and this, dear reader, is the nub of the entire debate — the only efficacy and saving reality of the culture is for one to become and be the Christ himself! For each one of us potentially is the Christ, and any worship that falls short of progressively actualizing the ideal potential in the soul is sheer veneer. “Now are ye all sons of God,” affirms the revered Scripture. “For ye are gods and the sons of the Highest.” The deadly sin and error in any religious system is in turning the direction and focus of divine worship away from the heart of the worshipper toward an ideal image located outside. Ancient occult science affirmed that it was ever the veriest blasphemy for the human to worship a power outside himself.

Some most important corollary implications inhere dialectically in Jung’s analysis of this fundamental psychological defect in Christianity. So far as I am aware, Jung has not pointed out the glaringly obvious further logical deduction from it, that if God has the wish and the aim of rearing all his earthly sons and daughters in the image and likeness of his own nature — and how could any child fail to manifest a likeness to their Parent! — it is an egregious and wholly unnatural presumption that he should have ever been represented as having one only Son, a predication which at one stroke abrogates the possibility of divine sonship to all other humans ever to come on earth. It seems incredible that Christian divines have never realized that in exalting one-only Son of God they rob and make vile all other children of the Father. Christianity has loudly vaunted its claim to be the religion that has elevated the “dignity of human nature.” But what greater indignity can you inflict on the human being than to rob him of his divinity? This is in effect what Jung is courageously telling us. It could be excitingly revolutionary for orthodox religion.

By abstracting the Christ power from all men save the Galilean carpenter and persistently flaunting in the face of man the wretched worm-of-the-dust status of his physical humanity, Christianity had demonstrated most tragically its lack of knowledge of the occult soul science which would have kept this half-truth in proper balance with the other half of it, the potential divinity of his higher self. On his purely physical side man is the lowly worm. But it is that same worm, evolved to biological miracle in the body of man himself, that will bear the human in the end up to and through the gate of the holy city of spiritual consciousness and glory, with the hosts of heaven strewing palm branches and singing hosanas. For there is joy in heaven over the return of every son of God who has gained victory on earth. When will Christianity recognize the psychological folly and tragedy of lugubriously Sunday after Sunday beating down the spirit of its worshippers with the reminder of their lowly status as animals on the bodily side, the while it steals away from them the glorious knowledge that they themselves can wield the Christ power to cleanse the corruption of the flesh and glorify themselves as the Christs they are and are to be? Overwhelming them with the conviction of their natural sinfulness and expressly denying to them any power within themselves to cure it, it sends them out hopelessly bewildered as to how they shall cajole Jesus — once living in Galilee but now gone off somewhere, or God in the skies — into forgiving them of their sins and redeeming them of their despicable unworthiness. And all this in utter disdain of the promise in their own Scriptures: “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Over the whole of the third and fourth centuries the Christian theologians in their bitter councils fought over the question whether the Son, second Person of the Trinity, was of the same substance as the Father, or only of like substance. It split the Church into the Athanasian and the Arian factions, and the point has never been settled to this day. It might be said that at the human individual level it is still the great crucial question that the Church theology is unable to answer. And Jung has thrown it on the screen of modern psychology in sharp focus and outline. Is the human individual of the same nature as the Christ, or is he only able to be like the Christ? And Jung virtually asserts that Christianity is doomed if it can not give the answer on the side of sameness. As long as Christian dogmatism makes a historical Christ the unapproachable paragon of deific perfection, the wings of devout Christian consecration and aspiration are psychologically clipped from the start. The Church prods its people with the spur of the hope of salvation into an enterprise in their spiritual life which at the same time it assures them they can never successfully consummate! It were the most arrant presumption for the Christian worshipper to think that he could ever be as good as Jesus!

The difference between being the same as the Christ or only like him may seem on the surface to be quite inconsequential. It is really a vast abyss. Of course “likeness” is here a very indefinite term; there can be many degrees of similarity. So the debate is largely gratuitous. Nevertheless the Church could have taken its sure cue from the statement of the Gospel Jesus that “I and the Father are one.” Indian philosophy has built largely upon the thesis that the individual Atman is one in nature with the Brahman of the cosmos. From this great doctrine, which inspired the American Transcendental movement in New England, Emerson drew his axial philosophy that the divine soul of the human is a fragment of the Oversoul of the universe. Can there be any quibble over the identity in nature of God; and his children? If our souls are seed-sparks of the nature of God, the life and consciousness they unfold in evolution can manifest no other being than that of the Father.

So it is not cosmic Deity that needs man’s exultation and added glorification; it is the seed of that same Deity seminally sown in the bodies of God’s children on earth, that stands in sore need of cultivation for its education and growth. If we are cells in the body of God, the only way by which we can increase his glory is by increasing the light and glory in all the cells. What a miscarriage of evolutionary procedure that the homage of millions over many centuries has been poured out lavishly, and one might say slavishly, upon one single figure, who, as the claimed Morning Star of the creation and indeed its Logos, surely already was haloed with enough glory so that he would not have needed the worship of lowly mortals on earth!

Viewed thus in its expanded connotations, Jung’s delineation of the fatal flaw in the Christian system can be of vital moment in the world today. His conception of God, formulated according to principles of a scientific methodology, seems to necessitate the transferal of the entire alleged historical basis of its provenance over into the realm of purely subjective events in human consciousness. This is readily seen when we consider, in the light of Jung’s findings, that the God pictured in Christian imagination as a great Being seated aloft in the cosmos, dissolves, as it were, into a universal subsistent all-pervading essence, force or mind, and the alleged historical Jesus is metamorphosed into a power driving for rulership of our life from deep within our collective unconsciousness. Every time in the last two or three centuries that science has announced a new fact or principle incontestably demonstrated, the incrustations and obsessions of ingrained religious fixations, venerated mainly for their antiquity rather than honored for their truth, have had to melt away like winter’s ice before the sun of spring. Jung’s focusing of the sun of true knowledge upon the errant and arrant formulations of ignorant pietism in theology can confidently be expected by the occultist to melt down some more of the hardened deposit. Long before Jung came on the scene Theosophy promulgated the basic truth that the power making for righteousness in the world was a submerged element or conscious entity resident within the area of man’s being, amenable to conscious cultivation and development by the intelligent effort of the conscious unit.

But there is both interest and instruction in following the psychologist’s more detailed elaboration of his theses. It is fascinating to see how he arrives at his characterization of “God” within the confines of our unconscious self. This is a matter demanding some mental dexterity, since, he affirms, we are at once confronted with the most baffling obstacle to knowledge, in the fact that the unconscious, where God resides and operates upon our lives, is not an object of consciousness. It is admittedly an unpromising situation when we have to deal with something of which we can not be conscious. By sheer definition the unconscious can not be brought under observation for study. It is the great unknown. In fact he says that we can predicate the unconscious only by noting its effects in our conscious realm and postulating for them a cause that operated in our unconscious. It is as if we become aware of forces impinging upon us from some mysterious invisible source and logically have to predicate for them a cause lying in an unknown realm. We have a vague sense of being haunted by an imperceptible presence and power. We can only struggle to infer its nature from a study of its effects. As Longfellow in Evangeline wrote:

And behind the great unknown

Standeth God within the shadow,

Keeping watch o’er all his own.

From his thesis of the “autonomous contents” of the unconscious Jung rationalizes the nature of those contents as “divine.”

“If we leave the idea of ‘divinity’ out of account and speak only of ‘autonomous contents’, we maintain a position that is intellectually and empirically correct, but we silence a note which, psychologically, should not be missed. By using the concept of a divine being we give apt expression to the peculiar way in which we experience the workings of these autonomous contents . . . Therefore, by fixing the attribute ‘divine’ to the workings of the autonomous contents we are admitting their relatively superior force . . . It is a force as real as hunger and the fear of death.”

Here indeed is keen insight and clear recognition of forces at work within our souls. In the sum of our experience deep within the psyche we inevitably come to feel that a power invisibly dominating our lives from a secret seat within us must be considered to be our fate, our destiny, our ruler, — our God. (Or we would if we had not been hypnotized by ages of teaching that our God is off somewhere in remote heavens.) Whatever our outward mental indoctrination may have been, we are inexorably involved in the experience of psychic events that seem to testify to the presence of a controlling power within the psyche. Even though we may have extruded God from the hearthside of our innermost being, he thus still rules us from within ourselves. It is staggering to reflect how much we might aid him in his chore of ruling us if to the haunting sense of his presence and power we added the actual knowledge and recognition of his presence with us.

Remembering that Jung calls this overmastering divine power within us the “self” (Theosophists usually capitalize it), a mere fragment of its universal totality constituting the single human ego consciousness, he clearly delineates the relation of this unit ego to the all-inclusive self. “The individuated ego senses itself as the object of an unknown and superordinate subject.” This subject, a consciousness of a superior order — so much so as to merit the name “divine” — Jung characterizes now as “irrational,” since we can hardly think that our limited human reason can fathom or rationalize the great Mind of God. So he says:

“Sensing the self as something irrational, as an indefinable existent, to which the ego is neither opposed nor subjected, but merely attached, and about which it revolves very much as the earth revolves around the sun, — thus we come to the goal of individuation . . . In this relation nothing is knowable, because we can say nothing about the contents of the self. The ego is the only content of the self that we do know.”

And he then says that obviously “our psychological inquiry must come to a stop here, for the idea of a self is itself a transcendental postulate which, although justifiable psychologically, does not allow of scientific proof.” For further pursuit of our inquiry, he says, we must take a step beyond science, and we must make this leap into the unknown simply because:

“without this postulate I could give no adequate formulation to the psychic processes that occur empirically. At the very least, therefore, the self can claim the value of an hypothesis analogous to that of the structure of the atom. And even though that should be once again enmeshed in an image, it is none the less powerfully alive and its interpretation quite exceeds my powers. I have no doubt at all that it is an image, but one in which we are contained.”

Here Jung gives expression to the great and necessary maxim — dear to the occultist — that we dare not limit our conclusions or our hypotheses about such a power only to what science can demonstrate empirically. If we observe phenomena whose causes lie deeply submerged out of sight, we must project tentative theories to explain them causally. If the theories provide adequate answers, they may be adopted at least tentatively as true. Science itself works hypothetically. From all this maze of experience and inference we arrive at the understanding that in the deep dark recesses of our being there resides and constantly works a superior power of which we are unconscious. As it lies in this dark underworld, we have to plead our poverty of knowledge of it. “In this field, hitherto so dark, it seems to me that there lie the answers which the psychology of consciousness has never even approached.”

Modern academic psychology, perhaps, but how about considering the psychology of occult science? We would venture to suggest to the eminent psychoanalyst that he could with great profit examine the arcane science of Theosophy. This science has pierced the dark regions both of the sub- and the superconscious area of the psyche and has found those answers he asserts lie there.

Further interest is found in following Jung’s identifications of the autonomous contents of the unconscious with man’s God. This is illuminating because there is not present at first sight anything in the sphere of man’s interior operation of conscious states that would ordinarily take on the character of sanctity or stir religious moods or values. Psychology, purely as science, seems to lie wholly in the field of specifically secular, not religious interest. There would seem to be no more sanctity about our mental or psychic operations than, for instance, about physiology. Yet it is true that it is precisely in the domain of our psychic life that religious motivations are generated. Certain casts of feeling, classed as spiritual or mystical, deep sensings and high afflations, lift man into the upper strata of the religious atmosphere.

So Jung writes:

“Religion is a worship of the highest and most powerful value, be it positive or negative . . . You can accept, consciously, a value by which you are possessed unconsciously. The psychological fact which wields the greatest power in your system functions as a god, since it is always the overwhelming psychic factor that is called ‘God’. As soon as a God ceases to be an overwhelming factor he dwindles to a mere name. His essence is dead and his power is gone.”

Then he asks why the gods of antiquity lost their prestige and their effect on the human soul and answers by saying that “the Olympians had served their time and a new mystery began: God became man.” This startling pronouncement would have us infer that the more primitive people of antiquity had externalized the power controlling their lives, embodying it in deities whom they thought resided everywhere in nature, as tree-gods, mountain-gods, water-gods, earth-gods, sky-gods. If the transition from belief in Gods-outside to Gods-inside came to replace the naturalistic concept with that of gods as the “autonomous contents” within man’s own psyche, and “God became man,” one must challenge Jung for the evidence of so radical and sweeping a transposition of value and of understanding. To be sure, some evidence is at hand in St. Paul’s declaration that the Christ-power is “within you, the hope of glory” for all men, and in the whole range of experience of saints in mystical Christology. Yet Jung’s analysis that all our gods are just the creation of our own psychic projections, as he calls them, would today be rejected by 95% of religionists as almost a blasphemous insult to cosmic Deity. And a quite conclusive rebuttal of this thesis, if nowhere else, would be found to inhere in the fact that the Hindus are declared to have postulated several hundred million gods. We know that no human psyche ever conceived, or could conceive, that number of “autonomous contents” lurking in its depths. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans exhausted their list at some 20. After all, it must be conceded to be against simple logic for man to accept the idea that, while he naively thinks that a great Power created him, he must believe the opposite when Jung informs him that he himself has created his supposed Creator! If we bow to Jung in this analysis of the origin of the God-concept in man’s psychic life, we can do so only by ignoring the simplest premises of the human thought situation. As man sees orders of actual beings in the range of life below him in the world, it is for him a legitimate assumption that there are also beings in the range of life above him, and for these the term “gods” seems an appropriate name. And it comes to him also as logically permissible to think of the total power creating the universe as “God”.

A repudiation of Jung’s God-creating propensity on the part of man does not, to be sure obliterate the raw fact that man does impute to his gods and his God his own characterizations. In this the human mind simply endeavors to match the observed creation with the concept of a power adequate to account for it. And he must account for it under the terms of his own understanding. This does inevitably bend the human concept of God toward an anthropomorphic pattern. The necessity for the concept is logical and the form or content of it is psychological. Man lives in and observes the creation. He virtually must assume that it is the work of an intelligent power able to produce it as it is. If this is what Jung means by man’s creating his gods, it is a truism. But against his more specific claims stands the historical fact that the wisest of men have distinctly refrained from giving any descriptive character to the God power. For they denominated it the Unknown, and discouraged all efforts to characterize it.

Since Jung virtually identifies this God power in the dark depths of our unconscious with the “self,” it will clarify the concept further if we examine this feature more closely.

“I have chosen the term ‘self’ to designate the totality of man, the sum total of his conscious and unconscious contents. I have chosen this term in accordance with the Eastern philosophy, which for centuries has occupied itself with the problems that arise when even the gods cease to incarnate. The philosophy of the Upanishads corresponds to a psychology that long ago recognized the relativity of the gods. This is not to be confused with a stupid error like atheism. The world is as it ever has been, but our consciousness undergoes peculiar changes. First . . it was rejected . . . (then) through the withdrawal of projections conscious knowledge slowly developed . . . this was the first stage in the despiritualization of the world.”

Pause must be made here to gather up the threads of the psychologist’s argument. Since, he affirms, man creates his gods, they can not be actual existent entities, but vary with the ideas man “projects” about them. Hence he speaks of the “relativity” of the gods. If man creates them, surely they are purely relative to the modes and models he conceives for them. Man must inevitably project his conceptions of them, and they are to him only what these projections make them in his psychological world. But as man’s intelligence increased he discarded or withdrew earlier and cruder projections and substituted more rational ones. At the cruder stage of conceptuality man had localized the God power in earth and sky, trees, hills, animals. Later ideas tended to make a “Great Spirit” pervading all nature. And now a subtler refinement of the concept, says Jung, sees God as an element in the unconscious of man himself. And he speaks of this transmutation of the concept as a “despiritualization” of the world. An objective view of life, as it always has done, tended to make God less transcendental and “spiritual,” and more a natural force visibly operating through familiar physical channels. Much as in the progress of medical science, in which earlier hypotheses were found erroneous and had to give way to new ones, later found also to be erroneous, the God concept in human ideation has undergone radical changes, as one set of “projections” had to yield to others, the culminating one at last being the recognition that God is not up there in a cosmic paradise, but is an all-controlling mysterious agency lurking in the depths of our own unconscious selves.

So Jung says that modern mentality has subtilized these projections to an almost unrecognizable degree. But our ordinary life “still swarms with them, in newspapers, books, rumors and ordinary social gossip. All gaps in our actual knowledge are still filled out with projections . . . we must still be exceedingly careful not to project our own shadows too shamelessly; we are still swamped with projected illusions.” Even when one silences this rampant noisy stream of projections, he is still confronted with new problems and conflicts and “has become a serious problem to himself,” as he is unable to say where he stands, whether new illusions are better than old. But such a man knows, says Jung — and it is a startling realization — that “whatever is wrong with the world is in himself, and if he only learns to deal with his own shadow [his own illusory projections] he has done something real for the world. He has succeeded in shouldering at least an infinitesimal part of the gigantic unsolved social problems of our day. These problems are mostly so difficult because they are poisoned by mutual projections. How can any one see straight when he does not even see himself and the darkness he unconsciously carries with him into all his dealings?”

Jung here is stamping his feet vigorously on Theosophic ground, as Theosophy sees the same mass projection of outrageously erroneous ideas and asks the same question. As the most direct approach to a sane answer Theosophy today repeats the advice of the sage Greek Theosophists of old, “Man, know thyself.” And occultists today would urge even Dr. Jung to study our philosophy, which embraces also a profounder psychology than he, with all his notable achievement, has produced. The ancient wisdom, with its more specific knowledge of the constitution of man, provides competent ground for the formulation of sound instead of crotchety conceptions of the ways of God with man. Well does the Theosophist know that man stands in the shadow of his own underself, his own misbelief, for he himself has had to undergo the painful experience of tearing his mind loose from a thousand false impositions of exoteric doctrinism, mainly foisted upon the credulous uncritical masses by priestcraft to perpetuate the hold of entrenched ecclesiasticism upon the populace of every age from Atlantis to Europe. The Master K.H. says pointedly that Theosophy was republished to the modern world for the express purpose of emancipating the masses from tragic hallucinations that wreaked psychological havoc with the millions. Yes, modern life is still darkened by the macabre shadows of warped theologies — against which H.P. Blavatsky railed with justifiable vehemence — cast out over the Hellenic world about the third century by the combined forces of intellectual decadence and fanatical pietism that swept Christianity into popular favor, and which then deepened into the dismal night of the Dark Ages of Medieval Europe. Theosophy knows what fatal falsity the common mind is capable of imposing upon itself when it has not the light of occult wisdom to guide it to truth.

A clamoring host of the most intriguing questions arise from reflection on the data of knowledge that psychoanalysis has formulated from both clinical investigation and theoretical study. There will not be room here to discuss these. The colossal fact that Jung thrusts before us is the truth that our conscious life is but a tiny island in the vast sea of the unconscious, in which the forces that dominate us, which he says we conceive to be our gods, approach our shores in the twilight in dim shapes and mysterious ways. The tiny ego in man faces the task of trying to put its life into harmonious relation to the forces, influences, and intimations that impinge upon his consciousness from out this great sea of divine or demoniac powers. Jung has expressed in the modern psychological way what occult philosophy views as the effort of the individual ego to align its life with the oversoul of the universe, or what is commonly called the Mind of God. In terms of both yoga and common religion, it is man’s instinctual drive to achieve union with God.

A most absorbing idea presented by Jung’s theorizing is his conclusion as to what he calls the despiritualization of the world mind. It points to the increased momentum now most certainly to be given to the trends, already under way, in psychology that will transfer the phenomena of consciousness formerly assigned to the domain of supernatural religion or external god-powers over into the realm of our own human capabilities. This will mean what might better be called the de-religionizing of a horde of supposed God-born influences by effecting their transfer to the field of regular science, or psychology. So the trend is from the vague spiritism of religion to the precise science of psychology. The phenomena will be correctly seen as native to man himself, indigenous to him by virtue of his own equipment and endowment of faculty, having nothing to do with outside deific entities or gods. In other words, a vast segment of presumed religious experience heretofore believed to emanate from gods outside, will be completely secularized, or humanized. Science will lop off a vast slice of what has gone as religion, speaking in the broadest terms. Jung concludes with the direct assertion that as we wisely learn to dismantle all the fantastic “projections” that we can lay our hands upon, it will be no longer possible to maintain any non-psychological doctrine about the gods. If the historic process of world despiritualization continues as heretofore, then everything of a divine or demoniac character outside must return to the psyche, to the inside of the unknown man, whence it apparently originated.”

Man must bring inside the gods he has searched for outside, avers the eminent psychologist. One can already hear the yowl of the shocked theistic religious parties, as they protest that this is to drag the holy powers of God down into the miry swamp of man’s sinful life. It will besmirch the divine purity with foul human corruption. Jung, as any Theosophist, could turn this argument right back upon them by reminding them that this thing they call a vile defilement of God by man is precisely what their own Gospel Jesus, their humanized Christ, said he came to do! He despised not the Virgin’s womb and the assumption of our mortal flesh. And if Jung was fully wise Theosophically, he could also remind them that the presence and the power of the nucleated individual ego, or the self within the Self, is itself an imperishable unit of the God principle and will by spiritual alchemy transmute the base human elements into purest spiritual gold! 

Theosophy and Modern Psychology

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