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NOTICE OF DEFAULT - Communication of Paul Andrew Mitchell from 9/12/14 at Medical Center for Federal [Political] Prisoners re: Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF Document 226 Filed 10/10/14

Latest update: 11/02/2014:

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APPLICATION FOR DISQUALIFICATIONS: 28 USC 144 (containing AFFIDAVIT OF BIAS AND PREJUDICE & DEMAND FOR RECUSAL as well as NOTICE TO COUNSELS: USA v. Hill et al. & NOTICE OF ERRORS re: Harris & Harris, P.C.) - from Paul Andrew Mitchell USMCFP/Springfield


Note from Teknosis: Private Attorney Generals (PAGs) and other legal beagles need to get on this. We are all being damaged by these RICO crimes.

Also it would be nice to receive contact just to let me know that you are reading this as I usually don't receive any response and it makes me wonder if my efforts are for naught, and really makes me feel alone. I rarely get feedback and when I search the entire net I don't see anything new re: Paul as to people sharing any info. It's really disempowering to know that people are sharing the info about what is going on. If I am missing something or not part of the groups who are trying to do something then let me know.

Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 226   Filed 10/10/14   Page 1 of 4



TO: Mr. Terry J. Harris

        Harris & Harris P.C.

DATE: 9/12/2014

cc: Unit Counselor, USMCFP/Springfield, Missouri

cc: Docket #2:14-CR-00027-NDF-2 (USDC/DWY), 14-CR-27-F

Hello Mr. Harris:

     As you already know, or should know by now, soon

after the hearing on 6/3/2014 at USDC/Cheyenne,

I submitted a proper request under the Freedom of

Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552) to U.S. DOJ’s Office

of Information Policy (“OIP”) in Washington, D.C.,

for the following four (4) mandatory credentials

required of one Nancy Dell Freudenthal before she

could lawfully occupy the office of U.S. District Judge,

TO WIT: (1) SENATE CONFIRMATION (5 U.S.C. 2902 (c));


(3) U.S. OPM Standard Form 61 (“SF-61”) APPOINTMENT

AFFIDAVITS (5 U.S.C. 2903, 2906, 3331, 3332, 3333, 5507;

44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.); and, (4) OATH OF OFFICE (28 U.S.C. 453).

     OIP timely replied to me in writing, while I was

detained at the county jail in Gering, Nebraska.

OIP’s cover letter, on DOJ letterhead, confirmed

that their appointment file did not contain any

SENATE CONFIRMATION for Ms. Freudenthal.


incomplete, due to known defects in the SF-61

executed by Mr. Eric Holder, Jr. dba U.S. Attorney

General; also, her own SF-61 appeared to be a




Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 226   Filed 10/10/14   Page 2 of 4




counterfeit form because it lacked a valid

OMB control number at the upper right-hand

corner (cf. “50-R0118”); and, there was no

paragraph citing 5 U.S.C. 2903 (Authority to

administer) on her SF-61. See 44 U.S.C. 3512!

     I then promptly mailed OIP’s cover letter and

responsible documents to the P.O. Box for your law

firm, Harris & Harris, P.C., in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

I also timely mailed a proper FOIA Appeal to OIP,

with directions for OIP to reply to that same P.O. Box.

     After being moved to the Federal Transfer Center

in Oklahoma City, I conducted further research

into the Appointment Clause at Article II, Section 2,

Clause 2, and into the Recess Appointment Clause

at Article II, Section 2, Clause 3, in the U.S. Constitution.

     As a result of that research, I also mailed to the

same P.O. Box at least two (2) recent Circuit Court

decisions on those Clauses e.g. Noel Canning v. NLRB

(D.C. Cir. 2013) and U.S. v. Woodley (9th Cir.) All of the

latter research confirmed the mandatory and

essential  nature of the SENATE CONFIRMATION

requirement. Chiefly, the latter credential must follow

or precede the other 3; and, the absence of a valid

SENATE CONFIRMATION appears to render the other

3 invalid for having been executed without the

U.S. Senate’s advice and consent. 5 U.S.C. 2902 (c).

     In my professional opinion, the holdings in

Canning v. NLRB are correct.




Case 2:14-cr-00027-NDF   Document 226   Filed 10/10/14   Page 3 of 4




     Therefore, all of the above call for the

conclusions that all acts of Nancy Dell Freudenthal

in my case to date were null and void ab initio,

including but not limited to the original “arrest

warrant,” all subsequent hearings on which she

attempted to preside, and all subsequent “orders”

and “rulings” signed by her, notably her attempt

to appoint you legally to represent me contrary

to 28 U.S.C. 1654: I have always appeared

“personally” and not “by counsel”. Cf. In Propria Persona.

     Her missing and defective credentials here also

necessarily rendered void her “orders” allegedly

authorizing a second psychological evaluation at

USMCFP/Springfield, Missouri.

     Lastly, I should add that Dr. Cynthia Low,

dba Forensic Psychologist at FDC/SeaTac, has now

failed to answer my FOIA Request for her SF-61


     Copies of all the above mentioned FOIA Requests

should also be in the Court’s Docket records supra.

     Thank you for your professional consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Andrew Mitchell (chosen name)

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S., “Qui Tam” Relator 4x (31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq.)

BOP Reg. No. # 44202-086

All Rights Reserved (cf. UCC 1-308)




[scanned pages and envelope follow – text of Paul’s information as to location,. immediately follow]


Modeleski, M. P. (given name)

# 44202-086

Medical Center for Federal Prisoners

Springfield, Missouri 65801-4000


Note: Write “Legal Mail” on envelope in any correspondence to him if you want it to be opened in his presence. Otherwise it may never get to him.


NOTICE OF DEFAULT - Communication of Paul Andrew Mitchell from 9/12/14 at Medical Center for Federal [Polit...


Paul Andrew Mitchell has been bundled away by the US Government

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