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« APPLICATION FOR DISQUALIFICATIONS: 28 USC 144 (containing AFFIDAVIT OF BIAS AND PREJUDICE & DEMAND FOR RECUSAL as well as NOTICE TO COUNSELS: USA v. Hill et al. & NOTICE OF ERRORS re: Harris & Harris, P.C.) - from Paul Andrew Mitchell USMCFP/Springfield | Main | DRAFT#1: MOTION FOR DECLARATORY/INJUNCTIVE RELIEF (Request for comments) »

Paul Andrew Mitchell (political prisoner in the USA) letter writing campaign + New docket in KCMO + Amicus Curiae briefs sought

Updated: 11/2/2014

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Date: 10/26/2014 8:05:50 AM

Subject: GOAL: 1,000 letters (Paul Andrew Mitchell letter writing campaign)

Message: Let's see if we can generate one thousand letters for Paul

(see TEMPLATE letter Paul has drafted for action by

Judge M. Douglas Harpool in Springfield, Missouri).


Ask 10 of your contacts to sign and mail that letter,

and ask each contact to ask another 10, and so on:


10 x 10 x 10


His challenge to the "not self-executing" Declaration in the

Senate's ICCPR ratification does have enormous potential.


Be sure to include overseas contacts as well e.g. in other

English-speaking countries that also ratified the ICCPR [International

Covenant on Civil and Political Rights].


P.S.  Larry Saccato is acting as Paul's Legal Assistant,

"Next Friend", and Interim Trustee of Paul's private Estate:


Larry's email address:  <>


MANY THANKS, everyone!



Date: 10/26/2014 8:06:18 AM

Subject: PAM letter writing campaign (pls forward widely)


Hon. M. Douglas Harpool

United States District Judge

c/o Clerk of Court, USDC/WDMO/Southern Division

222 N. John Q. Hammons Parkway, Room 1400

Springfield 65806-2515

Missouri, USA


Dear Judge Harpool,


I am writing with sincere concern for the plight of political prisoner

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S., now detained at USMCFP in

Springfield, Missouri, under highly suspicious circumstances.


On good authority we are now told that the Federal District Court

in Cheyenne, Wyoming, never perfected jurisdiction in personam,

chiefly because of missing -and- defective credentials e.g. Oaths of Office

for Nancy D. Freudenthal and Stephan Harris, among several others.


Consequently, it appears your Court now has jurisdiction in personam,

by virtue of U.S. ex rel. Mitchell v. Freudenthal et al., as mailed to

your Clerk of Court on October 9, 2014, from the USMCFP Mail Room, and

now under Docket #14-3460-CV-S-MDH-P (USDC/WDMO/KC).

See, for example, 31 U.S.C. 3730(h) (relief from retaliatory actions).


We are also extremely interested to learn recently that Paul now intends

to challenge the "not self-executing" Declaration in the U.S. Senate's

ratification of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ("ICCPR")

for violating the Petition Clause in the First Amendment (read "the Right

conservative of all other rights").  On the Internet, please see:




A favorable ruling by your Court on that challenge has the real potential

to open flood gates of valuable and beneficial human rights litigation  --

not only in America, but in other States Party to that important Treaty.


America needs and deserves a private right of action to enforce the ICCPR

i.e. effective judicial remedies for violations of our Fundamental Rights

notwithstanding that the violations were committed by persons acting

in some official capacity.


Such a wise precedent may also begin to reverse the steady decline

we observe in the reputation of the Federal Judiciary across the board.


Thank you for your time and attention, Judge Harpool.


P.S. We do not need any repeats of Dr. Sell's ordeal!

See Washington v. Harper, 494 U.S. 210 (1990), Sell v. U.S. (2003).


Sincerely yours,



FYI: Correspondence in support of the remedies requested by Paul's INITIAL APPLICATION FOR WRITS, in the form of Amicus Curiae Briefs, "Qui Tam" Joinders, etc. are also sought on Paul's behalf. A new docket (#14-3460-CV-S-MDH-P (USDC/WDMO/KC) in Missouri has now been opened in such can be submitted:

Date: 10/31/2014 5:06:24 PM
Subject: Docket #14-3460-CV-S-MDH-P (USDC/WDMO/KC)
GOOD NEWS! We now have a Docket Number
assigned by the Clerk of Court, U.S. District Court,
Western District of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri:

Case Number 14-3460-CV-S-MDH-P

before the Honorable M. Douglas Harpool ("MDH")

[begin excerpt]

October 29, 2014

RE: Paul Andrew Mitchell, Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

Your case has been provisionally filed on October 10, 2014
pursuant to the Court En Banc Order of October 21, 1997,
and assigned Civil Number 14-3460-CV-S-MDH-P
before the Honorable M. Douglas Harpool.

Any future reference to this case should bear the case number.

This case is now referred to the court.

[end excerpt]


Office of Clerk
United States District Court
Western District of Missouri
400 East 9th Street, Room 1510
Kansas City 64106
Missouri, USA



Date: 10/30/2014 11:09:51 AM
Subject: RE: RE: Letter writing campaign
Message: People can always request leave to file an Amicus Curiae brief.
Also, the substance of my draft letter is worthy of consideration
and I am presently preparing a MOTION FOR DECLARATORY AND
[International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights]
Sounds to me as if Mr. Perna wants to pontificate as an
excuse for doing NOTHING.
A positive recommendation would be much more appreciated.
Thank you.
/s/ Paul
One of its Canons specifically addresses the
supervisory responsibilities of Federal Judges
(as distinguished from judicial responsibilities).
If supporters will kindly forward to me copies
of their letters to Judge Harpool, I always have
the procedural right to request mandatory
judicial notice of same and serve copies of same
on all named Civil Cross-Defendants.
[Note: Letters can be addressed and sent via the format in sample
letter above as well as send electronically to
for fowarding to Paul.]
(See Rule 201(c)(2) in the Federal Rules of Evidence.)
I wish to acknowledge you publicly, Juan, for
forwarding to me a copy of your letter to Judge Harpool
on my behalf.  
If would-be supporters really need me to remind them
to mail courtesy copies to me, then perhaps
I would do much better withOUT their support:
(I can't be "tying people's shoes" -- certainly NOT
from where I am presently confined, with primitive
and severely restricted resources at my disposal.)
Thank you again for all your concern and support.
I do appreciate both very VERY much.
p.s. If others prefer to be negative, perhaps they 
should shift their attention elsewhere e.g. to 
studying the Golden Rule c/o Sermon on the Mount.
/s/ Paul

-----Schoch, Juan on 10/29/2014 5:36 PM wrote:

On a Facebook group, John Perna said this in re: when I posted about the letter writing campaign:

John Perna: It is highly unlikely that any judge will ever see any
letter that pertains to a case that is before him. A secretary will read the letter,
and it is determined that it pertains to a case that is before that judge, then
the most likely outcome will be that it will be filed until after the case is
resolved. At best, it might be shown to both of the attorneys on the case. If
you have any admissible evidence that pertains to the case you should file it
formally, and on the record. Those who are not parties to the case have the
option of filing an "Amicus brief" (friend of the court). The reason that the statue
of "Lady Justice" has a blindfold is that the court will not look at anything that is
not admissible evidence. The court is not a place for the vote of public opinion. It
is even possible that some attempts to influence a judge, outside of the court room,
might be a violation of law.



Paul Andrew Mitchell (political prisoner in the USA) request: Can you please "pass the hat" for Larry?

Paul Andrew Mitchell (political prisoner in the USA) further communications [DRAFT#1: MOTION FOR DECLARATORY/INJUNCTIVE RELIEF (Request for comments) | Paul Andrew Mitchell (political prisoner in the USA) letter writing campaign + New docket in KCMO + Amicus Curiae briefs sought]

Paul Andrew Mitchell has been bundled away by the US Government

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