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12/09/14 Communication of Paul Andrew Mitchell | Still stuck in the Grady County jail – no email, no law library...

[Teknosis ref. note: Grady County Jail, Chickasha Oklahoma]



Hello Larry,

Still stuck in the Grady County jail –

no email, no law library, lots of noise late

into the evening. I woke up thinking about the

importance for you, Juan and others to follow

up at the Tenth Circuit and the Eighth Circuit.

Of course, if Terry J. Harris were doing his job,

there wouldn't be any need for volunteer

supporters to help. Appearing as “Next Friend”

and/or Amicus Curiae, both Circuit Courts

should be told the bare facts of my current status:

(1) FOIA Requests for the U.S. OPM Standard Form


personnel nationwide, and for all USMCFP

personnel, are now pending; the first FOIA

Request for 5x USMCFP personnel produced NONE,

and went to Appeal! Hence the second lawsuit

at USDC/WDMO #14-3506-cv-S-MDH-P;

(2) I mailed our REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS to 8

activist law firms, in order to justify appoint-

ment of a lawyer to represent my civil actions


the relevant statute is 28 U.S.C. 1915(e);

(3) be sure to mail a CHANGE OF ADDRESS to all

4 Courts: USDC/DWY, USDC/WDMO, Tenth Circuit,

and Eighth Circuit: I tried, but may have failed



- 1 -


to remember the correct mailing addresses for all

4 Courts; your #257 is the forwarding address.

(4) R&D (Receiving and Discharge) at USMCFP

boxed my legal research and related docu-

ments e.g. file copies of litigation, but

gave me no shipment date or ETA; I

believe that box is coming via U.S. Mail;

they really roughed up my neatly stacked

documents; so expect a serious mess!!

For example, the 4x Qui Tams are coming back

to you – AGAIN ;-( I did try another FOIA

for the credentials of Thornton & Carluzzo on the

Tax Court: DOJ/OIP said they didn't have those

credentials, and referred me to the Administrative

Office (“A.O.”) in D.C.; so, I appealed with a

long explanation why Tax Court Judges have

the same credentials as District Judges, and

hence DOJ should have custody: 5 USC 2902(c).

(5) You should send a CHANGE OF ADDRESS to

DOJ/OIP in D.C. too (address on New York Ave.,

I believe): should be on the Internet, and in

the SLL too: try

(6) I really needed the law library and computers

at USMCFP to keep up with all this litigation.

Reverting to more isolation, and diesel therapy,

is their way of saying they do NOT want me


- 2 -


getting ANY of the relief I deserve.

(7) Can you believe this? Freudenthal ships me

to USMCFP for “competency restoration,” but that

is a horrible euphemism for overdoses of

dangerious brain-damaging psychotropic

pharmaceuticals. How evil can she get?

USMCFP should be shut down if and when

ALL personnel turn up without APPOINTMENT

AFFIDAVITS. If ALL BOP personnel nationwide lack

that credential, then BOP is obviously become

a criminal enterprise. VERY SERIOUS MATTER,

this has become. We need to thank God for

extracting me from Springfield without

any drug overdoses. In that one important

sense, Grady County is a step in the right

direction: no “Chief of Psychiatry” here :-)

I've found a paper supply, and more

prepaid envelopes, so I'll try to keep

writing from Grady County as long as

I am stuck here.


In His Holy Name,


Paul Mitchell




- 3 -


The Governor and Attorney General of the

State of Missouri should be told about

all the missing credentials for BOP personnel

in Missouri, particularly the USMCFP.


against Robert Sarrazin, M.D., as Chief of

Psychiatry and Christina A. Pietz, Ph.D.,

as “Psychologist.” Missouri State licensing

agencies should be informed, via formal

complaints of impersonation, witness intimi-

dation and harrassment, and threatening

torture with mind-altering drugs.

See 18 USC 912, 1513-14, 3771, 2340, 2340A.

If you have the time, you could mail to

me the mailing addresses for the Missouri

Governor and AG; and, if I'm still here,

I'll write them directly from here.

THANKS, Larry! God bless you.




12/09/14 Communication of Paul Andrew Mitchell | Still stuck in the Grady County jail – no email, no law l...


Paul Andrew Mitchell was bundled away (01-28-14)

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