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12/8/2014 Communication from Paul Andrew Mitchell | The torture continues



Hello Larry,

The torture continues. I don't know

if you saw that paragraph in one of

my email messages. My first FOIA

Request for the SF-61 of 5x USMCFP staff

went to Appeal, after the BOP Regional

Counsel searched the “field office.”

Then I requested the SF-61 for 4 more,

including the Warden. None was

produced! THEN, I requested the SF-61

for all USMCFP personnel, and all

BOP personnel, going back 10 years.

I suspect they wanted me out of there,

and they needed to make it look good.

What needs to happen is a list of all

licensed “professionals” employed by the

USMCFP, and complaints, to all Missouri

State licensing agencies, of felony imper-

sonation (18 USC 912) by all such license

holders e.g. psychiatrists, psychologists,

medical doctors, etc. As a formality,

that situation needs to be reported to

the Missouri Governor and Missouri

Attorney General. Ideally, a State or

county grand jury needs to convene, to

investigate all the missing credentials

for all USMCFP personnel going back

10 years, per 18 USC 1961 (5) (discovery





Freudenthal is obviously implicated directly -

for gross negligence (at least) – by sending

me into the midst of federal impostors who

threaten federal witnesses with over-

doses of psychotropic pharmaceuticals

that can cause permanent brain damage

and premature death. That's how serious

my trip to Springfield became, soon after

my initial week of solitary confinement

there. Fortunately, a few inmates “got

the message” about the missing credentials,

and I encouraged them to report that

situation to the Missouri Dept. of

Health and Senior Services (“DHSS”).

Feel free to forward this entire message

to Missouri State agencies with the

authority to investigate that hellish



Thank you.


Paul Andrew Mitchell, 18 USC 1964,

Rotella v. Wood, 528 U.S. 549 (2000)

(objective of civil RICO)


12/8/2014 Communication from Paul Andrew Mitchell | The torture continues


Paul Andrew Mitchell was bundled away (01-28-14)

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