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JEB BUSH was running a drug & alcohol ring in prep school at Andover. Call it “training wheels” for Jeb’s Crimes in Iran-Contra

Gs0drasJEB BUSH was running a drug & alcohol ring in prep school at Andover. Call it “training wheels” for Jeb’s Crimes in Iran-Contra.

From Robert Morrow   (512)306-1510    Austin, TX
1) http://capitolhilloutsider.com/the-jeb-bush-illegal-drug-and-liquor-distributorship-at-andover/
 The books that one should read to fully understand the Bush-Clinton connection to the Iran-Contra CIA drug trade of the 1980s are:
a) Barry & ‘the Boys:’ The CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History by Daniel Hopsicker (2005).
b) Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed (Feb. 1, 2004).
c) Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation by L.D. Brown (April, 1999).
d) The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider by Al Martin (2002).
e) The Tatum Chronicles by Chip Tatum (1996). Just google “Chip Tatum Pegasus” and you will learn bucketsful. [Also check: http://www.chiptatum.com/index.php/articles/39-george-and-the-boys]
f) Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion by Gary Webb (1999).
g) Defrauding America: Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the CIA, DEA, and Other Covert Agencies (1994) and Drugging America: A Trojan Horse (1999) - both excellent books by Rodney Stich.

[Look the following up for full article]:

The Jeb Bush Illegal Drug and Liquor Distributorship at Andover
By John LeBoutillier:
In 2006 at my 30th Harvard Reunion, during a casual conversation one evening, a classmate told me about his years at Andover. Out of the blue he told me this story:

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush and one other fellow student back then ran an illegal drug and liquor distributorship on the Andover campus. When the heat started coming down, Bush ratted out the partner to the school authorities and saved his own skin. Jeb got away with it, was never caught, never punished, graduated unscathed and went on to the University of Texas at Austin.

To this day no one outside the Andover community even knows about this illegal activity. The media is apparently unaware of it. Through three statewide campaigns for governor of Florida, it never came up.

In 2012 at another Harvard event, this same Andover alumnus brought over another one of his Andover classmates – and one of our Harvard ’76 classmates and a staunch Republican – to speak to me about the Jeb Bush matter. This second alumnus confirmed the story – and added in this detail: “I never knew why Jeb walked around Andover with his jaw hanging open until someone told me he was stoned all the time.”

Forty years later does this matter? Does what someone did in high school matter if they run for president?

In fact, yes.

In the summer of 2012, the WASHINGTON POST ran a huge story on Mitt Romney’s behavior at the Cranbrook School in Michigan, with the focus on an alleged incident where Romney and some other boys cut off the blond bangs of a classmate.

If that event is worthy of the front page of the WASHINGTON POST, then the Jeb Bush Illegal Drug and Liquor Distributorship is certainly something the voters – especially GOP primary voters – have a right to know before they begin to choose a 2016 candidate...
Additional info. re: Iran/Contra, etc.

From above http://barrysealmurder1986jebbusholivernorth.blogspot.com/:

Al Martin’s conversation with Jeb Bush just days after the Feb, 1986 Murder of Barry Seal in Baton Rouge. Jeb Bush had been at a meeting in Sept, 1985, where the assassination of Barry Seal had been discussed
Al Martin: "In this discussion, I had mentioned the recent assassination, only a few days before, of Barry Seal [Feb, 1986, outside his halfway house in New Orleans].

I said to Jeb, "Isn't it convenient that Barry Seal was assassinated when he was? And now suddenly all the information and documents he had are gone missing?"

Jeb had a rather broad smile on his face, and he concurred that it was convenient. He added a little snicker - as he often had a tendency of doing. Also little beads of sweat formed on his forehead, as when he gets nervous. It's something you can notice when he's on television. He still has a tendency to have little beads of sweat around his forehead, when he is either lying about something, or he's nervous about what someone is saying."
     My conversations with Jeb at this meeting were overheard by the two Secret Service agents who were always assigned to Jeb when he was in his office at 1390 Brickell Avenue in Miami.
            I had intimated that if certain parties in Washington were not prepared to come to my aid pursuant to my grand jury testimony, that it would be entirely possible that certain details of a certain meeting occurring in September of the year [Sept., 1985] before might be leaked out to the press.
            Jeb asked me what I was talking about.
            I specifically mentioned a September meeting of the Dade County Latin America Chamber of Commerce, which Jeb chaired, and which, of course, was not used as a Chamber of Commerce meeting at all. It was essentially used as a political meeting for covert operational planning pursuant to Iran-Contra.
            As I've said before, Oliver North, Richard Secord or Dewey Clarridge or, in a few cases, even Sam Watson and Fred Ikley himself, would show up at these meetings.
            Anyway, I had recounted to Jeb, as if he didn't know what the text of that meeting was that he chaired - the conversations he had with Oliver North and Richard Secord and Dewey Clarridge, all of whom attended that meeting.
            Dewey seldom attended the meetings, but this time the four of them were discussing the assassination of Barry Seal and how it was to be carried out, since Barry was becoming an increasing liability.
            I had told Jeb that I had substantial corroboration of that meeting. And I think Jeb understood what I meant.
            It would certainly place him into a conspiracy to assassinate a CIA drug runner for the sake of political expediency.
            When I was through speaking, Jeb became quiet and his demeanor became serious and changed. He became flushed, as he often does when he's frightened.
            Jeb responded by telling me that it would be most unfortunate if I were to do that, since I might wind up like George Morales or Johnny Molina.
              [ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 194-195]
Jeb Bush and the Murders of George Morales and Johnny Molina
            [ Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 195-198 ]
            What he was referring to, of course, was that, a number of months earlier, George Morales had been set up on a cocaine charge – to distance what Morales was doing from the CIA.
            As any serious student of Iran-Contra would know, Morales absolutely screamed “CIA, CIA.”
            But ultimately he was convicted.
            He was bound and gagged in the courtroom before the Republican Judge Hoover, who allowed him to present no CIA defense. He couldn’t mention any Bush names, or North, or Secord, or anything.
            He got the standard fifteen-year sentence for cocaine trafficking. At the time, in the State of Florida, you had to serve six years nine months mandatory.
            Jeb then went on to mention to me about Morales. He said “Of course, Morales will never leave prison alive.”
            Fast forward to the time when Morales was due to be released from prison in early 1992.
            The day before Morales was to be released, he did, in fact, slip on a bar of soap in the prisoner’s shower and supposedly died as a result of the fall.
            The following day, Morales was due to be picked up at the Miami International Airport by a Congressional charter flight arranged for him by Congressmen Alexander, Rose, Brooks and Gonzalez. He was to be taken to Washington to have a detailed discussion with them and their investigators about his knowledge of Iran-Contra.
            At that moment, the threat Jeb was making to me – the sublime threat about not wanting to wind up like Johnny Molina – really didn’t mean anything to me because I knew as of the day before that Molina was still alive and well.
            I didn’t think anything of it until the next day when I got into my office and opened the Miami Herald.
            I read that Mr. Molina had in fact “committed suicide” that evening in the parking lot of a restaurant in Pensacola, Florida.
            He had “committed suicide” by discharging an entire twenty-round clip of a MAC-10 into his own body.
            Of course, by the following day, the body had quickly been cremated – before his family was notified and before an autopsy could be done.
            It’s the same old story.
            It was interesting to note that Jeb had issued that threat at that meeting which was held at about 10:30 a.m.
            Molina “committed suicide” at about 9:30 p.m. that evening.
            I found the connection rather humorous, but also salient in that Bush knew what was going to happen a number of hours before it actually did.

Snippet from "related" link below:

11/4/99 12:50:35 AM

In Houston, from 1977 until 1980 I rented the garage apartment next to my
business attorney, David C. Cobb.  His father is Daniel W. Cobb, retired
Houston Chronicle Executive Managing News Editor of some 40 years.  Dan
Rather’s first boss.  We became good friends over the years.  Dan happened
to be late for a holiday function one evening in 1979.  He was animated
and filled with excitement as I had ever seen him.  “You won’t believe
what just happened” he stated.  There were a number of people present
there in the kitchen and dining room, among them was a girl I happened to
be seeing at the time, Ms. Katherine Farenthold.  Kathy had recently
become the ex-wife of Dudley Farenthold.  Dudley was the son of Francis
(Cissy) Farenthold, a prominent state Democratic Party official and former
gubernatorial candidate.  Dan went on to say, “Dudley, John Connaly Jr.,
and Jeb Bush had just been picked up by HPD and arrested on charges of
cocaine possession.” Zarko Franks, Chief Investigative Reporter for the
Chronicle, had gotten a call from contacts inside Houston Police
Department and immediately went down to investigate the story.

Needless to say, this caused quite a stir in a room full of socially
prominent people.  Everyone wanted to know the obvious which was “Are we
going to read all about this in the morning or see it on TV tomorrow? “
“No way!” was his response.  He then went on to explain that the phones
lit up, agents came out of nowhere pressures were applied, the boys were
released and there wouldn’t be any record of it.  There was a definite air
of disappointment after that.  Dan didn’t seem so upset, stating that he
doubted we had heard the absolute end of the story. The future has a way
of catching up with you, I believe is the way he put it.

I asked Kathy if that had anything to do with her divorce from Dudley. She
affirmed that it was Dudley’s use of cocaine and his association with the
Bush brothers that had her upset all right, but the last straw was the
trips to Panama they had made to return cocaine shipments under diplomatic
immunity.  She wouldn’t stay with him after that.  Also present that night
was Linda Cobb, David’s wife, and Christine Fitzgerald, all friends.  
Some years passed.  I moved to Hawaii and lost touch with the girls after
David and Linda’s divorce.  I did keep in touch with Dan.



Cocaine, Assassination Politics and the 2000 Election


Jeb Bush - The Early Years

- Jun 16, 2015
Jeb and Grandfather Prescott
Jeb Bush - The Early Years


Jeb Bush's CIA "NOC" work in Venezuela

by Wayne Madsen  

Former Florida Governor and 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush may have thought he could pass himself off as "Hispanic" when he ticked off that ethnic option on his 2009 voter registration form but he was not able to easily pass himself off as a "banker" in Venezuela in the late 1970s.

One of the last things then-Central Intelligence Agency director George H. W. Bush did for his son Jeb, whose actual name is John Ellis Bush from which the "Jeb" is derived as an acronym, is to have him hired by the international division of the Texas Commerce Bank as a CIA "non-official cover" officer or "NOC." Texas Commerce Bank was an optimal cover for CIA activities. The bank was founded by the family of James Baker. All the elder Bush had to do was to call his close friend Baker to have his son hired by the bank's international division, the usual branch where CIA NOCs were placed within banks and investment firms. Other banks used by the CIA for NOC embeds included Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Manufacturers Hanover.

Texas Commerce Bank, bought by Chemical Bank in 1987 and which is now part of J.P Morgan Chase, had the right pedigree to enable it to work closely with the CIA. In 1977, its board members included Lady Bird Johnson and the recently-defeated President Gerald Ford. In the 1980s, Kenneth Lay, who founded the CIA-connected Enron, became a board member of Texas Commerce Bank. Howard Hughes's CIA-linked Summa Corporation used Texas Commerce Bank to purchase a number of properties on the Las Vegas strip.

In 1977, a short time after his father left the CIA as director, Jeb, fluent in Spanish as a result of his time as an exchange student in Guadalajara, was sent, along with his Mexican wife Columba, to Caracas, Venezuela to work as a "branch manager" and "vice president" at the young age of 24. But Jeb was no ordinary "branch manager." He was, officially, Texas Commerce Bank's top point man in the Venezuelan capital and, unofficially, the CIA's main financial liaison to the Venezuelan oil industry and the Colombian narcotics cartels. Jeb would regularly report to his CIA "official cover" counterpart attached to the U.S. embassy in Caracas as a State Department "diplomat."

Jeb as a CIA "NOC" in Caracas for Texas Commerce Bank, owned by James Baker

Jeb helped lay the groundwork for the future Reagan-Bush administration's 1980s covert war against Nicaragua and leftist guerrillas in El Salvador by establishing banking and money laundering links between the CIA and the Medellin and Cali drug cartels. Jeb's friends in the Colombian cartels, particularly Medellin cartel boss Pablo Escobar, would helped finance the Nicaraguan contras in return for CIA-supplied weapons. While in Venezuela, Jeb cleverly managed to hide the Colombian cartel's drug revenues as oil industry revenues of "front" companies. Texas Commerce Bank was the bank of choice for Latin American drug cartels. It was later discovered to have stashed $7 million in drug profits for the Gulf cartel of Mexico.
Jeb ready to continue the CIA's lock on the White House

Baker sold Texas Commerce Bank's Houston skyscraper to the head of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, in 1985. Bin Mahfouz was later identified as a key member of Saudi Arabia's support network for the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States, which is noted in the still-classified 28 pages of U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Report on 9/11 intelligence failures. Bin Mahfouz, who lived in the River Oaks section of Houston near George H. W. Bush, died suddenly in 2009 at the age of 59. Bin Mahfouz, who was also an Irish citizen, threatened with confiscatory lawsuits any publication that reported his links to 9/11 and his family ties to Osama bin Laden.

Jeb had no problems with the Venezuelan government in providing financial support for the Colombian cartels. For much of Jeb's stay in Venezuela, the extremely corrupt Carlos Andres Perez, known as "CAP," was president. His extravagant spending using Venezuela's revenue from the recently-nationalized oil industry earned his government the nickname of "Saudi Venezuela." Although CAP nationalized the oil industry and created the Petroleos de Venezuela (PdVSA) state-owned oil firm, he also was generous to American firms bidding for work with PdVSA. One of them was Bechtel Corporation, the firm of future Reagan-Bush cabinet members George P. Shultz and Caspar Weinberger. With a number of Bechtel employees in Venezuela, Jeb was not the only CIA "NOC" present in the country. But, he was the most influential.

During CAP's second term as president from 1989 to 1993, a young army officer named Hugo Chavez attempted to overthrow the corrupt CAP in a coup. Many of Venezuela's elite who Jeb befriended during his days as Langley's main NOC in Caracas later became involved with repeated CIA attempts to overthrow Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro. Today, they and their progeny live in the Miami-Dade area, particularly in Doral, nicknamed "Doralzuela," and are among Jeb's strongest and most deep-pocketed political supporters.

In 1989, CAP crushed popular protests against his government by killing as many as 3000 protesters. The massacre is known as the "Caracazo" massacre. After leaving office the second time, Andres Perez was convicted of corruption and sentenced to 28 months in prison.

After leaving Venezuela in 1980 to help with his father's presidential and vice presidential campaigns, Jeb hooked up with Cuban-American Miami businessman Armando Codina, who had his own connections with CIA-supported anti-Castro Cuban exiles in south Florida. It was Codina who helped Jeb make millions of dollars in the real estate business and eventually help launch him on his political career that took him to the Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee. Jeb, as a principal of the Codina Group, was able to arrange the sale of high-priced condos and mansions in the Miami area to his elite friends in Venezuela, with Jeb receiving handsome sales commissions.

One of Jeb's close Miami associates was Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch. Bosch was a key figure in the CIA's Operation Condor, which was an alliance of Latin American military dictatorships that targeted leftist leaders for assassination across international borders. Bosch helped carry out the October 1976 bombing of Cubana Airlines flight 455, which was en route from Barbados to Jamaica. All 73 passengers and crew were killed in the attack, including children and the Cuban fencing team.

The Cubana bombing plot was discussed at a 1976 meeting in Washington between Bosch; another Cuban terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles; and Michael Townley of the CIA. Jeb's father, the CIA director, was fully aware of the plot, as well as another plot to kill former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier. Letelier and Roni Moffitt, his American associate, were killed when their car exploded on Sheridan Circle in front of the Irish embassy in Washington on September 21, 1976, a few weeks before the Cubana airliner was blown out of the sky off Barbados.

Codina, Bosch, and Posada Carriles were all part of Jeb's inner circle of friends, which also included Cuban businessman Camilo Padreda, a former spy for Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, and Hernandez Cartaya, both later indicted for systematically embezzling funds from the Jefferson Savings and Loan of McAllen, Texas. Padreda and Cartaya were also identified as CIA agents who helped skim funds from Jefferson and other S&Ls to fund the Nicaraguan contras. Jeb's work for the CIA in Caracas in 1977 came a few months after the CIA's worst terrorism spree in history, which also happened to coincide with George H. W. Bush's single year as CIA director.

After his father became Vice President, Jeb served as the liaison for the Nicaraguan contras and he arranged meetings between them and their supporters and the White House point man for covert assistance to the Nicaraguan rebels, one Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel by the name of Oliver North. Another one of Jeb's Cuban cronies, Miguel Recarey, owner of Miami-based International Medical Center, an HMO, was awash in ill-gotten Medicare funds. Recarey and his brother, who had close ties to the CIA, were also funded by Florida Mafia boss Santo Trafficante, Jr., a co-conspirator in several CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro and a suspected co-plotter in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

A Jeb Bush presidency would maintain the CIA's lock on the White House. Barack Obama's and his family's CIA connections are a historical fact. George W. Bush ensured the CIA's control over the presidency for eight years and before him, Bill Clinton, who had his own links to the CIA's contra-cocaine network through Mena, Arkansas, has seen his Clinton Foundation benefit from a $1 million contribution from one of Jeb's old Cuban-Venezuelan friends, Gustavo Cisneros, the multi-billionaire "Berlusconi of Venezuela." Cisneros, now exiled in the Dominican Republic, was involved in the CIA's 2002 abortive coup against Chavez
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Report: Jeb Bush’s CIA briefing in 1977 led to covert action, wealth, politics

Monday, June 15, 2015 12:46

(Before It's News)

As Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign prepared to launch June 15, an investigative reporter has revealed that the CIA provided the future candidate with a high-level briefing in 1977 that helped launch his career.

Wayne Madsen Report logoReporter, author and former Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen published a CIA document disclosing Bush’s briefing by the agency as Bush prepared in 1977 to become the Venezuela branch manager and a vice president for the influential Texas Commerce Bank.

Madsen headlined his June 12 column, Jeb Bush received comprehensive CIA briefing when he worked for bank in Caracas. 

Published on the subscription site the Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), Madsen wrote:  

A June 7, 1977 letter on Texas Commerce Bank stationery from “Jeb Bush” of the bank’s International Banking Division, using post office box 2558 in Houston, to Robert W. Gambino, director of security for the CIA, thanks Gambino, who was in charge of issuing clearances for CIA official cover and NOC agents alike, for “arranging such a comprehensive and informative briefing” for Bush during his recent trip to Washington.

The Justice Integrity Project has independently confirmed that the document is authentic.

Madsen used the briefing and his sources to portray the banking job as a gateway to power for the younger Bush in the family Jeb Bush at CPAC 2015 by Gage Skidmoretradition. Bush is shown in a photo by Gage Skidmore at this year’s CPAC convention organized by the American Conservative Union.

Madsen noted also that Gambino resigned from the agency to support the George Bush for President campaign in 1980, and subsequently received political patronage jobs from the Reagan and Bush administrations that extended into the Clinton administration.

The bank, co-founded by an ancestor of Bush family ally James Baker, has a long history of sensitive operations, including help in funding the 1950s business operations of Jeb Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush.

The elder Bush became a covert CIA operative in the early 1950s while also a businessman co-founding Zapata Petroleum in 1953. Its affiliate Zapata Offshore was formed in 1954 with the help of funding from Texas National Bank, a major predecessor of the Texas Commerce Bank, according to the bank history But Also Good Business, co-authored in 1986 by professors Walter L. Buegner and Joseph A. Pratt.

The Bush family, Baker, their allies virtually never talk about such matters even though research indicates that all recent U.S. presidents have established secret relationships with the CIA or FBI before they entered politics. This enables politicians on the way up to establish strong bonds with the agencies and the powerful backers of the agencies on Wall Street and in such key sectors as energy, agri-business and media. Details are provided in Madsen’s book, The Manufacturing of a President (2010) and our own Presidential Puppetry  (2013), among other places.

Regarding the media, Operation Mockingbird was the CIA’s secret program to coordinate agency-friendly messaging among the nation’s top broadcast networks, magazines and newspapers. Author Deborah Davis first revealed the program in her 1979 book Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and Her Washington Post Empire, which publisher Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich reputedly pulverized under pressure from the Post and CIA.

Source: http://www.justice-integrity.org/faq/851-report-jeb-bush-s-cia-briefing-in-1977-led-to-covert-action-wealth-politics

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