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Colonels at Dealey Plaza

United States Army and Air Force Colonels at Dealey Plaza 
Colonels are the highest ranking officers on the battlefield – what the snipers call a HPT (High Priority Target), guys who take their insignia off before going out in the open. They are the "Go To guys" the Generals personally give instructions and orders to carry out.
On the chessboard the Colonels are Bishops, Rooks and Knights, and capable of maneuvering and striking from different directions and distances.
There were three colonels at the Alamo – Colonel William Barrett Travis, Colonel Jim Bowie and Colonel David Crockett. 
And there were a number of Army and Air Force Colonels directly involved in JFK Assassination – “boots on the ground – in the field" and at the command centers. I intend to get photos and the official files and develop dossiers on each of these men and would appreciate anything you can add to the record.
Not yet arranged in any particular order:
-       Col. Walter Higgins – Aide to Gen. Krulak and author of the Higgins Memo, considered by some to be the single most significant “Smoking Document” among the JFK assassination records.
-          Lt. Col. William B. Rose – chief of the Army Intelligence Reserve Branch Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence (ACSI USAR) – Pentagon, where most of the field reports end up, especially those of: JFKCountercoup2: ACSI - Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, USAR
-          Col. Frank M. “Brandy” Brandstetter – Texan manager of the Havana Hilton when Castro made it his early residence, JFKcountercoup: Col. Frank M. Brandstetter / Brandy, Our Man in Acapulco: The Life and Times of Colonel Frank M. Brandstetter - Rodney P. Carlisle, Dominic J. Monetta - Google Books
-          Col. Sam Kail – US Embassy Havana, ACSI USAR, who met with [George] deMohrenschildt, Who's Who in the JFK Assassination: An A to Z Encyclopedia - Michael Benson - Google Books
-          Col. Jack Crichton MI, USAR 488th MID, who ran the Command and Control center at the Civil Defense Shelter, Dallas State Fairgrounds, and arranged for investigative translators, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the ... - Russ Baker - Google Books  / Deep Politics and the Death of JFK - Peter Dale Scott - Google Books
-          Col. Lawrence Orlov –  Was with deMohrenschildt when they first sought out Oswald and visited him, RIF 104-10431-10034 Russ Holmes Work File / Marina and Orlov - Google Groups
-          Col. James “J.D.” Wilmeth – U.S. Army - Arlington Texas officer who visited Marina at Ruth Paine’s house a few days before the assassination, JFKCountercoup2: Col. J.D. Wilmeth Visits Marina / Col. J. D. Wilmeth - JFK Assassination Debate - The Education Forum
-          Col. Fletcher Prouty, DOD-CIA liaison officer at the Pentagon, friend of Gen. Krulak, The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site / General Charles "Chuck" C. Krulak 
-          Col. Jose Rivera USAR- Bethesda, Md. medical officer with foreknowledge of Oswald and assassination, who worked on special research project at Fort Deitrick, Md., A New Oswald Witness Goes Public / JFKcountercoup: Col. Jose Rivera & US Army Service Command / Jose Rivera
-          Col. William “Bill” Amos USAF knew Gen. Joseph J. Cappucci - who expressed personal knowledge of an LBJ backed conspiracy to kill JFK, JFKfacts » Senior Air Force officer saw JFK’s assassination as ‘a military coup’ / Teknosis: Gen. Joseph J. Cappucci, head of Air Force counterintelligence, told Jan Amos and her husband Col. William Henry Amos, that Lyndon Johnson killed JFK
           Col. Philip J. Corso – Asst. chief of USA Foreign Technology Division 1961 – who knew Sen. Kenneth Keating (R. NY) and shared U2 photos of Soviet missiles in Cuba, JFKCountercoup2: Col. Philip J. Corso and Sen. Kenneth Keating (Rep. NY) / JFKCountercoup2: UFOs at Dealey Plaza
-          Col. John “Colonel” Roselli – Civilian made Mafia boss attached to CIA officer William Harvey during training of  Cubans at JMWAVE, JFKcountercoup: The Second Plot - The Original Cover Story / The Kennedy Brothers: The Rise and Fall of Jack and Bobby - Richard D. Mahoney - Google Books / Bradley Ayers


[More Colonels to Come]
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Colonels at Dealey Plaza 


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